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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Clogherny Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Clogherny Parish, Co. Tyrone. Map 

For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see

Further reading: Clogherny Parish Tithe Applotment Book (1826)




Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghnagar Annagh Ballyhallaghan Ballykeel
Beagh Beragh Clogherny Lower Glebe Clogherny Upper Glebe
Coolesker Curr Dervaghroy Donaghanie
Eskermore Gortaclare Kilcam Killadroy
Laragh Legacurry Letfern Moylagh
Mullaghmore Mullaghslin Glebe Radergan Ranelly
Rarone Raw Roscavey Seskinore
Tattykeeran Tullyheeran Tullyrush Usnagh




Surname Given Name Townland
ADAMS David Tullyheeran
AGNEW William Ballykeel
ALEXANDER William Annagh
ANDERSON Alexander Radergan
ANDERSON Benjamin Killadroy
ANDERSON Grace Legacurry
ANDERSON James Beragh Town
ANDERSON James Killadroy
ANDERSON Martha Killadroy
ANDERSON Matthew Beragh Town
ANDERSON Richard Ballyhallaghan
ANDERSON Robert Donaghanie
ANDERSON Thomas Beragh Town
ANDERSON William Ballykeel
ANDERSON William Donaghanie
ANDERSON William Killadroy
ARMSTRONG Hamilton Moylagh
ARMSTRONG Henry Moylagh
ARMSTRONG Thomas Dervaghroy
ARNOLD Rev. John Coolesker
BALLANTINE John Ballyhallaghan
BALLANTINE William Tullyrush
BARNES Samuel Roscavey
BARR James Beragh Town
BARR James Curr
BARR James Killadroy
BARR James Roscavey
BARR John Killadroy
BARR John Legacurry
BARR Joseph Curr
BARR William Killadroy
BARRON John Gortaclare
BARTON John Beagh
BAXTER Thomas Curr
BEATTY James Annagh
BEATTY William Laragh
BEGG Margaret Beragh Town
BEGGS Margaret Beragh Town
BEGGS Margaret Coolesker
BELL James Gortaclare
BELL William Radergan
BELMORE Earl Beagh
BELMORE Earl Beragh Town
BELMORE Earl Dervaghroy
BELMORE Earl Laragh
BELMORE Earl Legacurry
BELMORE Earl Radergan
BLACK William Ranelly
BLAKELY James Seskinore
BOOTHE John Beragh
BOOTHE Robert Beragh
BOTHWELL James Seskinore
BOTHWELL John Seskinore
BOYLE Henry Tullyrush
BOYLE Peter Clogherny Glebe Upper
BRADLEY Patrick Mullaghslin Glebe
BRANGAN Robert Killadroy
BREDIN Thomas Aghnagar
BROWNE Andrew Curr
BROWNE Isabella Beagh
BROWNE James Beagh
BROWNE James Raw
BROWNE John Roscavey
BROWNE Matthew Moylagh
BROWNE William Clogherny Glebe Upper
BROWNE William Roscavey
BYRNE James Mullaghslin Glebe
BYRNE Margaret Mullaghslin Glebe
BYRNE Michael Mullaghslin Glebe
BYRNE Michl. Mullaghslin Glebe
CAIRNS William Beragh
CAMPBELL Anne Roscavey
CAMPBELL Archibald Roscavey
CAMPBELL Elizabeth Seskinore
CAMPBELL Henry Clogherny Glebe Upper
CAMPBELL Hugh Roscavey
CAMPBELL James Donaghanie
CAMPBELL John Ballyhallaghan
CAMPBELL John Donaghanie
CAMPBELL John Mullaghslin Glebe
CAMPBELL John Seskinore
CAMPBELL Michael Roscavey
CAMPBELL Patrick Kilcam
CAMPBELL Patrick Roscavey
CAMPBELL Patrick Seskinore
CAMPBELL Peter Clogherny Glebe Upper
CAMPBELL Robert Legacurry
CAMPBELL Simon Radergan
CAMPBELL Terence Roscavey
CAMPBELL Terence Seskinore
CAMPBELL Thomas Radergan
CANAVAN John Legacurry
CANAVAN Michael Legacurry
CARLETON Arthur Tullyrush
CARLETON Patrick Killadroy
CARLETON Thomas Beagh
CAROLAN Felix Clogherny Glebe Upper
CAROLAN Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
CARR Charles Beragh Town
CARR Duncan Donaghanie
CARR Hugh Beragh Town
CARR Joseph Donaghanie
CARR Thomas Annagh
CARR Thomas Beragh Town
CARR Thomas Donaghanie
CARR Timothy Mullaghslin Glebe
