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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Clonoe Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Clonoe Parish, Co. Tyrone. Map

For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see

Further relevant reading: Clonoe Tithe Applotment Book (1827)



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Annagher Annaghmore Annaghnaboe Aughagalla
Aughagranna Aughamullan Aughrimderg Ballybeg
Ballygittle Clintycracken Cloghog Coole
Dernagh Derryloughan Derrytresk Drummurrer
Glebe Farm Gortnaglogh Killary Glebe Killeen
Lenadremnagh Lisaclare Lisnastrane Magheralamfield
Magheramulkenny Meenagh Mousetown Shanliss Lower
Shanliss Upper Tumpher




Surname Given Name Townland
ABERNETHY Hugh Aughagranna
ABERNETHY John Aughagalla
ABERNETHY John Aughagranna
ABERNETHY Robert Aughagranna
ABERNETHY Thomas Aughagranna
ABERNETHY Thomas Killary Glebe
ABERNETHY Thomas Lisaclare
ABERNETHY William Aughagranna
ADAMS James Annaghmore
ADAMS James Magheramulkenny
ADAMS John Cloghog
ADAMS Quintin Magheramulkenny
ADAMS William Aughagalla
ADAMS William Shanlis Upper
ANDERSON Eleanor Annaghmore
ANDERSON Thomas Annaghmore
ARBUTTON John Lisaclare
ARBUTTON Rachel Magheramulkenny
ARTHUR John Cloghog
ATWELL Rev. William Killary Glebe
BAILEY Robert Annagher
BAILY Catherine Annagher
BELL William G. Aughrimderg
BIGLEY Mary Annaghnaboe
BLAIR Hugh Lenadremnagh
BLAKE Jane Lisaclare
BLANEY Terence Annaghnaboe
BOYLE Bernard Annagher
BOYLE Francis Annagher
BOYLE John Magheralamfield
BOYLE Michael Tumpher
BOYLE William Clintycracken
BOYLE William Magheralamfield
BRADLEY Edward Aughrimderg
BRADY Henry Drummurrer
BRODY David Mousetown
BROWNE Edward Aughagranna
BROWNE Patrick Annagher
BROWNE Peter Annagher
BURNS Armour Lisaclare
BURNS Robert Annaghmore
BURNS Rose Ballybeg
CAMPBELL Alice Dernagh
CAMPBELL Andrew Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Arthur Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Bernard Ballybeg
CAMPBELL Charles Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Charles Tumpher
CAMPBELL Chas. Aughamullan
CAMPBELL Cornelius Ballybeg
CAMPBELL Denis Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Edward Aughamullan
CAMPBELL Edward Gortnaglogh
CAMPBELL Eleanor Dernagh
CAMPBELL Elizabeth Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Elizabeth Killeen
CAMPBELL Francis Ballybeg
CAMPBELL Francis Cloghog
CAMPBELL Geo. Sen. Derrytresk
CAMPBELL George Derryloughan
CAMPBELL George Tumpher
CAMPBELL George, Jun. Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Harry Drummurrer
CAMPBELL Henry Annaghnaboe
CAMPBELL Henry Ballybeg
CAMPBELL Henry Dernagh
CAMPBELL Hugh Dernagh
CAMPBELL Hugh Derryloughan
CAMPBELL Hugh Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Hugh Tumpher
CAMPBELL James Ballygittle
CAMPBELL James Derrytresk
CAMPBELL James Lisnastrane
CAMPBELL James Meenagh
CAMPBELL John Annagher
CAMPBELL John Annaghnaboe
CAMPBELL John Ballybeg
CAMPBELL John Derryloughan
CAMPBELL John Derrytresk
CAMPBELL John Drummurrer
CAMPBELL John Lenadremnagh
CAMPBELL John Magheralamfield
CAMPBELL Joseph Dernagh
CAMPBELL Margaret Derryloughan
CAMPBELL Maria Derryloughan
CAMPBELL Maria Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Mark Dernagh
CAMPBELL Mary Derryloughan
CAMPBELL Mary, Sen. Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Matthew Coole
CAMPBELL Maurice Aughrimderg
CAMPBELL Owen Dernagh
