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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of the INDEX TO GRIFFITHS VALUATION OF DONAGHMORE PARISH, COUNTY TYRONE, NORTHERN IRELAND forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to DONAGHMORE PARISH, COUNTY TYRONE on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

For an explanation of and the background to c1860 Griffiths Valuation see

Donaghmore Parish, County Tyrone. Source: Townlands in Ireland



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Agharan Aghareany Aghintober Aghnagar
Altnaglushan Annaghbeg Annaghbeg Annaghmakeown
Annaginny Aughlish Ballybray Ballysaggart
Ballyward Clananeese Glebe Clonavaddy Cottagequinn
Creevagh Lower Cullenfad Cullenramer Dernaseer
Derryalskea Derryhoar Derryveen Donaghmore
Drumbearn Drumhirk Drumnafern Drumreany
Edenacrannon Eskragh Feroy Finulagh
Foygh Garvagh Glasmullagh Glenadush
Gorey Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel Gortnaglush Killygavanagh
Killyharry Glebe Killylevin Killyliss Killymaddy (Evans)
Killymaddy (Knox) Killymoyle Killyquinn Kilnaslee
Lisboy Lisgallon Lisnagowan Lisnahull
Lisnamonaghan Moghan Mullaghcreevy Mullaghadrolly
Mullaghanagh Mullaghbane Mullaghconor Glebe Mullaghfurtherland
Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Glebe Mullaghroddan Mullycrunnet
Mullygruen Reaskcor Reaskmore Reclain
Reloagh Stakernagh Terrenew Toomog
Tullyallen Tullyaran Tullydraw Tullyleek




Surname Given Name Townland
Acheson Joseph, Rev. Drumhirk
Acheson Joseph, Rev. Killyliss
Acheson Samuel Kilnaslee
Agnew Mary Clananeese (Glebe)
Agnew Thomas Mullaghanagh
Alexander Henry Mullycrunnet
Alexander Henry Tullyaran
Alexander James Killyharry (Glebe)
Alexander John Killymaddy
Alexander Robert Mullaghmore
Allen John Derryhoar
Allen John Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Anderson John Drumnafern
Anderson John Killyliss
Anderson John Killymaddy
Anderson Thomas Drumnafern
Anderson Thomas Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Anderson Thomas Lisnamonaghan
Anderson Thomas Mullaghanagh
Anderson Thomas Reaskcor
Anderson William Derryveen
Armstrong Thomas Gorey
Armstrong Thomas Reclain
Armstrong William Gorey
Armstrong William Killyharry (Glebe)
Armstrong William Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Arnold Robert Mullaghadrolly
Arthur William Dernaseer
Ashe George Edenacrannon
Bailie James, K., Rev. Aghnagar
Barker John Altaglushan
Barrs Mary Kilnaslee
Barton Edward Glenadush
Barton John Glenadush
Barton William Aghareany
Barton William Mullaghanagh
Batty Robert Mullygruen
Baxter Philip Eskragh
Beatty Frances Drumbearn
Beatty Francis Drumbearn
Beatty John Drumbearn
Beatty John Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Beatty John Killymaddy (Knox)
Beatty John Terrenew
Begg Jane Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Bell John Donaghmore
Benison Matthew Tullyaran
Bennett Francis Tullydraw
Birney Hugh Lisnahull
Black Isabella Gorey
Black Joseph Drumnafern
Black Joseph Killyliss
Blemmins George Killyharry (Glebe)
Blemmins George Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Blemmins Robert Killyharry (Glebe)
Bloomer John Killylevin
Bloomer Michael Derryveen
Bloomer Michael Mullaghanagh
Bloomer Michael Reclain
Bloomer Robert Killylevin
Bond James Derryveen
Borris James Killyharry (Glebe)
Borris James Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Borris James, Jun. Clananeese (Glebe)
Borris James, Sen. Clananeese (Glebe)
Borris Robert Killyharry (Glebe)
Borris William Derryalskea
Borris William Kilnaslee
Bowen Mark Killyliss
Bowen Patrick Reaskcor
Bowen Thomas Drumnafern
Bowen Thomas Killyliss
Boylan Arthur Cullenramer
Boylan Arthur Killyliss
Boylan Patrick Derryhoar
Boyle Arthur Gorey
Boyle Michael Lisgallon
Bradley Ferdinand Reclain
Bradley James Reclain
Bradley Jane Lisnagowan
Bradley Mary Town of Donaghmore
Bradley Robert Reclain
Branagan Daniel Drumnafern
Branigan Bernard Reclain
Branigan Felix Dernaseer
Branigan James Altaglushan
Branigan John Reclain
Branigan Owen Dernaseer
Branigan Patrick Altaglushan
Branigan Thomas Reclain
Breese William Killymaddy (Knox)
Brennan George Garvagh
Brennan Thomas Mullaghmore
Breslan Martha Annaghbeg
Brown Charles Stakernagh
Brown Charles Terrenew
Brown Henry Aghareany
Brown Henry Tullynure
Brown James Ballysaggart
Brown John Terrenew
Brown William Lisnamonaghan
Browne Henry Aghareany
Browne Henry Annaghbeg
Browne Henry Donaghmore
Browne Henry Donaghmore
Browne James Annaghbeg
Browne James Donaghmore
Browne James Town of Donaghmore
Browne Jane Town of Donaghmore
Browne John Tullydraw
Browne Margaret Ballysaggart
Browne William Drumhirk
Browne William Killymaddy
Browne William Kilnaslee
Browne William Tullyleek
Bryars David Mullaghroddan
Bryars Elizabeth Garvagh
Bryars Martha Mullaghroddan
Bryars William Mullaghroddan
Buchanan John Drumreany
Burgess John Y. Cullenfad
Burgess John Y. Edenacrannon
Burgess John Y. Mullaghbane
Burgess John Y. Stakernagh
Burgess John Y. Terrenew
Burgess John Y. Tullyallen
Burrows John Terrenew
Burrows John, Jun. Terrenew
Burrows Stephen Gorey
Burrows William Terrenew
Butler Rose Annaginny
Byrne James Killymaddy (Knox)
Byrne John Derryveen
Byrne Samuel Derryveen
Cadda James Mullaghconor Glebe
Cadoo Aaron Glenadush
Cadoo Alexander Lisnahull
Cairns Elizabeth Altaglushan
Cairns John Altaglushan
Cairns Robert Altaglushan
Caldwell James Tullynure
Caldwell Robert Tullynure
Cammock Patk., Jun. Terrenew
Cammock Patk., Sen. Terrenew
Campbell Anne Foygh
Campbell Arthur Donaghmore
Campbell Catherine Killyharry (Glebe)
Campbell Henry Lisnahull
Campbell James Killyliss
Campbell James, Rev. Tullyleek
Campbell John Aghareany
Campbell John Kilnaslee
Campbell John Mullaghcreevy
Campbell Mary Mullaghmore
Campbell Mary Tullyaran
Campbell Maxwell Aghareany
Campbell Maxwell Mullaghcreevy
Campbell Nathaniel Garvagh
Campbell Patrick Aghareany
Campbell Patrick Drumnafern
Campbell Peter Kilnaslee
Campbell Robert Glasmullagh
Campbell Terence Aghareany
Cantlon David Annaghbeg
Carbery Catherine Eskragh
Carbery Daniel Cullenramer
Carbery John Glenadush
Carbery Thomas Eskragh
Cardwell William Mullaghmore
Carpendale Thomas, Rev. Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Carpendale William Clananeese (Glebe)
Carpmill James Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Carr Bartholomew Creevagh Lower
Carr Bernard Derryveen
Carr Bridget Aghareany
Carr Bridget Mullaghcreevy
Carr Francis Creevagh Lower
Carr James Agharan
Carr James Eskragh
Carr James Tullyaran
Carr John Agharan
Carr John Aghintober
Carr John Eskragh
Carr John Tullyaran
Carr William Toomog
Carroll Anne Ballybray
Carroll William Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Carse Stewart, Rev. Ballybray
Carson James Mullaghroddan
Casey Bryan Ballybray
Casey James Mullaghmore
Casey John Mullaghmore
Casey Thomas Mullaghmore
Cass [Carse?] S., Rev. Gortnaglush
