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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Desertcreat Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

This file of the GRIFFITHS VALUATION OF DESERTCREAT PARISH, COUNTY TYRONE forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to Desertcreat Parish on this website can be found at the end of this file.

Desertcreat Parish Co. Tyrone. Source:


For an explanation of and the background to c1860 Griffiths Valuation see



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Allen Annaghananam Annaghmore Annaghquin
Annaghteige Annahavil Ballymully Glebe Ballynacroy
Ballynakilly Bardahessiagh Cady Carnenny
Cross Glebe Derrygortanea Derryhash Derryraghan
Desertcreat Donaghrisk Downs Drumballyhugh
Drummillard Drumraw Edendoit Finvey
Galcussagh Gortacar Doris Gortacar Glassy Gortagowan
Gortavale Gortavilly Gortfad Gortfad Glebe
Gortindarragh Grange Killycolp Killygarvan
Killyneedan Kiltyclay Kiltyclogher Knockavaddy
Lammy Legacurry Lime Hill Lisnanane
Loughry Demesne Low Cross Moneygaragh Moree
Moymore Moynagh Mullaghshantullagh Mullynure
Oughterard Pomeroy Rockdale Sessiagh (Lindesay)
Sessiagh (Murphy) Sessiagh (Scott) Shivey Skenahergny
Skenarget Tirnaskea Tirnaskea (Bayly) Tolvin
Tullaghoge Tully Tullyard Tullylagan
Tullyodonnell Tullyreavy    




