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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Cappagh Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The background to, and explanation of the importance of Griffiths Valuation can be found here, also images of all entries

Griffith's Valuation (

Civil Parish of Cappagh, Co. Tyrone (Upper Strabane Portion)
Civil Parish of Cappagh, Co. Tyrone (East Omagh Portion)


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghagallon Aghalane Arvalea Ballykeel
Ballynamullan Ballynaquilly Ballynatubbrit Beltany
Beragh Boheragh Bunnynubber Calkill
Camowen Campsie Carnony Carrigans
Castleroddy Glebe Castletown Cloghfin Conywarren
Corranarry Cranny Creevenagh Crosh
Cullion Dunbreen Dunmullan Edenderry
Erganagh Glebe Eskeradooey Faccary Farrest
Fernagh Galbally Garvaghy Glencordial
Glengawna Golan Gortgranagh Gortinagin
Gortnacreagh Inisclan Killins Killinure
Killybrack Killyclogher Killycurragh Kingarrow
Knockmoyle Legacurry Lisahoppin Lisanelly
Lisboy Lislap East Lislap West Lislea
Lislimnaghan Lisnagirr Lisnaharney Lisnamallard
Lurganboy Maine Mountjoy Forest East Division Mountjoy Forest West Division
Mullaghmore Racolpa Reaghan Recarson
Rosnamuck Rylagh Straughroy Tantramurry
Tattraconnaghty Tattynagole Tattynure Tircur
Tirmurty Tirquin Tully  




ADAMS Andrew Tirquin
ADAMS Archibald Rylagh
ADAMS Archibald Rylagh
ADAMS Archibald Tirquin
ADAMS Arthur Eskeradooey
ADAMS George Ballynatubbrit
ADAMS James Tirquin
ADAMS Mary Tirquin
ADAMS Rebecca Ballykeel
ADAMS Robert Eskeradooey
ADAMS Samuel Maine
ADAMS William Tirquin
ALCORN Samuel Kingarrow
ALEXANDER George Ballykeel
ALISON John Mountjoy Forest East Division
ALLEN Mary Beltany
ALLEN Samuel Tirquin
ALLISON John Killybrack
ANDERSON Geo., Jun. Lisnaharney
ANDERSON George Lisnaharney
ANDERSON John Lisnaharney
ANDERSON John Mullaghmore
ANDERSON Robert Mullaghmore
ANDERSON William Castletown
ARBUCKLE Isabella Gortinagin
ARBUCKLE John Ballykeel
ARBUCKLE Joseph Ballykeel
ARMSTRONG Andrew Mullaghmore
ARMSTRONG Christopher Tirquin
ARMSTRONG James Garvaghy
ARMSTRONG James Garvaghy
ARMSTRONG James Killyclogher
ARMSTRONG Joseph Ballynaquilly
ARMSTRONG Montgomery Bunnynubber
ARMSTRONG Robert Tirquin
ARNOLD James Arvalea
ARTHUR Alexander Eskeradooey
ARTHUR James Castletown
ARTHUR James Gortinagin
ARTHUR John Eskeradooey
ARTHUR William Lisnaharney
ATWELL James Ballynamullan
ATWELL Joseph Mullaghmore
AUCHINLECK Thomas Campsie
AUCHINLECK Thomas Creevenagh
BARBER David Beragh
BARBER David Lisnagirr
BARBER Matthew Gortgranagh
BARBER Miller Calkill
BARTON James Tirquin
BAXTER George Tirmurty
BAXTER Henry Tantramurry
BAXTER Robert Castletown
BAXTER William Mountjoy Forest East Division
BAXTER William Tirmurty
BAXTER William Tirmurty
BEATTIE Irwin Aghagallon
BEATTY Alexander Kingarrow
BEATTY Anne Kingarrow
BEATTY James Rylagh
BEATTY John Dunbreen
BEATTY Joseph Dunbreen
BEATTY Joseph Kingarrow
BEATTY Joseph, Jun. Dunbreen
BEATTY Rebecca Kingarrow
BEATTY Samuel Kingarrow
BEATTY Thomas Kingarrow
BEATTY William Kingarrow
BELL Catherine Lisboy
BELL David Racolpa
BELL James Castletown
BELL James Faccary
BENSON Jane Rylagh
BETTY John Farrest
BLACK Hugh Calkill
BLACK Thomas Cullion
BLACK Thomas Lislap East
BLACKBURNE Hugh Legacurry
BLACKBURNE Patrick Legacurry
BLAIR Daniel Killybrack
