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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Errigal Parish (Garvagh), County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Garvagh Parish, Co. Londonderry. Map Courtesy of

This file of an INDEX TO GRIFFITHS VALUATION OF ERRIGAL PARISH, COUNTY LONDONDERRY forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to ERRIGAL PARISH, COUNTY LONDONDERRY on this website can be found at the foot of this file.


For an explanation of and background to c1860 Griffiths Valuation see


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altduff Ballintemple Ballyrogan Belraugh
Boleran Brockagh Brockaghboy Cah
Coolcoscreaghan Coolnasillagh Crockindollagh Drumbane
Dunnavenny Farrantemple Glebe Freugh Garvagh
Glenkeen Gortfad Gortnamoyagh Inshaleen
Liscall Lisnascreghog Mayboy Meencraig
Mettican Glebe Shanlongford Slaghtaverty Tamnymore




Surname Given Name Townland
ADAIR Daniel Ballyrogan
ADAMS Jane Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
ADAMS John Gortfad
ADAMS John Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
ALLEN Samuel Main Street, Garvagh
ANDERSON Anne Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
ANDERSON Hen. Lisnascreghog
ANDERSON Henry Dunnavenny
ANDERSON Henry (Agent, Worshipful Co. of Ironmongers) Inshaleen
ANDREW John Gortfad
ANDREW Margaret Gortfad
ANDREW William Gortfad
ANDREWS Samuel Gortnamoyagh
ARCHBOLD John Crockindollagh
ARTHURS James Gortnamoyagh
ASH William H. Garvagh
ATKINSON David Coolnasillagh
ATKINSON Roger Coolnasillagh
ATKINSON William Coolnasillagh
BELL David Mettican Glebe
BELL David Tamnymore
BELL James Garvagh
BELL John Tamnymore
BELL Samuel Belraugh
BELL Thomas Mettican Glebe
BERRY Alexander Belraugh
BLACK John Brockagh
BLACK Samuel Tibaran
BLAIR Matthew Gortnamoyagh
BOYCE Mary Cah
BOYCE Robert Cah
BOYCE Thomas Cah
BOYCE Thomas Crockindollagh
BOYD William Inshaleen
BOYD William Main Street, Garvagh
BOYLE Hugh Cah
BOYLE James Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
BOYLE John Tibaran
BOYLE Thomas Main Street, Garvagh
BOYLE William Main Street, Garvagh
BRADLEY Bridget Boleran
BRADLEY Charles Ballyrogan
BRADLEY Henry Coolcoscreaghan
BRADLEY James Coolnasillagh
BROGAN Hugh Mayboy
BROOKES George Inshaleen
BROOKES Jane Inshaleen
BROOKES Margaret Inshaleen
BROOMFIELD John Ballyrogan
BROWN Elizabeth Main Street, Garvagh
BROWN Robert Coolnasillagh
BROWN Robert Mayboy
BRUCE Anne Main Street, Garvagh
BURGESS John Main Street, Garvagh
CAMPBELL William Main Street, Garvagh
CANNING Charles Tamnymore
CANNING George Tamnymore
CANNING James Farrantemple Glebe
CANNING James Gortfad
CANNING John, Sen. Tamnymore
CANNING Thomas Farrantemple Glebe
CANNING William Main Street, Garvagh
CANVER John Coolcoscreaghan
CARLAND John Gortnamoyagh
CARR John Glenkeen
CASKEY James Tibaran
CASSIDY Daniel Lisnascreghog
CASSIDY James Ballintemple
CASSIDY James Brockagh
CASSIDY Sarah Slaghtaverty
CATHCART Martin Gortnamoyagh
CLINTON Paul Gortfad
CLINTON Paul C. Garvagh
CLINTON Paul C. Main Street, Garvagh
