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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Donaghenry Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of the INDEX TO GRIFFITHS VALUATION OF DONAGHENRY PARISH, COUNTY TYRONE forms part of the vast archive of 4,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to DONAGHENRY PARISH on this website can be found at the foot of this file.


For an explanation of and the background to c1860 Griffiths Valuation see

Donaghenry Parish, Co. Tyrone Townlands in Donaghenry



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghalarg Aghalarg Bog Annaghone Ardpatrick
Boyd’s Farm Brackaville Cahoo Castle Farm
Cloghfin Common Moss Coolatinny Donaghenry
Donaghey Dooragh Drumagullion Drumey
Drumgormal Galvally or Stevenson’s Dowery Glebe (Donaghenry) Gortacloghan
Gortagammon Gortatray Gortatray Bog Gowshill
High Cross Innevall Killymurphy Letterclery
Liskittle Lislee Lisneight Lurgy
Mullaghmoyle Mullantain Outlands of Galvally Parker's Farm
Ross Roughan Rousky Rouskyroe
Sessia Shankeytamnyl Sherrigrim Soarn
Tamnylennan Templereagh Tullaghbeg Tullaghmore
Tullyfaughan Tullylig Unicks Urbalreagh




Surname Given Name Townland
ABERNERTHY Robert The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
ABERNERTHY William Gortatray
ABERNETHY Alexander Aghalarg
ABERNETHY Hugh Aghalarg
ABERNETHY William Aghalarg
ACHESON Francis Rousky
ACHESON Francis Tullagh Beg
ACHESON Margaret Tullyfaughan
ALEXANDER James Castle Farm, Stewartstown
ANDERSON John Rouskyroe
ANDERSON Joseph Town of Coalisland
BAILEY John Hill Head, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
BAILIE Rev. James K. Soarn
BAILLIE Rev. James Cloghfin
BARKLEY James Ardpatrick
BARKLEY Sarah Gortagammon
BARKLEY William Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
BARLOW James Tamnylennan
BARRON Margaret Castle Farm, Stewartstown
BARTLY James Dooragh
BEATTY Robert High Cross
BEATTY William Glebe
BELL James Drumgormal
BELL Ross Sherrigrim
BELL Thomas Roughan
BELL William Drumgormal
BENISON Alexander Cahoo
BENISON Elizabeth Killymurphy
BEST George Urbalreagh
BEST William Sherrigrim
BIRNEY Michael Town of Coalisland
BLACK George Roughan
BLAIR John Killymurphy
BLAIR Ralph Tullagh Beg
BLAIR William Cloghfin
BLAIR William Sessiagh
BLEEKS George Tamnylennan
BOOTHE Adam Tullagh Beg
BOYD James The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
BOYLE Charles Tullagh Beg
BRADLEY Enoch Tullagh More
BRADLEY Thomas Tullagh More
BRADLEY William Tullagh More
BRANAGAN Hugh Tullylig
BRIDGE Robert Cloghfin
BROOKS George Brackaville
BROWN Andrew Unicks
BROWN Elizabeth Ardpatrick
BROWN Fergus Gortagammon
BROWN Henry Mullantain
BROWN Hugh Common Moss
BROWN John Lurgy
BROWN Margaret Tullagh More
BROWN Mary Castle Farm, Stewartstown
BROWN Matilda Drumagullion
BROWN Samuel Gortatray
BROWN Thomas Annaghone
BROWN Thomas Mullantain
BROWNE Alice Mullaghmoyle
BROWNE Andrew Gortatray
BROWNE Henry Roughan
BROWNE Henry The Diamond, Town of Stewartstown
BROWNE James Castle Farm, Stewartstown
BROWNE James Roughan
BROWNE Jane Castle Farm, Stewartstown
BROWNE John Roughan
BROWNE Mary Roughan
BROWNE Samuel Boyd's Farm
BYRNE Isabella Tamnylennan
CAIRNS Hugh Brackaville
CALDERWOOD Robert Tullagh Beg
CALDWELL John Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
CALLION Charles Town of Coalisland
CAMPBELL Hugh Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
CAMPBELL James Cahoo
CAMPBELL John Brackaville
CAMPBELL John Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
CAMPBELL Joseph Town of Coalisland
CAMPBELL Mary Town of Coalisland
CAMPBELL Patrick Brackaville
CAMPBELL Patrick Town of Coalisland
CAMPBELL Sarah Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
CAMPBELL Thomas Castle Farm
CAMPBELL Thomas Lisneight
CANAVAN Arthur Annaghone
CANAVAN Arthur Templereagh
CANAVAN Margaret Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