CAMPBELL Owen Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Patrick Annagher
CAMPBELL Patrick Annaghmore
CAMPBELL Patrick Aughamullan
CAMPBELL Patrick Ballybeg
CAMPBELL Patrick Cloghog
CAMPBELL Patrick Derrytresk
CAMPBELL Patrick Drummurrer
CAMPBELL Patrick Tumpher
CAMPBELL Richard Aughamullan
CAMPBELL Sarah Magheramulkenny
CAMPBELL Thomas Aughrimderg
CAMPBELL Thomas Magheramulkenny
CAMPBELL William Annaghmore
CAMPBELL William Gortnaglogh
CANOVAN Charles Aughamullan
CANOVAN Charles Meenagh
CANOVAN James Derrytresk
CANOVAN John Ballybeg
CANOVAN John Magheralamfield
CANOVAN Luke Coole
CANOVAN Margaret Mousetown
CANOVAN Patrick Aughamullan
CANOVAN Patrick Derryloughan
CARBERRY Thomas Annagher
CARN Jane Ballybeg
CARN John Ballybeg
CARNEY James Magheralamfield
CARUTH Elizabeth Magheramulkenny
CASEY James Aughagalla
CASEY Thomas Shanlis Lower
CATHERS Joseph Lisnastrane
CAULFIELD James A. Ballygittle
CHAMBERS John Killary Glebe
CLARKE John Annagher
CLEMENTS John Aughrimderg
CLEMENTS William Annaghmore
CLEMENTS William Derrytresk
CLEVIN Eleanor Annagher
CONLAN Patrick Aughrimderg
CONNOLLY Patrick Derryloughan
CONNOLLY Richard Derryloughan
CONNOLLY Thomas Derryloughan
CONNOR Roger Derrytresk
COONEY Michael Aughamullan
COONEY Michael Derryloughan
COONEY Patrick Aughamullan
CORR Anne Lisaclare
CORR Arthur Ballygittle
CORR Bernard Aughamullan
CORR Bernard Derryloughan
CORR Catherine Killary Glebe
CORR Daniel Lisnastrane
CORR Daniel Shanlis Lower
CORR Denis Ballygittle
CORR Edward Dernagh
CORR Henry Ballygittle
CORR Henry Killary Glebe
CORR James Ballygittle
CORR John Aughamullan
CORR John Killary Glebe
CORR John Lisaclare
CORR Margaret Drummurrer
CORR Mary Ballygittle
CORR Michael Lisnastrane
CORR Patrick Aughagalla
CORR Patrick Ballybeg
CORR Patrick, Jun. Lisaclare
CORR Patrick, Sen. Lisaclare
CORR Terence Ballygittle
CORRY Bernard Coole
CORRY James Aughagalla
CORRY James Lisaclare
CORRY John Aughagalla
CORRY John Aughamullan
CORRY John Coole
CORRY Luke Annagher
CORRY Neal Annagher
CORRY William Aughrimderg
CORRY William Coole
COTTON Henry Ballybeg
CRANSTON John Annaghmore
CUDDY Abel Ballygittle
CUDDY John Killeen
CULLEN Bernard, Jun. Derrytresk
CULLEN Bernard, Sen. Derrytresk
CULLEN John Derryloughan
CULLEN John Derrytresk
CULLIN Michael Aughamullan
CULLION Anne Aughagranna
CULLION Bridget Annagher
CULLION Henry Magheramulkenny
CUMMINS George Killeen
CUMMINS George Lisaclare
CUMMINS Samuel Coole
CUMMINS Thomas Aughrimderg
CUMMINS Thomas Clintycracken
CUMMINS Thomas Killeen
CUNNINGHAM William Killeen
CURRAN John Annagher
CURRAN John, Jun. Derryloughan
CURRAN John, Sen. Derryloughan
CURRY David Clintycracken
CURRY David Coole
CURRY Henry Magheralamfield
CURRY James Magheralamfield
CURRY John Clintycracken
CUSH Edward Mousetown
CUSHIN Hugh Derryloughan
CUSHIN Patrick Derryloughan
CUSHIN Thomas Derryloughan
DALY Denis Cloghog
DALY John Drummurrer
DALY Mary Coole
DALY Michael Annagher
DALY Patrick Coole
DARBY Margaret Aughamullan
DAVISON John Coole
DAWLEY John Cloghog
DAWSON James Mousetown
DEVLIN Cornelius Shanlis Upper
DEVLIN Daniel Drummurrer
DEVLIN Daniel Lenadremnagh
DEVLIN Edward Aughagalla
DEVLIN Felix Killary Glebe
DEVLIN Henry Annagher
DEVLIN Henry Aughrimderg
DEVLIN Henry Killeen
DEVLIN Henry Magheralamfield
DEVLIN James Annagher
DEVLIN James Dernagh
DEVLIN James Shanlis Lower
DEVLIN John Aughamullan
DEVLIN John Dernagh
DEVLIN John Gortnaglogh
DEVLIN John Killeen
DEVLIN John Magheramulkenny