CLYDE Matthew Garvagh
CLYDE Solomon Brockagh
CLYDE Solomon Gortfad
COCHRANE Margaret Garvagh
COCHRANE Margaret Main Street, Garvagh
CONNELL Charles Coolnasillagh
CONNELL John Meencraig
CONNELL Thomas Meencraig
CONNOR Charles Mayboy
CONNOR Patrick Mayboy
CONWAY Alexander Mettican Glebe
CONWAY Allan Cah
CONWAY Saml. Cah
COOEY Mary Inshaleen
CORRY Neal Main Street, Garvagh
COURTNEY John Farrantemple Glebe
COX James Farrantemple Glebe
CRAIG Elizabeth Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
CRAIG George Inshaleen
CRAIG Robert Inshaleen
CRAIG Robert Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
CRAIG William Inshaleen
CREDDAN Hugh Coolcoscreaghan
CREIGHTON James Liscall
CREIGHTON John Gortfad
CREIGHTON Thomas Gortfad
CREIGHTON William Liscall
CRILLY James Farrantemple Glebe
CRILLY Michael Brockaghboy
CRILLY Patrick Brockaghboy
CUNNINGHAM Alexander Liscall
CUNNINGHAM John, Jun. Tamnymore
DALE William Tamnymore
DALHOUSE John Mettican Glebe
DALHOUSE William Main Street, Garvagh
DANES Martha Cah
DARRAGH Arthur Mettican Glebe
DARRAGH Henry Mettican Glebe
DARRAGH John Mettican Glebe
DARRAGH Mary Mettican Glebe
DARRAGH Matthew Gortnamoyagh
DAVIDSON George Gortfad
DEIGHAN Bryan Slaghtaverty
DEMPSEY James Brockagh
DEMPSEY Jas., Jun. Boleran
DEMPSEY Jas., Sen. Boleran
DEMPSEY John Boleran
DENNY Anne Brockaghboy
DILLON Denis Coolcoscreaghan
DILLON Hugh Coolcoscreaghan
DILLON Mary Main Street, Garvagh
DIMOND John Main Street, Garvagh
DIMOND Manus Brockagh
DIXON John Shanlongford
DOBBIN William Gortnamoyagh
DOGHERTY Daniel Ballyrogan
DOGHERTY Michael Ballintemple
DOHERTY Bernard Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
DOHERTY Catherine Main Street, Garvagh
DOHERTY Hugh Coolnasillagh
DOHERTY John Tamnymore
DOHERTY Mary Tamnymore
DOHERTY Neal Coolnasillagh
DOHERTY Patrick Shanlongford
DOHERTY Roger Shanlongford
DOHERTY Thomas Coolnasillagh
DONAGHY Bryan Gortnamoyagh
DONAGHY Mary Main Street, Garvagh
DONNELLY Charles Liscall
DONNELLY John Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
DOORISH Francis Slaghtaverty
DRIPPS Alexander Ballyrogan
DRIPPS Alexander Freugh
DRIPPS Alexander Liscall
DRIPPS Robert Garvagh
DRIPPS Robert Gortfad
DRIPPS Robert Main Street, Garvagh
DUGGAN Patrick Main Street, Garvagh
DUGGAN Peter Coolcoscreaghan
DUNLOP Andrew Main Street, Garvagh
DUNLOP Andrew Mettican Glebe
DUNLOP Charles Main Street, Garvagh
DUNLOP Elizabeth Main Street, Garvagh
DUNLOP Hugh Garvagh
DUNLOP Hugh Main Street, Garvagh
DUNNE Rose Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
ELDER Jane Gortfad
ELDER Mary Gortfad
ELDER Paul Gortfad
FAITH James Main Street, Garvagh
FAITH John Main Street, Garvagh
FEIGHRY Catherine Mayboy
FEIGHRY James Belraugh
FEIGHRY Michael Mayboy
FISHER Archibald Main Street, Garvagh
FISHER Archibald Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
FLEMING Jane Belraugh
FLEMING Thomas McK. Main Street, Garvagh
FORGRAVE Jane Liscall
FORGRAVE William Cah
FORSYTHE John Inshaleen
GAGE Robert, Rev. Mettican Glebe
GALLAGHER John Garvagh