Surname Given Name Townland
ACHESON Jacob Shivey
ACHESON Thomas Kiltyclogher
ADAIR Thomas Edendoit
ADAMS Jane Lime Hill
ADAMS William Lime Hill
AGNEW Anne Skenahergny
AGNEW Denis Tullyreavy
ANDERSON Alexander Grange
ANDERSON Anne Moymore
ANDERSON Eliza Annahavil
ARBUTHNOT William Grange
ARMSTRONG David Lime Hill
ARMSTRONG David Moymore
ARMSTRONG James Lime Hill
ARMSTRONG John, Jun. Lime Hill
ARMSTRONG John, Sen. Lime Hill
ARMSTRONG Thomas Moymore
BAILIE Misses, The Gortacar (Glassy)
BAILIE Misses, The Tirnaskea Bayly
BAILIFF Robert Tullylagan
BAIRD Robert Tullyard
BALLANTINE Alexander Cross Glebe
BARCLAY James Downs
BARCLAY James Kiltyclogher
BARCLAY Thomas Cady
BARCLAY William Grange
BARCLEY William Cross Glebe
BARKLEY William Grange
BARNES David Tullyreavy
BARR William Gortacar (Glassy)
BAUNAN [BANNAN?] Thomas Gortindarragh
BAXTER James Lisnanane
BEATIE Anne Derryraghan
BEATTIE James Tullaghoge
BEATTIE Joseph Lisnanane
BEATTIE Robert Cross Glebe
BEATTIE Robert Killyneedan
BEATTIE Robert Legacurry
BEATTIE Robert Lisnanane
BEATTIE Robert Tully
BEATTY William Lime Hill
BECK John Oughterard
BEGGS James Annahavil
BEGLEY Michael Edendoit
BELL James Gortacar Doris
BELL William Drumballyhugh
BENISON John Carnenny
BENISON Robert Drummillard
BENISON William Carnenny
BERKLEY James Derryhash
BERMINGHAM Margaret Moymore
BEST Anne Downs
BEST Richard Knockavaddy
BLACK Alexander Ballynacroy
BLACK James Sessiagh (Scott)
BLACK Joseph Sessiagh (Scott)
BLACK Robert Ballynacroy
BLACK Robert Killyneedan
BLACK Thomas Ballynacroy
BLACK Thomas Derrygortanea
BLACK William Derrygortanea
BLACK William Kiltyclogher
BLACKWOOD Margaret Tullylagan
BLAIR Thomas Lisnanane
BLANEY John Killycolp
BLOOMER Robert Tirnaskea Bayly
BONOR Robert Gortacar Doris
BOYD Alexander Lisnanane
BOYD Andrew Oughterard
BOYD James Allen
BOYD James Drumballyhugh
BOYD James, Jun. Knockavaddy
BOYD James, Jun. Moneygaragh
BOYD James, Sen. Knockavaddy
BOYD Robert Lisnanane
BOYD Thomas Moree
BOYD William Tullylagan
BOYLE Charles Drummillard
BOYLE Charles Kiltyclay
BOYLE Charles Oughterard
BOYLE James Knockavaddy
BRADLEY Patrick Oughterard
BRADY William S. R. Tullyreavy
BRANAGAN John Drummillard
BRANAGAN John Oughterard
BRANAGAN Launcelot Gortavale
BRANAGAN Mary Gortfad Glebe
BRANAGAN Thomas Killyneedan
BRANNAN Alice Annaghquin
BRESLAN James Cross Glebe
BRISBANE Margaret Annaghananam
BROWN James Annahavil
BROWN John Tullylagan
BROWN Thomas Lowcross
BROWNE Bell Grange
BROWNE Hugh Tullaghoge
BROWNE John Tullyard
BRYARS David Annahavil
BRYARS James Ballynacroy
BRYARS Thomas Lisnanane
BUCHANAN Andrew Drumballyhugh
BUCHANAN John Drumballyhugh
BUNTING James Derryraghan
BUNTING James Gortagowan
BURNS Hugh Downs
BURNS James Shivey
BURNS William Downs
BURROWES Mary Desertcreat
BURROWES Samuel Kiltyclay
BURROWES William Gortfad Glebe
CAMPBELL Bernard Tirnaskea Bayly
CAMPBELL Charles Drumraw
CAMPBELL Denis Ballynakilly
CAMPBELL Francis Lisnanane
CAMPBELL George Annahavil
CAMPBELL George Lisnanane
CAMPBELL Hugh Tullyodonnell
CAMPBELL Jane Gortacar Doris
CAMPBELL Jane Tullyreavy
CAMPBELL John Galcussagh
CAMPBELL John Grange
CAMPBELL Joseph Grange
CAMPBELL Murtagh Ballynakilly
CAMPBELL Robert Lime Hill
CAMPBELL Robert Moymore
CANNING John Tullyard
CARDLE Margaret Killycolp
CARDWELL Edward Bardahessiagh
CARDWELL Francis Gortfad Glebe
CARDWELL John Gortfad Glebe
CARDWELL Robert Bardahessiagh
CARDWELL Robert Gortfad Glebe
CARDWELL Samuel Bardahessiagh
CARDWELL William Bardahessiagh
CARDWELL William Knockavaddy
CARR Matthew Drumraw
CARR Samuel Derrygortanea
CARR Samuel Desertcreat
CARR Sarah Gortagowan
CARROLL Robert Killygarvan
CARSON William Moree
CARSON William Oughterard
CASSIDY Anne Finvey
CASSIDY Hugh Tullyodonnell
CATHCART Galbraith Lime Hill
CAVANAGH Felix Moymore
CAVANAGH John Lime Hill
CAVANAGH John, Jun. Lime Hill
CHAMBERS Thomas Gortagowan
CHAMBERS William Gortagowan
CLEMENTS James Kiltyclogher
CONLAN Henry Drumballyhugh
CONLAN Owen Gortavale
CONNOR Charles Tirnaskea Bayly
CONWAY Arthur Lime Hill
CONWAY Charles Skenahergny
CONWAY Daniel Lime Hill
CONWAY James Derryraghan
CONWAY Joseph Skenahergny
CONWAY Michael Lime Hill
CONWAY Owen Skenarget
CONWAY Patrick Lime Hill
COPLETON Christopher Annaghmore
CORE Bernard Moymore
CORE James Moymore
CORE Owen Edendoit
CORR Bernard Oughterard
CORR Charles Mullynure