CARROLL Owen Beagh
CARROLL Richard Beragh Town
CARSON James Eskermore
CARTER John Aghnagar
CARTER John Ballykeel
CASSIDY James Mullaghslin Glebe
CASSIDY John Beragh Town
CASSIDY Michael Mullaghslin Glebe
CATHERS David Beragh Town
CATHERS Robert Radergan
CATHERS William Radergan
CAVANAGH Anne Killadroy
CAVANAGH Francis Beragh Town
CAVANAGH Francis Killadroy
CAVANAGH James Killadroy
CAVANAGH Patrick Killadroy
CAVANAGH Terence Killadroy
CHAPMAN William Donaghanie
CLARKE Andrew Aghnagar
CLARKE Andrew Rarone
CLARKE David Killadroy
CLARKE James Aghnagar
CLARKE James Beragh Town
CLARKE James D. Curr
CLARKE John Aghnagar
CLARKE John Beragh
CLARKE John Beragh Town
CLARKE Joseph Curr
CLARKE Patrick Curr
CLARKE Patrick Killadroy
CLARKE Robert Killadroy
CLARKE Thomas Aghnagar
CLARKE William Curr
CLEMENTS David Beragh
CLEMENTS David Beragh Town
CLEMENTS David Coolesker
CLEMENTS David Killadroy
CLEMENTS Guy Moylagh
CLEMENTS Hamilton Dervaghroy
CLEMENTS James Killadroy
CLEMENTS James Roscavey
CLEMENTS John Beragh
CLEMENTS John Beragh Town
CLEMENTS John Laragh
CLEMENTS Joseph Clogherny Glebe Upper
CLEMENTS Rebecca Beragh Town
CLEMENTS Robert Moylagh
CLEMENTS Thomas Beragh
CLEMENTS Thomas Beragh Town
CLEMENTS Thomas Eskermore
CLEMENTS William Beragh Town
CLEMENTS William Curr
CLEMENTS William Legacurry
COCHRAN Samuel Laragh
COCHRAN William Laragh
COCHRANE George Dervaghroy
COCHRANE George Eskermore
COCHRANE John Dervaghroy
COCHRANE John Donaghanie
COCHRANE John Eskermore
COCHRANE William Dervaghroy
COCHRANE William Donaghanie
COLE Edward Killadroy
COLGAN Anthony Aghnagar
COLGAN Terence Aghnagar
COLGAN Thomas Mullaghslin Glebe
COLHOUN Alexander Mullaghslin Glebe
COLHOUN Joseph Mullaghslin Glebe
COLHOUN William Mullaghslin Glebe
COLLINS Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
COLLINS William Curr
COMMINS Eleanor Beragh
COMMINS Eleanor Beragh Town
COMMINS Eleanor Coolesker
COMMINS Eleanor Laragh
CONNOLLY Bernard Mullaghslin Glebe
CONNOR Charles Radergan
CONNOR James Clogherny Glebe Upper
CONWAY James Mullaghslin Glebe
CONWAY John Mullaghslin Glebe
CONWAY Joseph Mullaghslin Glebe
CONWAY Michael Mullaghslin Glebe
CONWAY Michl., Jun. Mullaghslin Glebe
CONWAY Michl., Sen. Mullaghslin Glebe
CONWAY Philip Beragh Town
CONWAY Susan Mullaghslin Glebe
COOKE Andrew Seskinore
COOKE Robert Beagh
COOKE Samuel Ballyhallaghan
COUSINS John Beragh
COYLE James Mullaghslin Glebe
COYLE John Mullaghslin Glebe
COYLE Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
COYLE Peter Mullaghslin Glebe
CRAWFORD David Legacurry
CRAWFORD Elizabeth Seskinore
CRAWFORD John Usnagh
CRAWFORD Robert Usnagh
CREEVY Edward Raw
CROSIER John William Beragh Town
CULBERTSON Alexander Killadroy
CULBERTSON James Letfern
CULBERTSON John Seskinore
CULBERTSON Joseph Letfern
CULBERTSON Richard Letfern
CULLEN James Ballyhallaghan
CULLEN James Mullaghmore
CULLEN Patrick Letfern
CULLEN William Letfern
CUNNINGHAM David Radergan
CUNNINGHAM John Seskinore
CUNNINGHAM Thos. Radergan
CURRAN John Donaghanie
CURRAN Michael Mullaghmore
CURRAN Michael Seskinore
CURRAN Peter Donaghanie
CURRY Robert Radergan
DALY Edward Beragh Town
DALY John Roscavey
DAVETT Francis Letfern
DELANY Catherine Tullyrush
DELANY Charles Tullyrush
DELAP Anne Donaghanie
DELAP Rowland Beagh
DELAP William Beagh
DENNING Terence Roscavey
DENNY John Curr
DEVIN Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
DEVLIN Edward Mullaghmore
DEVLIN Hugh Tullyrush
DICK Alexander Legacurry