Charlemont Earl of Annaghmakeown
Charlemont Earl of Aughlish
Charlemont Earl of Cullenramer
Charlemont Earl of Derryalskea
Charlemont Earl of Glasmullagh
Christie George Cullenfad
Christie James Drumhirk
Christie James Drumnafern
Christie John Terrenew
Clarke Hugh Drumhirk
Clarke Hugh Lisnamonaghan
Clarke William Clananeese (Glebe)
Clegg Jane Town of Donaghmore
Cobin Margaret Lisnamonaghan
Cohoon Charles Foygh
Cohoon James Derryveen
Cohoon Martha Derryveen
Coleman Abraham Garvagh
Coleran Bernard Ballybray
Colgan Neal Drumbearn
Colgan William Lisnamonaghan
Conlan Anne Finulagh
Conlan Anne Foygh
Conlan Arthur Annaghmakeown
Conlan Edward Tullyleek
Conlan Jeremiah Aghareany
Conlan John Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Conlan John Town of Donaghmore
Conlan John (Johnny) Foygh
Conlan John, Jr. Foygh
Conlan John, Sr. Foygh
Conlan Mary Aghareany
Conlan Mary Mullaghcreevy
Conlan Patrick Killyharry (Glebe)
Conlan Patrick Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Conlan Peter Donaghmore
Conlan Peter Garvagh
Connell Andrew Town of Donaghmore
Connell Bernard Ballybray
Connolly Thomas Killymoyle
Connolly William Killymoyle
Connor Michael Drumbearn
Connor Owen Town of Donaghmore
Conolly Michael Mullaghroddan
Conroy Mary Drumnafern
Conroy Terence Aghnagar
Conry Mary Derryveen
Conway Hugh Donaghmore
Cooke George Derryveen
Cooper Edward Terrenew
Cooper John Terrenew
Corr Bartholomew Lisnagowan
Corr Daniel Donaghmore
Corr Daniel Town of Donaghmore
Corr Hugh Agharan
Corr Hugh Feroy
Corr Michael Mullaghconor Glebe
Corr Peter Killygavanagh
Corrigan Daniel Clonavaddy
Corrigan Francis Clonavaddy
Corrigan Hugh Clonavaddy
Corrigan James, Jun. Clonavaddy
Corrigan James, Sen. Clonavaddy
Corrigan John, Jun. Clonavaddy
Corrigan John, Sen. Clonavaddy
Corrigan Michael Clonavaddy
Corrigan Patrick Aghnagar
Corrigan Thomas Clonavaddy
Cotten John Killymaddy
Cotton Robert Edenacrannon
Cotton Robert Killymoyle
Coulson John Terrenew
Courtney John Aghareany
Courtney John Drumbearn
Courtney Joseph Aghareany
Courtney Letitia Aghareany
Courtney Mary Aghareany
Courtney William Tullyleek
Cowden Joseph Killyliss
Coyle Lanty Killymoyle
Coyle Thomas Toomog
Craig Archibald Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Craig Archibald Lisnamonaghan
Craigan Neal Ballybray
Creighton John Derryveen
Cross William Tullydraw
Cuddihy James Gorey
Cuddihy John Gorey
Cuddy John Moghan
Culbert David Dristernan and Dredolt
Culbert John Gorey
Culbert William Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Cullen Bridget Eskragh
Cullen Christopher Drumnafern
Cullen John Eskragh
Cullen John Mullaghadrolly
Cullen Joseph Eskragh
Cullen Mary Ballysaggart
Cullen Mortimer Eskragh
Cullen Patrick Mullaghadrolly
Cullen Sarah Glasmullagh
Cullen Thomas Drumbearn
Cullen William Garvagh
Cullen William Reloagh
Cunningham Bridget Eskragh
Cunningham Hugh Killyliss
Cunningham James Glasmullagh
Cunningham Mary Aghnagar
Curran Eleanor Finulagh
Curran John Tullydraw
Curraran [Corroran] Peter Mullaghmore
Curraran [Corroran] Terence Mullaghmore
Cush Daniel Aughlish
Cush Edward Aughlish
Cush Francis Finulagh
Cush James Annaghmakeown
Cush James Finulagh
Cush Michael Gortnaglush
Cush Owen Drumnafern
Cush Patrick Annaghmakeown
Cush Patrick Reaskmore
Cusk [Cush?] Owen Killyliss
Daly John Lisnagowan
Daly Owen Tullyleek
Daly Patrick Ballybray
Daly William Ballybray
Daly William Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Darby Sarah Town of Donaghmore
Darcy Edward Glasmullagh
Davidson Andrew Aughlish
Davidson Andrew Ballysaggart
Davidson Charles Aughlish
Davidson George Ballybray
Davidson James Clananeese (Glebe)
Davidson John Lisgallon
Davidson Robert Aghareany
Davidson Robert Clananeese (Glebe)
Davidson Samuel Clananeese (Glebe)
Davidson Thomas Annaginny
Davidson Thomas Killyharry (Glebe)
Davin Peter Reaskmore
Davis George Feroy
Davis George Garvagh
Davis Wm. Sinclair Garvagh
Dawley John Annaginny
Dawson James Aghareany
Dawson Richard Derryveen
Deveral? Catherine Mullaghanagh
Devlin Anne Tullyaran
Devlin Arthur Killymoyle
Devlin Bernard Killymoyle
Devlin Bernard Mullycrunnet
Devlin Felix Eskragh
Devlin Francis Altaglushan
Devlin Francis, Rev. Annaghbeg
Devlin Francis, Rev. Town of Donaghmore
Devlin Henry Aghareany
Devlin Hugh Killymoyle
Devlin James Aghareany
Devlin James Eskragh
Devlin James Stakernagh
Devlin James Town of Donaghmore
Devlin John Aghnagar
Devlin John Altaglushan
Devlin John Dernaseer
Devlin John Mullaghbane
Devlin John Reaskmore
Devlin Patrick Altaglushan
Devlin Patrick Mullaghbane
Devlin Thomas Annaghbeg
Dixon Benjamin Derryhoar
Dixon Benjamin Terrenew
Dixon Col. Tullydraw
Dixon David Cullenfad
Dixon Francis Derryhoar
Dixon Henry Mullycrunnet
Dixon Jane Ballyward
Dixon John Killymaddy (Knox)
Dixon Matthew Dristernan and Dredolt
Dixon Sarah Ballysaggart
Dixon Stewart Killylevin
Dixon Thomas Lisnahull
Dixon Thomas Mullaghanagh
Dixon Wilson Cullenfad
Dogherty James Tullyallen
Dogherty John Tullyallen
Dogherty Patrick Tullyallen
Doherty James Killylevin
Donaghy Bernard Reclain
Donaghy Charles Reclain
Donaghy James Mullaghmore
Donaghy John Creevagh Lower
Donaghy John Drumreany
Donaghy Laurence Dristernan and Dredolt
Donaghy Matthew Mullaghmore
Donaghy Michael Dristernan and Dredolt
Donaghy Patrick Eskragh
Donaghy Patrick Lisnagowan
Donaghy Patrick Mullaghmore
Donaldson Henry Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Donaldson Mary Anne Tullyleek
Donaldson Robert Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Donnelly Arthur Altaglushan
Donnelly Bernard Ballybray
Donnelly Bernard Donaghmore
Donnelly Bernard Garvagh
Donnelly Bernard Town of Donaghmore
Donnelly Francis Garvagh
Donnelly Francis Reaskmore
Donnelly Hugh Killygavanagh
Donnelly James Altaglushan
Donnelly James Clonavaddy
Donnelly James Creevagh Lower
Donnelly James Dernaseer
Donnelly James Tullyleek
Donnelly John Altaglushan
Donnelly John Cullenramer
Donnelly John Lisnagowan
Donnelly John Tullyleek
Donnelly Joseph Mullaghfurtherland
Donnelly Murtagh Altaglushan
Donnelly Neal Killyliss
Donnelly Owen Altaglushan
Donnelly Patk Altaglushan N: Fardy
Donnelly Patrick Altaglushan
Donnelly Patrick Town of Donaghmore
Donnelly Patrick (Archin) Altaglushan
Donnelly Patrick, Sr Altaglushan
Donnelly Peter Dernaseer
Donnelly Peter Killymaddy (Knox)
Donnelly Peter Mullaghanagh
Donnelly Peter Town of Donaghmore
Donnelly Richard Drumbearn
Donnelly Robert Tullyleek
Donnelly Sarah Killymoyle
Donnelly Simon Aghnagar
Donnelly Terence Dernaseer
Donnelly Thomas Mullaghfurtherland
Donnelly William Donaghmore
Doogan James Reaskcor
Doolan John Killyliss
Doran Isabella Gorey
Doran John Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Doran John Killylevin
Doran Joseph Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Doran William Cullenfad
Doran William Reaskcor
Downey Patrick Altaglushan
Doyle Michael Reclain
Drew Thomas Eskragh