CORR Henry Shivey
CORR John Tullyreavy
CORR Margaret Donaghrisk
CORR Michael Drumraw
CORR Patrick Bardahessiagh
CORR Sarah Lime Hill
CORRIGAN Michael Bardahessiagh
CORRIGAN William Bardahessiagh
CORRY Michael Sessiagh (Scott)
COTTON John Allen
COWEN Robert Desertcreat
COWEN Rosanna Drumraw
CRAIG William Cady
CREGAN James Mullynure
CREGAN Michael Knockavaddy
CREGGAN Anne Edendoit
CREGGAN Paul Edendoit
CROSS John Allen
CROSS Thomas Mullynure
CROSSETT Adam Lisnanane
CROSSETT Henry Lisnanane
CROSSETT John Lisnanane
CROSSLE James Tullyodonnell
CROWTHERS James Edendoit
CROWTHERS James Tirnaskea
CROWTHERS John Gortindarragh
CROWTHERS Samuel Gortindarragh
CROZIER Sarah Lisnanane
CUNNINGHAM John Tirnaskea
CUNNINGHAM Owen Carnenny
CUNNINGHAM Patrick Carnenny
CURRAN Francis Grange
DALY Walter Killyneedan
DAULEY James Gortindarragh
DAULEY Rosanna Gortindarragh
DAULEY Terence Gortindarragh
DAVIDSON Isabella Annahavil
DAVIDSON James Derrygortanea
DAVIDSON Thomas Sessiagh Lindesay
DAWLEY Michael Moymore
DEMPSEY John Derrygortanea
DEVANNEY John Annaghananam
DEVLIN Daniel Gortavale
DEVLIN John Bardahessiagh
DEVLIN Mary Gortavale
DILLON Edward Gortacar Doris
DIXON John Bardahessiagh
DIXON John Edendoit
DIXON Sarah Killygarvan
DOHERTY Thomas Tullaghoge
DONAGHY Bernard Galcussagh
DONAGHY Henry Gortindarragh
DONAGHY Patrick Lime Hill
DONAGHY Robert Sessiagh Lindesay
DONAHY Felix Moynagh
DONNELAN John Tullyreavy
DONNELLY Arthur Tullyodonnell
DONNELLY Cathrine Lime Hill
DONNELLY Charles Edendoit
DONNELLY Denis Moymore
DONNELLY Francis Lime Hill
DONNELLY John Drumballyhugh
DONNELLY John Tullyodonnell
DONNELLY Launcelot Tullyodonnell
DONNELLY Peter Lime Hill
DONNELLY Philip Lime Hill
DONNELLY Simon Lime Hill
DONNELLY Thomas Grange
DORIS Arthur Drummillard
DORIS Bernard Drummillard
DORIS Eliza Drummillard
DORIS James Gortacar Doris
DORIS John Gortacar Doris
DORIS Patrick Oughterard
DOUGLAS William Gortacar Doris
DOWNEY Samuel Lammy
DUFF Terence Tullyodonnell
DUFFY Arthur Tullylagan
DUFFY John Lisnanane
DUFFY Peter Tullyreavy
DUNN Joshua Grange
DUNNE Charles Cross Glebe
DUNNE Joseph Legacurry
DUNNE Mary Tullylagan
DURHAM John Oughterard
EARLY James Kiltyclogher
EARLY James Skenarget
EARLY John Mullaghshantullagh
EARLY Thomas Gortagowan
EARLY Thomas Kiltyclogher
ECCLES James Annahavil
ECCLES James Lisnanane
ECCLES John Annahavil
ECCLES Josias Gortavilly
EDMUND Jane Lowcross
EDMUND Robert Killygarvan
EDMUND Samuel Lowcross
FAIR Thomas Donaghrisk
FALLS David Drumballyhugh
FARLEY Eliza Gortacar (Glassy)
FERGUSON Alexander Grange
FERGUSON Anne Finvey
FERGUSON Edward Allen
FERGUSON George Annahavil
FERGUSON Isabella Grange
FERGUSON James Grange
FERGUSON John Kiltyclogher
FERGUSON Robert Allen
FERGUSON Samuel Grange
FERGUSON William J. Killycolp
FLANAGAN Sarah Edendoit
FLEMING George Annaghteige
FLEMING Thomas Annaghmore
FLEMING William Annaghmore
FLETCHER Thomas Gortindarragh
FORREST Henry Tullaghoge
FOSTER James Grange
FOSTER John Tolvin
FOSTER Margaret Grange
FOSTER Maria Grange
FOX Rose Knockavaddy
FREEBURN Jane Killyneedan
FREEBURN John Killyneedan
FREEBURN William Finvey
FREEBURNE John Derryraghan
FREELAND George Lime Hill
FULLERTON William Gortfad
FULTON William Annahavil
GALBRAITH James Lime Hill
GALLIGAN Owen Skenahergny
GARRETT Daniel Carnenny
GAULT Robert Annahavil
GEDDES Joseph, Rev. Shivey
GETHING Catherine Lime Hill
GIBBS David Kiltyclogher
GIBBS David Skenarget
GIBSON George Tirnaskea Bayly
GILCHRIEST James Derryraghan
GILLIS Samuel Allen
GILMORE Daniel Lime Hill
GILMORE John Lime Hill
GLACKEN Hugh Sessiagh (Scott)
GLASSY Alexander Lisnanane
GLASSY James Annahavil
GLASSY James Lisnanane
GLASSY Robert Lammy
GOMLEY John Gortagowan
GOODWIN Margaret Carnenny
GOODWIN Margaret Derrygortanea
GOODWIN Patrick Carnenny
GRAHAM Bernard Bardahessiagh
GRAHAM Elizabeth Legacurry
GRAHAM Felix Bardahessiagh
GRAHAM James Tullyodonnell
GRAHAM Robert Annahavil
GREER James Lime Hill
GREER Robert Gortavilly
GREER Robert Shivey
GREER Thomas Ballynacroy
GREER Thomas Cady
GREER Thomas Cross Glebe
GREER Thomas Derryraghan
GREER Thomas Drumraw
GREER Thomas Killyneedan
GREER Thomas Lisnanane
GREER Thomas Tullyard
GREER Thomas Tullylagan
GREER William Annaghmore
GREER William Gortavale
GRIFFIN James Tullyard
GRIFFITH Henry A. Killycolp
GROGAN John Lime Hill
GROGAN John Lisnanane
GROGAN Paul Lime Hill