DEVLIN John Shanlis Lower
DEVLIN Joseph Drummurrer
DEVLIN Joseph Killeen
DEVLIN Margaret Lenadremnagh
DEVLIN Mark Drummurrer
DEVLIN Mary Ballygittle
DEVLIN Mary Magheralamfield
DEVLIN Michael Aughagalla
DEVLIN Michael Clintycracken
DEVLIN Michael Dernagh
DEVLIN Michael Killary Glebe
DEVLIN Patrick Drummurrer
DEVLIN Patrick Killeen
DEVLIN Patrick Magheralamfield
DEVLIN Patrick Magheramulkenny
DILLON Constantine Ballybeg
DILLON Henry Clintycracken
DILLON James Aughamullan
DILLON John Killeen
DILLON Mary Aughrimderg
DILLON Patrick Clintycracken
DILLON Terence Ballybeg
DOGHERTY John Magheralamfield
DONAGHY Anne Gortnaglogh
DONAGHY Bridget Derrytresk
DONAGHY Henry Derryloughan
DONAGHY Hugh Derrytresk
DONAGHY James Derryloughan
DONAGHY James Derrytresk
DONAGHY James Gortnaglogh
DONAGHY John Annaghmore
DONAGHY John Gortnaglogh
DONAGHY Michael Derrytresk
DONAGHY Patrick Derryloughan
DONAGHY Patrick Derrytresk
DONAGHY Peter Derryloughan
DONAGHY Thomas Annagher
DONAGHY Thomas Derryloughan
DONAGHY Thomas Derrytresk
DONAGHY William Derrytresk
DONNELLY Anne Annagher
DONNELLY Bernard Shanlis Lower
DONNELLY Cornelius Magheralamfield
DONNELLY Francis Annagher
DONNELLY Henry Derryloughan
DONNELLY Henry Shanlis Lower
DONNELLY James Annagher
DONNELLY James Derryloughan
DONNELLY John Annagher
DONNELLY John Shanlis Lower
DONNELLY Joseph Annagher
DONNELLY Mary Annagher
DONNELLY Matthew Annagher
DONNELLY Michael Aughamullan
DONNELLY Michael Derrytresk
DONNELLY Patrick Annagher
DONNELLY Patrick Killary Glebe
DONNELLY Peter Annagher
DONOVAN Matthew Aughamullan
DONOVAN Michael Aughamullan
DOOGAN Catherine Derrytresk
DORAN Hugh Annagher
DORMAN John Ballybeg
DORMAN Patrick Lenadremnagh
DORMAN William Coole
DORMON Patrick Aughamullan
DOWNEY James Derryloughan
DUFF Hugh Lisaclare
DUFF John Annagher
DUFF Roger Lisaclare
DUFFY John Aughamullan
DUFFY John Meenagh
DUFFY Owen Meenagh
DUFFY Patrick Aughamullan
ECCLES James Annagher
ECCLES John Annagher
ECCLES John, Jun. Annagher
ECCLES Thomas Annagher
ELLIOTT William Lisaclare
ELVIN Hugh Ballybeg
ENGLISH Mary Aughagalla
ENGLISH Patrick Dernagh
FALLOON Catherine Clintycracken
FALLOON Hugh, Jun. Aughamullan
FALLOON Hugh, Sen. Aughamullan
FARR John Aughrimderg
FEE Patrick Aughrimderg
FEE Thomas Aughrimderg
FIELDING Charles Magheramulkenny
FISHER Charles Annagher
FITZGERALD Hugh Derrytresk
FITZGERALD James Derrytresk
FITZGERALD Mary Derryloughan
FITZGERALD Mary Derrytresk
FITZGERALD Patrick Derryloughan
FITZGERALD Patrick Derrytresk
FITZGERALD Solomon Derryloughan
FITZGERALD Solomon Derrytresk
FOSTER Edward Lisnastrane
FOSTER James Derryloughan
FOSTER Mary Derryloughan
FOX Patrick Meenagh
FULLAN Thomas Annagher
FULTON Jane Aughrimderg
GARTLAND John Aughamullan
GARTLAND John Shanlis Upper
GARTLAND Laurence Aughamullan
GARTLAND Laurence Derrytresk
GARTLAND Peter Aughamullan
GARTLANNY Catherine Derryloughan
GARTLANNY Catherine Derrytresk
GARTLANNY Laurence Derrytresk
GARTLANNY Margaret Derrytresk
GARTLANNY Michael Derryloughan
GARTLANNY Michael Derrytresk
GARTLANNY Owen Derrytresk
GARTLANNY Peter Derryloughan
GARTLANNY Peter Derrytresk
GATES James Lisnastrane
GEOGHEGAN Anne Derrytresk
GIBBONS Arthur Coole
GIBSON Elizabeth Coole
GILLES James Lisnastrane
GILMOUR Thomas Clintycracken
GILMOUR Thomas Gortnaglogh
GIRVIN Alice Mousetown
GIRVIN Arthur Annagher
GIRVIN David Shanlis Upper
GIRVIN James Lisnastrane
GIRVIN James Shanlis Upper
GIRVIN Margaret Lisnastrane