CANOVAN John Mullaghmoyle
CARSON Alexander Castle Farm, Stewartstown
CARSON James Shankey
CARSON Jas. Shankey
CARSON Joseph Drumgormal
CARSON Robert Annaghone
CARSON Robert Donaghenry
CARSON Robert Shankey
CARSON Robert Tullyfaughan
CARSON William Drumgormal
CASEY James Mullaghmoyle
CASEY John Hill Head, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
CASEY Judith Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
CAULFIELD James A. Drumgormal
CAULFIELD Jas. Edward Letterclery
CAULFIELD John Sherrigrim
CHAMBERS Andrew Mullaghmoyle
CHAMBERS John Annaghone
CHAMPION Robert Drumagullion
CHAPMAN Isaiah Castle Farm, Stewartstown
CLARENCE Daniel Tamnylennan
CLARKE Margaret Tamnylennan
CLEMENTS Alexander Tullagh More
CLEMENTS Edward Killymurphy
CLEMENTS Edward Tamnylennan
CLEMENTS Edward Tullagh More
CLEMENTS John Drumgormal
CLEMENTS Rose Brackaville
CLEMENTS Samuel Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
CLEMENTS Sarah Tamnylennan
COCHRAN John Brackaville
COLEMAN Francis Tamnylennan
COLLINS William Drumgormal
CONLAN James Castle Farm, Stewartstown
CONWAY Henry Brackaville
CORICK John Town of Coalisland
CORR Charles Town of Coalisland
CORR Daniel Mullaghmoyle
CORR James Boyd's Farm
CORR John Hill Head, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
CORR John Town of Coalisland
CORR Mary Gortatray
CORR Patrick Town of Coalisland
CORRIGAN James Hill Head, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
CORRIGAN James Parkers Farm
CORY Luke Town of Coalisland
COTTON Benjamin Brackaville
CRAWFORD Robert Shankey
CRAWFORD Samuel Outlands of Galvally
CRAWFORD Samuel Outlands of Galvally
CRAWFORD Samuel Rouskyroe
CROSBIE James Soarn
CROSBIE William Soarn
CROSS James Roughan
CROSS James Tullagh More
CROZIER Sarah Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
CULLEN James Drumgormal
CULLEN Patrick Brackaville
CULLIN John Town of Coalisland
CULLION Anne Town of Coalisland
CUMMINGS George Drumgormal
CURRAN John Town of Coalisland
CURRAN Thomas Brackaville
CUSH Jane Town of Coalisland
DALY Rev. Peter Brackaville
DARBY Elizabeth Town of Coalisland
DARBY James Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
DARRAGH Mary Castle Farm, Stewartstown
DAVIDSON Thomas Cahoo
DAVIDSON William Lislee
DAVIS James Coolatinny
DAVIS James Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
DAVISON Alexander Mullaghmoyle
DAVISON Samuel Mullaghmoyle
DENNING Henry Tamnylennan
DENNING Jane Castle Farm
DEVLIN Andrew Innevall
DEVLIN Anne Town of Coalisland
DEVLIN Hugh Castle Farm, Stewartstown
DEVLIN Hugh Hill Head, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
DEVLIN James Mullaghmoyle
DEVLIN John Brackaville
DEVLIN John Drumgormal
DEVLIN Nancy Town of Coalisland
DEVLIN Patrick Town of Coalisland
DEVLIN William Mullantain
DILLON Francis Tamnylennan
DILLON Sarah Tullagh Beg
DILWORTH David Drumey
DILWORTH John Cloghfin
DILWORTH Margaret Tullagh Beg
DINNEEN Henry Tamnylennan
DODD George Town of Coalisland
DONAGHY James Castle Farm, Stewartstown
DONNELLY Anne Mullaghmoyle
DONNELLY Charles Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
DONNELLY Edward Town of Coalisland
DONNELLY Hugh Town of Coalisland
DONNELLY James Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
DONNELLY Jane Town of Coalisland
DONNELLY John Annaghone
DONNELLY John Mullaghmoyle
DONNELLY Owen Tullagh Beg
DONNELLY Thomas Roughan
DONSEITH John Common Moss
DOUGHALL Alexander Lislee
DUDGEON Edward Gortatray
DUDGEON Edward Mullantain
DUFF Rody Boyd's Farm
DUFF Roger Boyd's Farm
DUFFY Margaret Castle Farm, Stewartstown
DUNN James Gortatray
DUNN William Tullylig
DUNN William Tullylig
DUNNE James Town of Coalisland
DUNNE Nancy Town of Coalisland
DUNSEITH John Boyd's Farm
ECCLES James Town of Coalisland
ELDER Mary Aghalarg
ELDER Mary Aghalarg Bog
ELDER Thomas Templereagh
ELLIOTT Samuel High Cross
ELLISON John Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
