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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Clonfeacle Parish, Counties Tyrone & Armagh, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The background to, and explanation of the importance of c1860 Griffiths Valuation can be found here, also free-of-charge images of all entries

Griffith's Valuation (

Further essential records for Clonfeacle researchers can be located in the 1833 Tithe Applotment Book


Co. Tyrone Portion of Clonfeacle Parish. Courtesy of





Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altnavannog Anagasna Glebe Annagh Ballymackilduff
Benburb Boland Brossloy Broughadowey
Cadian Carrowbeg Carrowcolman Carrycastle
Clogherny Clonbeg Clonmore Clonteevy
Coolcush Coolkill Cormullagh Crew
Crossteely Crubinagh Culkeeran Culrevog
Curran Derrycreevy Derrycreevy (Knox) Derryfubble
Derrygoonan Derrygortrevy Derrylattinee Derryoghill
Donnydeade Drain Drumanuey Drumay
Drumcart Drumderg Drumflugh Drumgold
Drumgormal Drumgose Drumgrannon Drumlee
Drummond Drumnamoless Drumnashaloge Drumnastrade
Drumskinny Dunamony Dunseark Finelly
Garvaghy Gorestown Gort Gortmerron
Grange Killybracken Kilnacart Kilnagrew
Knockarogan Glebe Knocknacloy Legilly Lisbancarney
Lisbanlemneigh Lisdermot Lisduff Lisgobban
Lismulrevy Lisnacroy Lisroan Lissan
Listamlet Mossmore Moy Moyard
Moygashel Mulboy Mullaghboy Mullaghdaly
Mullaghlongfield Mullaghmossog Glebe Mullybrannon Mullycar
Mullycarnan Roan Sanaghanroe Sessiamagaroll
Seyloran Shanmoy Stangmore (Knox) Stangmore (Magee)
Stiloga Syerla Terryglassog Terryscollop
Tobermesson Glebe Tullydowey Tullygiven Tullygoney
Tullylearn Turleenan Tyhan  




Surname Given Name Townland
ABERNETHY Henry Dunseark
ABERNETHY James Drumgormal
ABERNETHY Margaret Coolkill
ABERNETHY Sarah Coolkill
ADAMS James Knocknacloy
ADAMS John Carrowcolman
ADAMS John Knocknacloy
AGNEW Henry Derrylattinee
AGNEW Henry Mullycar
AIKEN Jackson Moy
AIKEN Jackson Town of Moy, Charlemont Street
AIKEN James Carrowbeg
AIKEN James Carrycastle
AIKEN James Derrycreevy
ALDERDYCE David Turleenan
ALLEN Anne Derrylattinee
ALLEN James Carrycastle
ALLEN John Clonteevy
ALLEN William Clonteevy
ALLEN William Derrylattinee
ANDERSON Abraham Donnydeade
ANDERSON Alexander Moygashel
ANDERSON Andrew Shanmoy
ANDERSON Andrew Stiloga
ANDERSON Benjamin Drumgormal
ANDERSON David Mullybrannon
ANDERSON John Carrowcolman
ANDERSON John Tullygiven
ANDERSON William Carrowcolman
ANDERSON William Mullycarnan
ARMSTRONG Robert Moyard
ARNOLD Robert Drumgormal
ARTREY [ARDREY] James Mullybrannon
ARTREY [ARDREY] Thomas Mullybrannon
ARTREY [ARDREY] William Moygashel
ARTREY [ARDREY] William Mullybrannon
ARTREY [ARDREY] William, Senr. Mullybrannon
BAILEY Joseph, Junr. Altnavannog
BAILEY Joseph, Senr. Altnavannog
BAILEY William Stangmore (Knox)
BAKER James Drumgold
BALL Joseph Derrycreevy (Knox)
BANNON John Anagasna Glebe
BARBER John Gortmerron
BARCROFT Henry Stangmore (Knox)
BARCROFT John Moygashel
BARCROFT John P. Stangmore (Knox)
BARCROFT William J. Altnavannog
BARCROFT William J. Grange
BARRETT James Gortmerron
BARRETT Patrick Cadian
BARRETT Patrick Gort
BARRETT Thomas Cadian
BARRY Richard Grange
BARRY Robert Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
BARRY Robert Moy
BARRY Robt. Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
BARTLEY James Derryoghill
BARTLEY James, Junr. Mullaghboy
BARTLEY John Drumlee
BARTLEY Joseph Derrygoonan
BARTLEY Sarah Broughadowey
BARTLEY Thomas Mullaghboy
BATES Margaret Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
BATES Margaret Moy
BAXTER John Derrygortrevy
BAXTER Samuel Drumnashaloge
BEATTIE Benjamin Town of Benburb
BEATTIE William Carrowbeg
BEATTY Benjamin Moyard
BEATTY James Culrevog
BEAUMONT George Benburb
BEAVER Robert, Junr. Shanmoy
BEAVER Robert, Senr. Shanmoy
BEAVERS Robert Drumgose
BEGGS Elizabeth Gort
BEGGS Jane Mullycar
BEGGS John Derrygortrevy
BEGGS John Gort
BELL Hugh Drumnastrade
BELL James Drummond
BELL Sarah Town of Benburb
BEST James The Square, Town of Moy
BIARS [BYERS] Archibald Drumanuey
BIARS [BYERS] Jackson Drumgrannon
BLACK Henry Syerla
BLACK James Town of Benburb
BLACK Robert Drummond
BLAIR John Drumgormal
BLAIR Robert Lisbancarney
BLAIR Robert Terryscollop
BLEVINS William Cadian
BLOOMER Anne Sessiamagaroll
BLOOMER Arthur Sessiamagaroll
BLOOMER Elizabeth Terryglassog
BLOOMER George Tullygiven
BLOOMER Gregory Terryglassog
BLOOMER John Mulboy
BLOOMER John Terryglassog
BLOOMER John, Junr. Drain
BLOOMER John, Senr. Drain
BLOOMER Lawrence Lisbanlemneigh
BLOOMER Robert Carrowbeg
BLOOMER Robert Lisgobban
BLOOMER Robert Terryglassog
BLOOMER Robert, Junr. Sessiamagaroll
BLOOMER Robert, Senr. Sessiamagaroll
BOARDMAN Ellen G. Stangmore (Knox)
BORROWS [BURROWS?] James Derrycreevy (Knox)
BOYD Alexander Legilly
BOYD Jane Legilly
BOYD William Carrowbeg
BOYLAN Henry Crubinagh
BOYLAN Henry Sanaghanroe
BOYLE Sarah Grange
BRADLEY Enoch Tobermesson Glebe
BRADLEY John Drain
BRADLEY John Tullylearn
BRANAGAN Arthur Roan
BRANNAN Michael Mulboy
BRIARS David Town of Benburb
BROWNE David Cadian
BROWNE David Charlemont Street, Town of Moy, The Square
BROWNE David Legilly
BROWNE George Cadian
BROWNE Isaac Boland
BROWNE John Killyman Street, Town of Moy
BROWNE Joseph Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
BROWNE Samuel Derrycreevy (Knox)
BROWNE Samuel Mullycar
BROWNE Thomas Drummond
BROWNE William Mullycar
BRYAN Honoria Culkeeran
BRYARS Jane Culrevog
BRYARS John Broughadowey
BRYERS John Cadian
BUCHANAN John B. Dunamony
BULL Edward Drumgart
BULL Edward The Square, Town of Moy
BULL John Drumgrannon
BULLOCK James Mullybrannon
BUNTING Robert Broughadowey
BUNTING Robert Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
BUNTING Thomas The Square, Town of Moy
BURGESS John Finelly
BURGESS Richard Drummond
BURGESS Richard Finelly
BURNS Andrew Mullaghdaly
BURNS John Killyman Street, Town of Moy
BURNS Patrick Roan
BURNS Phoebe Derrylattinee
BURNS Richard Mullaghdaly
BURNS Thomas Mullaghdaly
BURNS Walter Mullaghdaly
BURNS William, Junr. Mullaghdaly
BURNS William, Senr. Mullaghdaly
BURNSIDE Joseph Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
BURTON Alexander Gortmerron
BURTON Anne Lisnacroy
BURTON Charles Carrowcolman
BURTON David Curran
BURTON David Derrycreevy
BURTON David Drummond
BURTON David Lisbancarney
BURTON David Sessiamagaroll
BURTON James Cadian
BURTON James Carrowcolman
BURTON James Knockarogan Glebe
BURTON Mary Curran
BURTON Mary Roan
BURTON Mary Sanaghanroe
BURTON Thomas Curran
BURTON William Curran
BUTLER Patrick Killybracken
CADDOE Alexander Cormullagh
CADDOE George Knockarogan Glebe
CADDOE Hamilton Tyhan
CADDOE James Tullygiven
CADOE George Carrowcolman
CAMPBELL Arthur Town of Moy, Charlemont Street, The Square
CAMPBELL Matthew Tullygiven
CAMPBELL Michael Derrycreevy
CAMPBELL Owen Drumflugh
CAMPBELL Rose Derrycreevy
CAMPBELL Sarah Drumlee
CANAVAN Thomas Listamlet
CARBERRY Catherine Carrycastle
CARBERRY Daniel Drumnashaloge
CARBERRY Daniel Drumnastrade
CARBERRY John Dunseark
CARBERRY John Legilly
CARBERRY Nicholas Lisgobban
CARBERRY Patrick Moy
CARBERRY Sarah Dunamony
CARBERRY William Dunamony
CARDWELL James Culrevog
CARDWELL William Culrevog
CARLISLE James Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
CARLISLE Robert Culrevog
CARLISLE Samuel Culrevog
CARLISLE Samuel Drumgrannon
CARLISLE Samuel Gorestown
CARRAN John Lismulrevy
CARRAN Mary Altnavannog
CARRAN Terence Tobermesson Glebe
CARROLL Richard Town of Benburb
CARSON Alicia Tullydowey
CARSON Elizabeth Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
CARSON Robert Drumgrannon
CARSON Robert Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
CARTER James Curran
CASEY Catherine Drumflugh
CASEY Catherine Town of Benburb
CASEY Catherine Tullydowey
CASEY Francis Carrycastle
CASEY John Carrycastle
CASEY John Drumflugh
CASEY John Town of Benburb
CASEY Mary Drumnamoless
CASEY Michael Derrylattinee
CASEY Owen Finelly
CASEY Peter Carrycastle
CASSIDY Edward Sanaghanroe
CASSIDY James, Senr. Sanaghanroe
CASSIDY John Sanaghanroe
CASSIDY Neal Drumlee
CASSIDY Neal Stangmore (Magee)
CASSIDY Patrick Sanaghanroe
CASSIDY Patrick, Senr. Sanaghanroe
CAULFIELD Sarah Killyman Street, Town of Moy
CAVANAGH Hugh Finelly
CAVLIN Michael Tullygiven
CHAINE William Clogherny
CHAINE William Mullaghlongfield
CHARLEMONT Earl of Clonbeg
CHARLEMONT Earl of Clonmore
CHARLEMONT Earl of Drumgart
CHARLEMONT Earl of Drumgrannon
CHARLEMONT Earl of Dunamony
CHARLEMONT Earl of Killyman Street, Town of Moy
CHARLEMONT Earl of Legilly
CHARLEMONT Earl of Town of Moy, The Square
CLARKE Denis Tullygiven
CLARKE Hannah Tullygiven
CLARKE James Drumderg
CLARKE James Tullydowey
CLARKE James Tullygiven
CLARKE John Coolcush
CLARKE John Tullygoney
CLARKE Thomas Drumgormal
CLEMENTS Mary Culkeeran
COLEMAN Eliza Donnydeade
COLEMAN Elizabeth The Square, Brick Row Lane, Town of Moy
COLEMAN Francis Clonteevy
COLEMAN James The Square, Town of Moy
COLEMAN Lawrence Clonteevy
COLEMAN Patrick Seyloran
COLEMAN Peter Grange
COLGAN David Curran
COLGAN Neal Turleenan
COLGAN Thomas Turleenan
COLHOUN James Derrygortrevy
COLHOUN James Killybracken
COLHOUN James Mullaghdaly
COLHOUN William, Junr. Drumgormal
COLHOUN William, Junr. Mulboy
COLHOUN William, Senr. Drumgormal
COLHOUN William, Senr. Mulboy
CONLAN James Carrowcolman
CONLON Constantine Drumgormal
CONLON Francis Sessiamagaroll
CONN James Seyloran
CONN Joseph Drumlee
CONNELLY Ellen Drumanuey
CONNOLLY Anne Drumlee
CONNOLLY James Drumgrannon
CONNOLLY Peter Drummond
CONNOLLY Peter Syerla
CONNOR Bernard Donnydeade
CONNOR Catherine Listamlet
CONROY Ellen Lisbanlemneigh
CONROY James Lisbanlemneigh
CONROY John Tobermesson Glebe
CONROY Mary Lisbanlemneigh
CONROY Rose Drumlee
CONROY Toal Drumay
COOPER James Tyhan
CORCARY William Roan
CORRIN James Mullycar
CORRY William Derryoghill
COTTER James Derrygortrevy
COTTER Patrick Killybracken
COTTON Robert Tyhan