DICK William Gortaclare
DIXON Rev. Robert V. Clogherny Glebe Lower
DIXON Rev. Robert V. Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONAGHY Bernard Tattykeeran
DONAGHY Christopher Donaghanie
DONAGHY Henry Coolesker
DONAGHY James Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONAGHY Owen Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONAGHY Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONAGHY Richard Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONAGHY William Mullaghslin Glebe
DONALDSON Thomas Rarone
DONEGAN James Mullaghmore
DONNELL James Ranelly
DONNELL John Killadroy
DONNELLY Bernard Ballykeel
DONNELLY Bernard Donaghanie
DONNELLY Bridget Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONNELLY Catherine Roscavey
DONNELLY Charles Coolesker
DONNELLY Charles Usnagh
DONNELLY Edward Roscavey
DONNELLY Eleanor Ballykeel
DONNELLY Henry Mullaghslin Glebe
DONNELLY Hugh Donaghanie
DONNELLY Hugh Roscavey
DONNELLY James Beragh
DONNELLY James Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONNELLY James Usnagh
DONNELLY John Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONNELLY John Donaghanie
DONNELLY John Radergan
DONNELLY John, Jun. Usnagh
DONNELLY John, Sen. Usnagh
DONNELLY Joseph Usnagh
DONNELLY Margaret Usnagh
DONNELLY Michael Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONNELLY Michael Roscavey
DONNELLY Neal Usnagh
DONNELLY Patrick Ballykeel
DONNELLY Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONNELLY Patrick Donaghanie
DONNELLY Patrick Roscavey
DONNELLY Peter Beragh
DONNELLY Peter Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONNELLY Stephen Clogherny Glebe Upper
DONNELLY Thaddeus Donaghanie
DOORISH Henry Beragh
DOWNES John Roscavey
DOWNING William Beragh Town
DOYLE Hugh Donaghanie
DOYLE John Curr
DROOGAN Elizabeth Ballyhallaghan
DROOGAN John Seskinore
DROOGAN Patrick Tullyrush
DROOGAN Sarah Tullyrush
DUNBAR Alexander Donaghanie
DUNBAR Henry Donaghanie
DUNBAR John Donaghanie
DUNLOP Alexander Gortaclare
DUNLOP Catherine Letfern
DUNLOP John Letfern
DUNLOP John, Jun. Legacurry
DUNLOP John, Sen. Legacurry
DUNLOP Reps. James Ranelly
DUNLOP Reps. James Tullyrush
DUROSS John Beragh Town
EARLEY John Usnagh
ELLISON Andrew Coolesker
ELLISON Isabella Beragh Town
EVITT John Beragh Town
FARNAN Patrick Roscavey
FARR James Roscavey
FENTON Mary Beragh
FENTON Samuel Gortaclare
FENTON William Gortaclare
FITZPATRICK Thomas Legacurry
FLANAGAN Charles Donaghanie
FLANAGAN Francis Legacurry
FORBES James Beragh
FORBES Mary Radergan
FOX John Beragh Town
FOX John Mullaghslin Glebe
FOX Mary Donaghanie
FOX Michael Mullaghslin Glebe
FOX Rose Coolesker
FOX William Beragh Town
FOX William Coolesker
FOY William Seskinore
FULTON David Coolesker
FULTON Henry Beragh Town
FULTON James Gortaclare
FULTON James Radergan
FULTON James Tattykeeran
FULTON John Beragh
FULTON John Usnagh
FULTON Margaret Beragh Town
FULTON Matthew Usnagh
FULTON William Curr
GALBRAITH Andrew Tullyrush
GALBRAITH Arthur Beragh
GALBRAITH Jane Killadroy
GALBRAITH John A. Roscavey
GALLAGHER Anne Seskinore
GALLAGHER Charles Beragh
GALLAGHER Denis Radergan
GARDINER James Ballyhallaghan
GARDINER James Beragh Town
GELSHIN Bridget Killadroy
GILMORE John Donaghanie
GIVEN Jane Tullyheeran
GLASS Samuel Tattykeeran
GODFREY David Beragh Town
GORDON William Donaghanie
GORMAN Jane Seskinore
GORMAN Neal Mullaghslin Glebe
GORMAN Patrick Mullaghslin Glebe
GORMAN Peter Mullaghslin Glebe
