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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Kildress Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


To locate the property of a forebear and a description and valuation of his/ her holding recorded in Kildress parish c1858, refer to Ask About Ireland


ADAMS Arthur Tattykeel
AGNEW Thomas Glenarny
ALLEN Catherine Kildress Lower
ALLEN Hugh Drum
ALLEN John Strews
ALLEN Samuel Ballynasollus
ALLEN Samuel Legnacash
ALLEN Violet Drum
ALLEN William Kildress Upper
ANDERSON James Tamnaskeeny
ANDERSON Mary Tattykeel
ART Thomas Tattykeel
ARTHUR John Killeenan
BAILIE The Misses Tullyroan
BANKS Robert Murnells
BANKS William Murnells
BARBER John Muntober
BARNES Alexander Tamnaskeeny
BARNES Alexander Tirmacshane
BARNES Henry Tamnaskeeny
BARNES James Derrinleagh
BARNES James Drumnacross Lower
BARNES James, Jr. Glenarny
BARNES James, Sr. Glenarny
BARNES John Tamnaskeeny
BARTER Joseph Corchoney
BAXTER Henry Drumnacross Lower
BAXTER Henry Drumnacross Upper
BAXTER Joseph Clontyferagh
BAXTER Richard Drumnacross Lower
BAXTER Richard Magheraglass
BAXTER Samuel Gortreagh
BAXTER Samuel Tattykeel
BEGLEY Bernard Evishanoran
BEGLEY Edward Evishanoran
BEGLEY John Teebane
BEGLEY Maurice Evishanoran
BEGLEY Susan Evishacrancussy
BEGLY Michael Knockaleery
BELL Alexander Drumshanbo Glebe
BELL John Drumshanbo Glebe
BELL Richard Ballynasollus
BELL Robert Mackenny
BELL William Ballynasollus
BELL William Mackenny
BESBIN [recorded as BRISBON in the 1826 tithe applotment book] James Kildress Lower
BLACK Alexander Doons
BLACK Anne Beltonanean
BLACK Eccles Kildress Upper
BLACK Eccles Mackenny
BLACK George Ballynasollus
BLACK James Corvanaghan
BLACK James Derrinleagh
BLACK James Muntober
BLACK James Tulnacross
BLACK Jane Derrinleagh
BLACK John Corkhill
BLACK John Corvanaghan
BLACK John Muntober
BLACK Joseph Derrinleagh
BLACK Joseph Muntober
BLACK Joseph Tirmacshane
BLACK Joshua Corkhill
BLACK Lyttle Corvanaghan
BLACK Margaret Doons
BLACK Robert Corvanaghan
BLACK Robert Doons
BLACK Robert Muntober
BLACK Samuel Terrywinny
BLACK Thomas Doons
BLACK Thomas Gortnagross
BLACK William Beltonanean
BLACK William Corkhill
BLACK William Magheraglass
BLACK William Muntober
BLAIR Alexander Muntober
BLAIR John Clare
BLAIR William Magheraglass
BLOOMER John Strews
BOLE Andrew Oritor
BOLE Archibald Tamlaght
BOLE James Drum
BOLE James Drumnacross Lower
BOLE James Glenarny
BOLE James Legnacash
BOLE Stewart Drumnacross Lower
BOYD James Moboy
BOYD Robert Derrinleagh
BOYD Samuel Moboy
BOYLE Thomas Corchoney
BRADFORD William Derrinleagh
BRADLEY John Dunnamore
BRADLEY Owen Drumshanbo Glebe
BRADLEY Patrick Drumshanbo Glebe
BRADY William S. R. Clontyferagh
BRADY William S. R. Drum
BRADY William S. R. Drumnacross Lower
BRADY William S. R. Kildress Upper
BRADY William S. R. Knockaleery
BRADY William S. R. Legnacash
BRADY William S. R. Oaklands
BRANIGAN Stephen Corvanaghan
BRENNAN Alexander Derrinleagh
BRENNAN Henry Drumnaglogh
BRENNAN Henry Oritor
BRENNAN Jane Corkhill
BROOKS Thomas Ballynasollus
BROWNE James Drumshanbo Glebe
BROWNE James Knockaleery
BRUNLEY [BROWNLEE?] William Drumnaglogh
BURNETT Alexander Gortnagross
BURNS Joseph Derrinleagh
BURNS Mary Terrywinny
CALDER Joseph Drumshanbo Glebe
CALLAN Edward Gortaclady
CAMPBELL Bernard Moboy
CAMPBELL Edward Ballynasollus
CAMPBELL Hugh Beagh More
CAMPBELL John Ballynasollus
CAMPBELL John Gortreagh
CAMPBELL Joseph Strews
CAMPBELL Patrick Beagh More
CAMPBELL Patrick Moboy
CAMPBELL Robert Murnells
CAMPBELL Thomas Strews
CARDLE James Drumshanbo Glebe
CARR Arthur Keenaghan
CARR Bernard Knockaleery
CARR Hugh Keenaghan
CARR Hugh Killeenan
CARR James Keenaghan
CARR James Killeenan
CARR James Knockaleery
CARR Michael Keenaghan
CARR Patrick Keenaghan
CARR Patrick Killeenan
CARROLL Thomas Murnells
CARSON George Derrinleagh
CARSON George Tirmacshane