GAMBLE Anne Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
GARVAGH Lady Brockaghboy
GARVAGH Lady Coolcoscreaghan
GARVAGH Lady Garvagh
GARVAGH Lady Main Street, Garvagh
GARVAGH Lady Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
GARVAGH Lady Tamnymore
GIBSON Simon Gortfad
GILES James Mayboy
GILLESPIE Alexander Freugh
GILMORE Alexander Inshaleen
GILMORE Alexander Mettican Glebe
GILMORE Archibald Gortnamoyagh
GILMORE David Inshaleen
GILMORE Jane Inshaleen
GILMORE John Farrantemple Glebe
GILMORE John Inshaleen
GILMORE Robert Inshaleen
GILMORE Samuel Inshaleen
GILMORE Thomas Inshaleen
GILMORE William Garvagh
GILMORE William Main Street, Garvagh
GLASS Robert Crockindollagh
GLENN David Liscall
GLENN John Main Street, Garvagh
GOODWIN Samuel Glenkeen
GOOLD Alexander Boleran
GOOLD David Boleran
GOOLD James Boleran
GOOLD John Boleran
GOOLD John Garvagh
GOOLD John Mettican Glebe
GOOLD John Boy Boleran
GOOLD John, Jun. Boleran
GOWD David Coolnasillagh
GOWD William Crockindollagh
GOWDY Robert Thos. Main Street, Garvagh
GRAY Alexander Garvagh
GRAY Sarah J. Main Street, Garvagh
GREGG Mary Main Street, Garvagh
GRIBBEN John Drumbane
GRISHAM Hugh Meencraig
GULLIGAN [MCGILLIGAN?] Miss Main Street, Garvagh
HAGAN Anne Brockagh
HAGAN Charles Altduff
HAGAN Charles Brockaghboy
HAGAN Daniel Brockaghboy
HAGAN Francis Brockaghboy
HAGAN Francis, Jun. Brockaghboy
HAGAN Henry Brockaghboy
HAGAN Hugh Farrantemple Glebe
HAGAN James Coolnasillagh
HALL John Belraugh
HALL William Belraugh
HAMSEY [HAMPSEY] Alexander Farrantemple Glebe
HAMSEY [HAMPSEY] John Farrantemple Glebe
HARKEN Charles Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
HARKEN Sarah Main Street, Garvagh
HARKIN James Coolcoscreaghan
HARPER James Tamnymore
HARPUR Thomas Inshaleen
HARRISON Alexander Main Street, Garvagh
HASSAN Patrick Brockaghboy
HASSAN Patrick, Jun. Lisnascreghog
HASSAN Patrick, Sen. Lisnascreghog
HEANY Bernard Gortnamoyagh
HEGAN Bridget Brockagh
HEGAN Charles Farrantemple Glebe
HEGAN Daniel Glenkeen
HEGARTY Andrew Brockaghboy
HEGARTY Daniel Brockaghboy
HEGARTY George Brockaghboy
HEGARTY John Brockaghboy
HEGARTY Thomas Brockaghboy
HENDERSON Archibald Main Street, Garvagh
HENDERSON Archibald Mettican Glebe
HENDERSON Archld. Garvagh
HENEY Denis Slaghtaverty
HENEY John Lisnascreghog
HENEY Mary Brockaghboy
HENRY Daniel Gortnamoyagh
HENRY Harry Gortnamoyagh
HENRY James Ballyrogan
HENRY John Gortnamoyagh
HENRY Mary Main Street, Garvagh
HENRY Patrick Ballyrogan
HEVERAL? Michael Coolnasillagh
HIGGINS Bernard Brockagh
HIGGINS Bernard Freugh
HIGGINS Daniel Ballyrogan
HIGGINS James Ballyrogan
HIGGINS James Brockagh
HIGGINS James Freugh
HIGGINS Patrick Mayboy
HIGGINS Patrick, Jun. Ballyrogan
HIGGINS Patrick, Jun. Freugh
HIGGINS Patrick, Sen. Ballyrogan
HIGGINS Patrick, Sen. Freugh
HILL Mary Main Street, Garvagh
HOGG Rankin Belraugh
HUNTER John Main Street, Garvagh
HUTCHINSON George Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
HUTCHINSON Hugh Mettican Glebe
HUTCHINSON Sarah Mettican Glebe
HUTCHINSON William Mettican Glebe
JOHNSON Eliza Gortnamoyagh