EVANS Mary Gortatray
FALLON John Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
FALLOON James Drumagullion
FALLS James Brackaville
FALLS Robert Brackaville
FARLEY Margaret Lurgy
FARR Thomas Drumgormal
FARR Thomas Letterclery
FARREN James Brackaville
FERGUSON Alexander Rouskyroe
FERGUSON Alexander Tamnylennan
FERGUSON Charles Roughan
FERGUSON Henry Dooragh
FERGUSON Henry Gortatray
FERGUSON James Dooragh
FERGUSON John Brackaville
FERGUSON Margaret Dooragh
FERGUSON Richard Outlands of Galvally
FERGUSON Richard Outlands of Galvally
FERGUSON Richard Rouskyroe
FERGUSON Robert Outlands of Galvally
FERGUSON Robert Outlands of Galvally
FERGUSON Robert Rouskyroe
FERGUSON Robert The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
FERGUSON William Roughan
FERRIS Louisa Jane Tamnylennan
FEY Ellen Mullaghmoyle
FLANAGAN Arthur Lurgy
FLEETIN [FLEETING?] John Ardpatrick
FLEMING John Tullagh More
FLEMING Joseph Lurgy
FLEMING Joseph Sherrigrim
FORREST Elizabeth Glebe
FORREST Joseph Tamnylennan
FORREST Mary Tamnylennan
FOSTER James Sessiagh
FOSTER Patrick Tullagh More
FOSTER Rev. James Brackaville
FOX Denis Boyd's Farm
FOX Michael Tullagh More
FRIZELL Robert Town of Coalisland
FRIZELLE Robert Brackaville
FULLAN Thomas Town of Coalisland
GALWAY Ellen Castle Farm, Stewartstown
GALWAY William Tamnylennan
GARVAN Elizabeth Shankey
GARVAN Hugh Drumagullion
GARVAN Hugh Tullagh Beg
GARVAN Michael Tullagh Beg
GAVAN Arthur Town of Coalisland
GAWLY Mary Jane Common Moss
GEARY Arthur Brackaville
GERATHY Rev. James Glebe
GILCHRIEST James Tamnylennan
GILLESPIE Thomas The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
GILMOUR John, Jun. Roughan
GILMOUR John, Sen. Roughan
GILMOUR Thomas Roughan
GILMOUR William Brackaville
GIRVAN Francis Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
GIRVAN Patrick Aghalarg Bog
GIRVEN John Tullagh Beg
GIRVIN James Roughan
GLOVER William Urbalreagh
GORDON Eiken Drumgormal
GRAHAM George Boyd's Farm
GRAHAM Hugh Cahoo
GRAHAM James Tamnylennan
GRAHAM Jane Dooragh
GRAHAM Peter Killymurphy
GRAY James Tamnylennan
GREER David Castle Farm, Stewartstown
GREER John Tullagh Beg
GREER John Tullyfaughan
GREER Robert Tullagh Beg
GREER William Tullagh More
GRENSON Robert Unicks
GRIBBIN Patrick Liskittle
GRIFFIN Hugh Gortacloghan
GRIFFIN Hugh Gortacloghan
GRIFFIN Hugh High Cross
GRIFFIN Hugh Shankey
GRIFFIN Isabella Castle Farm, Stewartstown
GRIFFIN James Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
GRIFFIN James Killymurphy
GRIFFIN John Gortacloghan
GRIFFIN John Gortacloghan
GRIFFIN John Gortagammon
GRIFFIN Mary Tullagh Beg
GRIFFIN William Cahoo
GRIFFIN William Donaghenry
GRIMES Bridget Town of Coalisland
GROOGAN Charles Tullagh Beg
GROOGAN Owen Gortatray
GUNNING Henry Templereagh
HAGAN Alexander Castle Farm, Stewartstown
HAGAN Edward Town of Coalisland
HAGAN John Sherrigrim
HAGHEY James High Cross
HAMIL Margaret Tamnylennan
HAMILTON Alexander Aghalarg
HAMILTON John Templereagh
HAMILTON Robert Castle Farm, Stewartstown
HARDY Anne Sherrigrim
HARDY Jane Lisneight
HARDY Thomas Drumagullion
HARDY Thomas Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
HARKNESS Rev. Isaiah N. Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
HARRARIN Mary Brackaville
HARRARIN Owen Mullaghmoyle
HARRIS Frederick Killymurphy
HARRISON Susan Town of Coalisland
HAVERN Jane Town of Coalisland
HENDERSON John Annaghone
HENDERSON Robert Tullagh More
HENDERSON Thomas Castle Farm
HENDERSON Thomas Lisneight
HENDERSON Thomas Tamnylennan
HENDERSON William Town of Coalisland
HENRY John Mullaghmoyle
HENRY Robert The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
HENRY Sarah Gortatray
HENRY William Annaghone
HENRY William Innevall
HERD Margaret Lurgy
HILL David Rousky
HILL Margaret Cloghfin
HILL Matthew Roughan
HILL William Lurgy
HILLIN Henry Brackaville
HOBART Rev. Nathaniel Brackaville
HOBBS Benjamin Ardpatrick
HOGG Eliza Gortatray
