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Index to Griffiths Valuation of Donaghedy Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Extracted from General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland - Valuation of Several Tenements in the Union of Strabane (Part of)
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see



ABERCORN Marquis of Castlemellan
ABERCORN Marquis of Cavancreagh
ABERCORN Marquis of Dunnyboe
ABERCORN Marquis of Tullyard
AIKEN George Gobnascale
AIKEN Samuel Taboe Glebe
AIKEN William Leat
AIKIN George Leitrim
ALEXANDER George Binnelly
ALEXANDER James Fawney
ALEXANDER Janet H. Grange Foyle
ALEXANDER John Castlemellan
ALEXANDER John Dunnamanagh (Village)
ALEXANDER Joseph Magherareagh
ALEXANDER Mrs. Coolmaghery
ALEXANDER Robert Altrest
ALEXANDER Robert Ardmore
ALEXANDER Robert Dullerton
ALEXANDER Robert Gortmessan
ALEXANDER Robert Sandville
ALEXANDER Thomas Mountcastle
ALEXANDER William Bunowen
ALEXANDER William Fawney
ALFORD John Carrickatane
ALFORD Robert Cavancreagh
ALLEN David Killyclooney
ALLEN John Killyclooney
ALLEN Robert Cloghboy
ALLEN William Killyclooney
ANDERSON James Cloghogle
ANDERSON James Tamnabrady
ANDERSON Robert Killyclooney
ARDBUCKLE John Gortileck
ARDBUCKLE Joseph Dunnamanagh (Village)
ARDBUCKLE Joseph, Jr. Rousky
ARDBUCKLE Joseph, Sr. Rousky
ARDBUCKLE William Windy Hill
ARMSTRONG Elizabeth Coolmaghery
ARMSTRONG James Meenagh Hill
ASHE William Killyclooney
ASHE William Windy Hill
BAILEY John Killyclooney
BAILIE Ferguson Dunnyboe
BAILIE James Dunnyboe
BAILIE William Drumman
BAIRD Andrew Aughtermoy
BAIRD Andrew Lisnaragh Irish
BAIRD Andrew Rousky
BAIRD Archibald Creaghcor
BAIRD Daniel Castlemellan
BAIRD James Aughtermoy
BAIRD James Creaghan Glebe
BAIRD James Drain
BAIRD Joseph Creaghcor
BAIRD Mark Drain
BAIRD Violet Aughtermoy
BAIRD William Aughtermoy
BAIRD William Taboe Glebe
BALL John Cavancreagh
BANE James Gortavea
BARR Isaac Coolmaghery
BATES John Glencosh
BATES Joseph Glencosh
BATES William Killyclooney
BAYLE Daniel Moyagh
BLACK Frances Dunnamanagh (Village)
BLACK John Bunowen
BLACK Robert Drumman
BLEE Bryan Tirkernaghan
BLEE John Altishahane
BLEE Patrick Altishahane
BOND James Church Hill
BOND Jane Liscloon Upper
BOND Robert Dullerton
BOND Sarah Fawney
BOND Thomas Fawney
BOYLE Bernard Tirkernaghan
BOYLE Esther Ballybeeny
BOYLE Hugh Loughash
BOYLE Joseph Castlemellan
BOYLE Matilda Leitrim
BOYLE William Tirkernaghan
BRADLEY Patrick Moyagh
BRANNAGAN John Lisnaragh Irish
BRAWLEY Ellen Loughash
BREDAN James Gortileck
BREDAN John Church Hill
BRESLAND James Aghafad
BRISON Hugh Balix Upper
BRISON Michael Binbunniff
BRISON Patrick Loughash
BRITTON Mary Tamnabrady
BROLLY John Ballyneaner
BROLLY John Bunowen
BROLLY William Bunowen
BROWN Andrew Tullyard
BROWN Bernard Moneycanon
BROWN Bryan Drumgauty
BROWN James Bunowen
BROWN James Glennagoorland Glebe
BROWN James Gortmellan
BROWN John Bunowen
BROWN John Glennagoorland Glebe
BROWN John Moneycanon
BROWN Margaret Liscloon Upper
BROWN Mary Altrest
BROWN Robert Altrest
BROWN Walter Glennagoorland Glebe
BROWN William Ballaghalare
BROWN William Cullion
BROWN William Gloudstown
BROWN William Gobnascale
BROWN William Gortmellan
BROWNE Andrew Binbunniff
BROWNE Bernard Balix Lower
BROWNE Daniel Aghafad
BROWNE Francis Balix Upper
BROWNE James Dunnamanagh (Village)
BROWNE James Lisnaragh Scotch
BROWNE James Stonyfalls
BROWNE John Loughash
BROWNE Patrick Claggan North
BROWNE Samuel, Jr. Aghafad
BROWNE Samuel, Sr. Aghafad
BROWNE William Aghabrack
BRYCE James Glencosh
BUCHANAN Alexander Church Hill
BUCHANAN Joseph Killyclooney
CALLAGHAN George Carnagribban
CALLAGHAN James Carnagribban
CALLAGHAN Michael Lisnaragh Scotch
CAMPBELL Andrew Dunnamanagh (Village)
CAMPBELL Andrew Stonyfalls
CAMPBELL Francis Ballaghalare
CAMPBELL Hugh Ballynamallaght
CAMPBELL James Gortmellan
CAMPBELL James Windy Hill
CAMPBELL Patrick Tirkernaghan
CAMPBELL Robert Tirkernaghan
CAMPBELL Widow Fawney
CAMPBELL William Tullyard
CARLAND Thomas Loughash
CARLEN Michael Altishahane
CARMICHAEL George Drumenny Big
CAROLAN Hugh Tullyard
CAROLAN John Ballyneaner
CAROLAN Patrick Milltown
CAROLAN William Bunowen
CARR Alexander Drumenny Little
CARR Andrew Gortavea
CARR Jane Binbunniff
CARTAN Patrick Moneycanon
CARTON Bryan Loughash
CARTON Ellen Loughash
CARTON James Loughash
CASSIDY Mary Balix Upper
CHAMBERS Archibald Liscloon Lower
CHAMBERS James Liscloon Upper
CHANCELLOR Rev. Josias A. Tamnabrady
CHEEKER William Liscloon Lower
CHISHOLM William Gortmellan
CHRISTIE Robert Rousky
CHRISTY Anne Claggan South
CLARKE Catherine Lisdivin Lower
CLARKE James Drumenny Big
CLARKE James Gobnascale