CARSON William Strews
CHAMBERS Stephen Gortnagross
CHARLES Andrew Ballynasollus
CHARLES Andrew Beltonanean
CHARLES Andrew Corvanaghan
CHARLES David Beltonanean
CHARLES James Ballynasollus
CHARLES James Beltonanean
CHARLES Jane Corvanaghan
CHARLES John Beltonanean
CHARLES Richard Ballynasollus
CHARLES Richard Corchoney
CHARLES Samuel Beltonanean
CHARLES Thomas Beltonanean
CHARLES Thomas Corvanaghan
CHARLES Thomas Tulnacross
CHARLES William Beltonanean
CLUFF James Kildress Upper
CLUFF Rep. Wm Magheraglass
CLUFF Richard Magheraglass
COLLINS Thomas Tulnacross
COLTEN Patrick Dunnamore
COLTEN Peter Dunnamore
COLTEN Roger Dunnamore
CONNELLY Owen Beltonanean
CONNOLLY Francis Beltonanean
CONNOLLY John Beltonanean
CONNOLLY Robert Beltonanean
CONNOR Francis Kinnagillian
CONNOR Francis Teebane
CONNOR Michael Kinnagillian
CONNOR Michael Teebane
CONNOR Peter Kinnagillian
CONNOR Peter Teebane
CONROY James Beagh More
CONROY James Beagh More
CONROY Michael Beagh More
CONROY Neal Beagh More
CONROY Thomas Meenascallagh
CONWAY Charles Evishacrancussy
CONWAY Daniel Derrinleagh
CONWAY Felix Gortreagh
CONWAY Francis Evishacrancussy
CONWAY John Evishacrancussy
CONWAY Joseph Evishacrancussy
CONWAY Margaret Terrywinny
CONWAY Mary Anne Evishacrancussy
CONWAY Michael Beltonanean
CONWAY Michael Dunnamore
CONWAY Michael Evishacrancussy
CONWAY Mortimer Corvanaghan
COOKE David Drumshanbo Glebe
COOKE James Drumshanbo Glebe
COOKE William Drumshanbo Glebe
CORR Bernard Tattykeel
CORR James Killeenan
CORR James Murnells
CORR Michael Murnells
CORR Patrick Keenaghan
CORRIGAN Patrick Knockaleery
CORRY Patrick Beltonanean
CRAIG George Tattykeel
CRAIG Robert Mackenny
CRAIG William Derrinleagh
CRANSTON John Muntober
CRAWFORD William Clare
CREIGHTON George Tamlaght
CREIGHTON John Beagh More
CREIGHTON Mary Drumnaglogh
CRILLY George Killeenan
CROSSAN Samuel Glenarny
CUNNINGHAM Simon Gortaclady
CURRY Rosanna Evishanoran
DALE James Ballynasollus
DALE Thomas Ballynasollus
DALE William Ballynasollus
DAVIDSON David Gortreagh
DAVIDSON Francis Drumnaglogh
DAVIDSON James Glasmullagh
DAVIDSON Robert Muntober
DAVIDSON William Muntober
DEVLIN Alice Gortreagh
DEVLIN Anne Killucan
DEVLIN Bernard Gortreagh
DEVLIN Charles Keenaghan
DEVLIN Daniel Drumshanbo Glebe
DEVLIN Daniel Oritor
DEVLIN James Keenaghan
DEVLIN James Kildress Upper
DEVLIN John Kildress Lower
DEVLIN John Killeenan
DEVLIN Mary Gortreagh
DEVLIN Patrick Evishacrancussy
DEVLIN Patrick Gortreagh
DEVLIN Robert Gortreagh
DEVLIN Terence Keenaghan
DEVLIN Thomas Gortreagh
DIXON Andrew Doons
DIXON Andrew Tulnacross
DIXON James Tulnacross
DIXON Robert Gortin
DIXON Thomas Glenarny
DOHENY Michael Evishanoran
DONAGHY Francis Knockaleery
DONAGHY Owen Murnells
DONALDSON James Magheraglass
DONALDSON Peter Magheraglass
DONNELLY Alice Knockaleery
DONNELLY Anne Keenaghan
DONNELLY Arthur Strews
DONNELLY Elizabeth Tulnacross
DONNELLY Henry Ballynasollus
DONNELLY Hugh Strews
DONNELLY John Killeenan
DONNELLY Margaret Dunnamore
DONNELLY Mary Drumnaglogh
DONNELLY Michael Dunnamore
DONNELLY Thomas Beagh More
DONNELLY Thomas Drumnaglogh
DOYLE Bernard Killucan
DOYLE Francis Killucan
DOYLE John Corvanaghan
DOYLE John Tulnacross
DOYLE Michael Killucan
DOYLE Patrick Killucan
DOYLE Sarah Killucan
DRUMMOND Nicholas Gortreagh
DUFFY Bernard Tulnacross
DUFFY Francis Corvanaghan
DUFFY John Strews
DUFFY Michael Knockaleery
DUNNE Charles Tattykeel
DUNNE George Clare
DUNNE John Beagh More
DUNNE Robert Gortnagross
DUNNE Thomas Clare
DUNNE Thomas Kildress Lower
EARLY Andrew Corkhill
EARLY Charles Moboy
EARLY Edward Moboy
EARLY James Keenaghan
EARLY John Drumshanbo Glebe
EARLY John Moboy
EARLY John, Sr. Drumshanbo Glebe
EARLY Robert Corkhill
EARLY Robert Gortreagh
EARLY Robert Keenaghan
EARLY Sarah Moboy
ECCLES Eleanor Terrywinny
ECCLES James Tamlaght
ECCLES John Knockaleery
ECCLES Samuel Clare
ECCLES Samuel Kildress Upper