JOHNSON James Gortnamoyagh
JOHNSON James Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
JOHNSON Samuel Gortnamoyagh
JOHNSON Thomas Gortnamoyagh
JOHNSTON James Main Street, Garvagh
JOHNSTON James Tamnymore
JOHNSTON Mary Main Street, Garvagh
KANE William Gortnamoyagh
KEALY Francis Gortnamoyagh
KEARNEY Anne Crockindollagh
KEEGAN Michael Main Street, Garvagh
KEILT Daniel Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
KEILT Mary Main Street, Garvagh
KEILT Patrick Farrantemple Glebe
KELLY Anne Cah
KELLY David Cah
KELLY Hugh Cah
KELLY James Inshaleen
KELLY John Cah
KELLY Margaret Coolcoscreaghan
KELLY Margaret Inshaleen
KELLY Michael Brockagh
KELLY Paul Brockagh
KELLY Paul Gortnamoyagh
KELLY Robert Cah
KELLY Rose Ballyrogan
KELLY William Inshaleen
KENNEDY George Belraugh
KENNEDY George Freugh
KENNEDY Samuel Tibaran
KERR James Main Street, Garvagh
KNOX Bryce Main Street, Garvagh
KNOX John Crockindollagh
KNOX William Inshaleen
KYLE John Farrantemple Glebe
LINTON Robert Cah
LOVE Johnston Liscall
LOWRY James Farrantemple Glebe
LOWRY Thomas Mayboy
LYLE Acheson Ballintemple
LYLE Acheson Brockagh
LYNCH Anne Tibaran
LYNCH Daniel Belraugh
LYNCH Denis Belraugh
LYNCH George Main Street, Garvagh
LYNCH John Coolcoscreaghan
LYNCH John Tibaran
LYNCH Thomas Tibaran
LYTTLE Robert Tamnymore
MABY? John Inshaleen
MARKS Samuel Main Street, Garvagh
MARSHALL William A. Belraugh
MARTIN Margaret Ballintemple
MAYNE Thomas Garvagh
MCALEECE Margaret Cah
MCALEECE Robert Garvagh
MCALEECE Robert Main Street, Garvagh
MCALEECE Robert Mettican Glebe
MCALEECE Stuart Gortnamoyagh
MCALISTER Anthony Mettican Glebe
MCALISTER James Farrantemple Glebe
MCALISTER John Gortfad
MCALISTER Thomas Main Street, Garvagh
MCALISTER William Farrantemple Glebe
MCALLISTER Daniel Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
MCALLISTER Francis Main Street, Garvagh
MCALLISTER John Main Street, Garvagh
MCALLISTER William Main Street, Garvagh
MCALONAN Archibald Main Street, Garvagh
MCANEARY John Mettican Glebe
MCANEARY Randal Mettican Glebe
MCANEARY Robert Mettican Glebe
MCANEARY William Cah
MCANEARY William Main Street, Garvagh
MCANEARY William Mettican Glebe
MCBRIDE Scott Garvagh
MCCALLION Charles Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
MCCALLION James Main Street, Garvagh
MCCALLION James Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
MCCALLION Mary Main Street, Garvagh
MCCALLION William Mettican Glebe
MCCANN Bernard Lisnascreghog
MCCANN Charles Main Street, Garvagh
MCCANN Patrick Tibaran
MCCANN Thomas Tamnymore
MCCAUSLAND Marcus Liscall
MCCAUSLAND Martha Garvagh
MCCAUSLAND Mary Ann Mettican Glebe
MCCAUSLAND Mary Anne Garvagh
MCCLOSKEY Bernard Coolcoscreaghan
MCCLOSKEY John Main Street, Garvagh
MCCLOSKEY Michael Main Street, Garvagh
MCCLOY Richard Gortnamoyagh
MCCLOY William Ballintemple
MCCLURE William Garvagh
MCCLURE William Main Street, Garvagh
MCCLURE William Mettican Glebe
MCCLUSKEY Bernard Coolcoscreaghan
MCCLUSKEY Bernard Lisnascreghog
MCCLUSKEY Donald Gortnamoyagh
MCCLUSKEY Francis Lisnascreghog
MCCLUSKEY James Gortfad