COULTER John Derrylattinee
COURTNEY William Moygashel
COWSER Adam Broughadowey
COWSER Adam Culkeeran
COYLE Catherine Drumnamoless
COYLE Hugh Moyard
COYLE John Drumnashaloge
COYNE Michael, Rev. Chapel Lane, Town of Moy
COYNE Michael, Rev. Drumgrannon
COYNE Michael, Rev. Moy
CRAIG John Town of Benburb
CRAWFORD Richard Grange
CROSS Edward Finelly
CROSS Edward Grange
CROSS Sarah Mullaghdaly
CROTHERS Robert, M.D. Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
CULLEN David Roan
CULLEN David Sanaghanroe
CULLEN Denis Sanaghanroe
CULLEN Hugh Drumlee
CULLEN James Clonteevy
CULLEN James Crubinagh
CULLEN James Drummond
CULLEN Martha Anagasna Glebe
CULLEN Mary Crubinagh
CULLEN Terence Crubinagh
CULLEN William Crubinagh
CULLEN William Mullybrannon
CUMBERLAND George Moygashel
CUMMINS James Drumlee
CUMMINS Matthew Charlemont Street, Town of Moy, The Square
CUMMINS Robert Terryglassog
CUNNINGHAM Alicia Mullycarnan
CUNNINGHAM Mary Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
CUNNINGHAM Patrick Derrylattinee
CUNNINGHAM Richard Mullybrannon
CURRAN Barbara Drumay
CURRAN James Kilnagrew
CURRAN Rose Drumay
CUSH Bell Derrylattinee
CUSH Bernard Drumnamoless
CUSH Bernard Town of Benburb
DALTON John Dunamony
DALTON Luke Dunamony
DALY Anne Culkeeran
DALY Bernard Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
DALY Bernard Drumgrannon
DALY Bernard Lisroan
DALY Bernard Moy
DALY Denis Stiloga
DALY Felix Crubinagh
DALY Felix Drumderg
DALY Felix Stangmore (Magee)
DALY James Drumay
DALY John Crubinagh
DALY John Drumgose
DALY John Lisroan
DALY John, Senr. Lisroan
DALY Lawrence Clogherny
DALY Mary Derryoghill
DALY Mary Drumanuey
DALY Mary Lismulrevy
DALY Mary Tobermesson Glebe
DALY Michael Syerla
DALY Patrick Drumay
DALY Patrick Killybracken
DALY Peter Syerla
DALY Rose Tullydowey
DALY Thomas Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
DALY William Lisroan
DARBY John Lisroan
DARBY William Sessiamagaroll
DAVIDSON Cornelius Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
DAVIDSON Cornelius Moy
DAVIDSON John Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
DAVIDSON Mary Drumlee
DAVIDSON Mary Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
DAVIDSON Thomas Drumgart
DAVIDSON Thomas Lisroan
DAWSON Elizabeth Mullycarnan
DAWSON Robert Killyman Street, Town of Moy
DEVINE John Crossteely
DEVLIN Edward Listamlet
DEVLIN Francis The Square, Town of Moy
DEVLIN Peter Tullylearn
DEVLIN Susan Mullycar
DEVLIN Terence Drumlee
DEVLIN Thomas Derrygoonan
DICKSON Anne Town of Moy
DICKSON George Terryglassog
DICKSON George Carrowcolman
DICKSON John Carrowcolman
DICKSON Joseph Mullycar
DICKSON Thomas Carrowcolman
DICKSON William Mullycar
DIFFIN John Culkeeran
DILLEY John Charlemont Street, Town of Moy, The Square
DILLON Charles Tullydowey
DILLON Patrick Lisroan
DILWORTH James Dunseark
DILWORTH James Lissan
DIXON Alexander Derryoghill
DIXON Henry Drummond
DOBBIN Mary Anne Mullaghboy
DOBSON James Seyloran
DOBSON John Culkeeran
DOBSON John Killyman Street, Town of Moy
DOBSON John Lisroan
DOBSON John Turleenan
DOBSON Joseph Listamlet
DOBSON Robert Turleenan
DOBSON Thomas Broughadowey
DOBSON Thomas Listamlet
DOHERTY Daniel Crubinagh
DOHERTY Francis Derrycreevy (Knox)
DOHERTY Michael Moygashel
DOHERTY Thomas Knockarogan Glebe
DONAGHOE Bridget Grange
DONAGHOE Edward Grange
DONAGHOE Francis Broughadowey
DONAGHOE Francis Seyloran
DONAGHOE Henry Seyloran
DONAGHOE John Donnydeade
DONAGHOE John Drummond
DONAGHOE John Knocknacloy
DONAGHOE John Seyloran
DONAGHOE Margaret Derrygortrevy
DONAGHOE Martha Terryglassog
DONAGHOE Patrick Listamlet
DONAGHY Francis Brossloy
DONAGHY Francis Mullaghlongfield
DONALDSON Margaret Kilnagrew
DONNELLY Anne Derrygoonan
DONNELLY Anne Lissan
DONNELLY Bernard Finelly
DONNELLY Bridget Carrycastle
DONNELLY Bridget Terryglassog
DONNELLY Catherine Ballymackilduff
DONNELLY Daniel Mullybrannon
DONNELLY Daniel Stiloga
DONNELLY Daniel Town of Benburb
DONNELLY Edward Drumflugh
DONNELLY Francis Culrevog
DONNELLY James Brossloy
DONNELLY James Mullaghboy
DONNELLY James Mullybrannon
DONNELLY James Stiloga
DONNELLY James Tullylearn
DONNELLY John Culrevog
DONNELLY John Finelly
DONNELLY John Listamlet
DONNELLY John Mossmore
DONNELLY John Sanaghanroe
DONNELLY John Stangmore (Knox)
DONNELLY John Stiloga
DONNELLY Margaret Stiloga
DONNELLY Mary Listamlet
DONNELLY Mary Terryglassog
DONNELLY Michael Lisbancarney
DONNELLY Michael Terryglassog
DONNELLY Michael Tullygiven
DONNELLY Owen Mullaghboy
DONNELLY Patrick Curran
DONNELLY Patrick Lisbancarney
DONNELLY Peter Listamlet
DONNELLY Peter Mullybrannon
DONNELLY Rose Mullaghboy
DONNELLY Sarah Dunseark
DONNELLY Terence Mullaghboy
DONNELLY Thomas Culrevog
DONNELLY Thomas Finelly
DONOGHOE Patrick Derryoghill
DONOGHOE William Donnydeade
DOON Terence Killyman Street, Town of Moy
DOUGLASS William Killyman Street, Town of Moy
DOWDALL James Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
DOWE James Derrycreevy (Knox)
DOWNES John Mullaghdaly
DOWNEY Bernard Carrycastle
DOWNEY Bernard Cormullagh
DOWNEY Francis Gortmerron
DOWNEY John Carrycastle
DOWNEY Michael Gortmerron
DOWNEY Patrick Gortmerron
DOWNEY Thomas Tullydowey
DOYLE John Mullycar
DOYLE Peter Derrygortrevy
DOYLE William Mulboy
DROOGAN Bernard Mossmore
DROOGAN Michael Garvaghy
DUFF Alexander Broughadowey
DUFF Alexander Gorestown
DUFF James Broughadowey
DUFF Mary Clogherny
DUFFY Charles Drumflugh
DUGGAN Daniel Culrevog
DUGGAN James Carrycastle
DUGGAN William Moy
DUNLOP William Grange
DUNN Andrew Boland
DUNN Hugh Mullaghdaly
DUNN John Lissan
DUNN Joseph Sessiamagaroll
DUNN William Tullygiven
EADEN Edward Drumgormal
EARLEY Hugh Culkeeran
EARLY Thomas Listamlet
EDMONDSON Andrew Finelly
EDMONDSON James Finelly
EDMONDSON John Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
EDMONDSON Robert Drummond
EDMONDSON William Derrylattinee
EDWARDS John Drummond
EDWARDS William Drummond
ELLIOTT Thomas Tullydowey
EWING George Gortmerron
EWING George Terryglassog
EWING James Drumnashaloge
EWING John Gortmerron
EWING John Tullygiven
EWING Robert Terryglassog
EWING William Gortmerron
EYRE John Benburb
FAGAN Mary Turleenan
FALART Joseph Altnavannog
FALLS Margaret Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
FARNAN Margaret Knockarogan Glebe
FARRELL Michael Drumay
FARRELL Patrick Drumay
FARRELL William Derrygortrevy
FARRELLY Bernard Finelly
FARRELLY Denis Mullaghlongfield
FARRELLY Francis Killybracken
FARRELLY James Dunamony
FARRELLY Patrick Dunamony
FARRELLY William Drumlee
FAY Felix Mulboy
FEE Alicia Grange
FEE Patrick Listamlet
FEEHAN Mary Listamlet
FERGUSON George Mullybrannon
FERGUSON James Drummond
FERGUSON John Dunseark
FERGUSON Joseph Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
FERGUSON Mary Anne Drumgrannon
FERGUSON William Mullycarnan
FERGUSON William, Junr. Dunseark
FERGUSON William, Senr. Dunseark
FIELDING John Drumgose
FINIGAN [FINNEGAN] Andrew Anagasna Glebe
FINN James Lisdermot
FINN James Moygashel
FINNEGAN Patrick Drumay
FINNIGAN Andrew Drumay
FINNIGAN James Drumay
FINNIGAN Susan Listamlet
FINNLY [FINLAY] Mary Mossmore
FLECK Robert Ballymackilduff
FLUKER Samuel Annagh
FORDE Robert Boland
FORDE William Drummond
FORREST Margaret Broughadowey
FORREST Margaret Moy
FORREST Margaret The Square, Town of Moy
FORSYTHE Elizabeth Crew
FORSYTHE George Crew
FORSYTHE George Lismulrevy
FORSYTHE James Stiloga
FORSYTHE John Stiloga
FORSYTHE Joseph Kilnacart
FORSYTHE Robert Drumnastrade
FOX Bridget Drummond
FOX Bridget Syerla
FOX Daniel Crossteely
FOX Edward Crubinagh
FOX Ellen Derryoghill
FOX Ellen Grange
FOX Hugh Crubinagh
FOX Hugh Lismulrevy
FOX Hugh Sanaghanroe
FOX James Brossloy
FOX James Sanaghanroe
FOX Jane Sanaghanroe
FOX John Sanaghanroe
FOX Joseph Derrylattinee
FOX Mary Anne Cormullagh
FOX Neal Crubinagh
FOX Patrick Listamlet
FOX Terence Kilnacart
FOX Thomas Derrylattinee
FRAZER Hugh Carrowcolman
FRIZELLE James Lismulrevy
FRIZELLE James Mullybrannon
FRIZELLE John Legilly
FRIZELLE John Stiloga
FRIZELLE Moses Terryglassog
FULTON Andrew Drummond
FULTON George Derrygoonan
FULTON James Lisroan
FULTON Joseph Mullaghboy
FULTON Joseph The Square, Town of Moy
FULTON Mary Stiloga
FULTON Mary Terryscollop
FULTON Robert Derrycreevy
FULTON Thomas Clonteevy
FULTON Thomas Lisroan
GALLAGHER Cornwall Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
GALLAGHER David Clonteevy
GALLAGHER Francis Listamlet
GALLAGHER John Turleenan
GALLAGHER William Seyloran
GARLAND Henry Town of Benburb
GEARY Marianne Donnydeade
GEORGE John Annagh
GETTINGS Patrick Drumay
GIBSON Andrew Terryglassog
GIBSON Robert Killybracken
GIBSON Robert Stangmore (Magee)
GIBSON Thomas Carrowcolman
GILLESPIE George Grange
GILLESPIE James Kilnacart
GILLESPIE Jane Mullaghmossog Glebe
GILLESPIE John Drummond
GILLESPIE Matthew Carrycastle
GILLESPIE Townley Tobermesson Glebe
GILLESPIE William Carrycastle
GILLOGLY Patrick Donnydeade
GILMORE Alexander Turleenan
GILMORE Anthony Turleenan
GILMORE James Turleenan
GILMORE John Broughadowey
GILMORE John Town of Moy, Killyman Street
GILMORE Sarah The Square, Town of Moy
GIRVAN Susanna Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
GOFF Joseph Mullycar
GORDON George Culrevog
GORDON James Culrevog
GORDON William Jas. Culrevog
GRAHAM Bridget Derrycreevy (Knox)
GRAHAM John Legilly
GRAHAM Mary Mullaghboy
GRAHAM Terence Legilly
GRAHAM Thomas Derrycreevy (Knox)
GRAHAM Thomas Tullydowey
GRAHAM William Town of Benburb
GRAY Francis Carrowbeg
GRAY Francis Gortmerron
GRAY Henry Carrowbeg
GRAY Henry Drain
GRAY Sarah Benburb
GREENE Thomas Derrylattinee
GREENE William Stangmore (Knox)
GREER Jane Chapel Lane, Town of Moy
GREER Jane Moy
GREER Joseph Grange
GREER Robert Altnavannog
GREEVES William Grange
GREY Sarah The Square, Town of Moy
GRIFFIN Sarah Coolkill
GRIMLEY John Broughadowey
GROANAN William Tyhan
HADDEN John Dunseark
HADDOCK Jacob Derrycreevy (Knox)
HADDOCK Jacob Stangmore (Knox)
HADDOCK Thomas Lisdermot
HAGAN Edward Culkeeran