GIRVIN Mary Lenadremnagh
GIRVIN Mary Magheralamfield
GIRVIN Michael Shanlis Upper
GIRVIN Owen Shanlis Upper
GIRVIN Patrick Mousetown
GIRVIN Patrick Shanlis Upper
GIRVIN Terence Shanlis Lower
GLACKEN Bernard Aughamullan
GLACKEN Esther Aughamullan
GLACKEN James Aughamullan
GLACKEN John Aughamullan
GLACKEN Patrick Meenagh
GLACKEN Sarah Aughamullan
GORTLUNNY Michael Annagher
GRAHAM James Annaghmore
GRAHAM James Aughagalla
GRAHAM Patrick Aughagalla
GROGAN Catherine Annagher
GUESS Adam Aughamullan
GUEST David Killeen
GUNNING James Aughrimderg
GUNNING James Ballybeg
GUNNING James Magheralamfield
HAGAN Anne Shanlis Lower
HAGAN Arthur Magheralamfield
HAGAN Bernard Clintycracken
HAGAN Edward Derrytresk
HAGAN Edward Magheramulkenny
HAGAN Eleanor Derrytresk
HAGAN Francis Derryloughan
HAGAN Francis Derrytresk
HAGAN Henry Aughrimderg
HAGAN Henry Ballybeg
HAGAN Henry Clintycracken
HAGAN James Annagher
HAGAN John Annaghmore
HAGAN Matthew Clintycracken
HAGAN Michael Ballybeg
HAGAN Michael Derrytresk
HAGAN Owen Magheralamfield
HAGAN Patrick Derryloughan
HAGAN Patrick Derrytresk
HAGAN Patrick Drummurrer
HAGAN Rose Derryloughan
HAGAN Rose Anne Shanlis Lower
HALL Thomas Aughrimderg
HALL Thomas Ballybeg
HALL Thomas Clintycracken
HALL Thomas Coole
HAMILL Francis Coole
HAMILTON Alexander Ballygittle
HANDEN Arthur Lisnastrane
HANLON Bernard Aughamullan
HANLON Charles Derrytresk
HANLON Felix Lenadremnagh
HANLON Patrick Derrytresk
HANLON Peter Derryloughan
HANLON Peter Derrytresk
HANLON Rose Derrytresk
HANNA Richard Derryloughan
HANNAN Henry Derrytresk
HANTON John Gortnaglogh
HARARIN James Mousetown
HARARIN Owen Aughamullan
HARRARIN Hugh Annagher
HARRARIN Hugh Aughamullan
HARRARIN James Annagher
HARRARIN John Derryloughan
HARRARIN Mary Aughamullan
HARRARIN Owen Derrytresk
HARRARIN Patrick Annaghnaboe
HAUGHEY James Annagher
HAUGHEY James Lisnastrane
HAVERAN Hugh Derryloughan
HAVERAN John Derryloughan
HAVERN Bernard Aughamullan
HEAVEN Jane Annagher
HIDNEY Rose Annagher
HIGGINS Edward Annagher
HIGGINS Francis Annaghmore
HIGGINS Isabella Annagher
HIGGINS John Annagher
HOGAN John Meenagh
HUGHES Anne Annaghmore
HUGHES Arthur Aughagalla
HUGHES Bernard Annaghmore
HUGHES Catherine Annagher
HUGHES Catherine Drummurrer
HUGHES Charles Annagher
HUGHES Charles Drummurrer
HUGHES Cornelius Magheralamfield
HUGHES Daniel Drummurrer
HUGHES George Derryloughan
HUGHES Henry Derryloughan
HUGHES James Cloghog
HUGHES James Drummurrer
HUGHES James Lisaclare
HUGHES James, Jun. Meenagh
HUGHES James, Sen. Meenagh
HUGHES John Annagher
HUGHES John Annaghnaboe
HUGHES John Dernagh
HUGHES John Derryloughan
HUGHES John Drummurrer
HUGHES John Lisaclare
HUGHES Joseph Magheramulkenny
HUGHES Michael Annaghmore
HUGHES Michael Drummurrer
HUGHES Neal Annagher
HUGHES Owen Annaghmore
HUGHES Owen Aughamullan
HUGHES Owen, Jun. Annaghmore
HUGHES Peter Annaghmore
HUGHES Peter Derryloughan
HUGHES Peter, Sen. Annaghmore
HUGHES Sarah Annagher
HUMPHREY James Dernagh
HUNTER Mary Lisaclare
HUNTER Sproule Lenadremnagh
HUTTON William Shanlis Upper
JOHNSTON John Annaghmore
JOHNSTON John Derrytresk
JOHNSTON John Killeen
JOHNSTON Margaret Annaghmore
JOHNSTON Thomas Annaghmore
JUDGE James Ballygittle
KANE James Annagher
KANE John Ballygittle
KANE Joseph Derryloughan
KANE Patrick Ballygittle
KANE Thomas Mousetown
KAVANAGH Hugh Aughrimderg
KAVANAGH Hugh Lisaclare
KAVANAGH Margaret Killeen
KAVANAGH Matthew Clintycracken
KAVANAGH Thomas Killeen
KEARNEY Bridget Aughamullan