HOLMES Ellen F. Gortatray
HOLMES Francis H. Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
HOLT James High Cross
HOPPER Thomas Letterclery
HOUSTON Ellen Tullylig
HUGHES Arthur Aghalarg Bog
HUGHES Catherine Tullagh Beg
HUGHES George Tamnylennan
HUGHES John Brackaville
HUGHES Margaret Tullagh Beg
HUGHES Patrick Town of Coalisland
HUGHES Peggy Town of Coalisland
HUGHES Rose Brackaville
HUGHES Terence Mullaghmoyle
HUGHES William Lurgy
HUGHES William Sherrigrim
HUNTER Elizabeth Castle Farm, Stewartstown
HUNTER Thomas Tamnylennan
HUNTER William The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
HUNTER William Tullylig
HYDE Anne Drumagullion
HYDE Hannah Drumey
HYDE Sarah Tullagh Beg
HYDE Thomas Gortatray
INGRAM Hugh Tullagh More
IRWIN James Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
JENKINSON Hamilton Town of Coalisland
JOHNSON Henry Castle Farm, Stewartstown
JOHNSON Samuel Castle Farm, Stewartstown
JOHNSTON Henry Castle Farm
JOHNSTON Henry Tamnylennan
JOHNSTON John Tullagh Beg
JOHNSTON William Castle Farm, Stewartstown
JONES Martha High Cross
JONES Robert Cahoo
JUDGE James Drumgormal
JUNK David Lislee
KANE Abigail Lurgy
KANE Jane Castle Farm, Stewartstown
KANE Mary Tullagh Beg
KEARNS John Brackaville
KEE John Brackaville
KELLY John Drumagullion
KELLY John Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
KELLY Joseph Tamnylennan
KELLY Margaret Castle Farm, Stewartstown
KELLY Rep. Thomas P. Town of Coalisland
KELLY Thomas Brackaville
KELSO Daniel Drumagullion
KELSO Hugh Castle Farm
KELSO Hugh Castle Farm, Stewartstown
KELSO Hugh Tamnylennan
KELSO William Drumgormal
KEMPTON John Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
KENNEDY Edward Aghalarg Bog
KENNEDY Edward Unicks
KENNEDY James Coolatinny
KENNEDY Samuel Tullagh Beg
KERMAN John Boyd's Farm
KERMAN John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
KERRELL William Cloghfin
KEYS Catherine Brackaville
KILPATRICK John Drumagullion
KING Edward Castle Farm, Stewartstown
KING Robert Town of Coalisland
KINLY Anne Roughan
LARKIN Thomas Tullagh More
LEE John Boyd's Farm
LEE John Gortatray
LEE John Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
LEE Patrick Mullaghmoyle
LEES Matthew Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
LEMON Jane Tullagh Beg
LEONARD James Annaghone
LEONARD Peter Tamnylennan
LEONARD Terence Brackaville
LEONARD Thomas Roughan
LINDSEY John Lurgy
LINDSEY John Tullagh More
LINDSEY Joshua Tullagh Beg
LITTLE Eliza Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
LITTLE James Mullantain
LITTLE James Rousky
LITTLE James C. Stewartstown, Hill Head, (Parkers Farm)
LITTLE John Ardpatrick
LITTLE John Common Moss
LITTLE John Drumagullion
LITTLE John Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
LITTLE John Outlands of Galvally
LITTLE John Outlands of Galvally
LITTLE John Tamnylennan
LOCKHART James Dooragh
LOCKHART James Unicks
LOGAN John Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
LOUERMER [LORIMER] Robert Templereagh
LOUGHRAN Anne Brackaville
LOUGHRAN Charles Brackaville
LOUGHRAN John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
LOY Alexander Tullylig
LYND Anne Gowshill
LYNN William Mullantain
MACADAM Samuel Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MACKEN Robert Brackaville
MACKEN William Brackaville
MACKILHATTON David Castle Farm Stewartstown
MACKILREE Alice Castle Farm Stewartstown
MACKRELL John Tamnylennan
MACRORY Mary Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MACRORY Thomas Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MACRORY Thomas Tullylig
MADDEN Margaret Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MAGAN Robert Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MAGAN Robert Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MAGAW Robert Boyd's Farm
MAGAW William Boyd's Farm
MAGILL John Tamnylennan
MAGLONE Joseph The Diamond, Stewartstown,(Parkers Farm)
