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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Dungiven Parish, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of GRIFFITHS VALUATION OF DUNGIVEN PARISH, COUNTY LONDONDERRY, NORTHERN IRELAND forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to DUNGIVEN PARISH on this website can be found at the end of this file.

For an explanation of and the background to c1860 Griffiths Valuation see

Dungiven Parish, Co. Londonderry. Source:
Dungiven Castle. Photo: Facebook Irish History



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ashlamaduff Ballyguddin Ballymacallion Ballymakeever
Ballymonan Ballyness Boviel Brishey
Carn Cashel Cluntygeeragh Corick
Crabarkey Cruckanim Curraghlane Currudda
Derryduff Derryork Derryware Dungiven
Eden Evishagaran Glenshane Gortgarn
Gortnagross Hass Lackagh Lenamore
Magheraboy Ovil Owenbeg Scriggan
Tamniarin Tirgoland Turmeel  




AGNEW John Ballymacallion
ANDERSON Joseph Ovil
ARMSTRONG Robert Owenbeg
ARMSTRONG William Owenbeg
ASQUITH William Main Street, Dungiven
BARR John Turmeel
BEATY John Ovil
BELL Thomas Derryork
BLACK Samuel Ballyness
BLOOMFIELD Francis Turmeel
BOYD John Ballyness
BOYLE Dorrington D. Ballymacallion
BOYLE Dorrington D. Lenamore
BOYLE Dorrington J. Ballymacallion
BOYLE Edward Ballyness
BOYLE Peter Ovil
BRADLEY James Ballymacallion
BRADLEY James Eden
BRADLEY Patrick Currudda
BRADLEY Peter Eden
BRADLEY Roger Main Street, Dungiven
BROLLY Anne Ovil
BROLLY John Ballymacallion
BROLLY William Ovil
BUCHANAN Eliza Corick
BUCHANAN Eliza Currudda
BUCHANAN William Corick
BUCHANAN William Currudda
CAMPBELL Anne Dungiven
CAMPBELL Anne Main Street, Dungiven
CAMPBELL Charles Lackagh
CAMPBELL Charles Main Street., Dungiven
CAMPBELL Charles Owenbeg
CAMPBELL Eliza Main Street, Dungiven
CAMPBELL John Ballymonan
CAMPBELL John Boviel
CAMPBELL John Cashel
CAMPBELL John Dungiven
CAMPBELL John Main Street, Dungiven
CANNON John Tamniarin
CANNON Thomas Crabarkey
CARMICHAEL Robert Tirgoland
CARMICHAEL Robt. Tirgoland
CASSIDY Joseph Ballymacallion
CASSIDY Joseph Ballyness
CHAMBERS Benjamin Ballyness
CHAMBERS Stuart Scriggan
CHAMBERS William Scriggan
CHRISTIE David Turmeel
CLARKE James Dungiven
CLARKE James Main Street, Dungiven
CLYDE Isaac Ballymacallion
CLYDE William Main Street, Dungiven
CONNOR Charles Magheraboy
CONNOR Charles Main Street, Dungiven
CONNOR Charles New Street, Dungiven
CONNOR John Main Street, Dungiven
CONNOR Michael Lenamore
CONNOR Thomas Dungiven
CONNOR Thomas Magheraboy
COOK Rose Turmeel
COOKE Andrew Turmeel
COOPER Richard Main Street, Dungiven
CRAMPSIE John Ballyguddin
CRAMPSIE Susan Derryware
CRAMPSIE Susan Dungiven
CRAMPSIE William Brishey
CRILLY Denis Ballymacallion
CROMMIE Alexander Tamniarin
CROMMIE Edward Tamniarin
CROMMIE James Tamniarin
CROMMIE James Turmeel
CROMMIE James, Junr. Tamniarin
CROMMIE Jas., Junr. Tamniarin
CROMMIE Mark Tamniarin
CROMMIE William Tamniarin
CROOKE William Derryware
CUNNINGHAM James Dungiven
CUNNINGHAM James Main Street, Dungiven
CURRAN John Dungiven
CURRAN John Main Street, Dungiven
DALLAS James Ballyness
DALLAS James Lenamore
DALLAS William Lenamore