HAGAN Elizabeth Legacurry
HAGAN Isabella Grange
HAGAN James Grange
HAGAN John Annaghteige
HAGAN Mary Legacurry
HAGAN Samuel Annaghmore
HAGEN George Annaghmore
HAGERTY James Killygarvan
HALL Alexander Gortavale
HALL Eliza Gortavale
HAMILL Eliza Gortavale
HAMILTON David Gortavilly
HAMILTON David Shivey
HAMILTON David, Jun. Gortfad
HAMILTON David, Sen. Gortfad
HAMILTON Henry Gortacar Doris
HAMILTON James, Sen. Lammy
HAMILTON Jas., Jun. Lammy
HAMILTON Jas., Jun. Lammy
HAMILTON Robert Annahavil
HAMILTON Robert Lammy
HAMILTON William Killyneedan
HAMILTON William Lammy
HAMMOND Jane Drumballyhugh
HANNA John Donaghrisk
HARBISON Eliza Tullaghoge
HARE William Sessiagh (Scott)
HARKNESS John Desertcreat
HARKNESS Thomas Lowcross
HARPUR Maria Lowcross
HARPUR Thomas Tullaghoge
HARRIS James Grange
HARRIS John Grange
HARRIS Thomas Grange
HART Bernard Derryhash
HARTE Edmund Gortavale
HARTE Eliza Gortavale
HARTE James Gortavale
HARVEY William Derryraghan
HAUGHEY Henry Lisnanane
HAUGHEY James Rockdale
HAUGHEY Thomas Tullyard
HAUGHY John Drumraw
HAUGHY Michael Cross Glebe
HAVERN Thomas Derrygortanea
HAWKSHAW Catherine Lammy
HAYDEN Anne Gortfad Glebe
HAYDEN Patrick Gortfad Glebe
HAYES Thomas Tirnaskea
HAYES William Lime Hill
HENDERSON Andrew Derryraghan
HENDERSON Robert Gortacar Doris
HENDERSON Samuel Tullyodonnell
HENDERSON William Annaghananam
HENRIE James Tullaghoge
HENRY Andrew Moynagh
HENRY John Annaghquin
HENRY Lawrence Bardahessiagh
HENRY Robert Annaghmore
HENRY Robert Derryhash
HENRY Robert Lime Hill
HENRY Robert J. Bardahessiagh
HENRY Robert J. Mullynure
HENRY Thomas Grange
HENRY William Annaghmore
HEWITT George Tolvin
HEWITT James Tolvin
HEWITT John Tolvin
HEWITT Mark Tolvin
HEWITT Thomas Tolvin
HILL Andrew Downs
HILL Jane Legacurry
HILL William Annahavil
HOGSHEAD Charles Killyneedan
HOGSHEAD Chas. Killyneedan
HOGSHEAD Chas., Jun. Killyneedan
HOGSHEAD James Killyneedan
HOGSHEAD Mary Anne Legacurry
HOLLAND Mary Lime Hill
HOPKINS Owen Moymore
HOWARD Jane Sessiagh Lindesay
HOWARD John Tullaghoge
HUGHES Bernard Skenahergny
HUGHES Edward Sessiagh (Scott)
HUGHES Francis Mullynure
HUGHES James Derrygortanea
HUGHES Jane Moynagh
HUGHES John Mullynure
HUGHES Judith Finvey
HUGHES Michael Carnenny
HUGHES Patrick Annaghananam
HUGHES Patrick Derrygortanea
HUGHES Patrick Lime Hill
HUGHES Patrick, Jun. Derrygortanea
HUGHES Terence Lime Hill
HUGHES William Derrygortanea
HUGHEY James Grange
HUNTER John Annahavil
HURSON Edward Gortfad Glebe
HURSON James Ballynakilly
HURSON John Lime Hill
HURSTON Patrick Moneygaragh
HUTCHINSON Robert Gortavilly
HUTTON William Bardahessiagh
HYDE William Donaghrisk
IRWIN Henry Kiltyclogher
IRWIN John Tullyodonnell
IRWIN Johnston Tolvin
IRWIN William Kiltyclogher
JEBB Thomas Tirnaskea Bayly
JOHNSON Joseph Tullaghoge
JOHNSTON Eliza Grange
JOHNSTON Ellen Moree
JOHNSTON John Annaghananam
JOHNSTON John Derryraghan
JOHNSTON Martha Shivey
JOHNSTON Robert Derryhash
JOHNSTON Robert Lime Hill
JOHNSTON Thomas Annaghananam
JOHNSTON Thomas Shivey
JONES James L. Lowcross
JONES James L. Tullaghoge
JONES John Tullaghoge
JONES Martha Lowcross
JONES Rep. Samuel Tullaghoge
KANE Eliza Grange
KANE Henry Grange
KEENAN Francis Lime Hill
KEENAN Patrick Annaghmore
KELLY Bernard Bardahessiagh
KELLY Daniel Lime Hill
KELLY Edward Bardahessiagh
KELLY Hugh Bardahessiagh
KELLY James Bardahessiagh
KELLY James Tullyodonnell
KELLY John Bardahessiagh
KELLY Michael Annaghquin
KELLY Michael Bardahessiagh
KELLY Owen Tirnaskea
KELLY Patrick Lime Hill
KELLY William Gortavale
KELLY William Sessiagh Lindesay
KELSO William Killyneedan
KENNEDY John Drumballyhugh
KENNEDY John Kiltyclay
KENNEDY Jonathan Drumballyhugh
KENNEDY Joseph Grange
KENNEDY Robert Drumballyhugh
KERLAND John Sessiagh Lindesay
KERR Edward Lime Hill
KERR Joseph Allen
KERR Letitia Shivey
KERR Michael Lime Hill
KERR Robert Sessiagh (Scott)
KERR Teague Galcussagh
KERRIGAN Patrick Annaghquin
KILPATRICK Benjamin Gortindarragh
KILPATRICK William Moymore
KIRKE James Ballymully Glebe
KNOX Edward C. Desertcreat
KNOX Edward C. Drumraw
LAPPING Bridget Carnenny
LAPPING Daniel Carnenny
LAPPING John Carnenny
LARNON William Annahavil
LATIMER George Tullaghoge
LAWLESS David Tullyodonnell
LAWLESS Edward Tullyodonnell
LEAS John Sessiagh Lindesay
LEE Charles Ballynakilly
LINDESAY Frederick Donaghrisk
LINDESAY Frederick Loughry