MCCLUSKEY Maryanne Ballintemple
MCCLUSKEY Patrick Coolcoscreaghan
MCCLUSKEY Paul Lisnascreghog
MCCOLLUM John Main Street, Garvagh
MCCONAGHY Robert Inshaleen
MCCONNELL John Crockindollagh
MCCONNELL John Farrantemple Glebe
MCCONNELL William Farrantemple Glebe
MCCONWAY Francis Gortnamoyagh
MCCOOKE James Tamnymore
MCCOOKE John Main Street, Garvagh
MCCOOKE Samuel Gortnamoyagh
MCCOOKE Thomas Tamnymore
MCCOOLE Thomas Lisnascreghog
MCCORMACK Bryan Shanlongford
MCCORMICK Charles Boleran
MCCORMICK Daniel Coolnasillagh
MCCORMICK Patrick Mayboy
MCCOY John Farrantemple Glebe
MCCULLAGH Francis Farrantemple Glebe
MCCULLAGH George Mettican Glebe
MCCULLAGH John Farrantemple Glebe
MCCURDY John, Jun. Shanlongford
MCCURDY John, Jun. Tibaran
MCCURDY John, Sen. Shanlongford
MCCURDY Martha Tibaran
MCCURDY William Tibaran
MCELROY Solomon Mettican Glebe
MCFALL Eneas Main Street, Garvagh
MCGAHAN Anne Shanlongford
MCGAHAN Jn. Freugh
MCGAHAN John Freugh
MCGAHAN Patrick Shanlongford
MCGAHAN Thomas Freugh
MCGAHAN Thomas Shanlongford
MCGEE Elizabeth Mettican Glebe
MCGEE John Mayboy
MCGEE William Main Street, Garvagh
MCGETTIGAN Sarah Main Street, Garvagh
MCGONIGLE Denis Ballyrogan
MCGONIGLE Neal Coolnasillagh
MCGRADY John Brockagh
MCGRANDLE Patrick Gortnamoyagh
MCGUIGAN George Inshaleen
MCGUIGGAN Bernard Main Street, Garvagh
MCGUIGGAN Charles Main Street, Garvagh
MCGUIGGAN James Brockagh
MCGUINNESS William Coolcoscreaghan
MCGUIRE Denis Coolnasillagh
MCILHENNY James, Jun. Brockaghboy
MCILHENNY James, Sen. Brockaghboy
MCILROY Solomon Main Street, Garvagh
MCILROY Solomon, M.D. Main Street, Garvagh
MCINTYRE John Crockindollagh
MCKEE John Cah
MCKEEMAN Daniel Main Street, Garvagh
MCKEEMAN William Main Street, Garvagh
MCKENNA Thomas Lisnascreghog
MCLEOD Hugh Main Street, Garvagh
MCLEOD John Main Street, Garvagh
MCLEOD John Bell Main Street, Garvagh
MCLOUGHLIN Daniel Boleran
MCLOUGHLIN James Main Street, Garvagh
MCLOUGHLIN John Brockaghboy
MCLOUGHLIN John, Rev. Boleran
MCLOUGHLIN Owen Brockaghboy
MCLOUGHLIN Owen Coolcoscreaghan
MCMASTER Alexander Main Street, Garvagh
MCMULLEN Hugh Inshaleen
MCMULLEN John Belraugh
MCMULLEN John Inshaleen
MCMULLEN Mary Brockaghboy
MCNAB John Belraugh
MCNAB William Liscall
MCNEARY Alexander Main Street, Garvagh
MCNICHOL Daniel Main Street, Garvagh
MCNICHOLL And. Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL And., Sen. Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL Andrew Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL Cath. Coolcoscreaghan
MCNICHOLL Daniel Slaghtaverty
MCNICHOLL Denis Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL Francis Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL George Ballintemple
MCNICHOLL Hugh Gortnamoyagh
MCNICHOLL James Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL John Brockaghboy
MCNICHOLL John Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL Manus, Jun. Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL Manus, Sen. Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL Mary Ballintemple
MCNICHOLL Michael Ballintemple