Drew Thomas Glasmullagh
Duff Alexander Reaskmore
Duff Bernard Creevagh Lower
Duff Catherine Aughlish
Duff Eleanor Lisnamonaghan
Duff James Lisboy
Duff Margaret Lisboy
Duff Neal Creevagh Lower
Duff Neal Lisboy
Duff Neal Lisnagowan
Duffy Francis Lisnamonaghan
Duffy John Lisnamonaghan
Duffy John Town of Donaghmore
Duffy William Edenacrannon
Dunn Hugh Cullenramer
Dunn Patrick Dernaseer
Dynes Arthur Mullaghconor Glebe
Early Peter Mullaghanagh
Early Sarah Toomog
Eccles Thomas Drumhirk
Eccles William Creevagh Lower
Eden James Derryveen
Elliott John Tullynure
Ennis Thomas Garvagh
Evans Robert Mullaghbane
Evitt William Aughlish
Faris John Killymoyle
Farr George Mullaghroddan
Farr Henry Tullyaran
Farr Samuel Mullaghmore
Farrelly Andrew Derryveen
Farrelly Peter Garvagh
Fay Edward Derryveen
Fee Margaret Garvagh
Fee Matthew Killygavanagh
Ferguson Adam Mullaghanagh
Finegan John Garvagh
Fitzpatrick Anne Killymaddy (Knox)
Fitzpatrick Mary Glenadush
Fitzpatrick Michael, Jun. Glenadush
Fitzpatrick Michael, Jun. Killymaddy (Knox)
Fitzpatrick Michael, Sen. Killymaddy (Knox)
Fitzsimmons James Town of Donaghmore
Fleming James Cullenfad
Forbes Alexander, Jun. Drumnafern
Forbes Alexander, Jun. Stakernagh
Forbes Alexander, Sen. Drumnafern
Forbes Alexander, Sen. Stakernagh
Forbes Mabel Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Forbes Matthew Drumnafern
Ford Eleanor Mullaghfurtherland
Forsyth James Killyliss
Forsyth John Killyliss
Forsyth Oliver Reaskcor
Fox John Reaskmore
Freeman Mary Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Frizell Isabella Drumnafern
Frizell John Aughlish
Frizell William Reaskcor
Frizelle John Ballysaggart
Frizelle Mary Ballysaggart
Frizelle Rep. Alex Ballysaggart
Fullen Elizabeth Killygavanagh
Fullen John Annaghbeg
Fullen Peter Annaghbeg
Fullerton Thomas Donaghmore
Futlen [Fullerton?] Bernard Glenadush
Futleton [Fullerton?] Thomas Tullydraw
Galbraith Thomas Annaghbeg
Galbraith William Annaghbeg
Galbraith William, Jun. Annaghbeg
Gallan John Annaghmakeown
Gallons John Aughlish
Garr [Carr] Michael Derryalskea
Gartland Patrick Foygh
Geatins Patrick Mullaghconor Glebe
Geatins William Lisnahull
Geatins William Mullaghconor Glebe
Gilkinson Archibald Annaghbeg
Gilkinson James Clonavaddy
Gilkinson James Creevagh Lower
Gilkinson John Mullaghfurtherland
Gilkinson Mary Mullaghfurtherland
Gilkinson Thomas Tullyaran
Gillen Anne Cullenramer
Gillen John Town of Donaghmore
Gillen Margaret Ballybray
Gillens Bernard Town of Donaghmore
Gillespie Francis Killyharry (Glebe)
Gillespie Henry Annaghmakeown
Gillespie Henry Finulagh
Gillion Bernard Tullydraw
Gilogly John Eskragh
Glass Henry Eskragh
Glass John Killymaddy (Knox)
Glover Thomas Ballysaggart
Goff Joseph Kilnaslee
Goodfellow Joseph Aghareany
Goodfellow Michael Mullaghcreevy
Goodfellow Michael Tullynure
Goodfellow Rose Aghareany
Goodfellow Rose Mullaghcreevy
Govern Patrick Mullaghroddan
Graham Charles Reaskcor
Graham Oliver Glenadush
Grimes James Aghareany
Grimes James Lisnagowan
Grimes James Mullaghcreevy
Grimes John Glasmullagh
Grimes John Mullaghconor Glebe
Grimes John, Jun. Glasmullagh
Grimes John, Sen. Glasmullagh
Grimes William Aghareany
Grimes William Mullaghcreevy
Grogan John Altaglushan
Hackett Anne Cullenfad
Hackett James Drumhirk
Hackett Mary Drumhirk
Hackett Robert Derryveen
Haddock Thomas Mullaghanagh
Hagan Arthur Tullyallen
Hagan Bernard Killylevin
Hagan Henry Clananeese (Glebe)
Hagan Henry Lisboy
Hagan James Mullaghroddan
Hagan John Glenadush
Hagan John Mullaghroddan
Hagan Michael Mullaghbane
Hagan Owen Killymoyle
Hagan Terence Tullyallen
Haledon John Garvagh
Hall Andrew Aghareany
Hall Anne Glenadush
Hall David Stakernagh
Hall Edward Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Hall Edward Reaskcor
Hall Eliza Derryhoar
Hall Elizabeth Aghareany
Hall George Aghareany
Hall Henry Foygh
Hall Henry Stakernagh
Hall John Foygh
Hall John Lisgallon
Hall John Lisnamonaghan
Hall John Reaskcor
Hall John Stakernagh
Hall Richard Foygh
Hall Robert Stakernagh
Hall William Drumhirk
Hall William Reaskcor
Hamil Patrick Altaglushan
Hamill Eleanor Reclain
Hamill Michael Edenacrannon
Hamill Michael Tullyleek
Hamill Owen Clonavaddy
Hamill Peter Stakernagh
Hamilton Edward Annaghbeg
Hamilton Irwin Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Hamilton Irwin Lisnamonaghan
Hamilton John Annaghbeg
Hamilton Robert Donaghmore
Hamilton Robert Kilnaslee
Hamilton Robert, Rev. Drumreany
Hamilton Thomas Ballybray
Hanigan John Killyliss
Hanlon Robert Town of Donaghmore
Hanna Robert Drumnafern
Hanna Thomas Lisnamonaghan
Hanson James Lisnahull
Hanson James, Rev. Town of Donaghmore
Harris Thomas Tullyleek
Hart Bernard Altaglushan
Hart Bernard Gorey
Hart Paul Eskragh
Hart Paul Glenadush
Hart Peter Annaghmakeown
Hart Peter Aughlish
Harvey Daniel Edenacrannon
Harvey Dr. Killymaddy (Knox)
Harvey Peter Dristernan and Dredolt
Harvey Peter Killymoyle
Harvey Samuel Mullaghbane
Hasty William Toomog
Hayes George Dristernan and Dredolt
Hayes James Dristernan and Dredolt
Hayes Mary Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Hayes Robert Dristernan and Dredolt
Hayes William Drumbearn
Hayes Williamson Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Hazeldon Ezekiel Derryalskea
Henderson Isaac Drumbearn
Henderson James Aghareany
Heron Archibald, Rev. Killymaddy
Hewston George Drumhirk
Hewston William Drumhirk
Hewston William, Sen. Drumhirk
Higgins Thomas Clananeese (Glebe)
Higgins Thomas Mullaghconor Glebe
Higney Patrick Glasmullagh
Hill Alexander Tullyleek
Hinchey James Drumhirk
Hinchey James Glasmullagh
Hinchey Thomas Glasmullagh
Hinchey William Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Hinchy John Edenacrannon
Hobbs Jane Aghareany
Hobson James Drumreany
Hoggett Thomas Town of Donaghmore
Holland Henry Killymaddy (Knox)
Holland Jane Killymaddy (Knox)
Holland William Killymaddy (Knox)
Holland William Tullydraw
Holmes William Ballysaggart
Honiex [Horeaux] Mary Mullaghanagh
Hood Robert Lisnahull
Hoohy Eliza Ballysaggart
Houston James Mullaghmore
Howard James Tullyaran
Howard Joseph Gortnaglush
Howard Samuel Gortnaglush
Howard William Tullyaran
Hoy Mary Town of Donaghmore
Hughes Catherine Moghan
Hughes Catherine Tullynure
Hughes Daniel Terrenew
Hughes David, Reps of Killymaddy (Knox)
Hughes Edward Annaghmakeown
Hughes Edward Finulagh
Hughes Francis Moghan
Hughes Francis Toomog
Hughes James, Jun. Annaghmakeown
Hughes James, Sen. Annaghmakeown
Hughes Jane Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Hughes John Aughlish
Hughes John Drumbearn
Hughes John Drumreany
Hughes John Mullaghconor Glebe
Hughes John Reaskcor
Hughes John Reaskmore
Hughes John Tullyaran
Hughes John, Jun. Finulagh
Hughes John, Sen. Finulagh
Hughes Michael Annaghmakeown
Hughes Michael Clonavaddy
Hughes Michael Stakernagh
Hughes Michael Toomog
Hughes Patk. Annaghmakeown
Hughes Patrick Annaghmakeown
Hughes Patrick Cullenfad
Hughes Patrick Finulagh