MAGLONE Mary Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MAGLONE Patrick Gortatray
MAGOWAN Michael Tamnylennan
MAGOWAN Thomas Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MAGUCKIAN Neal Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MAGUCKIAN Neal Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MAGUCKIAN Richard Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MAJOR Joseph Templereagh
MALLEN Charles Town of Coalisland
MALLEN John Tullylig
MALLIN Charles Town of Coalisland
MALLIN Margaret Brackaville
MANSFIELD Alexander High Cross
MANSFIELD Elizabeth Donaghenry
MANSFIELD William Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MARTIN Edward Brackaville
MARTIN Robert Aghalarg
MASON Jane Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MASON Sarah Mary Tullylig
MATEER James The Diamond, Town of Stewartstown
MAXWELL Rev. John Lisneight
MAYBEN James Drumagullion
MCCALLISKY John Hill Head, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
MCADAM William Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MCALGRUE Hugh, Jun. Drumgormal
MCALGRUE Hugh, Sen Drumgormal
MCALGRUE John Drumgormal
MCANALLY Hugh Brackaville
MCANALLY James Town of Coalisland
MCANALLY John Brackaville
MCANALLY Michael Town of Coalisland
MCANALLY Peter Brackaville
MCANULTY Daniel Tullagh Beg
MCATEER James Gortatray
MCATEER Robert Brackaville
MCBRIDE Elizabeth Killymurphy
MCCALLEN Peter Brackaville
MCCAMISH Adam Drumagullion
MCCAMISH Adam Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MCCANN Neal Town of Coalisland
MCCAUL Francis Town of Coalisland
MCCINE William Annaghone
MCCLELLAND Terence Common Moss
MCCLERNAN Henry Tullagh Beg
MCCLERNAN John Tullagh More
MCCLOY Patrick Lurgy
MCCLUSKEY Nicholas Drumagullion
MCCLUSKY John Town of Coalisland
MCCOLLUM George Dooragh
MCCOLLUM John Castle Farm
MCCOLLUM John Tamnylennan
MCCONNAMEE John Drumagullion
MCCONNELL Eliza Tullagh More
MCCONNELL Eneas Tullagh More
MCCONNELL William Gowshill
MCCOURT Alexander Lurgy
MCCOURT Archibald Drumey
MCCOURT John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MCCRACKEN James Roughan
MCCREA William Lislee
MCCRUM William Tullagh Beg
MCCRYSTAL John Castle Farm
MCCRYSTAL Mary Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MCCULLEN Charles Tullagh Beg
MCCURDY Rev. Samuel Tamnylennan
MCDONALD John Brackaville
MCDONNELL Daniel Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MCDONNELL James Tamnylennan
MCDONNELL Robert Gowshill
MCDONNELL Sarah Brackaville
MCELHONE Jane Tamnylennan
MCELHONE Peter Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
MCELREE Robert Lurgy
MCELROY Samuel Gortagammon
MCELVANNY Bernard Templereagh
MCELVANNY Bernard Urbalreagh
MCELVANNY James Templereagh
MCELWAINE Henry Drumagullion
MCELWAINE Jane Liskittle
MCELWAINE John Drumagullion
MCELWAINE John Liskittle
MCENTIRE Andrew Drumgormal
MCENTIRE Andrew Letterclery
MCENTIRE George Letterclery
MCENTIRE Hugh Drumgormal
MCENTIRE Hugh Letterclery
MCENTIRE James Mullantain
MCENTIRE Samuel Letterclery
MCENTIRE Sarah Anne Drumgormal
MCENTIRE Sarah Anne Letterclery
MCGAHY Robert Innevall
MCGARRY John Town of Coalisland
MCGAW Robert Common Moss
MCGAW Robert Tamnylennan
MCGAW Robert Town of Coalisland
MCGEAGH John Castle Farm
MCGEAGH John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MCGEAGH John Common Moss
MCGEAGH John Drumagullion
MCGEAGH John Lisneight
MCGEAGH John Tamnylennan
MCGEAGHAN William Lisneight
MCGEARY Catherine Town of Coalisland
MCGEARY Margaret Town of Coalisland
MCGEE Robert Shankey
MCGEE Terence Drumagullion
MCGEON Edward Gortatray
MCGEOUGH John Boyd's Farm
MCGERAGHTY John Tamnylennan
MCGILL William, M.D. Mullantain
MCGLADARGAN Andrew Sherrigrim
MCGLADARGAN Mary Sherrigrim
MCGLADDRIGAN John Brackaville
MCGLONE David Tamnylennan
MCGRATH John Lisneight
MCGUCKIAN Richard Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
MCGUILL [MCGILL?] Mary Drumgormal