GORMLEY Bernard Kilcam
GORMLEY Francis Ballyhallaghan
GORMLEY James Beragh
GORMLEY James Moylagh
GORMLEY Michael Donaghanie
GORMLEY Patrick Usnagh
GORMLEY Sarah Killadroy
GORMLEY Thomas Ballykeel
GORMLEY Thomas Beragh Town
GORMLEY Thomas Laragh
GRAHAM Andrew Beagh
GRAHAM John Dervaghroy
GRAHAM Joseph Raw
GRAHAM Josh. Raw
GRAHAM Wm., Jun. Dervaghroy
GRAHAM Wm., Sen. Dervaghroy
GREER Edward Donaghanie
GRELIS James Coolesker
GRELIS Martha Coolesker
GROGAN John Seskinore
GROGAN Patrick Mullaghmore
HACKETT Henry Mullaghmore
HACKETT Patrick Beragh Town
HACKETT Peter Curr
HAGAN Daniel Mullaghslin Glebe
HAGAN Francis Mullaghslin Glebe
HAGAN John, Sen. Mullaghslin Glebe
HAGAN Patrick, Jun. Mullaghslin Glebe
HAGAN Patrick, Sen. Mullaghslin Glebe
HAIGNEY Bernard Beagh
HAIGNEY James Killadroy
HAIGNEY Terence Beagh
HAIGNEY Terence Killadroy
HALL Joseph Coolesker
HAMILTON Charles Roscavey
HAMILTON James Roscavey
HAMILTON John Tullyheeran
HAMILTON Thomas Roscavey
HAMILTON William Roscavey
HAMMILL Thomas Legacurry
HANNON Henry Beragh Town
HARE James Raw
HART John Seskinore
HARVEY Hamilton Ranelly
HARVEY James Roscavey
HARVEY Robert Donaghanie
HARVEY William Tullyrush
HAUGHEY Arthur Clogherny Glebe Upper
HAUGHEY Michael Clogherny Glebe Upper
HAUGHEY Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
HAUGHY Patrick Beragh Town
HAURISH Bernard Clogherny Glebe Upper
HAURISH Daniel Radergan
HAURISH James Radergan
HAURISH John Radergan
HAURISH William Radergan
HAZLETT William Mullaghslin Glebe
HENRY Francis Mullaghslin Glebe
HENRY Thomas Beragh Town
HENRY Thomas Coolesker
HERVEY John Moylagh
HEYBURN John Roscavey
HEYBURN Patrick Roscavey
HEYBURN Patrick, Jun. Roscavey
HICKS Catherine Laragh
HOPPER Richard Beragh Town
HOUSTON King Letfern
HOUSTON Patrick Rarone
HUGHES Michael Beragh Town
HUGHES Owen Radergan
HYNES Joseph Roscavey
IRWIN Henry Moylagh
IRWIN James Seskinore
IRWIN John Ballyhallaghan
IRWIN William Killadroy
JOHNSON William Tullyrush
JOHNSTON Andrew Tattykeeran
JOHNSTON James Donaghanie
JOHNSTON James Tattykeeran
JOHNSTON John Beragh
JOHNSTON John Coolesker
JOHNSTON John Donaghanie
JOHNSTON John Legacurry
JOHNSTON John Moylagh
JOHNSTON John Tattykeeran
JOHNSTON John, Jun. Beragh Town
JOHNSTON William Donaghanie
JORDAN Beatty Eskermore
KAVANAGH Francis Beragh Town
KAVANAGH James Beragh Town
KEENAN Bernard Mullaghslin Glebe
KEENAN Hugh Mullaghslin Glebe
KEENAN Michael Mullaghslin Glebe
KELLY Bernard Laragh
KELLY Bernard Mullaghslin Glebe
KELLY Catherine Beragh Town
KELLY James Ballyhallaghan
KELLY James Beragh Town
KELLY John Seskinore
KELLY Michael Annagh
KELLY Michael Mullaghslin Glebe
KELLY Patrick Mullaghslin Glebe
KELLY Patrick Tattykeeran
KERNAN Bryan Beragh
KERR James Killadroy
KERR Robert Usnagh
KIDNEY John Seskinore
KING George Tattykeeran
KIRKE Bernard Roscavey
KYLE David Mullaghslin Glebe
KYLE Elizabeth Mullaghslin Glebe
KYLE Jane Mullaghslin Glebe
KYLE John Moylagh
KYLE John Mullaghslin Glebe
KYLE John Tullyrush
KYLE Joseph Beragh
KYLE Joseph Beragh Town
KYLE Joseph Coolesker
KYLE Lydia Mullaghslin Glebe
KYLE Matthew Mullaghslin Glebe
KYLE Richard Beragh Town
KYLE Thomas Mullaghslin Glebe
KYLE William Mullaghslin Glebe
KYLE William, Jun. Mullaghslin Glebe
KYLE William, Sen. Mullaghslin Glebe
LAMBE Peter Mullaghslin Glebe
LAWLESS George Usnagh
LEGGETT Andrew Seskinore
LEMAN Charles Radergan
LENNY Peter Mullaghmore
LEVIS Richard Tullyrush
LINDSAY Armour Tattykeeran