BLAIR Daniel Mountjoy Forest East Division
BLANEY John Recarson
BLANEY Robert Edenderry
BLYTHE Samuel Racolpa
BOLAND James Castletown
BORLAND Thomas Beragh
BORLAND Thomas Gortnacreagh
BOURKE James Eskeradooey
BOURKE Margaret Ballynatubbrit
BOYLE James Cullion
BOYLE John Beltany
BOYLE Rosanna Beltany
BOYLE William Lisanelly
BRADLEY Arthur Beragh
BRADLEY Edward Mullaghmore
BRADLEY Hugh Lisnamallard
BRADLEY Jane Erganagh Glebe
BRADLEY Jane Erganagh Glebe
BRADLEY John Maine
BRADLEY Matthew Tattynagole
BRADLEY Peter Mullaghmore
BRANIGAN Daniel Carrigans
BRANTER Ellen Dunmullan
BREHERTY Arthur Lisanelly
BRESLIN Andrew Tully
BROGAN Bernard Beltany
BROGAN Denis Lisanelly
BROGAN Michael Killins
BROGAN Michael Killins
BROOKS James Dunmullan
BROWN Alexander Tattynagole
BROWN David Gortinagin
BROWN James Golan
BROWN James & others Lisnagirr
BROWN Robert Killinure
BROWN Thomas Mountjoy Forest West Division
BROWNE James Reaghan
BROWNE Martha Mountjoy Forest West Division
BROWNE Robert Reaghan
BRUNTER John Erganagh Glebe
BUCHANAN George Lisanelly
BUCHANAN George Lisnamallard
BUCHANAN George Straughroy
BUCHANAN James Maine
BUCHANAN Jno., Jun. Killyclogher
BUCHANAN John Killyclogher
BUCHANAN John Lisboy
BUCHANAN John Straughroy
BUCHANAN John B. Creevenagh
BUCHANAN John B. Lisnamallard
BUCHANAN Thomas Tully
BUCHANAN William Tattynagole
BURKE John Campsie
BURNS Alexander Carrigans
BURNS Fergus Carrigans
BURNS James Arvalea
BURNS William Cloghfin
BYRNE Peter Castletown
BYRNE Rev. James Erganagh Glebe
BYRNE Thomas Mountjoy Forest East Division
BYRNE Thomas Tantramurry
CALDWELL James Camowen
CALDWELL Martha Camowen
CALLEN Thomas Ballykeel
CAMPBELL Alexander Ballykeel
CAMPBELL Alexander Faccary
CAMPBELL Alexander Tattraconnaghty
CAMPBELL Arthur Legacurry
CAMPBELL Hugh Killybrack
CAMPBELL Hugh Mountjoy Forest East Division
CAMPBELL James Ballynaquilly
CAMPBELL James Creevenagh
CAMPBELL James Faccary
CAMPBELL James Lisanelly
CAMPBELL James, Jun. Aghalane
CAMPBELL James, Sen. Aghalane
CAMPBELL John Racolpa
CAMPBELL Nulty Maine
CAMPBELL Samuel Cloghfin
CAMPBELL Samuel Racolpa
CAMPBELL William Ballynatubbrit
CANNING Henry Knockmoyle
CANNING James Carnony
CANNING John Mountjoy Forest East Division
CAREY James Mountjoy Forest West Division
CARLAN Alexander Gortinagin
CARLAN Bernard Legacurry
CARLAN James Aghalane
CARR James Arvalea
CARR James Ballynamullan
CARR Richard Dunbreen
CARR Thomas Ballynamullan
CARROLL Patrick Carrigans
CARROLL William Killinure
CARSON Charles Mullaghmore
CARSON John Castletown
CARSON John Mullaghmore
CARSON John, Jun. Killinure
CARSON John, Sen. Killinure
CARSON William Mountjoy Forest West Division
CASSIDY Rosanna Mullaghmore
CATHCART Andrew Creevenagh
CHARLTON Robert Creevenagh
CLARKE Andrew Tircur
CLARKE John Beltany
CLARKE Joseph Gortnacreagh
CLARKE Patrick Ballynamullan
CLARKE Patrick Killins
CLARKE Robert Carrigans
CLEMENTS David Creevenagh
CLEMENTS John Killybrack
CLENDENNING William Tirquin
COCHRAN William Mullaghmore
COLGAN Bernard Killins
COLGAN John Ballynamullan
COLHOUN Archibald Castletown
COLHOUN Catherine Castletown
COLHOUN Charles Aghalane
COLHOUN Charles Inisclan
COLHOUN Charles Kingarrow
COLHOUN Edward Aghalane
COLHOUN James Castletown
COLHOUN Mary Killycurragh
COLHOUN Samuel Lisanelly
COLHOUN Smith Cloghfin
COLHOUN Stewart Aghalane