LINDESAY Frederick Tullaghoge
LINDESAY Robert Desertcreat
LINDESAY Robert Killycolp
LINDSAY James Gortagowan
LINDSAY Joshua Lammy
LINDSEY John Annaghquin
LINDSEY John Drumballyhugh
LINDSEY John Gortavale
LINDSEY John Moree
LINDSEY John Moynagh
LINESAY William Annaghananam
LITTLE Alexander Skenarget
LITTLE David Finvey
LITTLE Hugh Finvey
LITTLE Hugh Killyneedan
LITTLE Isaac Donaghrisk
LITTLE Martha Skenarget
LITTLE Robert Finvey
LITTLE Robert Killyneedan
LOHERAN [LOUGHRAN?] Thomas Moymore
LOHERIN [LOUGHRAN?] Michael Edendoit
LONG Sarah Grange
LOUGHRAN Francis Moree
LOUGHRAN John Ballynakilly
LOUGHRAN Joseph Mullaghshantullagh
LOUGHRAN Michael Derrygortanea
LOVE Archibald Derryraghan
LOWRY James C. Legacurry
LOWRY James C. Rockdale
LOWRY James C. Tully
LOWRY John Gortindarragh
LOWRY Robert W. Derryhash
LOWRY Robert W. Gortindarragh
LOWRY Robert W. Lime Hill
LOWRY Robert W. Moymore
LOWRY Robert W. Pomeroy
LOY James Oughterard
LOY John Gortavale
LOY Michael Gortavale
LOY Patrick Gortavale
LYTTLE William Lime Hill
MACKEY Wilson Gortavale
MACROY James Drumraw
MADDEN John Derryraghan
MAGEE William Grange
MAGILL John Gortfad Glebe
MAGILL Robert Killyneedan
MAGUIRE John Allen
MAGUIRE William Desertcreat
MAGUIRK Margaret Lisnanane
MALLON Charles Tullaghoge
MALLON James Bardahessiagh
MALLON James Moree
MALLON John Ballymully Glebe
MANETT John Cady
MANN Ellen Killyneedan
MARSHALL Jane Tullaghoge
MARTIN George Tirnaskea Bayly
MARTIN James Gortavilly
MARTIN Joseph Lime Hill
MASON James Annaghteige
MATHEWS William Grange
MAYBEN Samuel Annaghmore
MAYNE Anne Grange
MAYNE Robert Kiltyclogher
MAYNE Samuel Annaghmore
MCADAM George Tirnaskea Bayly
MCADAM John Shivey
MCALEAR Peter Lime Hill
MCALEECE Edward Gortacar Doris
MCALEECE Thomas Annaghquin
MCALEER Patrick Galcussagh
MCALISTER Bernard Lime Hill
MCALLION James Lime Hill
MCALLION Patrick Lime Hill
MCALLION Peter Lime Hill
MCARDLE Anne Kiltyclay
MCARDLE Margaret Drumraw
MCATEE Margaret Drumballyhugh
MCATEER John Legacurry
MCATEER John Skenarget
MCBRIDE John Gortavale
MCCALLION James Killycolp
MCCANN John Tirnaskea
MCCANN Peter Skenahergny
MCCANN Thomas Lime Hill
MCCLEAN Mary Downs
MCCLELLAND John Tullyodonnell
MCCLUSKEY Dominick Donaghrisk
MCCOLLUM Adam Killycolp
MCCONAMY Daniel Drumballyhugh
MCCONAMY James Donaghrisk
MCCONAMY Mary Drumballyhugh
MCCONNELL Robert Gortavale
MCCORD James Grange
MCCORD John Lowcross
MCCORD Joseph Drummillard
MCCORD Mary Annaghananam
MCCORD Robert Grange
MCCORD Sarah Tullaghoge
MCCORMACK Catherine Bardahessiagh
MCCORMACK John Drummillard
MCCORMACK Mary Knockavaddy
MCCORMACK Peter Sessiagh (Scott)
MCCORMACK Thomas Kiltyclay
MCCORMACK Thos., Jun. Kiltyclay
MCCORMACK William Derrygortanea
MCCOURT Anne Edendoit
MCCOURT Bernard Edendoit
MCCOURT Bernard Tullyodonnell
MCCOURT Bridget Edendoit
MCCOURT Elizabeth Legacurry
MCCOURT Hugh Bardahessiagh
MCCOURT James Bardahessiagh
MCCOURT James Edendoit
MCCOURT James Tullylagan
MCCOURT John Bardahessiagh
MCCOURT John Drumraw
MCCOURT John Edendoit
MCCOURT John Skenahergny
MCCOURT John Tirnaskea Bayly
MCCOURT John, Jun. Bardahessiagh
MCCOURT John, Sen. Bardahessiagh
MCCOURT Mary Edendoit
MCCOURT Michael Bardahessiagh
MCCOURT Michael Edendoit
MCCOURT Michael Skenahergny
MCCOURT Neal Edendoit
MCCOURT Neal Killygarvan
MCCOURT Patrick Bardahessiagh
MCCOURT Patrick Edendoit
MCCOURT Patrick Galcussagh
MCCOURT Patrick Mullynure
MCCOURT Patrick Tirnaskea Bayly
MCCOURT Patrick, Sen. Edendoit
MCCOURT Peter Bardahessiagh
MCCOURT Robert Annaghmore
MCCOURT Rose Grange
MCCOURT Thomas Annahavil
MCCOURT Thomas Grange
MCCOY Hugh Moymore
MCCRACKEN Anne Gortagowan
MCCRACKEN James Annahavil
MCCRACKEN James Derryraghan
MCCREA Edward Donaghrisk
MCCREA Edward Lowcross
MCCREA Edward Tolvin
MCCREASH Arthur Galcussagh
MCCREASH Daniel Bardahessiagh
MCCREASH Simon Galcussagh
MCCREGAN Peter Galcussagh
MCCRORY Bernard Derryhash
MCCRUM Joseph Skenarget
MCCRUM Thomas Kiltyclogher
MCCRYSTAL Ellen Drummillard
MCCRYSTAL Ellen Kiltyclay
MCCRYSTAL James Galcussagh
MCCRYSTAL John Drumballyhugh
MCCRYSTAL William Tullyard
MCCULLAGH Bridget Lime Hill
MCCULLAGH Charles Annahavil
MCCULLAGH Charles Lammy
MCCULLAGH John Killycolp
MCCULLAGH John Lime Hill
MCCULLAGH Joseph Annaghananam
MCCULLAGH Owen Cross Glebe
MCCULLEN Terence Moree
MCCUSKER Matthew Tullylagan
MCDONALD Daniel Lisnanane
MCDONNELL Alexander Annaghmore