EGLETON James Kildress Lower
EGLETON Jane Tattykeel
EGLETON John Drumnacross Lower
EGLETON Robert Kildress Lower
ELLIOTT William Tamnaskeeny
ESPEY George Clare
ESPEY James Clontyferagh
FARLEY Thomas Tamnaskeeny
FAULKNER George Drumshanbo Glebe
FORD James Drum
FORD Robert Corkhill
FOX John Ballynasollus
FOX Michael Corvanaghan
FOX Patrick Ballynasollus
FOX Patrick Evishanoran
FOX Peter Muntober
FRAZER David Ballynasollus
FRAZER John Ballynasollus
FRAZER William Ballynasollus
FULLERTON Andrew Drumnacross Lower
GALWAY Dawson Oritor
GARVAN Owen Gortreagh
GEDDES Samuel Gortnagross
GERAGHTY Peter Kinnagillian
GERVIN Owen Gortaclady
GIBSON Isabella Drum
GILLESPIE Michael Dunnamore
GLASGOW Alan Drumnamalta
GLASGOW John Ballynasollus
GLASGOW Samuel Gortin
GLASGOW William Ballynasollus
GLASGOW William Muntober
GLYNN James Drumshanbo Glebe
GLYNN John Drumshanbo Glebe
GLYNN Stewart Drumshanbo Glebe
GORMAN Hugh Killucan
GOURLEY William Strews
GRAHAM Anne Cavanoneill
GRAHAM Anne Cloghfin
GRAHAM Arthur Keenaghan
GRAHAM Arthur Killeenan
GRAHAM Bernard Beagh Beg
GRAHAM Bernard Drumnaglogh
GRAHAM Bernard Moboy
GRAHAM Charles Moboy
GRAHAM Cornelius Moboy
GRAHAM Daniel Beagh Beg
GRAHAM Daniel Cavanoneill
GRAHAM John Beagh Beg
GRAHAM John Cloghfin
GRAHAM John Killeenan
GRAHAM John Magheraglass
GRAHAM John Moboy
GRAHAM Mary Cloghfin
GRAHAM Matthew Beagh More
GRAHAM Michael Gortaclady
GRAHAM Patrick Moboy
GRAHAM Peter Evishanoran
GRAHAM Peter Moboy
GRAHAM Philip Cloghfin
GRAHAM Terence Cloghfin
GRAHAM William Strews
GRAY John Tamnaskeeny
GRAY William Strews
GREEN Henry Drumnaglogh
GREER Alfred Glasmullagh
GREER Alfred Strews
GUNNING James Derrinleagh
GUNNING James Drumnaglogh
GURNEY Mary Drumnaglogh
HADDOCK William J. Beltonanean
HAGAN James Cavanoneill
HAGAN James Keenaghan
HAGAN James Killeenan
HAGAN James, Jr. Keenaghan
HAGAN James, Sr. Keenaghan
HAGAN Patrick Keenaghan
HAGAN Terence Cavanoneill
HALLIGAN Bernard Drumnacross Lower
HAMILL Patrick Ballynasollus
HAMILTON David Tattykeel
HAMILTON David Tullyroan
HAMILTON David, Sr. Tullyroan
HAMILTON John Drumshanbo Glebe
HAMILTON John Tattykeel
HAMILTON Thomas Drumshanbo Glebe
HARKNESS Ellen Kildress Lower
HARKNESS John Kildress Lower
HART Henry Killeenan
HART John Killeenan
HART Michael Killeenan
HAYES John Kildress Lower
HAYES Matthew Tamnaskeeny
HAYES Robert, Jr. Gortreagh
HAYES Robert, Sr. Gortreagh
HAYES William Mackenny
HEAGHNEY Bernard Kinnagillian
HEAGHNEY Charles Kinnagillian
HEAGHNEY Charles Teebane
HEAGHNEY Edward Kinnagillian
HEAGHNEY James Meenascallagh
HEAGHNEY John Kinnagillian
HEAGHNEY Owen Kinnagillian
HEAGHNEY Patrick Kinnagillian
HEIGHNEY John Dungate
HENRY Alexander Beltonanean
HENRY Archibald Drumnaglogh
HENRY Archibald Drumnamalta
HENRY David Beltonanean
HENRY Francis Drumnaglogh
HENRY Glasgow Muntober
HENRY James Beltonanean
HENRY James Drumnaglogh
HENRY James Drumnamalta
HENRY James Muntober
HENRY James Oritor
HENRY John Ballynasollus
HENRY John Beltonanean
HENRY John Drumnaglogh
HENRY John Drumnamalta
HENRY John Muntober
HENRY Joseph Drumnaglogh
HENRY Joseph Drumnamalta
HENRY King Muntober
HENRY Richard Drumnaglogh
HENRY Richard Drumnamalta
HENRY Robert Corvanaghan
HENRY Robert Drumnamalta
HENRY Robert Muntober
HENRY Sloane Muntober
HENRY Thomas Drumnaglogh
HENRY Thomas Muntober
HENRY Thos Muntober
HENRY William Drumnaglogh
HENRY William Drumnamalta
HENRY William Magheraglass
HILL John Derrinleagh
HILLIS George Muntober
HOPPER Bell Drumshanbo Glebe
HOPPER George Tulnacross
HOPPER James Tulnacross
HOPPER James, Jr. Drumshanbo Glebe
HOPPER James, Sr. Drumshanbo Glebe
HOPPER John Drumshanbo Glebe
HOPPER Margaret Drumshanbo Glebe
HOPPER Robert Tulnacross
HOPPER Robert C. Drumshanbo Glebe
HOPPER Robert D. Drumshanbo Glebe
HOPPER Sarah Drumshanbo Glebe
HOPPER Thomas Tulnacross
HOPPER William Drumshanbo Glebe
HOPPER William, Sr. Drumshanbo Glebe