KELCHER Samuel Ballygittle
KELLY Elizabeth Ballygittle
KELLY Francis Magheralamfield
KELLY Isabella Coole
KELLY James Lisnastrane
KELLY James Shanlis Upper
KELLY John Meenagh
KELLY Philip Meenagh
KELLY Robert Coole
KELLY Thomas Shanlis Upper
KELSO James Ballybeg
KELSO John Aughrimderg
KELSO John Ballybeg
KELSO John Coole
KELSO Mary Ballybeg
KILPATRICK Anne Drummurrer
KILPATRICK James Drummurrer
KILPATRICK John Annaghnaboe
KILPATRICK Joseph Annaghmore
KILPATRICK Mary Drummurrer
KING Robert Annagher
KING Robert Annaghmore
KING Robert Cloghog
KING Robert Meenagh
LAPPAN Bridget Ballybeg
LAPPIN John Killeen
LAPPIN Patk. Aughamullan
LATTIMER George Killeen
LATTIMER Henry Lisaclare
LAVELLE Joseph Cloghog
LAVERTY Bernard Annaghmore
LEE Alexander Ballybeg
LEE Alexander Coole
LEE Charles Killeen
LEE John Cloghog
LEE John Killeen
LEE John Lisaclare
LEE John, Jun. Killeen
LEE William Coole
LEONARD Henry Aughrimderg
LEONARD Henry Ballybeg
LEONARD Henry Clintycracken
LEONARD John Coole
LEONARD William Ballybeg
LEONARD William Clintycracken
LIND James Ballygittle
LITTLE Jane Ballybeg
LOUGHRAN John Annagher
LOUGHRAN John Annaghmore
LYNN Edward Mousetown
LYNN Hugh Aughrimderg
LYNN John Killeen
LYNN John Meenagh
MACRORY Hugh Tumpher
MACRORY James Derrytresk
MACRORY James Lisnastrane
MACRORY Owen Clintycracken
MAGAW Hugh Aughamullan
MAGEE Eleanor Aughrimderg
MAGEE John Ballygittle
MAGRATH Anne Magheralamfield
MAGRATH Arthur Magheramulkenny
MAGRATH Daniel Magheramulkenny
MAGRATH Daniel Meenagh
MAGRATH Edward Magheramulkenny
MAGRATH Edward Meenagh
MAGRATH Francis Shanlis Lower
MAGRATH Hugh Magheramulkenny
MAGRATH Hugh Meenagh
MAGRATH James Meenagh
MAGRATH James Shanlis Lower
MAGRATH John Magheramulkenny
MAGRATH John Meenagh
MAGRATH John Shanlis Lower
MAGRATH Mary Meenagh
MAGRATH Michael Lisaclare
MAGRATH Patrick Aughrimderg
MAGRATH Patrick Dernagh
MAGRATH Patrick Meenagh
MAGRATH Peter Magheramulkenny
MAGRATH Peter Meenagh
MAGRATH Thomas Aughagalla
MAGUCKIAN John Magheralamfield
MAGUCKIAN Patrick Magheralamfield
MAGUCKIAN William Magheralamfield
MAGUIRK John Dernagh
MALLIN Arthur Annagher
MALLIN Bernard Gortnaglogh
MALLIN Henry Lisaclare
MALLIN Hugh Lisaclare
MALLIN James Drummurrer
MALLIN John Meenagh
MALLIN Patrick Ballybeg
MALONE Edward Aughamullan
MAY Hugh Magheralamfield
MAY James Magheralamfield
MAY William Coole
MCALINDEN James Derryloughan
MCALINDEN Robert Ballybeg
MCALINDEN Rose Derryloughan
MCALISKY John Derryloughan
MCALISTER Mary Lisaclare
MCANALLY Bridget Coole
MCANALLY John Annagher
MCANALLY Joseph Derryloughan
MCANULTY Charles Annaghnaboe
MCANULTY Elizabeth Annagher
MCANULTY Hugh Annaghnaboe
MCANULTY James Derryloughan
MCANULTY John Derryloughan
MCATARSNY John Derrytresk
MCATEER Thomas Mousetown
MCCABE Daniel Annaghnaboe
MCCABE John Annaghnaboe
MCCABE John Drummurrer
MCCALLIN Bernard Annagher
MCCALLIN Charles Annagher
MCCANN Anne Derryloughan
MCCANN Anne Lisnastrane
MCCANN Edward Derryloughan
MCCANN George Derryloughan
MCCANN James, Jun. Cloghog
MCCANN James, Sen. Cloghog
MCCANN John Aughamullan
MCCANN John Clintycracken
MCCANN John Derryloughan
MCCANN Mary Derryloughan
MCCANN Michael Derryloughan
MCCANN Neal Derryloughan
MCCANN Patrick Aughamullan
MCCANN Patrick Derryloughan
MCCANN Patrick, Jun. Derryloughan
MCCANN Roger Derryloughan
MCCLERNAN Elizabeth Annagher
MCCLERNAN Henry Annagher
MCCLERNAN Hugh Aughagranna
MCCLERNAN Isabella Annagher
MCCLERNAN James Annagher