CLARKE John Fawney
CLARKE John, Reps of Tamnaclare
CLARKE Joseph Tamnaclare
CLEMENTS William Gortmonly
COCHRANE Andrew Bunowen
COLEMAN George Leitrim
COLEMAN James Tirconnelly
COLGAN Bella Balix Upper
COLHOUN Hugh Leitrim
COLHOUN James Dunnamanagh (Village)
COLHOUN James Fawney
COLHOUN James Gortmellan
COLHOUN James, Jr. Fawney
COLHOUN Jane Ballyneaner
COLHOUN John Carrickatane
COLHOUN John Moneycanon
COLHOUN John Mountcastle
COLHOUN John Stonyfalls
COLHOUN John, Jr. Fawney
COLHOUN John, Sr. Fawney
COLHOUN William Ballyneaner
COLHOUN William Castlemellan
COLHOUN William Gortmellan
COLTHURST Rev. Henry Tullyard
CONNISON Walter Dunnamanagh
CONNOR Philip Dunnyboe
CONNOR Rose Anne Doorat
CONWAY Alice Balix Upper
CONWAY Arthur Meendamph
CONWAY Bridget Meendamph
CONWAY Patrick Meendamph
CONWAY Rose Altishahane
CONWELL Charles Dunnyboe
COOK William Killyclooney
COOKE John Creaghan Glebe
COOKE John Killyclooney
COOKE William Windy Hill
COOPER William Eden
COULTER Robert Cloghboy
COWAN John Milltown
COYLE Margaret Ballaghalare
COYLE Patrick Dunnamanagh (Village)
CRAIG David Binnelly
CRAIG Henry Aghafad
CRAIG James Cullion
CRAIG Robert Binnelly
CRAIG Thomas Drain
CRAIG William Tirkernaghan
CRAWFORD John Glennagoorland Glebe
CULLION Anne Rousky
CUNNEA John Mountcastle
CUNNINGHAM Alex. Liscloon Upper
CUNNINGHAM Daniel Claggan South
CUNNINGHAM David Tamnaclare
CUNNINGHAM James Claggan South
CUNNINGHAM James Glennagoorland Glebe
CUNNINGHAM Jane Tamnaclare
CUNNINGHAM John Tamnabrady
CUNNINGHAM Mary Mountcastle
CUNNINGHAM Robert Gobnascale
CUNNINGHAM Robert Magheramason
CUNNINGHAM Samuel Glennagoorland Glebe
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Gortmellan
CUNNINGHAM William Creaghan Glebe
CURRY James Coolmaghery
CURRY John Sandville
DALY Archibald Aghabrack
DALY Denis Aghabrack
DALY John Tamnabryan
DALY Rose Gortileck
DANIEL Isaac Cloghboy
DANIEL Isaac Cloghogle
DANIEL Isaac Gortavea
DANIEL Isaac Tamnabrady
DANTON Henry Leitrim
DAVIS Jane Glencosh
DAVIS Joseph Ballyheather
DAVIS Matthew Ballyheather
DAVIS Matthew Lisdivin Lower
DAVIS William Drumgauty
DAVY John Tullyard
DAY Andrew Killyclooney
DAY James Gortmellan
DAY Martha Killyclooney
DAY William Killyclooney
DEANS Henry Drain
DEANS Nelson Drain
DEANS Robert Drain
DEERY Eliza Gobnascale
DEERY George Magherareagh
DEERY Patrick Dunnamanagh (Village)
DEERY Patrick Rousky
DEERY William Liscloon Lower
DEERY William Tirkernaghan
DEMPSEY Daniel Eden
DENNISON Samuel Castlemellan
DEVANNY Mary Tullyard
DEVANY Margaret Barran
DEVIN Richard Milltown
DEVINE Bernard Aghafad
DEVINE Bernard Balix Lower
DEVINE Bernard Balix Upper
DEVINE Bernard Doorat
DEVINE Bernard Meendamph
DEVINE Bridget Balix Lower
DEVINE Bridget Ballyneaner
DEVINE Bridget Stonebrack
DEVINE Bryan Stonebrack
DEVINE Charles Balix Lower
DEVINE Charles Meendamph
DEVINE Charles Stonebrack
DEVINE Daniel Balix Upper
DEVINE Danl Balix Upper
DEVINE Edward Loughash
DEVINE Felix Balix Lower
DEVINE Francis Stonebrack
DEVINE George Aghafad
DEVINE George Ballynamallaght
DEVINE Henry Ballynamallaght
DEVINE Henry Clogherny
DEVINE Hugh Balix Lower
DEVINE Hugh Doorat
DEVINE Hugh Loughash
DEVINE James Balix Lower
DEVINE James Ballynamallaght
DEVINE James Carrickayne
DEVINE James Doorat
DEVINE James Legnagappoge
DEVINE James Loughash
DEVINE James, Sr. Loughash
DEVINE John Aghafad
DEVINE John Balix Lower
DEVINE John Ballynamallaght
DEVINE John Doorat
DEVINE John Meendamph
DEVINE John Stonebrack
DEVINE Kate Stonebrack
DEVINE Mary Lisnaragh Scotch
DEVINE Michael Loughash
DEVINE Michael Meendamph
DEVINE Neal Balix Lower
DEVINE Neal Doorat
DEVINE Neal Stonebrack
DEVINE Owen Balix Upper
DEVINE Patrick Aghabrack
DEVINE Patrick Aghafad
DEVINE Patrick Balix Lower
DEVINE Patrick Doorat
DEVINE Patrick Glengarrow
DEVINE Patrick Meendamph
DEVINE Peter Loughash
DEVINE Quintin Balix Upper
DEVINE Richard Loughash
DEVINE Richard Stonebrack
DEVINE William Loughash
DEVLIN James Balix Upper
DEVLIN Owen Balix Upper
DEVLIN Patrick Balix Upper
DEVLIN Patrick Clogherny
DIARMOD Patrick Liscloon Lower
DILLON Thomas Dunnamanagh
DINSMORE Mary Mountcastle
DIVIN David Ballykeery
DIVIN David Dunnyboe
DIVIN Edward Drain
DIVIN Hugh Ballyneaner
DIVIN Hugh Rousky
DIVIN James Tirconnelly
DIVIN Jas. Ballynacross
DIVIN John Ballykeery
DIVIN Mary Tirkernaghan
DIVIN Michael Ballynacross
DIVIN Michl. Ballykeery
DIVIN Neal Liscloon Lower
DIVIN Patrick Ballykeery
DIVIN Patrick Drumman
DIVIN Patrick Dunnyboe
DIVIN Patrick Tirkernaghan
DIVIN Richard Carrickatane
DIVIN William Ballykeery
DOGHERTY Edward Altrest
DOGHERTY William Coolmaghery
DOGHERTY William Drain
DOHERTY Catherine Ballaghalare