HUEY David Clare
HUGHES Anne Glenarny
HUGHES Henry Terrywinny
HUGHES John Beagh Beg
HUGHES Michael Beagh Beg
HUNTER William Tattykeel
HUTCHINSON James Drumnaglogh
HUTCHINSON Robert Strews
IRWIN Caroline Corkhill
IRWIN Caroline Derrinleagh
IRWIN Caroline Drumnaglogh
IRWIN Caroline Tamlaght
IRWIN Charles Corchoney
IRWIN Charles Tattykeel
IRWIN Charles Terrywinny
IRWIN Joseph Corchoney
IRWIN Joseph Knockaleery
IRWIN Joseph, Jr. Tattykeel
IRWIN Joseph, Sr. Tattykeel
JOHNSTON Hannah Clontyferagh
JOHNSTON James Strews
JOHNSTON Richard Glenarny
JOHNSTON Robert Corkhill
JOHNSTON Robert Strews
JOHNSTON Thomas Derrinleagh
KANE John Corkhill
KANE Mary Oritor
KANE Patrick Dunnamore
KANE Roger Dunnamore
KEANE Michael Oritor
KEARNEY Robert Tamnaskeeny
KEENAN Anne Killucan
KEENAN Arthur Killucan
KEENAN Christopher Meenanea
KEENAN Francis Corvanaghan
KEENAN John, Jr. Dunnamore
KEENAN John, Sr. Dunnamore
KEENAN Michael Killucan
KEILTY Archibald Drumshanbo Glebe
KEILTY Bernard Tulnacross
KEILTY Catherine Tattykeel
KEILTY Felix Killucan
KEILTY Francis Tulnacross
KEILTY James Killeenan
KEILTY James Tulnacross
KEILTY John Drumshanbo Glebe
KEILTY Michael Killeenan
KEILTY Michael Tulnacross
KEILTY Neal Tulnacross
KEILTY Patrick Tulnacross
KEILTY Paul Evishanoran
KEILTY Peter Tulnacross
KEILTY Roger Tulnacross
KELLY Bernard Moboy
KELLY James Dunnamore
KELLY Patrick Murnells
KELLY William Murnells
KENNEDY James Tamnaskeeny
KENNEDY Robert Tamnaskeeny
KENNEDY Thomas Oritor
KENNY Sarah Strews
KENT James Gortreagh
KENT James, Sr. Gortreagh
KENT William Tamnaskeeny
KEON James Tamlaght
KERR John Magheraglass
KNIGHT William Beltonanean
KNOX William Strews
LAGAN Bridget Knockaleery
LAGAN Francis Killeenan
LAGAN Francis Killucan
LAGAN James Killeenan
LAGAN John Drumshanbo Glebe
LAGAN John Killeenan
LAGAN John Killeenan
LAGAN Joseph Killucan
LAGAN Michael Killeenan
LAGAN Neal Killeenan
LAGAN Patrick Killeenan
LAGAN Patrick Killucan
LAGAN Philip Killucan
LAGAN Susan Killeenan
LAGAN William Killeenan
LANNAN Henry Dunnamore
LANNAN James Glasmullagh
LANNAN James Tamnaskeeny
LANNAN Sarah Tamnaskeeny
LAWLESS David Strews
LENNOX Andrew Derrinleagh
LEYDEN Joseph Muntober
LOHERAN Anne Dungate
LOHERAN John Cloghfin
LOHERAN Michael Beagh More
LOHERAN Michael Keenaghan
LOHERAN Michael Killeenan
LOHERAN Michl. Dungate
LOUGHRAN Arthur Killucan
LOUGHRAN Bartholw. Dunnamore
LOUGHRAN Bernard Beagh Beg
LOUGHRAN Bernard Tulnacross
LOUGHRAN Charles Evishbrack
LOUGHRAN Daniel Beagh Beg
LOUGHRAN Daniel Beagh More
LOUGHRAN David Dunnamore
LOUGHRAN David Meenanea
LOUGHRAN Edward Killucan
LOUGHRAN Edward Meenanea
LOUGHRAN Felix Dungate
LOUGHRAN Hugh Beagh More
LOUGHRAN James Ballynasollus
LOUGHRAN James Beagh Beg
LOUGHRAN James Beagh More
LOUGHRAN James Evishbrack
LOUGHRAN James Meenanea
LOUGHRAN James Strews
LOUGHRAN Jane Beagh More
LOUGHRAN John Ballynasollus
LOUGHRAN John Beagh Beg
LOUGHRAN John Beagh More
LOUGHRAN John Beltonanean
LOUGHRAN John Dungate
LOUGHRAN John Killucan
LOUGHRAN John Killucan
LOUGHRAN John Meenanea
LOUGHRAN John Meenascallagh
LOUGHRAN John N. Beagh More
LOUGHRAN John, Jr. Evishbrack
LOUGHRAN Joseph Beagh Beg
LOUGHRAN Mary Beagh More
LOUGHRAN Mary Killucan
LOUGHRAN Mary Kinnagillian
LOUGHRAN Matthew Beagh Beg
LOUGHRAN Matthew Beagh More
LOUGHRAN Michael Beagh Beg
LOUGHRAN Michael Beagh More
LOUGHRAN Michael Dungate
LOUGHRAN Michael Killucan
LOUGHRAN Michl. Killucan
LOUGHRAN Michl., Sr. Killucan
LOUGHRAN Patk. Evishbrack
LOUGHRAN Patk., Jr. Killucan
LOUGHRAN Patk., Sr. Killucan
LOUGHRAN Patrick Beagh Beg
LOUGHRAN Patrick Beltonanean
LOUGHRAN Patrick Evishbrack
LOUGHRAN Peter Beagh More
LOUGHRAN Rachel Meenanea
LOUGHRAN Reps. Barth Beagh More
LOUGHRAN Reps. Barth Beleevna More
LOUGHRAN Richard Beagh More
LOUGHRAN Robert Killucan
LOUGHRAN Rosanna Beagh Beg
LOUGHRAN Stephen Beagh More
LOUGHRAN Stephen Evishbrack