MCCLERNAN John Aughagranna
MCCLERNAN Matthew Annagher
MCCLERNAN Matthew Annaghnaboe
MCCLERNAN Robert Annagher
MCCLERNON Margaret Lisaclare
MCCONOMY Anne Lisaclare
MCCONOMY Denis Derrytresk
MCCONOMY Edward Aughrimderg
MCCORMACK Michael Annagher
MCCOURT Henry Derryloughan
MCCRORY Catherine Lisnastrane
MCCURDY Alexander Killeen
MCCURDY James Killeen
MCCURDY Rev. Samuel Lisaclare
MCDONALD Margaret Annagher
MCDONNELL Alexander Mousetown
MCDONNELL James Mousetown
MCFARLAND Henry, Jun. Drummurrer
MCFARLAND Henry, Sen. Drummurrer
MCGEARY James Derrytresk
MCGEARY Patrick Derrytresk
MCGEARY Peter Annagher
MCGEHAN Bernard Aughamullan
MCGEHAN Edward Aughamullan
MCGEHAN Edward Derryloughan
MCGEHAN Thomas Derrytresk
MCGLONE Patrick Meenagh
MCGRANE Henry Annagher
MCGRATH Arthur Annaghmore
MCGRATH Arthur Derryloughan
MCGRATH Constantine Aughamullan
MCGRATH Daniel Aughamullan
MCGRATH Edward Derryloughan
MCGRATH Edward Meenagh
MCGRATH Henry Derrytresk
MCGRATH Hugh Aughamullan
MCGRATH James Aughamullan
MCGRATH James Meenagh
MCGRATH Jane Aughamullan
MCGRATH John Derryloughan
MCGRATH John Derrytresk
MCGRATH John, Jun. Meenagh
MCGRATH John, Sen. Meenagh
MCGRATH Margaret Derryloughan
MCGRATH Mary Aughamullan
MCGRATH Mary Derryloughan
MCGRATH Patrick Aughamullan
MCGRATH Peter Aughamullan
MCGRATH Peter Derryloughan
MCGRATH Peter Derrytresk
MCGRATH Peter Meenagh
MCGRATH Rose Derryloughan
MCGRATH Terence Aughamullan
MCGRATH Terence Derryloughan
MCGUIGGAN Cicely Aughamullan
MCGUIGGAN Cornelius Aughamullan
MCGUIGGAN Cornelius Ballygittle
MCGUIGGAN John Aughamullan
MCGUIGGAN John Lisnastrane
MCGUIGGAN Neal Derryloughan
MCGUINNESS Bernard Aughamullan
MCGUINNESS James Annagher
MCGUINNESS Peter Derrytresk
MCGUINNESS Thomas Derrytresk
MCGUIRK Alice Annagher
MCGUIRK John Annagher
MCILHANNAN Charles Derryloughan
MCILHANNAN Mary Derryloughan
MCILLVANAGH Eleanor Magheramulkenny
MCILLVANAGH Owen Magheramulkenny
MCILVANAGH William Coole
MCIVER Felix Lenadremnagh
MCKEE Patrick Aughamullan
MCKENNA John Derryloughan
MCKENNA Michael Killeen
MCKENNA Owen Ballybeg
MCKEON Bernard Aughamullan
MCKEON Denis Cloghog
MCKEON Henry Annagher
MCKEON Henry Aughamullan
MCKEON Henry Derrytresk
MCKINSTRY John Annagher
MCLINDEN Charles Coole
MCLOUGHLIN John Magheramulkenny
MCMENAMY Samuel Annagher
MCMULLIN John Magheralamfield
MCMUNN Nathaniel Annagher
MCQUADE Joseph Annaghnaboe
MCREYNOLDS Alice Ballybeg
MCREYNOLDS Andw. T. Aughagranna
MCREYNOLDS Charles Derryloughan
MCREYNOLDS Cornelius Aughamullan
MCREYNOLDS James Ballybeg
MCREYNOLDS James Cloghog
MCREYNOLDS Rawley Cloghog
MCREYNOLDS Robert Cloghog
MCREYNOLDS Samuel Aughagranna
MCREYNOLDS William Derryloughan
MCSLIGH John Lisnastrane
MCSLOY Bernard Derryloughan
MCSLOY Bridget Aughamullan
MCSLOY Cornelius Aughamullan
MCSLOY Cornelius Derryloughan
MCSLOY Neal Derryloughan
MCSLOY Owen Aughamullan
MCSTRAVOGUE Daniel Aughamullan
MCSTRAVOGUE Daniel Derryloughan
MCSTRAVOGUE Danl., Sen. Aughamullan
MCSTRAVOGUE James Lisnastrane
MCSTRAVOGUE John Aughamullan
MCSTRAVOGUE Patrick Aughamullan
MCSTRAVOGUE Patrick Derryloughan
MCTEAGUE John Clintycracken
MEGAHAN Elizabeth Aughrimderg
MEGAHAN John Annaghmore
MEGARI Bridget Annaghmore
MEGAW William Gortnaglogh
MILINE James Annaghmore
MILLAR John Coole
MILLER Thomas Aughagalla
MOLLOY Owen Derryloughan
MOLLOY Patrick Aughamullan
MOLLOY William Aughamullan
MONTGOMERY Arabella Mousetown
MOONEY Sarah Anne Annaghmore
MOORE Catherine Annagher
MORGAN Alice Magheralamfield