MCDONNELL Alexander Gortacar Doris
MCDONNELL Daniel Skenahergny
MCDONNELL Francis Edendoit
MCDONNELL Francis Skenahergny
MCDONNELL John Skenahergny
MCDONNELL John Tullyodonnell
MCDONNELL Michael Annahavil
MCDONNELL Michael Mullynure
MCDONNELL Terence Bardahessiagh
MCDONNELL Thomas Tullyodonnell
MCDOWELL William Oughterard
MCELDOON Anne Knockavaddy
MCELDOON Hugh Killygarvan
MCELDOON Patrick Knockavaddy
MCELHATTEN Bernard Tullyreavy
MCELHATTEN Edward Mullynure
MCELHATTEN Hugh Galcussagh
MCELHATTEN Michael Knockavaddy
MCELHATTEN Neal Moneygaragh
MCELHATTEN Sarah Tirnaskea
MCELHENNAN Bernard Mullynure
MCELHENNAN Edward Mullynure
MCELHENNAN William Bardahessiagh
MCELHONE Bernard Lime Hill
MCELHONE Felix Bardahessiagh
MCELHONE Felix Moymore
MCELHONE John Lime Hill
MCELHONE Terence Moymore
MCELHONE Thomas Edendoit
MCELHONE Thomas Moymore
MCELKEARNEY John Ballynakilly
MCELKEARNEY Terence Ballynakilly
MCELRATH James Annahavil
MCELRATH Patrick Annahavil
MCELVANNY Henry Derryhash
MCELVOGE Edward Drumballyhugh
MCENTIRE Robert Ballynakilly
MCENTIRE Robert Cady
MCENTIRE Robert Gortagowan
MCENTIRE Robert Tullyard
MCENTIRE William Cady
MCENTYRE John Killygarvan
MCFARLAND William Tullyreavy
MCFLYNN Edward Tullyreavy
MCFLYNN Edward, Jun. Tullyreavy
MCFLYNN Felix Tullyreavy
MCGAHAN Ellen Moymore
MCGAHAN James Ballynakilly
MCGAHAN James Lime Hill
MCGAHAN John Carnenny
MCGAHY Richard Derryhash
MCGARRY Andrew Lime Hill
MCGARRY Michael Lime Hill
MCGAUGH Francis Edendoit
MCGAUGH Patrick Edendoit
MCGEAGH Arabella Tullaghoge
MCGEARY Felix Moymore
MCGEARY Patrick Moymore
MCGEARY Terence, Jun. Moymore
MCGEARY Terence, Sen. Moymore
MCGEOUGH Andrew Lime Hill
MCGERAGHTY James Lime Hill
MCGERAGHTY Thomas Lime Hill
MCGERR Anthony Edendoit
MCGILL Robert Ballynacroy
MCGILLAN John Gortacar Doris
MCGILLAN Mary Anne Gortacar Doris
MCGINN Margaret Killycolp
MCGINNIS Henry Skenarget
MCGLOAN Patrick Skenahergny
MCGLONE Margaret Gortacar Doris
MCGONEY Alexander Knockavaddy
MCGONEY Bridget Moneygaragh
MCGONEY Daniel Moneygaragh
MCGONEY Henry Moneygaragh
MCGONEY James Moneygaragh
MCGONEY Mary Knockavaddy
MCGONEY Neal Moneygaragh
MCGOREY Francis Tirnaskea
MCGORRY Bernard Sessiagh (Scott)
MCGOWAN John Gortfad
MCGRAHAN Bernard Skenahergny
MCGRATH Edward Lime Hill
MCGRATH Hugh Lime Hill
MCGREER John Moymore
MCGUCKIAN Andrew Moymore
MCGUCKIAN John Moymore
MCGUCKIAN Neal Gortfad
MCGUCKIAN Owen Moymore
MCGUCKIAN Rachel Moymore
MCGUFFIN John Mullynure
MCGUIGGAN Charles Moree
MCGUIGGAN Patrick Gortindarragh
MCGUIRK Peter Gortindarragh
MCGUONE Alice Lime Hill
MCGUONE Anne Lime Hill
MCGUONE Daniel Lime Hill
MCGUONE Felix Lime Hill
MCGUONE Francis Lime Hill
MCGUONE George Lime Hill
MCGUONE James Lime Hill
MCGUONE John Moymore
MCGUONE Michael Lime Hill
MCGURKE Francis Drumballyhugh
MCGURKE Hugh Tirnaskea
MCGURKE John Tirnaskea
MCGURKE Patrick Lisnanane
MCGURKE Terence Tirnaskea
MCILHONE John Bardahessiagh
MCILKENNAN Patrick Annaghmore
MCILVOGE Hugh Oughterard
MCILVOGE John Drummillard
MCILVOGE Patrick Drummillard
MCILWAINY Hugh Tirnaskea Bayly
MCIVOR Matthew Gortavale
MCIVOR Matthew Moree
MCKANE James Killyneedan
MCKANE Jane Annaghquin
MCKANE Randel Tirnaskea Bayly
MCKANE William Cross Glebe
MCKANE William Killyneedan
MCKEE James Gortavilly
MCKEE James Kiltyclay
MCKEE William Derryhash
MCKEE William Gortindarragh
MCKEE William Tullyreavy
MCKEEVER John Gortagowan
MCKEEVER Patrick Oughterard
MCKENNA Arthur Moymore
MCKENNA Catherine Drumballyhugh
MCKENNA James Edendoit
MCKENNA James, Rev. Gortacar Doris
MCKENNA Mary Lowcross
MCKENNA Thomas Annahavil
MCKENZIE James Lowcross
MCKENZIE James Tullaghoge
MCKEON Anne Moree
MCKEON Hugh Drumballyhugh
MCKEON James Annahavil
MCKERNAN Stephen Carnenny
MCKINLEY John Oughterard
MCKINNEY David, Rev. Lime Hill
MCLOUGHLIN Andrew Ballynakilly
MCLOUGHLIN Andrew Kiltyclay
MCLOUGHLIN Hamilton Kiltyclay
MCLOUGHLIN Hamilton Tolvin
MCLOUGHLIN James Gortavilly
MCLOUGHLIN John Oughterard
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Killyneedan
MCMAHON Patrick Moneygaragh
MCMANUS Thomas Annahavil
MCMANUS Thomas Lammy
MCMILLEN James Moree
MCMINN William Lime Hill
MCNALLY Andrew Lisnanane
MCNALLY Hugh Moymore
MCNEECE Daniel Downs
MCNEECE William Lammy
MCQUAID Thomas Shivey
MCQUEEN Alexander Tullaghoge
MCRORY John Lisnanane
MCSHANE Alicia Killyneedan
MCSHANE Patrick Annaghquin