Hughes Rose Annaghmakeown
Hughes Terence Annaghmakeown
Hughes Terence Finulagh
Hurchy [Hinchey?] John Tullyallen
Hurson Patrick Garvagh
Hurston Mary Town of Donaghmore
Huson Edward Lisnahull
Hussey Margaret Tullyleek
Hutcheson Henry Altaglushan
Irvine William Town of Donaghmore
Irwin Alexander Tullyallen
Irwin Andrew Mullaghmore
Irwin James Mullaghmore
Irwin James, Jun. Mullaghmore
Irwin Jeremiah Aghareany
Irwin Jeremiah Tullynure
Irwin John Aghareany
Irwin John Mullaghadrolly
Irwin Joseph Aghareany
Irwin Joseph Edenacrannon
Irwin Joseph Lisnahull
Irwin Joseph Stakernagh
Irwin William Agharan
Irwin William Derryveen
Irwin William Feroy
Irwin William Mullaghmore
Irwin William Mullaghroddan
Jackson James Agharan
Jameson James Cullenramer
Jameson James Lisgallon
Jameson John Ballyward
Jameson John Gorey
Johnston Alexander Aghintober
Johnston Alexander Dristernan and Dredolt
Johnston Andrew Ballyward
Johnston Andrew Killyliss
Johnston Archibald Aghintober
Johnston Benjamin Drumhirk
Johnston David Town of Donaghmore
Johnston Elizabeth Aghareany
Johnston George Ballybray
Johnston James Aghintober
Johnston James Cullenfad
Johnston James Dristernan and Dredolt
Johnston Jane Garvagh
Johnston John Aghintober
Johnston John Cullenfad
Johnston John Mullaghroddan
Johnston John Mullygruen
Johnston John Reaskcor
Johnston Joseph Cullenfad
Johnston Mary Lisnamonaghan
Johnston Robert Killylevin
Johnston Samuel Drumnafern
Johnston William Clananeese (Glebe)
Jordan James Drumnafern
Kane Eleanor Mullaghconor Glebe
Kane Hugh Mullaghconor Glebe
Kane James Lisnagowan
Kavanagh Bridget Derryveen
Kavanagh Patrick Town of Donaghmore
Kavanagh Peter Town of Donaghmore
Keenan Eleanor Glenadush
Keenan Peter Mullaghbane
Kelly Anne Altaglushan
Kelly Bernard Derryveen
Kelly Charles Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Kelly Daniel Foygh
Kelly Eleanor Edenacrannon
Kelly George Dristernan and Dredolt
Kelly Hugh Derryveen
Kelly James Creevagh Lower
Kelly James Edenacrannon
Kelly John Annaghbeg
Kelly John Derryveen
Kelly John Drumhirk
Kelly John Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Kelly John Stakernagh
Kelly Mary Anne Derryveen
Kelly Michael Derryveen
Kelly Patrick Aughlish
Kelly Patrick Derryhoar
Kelly Patrick Derryveen
Kelly Patrick Town of Donaghmore
Kelly Peter Lisboy
Kelly Philip Derryveen
Kelly Robert Dristernan and Dredolt
Kelly Samuel Creevagh Lower
Kelly Samuel Cullenramer
Kelly Terence Derryveen
Kelly Thomas Dernaseer
Kelly Thomas Derryveen
Kelly Thomas Killymaddy (Knox)
Kelly Thomas Moghan
Kelly William Killymoyle
Kelly William Kilnaslee
Kelly William Moghan
Kelly William Toomog
Kelly William, Jun. Moghan
Kelly William, Sen. Moghan
Kemmins William Feroy
Kennan Charles Tullyallen
Kennan Isabella Killymoyle
Kennan Sarah Tullyallen
Kennedy Gilbert Mullaghmore
Kennedy Robert, Rev. Gortnaglush
Kenny Bernard Foygh
Killen Peter Mullaghroddan
Kilpatrick Charles Tullyleek
Kinnan Charles Tullyallen
Kinnan Cornelius Tullyallen
Kinnan Sarah Tullyallen
Kinnier Francis, Rev. Cullenramer
Knipe William Killyliss
Knocker John Donaghmore
Lappan Thomas Clonavaddy
Latimer John Toomog
Latimor Jane Kilnaslee
Lattimer Samuel Moghan
Lattimor Samuel Tullyaran
Leck Daniel Mullaghconor Glebe
Lee John Finulagh
Leney Arthur Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Leney James Cullenfad
Lennon John Tullyleek
Lilburne John Eskragh
Lilburne John Killymaddy (Knox)
Lilburne Thomas Lisnahull
Lilburne Thomas Mullaghanagh
Lindsay James Feroy
Lindsay John Feroy
Lindsay William Creevagh Lower
Linton [Litton] Edward T. Altaglushan
Little Robert Killymoyle
Little Thomas Mullaghconor Glebe
Litton Edward, T. Dernaseer
Loughran Anne Drumreany
Loughran Arthur Killyharry (Glebe)
Loughran Bernard Killyharry (Glebe)
Loughran Bernard Tullyleek
Loughran Catherine Aughlish
Loughran Christopher Moghan
Loughran David Annaghmakeown
Loughran David, Jun. Annaghmakeown
Loughran David, Sen. Annaghmakeown
Loughran Edward Dristernan and Dredolt
Loughran Henry Glenadush
Loughran James Aughlish
Loughran James Ballybray
Loughran James Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Loughran James Reloagh
Loughran John Annaghmakeown
Loughran John Aughlish
Loughran John Drumnafern
Loughran John Drumreany
Loughran John Finulagh
Loughran John Lisnamonaghan
Loughran John Reloagh
Loughran John Stakernagh
Loughran John Town of Donaghmore
Loughran Joseph Killygavanagh
Loughran Judith Killygavanagh
Loughran Laurence Killyharry (Glebe)
Loughran Mary Annaghmakeown
Loughran Mary Aughlish
Loughran Mary Tullynure
Loughran Michael Annaghmakeown
Loughran Michael Annaghmakeown
Loughran Michael Annaghmakeown
Loughran Michael Tullyleek
Loughran Neal Tullyleek
Loughran Patrick Ballybray
Loughran Patrick Finulagh
Loughran Patrick Killyharry (Glebe)
Loughran Robert Mullycrunnet
Loughran Rose Annaghmakeown
Loughran Terence Lisnagowan
Loughran Thomas Terrenew
Loughran William Glasmullagh
Love Elijah Toomog
Lowry James C. Tullyaran
Loy Bernard Garvagh
Lucas Anne Lisgallon
Lucas Charles Lisnamonaghan
Lucas James Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Lucas James Mullaghbane
Lucas James Reaskmore
Lucas Joseph Mullaghcreevy
Lucas Thomas Reaskmore
Lucas William Killyliss
Lucy Joseph Drumhirk
Lunny James Foygh
Lunny Mary Foygh
Lyle Alexander M Mullygruen
Lyle Alexander M. Annaghbeg
Lyle Alexander M. Ballysaggart
Lyle Alexander M. Donaghmore
Lyle Alexander M. Town of Donaghmore
Lyle Alexander M. Tullydraw
Lyle Jane Tullyleek
Lynn Patrick Aghnagar
Macken John Killymoyle
Macneece Samuel Mullaghroddan
Macneece William Lisboy
Macrory Arthur Dernaseer
Macrory Arthur Dristernan and Dredolt
Macrory Arthur Killylevin
Macrory Arthur Mullycrunnet
Macrory Bridget Dernaseer
Macrory Catherine Agharan
Macrory Catherine Feroy
Macrory Catherine (Arthur) Feroy
Macrory Catherine (James) Feroy
Macrory Catherine (Jas.) Feroy
Macrory Denis Agharan
Macrory Elizabeth Lisnagowan
Macrory John Garvagh
Macrory Margaret Lisnagowan
Macrory Mary Dernaseer
Macrory Michael Clonavaddy
Macrory Michael Lisnagowan
Macrory Michael, Jun. Lisnagowan
Macrory Patrick Garvagh
Macrory Peter Lisnagowan
Macrory Philip Dernaseer
Macrory Rose Garvagh
Macrory Thomas Dernaseer
Macrory Thomas Feroy
Macrory Thomas, Jun. Dernaseer
Macrory Thomas, Sen. Dernaseer
Madden Charles Town of Donaghmore
Madden Henry Killymaddy (Knox)
Madden John Tullyleek
Madden Peter Town of Donaghmore
Magee Arthur Clonavaddy
Magee Bernard Killylevin
Magee Charles Dristernan and Dredolt
Magee Charles Killylevin
Magee Eleanor Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Magee James Altaglushan
Magee James Edenacrannon
Magee John Ballyward
Magee Laurence Drumnafern
Magee Mary Killylevin
Magee Mary Anne Derryveen
Magilly Francis Killymoyle
Maginn James Killymoyle
Maginn Patrick Aughlish
Maginn Peter Aughlish
Maginn Peter Killyharry (Glebe)
Maginn Sarah Killymoyle
Magrath Henry Killyliss
Magrath James Clonavaddy