DOHERTY Edward Castlemellan
DOHERTY Edward Loughash
DOHERTY Francis Milltown
DOHERTY George Killenny
DOHERTY James Loughash
DOHERTY John Gortmellan
DOHERTY John Tirkernaghan
DOHERTY Patrick Drain
DOHERTY Patrick Drumenny Big
DOHERTY Thomas Killyclooney
DOHERTY William Ballybeeny
DOHERTY William Binbunniff
DOHERTY William Drumman
DOHERTY William Dunnamanagh (Village)
DOHERTY William Gortmellan
DONAGH John Tamnabrady
DONAGHY George Doorat
DONAGHY Henry Doorat
DONAGHY Hugh Dunnamanagh (Village)
DONAGHY Hugh Stonyfalls
DONAGHY Hugh Stonyfalls
DONAGHY James Loughash
DONAGHY James Rousky
DONAGHY James Taboe Glebe
DONAGHY John Dunnamanagh (Village)
DONAGHY John Gortclare
DONAGHY Richard Mountcastle
DONAGHY Rose Gortileck
DONALD James Killenny
DONALD William Carnagribban
DONEHY George Carrickayne
DONEHY James Carrickayne
DONEHY Michael Carrickayne
DONNELL Fanny Ballynamallaght
DONNELL Hugh Gortmellan
DONNELL William Ballynamallaght
DONNELL William Gortmellan
DONNELLY Thomas Grange Foyle
DOWNEY Jane Ardmore
DUDDY Thomas Lisnaragh Irish
DUNN Hamilton Drain
DUNNE Andw. Glennagoorland Glebe
DUNNE James Dunnamanagh (Village)
DUNNE James Glennagoorland Glebe
DUNNE James Stonyfalls
DUNNE James Tirconnelly
DUNNE Jane Cullion
DUNNE Thomas Glennagoorland Glebe
DUNNE William Glennagoorland Glebe
DURRAGH James Drumman
DURRAGH William Killycurry
EATON Alexander Ballyneaner
EATON John Ballyneaner
EDGAR John Taboe Glebe
EDGAR Matthew Carrickatane
EDGAR William Cullion
EDGAR William Taboe Glebe
EDIE Alex. C. D. L. Drain
EDIE Alex. C. D. L. Milltown
EDWARDS Eliza Cloghogle
EDWARDS Thomas Cloghogle
EGAN James Drumman
EGAN Robert Bunowen
ELLIOTT John Magherareagh
ELLIS David Bunowen
ELLIS George Creaghan Glebe
ELLIS George Drain
ELLIS George Taboe Glebe
ELLIS John Moneycanon
ELLIS Robert Castlewarren
ELLIS William Bunowen
ELLIS William Dunnamanagh (Village)
ELLIS William Legnagappoge
EVANS Archibald Castlemellan
EVANS John Milltown
FAIR Andrew Killyclooney
FAIR Samuel Glencosh
FAIR William Windy Hill
FAIR William, Jr. Killyclooney
FAIR William, Sr. Killyclooney
FAULKNER John Stranabrosny
FAULKNER John Tullyard
FAULKNER John James Moyagh
FAULKNER Thomas Tullyard
FAUSSETT John Killyclooney
FERGUSON Andrew Creaghan Glebe
FINLAY James Gortavea
FLANAGAN Anne Meendamph
FLETCHER Mrs. Dunnamanagh (Village)
FORBES Andrew Lisnaragh Irish
FORBES Charles Lisnaragh Irish
FORD James Creaghcor
FORSYTHE Sarah Jane Tamnabryan
FOSTER William Killenny
FRIEL James Meenagh Hill
FULTON Catherine Windy Hill
FULTON David Loughash
FULTON James Killyclooney
FULTON John Killyclooney
FULTON John Windy Hill
FULTON William Windy Hill
FURY Bryan Altishahane
FURY Michael Tirkernaghan
GALBRAITH Andrew Stonyfalls
GALBRAITH James Stonyfalls
GALBRAITH Joseph Tirkernaghan
GALBRAITH William Stonyfalls
GALLAGHER Charles Glennagoorland Glebe
GALLAGHER James Lisnaragh Scotch
GALLAGHER John Loughash
GALLAGHER Margaret Gloudstown
GAMBLE Eliza Tamnakeery
GAMBLE George Tirkernaghan
GAMBLE John Cloghogle
GAMBLE John Grange Foyle
GAMBLE John Meenagh Hill
GAMBLE John Tamnakeery
GAMBLE Joseph Eden
GAMBLE Joseph Tamnabryan
GAMBLE Robert Castlewarren
GAMBLE Robert Tamnakeery
GAMBLE Samuel Coolmaghery
GAMBLE Samuel Drumenny Big
GAMBLE Samuel Meenagh Hill
GAMBLE William Magheramason
GARDINER William Magheramason
GEOFFREY [JEFFREY] Alexander Drumenny Little
GEOFFREY [JEFFREY] Alexander Magherareagh
GEOFFREY [JEFFREY] John Magherareagh
GIBSON Hugh Lisdivin Lower
GIBSON James Castlemellan
GILMORE James Castlemellan
GILMORE Thomas Cullion
GILMORE Thomas Gortmellan
GLEN Robert Castlemellan
GLEN Thomas Carrickatane
GLEN William Gortileck
GLENFIELD Thomas Drumenny Little
GLYNN James Tullyard
GLYNN Robert Tullyard
GORDON Douglas, Hon. & Rev. Creaghan Glebe
GORDON Douglas, Hon. & Rev. Taboe Glebe
GORDON James Grange Foyle
GORDON John Killycurry
GORDON John, Jr. Killyclooney
GORDON John, Sr. Killyclooney
GORDON Joseph Killyclooney
GORMAN James Tirkernaghan
GORMLEY Charles Aghabrack
GORMLEY James Aghabrack
GORMLEY James Carrickayne
GORMLEY James Drain
GORMLEY James Loughash
GORMLEY John Aghafad
GORMLEY John Drain
GORMLEY John Lisnaragh Irish
GORMLEY Michael Ballynamallaght
GORMLEY Neal Carrickayne
GORMLEY Neal Glengarrow
GORMLEY Owen Glengarrow
GORMLEY Owen Legnagappoge
GORMLEY Patrick Ballynamallaght
GORMLEY Philip Aghabrack
GORMLY James Killyclooney
GORMLY William Tamnabryan
GRAHAM George Legnagappoge
GRAHAM George Lisnaragh
GRAHAM William Gortileck
GREENWOOD John Clogherny
GRIFFIN John Dunnamanagh (Village)
GRIFFIN John Glennagoorland Glebe
GUTHERIE Samuel Ballyheather
HAGAN Daniel Meendamph
HAGARTY Ellen Ballykeery
HAGARTY James Tirkernaghan