MCGUINNESS Hugh Tullylig
MCGUINNESS Thomas Brackaville
MCGUIRE Henry Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MCGUIRE Patrick Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MCGUIRK Bridget Town of Coalisland
MCGUIRK Patrick Brackaville
MCGUIRK Patrick Mullaghmoyle
MCILWAINE Hugh Tullagh Beg
MCILWEE Patrick The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
MCKANE John High Cross
MCKAY Henry Tullyfaughan
MCKAY Samuel Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MCKEARNAN James Annaghone
MCKEARNAN Robert Cloghfin
MCKEARNS William Gowshill
MCKEE Ellen Brackaville
MCKEE Ellen Town of Coalisland
MCKENNA Robert Rousky
MCKEON Anne Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
MCKEON Elizabeth Roughan
MCKEON Hannah Roughan
MCKEON Margaret Town of Coalisland
MCKEON William Roughan
MCKEOWN Arthur Liskittle
MCKEOWN James Tullylig
MCKEOWN John Lisneight
MCKEOWN John Tullagh Beg
MCKEOWN Robert Tamnylennan
MCKEY Sarah Killymurphy
MCKNIGHT James Ardpatrick
MCKNIGHT James Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MCLOUGHLIN Arthur Brackaville
MCLOUGHLIN William Lurgy
MCMAHON John Town of Coalisland
MCMANUS Isabella Town of Coalisland
MCMANUS James Boyd's Farm
MCMANUS Patrick Town of Coalisland
MCMASTER John Hill Head, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
MCMULLEN Denis Brackaville
MCQUADE Edward Boyd's Farm
MCQUADE John Hill Head, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
MCQUADE Neal Gortatray
MCQUAID John Common Moss
MCQUAID Michael Drumey
MCREYNOLDS Delilah Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
MCRYSTAL Edward Castle Farm
MCSHANE Edward Town of Coalisland
MCSHANE Felix Town of Coalisland
MCSTRAVOG Michael Brackaville
MCVEAGH William Castle Farm
MCVEIGH William Tullylig
MCWADE [MCQUADE?] Joseph Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
MEEK Thomas Letterclery
MEGLADE Peter Brackaville
MILLER John Lurgy
MILLIGAN John Mullaghmoyle
MILNE James Brackaville
MILNE James Town of Coalisland
MITCHELL John Killymurphy
MOFFETT James Boyd's Farm
MOFFETT Sarah Donaghenry
MOLLOY Catherine Urbalreagh
MOLLOY John Tullagh Beg
MOLLOY Joseph Town of Coalisland
MONETTE Arabella Roughan
MOONEY John Tamnylennan
MOORE Robert Urbalreagh
MOORHEAD Stewart Outlands of Galvally
MOORHEAD Stewart Outlands of Galvally
MORGAN Patrick Brackaville
MORGAN William Tamnylennan
MORRIS Henry Town of Coalisland
MORRIS John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
MORRIS John Mullantain
MORRIS Martha Drumagullion
MORRISON Isabella Gortatray
MORRISON Rober Tullagh Beg
MORRISON Robert Tullylig
MORROW George Brackaville
MULGREW Francis The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
MULGREW James Drumgormal
MULGREW John Drumgormal
MULHOLLAND Margaret Templereagh
MULHOLLAND William Tamnylennan
MULLEN Thomas Castle Farm
MULLIGAN Jane Unicks
MULLIGAN Thomas Killymurphy
MURPHY Thomas Brackaville
MURPHY Thomas Town of Coalisland
MURRAY Charles C. Mullaghmoyle
MURRAY Francis Lisneight
MURRAY Margaret Coolatinny
MURRAY Thomas Tamnylennan
MURTAGH Bernard Drumagullion
MURTAGH Bernard Mullantain
MURTAGH Bernard The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
MURTAGH John Tamnylennan
MUSSEN James Rousky
NEILL Arthur Lurgy
NEILL Charles Annaghone
NEILL Charles Templereagh
NEILL Hannah Roughan
NEILL Hugh Aghalarg Bog
NEILL Hugh Town of Coalisland
NEILL William Donaghenry
NELSON John High Cross
NEWBOURN William Town of Coalisland
NEWBOURNE William Town of Coalisland
NEWELL Charles Tamnylennan
NEWELL Henry Aghalarg
NEWELL Henry Castle Farm
NEWELL Henry Castle Farm, Stewartstown
NEWELL Hugh Liskittle
NEWELL Isabella Drumgormal
NEWELL Isabella Letterclery
NEWELL James Gortatray
NEWELL John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
NEWELL Samuel Killymurphy
NEWELL Sarah Hill Head, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
NEWTON Robert Wm. Town of Coalisland