DALY Margaret Main Street, Dungiven
DEANE Hans Ballymakeever
DEANE John Main Street, Dungiven
DEANE John New Street, Dungiven
DEANE Joseph Magheraboy
DEANE Joseph Main Street, Dungiven
DEANE Robert Main Street, Dungiven
DEANE William Ballyguddin
DEANE William Derryware
DEANE William Lackagh
DEANE William Main Street, Dungiven
DEANE William Owenbeg
DEANS John Dungiven
DEANS Joseph Dungiven
DEANS Robert Dungiven
DEANS Samuel Derryduff
DEANS William Dungiven
DELAP Margaret Dungiven
DIMOND Daniel Lenamore
DIXON Thomas Glenshane
DOGHERTY Daniel Gortnagross
DOGHERTY Edward Gortgarn
DOGHERTY Hugh Owenbeg
DOGHERTY James Ballymacallion
DOGHERTY James Gortnagross
DOGHERTY James Main Street, Dungiven
DOGHERTY Jane Ballymacallion
DOGHERTY John Gortgarn
DOGHERTY Michael Derryork
DOGHERTY Neal Lenamore
DOGHERTY Patrick Gortgarn
DOGHERTY Robin Coleraine Road, Dungiven
DOGHERTY Samuel Ballymacallion
DOGHERTY Thomas Owenbeg
DONAGHY Bernard Derryork
DONAGHY Charles Hass
DONAGHY Charles, Reps. of Hass
DONAGHY Francis Hass
DONAGHY James Main Street, Dungiven
DONAGHY Michael Ovil
DONAGHY Patrick Crabarkey
DONAGHY Patrick Hass
DONNEE James Tamniarin
DOORISH Bernard New Street, Dungiven
DOORISH Felix Magheraboy
DOORISH Owen Coleraine Road, Dungiven
DOORISH Patrick Crabarkey
DOUGLAS Cornelius Main Street, Dungiven
DOUGLAS James Derryduff
DOUGLAS James Gortnagross
DOUGLAS James Tirgoland
DOUGLAS John Derryduff
DOUGLAS John Tirgoland
DOUGLAS Robert Main Street, Dungiven
EAKIN Andrew Main Street, Dungiven
ELLIS George Tamniarin
FARRELL Francis Ballyness
FARRELL Francis Patk. Ballyness
FARRELL John, Junr Ballyness
FARRELL John, Senr. Ballyness
FARRELL Patrick Ballyness
FEELY James Ballyguddin
FEENY James, Junr. Ballyness
FEENY James, Senr. Ballyness
FEENY Mary Ovil
FEENY Patrick Ballyness
FEENY Patrick Ovil
FERGUSON Alexander Gortgarn
FERGUSON James Ballyness
FERGUSON Malcolm Ovil
FERGUSON William Gortnagross
FERRIS James Ballyness
FISHER John Main Street, Dungiven
FISHER Mary Tirgoland
FLANAGAN John Ballymonan
FLANAGAN Michael Cashel
FLANAGAN Patrick Cashel
FLEMING Archibald Magheraboy
FLEMING George Dungiven
GALBRAITH George New Street, Dungiven
GALLAGHER John Main Street, Dungiven
GAMBLE John Ovil
GEORGE John Derryork
GEORGE Robin Ballymacallion
GEORGE Robin Derryork
GIBSON Jane Gortgarn
GIBSON Joseph, Rev. Dungiven
GIBSON Joseph, Rev. Gortnagross
GIBSON Mrs. Main Street, Dungiven
GIBSON Thomas Dungiven
GIBSON Thomas Main Street, Dungiven
GILDERSON James Cashel
GILDERSON Michael Crabarkey
GRAY John Ballyness
GREADEN Alexander Main Street, Dungiven
GREEVES James Magheraboy
GREY Robert Gortgarn
GWYNNE Bridget Cashel
GWYNNE Edward Magheraboy
GWYNNE James Crabarkey
GWYNNE Mary Cashel
GWYNNE Tobias Main Street, Dungiven
HAMILTON Hugh Magheraboy
HAMILTON Hugh Owenbeg
HAMILTON Joseph Derryware
HAMILTON William Main Street, Dungiven
HAMILTON William Owenbeg
HAMPSON Anne New Street, Dungiven
HANLEN Patrick Main Street, Dungiven
HANNA Rachel Main Street, Dungiven
HARA Margery Ballymacallion
HARA Michael Corick
HARKIN John Ballymonan
HARKIN William Ballymonan
HASLETT Henry Ballyness
HASNETT [HASLETT?] Roger Main Street, Dungiven