HAGARTY Peter Tirkernaghan
HALL James Gobnascale
HALL John Gobnascale
HAMILTON David Binbunniff
HAMILTON George Ballyheather
HAMILTON George Binbunniff
HAMILTON James Binbunniff
HAMILTON James Dunnalong
HAMILTON James Gloudstown
HAMILTON James Stranabrosny
HAMILTON Jane Tirkernaghan
HAMILTON John Dunnamanagh (Village)
HAMILTON John Gloudstown
HAMILTON Martha Gortmellan
HAMILTON Matthew Binnelly
HAMILTON Ralph Sandville
HAMILTON Rebecca Barran
HAMILTON Robert Gloudstown
HAMILTON William Binbunniff
HAMPTON Daniel Ballaghalare
HANNA Jane Tullyard
HANNA John Killenny
HANNA John Killycurry
HARAN Eliza Stonyfalls
HARAN John Dunnamanagh (Village)
HARAN Michael Gortileck
HARKEN Charles Aghafad
HARKEN John Aghafad
HARKEN Margaret Loughash
HARKEN Thomas, Jr. Ballynamallaght
HARKEN Thomas, Sr. Ballynamallaght
HARKEN Thomas, Sr. Ballynamallaght
HARKIN Daniel Tirkernaghan
HARKIN Margaret Clogherny
HARPUR James Creaghcor
HASLETT Edward Rousky
HASLETT Hugh Dullerton
HASLETT Isabella Magheramason
HASLETT James Dullerton
HASLETT John Dunnamanagh (Village)
HASSAN Peter Balix Upper
HASTY Adam Cullion
HATRICK Margaret Tamnaclare
HAUGHEY George Aghafad
HAUGHEY William Aghafad
HENDERSON John Cullion
HENDERSON John Lisnaragh Irish
HENRY James Ballybeeny
HENRY Joseph Rousky
HENRY Robert Rousky
HERON John Ballaghalare
HEWSTON Christopher Killyclooney
HEWSTON Thomas Taboe Glebe
HEYLANDS James Castlemellan
HIGHLAND John Creaghan Glebe
HILL Alexander Gortmellan
HOLLAND James Binbunniff
HOLMES Charles Tirconnelly
HOLMES John Glencosh
HOLMES John Stranabrosny
HOLMES Robt McCrea Glencosh
HONE James Drumman
HONE Philip Taboe Glebe
HONE Thomas Moneycanon
HOPKINS John Loughash
HUEY Joseph Castlemellan
HUEY Robert Glencosh
HUGHEY George Aghafad
HUGHEY James Aghafad
HUGHEY Joseph Aghafad
HUGHEY Robert Aghafad
HUGHEY William Aghafad
HUNTER Isabella Killyclooney
HUNTER James Sandville
HUNTER Joseph Tamnabrady
HUNTER Robert Ballaghalare
HUSTON William Mountcastle
HUTCHINSON James Tamnabrady
HUTCHINSON John Lisdivin Lower
HYNDMAN Barry [Barre] Dunnamanagh (Village)
IRWIN Andrew Drain
JACK George Meendamph
JACK James Rousky
JACK James Tirkernaghan
JACK John Tirkernaghan
JACK Matilda Lisnaragh Irish
JAMESON William Castlewarren
JEFFREY William Tirkernaghan
JEFFREY (see also GEOFFREY]    
JERVIS William Magherareagh
JOHNSTON John Ballaghalare
JOHNSTON Samuel Gobnascale
JOHNSTON Thomas Lisnaragh Scotch
JOHNSTON William Dunnamanagh (Village)
JONES Jane Windy Hill
KANE Elizabeth Aughtermoy
KANE Margaret Dullerton
KAYS [KEYS] Alexander Meenagh Hill
KAYS [KEYS] Davidson Drain
KAYS [KEYS] Robert Creaghan Glebe
KAYS [KEYS] William Drumman
KAYS [KEYS] William Dunnalong
KAYS [KEYS] William Leat
KEADY Andrew Drain
KEANE Bernard Balix Upper
KEANE Francis Meendamph
KEANE Michael Meendamph
KEANE Owen Meendamph
KEARNEY Francis, Jr. Clogherny
KEARNEY Francis, Sr. Clogherny
KEARNEY Sarah Doorat
KEARNS James Dunnyboe
KEE David Tullyard
KEE Geoffrey Magherareagh
KEE John Cullion
KEE John Magherareagh
KEE John Milltown
KEE Robert Gortileck
KEE Robert Milltown
KEE Samuel Gobnascale
KEE Samuel Gortileck
KEENAN John Magherareagh
KELLY Edward Loughash
KELLY James Magheramason
KELLY John Carrickatane
KELLY John Dunnamanagh (Village)
KELLY John Loughash
KELLY John Taboe Glebe
KELLY Michael Loughash
KELLY William Loughash
KENNEDY James Taboe Glebe
KENNEDY John P. Loughash
KENNEDY Joseph Ballyneaner
KENNEDY Thomas Taboe Glebe
KENNEDY William Ballyneaner
KERLIN Denis Loughash
KERLIN James, Jr. Loughash
KERLIN James, Sr. Loughash
KERRIGAN Ellen Liscloon Upper
KERRIGAN James Gortclare
KERRIGAN James Stonyfalls
KERRIGAN James Windy Hill
KERRIGAN John Ballaghalare
KERRIGAN John Claggan North
KERRIGAN John Killenny
KERRIGAN Neal, Reps of Claggan North
KERRIGAN William Aughtermoy
KERRIGAN William Tirkernaghan
KEYS Davidson Rousky
KEYS James Tamnabrady
KEYS William Tirkernaghan
KIDD James Cloghogle
KILDEA James Tamnaclare
KILGORE James Ballynabwee
KILGORE John Ballynabwee
KILGORE John Cullion
KILGORE Joseph Ballynabwee
KILGORE William Ballynabwee
KILGORE William Cullion
KILLIN Andrew Ballyneaner
KINCAID David Creaghan Glebe
KINCAID James Milltown
KINCAID Margaret Dunnamanagh Village)
KING Archibald Eden
KING Catherine Altrest
KING Ross Eden
KING Sarah Altrest
KING William Eden
KIRK Bryan Meendamph
KIRK Peter Legnagappoge
LAFFERTY James Church Hill
LAFFERTY Sarah Milltown
LAMRACK Robin Tirconnelly
LATA William Killenny
LEECH Alexander Cullion
LEECH Alexander Meenagh Hill
LEECH Thomas Gortmellan
LEMON John Aughtermoy
LENAGHAN Daniel Dunnamanagh (Village)
LEVINGSTON John Ballynamallaght
LEWIS Joseph Eden
LEWIS William Killyclooney