MCNICHOLL Michael Brockaghboy
MCNICHOLL Patk. Brockaghboy
MCNICHOLL Patk. Coolcoscreaghan
MCNICHOLL Patrick Brockaghboy
MCNICHOLL Patrick Lisnascreghog
MCNICHOLL Phelim Coolcoscreaghan
MCNICHOLL Phelimy Coolcoscreaghan
MCNICHOLL Pk. Brockaghboy
MCNICHOLL Sarah Brockaghboy
MCNICHOLL Thomas Lisnascreghog
MCPHERSON Adam Tibaran
MCPHERSON Robert Belraugh
MCPHERSON Robert Tibaran
MCQUAID William Main Street, Garvagh
MCSHANE Neal Coolnasillagh
MCSHANE Robert Farrantemple Glebe
MCSHEAN [MCSHANE?] Andrew Coolcoscreaghan
MCSHEAN [MCSHANE?] Owen Coolcoscreaghan
MELLON Archibald Inshaleen
MELLON Edward Brockaghboy
MILLEN Joseph Tamnymore
MILLER Anne Tamnymore
MILLER James, Rev. Main Street, Garvagh
MILLER John Garvagh
MILLER John Inshaleen
MILLER John Main Street, Garvagh
MILLER Robert Tamnymore
MILLER Thomas Inshaleen
MOODY John Main Street, Garvagh
MOONE Daniel Mettican Glebe
MOONEY Bernard Farrantemple Glebe
MOONEY Marcus Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
MOONEY Patrick Farrantemple Glebe
MOONEY Thomas Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
MOORE …? Mettican Glebe
MOORE Cochrane Mettican Glebe
MOORE James Main Street, Garvagh
MOORE John Main Street, Garvagh
MOORE John Mettican Glebe
MOORE Joseph Main Street, Garvagh
MOORE Robert Cah
MOORE Robert Garvagh
MOORE Robert Main Street, Garvagh
MOORE Robert Mettican Glebe
MOORE Samuel Tamnymore
MORRISON Jane Belraugh
MORRISON John Freugh
MORRISON William Crockindollagh
MULHOLLAND Bernard Slaghtaverty
MULHOLLAND Henry Main Street, Garvagh
MULHOLLAND James Slaghtaverty
MULHOLLAND Jane Main Street, Garvagh
MULHOLLAND Thomas Main Street, Garvagh
MULLEN Alexander Main Street, Garvagh
MULLEN Anne Ballyrogan
MULLEN Bernard Ballintemple
MULLEN Bernard Brockaghboy
MULLEN Bernard Dunnavenny
MULLEN Bernard Lisnascreghog
MULLEN Bryan Ballyrogan
MULLEN Bryan Coolcoscreaghan
MULLEN Catherine Altduff
MULLEN Charles Coolcoscreaghan
MULLEN Cormack Altduff
MULLEN Cormack Ballintemple
MULLEN Cormack Brockagh
MULLEN Cormack Gortnamoyagh
MULLEN Daniel Ballintemple
MULLEN Danl. Ballintemple
MULLEN Danl. Brockaghboy
MULLEN Donald Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
MULLEN Elizabeth Brockaghboy
MULLEN George Brockagh
MULLEN George Lisnascreghog
MULLEN Hen. Lisnascreghog
MULLEN Henry Lisnascreghog
MULLEN James Brockagh
MULLEN James Brockaghboy
MULLEN James Coolcoscreaghan
MULLEN James Crockindollagh
MULLEN James Meencraig
MULLEN James Slaghtaverty
MULLEN John Ballintemple
MULLEN John Boleran
MULLEN John Brockaghboy
MULLEN John Coolcoscreaghan
MULLEN John Coolnasillagh
MULLEN John Mayboy
MULLEN John Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
MULLEN Margaret Brockagh
MULLEN Margaret Coolcoscreaghan
MULLEN Mary Ballyrogan
MULLEN Michael Ballyrogan
MULLEN Michael Coolcoscreaghan
MULLEN Michl. Brockagh
MULLEN Owen Meencraig
MULLEN Patk. Coolcoscreaghan
MULLEN Patk. Coolnasillagh
MULLEN Patrick Ballyrogan
MULLEN Patrick Boleran
MULLEN Patrick Brockagh
MULLEN Patrick Coolnasillagh
MULLEN Patrick Meencraig
MULLEN Patrick Tibaran
MULLEN Peter Coolnasillagh