HASSAN Hugh Ovil
HASSAN Robert Main Street, Dungiven
HEGARTY William Ovil
HENDERSON John Lackagh
HENDERSON John Main Street, Dungiven
HENEY Bryan Corick
HENEY Denis Cashel
HENEY Denis Dungiven
HENEY Denis Magheraboy
HENEY Elizabeth Cashel
HENEY James Cluntygeeragh
HENEY John Dungiven
HENEY John Main Street, Dungiven
HENEY Michael Corick
HENEY Michael, Junr. Corick
HENEY Owen Dungiven
HENEY Owen Owenbeg
HENEY Patrick Magheraboy
HENEY Sarah Magheraboy
HENRY Alexander Eden
HENRY Anne Main Street, Dungiven
HEVERAN Henry Lenamore
HEVERAN William Ballyness
HEVERAN William Lenamore
HEWEY David Owenbeg
HOOEY Davis Main Street, Dungiven
HOUGHEY Owen Main Street, Dungiven
HULL James Ballymakeever
HULL William Scriggan
HUTTON Martha Hass
HUTTON Samuel Hass
IRONS John Tamniarin
IRWIN Alexander Ballyness
IRWIN Edward Brishey
IRWIN Gerald Ballyness
IRWIN Henry, Junr. Ballyness
IRWIN Henry, Senr. Ballyness
IRWIN James Ballyness
IRWIN James Dungiven
IRWIN James Hass
IRWIN James Magheraboy
IRWIN James Main Street, Dungiven
IRWIN James Tirgoland
IRWIN John Ballymacallion
IRWIN John Ballyness
IRWIN John Brishey
IRWIN John Curraghlane
IRWIN John Derryork
IRWIN John, Senr. Derryork
IRWIN Joseph Ballymacallion
IRWIN Joseph Ballyness
IRWIN Leslie Ballymacallion
IRWIN Leslie Ballyness
IRWIN Robert Ballyness
IRWIN Samuel Brishey
IRWIN Samuel, Junr. Ballyness
IRWIN Samuel, Senr. Ballyness
IRWIN Thomas Ballyness
IRWIN William Ballymacallion
IRWIN William Ballyness
JOHNSTON Julia Owenbeg
JONES John Boviel
JONES Patrick Boviel
KANE Anne Carn
KANE Bernard Carn
KANE Bridget Dungiven
KANE Bryan Carn
KANE Daniel Cluntygeeragh
KANE Edward Carn
KANE Ellen Ovil
KANE Felix Main Street, Dungiven
KANE George Ovil
KANE Hugh Cluntygeeragh
KANE James Carn
KANE James Cluntygeeragh
KANE James Dungiven
KANE James, Junr. Main Street, Dungiven
KANE Jane Cluntygeeragh
KANE John Carn
KANE John Cluntygeeragh
KANE John Gortnagross
KANE John Ovil
KANE John, Junr. Ballyness
KANE John, Senr. Ballyness
KANE Mary Anne Main Street, Dungiven
KANE Mary Anne Ovil
KANE Mary Anne Owenbeg
KANE Maryanne Ovil
KANE Michael Carn
KANE Michael Cluntygeeragh
KANE Michael Eden
KANE Michael, Jr. Carn
KANE Neal Ovil
KANE Patrick Boviel
KANE Patrick Carn
KANE Patrick Main Street, Dungiven
KANE Patrick Ovil
KANE Rosanna Ovil
KANE Thomas Dungiven
KANE Thomas Owenbeg
KANE Unity Ovil
KANE William Ovil
KEALY Patrick Main Street, Dungiven
KEANE Francis Tamniarin
KEANE John, Junr. Crabarkey
KEANE John, Senr. Crabarkey
KEANE Michael Tamniarin
KEANE Patrick Boviel
KEANE Patrick Tamniarin
KEANE Paul Magheraboy
KEARNS James Hass
KEARNS William Hass
KEELY Charles New Street, Dungiven
KEILY Bernard Hass
KEILY James Ballymonan
KEILY James Boviel
KEILY John Boviel
KEILY John Dungiven
KEILY Manus Boviel
KEILY Michael Boviel
KEILY Owen Dungiven
KEILY Patrick Gortgarn
KELLY Francis Main Street, Dungiven
KELLY John Boviel
KELLY Michael Main Street, Dungiven
KELLY William Gortgarn
KERR Catherine Main Street, Dungiven
KIDD Robert Dungiven
KIDD Robert Main Street, Dungiven
KING Joseph Ballymakeever
KING Michael Dungiven
KING Michael Lackagh
KING Michael Pellipar Road, Dungiven