LOUGHRAN Stephen Killucan
LOUGHRAN Stephen Meenanea
LOUGHRAN Susan Evishbrack
LOUGHRAN Thomas Meenanea
LOY Anne Keenaghan
LOY Francis Keenaghan
LOY James Tattykeel
LOY Owen Keenaghan
LOY Patrick Keenaghan
LYONS William Kildress Lower
LYTTLE Archibald Mackenny
LYTTLE Isaac Knockaleery
LYTTLE James Magheraglass
LYTTLE John Magheraglass
LYTTLE William Magheraglass
MACKELL Hugh Tattykeel
MACKWELL Arthur Terrywinny
MALLON Charles Meenascallagh
MALLON Dominick Killeenan
MALLON Henry Tamnaskeeny
MALLON Hugh Meenascallagh
MALLON James Meenascallagh
MALLON Jas. Meenascallagh
MALLON John Meenascallagh
MALLON Joseph Meenascallagh
MALLON Joseph, Sr. Meenascallagh
MALLON Michael Meenascallagh
MALLON Neal Meenascallagh
MALLON Patrick Meenascallagh
MALLON Phelim. Oritor
MALLON Rose Mackenny
MALLON William Drumnaglogh
MARSHALL James Drumnaglogh
MARSHALL Samuel Drumnaglogh
MARTIN Joseph Teebane
MARTIN William Strews
MCCONWAY Patrick Meenanea
MCALEER Bernard Moboy
MCALEER Charles Evishanoran
MCALEER Felix Meenanea
MCALEER John Evishanoran
MCALEER John Gortaclady
MCALEER Mary Drumshanbo Glebe
MCALEER Michael Evishanoran
MCALEER Michael Gortaclady
MCALEER Michael Moboy
MCALEER Patrick Evishanoran
MCALEER Patrick Killeenan
MCALEER Patrick Moboy
MCALEER Peter Drumshanbo Glebe
MCALEER Susan Gortaclady
MCALEER Thomas Drumshanbo Glebe
MCALLISTER Daniel Drumnacross Lower
MCALLISTER Daniel Glasmullagh
MCALLISTER James Keenaghan
MCALLISTER John Magheraglass
MCALLISTER Robert Drumnacross Lower
MCALLISTER Robert Kildress Upper
MCALLISTER William Kildress Lower
MCANALLY Archibald Gortaclady
MCANALLY Bernard Gortreagh
MCANALLY Charles Killeenan
MCANALLY Denis Gortaclady
MCANALLY Dominick Killeenan
MCANALLY Francis Knockaleery
MCANALLY Henry Killeenan
MCANALLY James Evishacrancussy
MCANALLY James Killeenan
MCANALLY James Knockaleery
MCANALLY John Drumshanbo Glebe
MCANALLY John Evishacrancussy
MCANALLY John Killeenan
MCANALLY John Knockaleery
MCANALLY Joseph Killeenan
MCANALLY Mary Drumshanbo Glebe
MCANALLY Matthew Killeenan
MCANALLY Michael Killeenan
MCANALLY Patrick Cavanoneill
MCANALLY Patrick Evishacrancussy
MCANALLY Patrick Killeenan
MCANALLY Patrick Tattykeel
MCANNILER James Beltonanean
MCANULLER John Beltonanean
MCARDLE James Moboy
MCARDLE John Moboy
MCARDLE Patrick Corvanaghan
MCATEE James Tamnaskeeny
MCBRIDE John Murnells
MCBRIDE Peter Knockaleery
MCCAFFREY Bernard Tulnacross
MCCAFFREY James Murnells
MCCAFFREY James Tulnacross
MCCANN James Strews
MCCANN John Gortreagh
MCCANN Mortimer Strews
MCCARTER James Tattykeel
MCCLEAN Alexander Knockaleery
MCCLEAN David Corvanaghan
MCCLEAN James Drumshanbo Glebe
MCCLUSKEY Arthur Gortreagh
MCCLUSKEY Charles Drum
MCCLUSKEY James Gortreagh
MCCLUSKEY James Terrywinny
MCCLUSKEY Patrick Tulnacross
MCCLUSKEY Thomas Moboy
MCCLUSKEY Thomas Terrywinny
MCCONNELL Henry Gortreagh
MCCONWAY Arthur Killeenan
MCCONWAY Arthur Killucan
MCCONWAY John Evishanoran
MCCONWAY Joseph Killucan
MCCONWAY Michael Terrywinny
MCCONWAY Patrick Evishanoran
MCCONWAY Patrick Killeenan
MCCORMACK Andrew Tulnacross
MCCORMACK Bernard Dunnamore
MCCORMACK Patrick Tulnacross
MCCOURT Michael Keenaghan
MCCREGGAN Patrick Moboy
MCCREIGHTON Anne Gortaclady
MCCREIGHTON Bernard Gortaclady
MCCREIGHTON Edward Evishanoran
MCCREIGHTON Hugh Gortaclady
MCCREIGHTON John Killeenan
MCCREIGHTON Mary Killeenan
MCCREIGHTON Michael Gortaclady
MCCREIGHTON Thomas Killeenan
MCCRORY Matthew Ballynasollus
MCCRORY Michael Ballynasollus
MCCRYSTAL Anne Gortreagh
MCCRYSTAL Hugh Gortreagh
MCCRYSTAL Patrick Gortreagh
MCCRYSTAL Susan Strews
MCCULLAGH Ellen Drumshanbo Glebe
MCCULLAGH James Beagh More
MCCULLAGH James Derrinleagh
MCCULLAGH Michael Beleevna Beg
MCCULLAGH Thomas Beleevna Beg
MCDERMOTT Michael Tamlaght
MCDONALD Bernard Gortreagh
MCDONALD Catherine Gortreagh
MCDONALD Coll Gortreagh
MCDONALD Edward Gortreagh
MCDONALD Felix Gortreagh