LINDSAY Alexander Ballynamallaght
LINDSAY Alexander Killyclooney
LINDSAY Alexander Rousky
LINDSAY George Gortavea
LINDSAY James Killenny
LINDSAY Robert P. Rousky
LINDSAY Thomas Rousky
LINDSAY William Lisnaragh Irish
LITTLE Jane Gloudstown
LOGAN Hugh Magherareagh
LOGAN James Eden
LOGAN Thomas Killycurry
LOGUE Allen Cloghogle
LOGUE Catherine Drumman
LOGUE Charles Drumman
LOGUE James Drumenny Big
LOGUE James Gortclare
LOGUE John Ardmore
LOGUE John Drumman
LOGUE John Liscloon Upper
LOGUE Joseph Milltown
LOGUE Mary Drumman
LOGUE Patrick Liscloon Lower
LOGUE William Gortmellan
LOGUE William Loughash
LONG John Carrickatane
LONG Joseph Moyagh
LOUGHLIN James Cavancreagh
LOUGHLIN John W. Ballaghalare
LOUGHLIN Martha Ballaghalare
LOUGHLIN Robert Carrickatane
LOUGHLIN Thomas Ballaghalare
LOUGHLIN William Ballaghalare
LOUGHLIN William Castlemellan
LOUGHLIN William Gortileck
LOUGHREY James Tirkernaghan
LOUGHRY Arthur Glennagoorland Glebe
LOUGHRY Edward Gortmonly
LOUGHRY Felix Meendamph
LOVE Andrew Sollus
LOVE David Altishahane
LOVE David Creaghcor
LOVE George Gortavea
LOVE George Tamnaclare
LOVE James, Jr. Ardmore
LOVE James, Sr. Ardmore
LOVE Joseph Cavancreagh
LOVE Joseph Gortmellan
LOVE Mary Gortmonly
LOVE Maxwell Aghafad
LOVE Robert Ardmore
LOVE Robert Gortmonly
LOVE Victor Creaghcor
LOWRY David Binnelly
LOWRY James Glencosh
LOWRY Jane Cullion
LOWRY Stephen Cullion
LYNCH James Barran
LYNCH James Loughash
LYNCH James Tamnakeery
LYNCH James Tirkernaghan
LYNCH John Cloghboy
LYNCH John Creaghcor
LYNCH Michael Cloghboy
LYNCH Neal Liscloon Upper
LYNCH Neal Moneycanon
LYNCH Robert Cloghogle
LYNCH William Creaghcor
LYNCH William Grange Foyle
LYON John Mountcastle
LYONS David Taboe Glebe
MACKEY John Drumenny Big
MACKEY John Mountcastle
MACKEY Robert Mountcastle
MAGEE James Leitrim
MAGEE John Dunnamanagh (Village)
MAGEE John Stranabrosny
MAGHERY Michael Dunnamanagh (Village)
MAGILL James Ballyneaner
MAGILL William Ballyneaner
MAGUIRE John Ballaghalare
MAGUIRE Philip Ballaghalare
MAHAFFY James Ballyneaner
MAHAFFY William Lisnaragh Irish
MALLINS James Tirkernaghan
MANKLAM James Tullyard
MARTIN John Gobnascale
MARTIN John Killycurry
MARTIN John Milltown
MARTIN John Tullyard
MATHERS Anne Tamnaclare
MATHERS James Coolmaghery
MATHERS John Tamnabryan
MATHERS Joseph Altrest
MATHERS Joseph Magheramason
MATHERS Joseph Tamnabryan
MATHERS Mary Coolmaghery
MATHERS Robert Ardmore
MAXWELL James Gortmessan
MAXWELL John Tirkernaghan
MAXWELL Joseph Grange Foyle
MCALEER Arthur Balix Upper
MCALEER Patrick Balix Upper
MCALEER Robert Aghafad
MCALLA Robert Glencosh
MCANENNY Anne Balix Upper
MCANENNY Arthur Balix Upper
MCANURLIN John Drumenny Big
MCANURLIN Samuel Tamnabrady
MCARTHUR William Tullyard
MCATEER John Tirconnelly
MCAWARD Richard Loughash
MCBETH James Liscloon Upper
MCBRIDE James Clogherny
MCBRIDE John Meendamp
MCBRIDE Michael Aghafad
MCBRIDE Robert Tamnabryan
MCBRIDE Thomas Cullion
MCBRIDE William Creaghcor
MCCAFFERTY Edward Gloudstown
MCCAFFERTY James Cloghboy
MCCAFFERTY Patrick Gloudstown
MCCAFFREY Hugh Aughtermoy
MCCARBERRY Francis Dunnamanagh
MCCARBERRY Francis Dunnamanagh (Village)
MCCARRITY Edward Moneycanon
MCCAWLEY Anne Balix Lower
MCCAWLEY James Gortileck
MCCAWLEY John Drumman
MCCLEERY Robert Killyclooney
MCCLENAHAN Thomas Rousky
MCCLINTOCK John Cloghogle
MCCLINTOCK William Ballybeeny
MCCLOSKEY William Mountcastle
MCCLURE David Cloghogle
MCCLURE John Cloghogle
MCCLUSKEY William Legnagappoge
MCCLUSKY Arthur Liscloon Upper
MCCOLGAN Edward Meendamph
MCCOLGAN John Meendamph
MCCOLGAN Mary Glencosh
MCCOMBE John Leitrim
MCCONAMY Bryan Carnagribban
MCCONAMY Bryan Gortclare
MCCONAMY Hugh Carnagribban
MCCONAMY Hugh Gortaclare
MCCONAMY Moses Carrickatane
MCCONNELL Bridget Cloghogle
MCCONNELL James Glennagoorland Glebe
MCCONNELL James Meenagh Hill
MCCONNELL John Glennagoorland Glebe
MCCOOL James Drumenny Little
MCCORMACK Bernard Altishahane
MCCORMACK Bernard Meendamph
MCCORMACK William Lisnaragh Irish
MCCORMICK Daniel Gloudstown
MCCOURT James Cullion
MCCOURT John Carrickatane
MCCOURT John Magheramason
MCCOURT Robert Carrickatane
MCCOY Mary Killycurry
MCCREA Catherine Eden
MCCREA Eliza Tullyard
MCCREA James Eden
MCCREA James Lisdivin Upper
MCCREA James Tamnabryan
MCCREA John Altrest
MCCREA John Ballyheather
MCCREA John Gobnascale
MCCREA John Magherareagh
MCCREA John J. Tullyard
MCCREA Joseph Taboe Glebe
MCCREA Robert Ballyheather
MCCREA Robert Grange Foyle
MCCREA William Castlemellan
MCCREA William Cavancreagh
MCCREA William Drumenny Big
MCCREA William Glencosh
MCCREA William Grange Foyle
MCCREA William Tullyard
MCCROSSAN Daniel Ballyneaner
MCCROSSAN John Carnagribban