KING Michael, Senr. Owenbeg
KNOX Bridget Crabarkey
KNOX James Crabarkey
KNOX Sarah Dungiven
KNOX Sarah Main Street, Dungiven
KYLE Martha Derryware
KYLE Martha Dungiven
KYLE Martha Main Street, Dungiven
KYLE Mary Main Street, Dungiven
LAFFERTY Bernard New Street, Dungiven
LANIGAN Charles Main Street, Dungiven
LESLIE Andrew Owenbeg
LITTLE Alexander Gortgarn
LITTLE Joseph Tirgoland
LOGAN Andrew Lackagh
LOGAN James Ballyness
LOGAN Patrick Ballyness
LOGAN William Ballyness
LOGUE Bernard Ballymacallion
LOGUE Patrick Ovil
LONG Samuel Lenamore
LOVE Elizabeth Main Street, Dungiven
LOWERY Samuel Dungiven
LOWRY Samuel Main Street, Dungiven
LYNN Denis Cluntygeeragh
LYNN James Main Street, Dungiven
LYNN John Cluntygeeragh
LYNN Michael Cluntygeeragh
LYNN Robert Main Street, Dungiven
LYNN William Cluntygeeragh
LYNN William Corick
LYNN William Hass
MAGEE Denis Dungiven
MAGEE Denis Main Street, Dungiven
MAGILLAN Patk., Junr. Cluntygeeragh
MAGILLIGAN Charles Cashel
MAGILLIGAN Francis Cluntygeeragh
MAGILLIGAN Francis Cluntygeeragh
MAGILLIGAN John Cluntygeeragh
MAGILLIGAN John, Junr. Cluntygeeragh
MAGILLIGAN Patk., Junr. Cluntygeeragh
MAGILLIGAN Patrick Cluntygeeragh
MAHONY John Main Street, Dungiven
MALSEED William Ballyguddin
MAWHINNEY James Pellipar Road, Dungiven
MAWHINNEY Margaret New Street, Dungiven
MAXWELL James Main Street, Dungiven
MCCAHEY David Boviel
MCCAHY David Bovie
MCCALLION Joh Main Street, Dungiven
MCCALLION John Derryork
MCCALLION William Derryork
MCCARTNEY Thomas Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLEAN Hugh Ballymacallion
MCCLEAN Mary New Street, Dungiven
MCCLELLAN Fergus Dungiven
MCCLELLAN Hugh Ballyness
MCCLELLAN James Derryork
MCCLELLAN John Derryork
MCCLELLAN Mary Derryork
MCCLELLAND Fergus Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Anne Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Anthony Lenamore
MCCLOSKEY Arthur Ballyness
MCCLOSKEY Arthur Cashel
MCCLOSKEY Arthur Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Arthur Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Bernard Boviel
MCCLOSKEY Bernard Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Bernard Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Bernard Derryork
MCCLOSKEY Bridget Carn
MCCLOSKEY Bridget, Junr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY Bridget, Junr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY Bryan Cashel
MCCLOSKEY Bryan Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Bryan Tamniarin
MCCLOSKEY Bryan, Senr. Cashel
MCCLOSKEY Catherine Gortgarn
MCCLOSKEY Catherine Turmeel
MCCLOSKEY Charles Ballymonan
MCCLOSKEY Charles Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Charles Magheraboy
MCCLOSKEY Chas. Boviel
MCCLOSKEY Denis Boviel
MCCLOSKEY Denis Lackagh
MCCLOSKEY Denis Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Denis Owenbeg
MCCLOSKEY Edward Cashel
MCCLOSKEY Edward Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Edward Gortgarn
MCCLOSKEY Elizabeth Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Francis Brishey
MCCLOSKEY Francis Curraghlane
MCCLOSKEY Francis Gortgarn
MCCLOSKEY George Boviel
MCCLOSKEY Henry Cashel