MCSHANE Peter Kiltyclay
MCSKINADER Charles Lowcross
MCSKINIDER Patrick Gortfad Glebe
MCVEAGH James Galcussagh
MCVEAGH Neal Annaghmore
MCVEAGH Thomas Donaghrisk
MCWILLIAMS James Lisnanane
MEBIN George Cross Glebe
MELICAN Margaret Grange
MELLON Jane Edendoit
MELLON John Edendoit
MELLON Patrick Edendoit
MICHAEL Owen Carnenny
MILLER Eliza Annahavil
MILLER George Knockavaddy
MILLER James Ballynakilly
MILLER James Drumballyhugh
MILLER James Killycolp
MILLER James Lammy
MILLER James Moynagh
MILLER James, Jun. Drumballyhugh
MILLER John Finvey
MILLER Mary Drumballyhugh
MILLER Samuel Drumballyhugh
MILLIGAN Richard Lammy
MITCHELL James Legacurry
MOFFETT George Annaghmore
MOFFETT James Shivey
MOFFETT John Tirnaskea
MOFFETT John, Jun. Tirnaskea
MOONEY Ellen Gortacar Doris
MOONEY Henry Gortacar Doris
MOONEY James Derryraghan
MOONEY Neal Lisnanane
MOONEY Neal Tullyard
MOORE James Kiltyclogher
MOORE Mary Tullyodonnell
MOORE Mary Anne Oughterard
MOORE Samuel Oughterard
MOORE Thomas Allen
MOORE William Allen
MOREWOOD Thomas Tullyard
MORONEY Rebecca Oughterard
MORRISON John Sessiagh Lindesay
MORROW John Lammy
MORROW Thomas Lammy
MOYLE John Tullyodonnell
MULDOON Bridget Bardahessiagh
MULGREW Francis Kiltyclay
MULGREW Isabella Knockavaddy
MULGREW Sarah Tirnaskea
MULHOLLAND Andrew Annaghananam
MULHOLLAND Arthur Lime Hill
MULHOLLAND Moses Derrygortanea
MULLEN John Drumballyhugh
MULLEN Thomas Skenahergny
MULLIGAN Martha Tullylagan
MULLIGAN Thomas Gortagowan
MULLIGAN William Annahavil
MURDOCK Eliza Donaghrisk
NEILL Catherine Knockavaddy
NEILL Charles Knockavaddy
NEILL Edward Lime Hill
NEILL James Annaghquin
NEILL James Killycolp
NEILL Matthew Lowcross
NEILL Patrick Ballynakilly
NEWELL John Gortagowan
NIXON James Lammy
NOGHER William Killygarvan
NUGGENT Charles Knockavaddy
O’NEILL James Galcussagh
O’NEILL John Galcussagh
O’NEILL Mary Carnenny
O’NEILL Michael Carnenny
O’NEILL Owen Carnenny
O'BRIEN Patrick Moynagh
O'NEILL Bernard Annaghquin
O'NEILL Bernard Gortavale
O'NEILL Charles Annaghquin
O'NEILL Francis Gortindarragh
O'NEILL Francis Moynagh
O'NEILL James Moynagh
O'NEILL John Carnenny
O'NEILL John Tullyreavy
O'NEILL Patrick Moneygaragh
O'NEILL Patrick Tirnaskea
O'NEILL Peter Oughterard
ORR John Carnenny
PALMER Thomas Mullaghshantullagh
PARK John Downs
PARK Robert Donaghrisk
PARKE James Tullaghoge
PATTERSON Hamilton Cross Glebe
PATTERSON Hamilton Tullyard
PLANE James Sessiagh Lindesay
PORTER Thomas H., Rev. Gortfad Glebe
PORTER Thos. H., Rev. Ballymully Glebe
PURVIS Eliza Killycolp
PURVIS Jane Derryraghan
PURVIS Oliver Ballynacroy
PURVIS Robert Allen
PURVIS Robert Cross Glebe
PURVIS Robert Skenarget
QUIN John Moymore
QUINN Anne Lime Hill
QUINN Barry Donaghrisk
QUINN Bernard Galcussagh
QUINN Bridget Moymore
QUINN Charles Lime Hill
QUINN Charles Moree
QUINN Daniel Lime Hill
QUINN Edward Donaghrisk
QUINN Francis Drummillard
QUINN Hugh Lime Hill
QUINN James Annaghquin
QUINN James Cross Glebe
QUINN James Galcussagh
QUINN James Knockavaddy
QUINN James Moynagh
QUINN James Oughterard
QUINN James Sessiagh (Scott)
QUINN James Tolvin
QUINN John Drumballyhugh
QUINN John Moynagh
QUINN Lawrence Moneygaragh
QUINN Margaret Knockavaddy
QUINN Michael Moneygaragh
QUINN Michael Moymore
QUINN Owen Galcussagh
QUINN Owen Moneygaragh
QUINN Owen Sessiagh (Scott)
QUINN Owen, Jun. Galcussagh
QUINN Patrick Tirnaskea
QUINN Peter Mullaghshantullagh
RAFFERTY John Knockavaddy
RAMSAY George Skenarget
RAMSAY William Lime Hill
REA William Tolvin
REED Eliza Killyneedan
REED Robert Ballynacroy
REID Moses Killycolp
RICHARDSON William Skenahergny
ROBB William Lime Hill
ROBINSON Alexander Annahavil
ROBINSON Bariah Oughterard
ROBINSON Catherine Grange
ROBINSON Ellen Annaghquin
ROBINSON George Annahavil
ROBINSON Henry Lowcross
ROBINSON William Lammy
RODY Susan Tirnaskea
ROGERS Alexander Oughterard
ROGERS Martha Annaghquin
ROGERS Robert Drumballyhugh
ROSS Robert Lammy
ROWAN William Tullylagan
RUSSELL James Legacurry
SAMPSON George Lime Hill
SAMPSON James Lime Hill
SAMPSON Ralph Lime Hill
SANAGHAN Michael Shivey
SCOTT Andrew Gortfad
SEMPLE Robert Gortfad
SHEPPARD John Galcussagh
SHEPPARD Richard Lime Hill
SHILLINGTON John Gortavale
SIMPSON John Gortavilly
SIMPSON William Derryraghan
SKIVINGTON Patrick Drumballyhugh
SLANE Bernard Carnenny
SLANE Felix Edendoit
SLANE James Galcussagh
SLANE Mary Gortindarragh