Magrath John Clonavaddy
Magrath Patrick Cullenfad
Magrath Patrick Killyliss
Magrath Thomas Killyliss
Maguire Bernard Reclain
Maguire Bernard, Jun. Reclain
Maguire Eleanor Reclain
Mahon Martha Gortnaglush
Maley Henry Tullyallen
Mallen Mary Clananeese (Glebe)
Mallin Edward Killyharry (Glebe)
Mallin Henry Reaskmore
Mallin James Reaskmore
Mallin Owen Reaskmore
Mallin Patrick Lisgallon
Mallin Terence Lisgallon
Mallin William Garvagh
Malone Margaret Annaginny
Malone Margaret Lisnagowan
Marlow Henry Tullyallen
Martin David Drumnafern
Martin Eleanor Drumhirk
Martin Elizabeth Tullyallen
Martin George Drumreany
Martin James Reaskcor
Martin Mary Tullyallen
Martin Michael Tullyallen
Martin Thomas Ballybray
Maunsell David Tullydraw
Mawhanny [Mawhinney] George Drumhirk
Mawhanny [Mawhinney] Thomas Drumhirk
Mawhinny [Mawhinney] John Gorey
Mawhinny [Mawhinney] John Reloagh
Mawhinny [Mawhinney] Thomas Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Mayne George Town of Donaghmore
McAllister James Garvagh
McAteer William Town of Donaghmore
McCabe Henry Creevagh Lower
McCahy ………. Killymaddy (Knox)
McCahy Bernard Clonavaddy
McCahy Bernard Killymoyle
McCahy Hugh Clananeese (Glebe)
McCahy James Killymaddy (Knox)
McCahy James Killymoyle
McCahy Michael Clonavaddy
McCahy Owen Clonavaddy
McCahy Owen (a Minor) Clonavaddy
McCahy Owen (James) Clonavaddy
McCahy Owen (Jas.) Clonavaddy
McCahy Owen, Sen. Clonavaddy
McCahy Peter Killyliss
McCahy Terence Aghnagar
McCahy Thomas (of the Long Farm) Clonavaddy
McCahy Thomas, Jun. Clonavaddy
McCahy Thomas, Jun. Clonavaddy
McCahy Thomas, Sen. Clonavaddy
McCahy Thomas, Sen. Clonavaddy
McCairn James Garvagh
McCairn William Ballybray
McCallen James Mullaghbane
McCallen Mark Killymoyle
McCamley Thomas Glasmullagh
McCampbell Cath Killyharry (Glebe)
McCanley Joseph Lisnamonaghan
McCann Alicia Derryhoar
McCann Anthony Agharan
McCann Arthur Mullaghbane
McCann Arthur Town of Donaghmore
McCann Bartholomew Reaskmore
McCann Bernard Reaskmore
McCann Charles Mullaghbane
McCann George Glenadush
McCann Hugh Garvagh
McCann Hugh Glenadush
McCann Hugh Mullaghbane
McCann Isabella Glasmullagh
McCann John Killymaddy (Knox)
McCann Mary Lisnamonaghan
McCann Mary Reaskmore
McCann Michael Reaskmore
McCann Neal Reaskmore
McCann Owen Cullenramer
McCann Peter Reaskmore
McCann Rose Donaghmore
McCann Thomas Dernaseer
McCarton John Stakernagh
McCaud John Aghintober
McCaul Elizabeth Glasmullagh
McCaul Francis Annaghmakeown
McCaul Francis Killymoyle
McCaul Francis Tullyallen
McCaul James Lisnahull
McCaul John Derryveen
McCaul William Lisnamonaghan
McCausland James Annaghbeg
McCausland John Annaghbeg
McCausland John Donaghmore
McCausland John Town of Donaghmore
McCausland Oliver Lisnamonaghan
McClean Alexander Toomog
McClean James Reloagh
McClean James Toomog
McClean John Garvagh
McClean John Reloagh
McClean John Town of Donaghmore
McClean Thomas Garvagh
McClean Thomas Reloagh
McCleland John Mullaghanagh
McCleland Joseph Ballysaggart
McCleland Thomas Mullaghmore
McClernan Alex Garvagh
McClernan Alexander Garvagh
McClernan Hugh Garvagh
McClernan John Garvagh
McClernan Patrick Garvagh
McCluskey Mary Donaghmore
McCluskey Patrick Annaghbeg
McColl John Lisnamonaghan
McColl William Lisnamonaghan
McCollum Adam Garvagh
McCollum John Stakernagh
McCoohy Patrick Ballysaggart
McCoole Anne Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McCoole Denis Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McCormack Luke Killyliss
McCormack Patrick Killyliss
McCormack Peter Drumhirk
McCormack Peter Killyliss
McCoy Esther Feroy
McCrandle Thomas Creevagh Lower
McCready James Mullaghroddan
McCreight James Drumreany
McCreight James Lisnamonaghan
McCrystal Hugh, Rev. Tullyallen
McCue Charles Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McCullagh Andrew Ballybray
McCullagh Patrick Lisnagowan
McCullagh Robert Lisnagowan
McCusker Michael Cullenramer
McCutcheon John Lisgallon
McDermott Patrick Aghnagar
McDonnell Bernard Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McDonnell Bridget Drumnafern
McDonnell Charles Drumnafern
McDonnell Daniel Mullaghconor Glebe
McDonnell Emily Donaghmore
McDonnell Eneas Edenacrannon
McDonnell James Killylevin
McDonnell John Ballyward
McDonnell John Clonavaddy
McDonnell Roger Drumnafern
McEldoon Henry Mullaghbane
McEldoon John Killymaddy (Knox)
McEldoon Michael Mullaghbane
McEldoon Owen Ballyward
McEldoon Peter Mullaghbane
McEldoon Thomas Mullaghbane
McElhatton Peter Altaglushan
McElhatton Thomas Altaglushan
McElhone Bernard Garvagh
McElhone Denis Garvagh
McElhone Felix Lisnahull
McElroy James Mullaghmore
McElvoge John Altaglushan
McGartland Bartholomew Dristernan and Dredolt
McGartland Hugh Edenacrannon
McGartland James Drumnafern
McGartland John Ballyward
McGartland John Drumnafern
McGartland John Edenacrannon
McGartland John Finulagh
McGartland John Killyliss
McGartland John, Jun. Finulagh
McGartland Laurence Drumnafern
McGartland Peter Altaglushan
McGarvey Michael Altaglushan
McGarvey Patrick Eskragh
McGaugh Terence Derryalskea
McGeary Catherine Mullaghbane
McGeary James Reloagh
McGeer Michael Mullaghconor Glebe
McGeer Sarah Aghareany
McGelshena James Killyharry (Glebe)
McGeoghegan Mary Tullyaran
McGeraghty Mary Mullaghfurtherland
McGilligan John Derryhoar
McGirr Bernard Toomog
McGirr Terence Toomog
McGlade Hugh Tullydraw
McGladrigan Francis Town of Donaghmore
McGladrigan John Agharan
McGladrigan John Mullaghfurtherland
McGladrigan John Town of Donaghmore
McGladrigan Joseph Annaginny
McGladrigan Joseph Creevagh Lower
McGladrigan Owen Donaghmore
McGladrigan Sivey Lisnagowan
McGlinchy James Lisnamonaghan
McGlinchy John Aghareany
McGlinchy John Garvagh
McGlinchy John Lisnamonaghan
McGlinchy Patrick Ballysaggart
McGlinchy Patrick Town of Donaghmore
McGlone Daniel Aghareany
McGlone Eleanor Aghareany
McGlone John Aghareany
McGlone Patrick Aghareany
McGlone Robert Town of Donaghmore
McGlone Thomas Town of Donaghmore
McGoen Catherine Derryalskea
McGoggy Francis Drumhirk
McGoggy Francis Killyliss
McGoggy James Killyliss
McGoggy John Drumhirk
Mcgonnell John Cullenramer
McGough Felix Killygavanagh
McGoughy Charles Cullenramer
McGoughy Denis Cullenramer
McGoughy James Cullenramer
McGoughy Thomas Cullenramer
McGourk Patrick Ballybray
McGowan Matthew Kilnaslee
McGrey James Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McGrey Michael Tullyallen
McGronin Thomas Altaglushan
McGuiggan Francis Cullenfad
McGuiggan Francis Tullyallen
McGuiggan Hannah Dristernan and Dredolt
McGuiggan James Ballybray
McGuiggan James Killylevin
McGuiggan Margaret Killylevin
McGuiggan Mary Tullyallen
McGuiggan Peter Stakernagh
McGuiggan Peter Tullyallen
McGuiggan Sarah Reaskmore
McGuirk James Garvagh
McGuirk Patrick Garvagh
McGuirk Patrick Mullaghroddan
McGuirk Peter Lisnagowan
McHugh Charles Altaglushan
McHugh Charles Clonavaddy
McHugh Francis Altaglushan
McHugh Hugh Clonavaddy
McHugh Hugh, Jun. Clonavaddy