MCCLOSKEY Henry Corick
MCCLOSKEY Henry Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Henry Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Henry Gortgarn
MCCLOSKEY Henry Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Henry, Junr. Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Hugh Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Hugh Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY James Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY James Corick
MCCLOSKEY James Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY James Derryduff
MCCLOSKEY James Gortgarn
MCCLOSKEY James Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY James New Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY James Tamniarin
MCCLOSKEY James, Junr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY James, Junr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY James, Senr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY Jas. Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Jas. Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Jno. Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Jno. Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Jno. Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY John Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY John Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY John Lackagh
MCCLOSKEY John Magheraboy
MCCLOSKEY John Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY John New Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY John Owenbeg
MCCLOSKEY John Turmeel
MCCLOSKEY John, Junr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY John, Junr. Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Letitia Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Manus Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Margaret Gortgarn
MCCLOSKEY Mary Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Mary Magheraboy
MCCLOSKEY Mary, Senr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY Michael Carn
MCCLOSKEY Michael Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Michael Coleraine Road, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Michael Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Michael Tamniarin
MCCLOSKEY Michael Turmeel
MCCLOSKEY Michael, Senr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY Michl. Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Owen Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Owen Turmeel
MCCLOSKEY Owen, Junr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY Patk. Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Patk., Junr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY Patk., Senr. Carn
MCCLOSKEY Patk., Senr. Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Patrick Brishey
MCCLOSKEY Patrick Carn
MCCLOSKEY Patrick Cashel
MCCLOSKEY Patrick Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Patrick Corick
MCCLOSKEY Patrick Crabarkey
MCCLOSKEY Patrick Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Patrick Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Patrick New Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Patrick Tamniarin