HAGAN Edward Donnydeade
HAGAN John Drumlee
HAGAN John Killyman Street, Town of Moy
HAGAN John Stangmore (Magee)
HAGAN Mary Ballymackilduff
HAGAN Michael Dunamony
HAGAN Patrick Culrevog
HAGAN Peter Drumlee
HAGAN Peter Stangmore (Magee)
HAGAN Rose Ballymackilduff
HAGAN Susan Killyman Street, Town of Moy
HAGAN Thomas Drummond
HALL Bartholomew Derrygortrevy
HALL Henry Cormullagh
HALL John Cormullagh
HALL John Killybracken
HALL John, Junr. Derrygortrevy
HALL John, Senr. Derrygortrevy
HALL Matthew P. Cormullagh
HALL Richard A., Rev. Drumnashaloge
HALL Richard Clonteevy
HALL Robert Derrygortrevy
HALL Thomas Drumnashaloge
HALL William, Junr. Cormullagh
HAMILL Bernard Roan
HAMILL Cormack Mullaghlongfield
HAMILL Francis Mullaghlongfield
HAMILL George Clogherny
HAMILL James Stangmore (Knox)
HAMILL John Clogherny
HAMILL Margaret Annagh
HAMILL Margaret Drumnashaloge
HAMILL Michael Mullaghlongfield
HAMILL Michl. Mullaghlongfield
HAMILL Patrick Dunamony
HAMILL Terence Mullaghlongfield
HAMILL William Lismulrevy
HAMILTON Benjamin Gorestown
HAMILTON Eliza Broughadowey
HAMILTON George The Square, Town of Moy
HAMILTON James Gorestown
HAMILTON James Town of Benburb
HAMILTON Jane Drummond
HAMILTON Thomas Drumgrannon
HAMILTON Thomas Gorestown
HAMILTON Thomas Grange
HAMMIL John Tyhan
HAMMOND James Drumnamoless
HAMMOND John Derrylattinee
HANDCOCK Robert Lisbanlemneigh
HANNA William Altnavannog
HANNA William Donnydeade
HANSON Edward Dunseark
HANSON Edward Mullycarnan
HARPER Daniel Cadian
HARPER John Cadian
HARPER John Kilnacart
HARPER John Terryglassog
HARPER Margaret Carrowcolman
HARPER Samuel Kilnacart
HARPER Thomas H. Culrevog
HARPER Thomas H. Drumgold
HARPER Thomas H. Drummond
HARPUR Thomas H. Gorestown
HARRINGTON Sarah Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
HARVEY Bernard Listamlet
HARVEY James Listamlet
HARVEY James Seyloran
HARVEY James Turleenan
HARVEY Solomon Turleenan
HASTIE Andrew Drain
HAVANAGH Peter Legilly
HAWKINS Caroline The Square, Town of Moy
HAYDEN James Cadian
HAYDOCK James Grange
HAYES Anne Derrygortrevy
HAYES Eliza Moygashel
HAYES John Drumskinny
HAYES Sarah Donnydeade
HAYES Thomas Drumanuey
HEALY Mary Drumgose
HEANEY James Drummond
HEANEY Luke Broughadowey
HEANY James Drumgold
HEATHER William Clonteevy
HEATHER William Drumgart
HEATHER William Drumgrannon
HEATHER William Lisroan
HEATHERTON James Kilnacart
HEATLEY John, Rev. Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
HEATLEY John, Rev. The Square, Town of Moy
HENDERSON George Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
HENDERSON James Syerla
HENDERSON John Lisduff
HENDERSON John Terryscollop
HENDERSON Joseph Drummond
HENDERSON Mary Anne Syerla
HENDERSON Sarah Drummond
HENDERSON William Benburb
HENDERSON William Drummond
HENDERSON William Lisduff
HENRY James Stiloga
HETHERINGTON Robert Derrycreevy
HETHERINGTON Robert Derrygoonan
HEZALTON [HAZELTON] Frederick Grange
HEZALTON [HAZELTON] Robert Clonteevy
HICKEY Henry Drain
HIGGINS Matilda The Square, Town of Moy
HILL Hugh Town of Benburb
HILL John Drumgrannon
HILL John Lisroan
HILL Thomas Lisroan
HILL William Turleenan
HOBBS John Gort
HOBBS Joseph Gorestown
HOBSON Alice Town of Benburb
HOBSON Francis Drumanuey
HOBSON George Drumanuey
HOBSON Hugh Sessiamagaroll
HOBSON James Benburb
HOBSON Jane Benburb
HOBSON Joseph Moy
HOBSON Lawrence Drumgose
HOBSON William Drumanuey
HOBSON William Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
HOBSON William Killyman Street, Town of Moy
HODGE Elizabeth Town of Benburb
HODGE Robert Mullycar
HOGGS John Cadian
HOLLAND John Dunamony
HOLLAND Sarah Knockarogan Glebe
HOLLES Robert Moy
HOLLYWOOD Anne Drummond
HOLLYWOOD Michael Drummond
HOLMES David Moyard
HOLMES David Terryscollop
HOLMES Ellen Tullygoney
HOLMES George Drumflugh
HOLMES George Moyard
HOLMES George Tullygoney
HOLMES Henry Town of Benburb
HOLMES Isabella Drummond
HOLMES James Drumflugh
HOLMES Jane Derrycreevy
HOLMES Jane Kilnagrew
HOLMES Jane Moyard
HOLMES Margaret Terryscollop
HOLMES Margaret Tullygoney
HOLMES Nathaniel Tullygoney
HOLMES Thomas Tullygoney
HOLMES William Dunamony
HOLMES William Moyard
HOLMES William Tullygoney
HORAN James Gorestown
HOUSTON Archibald Lissan
HUGHES Alexander Killyman Street, Town of Moy
HUGHES Anne Terryglassog
HUGHES Anthony Drumlee
HUGHES Bernard Cadian
HUGHES Bernard Cormullagh
HUGHES Bernard Lisbancarney
HUGHES Bernard Town of Benburb
HUGHES Bridget Lisbancarney
HUGHES Catherine Lisbanlemneigh
HUGHES Catherine Stiloga
HUGHES Charles Anagasna Glebe
HUGHES Charles Roan
HUGHES Daniel Anagasna Glebe
HUGHES Daniel Derrygoonan
HUGHES Daniel Lisbancarney
HUGHES Edward Anagasna Glebe
HUGHES Edward Cadian
HUGHES Edward Curran
HUGHES Ellen Drumay
HUGHES Felix Stiloga
HUGHES Felix Tobermesson Glebe
HUGHES Felix Town of Benburb
HUGHES Francis Dunamony
HUGHES Henry Tullydowey
HUGHES Hugh Lisbanlemneigh
HUGHES James Anagasna Glebe
HUGHES James Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
HUGHES James Gort
HUGHES James Legilly
HUGHES James Lisroan
HUGHES James Sessiamagaroll
HUGHES James Stangmore (Knox)
HUGHES John Cadian
HUGHES John Carrycastle
HUGHES John Donnydeade
HUGHES John Gort
HUGHES John Legilly
HUGHES John Lisbancarney
HUGHES John Tobermesson Glebe
HUGHES John, Junr. Anagasna Glebe
HUGHES John, Senr. Anagasna Glebe
HUGHES Mary Carrycastle
HUGHES Mary Drumay
HUGHES Mary Drumgrannon
HUGHES Michael Anagasna Glebe
HUGHES Michael Curran
HUGHES Michael Tobermesson Glebe
HUGHES Neal Lisbanlemneigh
HUGHES Neal The Square, Town of Moy
HUGHES Owen Mossmore
HUGHES Owen Stiloga
HUGHES Patrick Anagasna Glebe
HUGHES Patrick Cadian
HUGHES Patrick Carrycastle
HUGHES Patrick Drumlee
HUGHES Patrick Gort
HUGHES Patrick Legilly
HUGHES Patrick Stiloga
HUGHES Patrick Tullygiven
HUGHES Peter Broughadowey
HUGHES Peter Drumflugh
HUGHES Peter Drumgormal
HUGHES Robert Clonteevy
HUGHES Robert Grange
HUGHES Rose Legilly
HUGHES Terence Anagasna Glebe
HUGHES Thomas Lisnacroy
HUGHES Thomas Terryglassog
HUGHES William Clonteevy
HUGHES William Town of Benburb
HUGHES William, Junr. Gort
HUGHES William, Senr. Gort
HUME James Lisdermot
HUNTER James Tullygiven
HUNTER Robert Carrowcolman
HURST George Drummond
HURST William Derrycreevy (Knox)
HUTCHINSON Robert Town of Benburb
HUTTON John Grange
HYDE William Listamlet
IRWIN George Drumskinny
IRWIN Hugh Moygashel
IRWIN John Drumgormal
IRWIN Johnston Carrowbeg
IRWIN Johnston Carrowcolman
IRWIN Johnston Terryglassog
IRWIN Johnston Terryscollop
IRWIN Johnston Tullygiven
IRWIN Samuel Carrowbeg
IRWIN Samuel Drumskinny
IRWIN Thomas Knocknacloy
IRWIN William Mullycar
JACKSON Henry Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
JACKSON James Coolkill
JACKSON James E. Tullydowey
JACKSON John Derrycreevy (Knox)
JACKSON Robert Boland
JACKSON Robert Drumnastrade
JAMESON James Mullycar
JEFFS Isaac Derryoghill
JEFFS John Derryoghill
JEFFS Thomas Killybracken
JENKENSON [JENKINSON] Elizabeth Lisdermot
JOHNSON Margaret Drumgrannon
JOHNSTON Margaret Moy
JOHNSTON Margaret The Square, Town of Moy
JOHNSTON Mary Anne Drummond
JOHNSTON Robert Drumnamoless
JOHNSTON Thomas Drummond
JOHNSTON Thos., Rev. Moy
JOHNSTON Thos., Rev. The Square, Town of Moy
JOHNSTONE Robert Garvaghy
JORDAN Edward Listamlet
JORDAN Henry Tullygiven
JORDAN John Knockarogan Glebe
JOYCE Francis W. H. C. The Square, Town of Moy
KANE Hugh Brossloy
KANE Patrick Drumay
KAVANAGH Bernard Syerla
KAVANAGH Catherine Cormullagh
KAVANAGH Francis Listamlet
KAVANAGH James Lisroan
KAVANAGH James Listamlet
KAVANAGH John Dunamony
KAVANAGH John Legilly
KAVANAGH John Listamlet
KAVANAGH John Sanaghanroe
KAVANAGH John Syerla
KAVANAGH Michael Lisroan
KAVANAGH Patrick Killybracken
KAVANAGH Peter Garvaghy
KEANE James Drumlee
KEANE John Stangmore (Magee)
KEARN Edward Ballymackilduff
KEATING John Broughadowey
KEATING Patrick Culkeeran
KEEFFE Margaret Moygashel
KEENAN Hugh Drumnashaloge
KEENAN Mary Town of Benburb
KEENAN Thomas Brossloy
KEEVY Andrew Dunseark
KELLY Bernard Drummond
KELLY Bryan Gort
KELLY Charles Drumay
KELLY Ellen Brossloy
KELLY Francis Brossloy
KELLY Francis Finelly
KELLY Francis Mossmore
KELLY James Crubinagh
KELLY James Gort
KELLY John Anagasna Glebe
KELLY John Gort
KELLY John Knocknacloy
KELLY John Roan
KELLY Joseph Knocknacloy
KELLY Michael Anagasna Glebe
KELLY Neal Gort
KELLY Owen Brossloy
KELLY Patrick Lisnacroy
KELLY Patrick Mulboy
KELLY Peter Drumay
KELLY Peter Drumnamoless
KELLY Philip Killybracken
KELLY Robert Killybracken
KELLY Terence Brossloy
KELLY Terence Mullaghlongfield
KELLY Thomas Clonteevy
KELLY Thomas Drumay
KELLY William Drummond
KEMPSON Barbara Mossmore
KEMPSON Samuel Killybracken
KEMPSON Thomas Drumnastrade
KEMPSON Thomas Killybracken
KEMPSON Thomas Sanaghanroe
KENNEDY Samuel Killybracken
KENNEDY Thomas Drumderg
KENNEDY Thomas Moygashel
KEOWN William Drumgrannon
KERR Alexander Drumnastrade
KERR Alicia Moygashel
KERR Andrew Gorestown
KERR Anne Mullycarnan
KERR Benjamin Moygashel
KERR Henry Cadian
KERR James Drummond
KERR James Drumnastrade
KERR James Dunseark
KERR James Mullycarnan
KERR James, Junr. Drumnastrade
KERR James, Senr. Drumnastrade
KERR John Drumgold
KERR John Drummond
KERR John Drummond
KERR John Moygashel
KERR Jonathon Drummond
KERR Joseph Drumgold
KERR Joseph Gorestown
KERR Mary Drummond
KERR Robert Culkeeran
KERR Sarah A. W. Moygashel
KERR Thomas Drumnastrade
KERR Thomas Mullaghdaly
KERR Thomas Sanaghanroe
KIDD John Broughadowey
KIDD John Culkeeran
KIDD John Drumgold
KIDD Joseph Culkeeran
KIDD Joseph Drummond
KILPATRICK Samuel Drumgrannon
KIMMITT Mary E. The Square, Town of Moy
KING …[?] Moy
KING James The Square, Town of Moy
KING Samuel Mullybrannon
KING Thomas Gorestown
KIRKLAND David Drummond
KIRKLAND George Terryscollop
KIRKLAND John Terryscollop
KIRKLAND Moses Derrygortrevy
KIRKPATRICK Anne Jane Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
KIRKPATRICK James Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