McHugh James Edenacrannon
McHugh James Tullyallen
McHugh James Tullyallen
McHugh John Clonavaddy
McHugh John Tullyallen
McHugh Margaret Aghnagar
McHugh Michael Altaglushan
McHugh Patrick Edenacrannon
McHugh Peter Clonavaddy
McHugh Terence Aghnagar
McHugh Terence Altaglushan
McIlhatten Michael Aghnagar
McIlhatton John Donaghmore
McIlhenny Mary Cullenramer
McIlkenny John Lisnahull
McIlkenny Patrick Lisgallon
McIlkenny Peter Lisgallon
McIlvany Henry Annaginny
McIntyre Andrew Glenadush
McIntyre Edward Mullaghconor Glebe
McIntyre John Glenadush
McIntyre John Mullaghconor Glebe
McIntyre Terence Town of Donaghmore
McIntyre Thomas Lisnahull
McKane Alex Clonavaddy
McKane Alexander Aghnagar
McKane Bridget Clonavaddy
McKane Francis Clonavaddy
McKane James Clonavaddy
McKane Mary Clonavaddy
McKane Neal Aghnagar
McKane Neal Clonavaddy
McKane Neal, Sen. Clonavaddy
McKane Patk Clonavaddy
McKeever Hugh Town of Donaghmore
McKeever John Town of Donaghmore
McKeever Robert Derryalskea
McKeever William Tullyaran
McKelvey James Foygh
McKelvey James Tullynure
McKelvy Patrick Tullyallen
McKenna Charles Derryveen
McKenna Charles Tullynure
McKenna Francis Killylevin
McKenna Francis, Jun. Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McKenna Francis, Sen. Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McKenna James Clonavaddy
McKenna James Tullyaran
McKenna John Edenacrannon
McKenna John Tullydraw
McKenna Mary Killyharry (Glebe)
McKenna Michael Agharan
McKenna Owen Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
McKenna Patk, Jun. Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McKenna Patrick Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McKenna Patrick Killyharry (Glebe)
McKenna Patrick Killymoyle
McKenna Peter Agharan
McKenna Peter Gorey
McKenna William Donaghmore
McKenna William Tullyallen
McKeon Alexander Annaginny
McKeon Anthony Annaginny
McKeon Archibald Lisnagowan
McKernan Arthur Moghan
McKernan John Derryveen
McKernan John Moghan
McKernan Neal Altaglushan
McKernan Philip Aghareany
McKernan Rose Moghan
McKinley Anne Mullaghmore (Glebe)
McKinsey Anne Foygh
McKinsey Anne Tullynure
McKittrick James Eskragh
McKnight Joseph Mullygruen
McLard John Ballybray
McLogue Bernard Foygh
McLogue Edward Foygh
McLoughlin Andrew Dernaseer
McLoughlin John Clonavaddy
McLoughlin John Tullyallen
McLoughlin William Clonavaddy
McLoughlin William Dernaseer
McLoughlin William Tullydraw
McMahon Edward Annaghbeg
McManus Patrick Reaskmore
McMenamin James Glenadush
McMenamin William Drumreany
McMinn Archibald Killylevin
McMinn Brown Toomog
McMinn James Kilnaslee
McMinn John Foygh
McMinn John Killyharry (Glebe)
McMinn John Kilnaslee
McMinn John, Sen. Kilnaslee
McMinn Robert Kilnaslee
McMinn Samuel Kilnaslee
McMinn Samuel, Sen. Kilnaslee
McMullen Archibald Annaghbeg
McMullen James Ballysaggart
McMullen James Derryhoar
McMullen John Ballysaggart
McMullen John Killymaddy (Knox)
McNaghten James Mullycrunnet
McNally Hugh Glenadush
McNamee Hugh Aughlish
McNamee Isabella Annaghmakeown
McNamee Isabella Aughlish
McNamee John Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
McNamee Judith Mullaghmore
McNamee Patrick Mullaghconor Glebe
McNaney John Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McNaney Mary Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
McPeak John Tullynure
McQuaid Denis Reaskmore
McQuaid Michael Killyliss
McQuaid Patrick Reaskmore
McQuaid Terence Agharan
McShane Charles Ballysaggart
McShane Charles Killymaddy (Knox)
McShane Edward Glenadush
McShane Elizabeth Glenadush
McShane Peter Killymaddy (Knox)
McSorley Michael Mullaghmore
McStrammon Henry Mullaghmore (Glebe)
McTamney Bernard Killyliss
Mctamney Michael Glasmullagh
McTasney James Annaghbeg
McVeagh Edward Cullenfad
McVeagh Michael Tullyallen
McVeagh Samuel Mullaghmore (Glebe)
McVey Francis Aghintober
McVey John Dernaseer
McVey John Reclain
McVey Michael Lisgallon
McVey Patrick Reclain
McWhaney [Mawhinney?] James Annaghbeg
Miller David Ballybray
Miller George Ballybray
Miller Joseph Killygavanagh
Miller Richard Annaghmakeown
Miller Robert Lisnahull
Miller Wright Glenadush
Milligan Robert Town of Donaghmore
Milligan Thomas Town of Donaghmore
Mills Hugh Mullaghmore
Mills James Town of Donaghmore
Minigan John Annaginny
Molyneux Charles Mullaghanagh
Monaghan John Reaskmore
Monsell David Town of Donaghmore
Montgomery Robert Garvagh
Moon George Killymaddy (Knox)
Mooney Michael Reclain
Mooney Terence Reclain
Moore James Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Moore James Mullaghfurtherland
Moore James Tullyallen
Moore James, Jun. Mullaghfurtherland
Moore James, Sen Mullaghfurtherland
Moore Sarah Derryveen
Moore Stewart Mullaghfurtherland
Moore William Derryalskea
Moore William Mullaghfurtherland
Morgan Archibald Altaglushan
Morgan Eleanor Reclain
Morgan James Altaglushan
Morgan James Reclain
Morgan John Altaglushan
Morgan John Dernaseer
Morgan John Reclain
Morough [Morrow] Margaret Mullaghmore
Morris John Altaglushan
Morris Michael Altaglushan
Morris Patrick Altaglushan
Morris William Altaglushan
Morrison Charles Derryveen
Morrison Patrick Lisnahull
Morrough [Morrow] John Creevagh Lower
Morrough [Morrow] John Feroy
Morrough [Morrow] John Lisnagowan
Morrough [Morrow] Robert Mullaghmore
Morrough [Morrow] Samuel Lisnagowan
Moutray Alexander Edenacrannon
Moutray Alexander Killymoyle
Moutray Alexander Terrenew
Muldoon Francis Reaskmore
Muldoon Hugh Glenadush
Muldoon James Ballysaggart
Muldoon James Mullaghadrolly
Muldoon John Killymaddy (Knox)
Muldoon John Mullaghadrolly
Muldoon Patrick Mullaghadrolly
Muldoon Peter Glenadush
Mulgrew Bernard Tullyleek
Mulgrew James Killylevin
Mulgrew James Tullyleek
Mulgrew John Tullyleek
Mulgrew John, Jun. Tullyleek
Mulgrew Michael Killyharry (Glebe)
Mulgrew Michael Tullyleek
Mulgrew Terence Killylevin
Mulholland Hugh Creevagh Lower
Mulholland John Annaghbeg
Mulholland Mary Aghareany
Mullan Alexander Killymaddy (Knox)
Mullen Anne Killyharry (Glebe)
Mullen Anne Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Mullen Edward Killyharry (Glebe)
Mullen Edward Mullaghbane
Mullen James Aghareany
Mullen James Mullaghcreevy
Mullen Judith Annaghbeg
Mullen Patrick Donaghmore
Mullen Robert Lisnahull
Mullen Robert Town of Donaghmore
Mullen Terence Derryveen
Mullen William Annaghbeg
Mullen William Killyharry (Glebe)
Mulligan George Garvagh
Mulligan Thomas Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Mullin Owen Drumnafern
Murphy Arthur Dristernan and Dredolt
Murphy Bernard Dernaseer
Murphy Bernard Finulagh
Murphy Bernard Killymaddy
Murphy Charles Killymoyle
Murphy Charles Stakernagh
Murphy Denis Annaghmakeown
Murphy James Edenacrannon
Murphy James Killylevin
Murphy James Terrenew
Murphy John Dristernan and Dredolt
Murphy John Drumreany
Murphy John Killymoyle
Murphy Peter Finulagh
Murphy Thomas Dristernan and Dredolt
Murphy Thomas Killymaddy
Murphy Thomas Mullaghconor Glebe
Murray John Reaskmore