LINDSAY James Tattykeeran
LINDSAY Mary Beragh Town
LINDSAY Matthew Tattykeeran
LINDSAY Saml. Beragh Town
LINDSAY Samuel Beragh
LINDSAY Samuel Coolesker
LINDSAY Samuel Tattykeeran
LINDSEY Joseph Seskinore
LITTLE Isabella Mullaghmore
LOGUE Hugh Ballyhallaghan
LOGUE James Aghnagar
LOGUE John Ballykeel
LOGUE Joseph Ballyhallaghan
LONG Robert Killadroy
LOVE Mary Jane Annagh
LOWRY James Beragh
LYNCH Bernard Curr
LYNN Francis Rarone
LYONS William Donaghanie
MACKAY Wm. Coolesker
MACKAY Wm. Donaghanie
MACKAY Wm. Eskermore
MACKAY Wm. Kilcam
MACKAY Wm. Tattykeeran
MACKEY James Letfern
MACKEY James Mullaghmore
MACKEY James Seskinore
MACKEY John Legacurry
MACKEY Samuel Moylagh
MACRORY Francis Roscavey
MACRORY Michael Clogherny Glebe Upper
MACRORY Michael Dervaghroy
MACRORY Michael Mullaghslin Glebe
MACRORY Owen Clogherny Glebe Upper
MACRORY Patrick Roscavey
MACRORY Rose Roscavey
MACRORY Terence Clogherny Glebe Upper
MACRORY Thomas Clogherny Glebe Upper
MACRORY William Roscavey
MAGENNIS John Donaghanie
MAGINN Eleanor Aghnagar
MAGINN Patrick Aghnagar
MAGRATH John Beragh Town
MAGUIRE James Beragh Town
MALLON Robert Donaghanie
MANN James Tullyheeran
MARSH Mary Beagh
MARSH Mary Killadroy
MARSHALL John Laragh
MARSHALL Patrick Curr
MARTIN Bernard Beragh Town
MARTIN Hugh Clogherny Glebe Upper
MARTIN Robert Beragh Town
MARTIN Sarah Moylagh
MAXWELL David Curr
MAXWELL James Killadroy
MAXWELL James Roscavey
MAYNE James Donaghanie
MAYNE Thomas Donaghanie
MCALEER James Mullaghslin Glebe
MCALEER John Beragh Town
MCALISTER John Donaghanie
MCANEARLY James Moylagh
MCBEAGH Mary Beragh Town
MCBEAN Daniel Beragh Town
MCBRIDE Henry Donaghanie
MCBRIDE John Moylagh
MCBRIDE Patrick Beragh
MCBRIDE Robert Dervaghroy
MCCABE Patrick Radergan
MCCABE Patrick, Jun. Radergan
MCCAFFREY James Seskinore
MCCAFFREY John Moylagh
MCCAIGNEY John Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCCALLION Alice Roscavey
MCCALLION Daniel Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCCALLION James Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCCALLION John Roscavey
MCCALLION Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCCALLION Peter Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCCAMERON Michael Roscavey
MCCANN Charles Donaghanie
MCCANN Francis Donaghanie
MCCANN John Mullaghslin Glebe
MCCANN Michael Beragh
MCCANN Michael Beragh Town
MCCANN Michael Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCCANN Owen Donaghanie
MCCARROLL John Tullyrush
MCCASKIE Rev. Joseph Gortaclare
MCCAUSLAND Alexander Donaghanie
MCCAUSLAND Alexander Mullaghmore
MCCAUSLAND George Beragh
MCCAUSLAND John Mullaghmore
MCCLANE Clements Ballykeel
MCCLANE Joseph Radergan
MCCLEARY James Roscavey
MCCLENSHAN Henry Beragh Town
MCCLINTOCK Alexander Mullaghmore
MCCLINTOCK Alexander Tullyrush
MCCLINTOCK Dorothea Seskinore
MCCLINTOCK George P. Mullaghmore
MCCLINTOCK George P. Seskinore
MCCLINTOCK George P. Tullyrush
MCCLUNG William Annagh
MCCLUSKEY Charles Donaghanie
MCCOLLUM Bernard Donaghanie
MCCOLLUM John Donaghanie
MCCOLLUM Mary Roscavey
MCCONOMY Daniel Beragh Town
MCCORMACK Andrew Tattykeeran
MCCORMACK Andw., Jun. Kilcam
MCCORMACK Andw., Sen. Kilcam
MCCOURT John Beragh Town
MCCOY Andrew Beragh Town
MCCOY John Beragh Town
MCCOY John Radergan
MCCOY William Ballyhallaghan
MCCRACKEN John Tullyrush
MCCRACKEN Robert Seskinore
MCCRYSTAL Arthur Beragh Town
MCCRYSTAL Denis Mullaghslin Glebe
MCCRYSTAL Frances Donaghanie
MCCRYSTAL Hugh Mullaghslin Glebe