KIRKPATRICK Samuel Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
KNOX Hon. Cath. Anne Derrycreevy (Knox)
KNOX Hon. Cath. Anne Donnydeade
KNOX Robert Roan
KNOX Robert Stiloga
KOUGHEY Michael Mulboy
KYLE Joseph Town of Benburb
KYLE Sarah Moyard
LAPPIN Danie Syerla
LAPPIN John Tullylearn
LAPPIN Thomas Gorestown
LAPPIN William Tullylearn
LAVERTY Felix Tullylearn
LAVERY Meredith The Square, Town of Moy
LAWSON Grace Moyard
LAWSON James Town of Benburb
LAWSON Mary Town of Benburb
LEE Jeremiah Cadian
LEE John Carrowbeg
LEE John Derrylattinee
LEE Richard Kilnacart
LENNON Daniel Seyloran
LENNON Henry Derryoghill
LENNON Henry Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
LENNON Henry Moy
LENNON Hugh, Junr. Derryoghill
LENNON Hugh, Senr. Derryoghill
LENNON James Gorestown
LENNON James Grange
LENNON John Mullycar
LENNON Margaret Mullycar
LENNON Michael Seyloran
LENNON Owen Mullycar
LENNON Patrick Seyloran
LENNON Peter Derryoghill
LENNON Sarah Derryoghill
LESLIE Alexander Killyman Street, Town of Moy
LESLIE Anne Killyman Street, Town of Moy
LESLIE Benjamin Moy
LESLIE Eliza J. Killyman Street, Town of Moy
LESLIE William Broughadowey
LESLIE William Drumgrannon
LIMMO [NIMMO] Charles Carrowbeg
LIPSEY William Derrycreevy (Knox)
LITTLE David Dunseark
LITTLE John Coolkill
LITTLE John Lissan
LITTLE Sarah Dunseark
LOCK Singleton Dungannon Street Town of Moy
LOCKHART Anne Donnydeade
LOCKHART James Killybracken
LOCKHART James Knocknacloy
LOCKHART John Killybracken
LOCKHART John Mulboy
LOCKHART William Knocknacloy
LOFTUS Hannah Tobermesson Glebe
LOGAN John Annagh
LOGAN William Terryscollop
LONG James Derrygoonan
LONG Sarah Terryscollop
LOUGHRAN Arth. Mulboy
LOUGHRAN Arthur Mulboy
LOUGHRAN Barthw. Mossmore
LOUGHRAN Daniel Crubinagh
LOUGHRAN Denis Ballymackilduff
LOUGHRAN Denis Drumay
LOUGHRAN Francis Lissan
LOUGHRAN James Garvaghy
LOUGHRAN James Lisroan
LOUGHRAN Jno. Mulboy
LOUGHRAN John Crossteely
LOUGHRAN John Crubinagh
LOUGHRAN John Garvaghy
LOUGHRAN John Mossmore
LOUGHRAN John Mulboy
LOUGHRAN John Syerla
LOUGHRAN Lawrence Garvaghy
LOUGHRAN Lawrence Mossmore
LOUGHRAN Mary Crossteely
LOUGHRAN Patrick Garvaghy
LOUGHRAN Richard Cadian
LOUGHRAN Richard Crubinagh
LOUGHRAN Richard Culrevog
LOUGHRAN William Drummond
LOWRY James Town of Moy, The Square
LOWRY Robert W. Stangmore (Knox)
LUCAS Richardson Tyhan
LUCAS Robert Derrylattinee
LUCAS Robert Drumnashaloge
LUCAS Wilson Drumnashaloge
LUNNY Anne Derrycreevy (Knox)
LUTTON Joshua Drumgrannon
LUTTON Joshua Town of Moy, The Square
MACKEN Thomas Stangmore (Knox)
MACKEY Joseph Grange
MACKLIN William Drumgrannon
MACRORY Bernard Lisbancarney
MACRORY Daniel Lisbancarney
MACRORY Daniel Stiloga
MACRORY Hugh Lisbancarney
MACRORY John Lisgobban
MACRORY John Sanaghanroe
MACRORY Michael Lisbancarney
MACRORY Michael Stiloga
MACRORY Patrick Drumnamoless
MADDEN John Derryoghill
MADDEN John Lisgobban
MADDEN Mary Lisgobban
MADDEN Michael Lisgobban
MADOLE Francis Annagh
MADOLE John Annagh
MAGEE Chas. Derryoghill
MAGEE Chas. Drumlee
MAGEE E. J. Drumlee
MAGEE Miss E. J. Derryoghill
MAGEE Patrick Town of Benburb
MAGILLIAN Michael Culkeeran
MAGILLIAN Peter Carrycastle
MAGILLIAN Rose Derrylattinee
MAGUIRE Felix Carrowcolman
MAGUIRE John Drumay
MAGUIRE John, Senr. Legilly
MAHAFFY Eliza Dunseark
MALAGH Benjamin Seyloran
MALAGH Benjamin Turleenan
MALAGH Joseph Seyloran
MALCOLM John Mullycar
MALLAGH James, Senr. The Square Brick, Row Lane, Town of Moy
MALLAGH John Drummond
MALLIN Aaron Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
MALLIN Patrick Carrycastle
MALLON Arthur Brossloy
MALLON Arthur Drumay
MALLON Bernard Finelly
MALLON Ferdinand Syerla
MALLON James Broughadowey
MALLON James Syerla
MALLON Joh Drumgormal
MALLON John Drummond
MALLON John Gorestown
MALLON John Syerla
MALLON Margaret Tullydowey
MALLON Mary Mullaghmossog Glebe
MALLON Michael Syerla
MALLON Owen Tobermesson Glebe
MALLON Patrick Anagasna Glebe
MALLON Patrick Clonteevy
MALLON Patrick Finelly
MALLON Patrick Gorestown
MALLON Patrick Gort
MALLON Patrick Mullaghmossog Glebe
MALLON Patrick Syerla
MALLON Patrick Tobermesson Glebe
MALLON Patrick Turleenan
MALLON Peter Syerla
MALLON Rose Drumgrannon
MALLON Sarah Drumgormal
MALLON Sarah Lissan
MALLON Terence Gorestown
MALLON Thomas Drain
MALLON Toal Finelly
MALONE Rose Anne Killyman Street, Town of Moy
MARLOW Anne Mullybrannon
MARRAN Lawrence Curran
MARROW Benjamin Drumlee
MARSHALL Andrew The Square, Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
MARSHALL Andrew W. The Square, Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
MARSHALL Andrew W. The Square, Town of Moy
MARTIN Hugh Tullygiven
MARTIN John Gort
MARTIN Richard Drumflugh
MARTIN Thomas Culrevog
MARTIN Thomas Town of Moy, Charlemont Street
MASON Samuel Cormullagh
MATHERS Edward Tullydowey
MATHERS Henry Mullycar
MATHERS John Tullydowey
MATHERS Thomas Crossteely
MAYNE Patrick Drumflugh
MCALEAVY Ellen Killybracken
MCALEAVY James Killybracken
MCALEAVY Patrick Crossteely
MCALEAVY Thomas Killybracken
MCANALLY Alicia Tullydowey
MCANALLY James Mossmore
MCANALLY James Mullybrannon
MCANALLY Mary Killybracken
MCANALLY Patrick Culkeeran
MCANASPIE Michael Town of Moy, The Square, Charlemont Street
MCANNALLEN Patrick Tullygiven
MCANULTY James Killybracken
MCANULTY Robert Drumanuey
MCCANN Catherine Brossloy
MCCANN Edward Drumflugh
MCCANN Henry Derryoghill
MCCANN John Grange
MCCANN John Knockarogan Glebe
MCCANN Mary Tobermesson Glebe
MCCANN Peter Brossloy
MCCAUL Bernard Mulboy
MCCAUL Charles Mulboy
MCCAUL David Derrycreevy (Knox)
MCCAUL Denis Drumgormal
MCCAUL Francis Mulboy
MCCAUL John, Junr. Mulboy
MCCAUL John, Senr. Mulboy
MCCAUL Loughlin Mulboy
MCCAUL Margaret Drumgormal
MCCAUL Mary Mulboy
MCCAUL Patrick Drumgormal
MCCAUL Peter Mulboy
MCCAWLEY Samuel Stangmore (Knox)
MCCLEAN Arthur Tullydowey
MCCLEAN John Derryoghill
MCCLEAN William Grange
MCCLELLAND Marianne Town of Moy, Dungannon Street
MCCLINTON Samuel Broughadowey
MCCLINTON Samuel Town of Moy, The Square, Charlemont Street
MCCOMLY Thomas Killybracken
MCCOMMON Oliver Tyhan
MCCOMMON Thomas Derrylattinee
MCCONNELL Daniel Crossteely
MCCONNELL John Altnavannog
MCCONNELL Sarah Crossteely
MCCONNELL Terence Clogherny
MCCONNELL Thomas Crossteely
MCCONNELL Thomas Derrylattinee
MCCOOEY Bernard Dunamony
MCCOOEY Daniel Derrygortrevy
MCCOOEY James Coolkill
MCCOOLEY Matthew Drumay
MCCOY Andrew Tullygoney
MCCOY George Tullygoney
MCCOY Samuel Tullygoney
MCCOY William Altnavannog
MCCREALLY Bernard Clonteevy
MCCREALLY Francis Drumgart
MCCREALLY Francis Lisroan
MCCREALLY James Drumgart
MCCREALLY William Drumgart
MCCREALLY William Lisroan
MCCREELY Alicia Listamlet
MCCREELY John Listamlet
MCCREELY Nicholas Listamlet
MCCUDDON Hannah Benburb
MCCULLUMS Joseph Mullybrannon
MCCUSKER Michael Sanaghanroe
MCDONALD Alexander Seyloran
MCDONNELL Alexander Derrycreevy (Knox)
MCDONNELL Archd. Killybracken
MCDONNELL Edward Cormullagh
MCDONNELL John Town of Moy, Charlemont Street
MCDONNELL William Drumgrannon
MCDOWELL James Cormullagh
MCDOWELL John Cormullagh
MCDOWELL John Terryscollop
MCDOWELL William Moy
MCDOWELL William Town of Moy, Killyman Street
MCELDOON Daniel Garvaghy
MCELDOON John Cormullagh
MCELDOON Michael Brossloy
MCELDOON Peter Brossloy
MCELDOON Peter Mulboy
MCELHONE John Mulboy
MCELHONE Philip Legilly
MCELROY James Drumderg
MCENTIRE Catherine Cormullagh
MCENTIRE James Dunamony
MCENTIRE William Dunamony
MCENTIRE William Legilly
MCEVOY James Stangmore (Knox)
MCEVOY Jane Donnydeade
MCEVOY Thomas Drumflugh
MCEWING Edward Drumderg
MCFARLAND James Dunseark
MCFARLANE John Crubinagh
MCGARVEY Patrick Drumgormal
MCGEE Daniel Killybracken
MCGEE Edward Mulboy
MCGEE John Stangmore (Knox)
MCGEOUGH Bridget Drumnashaloge
MCGEOUGH Thomas Carrycastle
MCGERAGHTY Patrick Carrycastle
MCGILLY Peter Knockarogan Glebe
MCGINNIS Samuel Town of Benburb
MCGIRR Arthur Clonteevy
MCGIRR Arthur Legilly
MCGIRR John Legilly
MCGIRR Patrick Legilly
MCGRADY Henry Drumnamoless
MCGRADY Mary Cadian
MCGRADY Michael Cadian
MCGRAN Patrick Crubinagh
MCGRANE James Clogherny
MCGRATH Thomas Tullydowey
MCGUIGGAN Anne Drumnashaloge
MCGUIGGAN Edward Benburb
MCGUIGGAN Edward Lisduff
MCGUIGGAN Henry Knockarogan Glebe
MCGUIGGAN James Dunamony
MCGUIGGAN John Gortmerron
MCGUIGGAN Peter Knockarogan Glebe
MCGUIGGAN Sarah Town of Benburb
MCGUIGGAN Thomas Knockarogan Glebe
MCGUINNESS Richard Clonteevy
MCGUIRE Anne Anagasna Glebe
MCGUIRE Charles Brossloy
MCGUIRE James Culrevog
MCGUIRE John Dunamony
MCGUIRE John, Junr. Legilly
MCGURKE Bernard Drummond
MCHUGH Patrick Dunamony
MCINSTRY Joseph Drummond
MCIVER James Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
MCKANE Robert Benburb
MCKAY Wm. Coolcush
MCKEAN Edward Town of Benburb
MCKEAN Robert Drumflugh
MCKEARNEY Felix Listamlet
MCKEARNEY George Listamlet
MCKEARNEY Hugh Listamlet
MCKEARNEY James Listamlet
MCKEARNEY John Lisroan
MCKEARNEY John Listamlet
MCKEARNEY Thomas Lisroan
MCKEARNEY William Listamlet
MCKEE Margaret Carrowbeg
MCKEE Margaret Derrycreevy
MCKEGNEY Felix Knockarogan Glebe
MCKELL Samuel Drumgrannon
MCKELL Samuel Moy
MCKELL Samuel The Square, Town of Moy
MCKELL Thomas Drumgrannon
MCKELL Thomas Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
MCKELL Thomas Moy
MCKELVEY John Mullybrannon
MCKENNA Daniel Killybracken
MCKENNA Felix Anagasna Glebe
MCKENNA Francis Killyman Street, Town of Moy
MCKENNA James Anagasna Glebe
MCKENNA James Drumgose
MCKENNA John Cadian
MCKENNA John Mullycar
MCKENNA Mary Finelly
MCKENNA Michael Anagasna Glebe
MCKENNA Patrick Culrevog
MCKENNY John Drumlee
MCKENNY John Legilly
MCKENZIE Abraham Drumderg
MCKENZIE James Lismulrevy
MCKENZIE John Derryoghill
MCKENZIE Samuel Derryoghill
MCKENZIE William Drumderg
MCKENZIE William Tullydowey
MCKEOWN Archibald Grange
MCKEOWN Michael Listamlet
MCKEOWN Thomas Ballymackilduff
MCKEOWN William Moy
MCKERNAN Patrick Crossteely
MCKERNAN Richard Drumgose
MCKEY Hugh Stiloga
MCKINLEY John The Square, Town of Moy
MCKITTRICK Robert Cormullagh