MCDONALD John Magheraglass
MCDONALD Matthew Gortreagh
MCDONALD Owen Gortreagh
MCDONALD Patrick Gortreagh
MCDONNELL Alexander Cavanoneill
MCDONNELL Alice Keenaghan
MCDONNELL Arthur Moboy
MCDONNELL Denis Drumshanbo Glebe
MCDONNELL Edward Drumshanbo Glebe
MCDONNELL Edward Strews
MCDONNELL John Cloghfin
MCDONNELL John Drumshanbo Glebe
MCDONNELL John Evishanoran
MCDONNELL John Tattykeel
MCDONNELL Michael Keenaghan
MCDONNELL Peter Drumshanbo Glebe
MCDONNELL Susanna Drumshanbo Glebe
MCELDERRY Edward Moboy
MCELHATTON Anthony Evishanoran
MCELHATTON Bernard Keenaghan
MCELHATTON Bridget Keenaghan
MCELHATTON Charles Corvanaghan
MCELHATTON Edward Corvanaghan
MCELHATTON Francis Muntober
MCELHATTON Henry Gortreagh
MCELHATTON James Corvanaghan
MCELHATTON James Glasmullagh
MCELHATTON James Tulnacross
MCELHATTON John Corvanaghan
MCELHATTON Matthew Tulnacross
MCELHATTON Michael Keenaghan
MCELHATTON Patrick Killeenan
MCELHATTON Patrick Muntober
MCELHATTON Peter Tulnacross
MCELHONE Bernard Corkhill
MCELHONE Catherine Killeenan
MCELHONE James Corkhill
MCELHONE John Beagh More
MCELHONE Michael Beagh More
MCELHONE Michael Corkhill
MCELHONE Neal Killeenan
MCELHONE Patrick Beagh More
MCELHONE Terence Corkhill
MCELHONE Terence Drumshanbo Glebe
MCELVOGUE Patrick Moboy
MCELWEE Michael Tulnacross
MCELWEE Patrick Meenanea
MCFARLAND Hugh Magheraglass
MCFARLAND William Tullyroan
MCFARLANE John Gortreagh
MCFLYNN Hugh Clontyferagh
MCFLYNN William Drumshanbo Glebe
MCGAGHY Andrew Tattykeel
MCGAGHY Robert Tattykeel
MCGARTLAND Hugh Beagh More
MCGEE Robert Beltonanean
MCGERAGHTY Arthur Beagh Beg
MCGERAGHTY James Kinnagillian
MCGERAGHTY John Kinnagillian
MCGERAGHTY Mary Kinnagillian
MCGERAGHTY Rosanna Kinnagillian
MCGERVON John Corvanaghan
MCGERVON Thomas Corvanaghan
MCGLOAN Edward Gortreagh
MCGLOAN James Magheraglass
MCGLOAN William Gortreagh
MCGOVERN Owen Corchoney
MCGOVERN William Magheraglass
MCGOWAN Rev. John G. Oritor
MCGRADY Michael Glenarny
MCGUCKIAN Patrick Moboy
MCGUIGGAN Roger Gortreagh
MCGUIGGAN William Glasmullagh
MCGUONE John Moboy
MCGURKE Anne Killucan
MCGURKE Anne Teebane
MCGURKE Arthur Ballynasollus
MCGURKE Arthur Beltonanean
MCGURKE Arthur Dunnamore
MCGURKE Arthur Killeenan
MCGURKE Arthur Teebane
MCGURKE Arthur, Sr. Killeenan
MCGURKE Bartholomew Killeenan
MCGURKE Bernard Gortreagh
MCGURKE Bridget Tulnacross
MCGURKE Cath. Killeenan
MCGURKE Charles Killeenan
MCGURKE Charles Tulnacross
MCGURKE Denis Killeenan
MCGURKE Dominick Drumshanbo Glebe
MCGURKE Edward Teebane
MCGURKE Francis Beagh Beg
MCGURKE Francis Killeenan
MCGURKE Hugh Evishanoran
MCGURKE Hugh Teebane
MCGURKE James Drumshanbo Glebe
MCGURKE James Dungate
MCGURKE James Killeenan
MCGURKE James Killucan
MCGURKE James Teebane
MCGURKE James Tulnacross
MCGURKE John Beagh More
MCGURKE John Drumshanbo Glebe
MCGURKE John Dunnamore
MCGURKE John Evishacrancussy
MCGURKE John Killeenan
MCGURKE John Tulnacross
MCGURKE Joseph Evishbrack
MCGURKE Michael Beleevna More
MCGURKE Michael Drumshanbo Glebe
MCGURKE Michael Dungate
MCGURKE Michael Evishacrancussy
MCGURKE Michael Killeenan
MCGURKE Michael Tulnacross
MCGURKE Neal Doons
MCGURKE Neal Dungate
MCGURKE Patrick Evishbrack
MCGURKE Patrick Killeenan
MCGURKE Patrick Tulnacross
MCGURKE Peter Beltonanean
MCGURKE Peter Dungate
MCGURKE Rev. Arthur Dunnamore
MCGURKE Roger Dungate
MCGURKE Stephen Dunnamore
MCGURKE Terence Killeenan
MCGURKE Thomas Evishbrack
MCGURKE Thomas Teebane
MCGURKE William Teebane
MCHOOD Alexander Muntober
MCHUGH James Dunnamore
MCHUGH James Killucan
MCHUGH John Killeenan
MCHUGH Peter Killeenan
MCHUGH Peter Killucan
MCILREE William Kildress Upper
MCILWEE James Corvanaghan
MCILWEE John Corvanaghan
MCIVOR Archibald Tamlaght
MCKEAN John Doons
MCKEE Thomas Evishanoran
MCKENNA Alice Killucan
MCKENNA Anne Beagh More
MCKENNA Bernard Killucan
MCKENNA Francis Killucan
MCKENNA Fras., Jr. Moboy
MCKENNA Fras., Sr. Moboy