MCCROSSAN Robert Binnelly
MCCULLAGH Charles Meendamph
MCCULLAGH Edward Balix Lower
MCCULLAGH Henry Balix Upper
MCCULLAGH John Balix Upper
MCCULLAGH John Clogherny
MCCULLAGH John Meendamph
MCCULLAGH Neal Balix Upper
MCCULLAGH Neal Meendamph
MCCULLAGH Patrick Balix Lower
MCCULLAGH William Leitrim
MCCULLAGH William Liscloon Upper
MCCULLY James Leitrim
MCCUTCHEON James Killenny
MCDAID Sarah Lisdivin Lower
MCDAID William Milltown
MCDERMOTT Matthew Gobnascale
MCDONNELL Alexander Rousky
MCDONNELL John Taboe Glebe
MCDONNELL Robert Carrickatane
MCDONNELL William Rousky
MCDONNELL William Taboe Glebe
MCDOWELL John Cloghogle
MCELROY John Magheramason
MCEVOR Robert Tamnabrady
MCFARLAN George Liscloon Lower
MCFARLAND James Ballynamallagh
MCFARLAND James Gortmellan
MCFARLAND John, Jr. Aghafad
MCFARLAND John, Sr. Aghafad
MCFARLAND Robert, Sr. Ballynamallaght
MCFARLAND Robt., Jr. Ballynamallaght
MCFARLAND Samuel Binbunniff
MCFARLAND Thomas Ballynamallaght
MCFARLAND William Balix Upper
MCFARLANE John Ballyheather
MCGAGHY Isabella Lisnaragh Irish
MCGAHEY Charles Loughash
MCGAHEY Denis Loughash
MCGAHEY Patrick Aghafad
MCGAHY Henry Drain
MCGAHY Hugh Carrickatane
MCGAHY John Liscloon Upper
MCGAHY John Loughash
MCGAHY Matthew Liscloon Lower
MCGEE John Glencosh
MCGEE Patrick Dunnyboe
MCGEE Rose Dunnyboe
MCGETTIGAN James Drumgauty
MCGETTIGAN John Tamnabryan
MCGETTIGAN Robert Drumgauty
MCGILL James Loughash
MCGILL John Clogherny
MCGILL Patrick Loughash
MCGILLEN Owen Meendamph
MCGILLEN Patrick Ballynamallaght
MCGILLION Susan Loughash
MCGINLEY James Gortmellan
MCGINLY Charles Drumgauty
MCGINLY Teague Drumgauty
MCGINLY William Drumgauty
MCGLINCHY Charles Loughash
MCGLINCHY James Doorat
MCGLINSHY James Barran
MCGONIGLE Andrew Drumenny Big
MCGONIGLE Andrew Taboe Glebe
MCGONIGLE Hugh Ballaghalare
MCGONIGLE John Ballyheather
MCGONIGLE Samuel Castlemellan
MCGOVERN James Gortmellan
MCGOVERN Kate Ballyheather
MCGOVERN Peter Balix Upper
MCGOVERN Thomas Altrest
MCGOWAN James Taboe Glebe
MCGOWAN Thomas Barran
MCGUINNESS Alexander Tirkernaghan
MCGUINNESS James Castlewarren
MCGUINNESS John Tirkernaghan
MCGUIRK John Carrickayne
MCILDOWNY James Tamnaclare
MCILDOWNY Joseph Coolmaghery
MCILDOWNY Thomas Tamnaclare
MCILREA Rebecca Tirkernaghan
MCILREA Robert Tirkernaghan
MCINTIRE Michael Creaghcor
MCINTIRE Samuel Killycurry
MCINTIRE Thomas Fawney
MCINTOSH John Tirkernaghan
MCINTOSH Thomas Tirkernaghan
MCINTYRE Andrew Magherareagh
MCINTYRE John Gortmonly
MCINTYRE John Tullyard
MCINTYRE Joseph Cloghboy
MCINTYRE Leonard Ballynabwee
MCINTYRE Michael Tamnabrady
MCINTYRE Robert Magherareagh
MCINTYRE Samuel Cloghboy
MCINTYRE Samuel Milltown
MCINTYRE William Ballynabwee
MCKANE James Castlewarren
MCKAY Daniel Liscloon Upper
MCKAY John Castlewarren
MCKAY John Gortileck
MCKAY John, Sr. Gortileck
MCKAY William Gortileck
MCKEAN John Leat
MCKEAN John Taboe Glebe
MCKEAN Robert Drain
MCKEEVER Alexander Moneycanon
MCKEEVER James Gortmessan
MCKEEVER James Sollus
MCKEEVER John Grange Foyle
MCKEEVER Samuel Tamnakeery
MCKENNA Michael Balix Upper
MCKENNA Robert Moyagh
MCKENNA Thomas Balix Upper
MCKENNY Joseph Aghafad
MCKENNY Robert Killyclooney
MCKINLEY William Dunnamanagh (Village)
MCKINNEY Patrick Milltown
MCLANE Sarah Ballynamallaght
MCLEA John Ballaghalare
MCLEA Samuel Ballaghalare
MCLEMON Samuel Tamnaclare
MCLENAGHAN James Dunnamanagh (Village)
MCLENAGHAN Thomas Barran
MCLOUGHLIN Catherine Dunnamanagh (Village)
MCLOUGHLIN Denis Drumman
MCLOUGHLIN George Magherareagh
MCLOUGHLIN Henry Lisdivin Upper
MCLOUGHLIN John Balix Lower
MCLOUGHLIN John Binnelly
MCLOUGHLIN John Tirkernaghan
MCLOUGHLIN Mark Balix Upper
MCLOUGHLIN Michael Ballynamallaght
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Drumman
MCLOUGHLIN Robert Balix Lower
MCLOUGHLIN Walter Balix Lower
MCLOUGHLIN William Binnelly
MCLOUGHLIN William Drumman
MCMASTER John Ardmore
MCMENAMIN Bryan Claggan North
MCMENAMIN Cormack Loughash
MCMENAMIN James Balix Lower
MCMENAMIN James Cullion
MCMENAMIN Patrick Altishahane
MCMENAMIN Patrick Drumman
MCMENAMIN William Claggan North
MCMENAMIN William Doorat
MCMENAMIN William Dunnamanagh (Village)
MCMENAMIN William Lisdivin Lower
MCMENAMIN William Lisnaragh Scotch
MCMENAMIN Wm. Lisnaragh Scotch
MCMIHIL [MCMICHAEL] John, Jr. Gortileck
MCMORRIS Andrew Clogherny
MCMORRIS Aphraim Glencosh
MCMORRIS Archibald Ardmore
MCMORRIS Elizabeth Ardcame
MCMORRIS Ephraim Dunnamanagh (Village)
MCMORRIS James Coolmaghery
MCMORRIS John Ardmore
MCMORRIS Samuel Cavancreagh
MCMORRIS Thomas Coolmaghery
MCMULLEN Andrew Tamnabrady
MCNALLY Patrick Ballyneaner
MCNALLY Patrick Clogherny
MCNEILL Godfrey Ardmore
MCNEILL Godfrey Dullerton