MCKNIGHT David Kilnacart
MCKNIGHT John Mullycar
MCKNIGHT William Derrylattinee
MCKOUGHEY Anne Drummond
MCKOUGHEY Patrick Sanaghanroe
MCLOON Patrick Grange
MCLOUGHLIN Charles Donnydeade
MCLOUGHLIN Charles Stangmore (Knox)
MCLOUGHLIN John Moygashel
MCLOUGHLIN John Mullybrannon
MCLOUGHLIN Peter Drummond
MCMANUS Bernard Roan
MCMANUS Patrick Legilly
MCMEIKEN Robert Moygashel
MCMENAMIN Hugh Dunseark
MCMENAMIN John Drumnastrade
MCMENAMIN John Garvaghy
MCMENAMIN Robert Crubinagh
MCMENAMIN Robert Garvaghy
MCMENAMIN Robert Stiloga
MCMENAMIN Susan Carrowcolman
MCMULLEN Archibald Mossmore
MCMULLEN Bridget Cadian
MCMULLEN Henry Cadian
MCMULLEN James Legilly
MCMULLEN John Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
MCMULLEN John Derrylattinee
MCMULLEN John Mossmore
MCMULLEN Michael Cadian
MCMULLEN Michael Derrylattinee
MCMULLEN Owen Cadian
MCMULLEN Patrick Cadian
MCMULLEN Peter Cadian
MCMULLEN Robert Cormullagh
MCMULLEN Robert Stiloga
MCMULLEN Robert Tullylearn
MCMULLEN Samuel Mossmore
MCMULLEN William Stiloga
MCNEECE Felix Listamlet
MCNEECE John Tyhan
MCNEECE Mary Derryoghill
MCNEECE Thomas Drumgrannon
MCNEECE Thomas Killyman Street, Town of Moy
MCNEILL George Derryfubble
MCNEILL Samuel Derryfubble
MCNEILL Samuel Drumay
MCNICHOLL Bridget Drumgrannon
MCNICHOLL James Tullylearn
MCNICHOLL Mary Sessiamagaroll
MCNICHOLL Owen Sessiamagaroll
MCNICHOLL Patrick Drain
MCQUADE Anne Drumgose
MCQUADE Catherine Mullaghlongfield
MCQUADE Isabella Dunamony
MCQUADE James Coolcush
MCQUADE James Sessiamagaroll
MCQUADE John Brossloy
MCQUADE John Carrycastle
MCQUADE Thomas Drummond
MCQUADE Thomas Mossmore
MCQUILLAN James Cormullagh
MCSHERRY Arthur Lisbanlemneigh
MCSHERRY Bridget Sessiamagaroll
MCSHERRY John Drumlee
MCSHERRY John Lisbanlemneigh
MCSHERRY Mary Lisbancarney
MCSHERRY Owen Curran
MCSHERRY Peter Lisbanlemneigh
MCSHERRY Peter Tobermesson Glebe
MCSHERRY Roger Drumlee
MCSORLEY Francis Killybracken
MCSORLEY James Garvaghy
MCSORLEY James Gortmerron
MCSORLEY James Terryglassog
MCSORLEY John Killybracken
MCSORLEY Patrick Derrygortrevy
MCSORLEY Patrick Mossmore
MCSORLEY Patrick Terryglassog
MCVEY David Benburb
MCVEY Edward Terryglassog
MCVEY James Crubinagh
MCVEY John Gortmerron
MCVEY Patrick Carrycastle
MCVEY Patrick Drumnamoless
MCVEY Patrick Gort
MCVEY [MCVEIGH] Catherine Cormullagh
MCWHORR Jane Dunamony
MCWHORR Joseph Dunamony
MCWHORR Joseph Kilnacart
MCWHORR Robert Dunamony
MEALON Henry Kilnagrew
MEALON John Kilnagrew
MEANS John Stangmore (Knox)
MEENA [MEENAGH] John Killyman Street, Town of Moy
MEENA [MEENAGH] Simon Jockey Lane, Town of Moy
MEENAGH Elizabeth Drumgrannon
MEENAGH Nathaniel Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
MENAGH Eliza Moy
MENAIR Dickson Carrowbeg
MILES George Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
MILES James Gorestown
MILES William Gorestown
MILLER Elizabeth Carrowbeg
MILLER Elizabeth Derrycreevy
MILLER Francis, Junr. Stiloga
MILLER Francis, Senr. Stiloga
MILLER Jackson Derryfubble
MILLER James Derrycreevy
MILLER James Derryfubble
MILLER James Lisbancarney
MILLER James Mullaghmossog Glebe
MILLER James Stiloga
MILLER James, Junr. Culrevog
MILLER James, Senr. Culrevog
MILLER John Carrowbeg
MILLER John Derrycreevy
MILLER John Drumflugh
MILLER John Mullaghboy
MILLER Mary Stiloga
MILLER Mary Terryglassog
MILLER Reps. of Thomas Crubinagh
MILLER Robert Crubinagh
MILLER Robert Culrevog
MILLER Robert Curran
MILLER Robert Knockarogan Glebe
MILLER Robt Stiloga
MILLER Samuel Stiloga
MILLER Sarah Drumflugh
MILLER Saunders Derryfubble
MILLER Saunders Lisbancarney
MILLER Thomas Carrowbeg
MILLER Thomas Derrycreevy
MILLER Thomas Derrygoonan
MILLER Thos. Derrygoonan
MILLER William Garvaghy
MILLER William, Junr. Stiloga
MILLER William, Senr. Stiloga
MILLIGAN James Tullygiven
MILLIGAN Robert Drumay
MILLS Edward Broughadowey
MILLS George Broughadowey
MILLS George Moy
MILLS James Carrowcolman
MILLS James Lisroan
MILLS Richard Terryglassog
MILLS Robert Clonteevy
MILLSOP John Coolkill
MIMMO [NIMMO] John Derrygoonan
MIMMO [NIMMO] John, Junr. Kilnagrew
MIMMO [NIMMO] John, Senr. Kilnagrew
MITCHELL Joseph Carrycastle
MONAGHAN Edward Ballymackilduff
MONTGOMERY Alex. Drumgormal
MONTGOMERY George Mullycarnan
MONTGOMERY Hugh Carrowbeg
MONTGOMERY Hugh Coolkill
MONTGOMERY Hugh, Rev. Moyard
MONTGOMERY Hugh, Rev. Drumgose
MOONE Eliza Drummond
MOONEY Thomas The Square, Charlemont St, Town of Moy
MOOR William Gorestown
MOORE Henry Moygashel
MOORE James Kilnacart
MOORE Joseph Derrylattinee
MOORE Lilly Anne The Square, Town of Moy
MOORE Thomas Carrycastle
MOORE William Drummond
MORGAN Bridget Dunseark
MORROW Benjamin Drumderg
MORROW John Derrylattinee
MORTON David Terryscollop
MOSSMAN James Culrevog
MOSSMAN Thomas Culrevog
MULGREW Cornelius Drummond
MULGREW James Drummond
MULGREW John Drumgormal
MULGREW John Gorestown
MULGREW John Mullybrannon
MULHOLLAND Patrick Drumgormal
MULLAN Thomas Drummond
MULLEN Archibald Derryoghill
MULLEN Arthur Tyhan
MULLEN Bernard Ballymackilduff
MULLEN Charles Broughadowey
MULLEN Christopher Dunamony
MULLEN Daniel Ballymackilduff
MULLEN Daniel Donnydeade
MULLEN Edward Sessiamagaroll
MULLEN Felix Tyhan
MULLEN Henry Annagh
MULLEN Hugh Crossteely
MULLEN Hugh Derrygortrevy
MULLEN James Derrycreevy (Knox)
MULLEN James Donnydeade
MULLEN John Dunamony
MULLEN John Legilly
MULLEN Margaret Donnydeade
MULLEN Mark Dunamony
MULLEN Matthew Tullylearn
MULLEN Michael Ballymackilduff
MULLEN Michael Broughadowey
MULLEN Michael Derrygortrevy
MULLEN Patrick Dunamony
MULLEN Terence Dunamony
MULLEN Terence Legilly
MULLEN Thomas Drumgold
MULLEN Thomas Dunamony
MULLEN William Dunamony
MULLEN William, Junr. Legilly
MULLEN William, Senr. Legilly
MULLIGAN William Terryscollop
MURDOCH Robert The Square, Town of Moy
MURPHY Bernard Mullaghmossog Glebe
MURPHY Bernard Tobermesson Glebe
MURPHY James Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
MURPHY John Moyard
MURPHY John Sessiamagaroll
MURPHY John Town of Benburb
MURPHY John, Junr. Tobermesson Glebe
MURPHY John, Senr. Tobermesson Glebe
MURPHY Michael Drumlee
MURPHY Patrick Drumflugh
MURPHY Patrick Tobermesson Glebe
MURPHY Patrick Town of Moy
MURPHY Thomas Drumflugh
MURPHY Thomas Moygashel
MURPHY William Drumlee
MURPHY William Tobermesson Glebe
MURRAY Thomas Legilly
NEELY Mary Tullygoney
NEILL James Kilnagrew
NEILL James Lisnacroy
NEILL John Finelly
NEILL William Broughadowey
NEILL William Culkeeran
NELSON James Culrevog
NELSON John Ballymackilduff
NELSON John Drumay
NELSON John Town of Moy
NELSON Thomas Terryscollop
NELSON William Culrevog
NEVILLE Robert Drummond
NEVILLE William Altnavannog
NEWELL Rachel Derrygortrevy
NIMMINS John Tullygiven
NIXON Abraham A., Rev. The Square, Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
NUGENT Henry Derryoghill
NUGENT James The Square, Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
NUGENT William Killyman Street, Town of Moy
O’NEILL Bernard Tullydowey
O’NEILL Daniel Killyman Street, Town of Moy
O’NEILL James Killyman Street, Town of Moy
O’NEILL John Mullybrannon
O’NEILL Margaret Tullylearn
O’TOOLE William Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
OAKS Hildebrand H. Benburb
OAKS Hildebrand H. Town of Benburb
O'BRIEN John Shanmoy
O'DONNELL Daniel Gort
O'DONNELL Edward Gort
O'HARA Hugh Roan
OLIVER James Lismulrevy
O'NEILL Anne Mossmore
O'NEILL Elizabeth Lisroan
O'NEILL Hugh Ballymackilduff
O'NEILL James Finelly
O'NEILL James Lisroan
O'NEILL John Lisroan
O'NEILL Peter, Rev. Sanaghanroe
O'NEILL Rose Mossmore
O'NEILL Terence Lisroan
O'NEILL Terence Mossmore
ORR Dickson Lisnacroy
ORR Jacob Moygashel
ORR Jacob Stangmore (Knox)
ORR James Derrycreevy (Knox)
ORR James Stangmore (Knox)
ORR Joseph Annagh
ORR Joseph Kilnagrew
ORR Joseph Lisnacroy
ORR William Roan
OVERHAM Henry Mullycar
PAINTER James Ballymackilduff
PALGAN Anne Lisroan
PASMORE Thomas Lisgobban
PATRICK John Culrevog
PATTERSON David Clonteevy
PATTERSON George Grange
PATTERSON James Drummond
PATTERSON Joseph Grange
PATTERSON Joseph The Square, Town of Moy
PATTERSON Margaret Clonteevy
PATTERSON Robert Drummond
PATTERSON Robert Grange
PEARSON Thomas Donnydeade
PEEBLES Nathaniel The Square, Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
PEEBLES William Mullaghboy
PERRY Robert Derryoghill
PHENIX William Carrycastle
PINKERTON Alexander Mullycar
PLUNKETT Isaac Derryoghill
PLUNKETT William Lisduff
PORTER Patrick Mullaghlongfield
POWELL Richard Ballymackilduff
POWELL Sarah Ballymackilduff
POWELL Sarah Drummond
POWELL William Finelly
POWER Michael Moyard
POWERSCOURT Viscount Culrevog
PRESTON Christopher Turleenan
PURDY John, Junr. Grange
PURDY John, Senr. Grange
PURDY Robert Grange
QUINN Bartholomew Roan
QUINN Catherine Killyman Street, Town of Moy
QUINN Christopher Benburb
QUINN Christopher Drumflugh
QUINN Christopher Town of Benburb
QUINN Daniel Gortmerron
QUINN James Altnavannog
QUINN James Crubinagh
QUINN James Drumderg
QUINN James Stangmore (Magee)
QUINN John Drumnastrade
QUINN John Moygashel
QUINN John Stiloga
QUINN John The Square, Town of Moy
QUINN Patrick Anagasna Glebe
QUINN Patrick Curran
QUINN Patrick Stiloga
QUINN Robert Cadian
QUINN Robert Drumnamoless
RAFFERTY Catherine Drumnashaloge
RAFFERTY Francis Gorestown
RAFFERTY Mary Gorestown
RAFFERTY Thomas Grange
RAFFERTY William Killyman Street, Town of Moy
RANFURLY Earl of Altnavannog
RANFURLY Earl of Coolcush
RANFURLY Earl of Cormullagh
RANFURLY Earl of Derrycreevy (Knox)
RANFURLY Earl of Lismulrevy
RANFURLY Earl of Lissan
RANFURLY Earl of Moygashel
RANFURLY Earl of Mullybrannon
RANFURLY Earl of Stangmore (Knox)
RAWLINGS Fanny The Square, Town of Moy
RAWLINGS Frances Moy
REA Catherine Boland
REA Daniel Mullaghmossog Glebe
REA John Mullaghmossog Glebe
READE James Ballymackilduff
READE James Lisbancarney
READE John Derrycreevy
READE John Derrygoonan
READE Joseph Carrowcolman
REANEY John Drumnashaloge
REANEY Joseph Gortmerron
REANEY Joseph Knocknacloy
REANEY Robert Carrowbeg