Murray Robert Cullenfad
Murray William Ballyward
Murray William Derryhoar
Murray William Killyharry (Glebe)
Murray William Lisgallon
Murray William Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Naughter Hugh Reaskmore
Navins John Killymaddy (Knox)
Neal Francis (Cookstown) Lisnagowan
Neal James Donaghmore
Neal Rose Lisnagowan
Neill Bernard Altaglushan
Neill Francis Ballybray
Neill Hugh Altaglushan
Neill Hugh Donaghmore
Neill Hugh Garvagh
Neill John Annaghmakeown
Neill John Garvagh
Neill John Killyharry (Glebe)
Neill Peter Annaghmakeown
Neill Rose Annaghmakeown
Neill Sarah Ballybray
Nelis Joseph Altaglushan
Niell Patrick Drumreany
Nimmins James Killymoyle
Nugent Hugh Altaglushan
Nugent James Altaglushan
Nugent James, Jun. Altaglushan
Nugent Margaret Altaglushan
Nugent Mary Altaglushan
Nugent Michael Altaglushan
Nugent Michael Tullyleek
Nugent Owen Altaglushan
Nugent Owen, Jun. Altaglushan
Nugent Owen, Sen. Altaglushan
Nugent Patrick Aghnagar
Nugent Patrick Altaglushan
Nugent Patrick Annaghmakeown
Nugent Patrick Reclain
Nugent Peter Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Nugent Sarah Tullyleek
O’Brien Arthur Aghnagar
O’Brien James Aghnagar
O’Brien John Aghnagar
O’Brien Morgan Aghnagar
O’Brien Patrick Aghnagar
O’Connor Patrick Town of Donaghmore
O’Donnell Edward Lisnagowan
O’Donnell Michael Creevagh Lower
O’Hara Saml Annaginny
O’Neill Arthur Glasmullagh
O’Neill Bernard Clonavaddy
O’Neill Cornelius Clonavaddy
O’Neill Cornelius Lisnahull
O’Neill Edward Killyharry (Glebe)
O’Neill Fardy Mullaghmore
O’Neill Henry Mullaghbane
O’Neill James Altaglushan
O’Neill John Drumbearn
O’Neill John Mullaghmore (Glebe)
O’Neill John Town of Donaghmore
O’Neill Joseph Aghareany
O’Neill Michael Mullaghbane
O’Neill Neal, Jun. Clonavaddy
O’Neill Neal, Sen. Clonavaddy
O’Neill Peter Dernaseer
O’Neill Peter Killyharry (Glebe)
O’Neill Peter Town of Donaghmore
O’Neill Terence Killyharry (Glebe)
O’Neill Thomas Mullaghbane
O'Brien Patrick Altaglushan
Ogle William Killyharry (Glebe)
Orr Alexander Mullaghconor Glebe
Orr James Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Orr James Mullaghconor Glebe
Orr Joseph Mullaghconor Glebe
Orr Robert Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Parke John Garvagh
Parson James Creevagh Lower
Pasley John Toomog
Pasley Samuel Foygh
Pasley Samuel Kilnaslee
Patterson James Lisnamonaghan
Patterson Samuel Derryalskea
Patterson Samuel Toomog
Perse John Mullaghmore
Powell Felix Cullenramer
Powell Felix Lisgallon
Powell Patrick Lisgallon
Pritchard David Glenadush
Prunty John Mullaghroddan
Quinn Andrew Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn Anne Dristernan and Dredolt
Quinn Arthur Annaghmakeown
Quinn Arthur Killygavanagh
Quinn Arthur Reloagh
Quinn Bartholomew Dristernan and Dredolt
Quinn Bridget Edenacrannon
Quinn Edward Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn Felix Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn Francis Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn Francis Moghan
Quinn Hugh Drumbearn
Quinn James Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn James Tullyaran
Quinn John Aghareany
Quinn John Altaglushan
Quinn John Derryveen
Quinn John Edenacrannon
Quinn John Killymoyle
Quinn John Lisnahull
Quinn John Lisnamonaghan
Quinn John Mullaghcreevy
Quinn John Mullaghmore
Quinn John, Sen. Edenacrannon
Quinn Mary Stakernagh
Quinn Michael Donaghmore
Quinn Michael Edenacrannon
Quinn Michael Stakernagh
Quinn Patrick Altaglushan
Quinn Patrick Annaghmakeown
Quinn Patrick Ballybray
Quinn Patrick Edenacrannon
Quinn Patrick Lisgallon
Quinn Patrick Stakernagh
Quinn Patrick Terrenew
Quinn Patrick Town of Donaghmore
Quinn Sarah Killyharry (Glebe)
Quinn Terence Altaglushan
Quinn Thomas Tullyaran
Rafferty Francis Derryalskea
Rafferty Francis Toomog
Rafferty Hugh Toomog
Rafferty John Aghnagar
Rafferty John Foygh
Rafferty John Toomog
Rafferty Mary Glenadush
Rafferty Michael Altaglushan
Rafferty Michael Mullaghconor Glebe
Rafferty Owen Altaglushan
Rafferty Owen Mullaghadrolly
Rafferty Patrick Glenadush
Rafferty Patrick Mullaghconor Glebe
Rafferty Thomas Glenadush
Ramsay John Gorey
Ranfurly Earl of Ballysaggart
Ranfurly Earl of Cottagequinn
Ranfurly Earl of Derryveen
Ranfurly Earl of Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Ranfurly Earl of Killymaddy (Knox)
Ranfurly Earl of Killyquinn
Ranfurly Earl of Mullaghadrolly
Ranfurly Earl of Mullaghanagh
Raunchey Mary Drumreany
Read Alexander Annaginny
Read Benjamin Feroy
Read Benjamin Lisnagowan
Read David Killyliss
Read Dixon Mullaghbane
Read Hamilton Derryhoar
Read John Derryhoar
Read Robert Feroy
Read Robert Lisnagowan
Read William Derryhoar
Reany Samuel Mullaghcreevy
Reany Savil Aghareany
Regan Peter Lisgallon
Reilly Charles Mullaghanagh
Richardson Hill Aghareany
Richardson John Eskragh
Richardson John Killymaddy
Richardson Mary Aghareany
Richie Thomas Creevagh Lower
Robinson Adam Garvagh
Robinson Bartholomew Derryveen
Robinson David Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Robinson James Eskragh
Robinson James Garvagh
Robinson James Reaskcor
Robinson John Killylevin
Robinson Robert Garvagh
Robinson Robert Mullygruen
Robinson Robert Reloagh
Robinson Thomas Eskragh
Robinson William Kilnaslee
Rock John Cullenramer
Rogers Mary Mullaghconor Glebe
Rogers Michael Mullaghbane
Rogers Thomas Annaghmakeown
Rogers Thomas Lisnahull
Rooney Thomas Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Rooney Thomas Mullaghcreevy
Ross Robert Creevagh Lower
Rudd Thomas, Rev. Tullydraw
Runchey Mary Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Rush Daniel Agharan
Rush James Agharan
Rush Peter Agharan
Ryan Thomas Glasmullagh
Sally Edward Mullaghroddan
Sally James Glenadush
Salmon Joseph Mullaghbane
Salmon William Lisnagowan
Salmon William Mullaghbane
Sandford Thomas Mullaghconor Glebe
Sands Arthur Feroy
Sands Mary Kilnaslee
Sands Patrick Feroy
Scanlan Margaret Mullaghcreevy
Scott James Glenadush
Scott Robert Dristernan and Dredolt
Scroggie John Donaghmore
Scroggy John Tullydraw
Searight John Gortnaglush
Shanaghan Bernard Lisnagowan
Sharkey Felix Clonavaddy
Sharkey Hugh Clonavaddy
Sharkey James Aghnagar
Sharkey John, Jun. Clonavaddy
Sharkey John, Sen. Clonavaddy
Sharkey Patrick Clonavaddy
Sharkey William Lisnahull
Shaw Jane Mullaghfurtherland
Sheerin William Killymaddy (Knox)
Sheerin William Mullaghadrolly
Sheilds Patrick Altaglushan
Shelerton [Shillington] Henry Killymaddy (Knox)
Shelington [Shillington] Eliza Eskragh
Shelington [Shillington] Frances Glasmullagh
Shelington [Shillington] Henry Glasmullagh
Shelington [Shillington] James Drumhirk
Shelington [Shillington] James Glasmullagh
Shelington [Shillington] James, Jun. Glasmullagh
Shelington [Shillington] James, Jun. Glasmullagh
Shelington [Shillington] James, Sen. Glasmullagh
Shelington [Shillington] Thomas Glasmullagh
Shelington [Shillington] William Eskragh