MCCLOSKEY Patrick, Junr. Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Paul Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Phelimy Carn
MCCLOSKEY Roger Cluntygeeragh
MCCLOSKEY Roger Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Roger Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Rose New Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY Thomas Ballyness
MCCLOSKEY Thomas, Junr. Turmeel
MCCLOSKEY William Main Street, Dungiven
MCCLOSKEY William Owenbeg
MCCLOSKEY William Turmeel
MCCLUSKEY Bernard Ovil
MCCLUSKEY Denis Boviel
MCCLUSKEY Jeremiah Ovil
MCCLUSKEY Patrick Ovil
MCCLUSKEY Richard Ovil
MCCONAMY Edward Lenamore
MCCONAMY John Dungiven
MCCONAMY John Main Street, Dungiven
MCCONNELL John., Reps of Magheraboy
MCCONNELL Mary Anne Owenbeg
MCCONNIHY Samuel Crabarkey
MCCONWAY Peter Gortgarn
MCCORMICK John Main Street, Dungiven
MCCULLAGH Mary Main Street, Dungiven
MCCURTEL? George Ovil
MCCUTCHEON Robert Gortnagross
MCDONNELL Hugh Gortnagross
MCDONNELL John Main Street, Dungiven
MCFALL Charles Main Street, Dungiven
MCFARLAND Arthur Main Street, Dungiven
MCFARLANE Andrew Turmeel
MCFARLANE James Turmeel
MCFARLANE Jane Turmeel
MCFARLANE John Turmeel
MCFARLANE Joseph Cashel
MCFARLANE Joseph Dungiven
MCFARLANE Robert Dungiven
MCFARRAN Hugh Boviel
MCFEELY Bernard Owenbeg
MCFEELY James Main Street, Dungiven
MCFEELY Patrick, Rev. Dungiven
MCFEELY Thomas Ovil
MCGAHY Edward Owenbeg
MCGONIGLE John Gortnagross
MCGONIGLE John Lenamore
MCGONIGLE Michael Ballyness
MCGONIGLE Patrick Derryduff
MCGOWAN James Glenshane
MCGOWAN Margaret Cashel
MCGREGOR Alexander Scriggan
MCGUIGGAN Michael Ballymacallion
MCGUINNESS Charles Main Street, Dungiven
MCGUINNESS John Main Street, Dungiven
MCHEANY Catherine Owenbeg
MCHENRY James Ballyness
MCHENRY James Gortgarn
MCHENRY John Gortgarn
MCHENRY John Main Street, Dungiven
MCHENRY Neal, Junr. Gortgarn
MCHENRY Neal, Senr. Gortgarn
MCHONE? Arthur Derryork
MCILHENNY Anne Cluntygeeragh
MCILHENNY Bridget Cluntygeeragh
MCILHENNY James Cluntygeeragh
MCILHENNY John Cluntygeeragh
MCILHENNY Margaret Tamniarin
MCILHENNY Michael Cluntygeeragh
MCILREE Samuel Dungiven
MCILVARE Denis, Junr. Gortgarn
MCILVARE Denis, Senr. Gortgarn
MCILVARE James Gortgarn
MCILVARE Patrick Gortgarn
MCKAY James Main Street, Dungiven
MCKEARN William Ballymacallion
MCKEEVER Alexander Lenamore
MCKEEVER Henry Ballymacallion
MCKEEVER James Tirgoland
MCKENNA Catherine Main Street, Dungiven
MCKENNA Daniel Corick
MCKENNA Daniel Eden
MCLOUGHLIN Anthony Magheraboy
MCLOUGHLIN Denis Ballymonan
MCLOUGHLIN Denis Magheraboy
MCLOUGHLIN Donald Tamniarin
MCLOUGHLIN Edward Crabarkey
MCLOUGHLIN Edward Main Street, Dungiven
MCLOUGHLIN Francis Ballymonan
MCLOUGHLIN Francis Magheraboy
MCLOUGHLIN Hugh Magheraboy
MCLOUGHLIN James Ballymacallion
MCLOUGHLIN James Ballyness
MCLOUGHLIN James Cluntygeeragh
MCLOUGHLIN James Main Street, Dungiven
MCLOUGHLIN James Tamniarin
MCLOUGHLIN John Ballymacallion
MCLOUGHLIN John Cruckanim
MCLOUGHLIN John Main Street, Dungiven
MCLOUGHLIN John Tamniarin
MCLOUGHLIN Michael Magheraboy
MCLOUGHLIN Owen Ballymonan
MCLOUGHLIN Owen Magheraboy
MCLOUGHLIN Richard Cluntygeeragh