NICHOLL Margaret Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
NICHOLL William Mullaghmoyle
NICHOLSON Jane Outlands of Galvally
NICHOLSON Jane Outlands of Galvally
NOBLE Mark Brackaville
O’NEILL Arthur Unicks
O’NEILL Catherine Town of Coalisland
O’NEILL Henry Drumgormal
O’NEILL James Castle Farm, Stewartstown
O’NEILL James Mullantain
O’NEILL James Town of Coalisland
O’NEILL John Town of Coalisland
O’NEILL John Tullagh Beg
O’NEILL Michael Mullaghmoyle
O’NEILL Owen Brackaville
O’NEILL Patrick Castle Farm, Stewartstown
O’NEILL Toal Roughan
O'NEILL John Boyd's Farm
O'NEILL Michael Castle Farm, Stewartstown
PALMER John Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
PARK Isabella The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
PARK James Boyd's Farm
PARK John Boyd's Farm
PARK John Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
PARK John Mullaghmoyle
PARK Mary Boyd's Farm
PARK Samuel Cahoo
PARK Samuel Tamnylennan
PARKE John Brackaville
PARKS John Drumagullion
PARKS John Gowshill
PARKS Mrs. Boyd's Farm
PARKS Robert Gowshill
PARKS William Innevall
PATTEN Robert Gortagammon
PATTERSON Charles Tamnylennan
PATTERSON Robert Town of Coalisland
PATTERSON William Castle Farm, Stewartstown
PATTERSON William Tamnylennan
PEERY Robert Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
PERVIS Alexander Shankey
PERVIS James Killymurphy
PERVIS John Innevall
PERVIS John Killymurphy
PERVIS John Urbalreagh
PETERS William Killymurphy
PETERS William Tamnylennan
QUINN Anne Brackaville
QUINN Bernard Brackaville
QUINN Daniel Brackaville
QUINN Daniel Town of Coalisland
QUINN Eliza Town of Coalisland
QUINN Fanny Town of Coalisland
QUINN Francis Brackaville
QUINN Francis Castle Farm, Stewartstown
QUINN Hugh Brackaville
QUINN James Town of Coalisland
QUINN John Brackaville
QUINN Mary Brackaville
QUINN Patrick Brackaville
QUINN Patrick Town of Coalisland
QUINN Robert Shankey
QUINN Sarah Boyd's Farm
QUINN Sarah Common Moss
QUINN Sarah The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
QUINN Susan Town of Coalisland
QUINN William Castle Farm, Stewartstown
RACKS [ROCKS?] John Town of Coalisland
RAFFERTY Bernard Gortatray
RAFFERTY James Tullagh More
RAFFERTY Michael Brackaville
RAMSAY John Town of Coalisland
READ Eliza Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
REANEY James Brackaville
REANEY James Town of Coalisland
REANEY William Roughan
REANY Joseph Coolatinny
REANY Robert Annaghone
REED Andrew Innevall
REED William Drumgormal
REGAN Daniel Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
REID Samuel Cahoo
REYNOLDS James Cloghfin
RICHARDSON David Town of Coalisland
RICHARDSON Edward Aghalarg
RICHARDSON John Aghalarg
RIDDLE Henry Dooragh
ROBB Henry Town of Coalisland
ROBINSON Hugh Castle Farm
ROBINSON Hugh D. Tamnylennan
ROBINSON James Castle Farm, Stewartstown
ROBINSON John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
ROBINSON Margaret Tullyfaughan
ROBINSON Maryanne Drumey
ROBINSON Thomas Drumey
ROBINSON William Brackaville
ROBSON Elizabeth High Cross
ROBSON Elizabeth Lurgy
ROBSON Hugh Lurgy
ROBSON James Sessiagh
ROBSON John Lurgy
ROBSON Rosanna Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
ROCKS John Roughan
ROCKS Patrick Mullaghmoyle
RODDY Joseph High Cross
ROGERS James Mullaghmoyle
ROGERS James Tullagh Beg
ROGERS John Dooragh
ROGERS John Gortacloghan
ROGERS John Gortacloghan
ROGERS John Rousky
ROGERS Thomas Mullaghmoyle
ROGERS William Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
ROGERS William Tullagh Beg
ROURKE John Brackaville
RUSH Francis The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
RUSSELL Anne Letterclery
RUSSELL John Letterclery
RUSSELL Margaret Drumgormal
RUSSELL Robert Aghalarg
RUSSELL Robert Drumgormal
RUSSELL William Aghalarg
SCOTT John Innevall
SEARIGHT Benjamin Roughan
SHIELDS John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
SILLBURN John, Jun. Drumgormal