MCKENNA Hugh Killucan
MCKENNA James Gortaclady
MCKENNA John Corvanaghan
MCKENNA John Gortreagh
MCKENNA John Killucan
MCKENNA John Killucan
MCKENNA John Knockaleery
MCKENNA Joseph Killucan
MCKENNA Mark Killucan
MCKENNA Owen Killucan
MCKENNA Patrick Killeenan
MCKENNA Peter Corvanaghan
MCKENNA Peter Killeenan
MCKENNA Peter Killucan
MCKENNA Peter Moboy
MCKENNA Pk. Killucan
MCKENNA Reps. John Killeenan
MCKENNA Richard Killucan
MCKENNA Rosanna Killucan
MCKENNA William Killucan
MCKENNY Margaret Legnacash
MCKEON Andrew Moboy
MCKEON John Ballynasollus
MCKERNAN Charles Muntober
MCKERNAN Henry Muntober
MCKERNAN James Keenaghan
MCKERNAN John Muntober
MCKERNAN Michael Tamnaskeeny
MCKERNAN Owen Killeenan
MCKERNAN Patrick Muntober
MCKERNAN Peter Muntober
MCKERNAN Tobias Teebane
MCKITTRICK John Gortnagross
MCKITTRICK Robert Gortnagross
MCLARNAN Anne Dunnamore
MCMAHON Bernard Beagh More
MCMANNING Patrick Glasmullagh
MCMANUS John Knockaleery
MCMENAMY Mary Tamnaskeeny
MCMENAMY Patrick Tamnaskeeny
MCMULLEN James Drumnaglogh
MCMULLEN James Mackenny
MCNAMEE Bryan Meenanea
MCNAMEE James Beltonanean
MCNAMEE John Corchoney
MCNAMEE John Corvanaghan
MCNAMEE Mary Meenanea
MCNAMEE Michael Meenanea
MCNAMEE Patk., Jr. Meenanea
MCNAMEE Patrick Dunnamore
MCNAMEE Patrick, Sr. Meenanea
MCNAMEE Peter Meenanea
MCNICHOLL William Drumshanbo Glebe
MCVEY Daniel Strews
MCVEY Hugh Magheraglass
MCVEY Thomas Tamnaskeeny
MCWATERS Robert Drumnacross Lower
MCWATERS Robert Drumnacross Upper
MCWILLIAMS Andrew Tamnaskeeny
MILLER John Gortnagross
MILLER Stewart Corchoney
MILLER Thomas Drumshanbo Glebe
MOFFETT John Strews
MOFFETT Mary Drumnacross Lower
MOFFETT William Strews
MOLLOY Daniel Evishanoran
MOLLOY Owen Evishanoran
MONAGHAN Anne Beleevna Beg
MONAGHAN Daniel Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Edward Beleevna Beg
MONAGHAN Francis Dunnamore
MONAGHAN John Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Joseph Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Michl. Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Michl., Sr. Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Ml. Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Patk. Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Patrick Beleevna Beg
MONAGHAN Patrick Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Peter Beleevna Beg
MONAGHAN Peter Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Pk. Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Terence Killucan
MONAGHAN Thaddeus Dunnamore
MONAGHAN Thomas Dunnamore
MONAGHAN William Corvanaghan
MONTGOMERY Anne Derrinleagh
MOODY James Kildress Lower
MOONEY John Ballynasollus
MOONEY John Tamlaght
MOORE Catherine Kildress Lower
MOORE John Kildress Lower
MOORHEAD Adam Kildress Upper
MOORHEAD Arthur Kildress Lower
MOORHEAD Charles Drum
MOORHEAD Charles Kildress Lower
MORAN John Gortreagh
MORRIS James Kildress Lower
MORRIS James Kildress Upper
MORRIS James Tattykeel
MORRIS Patrick Muntober
MULHOLLAND Joseph Mackenny
MULHOLLAND Robert Drumnacross Upper
MULHOLLAND Robert Gortin
MULHOLLAND William Corchoney
MULHOLLAND William Tattykeel
MULLIN Anne Drumnaglogh
MULLINS Arthur Murnells
MULLINS Bernard Moboy
MULLINS Bernard Murnells
MULLINS Charles Knockaleery
MULLINS Felix Moboy
MULLINS James Moboy
MULLINS John Corkhill
MULLINS John Murnells
MULLINS Mary Murnells
MULLINS Michael Murnells
MULLINS Michael, Sr. Murnells
MULLINS Michl. Murnells
MULLINS Myles Murnells
MULLINS Patrick, Jr. Murnells
MULLINS Patrick, Sr. Murnells
MULLINS Peter Terrywinny
MULLINS Thomas Keenaghan
MULLINS Thomas Moboy
MURDAGH Joseph Tullyroan
MURPHY Arthur Moboy
MURPHY Rev. Bernard Knockaleery
MURPHY Robert Strews
MURRAY Patrick Gortreagh
MURRAY William Strews
NEILL Arthur Keenaghan
NEILL James Beagh More
NEILL John Keenaghan
NEILL Patrick Beagh More
NEILL Rosanna Beagh More
NEILL Sarah Strews
NEILL Terence Tulnacross