REANEY Robert Knocknacloy
REANY William Brossloy
REID Alexander Annagh
REID Archibald Cadian
REID Archibald Carrycastle
REID Archibald Derrygoonan
REID George Derrycreevy (Knox)
REID James Drumnastrade
REID James Mossmore
REID James, Junr. Cadian
REID James, Senr. Cadian
REID John Annagh
REID John Carrycastle
REID John Coolkill
REID John Derrygortrevy
REID John Gortmerron
REID John Stiloga
REID John, Junr. Cadian
REID John, Senr. Cadian
REID Joseph Coolkill
REID Mary The Square, Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
REID Richard Drain
REID Richard Mullaghlongfield
REID Richard Stiloga
REID Richard, Junr. Shanmoy
REID Richard, Senr. Shanmoy
REID Robert Carrycastle
REID Robert Culrevog
REID Robert Shanmoy
REID William Annagh
REID William Cadian
REID William Coolkill
REILLY John Moygashel
REILLY Mary Lissan
REILLY William Mullaghmossog Glebe
RICHARDSON James Listamlet
RICHARDSON John Clonteevy
RICHARDSON John Cormullagh
RICHARDSON John Town of Benburb
RICHARDSON Joseph Drumgormal
RICHARDSON William Boland
ROBINSON Bartholomew Killybracken
ROBINSON Galbraith Drummond
ROBINSON James Derrygortrevy
ROBINSON James Killybracken
ROBINSON John, Junr. The Square, Brick Row Lane, Town of Moy
ROBINSON John, Senr. The Square, Brick Row Lane, Town of Moy
ROBINSON William Moy
ROBSON William Lissan
ROBSON William Mullybrannon
ROCK Cornelius Drummond
ROCKS Edward Stangmore (Knox)
ROGERS Henry Killyman Street, Town of Moy
ROGERS Sarah Lisbancarney
ROLLESTON Thomas Drumderg
ROLLINS Francis Broughadowey
RUNNETT Anne Sessiamagaroll
RUNNETT Robert Sessiamagaroll
RYAN James Coolcush
SALLY Moses Drummond
SANACHEN [SANAGHAN] John Stangmore (Knox)
SANAHAN [SANAGHAN] Thomas Moygashel
SANDES Richard Dunseark
SCONCE John Grange
SCOTT Anne The Square, Town of Moy
SCOTT John Derrycreevy
SCOTT John Knocknacloy
SCOTT John Terryglassog
SHANNON James Drumgose
SHANNON John Curran
SHANNON John Drumgose
SHANNON John Kilnagrew
SHANNON John Lisnacroy
SHANNON John Sessiamagaroll
SHEIL Edward Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
SHEPPARD John The Square, Charlemont St, Town of Moy
SHERIN James Drumgormal
SHERIN Rose Mullycarnan
SHERRY Patrick Gortmerron
SHIELDS Margaret Stangmore (Knox)
SHIELS John The Square, Town of Moy
SHILLIDAY Hugh Derrycreevy
SHILLIDAY Hugh Derrygoonan
SHILLINGTON Anthony Lismulrevy
SHILLINGTON Henry Drummond
SHILLINGTON James Lismulrevy
SHILLINGTON Sarah Lismulrevy
SHILLINGTON William Ballymackilduff
SHORT William The Square, Town of Moy
SIMMONS Henry Mullybrannon
SIMMONS John Moygashel
SIMMONS Robert Derrygortrevy
SIMMONS William Legilly
SIMMONS William Lisdermot
SIMMONS William Moygashel
SIMMONS William Mullybrannon
SIMPSON John Tyhan
SIMPSON Joseph Turleenan
SIMPSON Robert Tyhan
SIMPSON Ruth Turleenan
SKELTON Richard Town of Benburb
SLANE Catherine Cadian
SLANE Daniel Cadian
SLANE John Cadian
SLOANE James Charlemont Street, Town of Moy, The Square
SLOANE James Drumgrannon
SLOANE James Moy
SLOANE John Town of Benburb
SLOANE William Boland
SMYTH Anne Drumgormal
SMYTH David Garvaghy
SMYTH David Lisbancarney
SMYTH David Terryscollop
SMYTH David, Rev. Stiloga
SMYTH Francis Terryglassog
SMYTH James Derrylattinee
SMYTH James Stiloga
SMYTH John Garvaghy
SMYTH John Lisbancarney
SMYTH John Tullygiven
SMYTH Joseph Coolcush
SMYTH Joseph Stangmore (Knox)
SMYTH Samuel Drumnashaloge
SMYTH Thomas Derryfubble
SMYTH Thomas Garvaghy
SMYTH Thomas Mulboy
SMYTH Thomas Terryscollop
SMYTH Thomas, Junr. Derryfubble
SMYTH William Killybracken
SMYTH William Mulboy
SNEYD Charles Curran
SPENCE William Moygashel
STAFFORD James Crubinagh
STAFFORD James Grange
STAFFORD James Sanaghanroe
STAFFORD Terence Mossmore
STAFFORD Thomas Crubinagh
STAFFORD Thomas Drummond
STAFFORD Thomas Garvaghy
STAFFORD William Derryfubble
STAFFORD William Drumay
STANLEY Edward Grange
STENSON James Derrygoonan
STENSON James Mullycar
STENSON James Seyloran
STENSON John Dunamony
STENSON Nathaniel Dunamony
STENSON William Coolkill
STENSON William Dunamony
STERLING Charles Lissan
STERLING Elizabeth Lismulrevy
STEVENSON Joseph, Rev. Tobermesson Glebe
STEVENSON Joseph, Rev. Tullygoney
STEWART Arthur Town of Benburb
STEWART John Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
STEWART John Mossmore
STRINGER Thomas Knockarogan Glebe
SWEENY James Drumflugh
SWENARTON William Coolcush
SWENARTON William Derrycreevy (Knox)
SWENARTON William Stangmore (Knox)
TAGGART Joseph Town of Benburb
TANNY Patrick Curran
TATE John Carrowbeg
TATEM Frances The Square, Town of Moy
TAYLOR Anne Drumgrannon
TAYLOR George Moygashel
TAYLOR George Stangmore (Knox
TAYLOR James Drumflugh
TAYLOR Robert Drumgrannon
TAYLOR Samuel Derryoghill
TAYLOR Samuel Stangmore (Magee)
TEAGUE Hugh Kilnacart
TEAGUE Mary Gortmerron
TENNYSON Samuel Drummond
TENNYSON Thomas Drummond
THISTLE Margaret Carrowbeg
THISTLE Walter Carrowbeg
THOMPSON Andrew Town of Benburb
THOMPSON James Coolcush
THOMPSON James Mullybrannon
THOMPSON John Altnavannog
THOMPSON John Derrycreevy (Knox)
THOMPSON Mary Crossteely
THOMPSON Samuel Mullybrannon
THOMPSON Thomas Drumlee
THOMPSON Thomas Drummond
THOMPSON Thomas Moyard
THOMPSON William Drummond
THOMPSON William Tullydowey
TIPPIN William Killyman Street, Town of Moy
TIPPIN William The Square, Brick Row Lane, Town of Moy
TOAL Henry Drumgrannon
TOAL Henry Killyman Street, Town of Moy
TOCOCK Edward, Rev. The Square, Town of Moy
TOLERTON Hill Coolcush
TOLERTON Samuel Coolcush
TOMNEY Jane Drumgrannon
TOMNEY Jane Dungannon Street Town of Moy
TOMNEY Joseph Drumgrannon
TOMNEY Joseph Killyman Street, Town of Moy
TOMNEY Joseph Lisroan
TONER Hugh Town of Benburb
TONER Nicholas Town of Benburb
TRACEY Elizabeth Cormullagh
TRUMAN Robert Terryscollop
TUFFT David Drumgold
TUOHILL John Mullaghboy
URN William J. Moyard
VALLELLY Thomas Seyloran
VALLELY Isabella Stangmore (Knox)
VALLELY Thomas Grange
VENABLES Hannah Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
VENABLES Robert Ballymackilduff
WALKER Eliza Culkeeran
WALKER George Stangmore (Knox)
WALKER Henry Broughadowey
WALKER Henry Culkeeran
WALKER James Annagh
WALKER James Terryscollop
WALKER John Culkeeran
WALKER Mary Moyard
WALKER Robert Derrycreevy
WALKER Robert Mullaghmossog Glebe
WALKER Robert, Junr. Derrycreevy
WALKER Robert, Senr. Derrycreevy
WALKER William Carrowbeg
WALKER William Derrycreevy
WALLACE Grace Mullycarnan
WALSH William Kilnacart
WARD Henry Drummond
WARD Jeremiah Drummond
WARD Joseph Drumgold
WARDEN Reps. of Hugh Knockarogan Glebe
WATERS Alan Carrycastle
WATSON Adam Moygashel
WATSON Richard Moy
WATSON Richard Town of Moy, Killyman Street
WATT George Cormullagh
WATT John, Junr. Culrevog
WATT John, Senr. Culrevog
WATT Phoebe Culrevog
WATT Robert Lisroan
WATTS William Derryoghill
WAUGH Anne The Square, Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
WEATHERHEAD William Benburb
WEBB Christina Donnydeade
WEBB Richard Donnydeade
WEIR Armour The Square, Brick Row Lane, Town of Moy
WEIR George Tobermesson Glebe
WHITE Abraham Ballymackilduff
WHITE John Ballymackilduff
WHITE Richard Grange
WHITEFIELD Samuel Finelly
WHITESIDE George Drumflugh
WHITTLE James Lisnacroy
WHITTLE John Town of Benburb
WHITTLE Robert Ballymackilduff
WHITTLE Robert Derryfubble
WHITTLE Robert Drumay
WHITTLE William Derryfubble
WHITTLE William Derrygoonan
WICKLOW Joseph Drummond
WICKLOW Mary Drummond
WILEY Abraham Gorestown
WILEY David Derryfubble
WILEY David Drumay
WILEY Ellen Drumlee
WILEY James Gorestown
WILEY James Terryscollop
WILEY Jane Lissan
WILEY John Anagasna Glebe
WILEY John Ballymackilduff
WILEY John Broughadowey
WILEY John Derryoghill
WILEY Joseph Tobermesson Glebe
WILEY Thomas Terryscollop
WILEY William Broughadowey
WILEY William Cormullagh
WILEY William Derryfubble
WILEY William Garvaghy
WILEY William Gorestown
WILEY William Town of Benburb
WILKINSON Alexander Kilnacart
WILKINSON John Coolkill
WILKINSON Thomas L. Benburb
WILKINSON Thomas L. Drumgose
WILKINSON Thomas L. Moyard
WILKINSON William Tyhan
WILLERTON Henry Drumlee
WILLIAMSON James Derryfubble
WILLIAMSON James Tullygiven
WILLIAMSON John Drumflugh
WILLIAMSON John Moygashel
WILLIAMSON Thomas Moygashel
WILLIAMSON Thomas Tullygiven
WILLIS Jonathan Carrowcolman
WILLIS Joshua Culrevog
WILLIS Joshua Gorestown
WILSON Andrew Moygashel
WILSON John Turleenan
WILSON Nathaniel Tullylearn
WILSON Robert Terryscollop
WILVERTON Henry The Square, Town of Moy
WINTER Samuel Charlemont Street, Town of Moy
WOODS Agnes J. Carrycastle
WOODS Alexander Broughadowey
WOODS Charles Lisdermot
WOODS Charles Moygashel
WOODS Edward Lissan
WOODS Edward, Junr. Mulboy
WOODS Edward, Senr. Mulboy
WOODS George Derrycreevy
WOODS George Town of Benburb
WOODS James Lissan
WOODS James Mulboy
WOODS John Crossteely
WOODS John Tullygiven
WOODS Patrick Drumgormal
WOODS Patrick Lissan
WOODS Thomas Drummond
WOODS Thomas Dunseark
WRIGHT Daniel Carrowbeg
WRIGHT John Dungannon Street, Town of Moy
WRIGHT Joseph S. The Square, Town of Moy
WRIGHT William Knockarogan Glebe
WRIGHTSON Richd., Rev. The Square, Town of Moy
YOUNG Andrew Mullycarnan
YOUNG Arthur Derrygortrevy
YOUNG Francis Drumnamoless
YOUNG Margaret Kilnacart
YOUNG Richard Carrowcolman
YOUNG Richard Stiloga
YOUNG Robert Crubinagh
YOUNG Robert Sanaghanroe
YOUNG William Mullaghlongfield




County Armagh portion of Clonfeacle Parish. Courtesy of



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Drumcullen Ballytroddan Blackwatertown or Lisbofin Canary
Copney Creaghan Derrymagowan Derryscollop
Drumarn Drumask or Ballycullen Kilmore Mullanary
Mullyleggan Shanmullagh or Ballycullen Tireagerty Tullykevan




Surname Given Name Townland
ABBOTT Mary Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
AGNEW Mary Canary
AGNEW William Canary
ANDERSON David Shanmullagh
ANDERSON Elizabeth Derryscollop
ANDERSON Henry Derryscollop
ANDERSON James Derryscollop
ANDERSON John Derryscollop
ANDERSON John, Junr. Mullanary
ANDERSON Thomas Canary
ANDERSON Thomas Derryscollop