SILLBURN John, Sen. Drumgormal
SIMPSON Edward Brackaville
SIMPSON John Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
SIMPSON Robert Castle Farm
SIMPSON Robert Lisneight
SLAUCE [SLOSS] John Liskittle
SLEVIN Patrick Town of Coalisland
SLOAN George Annaghone
SLOAN George Innevall
SLOAN George Town of Coal Island
SLOAN George, Jun. Innevall
SLOAN James Annaghone
SLOAN John Annaghone
SLOAN Robert Annaghone
SLOAN Thomas Annaghone
SLOANE George Brackaville
SLOANE George Town of Coalisland
SLOANE George, Sen. Brackaville
SLOANE Thomas Brackaville
SMILEY Robert Town of Coalisland
SMITH Henry Gortagammon
SMITH Matilda Lisneight
SMITH Robert Gortacloghan
SMITH Robert Gortacloghan
SMITH Thomas Castle Farm, Stewartstown
SNEATH William Soarn
SPEAR William Soarn
SPENCE Robert Lurgy
SPINDLOW James Town of Coalisland
SPINLOW Harrison Brackaville
STANLEY Charles Roughan
STANLEY Charles Tullagh More
STEEN Andrew Urbalreagh
STEEN Thomas High Cross
STEENSON James Tamnylennan
STENISON John Donaghenry
STENSON James Templereagh
STENSON Mary Urbalreagh
STENSON Samuel Roughan
STEPHENSON Richard Castle Farm, Stewartstown
STEVENSON Elizabeth Roughan
STEVENSON John Roughan
STEWART Adam Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
STEWART James Drumagullion
STEWART James Tullylig
STEWART John Cloghfin
STEWART Joseph Lislee
STEWART Mary Castle Farm, Stewartstown
STEWART Robert Brackaville
STEWART Robert Dooragh
STEWART Robert Templereagh
STEWART Thomas Town of Coalisland
STEWART Walter Innevall
STEWART William Shankey
SUMMERVILLE Robert Town of Coalisland
TAGGART John Tamnylennan
TAGGART Rose Anne Sherrigrim
TALLY Mary Brackaville
TALLY Mary Town of Coalisland
TAUGHTON Richard Tamnylennan
TAYLOR James Cloghfin
TAYLOR William Sherrigrim
TIERNAY Edward Tullagh More
TIERNEY Owen Brackaville
TOHILL Daniel Hill Head, Boyd's Farm
TOLAND James The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
TOMNEY Edward Tamnylennan
TOMONS John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
TONER Murtagh Castle Farm, Stewartstown
TRAINOR Philip Town of Coalisland
TURNER James Brackaville
VALLALY Bernard Tullagh More
VALLALY Joseph Tullagh More
VANCE James Cahoo
VANCE James Innevall
VANCE Robert D. Cahoo
WALKER Hugh Letterclery
WALKER John Tullagh Beg
WALKER John, Sen. Tullagh Beg
WALKER William Lurgy
WALLACE James Gortagammon
WALLACE Jane Brackaville
WALSH Edward Aghalarg Bog
WALSH Edward Gortatray Bog
WALSH Margaret Tamnylennan
WARD Farrell Tullylig
WARD Maurice Brackaville
WAUGH Thomas Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
WAUGH Thomas Tamnylennan
WEIR James Boyd's Farm
WEIR James Drumagullion
WEIR Joseph Brackaville
WEIR Joseph Town of Coalisland
WEIR William Sherrigrim
WEUGH [WAUGH] James Drumagullion
WHITE James Gortatray
WHITE Robert Brackaville
WHITTLE William B. Drumagullion
WHITTLE William B. Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
WHITTLE William B. Tamnylennan
WILCOCKS James Parkers Farm
WILEY Jane Drumgormal
WILEY Richardson Rousky
WILLIAMSON James Tullagh Beg
WILSON Andrew Ardpatrick
WILSON Benjamin Sherrigrim
WILSON David Gortatray
WILSON Hugh Tamnylennan
WILSON James Brackaville
WILSON James Cloghfin
WILSON John Brackaville
WILSON John Castle Farm
WILSON John Castle Farm, Stewartstown
WILSON John Roughan
WILSON John Sherrigrim
WILSON John Tamnylennan
WILSON Margaret Galvally or Stevenson's Dowery
WOOD John Lisneight
WOODHOUSE George Gortatray
WOODHOUSE Robert Unicks
WOODS Hugh Mullantain
WOODS Hugh The Diamond, Stewartstown, (Parkers Farm)
WOODS John Castle Farm
WOODS John Coolatinny
WOODS John Tamnylennan
WOODS Patrick Tullagh Beg
WOODS Robert Castle Farm, Stewartstown
WRIGHT Ellen Town of Coalisland
WRIGHT Henry Castle Farm, Stewartstown
WRIGHT Hugh Sherrigrim
WRIGHT Jane Castle Farm, Stewartstown
WRIGHT Mary Cahoo
WRIGHT William Shankey
WRIGHT William Sherrigrim

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