MCCRYSTAL James Beragh Town
MCCRYSTAL James Mullaghslin Glebe
MCCRYSTAL Owen Mullaghslin Glebe
MCCRYSTAL Owen, Jun. Mullaghslin Glebe
MCCULLAGH Patrick Donaghanie
MCCUSKER Patrick Beragh Town
MCCUSKER Philip Mullaghmore
MCCUTCHEON Robert Beragh Town
MCCUTCHEON Robert Coolesker
MCCUTCHEON Samuel Coolesker
MCDERMOTT Bridget Roscavey
MCDERMOTT Felix Ballykeel
MCDERMOTT Matthew Letfern
MCDONNELL Andrew Seskinore
MCDONNELL Joseph Legacurry
MCDOWELL Charles Beragh
MCDOWELL Charles Moylagh
MCDOWELL Francis Curr
MCDOWELL Guy Dervaghroy
MCDOWELL Hamilton Dervaghroy
MCDOWELL James Dervaghroy
MCDOWELL James Letfern
MCDOWELL Robert Beagh
MCDOWELL William Beagh
MCDOWELL William Moylagh
MCDOWELL William Roscavey
MCELHILL John Roscavey
MCELHILL Patrick Curr
MCELHILL Peter Roscavey
MCELHILL Thomas Curr
MCELROY James Eskermore
MCFARLAND Andrew Eskermore
MCFARLAND Andrew Kilcam
MCFARLAND Andw., Sen. Kilcam
MCFARLAND Anne Beragh Town
MCFARLAND Anne Beragh Town
MCFARLAND Anne Radergan
MCFARLAND Duncan Coolesker
MCFARLAND George Laragh
MCFARLAND George Radergan
MCFARLAND Isabella Ballyhallaghan
MCFARLAND James Beragh
MCFARLAND James Coolesker
MCFARLAND Jane Coolesker
MCFARLAND John Donaghanie
MCFARLAND Robert Beragh Town
MCFARLAND Robert Laragh
MCFARLAND Samuel Kilcam
MCFARLAND Samuel Mullaghslin Glebe
MCFARLAND William Kilcam
MCFARLAND William Radergan
MCFETRIDGE Andrew Mullaghslin Glebe
MCGARTLAND Peter Roscavey
MCGARVAN John Donaghanie
MCGARVEY Patrick Rarone
MCGEARY Martha Killadroy
MCGEARY Terence Legacurry
MCGERAGHTY Arthur Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCGERAGHTY Bernard Beragh Town
MCGERAGHTY John Roscavey
MCGILLIAN Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCGLYNN James Mullaghslin Glebe
MCGLYNN John Mullaghslin Glebe
MCGUIGGAN Anne Beragh Town
MCGUIGGAN Bernard Mullaghslin Glebe
MCGUIGGAN Charles Mullaghslin Glebe
MCGUIGGAN Francis Tullyrush
MCGUIGGAN John Mullaghslin Glebe
MCGUIGGAN Patrick Mullaghslin Glebe
MCGUIGGAN Patrick Tullyrush
MCGUIGGAN Thomas Coolesker
MCGUINNESS John Donaghanie
MCHUGH John Mullaghmore
MCHUGH Patrick Seskinore
MCILDUFF James Roscavey
MCILDUFF Michael Roscavey
MCILDUFF Patrick Roscavey
MCINTYRE Robert Beragh Town
MCKEE Jane Rarone
MCKEE John Rarone
MCKEE John Seskinore
MCKEE Patrick Seskinore
MCKEEVER Michael Ballyhallaghan
MCKELVEY Anthony Tullyrush
MCKELVEY Robert Beragh Town
MCKELVEY Robert Coolesker
MCKENNA Arthur Donaghanie
MCKENNA Hugh Killadroy
MCKENNA James Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCKENNA Thomas Beragh Town
MCKEON James Roscavey
MCKERNAN John Mullaghslin Glebe
MCKERNAN Michael Mullaghslin Glebe
MCKERNAN Patrick Mullaghslin Glebe
MCKINLEY Samuel Tullyheeran
MCLARAN Francis Donaghanie
MCLARAN George Usnagh
MCLARAN Joseph Usnagh
MCLARAN Oliver Ballykeel
MCLARAN Robert Curr
MCLARAN Samuel Ballykeel
MCLARAN Thomas Ballyhallaghan
MCLARAN Thomas Ballykeel
MCLAUGHLIN Edward Aghnagar
MCLAUGHLIN James Eskermore
MCMAGH Francis Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCMAH John Beragh Town
MCMAHON Charles Roscavey
MCMAHON Cornelius Roscavey
MCMAHON Michael Killadroy
MCMANUS Anne Seskinore
MCMANUS Anne Tullyrush
MCMANUS James Laragh
MCMANUS Margaret Seskinore
MCMANUS Peter Mullaghslin Glebe
MCMANUS William Moylagh
MCMASTER Jane Ranelly
MCMAUGH Daniel Curr
MCMOURNE Thomas Mullaghmore
MCMULLEN Patrick Seskinore
MCNALLY John Mullaghslin Glebe
MCNALLY Peter Mullaghslin Glebe
MCNAMEE James Donaghanie