ASKIN Robert Derryscollop
ATKINSON Henry Shanmullagh
ATKINSON Henry Tullykevan
ATKINSON John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
BAILEY William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
BALFOUR Blayney T. Derryscollop
BAXTER John Derryscollop
BEATTY John Tireagerty
BEATTY Joseph Drumcullen
BEATTY Mary Tireagerty
BEATTY Samuel Tullyroan
BIGGS William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
BLACK Henry Copney
BLEVINS Anne Tullyroan
BLEVINS David Copney
BLEVINS James Tullyroan
BLEVINS John Canary
BLEVINS John Derryscollop
BLEVINS Mary Tullyroan
BLEVINS William Canary
BLEVINS William Tullyroan
BOND Walter Derryscollop
BOND Walter McG. Derrycaw (The Argory)
BOYLE James Kilmore
BRANAGAN Denis Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
BRANAGAN Mary Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
BRANNIGAN Patrick Creaghan
BRANNIGAN Thomas Kilmore
BRENNAN James Drumcullen
BRENNAN Robert Drumcullen
BRIEN Anthony Tullyroan
BROTHERS Downham Canary
BROTHERS Margaret Canary
BROUGHTON Fredk. Copney
BROWNE William Canary
BRYAN Michael Canary
BRYAN Thomas Tullyroan
BRYANS Francis Derrymagowan
BYRNS Henry Shanmullagh
CAMPBELL Arthur Tullyroan
CAMPBELL Felix Tullyroan
CAMPBELL George Tullyroan
CAMPBELL James Derryscollop
CAMPBELL James Tullyroan
CAMPBELL John Canary
CAMPBELL Patrick Derrymagowan
CAPPA Alexander Mullyleggan
CARBERY Thomas Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CARR James Canary
CARR Mary Derryscollop
CARR Samuel Derrymagowan
CARROLL William Tullyroan
CARSON Joseph Derryscollop
CAVANAGH Thomas Shanmullagh
CLARKE Joseph Shanmullagh
CLEMENTS Ellen Tullyroan
CLEMINS Mary Canary
CLEWLEY James Tullyroan
CLEWLOW Thomas Derrymagowan
CLOSE Maxwell C. Derrymagowan
CLOSE Maxwell C. Tullyroan
COHOON William Tullyroan
COLGAN John Derryscollop
COLGAN Robert Derryscollop
COLLIGAN James Canary
COLLIGAN Thomas Canary
COLLIGAN William Canary
COMMONS James Mullanary
CONLAN Eliza Tullyroan
CONLAN John Tullyroan
CONLAN Thomas Tullyroan
CONNOLLY John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CONNOLLY Richard Tullyroan
CONNOLLY Thomas Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CONNOR James Canary
CONROY Charles Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CONROY James Kilmore
CONROY Mary Kilmore
CONROY Thomas Kilmore
CONRY Francis Mullanary
COOKE William Copney
COOPER Henry Drumcullen
CORR Michael Tullykevan
CORRIGAN Mary Tullyroan
CORRIGAN Robert Derryscollop
CORRIGAN Samuel Copney
CORRIGAN Samuel Derryscollop
CORRIGAN Samuel Shanmullagh
CORRON Daniel Creaghan
CORRON John Creaghan
CORRON Peter Creaghan
CREMORNE Lord Kilmore
CREMORNE Lord Mullanary
CROSSEY Bernard Derrymagowan
CROSSEY James Derrymagowan
CROSSEY James, Junr. Derrymagowan
CROSSEY James, Senr. Derrymagowan
CROSSEY Jane Derrymagowan
CROTHERS Alexander Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CROTHERS Alexander Shanmullagh
CROTHERS Alexander Tullykevan
CRUMMY Catherine Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CRUMMY Catherine Shanmullagh
CRUMMY Catherine Tullykevan
CULLEN David Mullyleggan
CULLEN Francis Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CULLEN Hugh Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CULLEN John Drumcullen
CULLEN John Mullyleggan
CULLEN Michael Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
CULLEN Michael Mullyleggan
CUNNINGHAM Margaret Derrymagowan
CUNNINGHAM Margt. Derrymagowan
CURRAN James Shanmullagh
CURRAN John Shanmullagh
CURRAN Patrick Drumcullen
CURRAN Peter Drumcullen
CURRAN Timothy Drumcullen
DALY Felix Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
DALY Felix Creaghan
DALY John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
DALY John Mullyleggan
DARLEY Jane Mullanary
DAVIDSON George Canary
DAVIDSON Samuel Canary
DAVISON James Tullyroan
DAVISON John Tullyroan
DEVLIN Francis Shanmullagh
DILLON William Kilmore
DILLY Abraham Derryscollop
DOEY Bernard Kilmore
DONNELLY Ambrose Kilmore
DONNELLY Arth. Mullanary
DONNELLY Charles Kilmore
DONNELLY Francis Kilmore
DONNELLY James Kilmore
DONNELLY James Mullanary
DONNELLY James Tullyroan
DONNELLY John Drumcullen
DONNELLY John Kilmore
DONNELLY John Mullanary
DONNELLY John, Junr. Mullanary
DONNELLY John, Senr. Mullanary
DONNELLY Joseph Mullanary
DONNELLY Mary Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
DONNELLY Michael Mullanary
DONNELLY Owen Kilmore
DONNELLY Peter Kilmore
DONNELLY Peter Mullanary
DONNELLY Thomas Derryscollop
DONNELLY Thomas Mullanary
DOUGLAS William Tullyroan
DOUGLASS Henry S. Tullyroan
DOWNEY John Tullyroan
DUFFY John Ballytroddan
DUFFY John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
DUFFY Mary Derrymagowan
DUNNE William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
ELLIOTT Henry Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
ELLIOTT Henry Tullyroan
ELLIOTT Isabella Copney
ELLIOTT James Drumarn
ELLIOTT Robert Derryscollop
ELLIOTT Thomas Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
EMMERSON Eliza Derryscollop
EMMERSON John Derryscollop
EMMERSON William Derryscollop
EMMERSON Wm., Junr. Derryscollop
FARMER John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FARMER Patrick Kilmore
FARNAN Margaret Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FARRELL William Tullyroan
FARRELLY Edward Tireagerty
FINIGAN Matthew Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FINN Bernard Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FINN Bernard Kilmore
FINN Bernard Mullanary
FINN James Kilmore
FINN John Kilmore
FINN Michael Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FLANAGAN Ellen Ballytroddan
FLANAGAN James Ballytroddan
FLANAGAN John Ballytroddan
FOX Alice Mullyleggan
FOX Bernard Mullyleggan
FOX Felix Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FOX Hugh Ballytroddan
FOX Hugh Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FOX James Ballytroddan
FOX John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FOX John Mullyleggan
FOX Mary Ballytroddan
FOX Patrick Tullyroan
FRASER Joseph Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FRAZER Joseph Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FRAZER Joseph Tireagerty
FRAZER Joseph Tullykevan
FULLAN Peter Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
FULLERTON Joseph Copney
FULLERTON Mary Derryscollop
GALBRAITH Henry Drumask or Ballycullen
GARLAND James Mullanary
GARLAND Martin Mullanary
GARVEY Charles Ballytroddan
GARVEY Charles Drumcullen
GARVEY James Mullanary
GERAGHTY James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
GILPIN George Tullyroan
GILPIN James Derryscollop
GILPIN Jane Tullyroan
GILPIN John Tullyroan
GILPIN Nathaniel Tullyroan
GILPIN Richard Copney
GILPIN Thomas Copney
GILPIN Thomas Tullyroan
GOODFELLOW Patrick Mullanary
GOODFELLOW Terence Mullanary
GOODLATTE David R. Canary
GORDON Letitia Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
GORMAN James Tireagerty
GRAY Mary Mullyleggan
GRAY Robert Mullyleggan
GREENWOOD Thomas Derryscollop
GREW John Kilmore
GRIBBEN James Drumcullen
GRIBBIN Francis Drumcullen
GRIBBIN Mary Drumcullen
GRIMLEY Michael Tullyroan
HAGAN Bernard Ballytroddan
HAGAN Bernard Tireagerty
HAGAN James Derrymagowan
HAGAN James Mullyleggan
HAGAN Patrick Tullykevan
HAGAN Terence Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HAGAN Thomas Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HAGAN William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HALL George Copney
HALL George Derrymagowan
HALL Jeremiah Copney
HALL Thomas Copney
HALL Thomas Tullyroan
HAMILTON Patrick Tullykevan
HARE John, Junr. Drumarn
HARE John, Senr. Drumarn
HARE Robert Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HARVEY Edward Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HARVEY Edward Tullykevan
HARVEY James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HARVEY James Tullykevan
HARVEY John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HAUGHEY William Ballytroddan
HEGARTY Daniel Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HENDERSON Joseph Derryscollop
HENDERSON Joseph Tullyroan
HENN William Derryscollop
HOMER William Tullyroan
HUGHES Bernard Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
HUGHES George Kilmore
HUGHES George Mullanary
HUGHES Henry Shanmullagh
HUGHES Isaac Canary
HUGHES Isaac Tullyroan
HUGHES James Mullanary
HUGHES John Kilmore
HUGHES John, Junr. Kilmore
HUGHES John, Senr. Kilmore
HUGHES Patrick Kilmore
HUGHES Sarah Mullanary
HUGHES Terence Kilmore
HYDE Francis Copney
HYDE Thomas Canary
INNES Joseph Canary
INNIS Joseph Canary
IRWIN Christopher Tullyroan
IRWIN John Canary
JEFF John Canary
JOHNSON Mary Derryscollop
JOHNSON William Derryscollop
JOHNSTON James Derryscollop
JOHNSTON Joseph Derryscollop
JOYCE Patrick Ballytroddan
JOYCE Robert Creaghan
KANE John Shanmullagh
KANE Roger Mullyleggan
KEATH Robert Derryscollop
KEATINS Anne Mullyleggan
KELLY Bernard Kilmore
KELLY James Drumcullen
KELLY James Mullyleggan
KELLY Jane Mullyleggan
KELLY John Derryscollop
KELLY John Mullyleggan
KELLY John Tullyroan
KELLY Mary Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
KENNEDY James Tullyroan
KIMMINS Sarah Derryscollop
KNOX Rosanna Shanmullagh
LAMB William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
LAVERTY Patrick Derrymagowan
LAVERY Bryan Mullanary
LAVERY George Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
LAWSON Andrew Tullyroan
LAWSON Joseph Tullyroan
LAWSON Thomas Tullyroan
LEE Anne Tullyroan
LEE Robert Derryscollop
LIGHTBODY Isaac Tullyroan
LIGHTBODY John Tullyroan
LIGHTBODY Johnson Tullyroan
LIGHTBODY Johnston Tullyroan
LIGHTBODY Robert Tullyroan
LOCKHART Sarah Mullanary
LOUGHRAN James Tullyroan
LOUGHRAN Patrick Tullyroan
LUDDEN Jane Derryscollop
LUTTON George Canary
MACAN Michael Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MACKEL Patrick Kilmore
MACKEL Peter Kilmore
MACKELL Neill Kilmore