MCNEILL Godfrey Milltown
MCNEILL James Ballaghalare
MCNEILL Thomas Tirkernaghan
MCNEILLY John Magheramason
MCNEILLY William Magheramason
MCNULTY Patrick Drumgauty
MCPHELIMY Edward Aghafad
MCRODEN Hugh Dunnamanagh (Hugh)
MCRORY Bernard Clogherny
MCRORY Daniel Clogherny
MCRORY Patrick Altishahane
MCSHANE Benjamin Barran
MCSHANE Charles Glencosh
MCSHANE Darby Altishahane
MCSHANE Francis Meendamph
MCSHANE James Altishahane
MCSHANE Jas. Altishahane
MCSHANE Jas. Altishahane
MCSHANE William Altishahane
MERRITT Richard Leat
MILEHAN Matthew Ballaghalare
MILIAGH Thomas Castlewarren
MILLAGH Francis Stonyfalls
MILLAR Robert Tirkernaghan
MILLER Joseph Tirkernaghan
MILLER Robert Dunnyboe
MILLER William Killyclooney
MILLOGH William Dunnamanagh (Village)
MITCHELL Eliza Drumgauty
MITCHELL William Cullion
MOLLOY Francis Grange Foyle
MONTEITH James Drain
MONTEITH John Drumgauty
MONTEITH Rev. John Aughtermoy
MONTEITH Robert Cavancreagh
MOODY Robin Killenny
MOORE James Aghafad
MOORE James Loughash
MOORE Joseph, Reps of Killyclooney
MOORHEAD Alexander Cloghogle
MOORHEAD Alexander Tamnabrady
MOORHEAD Alexander Tamnaclare
MOORHEAD George Taboe Glebe
MOORHEAD James Cloghogle
MOORHEAD James Coolmaghery
MOORHEAD John Coolmaghery
MOORHEAD Joseph Coolmaghery
MORRISON Charles Gortmessan
MORRISON Robert Carrickatane
MORROW John Milltown
MOWBRAY Thomas Dunnamanagh (Village)
MULCAHY Mary J. Aughtermoy
MULDOON Andrew Dunnamanagh (Village)
MULDOON John Ballynacross
MULDOON John Loughash
MULDOON Patrick Ballynacross
MULLAN Hugh Glennagoorland Glebe
MULLAN Hugh Grange Foyle
MULLAN Michael Milltown
MULLAN Patrick Tullyard
MULLANE Edward Ballaghalare
MULLEN Andrew Altishahane
MULLEN Charles Lisnaragh Irish
MULLEN Cornelius Altishahane
MULLEN Daniel Claggan South
MULLEN Edward Ballynamallaght
MULLEN James Aghafad
MULLEN James Leitrim
MULLEN John Aghafad
MULLEN John Altishahane
MULLEN John Claggan South
MULLIN Alexander Aghafad
MURPHY Daniel Balix Lower
MURPHY Francis Balix Upper
MURPHY John Balix Lower
NEILL Philip Ballynacross
NEILLY Thomas Magheramason
NELSON Archd. Altrest
NELSON James Barran
NELSON Samuel Barran
NELSON William Barran
NIXON Andrew Castlewarren
NIXON Andrew, Jr. Castlewarren
NIXON Andrew, Sr. Castlewarren
NIXON James Castlewarren
NIXON James Glennagoorland Glebe
NIXON James, Jr. Castlewarren
NIXON James, Sr. Castlewarren
NIXON Robert Castlewarren
NIXON Samuel Leitrim
NIXON Sarah Castlewarren
NUTT James Cullion
O’NEILL Anne Clogherny
O’NEILL Bryan Carrickayne
O’NEILL Daniel Carrickayne
O’NEILL Henry Carrickayne
O’NEILL Neal Carrickayne
O’NEILL Patk. Carrickayne
O’NEILL Patrick Carrickayne
O'BRIEN Sarah Killycurry
OGILBY James Dunnamanagh
OGILBY William Ballyneaner
OGILBY William Claggan North
OGILBY William Dullerton
OGILBY William Gortaclare
OGILBY William Liscloon Lower
OGILBY William Liscloon Upper
OGILBY William Moneycanon
O'KANE Francis Leat
O'KANE Patrick Leat
O'NEILL Charles Magherareagh
O'NEILL Francis Gloudstown
O'NEILL Hugh Drumman
O'NEILL James Ardmore
O'NEILL James Dunnamanagh (Village)
O'NEILL John Creaghcor
O'NEILL John Milltown
O'NEILL John Tamnaclare
O'NEILL Samuel Castlemellan
O'NEILL William Castlemellan
O'NEILL William Cavancreagh
ORR William Altrest
OSBORNE Hugh Ballynabwee
OSBORNE James Meenagh Hill
OSBORNE William Meenagh Hill
PATRICK Robert Carrickatane
PATTERSON James Church Hill
PATTERSON Robert Ballyheather
PHILLIPS Daniel Magherareagh
PHILLIPS Esther Tullyard
PHILLIPS James Ballyheather
PHILLIPS John Aghafad
PHILLIPS John Magherareagh
PHILLIPS Patk., Reps. of Magherareagh
PHILLIPS William Milltown
PIGOTT John Moneycanon
PLATT Henry Drumenny Little
POLLOCK Anne Cloghogle
POLLOCK George, Jr. Castlewarren
POLLOCK George, Sr. Castlewarren
POLLOCK James Cavancreagh
POLLOCK John Bunowen
POLLOCK Joseph Bunowen
POLLOCK William Castlewarren
PORTER David Lisnaragh Irish
PORTER James Tullyard
PORTER John Ballynamallaght
PORTER Rev. Francis J. Gortavea
POTTS Charles Killyclooney
PRENDERGAST Isabella Dunnamanagh (Village)
PRENDERGAST Robert Binnelly
PRICE Robert Liscloon Upper
QUIGLEY Charles Glencosh
QUIGLEY Patrick Dunnamanagh (Village)
QUILTRAGH William Cullion
QUIN Edward Moneycanon
QUIN Francis Gortaclare
QUIN Hugh Claggan North
QUIN John Killyclooney
QUIN Mary Killyclooney
QUIN Neal Moneycanon
QUIN Patrick Castlewarren
QUIN Patrick Claggan North
QUIN Patrick Liscloon Upper
QUIN Peter Bunowen
QUIN Roger Claggan North
QUIN Susan Killyclooney
QUINN Bryan Altishahane
QUINN Charles Drumenny Little
QUINN Daniel Clogherny
QUINN Francis Loughash
QUINN James Binbunniff
QUINN James Clogherny
QUINN Mary Clogherny
QUINN Patrick Ballynamallaght
RAMSAY Jane Drumman