MORGAN Bernard Magheralamfield
MORGAN Bridget Magheralamfield
MORGAN Bridget, Jun. Magheralamfield
MORGAN Denis Derryloughan
MORGAN Hugh Derryloughan
MORGAN Patrick Magheralamfield
MORGAN Rose Magheralamfield
MORRIS Bernard Magheramulkenny
MORRIS Bernard Meenagh
MORRIS David Annaghnaboe
MORRIS Francis Annaghmore
MORRIS Francis Lisaclare
MORRIS Francis Magheramulkenny
MORRIS Francis Meenagh
MORRIS Hamilton Ballybeg
MORRIS Jane Meenagh
MORRIS John Ballybeg
MORRIS John Meenagh
MORRIS Margaret Ballygittle
MORRIS Solomon Lisaclare
MORRISON Hamilton Clintycracken
MULGREW Cornelius Killeen
MULGREW James Killeen
MULGREW John Lenadremnagh
MULGREW Michael Killeen
MULHOLLAND James Clintycracken
MULLEN John Magheramulkenny
MULLIN James Annaghmore
MULLIN Margaret Annagher
MURPHY Arthur Annagher
MURPHY Jas Annagher
MURPHY Thomas Annagher
MURRAY Charles C. Annaghmore
MURRAY Charles C. Drummurrer
MURRAY Charles C. Meenagh
MURRAY Mary Clintycracken
NEILL Anne Annagher
NEILL Daniel Annagher
NEILL Michael Annagher
NEILL Patrick Coole
NEILL Patrick Derrytresk
NEILL Susan Aughrimderg
Nethercot Andrew Coole
NICHOLL Anne Shanlis Upper
NICHOLL Mary Mousetown
NUGENT Ellen Annagher
NUGENT William Annagher
O'DONNELL Cornelius Mousetown
O'DONNELL Eleanor Tumpher
O'DONNELL Henry Tumpher
O'DONNELL James Tumpher
O'NEILL Arthur Magheralamfield
O'NEILL Arthur Magheramulkenny
O'NEILL Bernard Annagher
O'NEILL Bernard Annaghmore
O'NEILL Bernard Aughamullan
O'NEILL Bernard Coole
O'NEILL Bernard Derryloughan
O'NEILL Bernard Drummurrer
O'NEILL Bernard Lisnastrane
O'NEILL Bernard Magheralamfield
O'NEILL Charles Annaghmore
O'NEILL Charles Aughamullan
O'NEILL Charles Lisnastrane
O'NEILL Charles Magheralamfield
O'NEILL Charles Shanlis Upper
O'NEILL Chas. Annaghmore
O'NEILL Constantine Clintycracken
O'NEILL Cornelius Derryloughan
O'NEILL Edward Derryloughan
O'NEILL Edward Derrytresk
O'NEILL Eleanor Annaghmore
O'NEILL Eleanor Aughamullan
O'NEILL Eleanor Meenagh
O'NEILL Francis Aughamullan
O'NEILL Francis Dernagh
O'NEILL Francis Derryloughan
O'NEILL Francis Derrytresk
O'NEILL Henry Annaghmore
O'NEILL Henry Aughagalla
O'NEILL Henry Gortnaglogh
O'NEILL Henry Lisnastrane
O'NEILL Henry Meenagh
O'NEILL Hugh Annagher
O'NEILL Hugh Aughamullan
O'NEILL Hugh Aughrimderg
O'NEILL Hugh Derryloughan
O'NEILL Hugh Derrytresk
O'NEILL Hugh Magheralamfield
O'NEILL James Annagher
O'NEILL James Annaghmore
O'NEILL James Annaghnaboe
O'NEILL James Derryloughan
O'NEILL James Drummurrer
O'NEILL James Lisnastrane
O'NEILL James Meenagh
O'NEILL James, Jun. Annaghmore
O'NEILL James, Sen. Annaghmore
O'NEILL James, Sen. Clintycracken
O'NEILL Jas, Jun. Annaghmore
O'NEILL Jas. Annaghmore
O'NEILL Jno. Annaghmore
O'Neill John Annagher
O'NEILL John Annaghmore
O'NEILL John Annaghnaboe
O'NEILL John Aughamullan
O'NEILL John Derryloughan
O'NEILL John Derrytresk
O'NEILL John Drummurrer
O'NEILL John Lisnastrane
O'NEILL John Magheralamfield
O'NEILL John Magheramulkenny
O'NEILL John Meenagh
O'NEILL John Shanlis Lower
O'NEILL John, Sen. Magheramulkenny
O'NEILL John, Sen. Meenagh
O'NEILL Joseph Killeen
O'NEILL Margaret Derrytresk
O'NEILL Margaret Lisnastrane
O'NEILL Mark Lisnastrane
O'NEILL Mary Derryloughan
O'NEILL Mary Derrytresk
O'NEILL Mary Meenagh
O'NEILL Mary, Jun. Clintycracken
O'NEILL Mary, Jun. Derryloughan
O'NEILL Mary, Jun. Derrytresk
O'NEILL Mary, Sen. Derryloughan
O'NEILL Mary, Sen. Derrytresk
O'NEILL Michael Annagher
O'NEILL Michael Annaghmore