MCLOUGHLIN Thomas Crabarkey
MCLOUGHLIN Thomas Tamniarin
MCLOUGHLIN Thos. Cruckanim
MCNALLY Thomas Crabarkey
MCNICHOLL Anne Tamniarin
MCNICHOLL Bernard Ashlamaduff
MCNICHOLL Bernard Cashel
MCNICHOLL Bridget Crabarkey
MCNICHOLL Daniel Cashel
MCNICHOLL James Tamniarin
MCNICHOLL Loughlin Crabarkey
MCNICHOLL Patrick Ashlamaduff
MCNICHOLL Phelim Boviel
MCNICHOLL Phelimy Boviel
MCNICHOLL Thomas Crabarkey
MCSHANE George New Street, Dungiven
MCTEAGUE Bernard Cluntygeeragh
MCTEAGUE Hugh Main Street, Dungiven
MCVAR [MCILVARR] John Ballyness
MCVEIGH Daniel Boviel
MCVEIGH Edward Boviel
MCVEIGH Michael Boviel
MCVEIGH Patrick Boviel
MCVEY Charles Main Street, Dungiven
MCVEY James Lenamore
MCVEY John Dungiven
MCVEY John Main Street, Dungiven
MCVEY Patrick Brishey
MCWILLIAM Michael Ovil
MCWILLIAMS James Gortnagross
MERCER Samuel Derryware
MERCER Samuel Scriggan
MILLAN William Derryork
MILLER Alexander Gortnagross
MILLER George Ovil
MILLER James Turmeel
MILLER John Ballyness
MILLER Thomas Ballyness
MILLER William Ballyness
MILLER William Derryork
MITCHELL Catherine Main Street, Dungiven
MITCHELL David Dungiven
MITCHELL David Main Street, Dungiven
MITCHELL James Dungiven
MITCHELL James Main Street, Dungiven
MOORE James Ovil
MOORE John Gortgarn
MOORE Sarah Main Street, Dungiven
MOORE William, M.D. Dungiven
MOORE William, M.D. Main Street, Dungiven
MORRISON Alexander Derryork
MORRISON Alexander Gortgarn
MORRISON Henry Dungiven
MORRISON Henry Evishagaran
MORRISON Henry Main Street, Dungiven
MORRISON James Curraghlane
MORRISON James Owenbeg
MORRISON John Gortnagross
MORRISON Joseph Gortnagross
MORRISON Matthew Derryork
MORRISON Robert Derryork
MORRISON Robert Evishagaran
MORRISON Thomas Derryork
MORROW James Ballymacallion
MULCAHY George Gortnagross
MULCAHY John Main Street, Dungiven
MULCAHY Margaret Magheraboy
MULCAHY William New Street, Dungiven
MULHOLLAND Anne Crabarkey
MULHOLLAND Jane Cluntygeeragh
MULHOLLAND John Crabarkey
MULHOLLAND John Derryork
MULHOLLAND Michael Crabarkey
MULHOLLAND Michael Gortgarn
MULHOLLAND Patrick Crabarkey
MULHOLLAND Patrick Gortnagross
MULLEN Anne Lenamore
MULLEN Catherine Ballyness
MULLEN Cornelius Ballyguddin
MULLEN Denis Ballyness
MULLEN Douglas Ballyness
MULLEN Hugh Ballymacallion
MULLEN James Gortgarn
MULLEN James Lenamore
MULLEN James Main Street, Dungiven
MULLEN John Ballyness
MULLIN Bernard Eden
MULLIN Daniel Main Street, Dungiven
MULLIN James Crabarkey
MULLIN James Gortgarn
MULLIN Michael Crabarkey
MULLIN Patrick Eden
NEILL William Owenbeg
OGILBY James Ballyguddin
OGILBY James Carn
OGILBY James Derryware
OGILBY James Lackagh
OGILBY James Scriggan
OGILBY Robert Dungiven
OGILBY Robert L. Dungiven
OGILBY Robert L. Main Street, Dungiven
OGILBY Robt. Boviel
OGILBY Robt. Carn
OGILBY Robt. Magheraboy
OGILBY Robt. Main Street, Dungiven
OGILBY Robt. New Street, Dungiven
OGILBY Robt. Ovil
O'HARA Margaret Main Street, Dungiven
O'KANE James Dungiven
O'KANE James Lackagh
O'KANE James, Senr. Main Street, Dungiven
O'KANE Manus Cluntygeeragh
OLIVER Samuel Ballyness
OLIVER Thomas Ballymacallion
O'MULLEN Daniel Ashlamaduff
O'MULLEN George Ashlamaduff
O'MULLEN Patrick Ashlamaduff
O'NEILL Hugh Main Street, Dungiven