Sherin William Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Sherry Patrick Drumnafern
Shiel Alexander Annaghbeg
Simmons Richard Ballysaggart
Simmons Richard Donaghmore
Simmons Richard Donaghmore
Simmons Richard Killymaddy (Knox)
Simonton Henry Ballysaggart
Simonton Thomas Derryveen
Simonton Thomas Eskragh
Simonton William Eskragh
Simonton William Mullaghmore
Simpson John Mullaghbane
Skeffington Charles Town of Donaghmore
Skeffington Francis Ballyward
Skeffington Francis Mullaghbane
Skeffington George Eskragh
Skeffington Hugh Tullyallen
Skeffington John Foygh
Skeffington Michael Lisgallon
Skeffington Patrick Lisgallon
Skeffington Thomas Mullaghbane
Skeffington William Ballybray
Skeffington William Cullenramer
Skeffinton Patrick Killymaddy (Knox)
Skeffinton Peter Killymaddy (Knox)
Slevin George Ballysaggart
Slevin George Killymaddy (Knox)
Slevin George Mullaghanagh
Sloane Andrew Tullynure
Sloane George Glasmullagh
Sloane James Tullynure
Sloane Robert Glasmullagh
Sloane Samuel Derryveen
Small Bernard Reaskmore
Small Francis Reaskmore
Small Hugh Reaskmore
Small John Killyharry (Glebe)
Small John Reaskmore
Small William Reaskmore
Smart John Lisnagowan
Smith Anne Cottagequinn
Smith Samuel Cullenramer
Smith William Mullaghmore
Smyth Anne Mullaghadrolly
Smyth John Ballysaggart
Smyth John Cottagequinn
Smyth John Mullaghadrolly
Smyth Robert Mullaghmore
Smyth William Lisnahull
Soley Margaret Moghan
Somerville Joseph Aghareany
Somerville Rebecca Kilnaslee
Somerville Samuel Donaghmore
Somerville Samuel Gorey
Somerville Samuel Kilnaslee
Spence William Town of Donaghmore
Stafford Patrick Annaghmakeown
Stafford William Town of Donaghmore
Stein Henry Tullyaran
Stein Margaret Tullyaran
Stenson Archibald Derryalskea
Stenson James Derryveen
Stenson John Killyliss
Stenson Mary Anne Derryalskea
Stenson Robert Kilnaslee
Stenson Samuel Aghareany
Stenson Samuel Derryalskea
Stenson Samuel Kilnaslee
Stenson Thomas Foygh
Stenson Thomas Kilnaslee
Stenson William Kilnaslee
Stenson William Mullaghmore
Stenton Mary Dernaseer
Stephenson Alexander Town of Donaghmore
Stevenson William Town of Donaghmore
Stewart ……(minors) Annaghbeg
Stewart Alexander Creevagh Lower
Stewart Alexander Gortnaglush
Stewart Andrew Mullaghfurtherland
Stewart Bridget Gortnaglush
Stewart Esther Creevagh Lower
Stewart George Mullaghbane
Stewart George Tullyaran
Stewart James Terrenew
Stewart James Tullyleek
Stewart John Drumreany
Stewart John Mullaghfurtherland
Stewart John Terrenew
Stewart John Tullyleek
Stewart Mary Anne Garvagh
Stewart Robert Tullyleek
Stewart Thomas Gortnaglush
Stewart William Tullyaran
Stewart William Tullyleek
Stuart John Stakernagh
Studdert Matthew Glasmullagh
Taggart Owen Killymoyle
Tanner James Reaskcor
Tanner Richard Clananeese (Glebe)
Tanner William Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Tanny Andrew Annaghbeg
Tanny William Annaghbeg
Tarry William Killyliss
Taylor Hugh Killymaddy (Knox)
Taylor James Feroy
Taylor James Lisgallon
Taylor John Feroy
Tedford Jane Derryveen
Tener James Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Tener James Reloagh
Tenner James Drumreany
Thomas Thomas Derryveen
Thompson Catherine Lisgallon
Thompson John Derryveen
Thompson Levingston Clonavaddy
Thornberry Alexander Killyliss
Thornberry Henry Annaghbeg
Thornberry James Aghareany
Thornberry Jane Donaghmore
Thornberry Jane Donaghmore
Thornberry Jane Garvagh
Thornberry John Town of Donaghmore
Thornberry Matthew Garvagh
Thornberry Richard Lisnamonaghan
Thornberry Robert Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Tiernan John Lisgallon
Tierney Hugh Altaglushan
Tierney James Town of Donaghmore
Tierney John Creevagh Lower
Tierney John Killylevin
Tierney John Lisgallon
Tierney Mary Killylevin
Tierney Peter Ballysaggart
Tierney Thomas Ballysaggart
Tifney Henry Aghareany
Tifney Mary Aghareany
Timmony Patrick Town of Donaghmore
Tole Thomas Altaglushan
Toner James Aughlish
Toner James Killyliss
Toner James Toomog
Toner Owen Killyharry (Glebe)
Toole Anne Mullaghconor Glebe
Toole Charles Mullaghconor Glebe
Toole Charles Reaskmore
Totton Thomas Drumbearn
Traynor Anne Reclain
Traynor Charles Dernaseer
Traynor Charles Reclain
Traynor John Reclain
Traynor John, Jun. Reclain
Traynor Patrick Reclain
Trowlan William Killyliss
Trueman Edward Gorey
Truman Catherine Killymaddy (Knox)
Truman Isaac Killymaddy (Knox)
Tynn [Fynn] John Tullyleek
Usher John Clananeese (Glebe)
Valelly Hannah Moghan
Valelly James Moghan
Valelly Patrick Moghan
Vance Jane Mullaghmore
Venables Joseph Glasmullagh
Verner Henry Tullydraw
Verner Sir William, Baronet Garvagh
Verner Sir William, Baronet Reloagh
Verner Sir William, Bart. Moghan
Wails William Town of Donaghmore
Wallace Francis Mullaghconor Glebe
Wallace Mary Cullenramer
Wallace William Mullaghconor Glebe
Ward Catherine Agharan
Ward Catherine Aghareany
Ward Eleanor Agharan
Ward Eleanor Feroy
Waters Eleanor Gortnaglush
Waters James Creevagh Lower
Waters John Gortnaglush
Watson Mary Mullaghmore
Watt James Mullycrunnet
Watt James Tullyaran
Watt Jane Tullyaran
Watt Mary Tullyaran
Watt William Gortlenaghan & Derrykeel
Weir James Drumreany
Weir Robert Derryhoar
Weir Sarah Anne Derryhoar
Weir Thomas Derryhoar
Weir Thomas Lisgallon
Weir William Derryhoar
Welton Ann Edenacrannon
Welton Elizabeth Stakernagh
Welton John Drumhirk
Welton Robert Terrenew
Welton William Kilnaslee
White Robert Aghareany
White Robert Mullaghcreevy
White Thomas Drumhirk
White Thomas Lisnamonaghan
White William Killymoyle
Wilcox Rebecca Ballysaggart
Wiley Isaac Annaginny
Wiley William Ballysaggart
Williamson Arthur Lisboy
Williamson David Reaskcor
Williamson Humphrey Killymaddy (Knox)
Williamson James Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Williamson James Reaskcor
Williamson Jervis Eskragh
Williamson John Aghintober
Wilson Agnes Derryveen
Wilson Francis Aghintober
Wilson Hugh Dristernan and Dredolt
Wilson James Cullenfad
Wilson John Aghintober
Wilson John Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Wilson John Killyquinn
Wilson John Mullaghanagh
Wilson Robert Ballyward
Wilson Sarah Cullenfad
Wilson Thomas Mullaghmore
Wilson William Cullenfad
Wilson William Killylevin
Wilton Mary Reaskcor
Wisehart James Killyharry (Glebe)
Wisehart James Mullaghmore (Glebe)
Wood Thomas Donaghmore
Woods Anne Drumbearn
Woods Bridget Donaghmore
Woods Edward Aghareany
Woods Edward Lisnamonaghan
Woods Esther Altaglushan
Woods Francis Annaghmakeown
Woods Patrick Derryhoar
Woods Sarah Anne Tullyleek
Woods William Glasmullagh
Woods William Lisnamonaghan
Wright James Town of Donaghmore
Wright John Killymaddy (Knox)
Wright Samuel Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Wright Samuel Reaskcor
Wright Stewart Toomog
Wright Thomas Clonavaddy
Wright Thomas Drumreany, Village of Castlecaulfield
Young Andrew Tullyaran
Young James Annaginny
Young James Creevagh Lower
Young John Derryveen
Young William Tullyaran

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