SLANE Patrick Edendoit
SLANE Peter Galcussagh
SLANE Peter Mullynure
SLOANE James Sessiagh Lindesay
SLOANE Thomas Tullyard
SMITH Alexander Derryraghan
SMITH Henry Grange
SMITH James Derryraghan
STAUNTON Thomas Legacurry
STAUNTON Thomas Skenarget
STEELE Alexander Grange
STENSON James Lisnanane
STENSON Margaret Lisnanane
STENSON Robert Annahavil
STEWART George, Rev. Downs
STEWART George, Rev. Gortagowan
STEWART John Ballynakilly
STRANAHAN James Skenahergny
SWAILS Thomas Allen
SWAN John Ballynacroy
SWAN Martha Killyneedan
TAGGART Henry Cady
TAGGART John Lisnanane
TAGGART John Tullylagan
TALLY Felix Carnenny
TALLY John Carnenny
TALLY Mary Carnenny
TAYLOR Henry Drummillard
TAYLOR John Derryraghan
TAYLOR William Tullyodonnell
TENER Edward S. Allen
TENER Edward S. Moree
TENER George E. Derrygortanea
TENER Hampden Gortavale
TENER Hampden Moree
TENER John K. Derrygortanea
TENER John K. Moree
THOMPSON William Allen
TIMONY John Grange
TONER Alice Mullynure
TONER Arthur Bardahessiagh
TONER Arthur Mullynure
TONER Bridget Bardahessiagh
TONER Daniel Skenahergny
TONER John Bardahessiagh
TONER John Knockavaddy
TONER John Moneygaragh
TONER John Sessiagh (Scott)
TONER Launcelot Gortavale
TONER Mary Bardahessiagh
TONER Nicholas Moneygaragh
TONER Patrick Gortavale
TONER Patrick Skenahergny
TONER Peter Killyneedan
TONER Peter Knockavaddy
TOTTEN Joseph Gortfad
TRAINOR Denis Moymore
TRAINOR Rosanna Moymore
TRAINOR Sarah Lime Hill
TRAWLEY William Gortavale
TRAYNOR William Drumraw
TREANOR Denis Edendoit
TREANOR James Gortindarragh
TREANOR Patrick Edendoit
TREANOR Patrick Gortindarragh
TREANOR Patrick Tirnaskea Bayly
TRIMBLE Robert Annaghquin
TRIMBLE Robert Gortavale
TUFT James Oughterard
TULLY Patrick Edendoit
TULLY Peter Tirnaskea
TURKINGTON James Killygarvan
TURKINGTON Oliver Killygarvan
TURNER Andrew Killygarvan
TURNER Christopher Downs
TURNER Richard Killycolp
TUTTON Henry Lime Hill
VALLELY Henry Lisnanane
VARNER Susan Grange
VINCENT John Kiltyclay
WADDLE William Gortavilly
WADDLE William, Jun. Gortavilly
WALLACE Robert Lime Hill
WALLACE William Tullaghoge
WALSH Robert Desertcreat
WALSH Robert Drumraw
WARD Bernard Bardahessiagh
WARD Bernard Mullynure
WARD Edward Skenahergny
WARD Henry Edendoit
WARD Henry, Jun. Lime Hill
WARD Henry, Sen. Lime Hill
WARD Patrick Bardahessiagh
WATERS James Killygarvan
WATERS Jane Downs
WATERSON Joseph Tullyodonnell
WATSON Henry Gortacar (Glassy)
WATSON Thomas Tullyreavy
WATSON William Gortacar (Glassy)
WATT Mary Gortavale
WATT Robert Gortacar Doris
WATT Robert Gortavale
WEIR Rachel Lammy
WEIR Samuel Allen
WEIR Samuel Moree
WHITE James Annahavil
WHITE John Donaghrisk
WHITE John Loughry
WHITE John Lowcross
WHITE John Tullaghoge
WHITE Mary Anne Killyneedan
WHITE William Killycolp
WILDMAN John Drumballyhugh
WILDMAN Mary Jane Drumballyhugh
WILDMAN Robert Gortavale
WILDMAN William Gortavale
WILDMAN William Moree
WILDMAN Wilson Moree
WILEY Isaac Tirnaskea Bayly
WILKINSON James Tullyreavy
WILKINSON Robert Desertcreat
WILKINSON William Tirnaskea Bayly
WILSON Hugh Drummillard
WILSON Hugh Oughterard
WILSON John Annaghananam
WILSON John Lisnanane
WILSON John Shivey
WILSON Robert Ballynakilly
WILSON Robert Moynagh
WILSON Robert Tully
WILSON Robert Tullyodonnell
WILSON Robt. Ballynakilly
WILSON William Downs
WOODS Felix Moymore
WOODS James Moymore
WRIGHT James Lisnanane
WRIGHT Richard Grange
YOUNG David Tullyreavy
YOUNG James Grange
YOUNG John Tullaghoge

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Hearth Money Roll, Desertcreat Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1664

Hearth Money Roll, Desertcreat Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1666

Subsidy Roll, Desertcreat Parish, Co. Tyrone 1668

Index to the Flaxgrowers Bounty List (Spinning Wheel Premiums), Desertcreat Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1796

Applications to Register Freeholds: Barony of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1829-31

Schools in Desertcreat Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1835

Desertcreat Parish Church (Church of Ireland) near Cookstown, Co. Tyrone Marriages 1845-50

Sandholes Presbyterian Church, Desertcreat Parish, Co. Tyrone Marriages 1845-50

Desertcreight, Armagh - Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI

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