MULLEN Robert Main Street, Garvagh
MULLEN Susan Ballintemple
MULLEN Thomas Altduff
MULLEN Thomas Freugh
NEILSON David Gortnamoyagh
NEILSON Joseph Gortnamoyagh
NELSON Joseph Cah
O'CONNELL Bernard Boleran
O'CONNELL Charles Crockindollagh
O'CONNELL Cormick Mayboy
O'CONNELL Ellen Boleran
O'CONNELL Henry Boleran
O'CONNELL Hugh Boleran
O'CONNELL Hugh Mayboy
O'CONNELL James Garvagh
O'CONNELL James Tamnymore
O'CONNELL Jas. Boleran
O'CONNELL Jn. Boleran
O'CONNELL John Ballyrogan
O'CONNELL John Boleran
O'CONNELL Patrick Ballyrogan
O'CONNELL Susan Mayboy
O'CONNOR Denis Tamnymore
O'KANE Berd. Freugh
O'KANE Bernard Ballintemple
O'KANE Bernard Belraugh
O'KANE Bernard Coolnasillagh
O'KANE Bernard Dunnavenny
O'KANE Bernard Glenkeen
O'KANE Bernard Mayboy
O'KANE Bernard Slaghtaverty
O'KANE Bernd. Coolcoscreaghan
O'KANE Bridget Coolnasillagh
O'KANE Catherine Brockagh
O'KANE Catherine Coolnasillagh
O'KANE Catherine Main Street, Garvagh
O'KANE Charles Brockaghboy
O'KANE Chas. Brockaghboy
O'KANE Chas. Coolcoscreaghan
O'KANE Daniel Brockaghboy
O'KANE Daniel Garvagh
O'KANE Daniel Main Street, Garvagh
O'KANE Daniel, Jun. Dunnavenny
O'KANE Daniel, Sen. Dunnavenny
O'KANE Darby Glenkeen
O'KANE Donnell Brockagh
O'KANE Ecklin Brockaghboy
O'KANE Ecklin Coolnasillagh
O'KANE Edward Coolnasillagh
O'KANE Edwd. Coolnasillagh
O'KANE Francis Belraugh
O'KANE Francis Coolcoscreaghan
O'KANE George Coolcoscreaghan
O'KANE Henry Brockaghboy
O'KANE Henry Shanlongford
O'KANE Hugh Brockaghboy
O'KANE Hugh Coolcoscreaghan
O'KANE James Brockagh
O'KANE James Brockaghboy
O'KANE James Coolcoscreaghan
O'KANE James Coolnasillagh
O'KANE James Slaghtaverty
O'KANE Jas. Brockaghboy
O'KANE Jeremiah Glenkeen
O'KANE Jno. Brockaghboy
O'KANE John Brockaghboy
O'KANE John Coolcoscreaghan
O'KANE John Coolnasillagh
O'KANE John Garvagh
O'KANE John Main Street, Garvagh
O'KANE John Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
O'KANE John Shanlongford
O'KANE Manus Brockaghboy
O'KANE Margt. Brockaghboy
O'KANE Mary Brockagh
O'KANE Michael Ballyrogan
O'KANE Michael Slaghtaverty
O'KANE Michl. Brockaghboy
O'KANE Michl. Coolcoscreaghan
O'KANE Michl. Coolnasillagh
O'KANE Ml. Coolnasillagh
O'KANE Owen Ballintemple
O'KANE Owen Brockaghboy
O'KANE Patrick Belraugh
O'KANE Patrick Brockagh
O'KANE Patrick Brockaghboy
O'KANE Patrick Coolcoscreaghan
O'KANE Patrick Coolnasillagh
O'KANE Patrick Dunnavenny
O'KANE Patrick Glenkeen
O'KANE Patrick Main Street, Garvagh
O'KANE Rose Dunnavenny
O'KANE William Brockaghboy
O'KANE William Coolcoscreaghan
O'NEILL Denis Brockaghboy
O'NEILL John Tamnymore
PATTERSON Daniel Boleran
PATTERSON George Boleran
PATTERSON Margaret Boleran
PATTERSON William Boleran
PATTON William Farrantemple Glebe
PAUL John Inshaleen
PAUL John Tamnymore
PAUL Thomas Mettican Glebe
PECKING Robert Cah
PERRY Samuel Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
PIE Mary Jane Main Street, Garvagh
PLUNKETT William Ballintemple
POOLE Rebecca Gortnamoyagh
PORTER David Gortnamoyagh
QUIGG Bridget Lisnascreghog
QUIGG Eliz. Coolcoscreaghan
QUIGG Francis Lisnascreghog