MCNAMEE Mary Beragh
MCNAUL Robert Curr
MCNULTY James Mullaghslin Glebe
MCQUAID James Beragh
MCSHANE Bernard Donaghanie
MCSHANE James Donaghanie
MCSHANE Mary Donaghanie
MCSHANE Matthew Donaghanie
MCSORLEY Bridget Curr
MCSORLEY Eleanor Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCSORLEY Hugh Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCSORLEY James Roscavey
MCSORLEY John Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCSORLEY Michael Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCSORLEY Michael Curr
MCSORLEY Michl., Jun. Clogherny Glebe Upper
MCSORLEY Patrick Beragh
MCSORLEY Patrick Curr
MCSORLEY Patrick Mullaghslin Glebe
MCSORLEY Patrick Roscavey
MCSORLEY Thomas Donaghanie
MCSWIGGAN Bernard Beragh Town
MCVEETERS Joseph Mullaghslin Glebe
MCWILLIAMS Thomas Letfern
MEAHAN William Tattykeeran
MERLEY Myles Radergan
MILLS Thomas Seskinore
MOFFETT Eliza Roscavey
MOFFETT James Curr
MOFFETT John Legacurry
MOFFETT William Curr
MOLLOY John Mullaghslin Glebe
MONEIGHT Robert Dervaghroy
MONTEITH Elizabeth Roscavey
MONTEITH Rebecca Mullaghmore
MONTEITH Robert Seskinore
MONTGOMERY John Clogherny Glebe Upper
MONTREE Margaret Killadroy
MOORE Alexander Donaghanie
MOORE Alexander Moylagh
MOORE Archibald Seskinore
MOORE Frances Laragh
MOORE James Beagh
MOORE James Killadroy
MOORE John Moylagh
MOORE Matthew Letfern
MOORE Robert Radergan
MOORE Robert Roscavey
MOORE Robert Seskinore
MOORE William Moylagh
MOSES David Mullaghmore
MOSES John Ballykeel
MOSGROVE William Killadroy
MULLEN Edward Beragh
MULLEN Edward Killadroy
MULLEN Henry Clogherny Glebe Upper
MULLEN Isabella Beragh Town
MULLEN James Aghnagar
MULLEN James Seskinore
MULLEN James Tullyrush
MULLEN John Beragh Town
MULLEN Joseph Curr
MULLEN Laurence Mullaghslin Glebe
MULLEN Mary Beragh
MULLEN Mary Beragh Town
MULLEN Michael Beagh
MULLEN Michael Donaghanie
MULLEN Michael Legacurry
MULLEN Owen Clogherny Glebe Upper
MULLEN Patrick Aghnagar
MULLEN Patrick Laragh
MULLEN Patrick Seskinore
MULLEN Peter Aghnagar
MULLEN Peter Ballykeel
MULLEN Rose Curr
MULLEN Terence Aghnagar
MULLIGAN James Clogherny Glebe Upper
MURPHY Rev. Hugh Beragh Town
NEALLY James, Jun. Mullaghmore
NEALLY James, Sen. Mullaghmore
NEILL Cornelius Curr
NELSON William Ballykeel
NETHERY Alexander Seskinore
NICHOLL Henry Usnagh
NIXON Thomas Ranelly
NIXON William Donaghanie
NOBLE James Coolesker
NOBLE Jason Beragh Town
NORRIS John Ballykeel
NUGENT Bernard Donaghanie
NUGENT Felix Mullaghslin Glebe
NUGENT Patrick Mullaghslin Glebe
O’BRIEN John Donaghanie
O’HARA George Mullaghmore
O’HARA Mary Beragh Town
O’NEIL Edward Donaghanie
O’NEILL Edward Donaghanie
O’NEILL Owen Clogherny Glebe Upper
O’NEILL Terence Clogherny Glebe Upper
ORR Joseph Coolesker
ORR Matthew Curr
ORR Samuel Raw
ORR Thomas Seskinore
ORR William Annagh
ORR William Curr
OWENS Joseph Roscavey
OWENS Terence Roscavey
PARKE Alexander Tattykeeran
PATRICK William Raw
PATTERSON Andrew Letfern
PATTERSON Andrew Moylagh
PATTERSON Andrew Seskinore
PATTERSON James Moylagh
PATTERSON James Seskinore
PATTERSON James Tullyrush
PATTERSON John Letfern
PATTERSON Robert Ballyhallaghan
PAULEY George Raw
PAULEY Samuel Beragh Town
PERRY Edward Rarone
PERRY Henry Tullyheeran
PERRY Henry Tullyrush
PERRY Irwin Mullaghmore
PERRY Irwin Seskinore
PERRY John Mullaghmore
PERRY Sinclair Laragh
PERRY William Rarone
QUINN Charles Killadroy
QUINN David Beragh Town
QUINN Owen Killadroy
QUIQLEY Charles Clogherny Glebe Upper