MACKLIN Francis Creaghan
MACKLIN John Kilmore
MADDEN Francis Kilmore
MAGEE Arthur Derrymagowan
MAGEE Martha Derryscollop
MAGRATH Patrick Tullyroan
MAGUIRK Charles Drumcullen
MALIE John Tullyroan
MALLEN James Copney
MALLON Anne Kilmore
MALLON Francis Kilmore
MALLON James Ballytroddan
MALLON James Canary
MALLON Patrick Creaghan
MALLON Patrick Drumcullen
MARSHALL …[?] Drumarn
MARSHALL George Derryscollop
MARSHALL Thomas Derryscollop
MARSHALL William Derryscollop
MARTIN Robert Derryscollop
MARTIN Thomas Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MATCHETT John Copney
MATCHETT John Tullyroan
MATHERS Edward Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCADAMS Anne Tullyroan
MCALISTER John Tullyroan
MCANALLY James Tullyroan
MCANALLY William Tullyroan
MCANEANEY John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCANEANY Daniel Tullyroan
MCANEANY John Mullyleggan
MCANEANY Thomas Tullyroan
MCANULTY William Derrymagowan
MCARDLE Loughlin Ballytroddan
MCBRIDE Terence Creaghan
MCCALL Catherine Derrymagowan
MCCALL Owen Derrymagowan
MCCALL Patrick Derrymagowan
MCCALL William Tullyroan
MCCANN Bernard Drumcullen
MCCARTNEY George Drumarn
MCCARTON Bridget Kilmore
MCCAUL Anne Tireagerty
MCCLEAN John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCCLEAN John Mullyleggan
MCCLEAN John Tullykevan
MCCLEAN Mary Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCCLEAN Patrick Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCCLEAN Sara Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCCLEAN Susan Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCCLELLAND John Derryscollop
MCCLELLAND Joseph Canary
MCCLELLAND William Canary
MCCLELLAND William Derryscollop
MCCLERNAN Peter Mullanary
MCCLUSKEY James Tullyroan
MCCONNELL Jane Derryscollop
MCCORMACK John Tullyroan
MCCORMACK Patrick Derrymagowan
MCCREADY Mary Anne Derrymagowan
MCCULLAGH Robert Ballytroddan
MCCULLAGH Robert Ballytroddan
MCCUSKY Arthur Ballytroddan
MCELROY James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCELROY James Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCGEOGHEGAN John Derrymagowan
MCGERAGHTY Francis Tullykevan
MCGINN Patrick Drumcullen
MCGINNIS Edward Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCGLENNAN William Kilmore
MCGLINN Bernard Drumcullen
MCGLINN John Ballytroddan
MCGLOAN John Mullanary
MCGLONE James Mullanary
MCGLONE Peter Kilmore
MCGLONE Peter Mullanary
MCGRANE Denis Mullanary
MCGRANE Denis Mullyleggan
MCGRANE Henry Mullyleggan
MCGRANE Hugh Mullanary
MCGRANE Hugh Mullyleggan
MCGRANE James Ballytroddan
MCGRANE James Mullanary
MCGRANE Joseph Mullanary
MCGRANE Patrick Drumcullen
MCGRATH Thomas Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCGUIGGAN Patrick Kilmore
MCGUIRE Philip Mullanary
MCGUIRE William Drumcullen
MCKEE Anne Derrymagowan
MCKEE Bernard Derrymagowan
MCKEE James Derrymagowan
MCKEE Neal Copney
MCKEE Robert Derrymagowan
MCKEE Thomas Derrymagowan
MCKEEVER Catherine Derrymagowan
MCKENLY Peter Kilmore
MCKENNA Anne Tireagerty
MCKENNA John Kilmore
MCKENNA Michael Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCKENNA Michael Drumcullen
MCKENNA Michael Mullyleggan
MCKEOGH Hugh Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCKEOGH Hugh Tullykevan
MCKEOGH John Drumcullen
MCKEOGH Mary Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCKEOWN David Tullyroan
MCKEOWN John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCKEOWN Robert Tullyroan
MCKEOWN Thomas Canary
MCKINLAY George Canary
MCKINLAY Stewart Canary
MCKINLAY William Canary
MCKITTRICK James Derrymagowan
MCKITTRICK Joseph Tullyroan
MCLERNON Catherine Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCLERNON Peter Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCLOUGHLIN Manasseh Tullyroan
MCMAHON George Ballytroddan
MCMAHON James Drumcullen
MCMASTER William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCMULLEN Cornelius Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCNEECE James Derrymagowan
MCNICHOL Thomas Canary
MCNICHOLL James Mullyleggan
MCNICHOLL Thomas Canary
MCPARLAN Anne Kilmore
MCPARLAN Rose Kilmore
MCPARLAND Anne Derrymagowan
MCPARTLAN James Creaghan
MCPARTLAN Peter Creaghan
MCPARTLAND Aeneas Creaghan
MCQUAID George Tullyroan
MCQUAID Henry Ballytroddan
MCQUAID Mary Derrymagowan
MCQUAIDE James Ballytroddan
MCQUAIDE Loughlin Ballytroddan
MCSHANE Bridget Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MCWHINNEY John Drumcullen
MCWHINNEY John, Junr. Drumcullen
MCWHINNEY John, Senr. Drumcullen
MCWHINNEY Joseph, Senr. Drumcullen
MCWHINNEY William Drumcullen
MCWHINNY John Mullyleggan
MCWHINNY William Mullanary
MCWILLIAMS James Derryscollop
MILLAR Robert Derryscollop
MILLAR Thomas Derrymagowan
MILLAR Thomas, Junr. Derrymagowan
MILLAR Thomas, Senr. Derrymagowan
MILLS Mary Derryscollop
MITCHELL Michael Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MOLESWORTH Arthur N. Canary
MOLLAN Mary Derryscollop
MOLLOY Arthur Tullyroan
MOLLOY Denis Tullyroan
MOLLOY James Tullyroan
MOORE Eliza Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MOORE Robert Shanmullagh
MORRISON Elizabeth Tullykevan
MORROW James Derryscollop
MOULD James Canary
MULGREW Terence Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
MULLEN Francis Ballytroddan
MULLEN Francis Derrymagowan
MULLEN Francis, Junr. Derrymagowan
MULLEN Hugh Derrymagowan
MULLEN James Ballytroddan
MULLEN James Derrymagowan
MULLEN John Tullyroan
MULLEN Martha Derrymagowan
MULLEN Mary Derrymagowan
MULLEN Michael Canary
MULLEN Robert Derrymagowan
MULLEN Terence, Junr. Derrymagowan
MULLEN Terence, Senr. Derrymagowan
MULLEN Thomas Derrymagowan
MULLEN Thomas Tullyroan
MULLEN William Tullyroan
MURDOCK James Tullyroan
MURDOCK Joseph Tullyroan
MURPHY Daniel Kilmore
MURPHY Thomas Ballytroddan
MURPHY Thomas Creaghan
MURRAY Henry Canary
MURRAY James Copney
MURRAY John Derrymagowan
MURRAY Patrick Derrymagowan
MURRAY William Derrymagowan
MURRAY William Tullyroan
MURRAY William, Junr. Derrymagowan
MURRAY William, Senr. Derrymagowan
NEILL Teresa Kilmore
NEVILLE Henry Mullyleggan
NEVILLE Margaret Tireagerty
NICHOLSON James Tullyroan
O'BRIEN Charles Derrymagowan
O'BRIEN Michael Derrymagowan
OLPHERTS Barbara Drumarn
OLPHERTS Barbara Kilmore
OLPHERTS Barbara Tullykevan
O'NEILL Charles Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
O'NEILL Charles Derrymagowan
O'NEILL Cornelius Tullyroan
O'NEILL Cornelius Tullyroan
O'NEILL John Derryscollop
O'NEILL Jonathan Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
ORR Jacob Shanmullagh
PATTISON George Kilmore
PATTISON George Mullanary
POLLY William Tullyroan
POWERSCOURT Viscount Derrymagowan
POWERSCOURT Viscount Tullyroan
PRINGLE Richard Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
PRINGLE Richard Drumarn
PRINGLE Richard Drumask or Ballycullen
PRITCHARD George Tullyroan
QUINN Arthur Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
QUINN John Ballytroddan
QUINN John Mullanary
QUINN Patrick Mullanary
RAFFERTY James Canary
RAFFERTY John Canary
RAFFERTY John Derrymagowan
RAFFERTY Patrick Canary
RAVERTY Thomas Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
READ Nathaniel Tullyroan
READ Thomas Tullyroan
REANNY [RAINEY] William Mullanary
REGAN John Tullykevan
REID James Mullyleggan
REID James Shanmullagh
REID James Tullykevan
REID James P. Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
REID William Tullyroan
REILLY Fanny Tullyroan
RENNISSON Christopher Kilmore
RICHIE James Tullyroan
RIGGS William Mullanary
RIGGS William Tullykevan
ROCK Edward Mullyleggan
ROCK Michael Mullyleggan
ROE George Tullyroan
RUSSELL Henry Tullyroan
RUTHERFORD William Canary
RYAN Michael Derrymagowan
RYAN Patrick Tullyroan
SIMONS James Canary
SIMPSON Jane Canary
SIMPSON Joseph Canary
SIMPSON William Canary
SINCLAIR Simon Canary
SINCLAIR Simon Derryscollop
SINCLAIR Thomas Derryscollop
SINCLAIR Thomas W. Tullyroan
SLOAN John Canary
SLOAN Philip Tullyroan
SMYTH Hugh Canary
SMYTH James Canary
SMYTH Robert Tullyroan
SMYTH William Canary
STENSON William Mullanary
STEPHENSON Thomas Copney
TEAGUE John Derrymagowan
TEDEN William Tullyroan
THOMPSON James Canary
THOMPSON James Copney
THOMPSON John Copney
THOMPSON Mary Canary
THOMPSON William Ballytroddan
TIERNEY Michael Tullyroan
TIPPINGS John Derryscollop
TOAL Daniel Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
TOWELL John Derryscollop
TRELFORD Robert Canary
TRELFORD Robert Derryscollop
TROTTER Anne Mullyleggan
TROTTER Anne Tireagerty
TUMENY Anne Mullanary
VALLELY William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
VERNER William, Baronet Copney
WALKER Johnson Derryscollop
WALKER William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WALKER William Tullyroan
WALLACE Anne Tullyroan
WALLACE William Derryscollop
WALSH Patrick Mullanary
WALSH William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WATT Henry Tullyroan
WATT Mary Tullyroan
WEATHERHEAD Ezekiel Canary
WHITE James Tullyroan
WHITE John Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WHITE John Drumcullen
WHITE John Tullyroan
WHITE Jonathan Tullyroan
WHITE Joseph Copney
WHITE Matthew Tullyroan
WHITE Thomas Copney
WHITE Thomas L. Copney
WHITE Thomas L. Tullyroan
WHITESIDE William Derryscollop
WILEY Thomas Derryscollop
WILKINSON James Canary
WILLIAMS Hugh Drumarn
WILLIAMSON David Tullyroan
WILLIAMSON James Tullyroan
WILLIAMSON Joseph Canary
WILLIAMSON Robert Canary
WILLIAMSON William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WILLIAMSON William Derryscollop
WILSON Andrew Drumcullen
WILSON Edward Tullyroan
WILSON William Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WILSON William Canary
WINTER Samuel Derryscollop
WOODS Ellen Mullyleggan
WOODS Patrick Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WOODS Patrick Kilmore
WOODS William Copney
WRIGHT Edward Mullanary
WRIGHT Joseph Blackwatertown or Lisbofin
WRIGHT Joseph Tullyroan
YOUNG James Tullyroan
YOUNG Margaret Canary
YOUNG Ruth Tullyroan