QUIGG Henry Brockaghboy
QUIGG Michael Drumbane
QUIGLEY Francis Belraugh
QUINN Reps of John Boleran
RANKIN Charles Liscall
RANKIN David Inshaleen
RANKIN Hugh Liscall
RANKIN John Gortfad
RANKIN Leslie Garvagh
RANKIN Leslie Main Street, Garvagh
RANKIN William Gortfad
REID Samuel Inshaleen
RICHARDSON Thomas Shanlongford
RICHEY Charles Gortnamoyagh
RICHEY John Farrantemple Glebe
RICHEY Joseph Liscall
RICHEY William Ballintemple
ROBERTSON Agnes Main Street, Garvagh
ROBERTSON Robert Main Street, Garvagh
ROBINSON John Ballintemple
ROBINSON Robert Crockindollagh
ROSEBROOK [ROSBOROUGH?] William Farrantemple Glebe
SARGENT James Main Street, Garvagh
SCOTT Anne Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
SHARKEY Alexander Main Street, Garvagh
SIMPSON John Mettican Glebe
SINCLAIR Mary Main Street, Garvagh
SMYTH Elizabeth Inshaleen
SMYTH James Main Street, Garvagh
SMYTH James Mettican Glebe
SMYTH Jane Main Street, Garvagh
SMYTH Mitchell, Rev. Ballintemple
SMYTH Mitchell, Rev. Brockagh
SMYTH Mitchell, Rev. Farrantemple Glebe
SMYTH Robert Tamnymore
SMYTH William Gortnamoyagh
SPENCER Robert Garvagh
SPENCER Robert Main Street, Garvagh
SPENCER Thomas Cah
STAFFORD Richard Mettican Glebe
STARR William Coolnasillagh
STEIN James Mettican Glebe
STEWART Josias Liscall
STEWART Robert Cah
STRATTEN Samuel Farrantemple Glebe
STUART Alexander Boleran
STUART Henry Main Street, Garvagh
STUART James Gortfad
STUART John Gortfad
STUART John Gortnamoyagh
STUART John Main Street, Garvagh
STUART Joseph Shanlongford
STUART Mary Farrantemple Glebe
STUART Matthew, Jun. Gortfad
STUART Matthew, Sen. Gortfad
STUART Thomas Gortnamoyagh
THOMPSON Isabella Tamnymore
THOMPSON Andrew, Rev. Main Street, Garvagh
THOMPSON Robert Main Street, Garvagh
TOLAN David, Rev. Boleran
TORRENS Alexander Main Street, Garvagh
TRAVERS Henry Main Street, Garvagh
WALKER Elizabeth Mettican Glebe
WALKER John Mettican Glebe
WALKER John, Sen. Main Street, Garvagh
WALKER Robert Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
WALKER Thomas Mettican Glebe
WALLACE Given Crockindollagh
WALLACE James Main Street, Garvagh
WALLACE John Crockindollagh
WALLACE Mary Tamnymore
WALLACE Thomas Main Street, Garvagh
WATSON James Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
WATTS John Ballintemple
WEEDEN James Cah
WELLS Joseph Ballintemple
WELLS William Ballintemple
WIDDAN [WEEDEN?] John Gortnamoyagh
WILSON James Mettican Glebe
WILSON Jane Ballintemple
WILSON Maria Tibaran
WILSON Robert Cah
WILSON Thomas Farrantemple Glebe
WILSON William Cah
WITHEROW Robert Inshaleen
WOODBURN Elizabeth Liscall
WOODBURN John Liscall
WOODBURN Robert Gortfad
WOODBURN Robert Liscall
WOODBURN William Gortfad
WOODBURN William Liscall
WOODBURNE George Ballintemple
WOODBURNE George Main Street, Garvagh
WOODBURNE George Mettican Glebe
WOODBURNE James Ballintemple
WOODBURNE Matthew Ballintemple
WOODBURNE William Ballintemple
WOODS G. D. Meeting-House Lane, Garvagh
WOODS John Mayboy
WORKMAN James Mayboy
YOUNG John Main Street, Garvagh

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