NEVILLE Thomas Moboy
NEWBURY Henry Corchoney
NEWBURY Terence Cloghfin
NOBBS George Gortin
NOBBS James Oritor
NOBBS John Oritor
NORRIS Robert Drumshanbo Glebe
NUGENT Alexander Cavanoneill
NUGENT Anne Moboy
NUGENT Edward Murnells
NUGENT Francis Murnells
NUGENT Hannah Moboy
NUGENT John Murnells
NUGENT Michael Evishanoran
NUGENT Michael Moboy
NUGENT Michael Murnells
NUGENT Michael Strews
NUGENT Owen Murnells
NUGENT Patrick Cavanoneill
NUGENT Patrick Murnells
NUGENT Peter Evishanoran
NUGENT Terence Cavanoneill
NUGENT William Murnells
O’BRIEN Charles Beleevna Beg
O’BRIEN Francis Beleevna Beg
O’BRIEN Matthew Beleevna Beg
O'NEILL Daniel Tulnacross
O'NEILL James Drumshanbo Glebe
PARKE Ellen Doons
PARKE Ellen Tattykeel
PERRY William Oritor
PITTS David Strews
PLUNKETT Owen Kildress Upper
POTTER Joseph Killeenan
PURVIS James Strews
QUINN Arthur Beagh More
QUINN Arthur Terrywinny
QUINN Bartholomew Dunnamore
QUINN Bernard Corchoney
QUINN Bryan Killeenan
QUINN Charles Killeenan
QUINN Edward Terrywinny
QUINN Eneas Dunnamore
QUINN Felix Beagh More
QUINN Francis Terrywinny
QUINN Henry Cavanoneill
QUINN Hugh Beltonanean
QUINN Hugh Dunnamore
QUINN Hugh Killeenan
QUINN Hugh Killucan
QUINN James Drum
QUINN James Dunnamore
QUINN James Meenanea
QUINN John Cavanoneill
QUINN John Dunnamore
QUINN John Dunnamore
QUINN John Magheraglass
QUINN John Terrywinny
QUINN John, Sr. Terrywinny
QUINN Mary Beagh More
QUINN Michael Beagh More
QUINN Michael Corvanaghan
QUINN Michael Dunnamore
QUINN Michael Tullyroan
QUINN Patrick Dunnamore
QUINN Peter Beagh More
QUINN Peter Corvanaghan
QUINN Peter, Sr. Corvanaghan
QUINN Sarah Beagh More
QUINN William Strews
RAFFERTY Francis Evishanoran
RAFFERTY Hugh Murnells
RAFFERTY John Evishanoran
RAFFERTY Peter Evishanoran
RANKIN Anne Gortreagh
REDDICK Robert Strews
REID Alexander Tattykeel
REID John Clontyferagh
REID Robert Clontyferagh
REID Robert Tulnacross
REYNOLDS James Clare
RICHARDSON Jonathon Strews
RICHARDSON William Strews
ROBINSON John Derrinleagh
ROGERS John Derrinleagh
ROSS Alexander Tulnacross
SANDES Patrick Clare
SCULLION Nicholas Killeenan
SLANE William Magheraglass
SLAYNE John Mackenny
SLAYNE Silas Mackenny
SMITH George Ballynasollus
SMITH William Strews
SONAGHAR [SANAGHAN?] Patrick Terrywinny
SOUTER Adam Glenarny
STEELE Alexander Muntober
STEELE James Clare
STEELE James Clontyferagh
STEENE Margret Doons
STEWART Hugh Drumshanbo Glebe
STEWART James Dunnamore
STEWART John Dunnamore
STEWART Rev. Richard Corchoney
STEWART Rev. Richard Drumshanbo Glebe
STEWART Samuel Strews
SUMMERLAND John Corchoney
SUPPLE John Tirmacshane
TAGGART John Meenascallagh
TAYLOR John Doons
TAYLOR John Tirmacshane
TAYLOR William Tamnaskeeny
THOM John Tirmacshane
THORNTON Ellen Strews
TONER Bartholomew Corvanaghan
TONER Charles Magheraglass
TONER Daniel Keenaghan
TONER John Cavanoneill
TONER Thomas Cavanoneill
TOOMBE Hamilton Tirmacshane
TOOMBE James Derrinleagh
TOOMBE John Drumnaglogh
TOOMBE John Muntober
TRACY John Drumshanbo Glebe
TRIMBELL Andrew Gortreagh
TRIMMER George Keenaghan
TURK Samuel Tamnaskeeny
TURKENTON William Gortreagh
VALELLY Bridget Murnells
VERNER Margaret Drumshanbo Glebe
VINCENT Thomas Drumnaglogh
WALKER Elizabeth Drumshanbo Glebe
WALKER James Corchoney
WALKER James Tattykeel
WALKER John Oritor
WALKER Robert Gortnagross
WALLACE James Drumshanbo Glebe
WARD Michael Keenaghan
WATERS Anne Strews
WATSON Henry Tamnaskeeny
WATSON James Strews
WATSON John Tamnaskeeny
WATSON Thomas Tamnaskeeny
WATSON William Tamnaskeeny
WEIR Andrew Drumnacross Lower
WEIR John Drumnacross Lower
WEIR John Moboy
WEIR William Drum
WHITE James Tulnacross
WHITE Robert Oritor
WILKINSON James Magheraglass
WILKINSON William Drum
WILSON Thomas Drumnaglogh
WOODS Charles Corvanaghan
WOODS Patrick Corvanaghan
WRIGHT John Glenarny
WRIGHT Robert Glenarny
WRIGHT Robert Tirmacshane
YARROW James Meenascallagh
YARROW John Meenascallagh