O'NEILL Michael Aughagalla
O'NEILL Michael Dernagh
O'NEILL Michael Lisnastrane
O'NEILL Michael, Sen. Annaghmore
O'NEILL Owen Annagher
O'NEILL Owen Annaghmore
O'NEILL Owen Derrytresk
O'NEILL Owen Magheramulkenny
O'NEILL Owen Meenagh
O'NEILL Owen Mousetown
O'NEILL Patk. Annaghmore
O'NEILL Patrick Annaghmore
O'NEILL Patrick Clintycracken
O'NEILL Patrick Magheramulkenny
O'NEILL Patrick Meenagh
O'NEILL Peter Annagher
O'NEILL Philip Annagher
O'NEILL Roger Dernagh
O'NEILL Sarah Annagher
O'NEILL Terence Annaghnaboe
O'NEILL Terence Mousetown
O'NEILL Thomas Lisnastrane
O'NEILL William Derryloughan
PARKER George Ballybeg
PARKER Letitia Ballybeg
PATTERSON James Mousetown
PERRY James Aughamullan
PERRY James Derrytresk
PERRY James Mousetown
PHERSON Patrick Lisnastrane
PHERSON William Lisnastrane
QUINN Andrew Lisnastrane
QUINN Anne Derryloughan
QUINN Anne Derrytresk
QUINN Anne Lisnastrane
QUINN Arthur Annaghnaboe
QUINN Arthur Aughamullan
QUINN Arthur Derryloughan
QUINN Arthur Derrytresk
QUINN Bernard Aughamullan
QUINN Bernard Derryloughan
QUINN Bernard, Jun. Aughamullan
QUINN Bridget Derryloughan
QUINN Catherine Dernagh
QUINN Charles Aughamullan
QUINN Daniel Annaghnaboe
QUINN Eleanor Aughamullan
QUINN Ellen Derryloughan
QUINN Francis Annaghnaboe
QUINN Francis Aughamullan
QUINN Henry Tumpher
QUINN Hugh Aughagranna
QUINN Hugh Derryloughan
QUINN Isabella Derryloughan
QUINN James Annagher
QUINN James Aughamullan
QUINN James Derryloughan
QUINN James Killary Glebe
QUINN Jane Aughamullan
QUINN Jane Derrytresk
QUINN John Aughamullan
QUINN John Derrytresk
QUINN John, Jun. Aughamullan
QUINN John, Sen. Aughamullan
QUINN Mary Annagher
QUINN Mary Aughagranna
QUINN Mary Meenagh
QUINN Michael Aughamullan
QUINN Michael Derryloughan
QUINN Michael Shanlis Upper
QUINN Michl. Derryloughan
QUINN Patrick Annaghnaboe
QUINN Patrick Aughamullan
QUINN Patrick Lisaclare
QUINN Patrick Lisnastrane
QUINN Peter Derryloughan
QUINN Rose Annagher
QUINN Sarah Derryloughan
QUINN Sarah Lisnastrane
QUINN Thomas Derryloughan
QUINN William Ballybeg
QUINN William Derryloughan
QUINTIN Hugh Aughrimderg
RAFFERTY John Annagher
REE James Lisnastrane
REE William Lisnastrane
REID John Aughrimderg
REID Thomas Aughagalla
REID Thomas Killeen
RICHARDSON Anne Gortnaglogh
ROBINSON William Lisaclare
ROONEY James Annagher
ROONEY William Annagher
RUSSELL Thomas Lisaclare
RUSSELL William Aughrimderg
RYAN Cornelius Derrytresk
RYAN James Annagher
RYAN Margaret Lenadremnagh
SEARIGHT Margaret Tumpher
SEDDICK Thomas Aughamullan
SINAMON John Shanlis Upper
SMITH Eleanor Magheramulkenny
SMITH Thomas Magheramulkenny
STEWART Thomas Lisaclare
SWEETLOVE William Aughrimderg
TAGGART Henry Derryloughan
TAGGART Hugh Derryloughan
TAGGART James Cloghog
TAGGART James Drummurrer
TAGGART John Derryloughan
TAGGART John Derrytresk
TAGGART Mary Derryloughan
TAGGART Mary Derrytresk
TAGGART Michael Derryloughan
TAGGART Peter Derryloughan
TAGGART Rose Derryloughan
TEDFORD William Tumpher
TIERNEY Owen Annagher
TIPPING Alexander Meenagh
TULLY Rev. John Dernagh
VALLELLY Arthur Glebe Farm
VRY Elle Shanlis Upper
WALLACE Henry Derrytresk
WALLACE Henry Derrytresk
WARD Maurice Annagher
WARD William Killeen
WEANY Bernard Dernagh
WEANY Charles Dernagh
WEANY Francis Drummurrer
WEANY John Drummurrer
WILLIAMSON Robert Killary Glebe
WILLIAMSON Susan Ballybeg
WILSON Joseph Lisnastrane
WOODS Anne Lisnastrane
WOODS Daniel Shanlis Lower
WOODS Michael Shanlis Lower
WOODS Patrick Lisnastrane