O'NEILL John Dungiven
PATTERSON Matthew Main Street, Dungiven
PATTERSON Thomas Main Street, Dungiven
PATTERSON Thomas New Street, Dungiven
PERRY Joseph Ballyness
PHILLIPS Andrew Dungiven
PHILLIPS Andrew Turmeel
PHILLIPS Edward Turmeel
PHILLIPS Jane Turmeel
PHILLIPS William Turmeel
PIGOTT George Main Street, Dungiven
PIGOTT James Ballyguddin
PIGOTT James New Street, Dungiven
PIGOTT James, Junr. Main Street, Dungiven
PIGOTT James, Senr. Main Street, Dungiven
PIGOTT John Main Street, Dungiven
PIGOTT Mark Main Street, Dungiven
PIGOTT William Scriggan
POSTON Jane Owenbeg
POSTON Joseph Dungiven
POSTON Joseph, Reps of. Turmeel
POSTON Paul Turmeel
QUERN? William Derryork
QUIGG John Crabarkey
QUIGG Patrick Pellipar Road, Dungiven
QUIGLEY Andrew Magheraboy
QUIGLEY Andrew, Reps of Crabarkey
QUIGLEY Edward Turmeel
QUIGLEY George Turmeel
QUIGLEY James Owenbeg
QUIGLEY James Turmeel
QUIGLEY Jas. Turmeel
QUIGLEY Joseph Crabarkey
QUIGLEY William Crabarkey
QUINN Edward Main Street, Dungiven
RAMSAY Robin Derryork
RANKIN James Hass
REA John Gortnagross
ROBINSON John Derryork
ROSS David Main Street, Dungiven
ROSS David, Junr. Turmeel
ROSS John Turmeel
ROSS Leslie A. Turmeel
ROSS William Main Street, Dungiven
ROSS William, Rev. Dungiven
ROSS William, Rev. Main Street, Dungiven
ROSS William, Rev. Turmeel
RYAN Thomas Ballyness
SCOTT David New Street, Dungiven
SCOTT Edward Turmeel
SCOTT James Dungiven
SCOTT James Main Street, Dungiven
SCOTT John Crabarkey
SCOTT John Owenbeg
SCOTT Margaret Main Street, Dungiven
SCOTT Margaret New Street, Dungiven
SCOTT Mary Turmeel
SCOTT Robert Turmeel
SCOTT Samuel Ballyness
SCOTT Thomas Turmeel
SCOTT Thomas, Senr. Turmeel
SCOTT William Turmeel
SEMPLE James Derryduff
SEMPLE James Hass
SEMPLE John Derryduff
SEMPLE William Ballyness
SHEARS James Owenbeg
SHEILS James Derryork
SHEILS John Boviel
SHEILS Patrick Gortnagross
SMITH James New Street, Dungiven
SMYLY David Scriggan
SMYTH Henry Ballyness
SPEARE Martin Main Street, Dungiven
STEEL Samuel New Street, Dungiven
STEEL Samuel Owenbeg
STENSON William Derryork
STEPHENSON William Ballyguddin
STEPHENSON William Dungiven
STEPHENSON Wm. Main Street, Dungiven
STEWART James Owenbeg
STEWART Thomas Main Street, Dungiven
STEWART Walter Turmeel
STIRLING William Eden
STITT John Derryduff
STITT Samuel Dungiven
STUART George Derryork
SUMMERS John Main Street, Dungiven
THOMPSON Aaron Gortnagross
THOMPSON David Tirgoland
THOMPSON Hugh Main Street, Dungiven
THOMPSON William Ballymakeever
THOMPSON William Magheraboy
THOMPSON William Main Street, Dungiven
THOMSPON William Ballyness
TODD William Magheraboy
TONER James Cashel
TONER Thomas Dungiven
TONOR John Magheraboy
TONOR Thomas Magheraboy
TORRENS John Scriggan
WALKER Robert Main Street, Dungiven
WALLACE Thomas Main Street, Dungiven
WARD Patrick Ovil
WATERFORD Marquis of Derryork
WATSON William Crabarkey
WATT Hugh Scriggan
WATT John Scriggan
WATT Joseph Derryork
WILLIAMS John Main Street, Dungiven
WILLIAMS John Owenbeg
WILLIAMSON Thomas Turmeel
WILSON Andrew Main Street, Dungiven
WILSON Andrew Owenbeg
WILSON Sarah Main Street, Dungiven

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