RAMSAY Jane Dunnamanagh (Village)
RAMSAY Martha Gobnascale
RAMSAY Martha Gortmessan
RANKIN Andrew Dunnyboe
RANKIN Andrew Loughash
RANKIN Jane Dunnyboe
RANKIN Margaret Creaghcor
RANKIN Martha Carrickatane
RANKIN William Carrickatane
RAY Joseph Killycurry
REA William Tullyard
REGAN Denis Gortclare
REGAN John Rousky
REILLY Violet Magherareagh
RICE Daniel Balix Upper
RICE Owen Balix Upper
RICHEY William Windy Hill
RIPPY Andrew Gortavea
ROBINSON Alexander Rousky
ROBINSON Andrew Liscloon Lower
ROBINSON Andrew Moneycanon
ROBINSON David Moneycanon
ROBINSON James Liscloon Upper
ROBINSON James Moneycanon
ROBINSON James Tirkernaghan
ROBINSON John Lisnaragh Scotch
ROBINSON Joseph Magherareagh
ROBINSON Samuel Tullyard
ROBINSON William Dunnamanagh (Village)
ROBINSON William Rousky
RODDY Alexander Glennagoorland Glebe
RODDY James Bunowen
RODDY James Fawney
RODEN Alexander Cloghboy
RODEN Denis Magherareagh
RODEN Patrick Ballyheather
RODEN Sarah Lisdivin Upper
RODEN William Sandville
ROGERS Hugh Gortclare
ROGERS Samuel Carnagribban
ROGERS William Carnagribban
ROSS Edward Ballaghalare
ROURKE James Dunnamanagh (Village)
RUTH James Glennagoorland Glebe
RUTH Samuel Taboe Glebe
RUTH Thomas Killyclooney
SAWYERS John Barran
SAWYERS Joseph Barran
SAWYERS Samuel Drumman
SAYERS John Lisdivin Upper
SCOTT Allan Cloghogle
SCOTT Andrew Barran
SCOTT Andrew Mountcastle
SCOTT Oliver Barran
SCOTT Samuel Tamnakeery
SEATON Charles Dunnamanagh
SEATON Charles Stonyfalls
SEMPLE John Cullion
SHAW John Taboe Glebe
SHAW William Meenagh Hill
SHAW William Taboe Glebe
SHEARER Edward Altishahane
SHEARER Edward Claggan South
SHEARER James, Jr. Claggan South
SHEARER James, Sr. Claggan South
SHEARER Patrick Altishahane
SHEPPARD Michael Loughash
SHIELS Anne Tullyard
SHIELS Edward Rousky
SIMPSON Alexander Drumenny Big
SIMPSON John Fawney
SIMPSON William Leitrim
SINCLAIR William Tullyard
SLEVIN James Ballynamallaght
SMITH Andrew Rousky
SMITH Eliza Dunnamanagh
SMITH George Killyclooney
SMITH James Cloghogle
SMITH James Eden
SMITH John Killyclooney
SMITH Joseph Liscloon Lower
SMITH Maurice Grange Foyle
SMITH Robert Ballybeeny
SMITH Robert Drumgauty
SMITH William Altrest
SMITH William Drain
SMITH William Drumgauty
SMYTH James Ballynamallaght
SMYTH John Doorat
SMYTH Joseph Ballynamallaght
SMYTH Robert Ballynamallaght
SMYTH Thomas Aghafad
SMYTH William Ballynamallaght
SMYTH William Castlemellan
SNODGRASS Margaret Carrickatane
SNODGRASS Samuel Glennagoorland Glebe
STARRETT James Tirkernaghan
STEPHENSON [STEVENSON] Joseph Ballyheather
STEPHENSON [STEVENSON] William Castlemellan
STEVENSON Robert Magheramason
STEWART Jane Killyclooney
STEWART John Cloghboy
STEWART Lydia Altrest
STEWART Margaret Altrest
STEWART Robert Binnelly
STRONE James Tirkernaghan
SWAN John Dunnamanagh
TADELY [TEDLEY] James Milltown
TAGGART Francis Liscloon Lower
TAIT Moses Creaghan Glebe
TAYLOR James Lisnaragh Irish
TAYLOR Robert, Jr. Legnagappoge
TAYLOR Robert, Sr. Legnagappoge
THOMPSON Andrew Cloghogle
THOMPSON James Drain
THOMPSON James Moneycanon
THOMPSON John Glennagoorland Glebe
THOMPSON Joseph Moneycanon
THOMPSON Mary Dullerton
THOMPSON Robert Carrickatane
THOMPSON Samuel Moneycanon
THOMPSON William Gortmonly
THOMPSON William Moneycanon
TODD James Carrickatane
TODD James Castlemellan
TODD Robin Carrickatane
TOWERS Robert Aughtermoy
TRACEY Bernard Lisnaragh Irish
TRAINOR Patrick Aghabrack
TUNNY George Drumgauty
TUNNY John Magherareagh
WALKER Alexander Tirkernaghan
WALKER Andrew Drain
WALKER Catherine Dunnamanagh
WALKER David Tirconnelly
WALKER David Tirkernaghan
WALKER Maryanne Tirconnelly
WALLACE Alexander Tullyard
WALLACE James Cullion
WALLACE John Cullion
WALLACE John Drumgauty
WARD Michael Balix Lower
WARD Michael Doorat
WARR Joseph Magherareagh
WATSON Andrew Coolmaghery
WATSON Andrew Tamnakeery
WATSON John Cloghogle
WATSON Matilda Cloghogle
WATSON Robert Coolmaghery
WATTS James Tullyard
WHITE George Milltown
WHITESIDE James Moyagh
WHITESIDE John Bunowen
WHITESIDE John Gobnascale
WHITESIDE Thomas Lisnaragh Scotch
WHITESIDE Thomas Taboe Glebe
WHITESIDE William Taboe Glebe
WILKIE John Drumenny Little
WILLIAMS Andrew Tirkernaghan
WILLIAMSON Robert Ballyheather
WILSON James Ardmore
WILSON William Cloghogle
WOODS Andrew Ardcame
WOODS Henry Drumgauty
WOODS John Ballynabwee
WOODS John Cavancreagh
WOODS John Gortmessan
WOODS John Killyclooney
WOODS John Moyagh
WOODS John Sollus
WOODS John Tamnakeery
WOODS Mitchell Ballynabwee
WORKE Thomas Ballaghalare
WRAY Rev. Samuel T. Moyagh
YOUNG Andrew Castlemellan
YOUNG James Lisnaragh Scotch
YOUNG John Tullyard
YOUNG Mary Taboe Glebe
YOUNG Thomas Taboe Glebe
YOUNG William Dunnamanagh (Village)