RAFFERTY James Usnagh
RAFFERTY Patrick Clogherny Glebe Upper
REA James Curr
REA Thomas Roscavey
READ Anne Killadroy
READ Elizabeth Killadroy
READ Mary Killadroy
RICE Bernard Moylagh
RICE Patrick Moylagh
RICE Patrick Seskinore
RICE Sarah Killadroy
RICHIE Robert Raw
RICHIE Samuel Roscavey
RICHIE William Raw
RITCHIE Mary Beragh Town
RITCHIE William Annagh
ROBINSON Andrew Ranelly
ROBINSON Arthur Beragh Town
ROBINSON Arthur Curr
ROBINSON Hugh Coolesker
ROBINSON James Seskinore
ROBINSON Robert Donaghanie
ROBINSON Thomas Beragh Town
ROBINSON Thomas Laragh
ROGERS Francis Beragh
ROGERS Francis Beragh Town
ROGERS Francis Coolesker
ROGERS George A. Mullaghmore
ROGERS Hannah Beragh Town
ROGERS Hugh Beragh Town
ROGERS Hugh Laragh
ROLLESTONE James Dervaghroy
ROLLESTONE James Moylagh
ROLLESTONE Thomas Gortaclare
ROLLSTON James Beragh Town
RUNN Anne Beragh Town
RUSH Daniel Aghnagar
SAYERS Archibald Radergan
SAYERS Daniel Radergan
SAYERS John Radergan
SAYERS Samuel Radergan
SCOTT Alexander Seskinore
SCOTT Anne Mullaghmore
SCOTT James Rarone
SCOTT James Seskinore
SCOTT John Seskinore
SCOTT William Ranelly
SHEIL James Donaghanie
SHEIL Terence Donaghanie
SHEILS Bernard Coolesker
SHEILS Bernard Raw
SHIELS Bernard Laragh
SIMPSON Abigail Tullyheeran
SIMPSON George Moylagh
SIMPSON James Seskinore
SIMPSON Matilda Mullaghmore
SLANE Edward Clogherny Glebe Upper
SMITH John Mullaghslin Glebe
SMITH Rev. John Seskinore
SMYTH Alexander Clogherny Glebe Upper
SMYTH Alexander Radergan
SMYTH Charles Radergan
SMYTH Charles, Sen. Radergan
SMYTH James Radergan
SMYTH Mary Anne Radergan
SMYTH Robert Radergan
SMYTH William Radergan
SMYTH William, Jun. Radergan
SPROULE Joseph Donaghanie
STARR Daniel Seskinore
STARR Rose Tullyheeran
STARRS Anne Killadroy
STARRS Francis Radergan
STARRS John Beragh
STARRS John Beragh Town
STEVENSON Matthew Seskinore
STEWART Andrew Letfern
STEWART Hamill Killadroy
STEWART Robert Mullaghmore
STEWART William Seskinore
SWEENY James Mullaghslin Glebe
SWIFT Francis Legacurry
SYNNOTT Peter Donaghanie
SYNNOTT Stephen Donaghanie
THOMPSON James Beragh Town
THOMPSON John Beragh
THOMPSON John Beragh Town
THOMPSON John Eskermore
THOMPSON Mary Eskermore
TRAYNOR James Seskinore
TRAYNOR Terence Moylagh
VERNER Sir Wm., Bart. Aghnagar
WADDELL Andrew Tullyrush
WADDELL Henry Tullyrush
WADDELL John Seskinore
WADDELL Joseph Tullyrush
WADDELL Robert Seskinore
WALLACE Alexander Radergan
WALSH Louis Mullaghmore
WALSH Louis Seskinore
WARD Andrew Mullaghslin Glebe
WARD Bernard Mullaghslin Glebe
WARD Bernard, Jun. Mullaghslin Glebe
WARD Daniel Mullaghslin Glebe
WARD Denis Mullaghslin Glebe
WARD Francis Mullaghslin Glebe
WARD Hugh Mullaghslin Glebe
WARD John Mullaghslin Glebe
WARD Michael Mullaghslin Glebe
WARD Michael, Jun. Mullaghslin Glebe
WATSON Charles Raw
WATSON James Raw
WATSON Joseph Tullyrush
WHITE James Tullyheeran
WHITE James, Jun. Mullaghmore
WHITE James, Sen. Mullaghmore
WHITE John Raw
WILEY David Raw
WILSON Andrew Rarone
WILSON Charles Dervaghroy
WILSON James Beagh
WILSON James Donaghanie
WILSON James Killadroy
WILSON John Dervaghroy
WILSON John Eskermore
WILSON John Ranelly
WILSON Robert Beragh
WILSON Robert Beragh Town
WILSON Robt. Beragh Town
WILSON Thomas Ranelly
WILSON William Beagh
WILSON William Killadroy
WILSON William Ranelly
WRIGHT Andrew Killadroy
WRIGHT Andrew Moylagh
WRIGHT John Radergan
WRIGHT Samuel Killadroy
YOUNG Andrew Laragh
YOUNG Rev. Arthur Clogherny Glebe Lower
YOUNG Rev. Arthur Laragh