COLHOUN William Calkill
COLLINS Francis Knockmoyle
COLLINS James Ballynatubbrit
COLLINS James Mullaghmore
COLLINS James Tattynagole
COLLINS Patrick Knockmoyle
COLLINS Thomas Ballynatubbrit
COLTER James Lisanelly
COLTON Patrick Maine
CONAHAN James Golan
CONNOLLY Edward Glencordial
CONNOLLY James Beltany
CONNOLLY James Beltany
CONNOLLY John Lurganboy
CONNOLLY Patrick Arvalea
CONNOR Patrick Castletown
CONNOR Patrick Killinure
CONROY John Mullaghmore
CONWAY Eliza Lisnamallard
CONWAY Francis Creevenagh
CONWAY Richard Carnony
COOHEY Matthew Killinure
COOKE Edward Dunbreen
COOKE James Eskeradooey
COOKE James Reaghan
COOKE Samuel Eskeradooey
COOPER Jas. Tully
COOPER Robert Mountjoy Forest West Division
COOPER Samuel Mountjoy Forest West Division
CORNES Hugh Campsie
CORR Margaret Faccary
CORRIGAN Edward Ballynatubbrit
CORRIGAN Edward Beragh
CORRIGAN Francis Calkill
CORRIGAN Hugh Ballynatubbrit
CORRIGAN Roger Ballynatubbrit
CORRIGAN Thomas Arvalea
CORRIN Thomas Mountjoy Forest East Division
COULSON Corry Camowen
COVEY Edward Mountjoy Forest West Division
COYLE Edward Ballynamullan
COYLE John Mullaghmore
COYLE Myles Cloghfin
COYLE Myles Killycurragh
COYLE Owen Killycurragh
COYLE Patrick Killycurragh
COYLE Robert Mullaghmore
CRAWFORD James Dunbreen
CRAWFORD James Mountjoy Forest West Division
CRAWFORD John Ballynamullan
CRAWFORD Oliver Dunbreen
CRAWFORD Oliver Kingarrow
CRAWFORD William Campsie
CREEDY Martin Lislea
CREIGHTON John Gortinagin
CROSBY Rebecca Lislimnaghan
CROSBY Rebecca Mountjoy Forest West Division
CROSBY William Tattraconnaghty
CULLEN Hugh Mullaghmore
CUMMINS Andrew Lisnagirr
CUNNINGHAM James Conywarren
CUNNINGHAM Peter Lisanelly
CUNNINGHAM Peter Lisnamallard
CUNNINGHAM Peter Mountjoy Forest East Division
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Edenderry
CURRAN Patrick Carrigans
DALY James Ballynatubbrit
DALY Owen Maine
DALY Patrick Fernagh
DAVIDSON William Lisnamallard
DAVIS John Mountjoy Forest West Division
DENNY Robert Mountjoy Forest West Division
DENNY Robert Tattraconnaghty
DENNY William Calkill
DEVIN Martha Arvalea
DEVINE Daniel Castleroddy Glebe
DEVINE Daniel Lislap East
DEVINE Daniel Tirmurty
DEVINE James Castleroddy Glebe
DEVLIN Arthur Campsie
DEVLIN Daniel Aghalane
DEVLIN Edward Erganagh Glebe
DEVLIN Henry Arvalea
DEVLIN James Aghalane
DEVLIN James Arvalea
DEVLIN James Carrigans
DEVLIN James Killins
DEVLIN John Arvalea
DEVLIN John Erganagh Glebe
DEVLIN Patrick Ballynamullan
DEVLIN Patrick Erganagh Glebe
DEVLIN Patrick Erganagh Glebe
DEVLIN Peter Aghalane
DEVLIN William Arvalea
DEVLIN William Faccary
DOAKE Robert Ballynamullan
DOHERTY Daniel Rylagh
DOHERTY Daniel Rylagh
DOHERTY Ellen Tirmurty
DOHERTY John Carnony
DOHERTY John Lisanelly
DOHERTY John Tattynagole
DOHERTY John Tirquin
DOHERTY Lyon Dunmullan
DOHERTY Mary Lisnamallard
DOHERTY Michael Lisanelly
DOHERTY Michael Tattynure
DOHERTY Robert Lisnamallard
DOHERTY William Lisnamallard
DOLLEN Patrick Mountjoy Forest West Division
DONAGHY Bernard Aghalane
DONAGHY James Arvalea
DONAGHY James Erganagh Glebe
DONAGHY John Arvalea
DONAGHY John Carrigans
DONAGHY Michael Mullaghmore
DONAGHY Owen Faccary
DONAGHY Patrick Killyclogher
DONAGHY William Lurganboy
DONAHY Owen Ballynamullan
DONALD James Arvalea
DONALD John Arvalea
DONALD William Arvalea
DONALDSON Robert Lisahoppin
DONALDSON Thomas Edenderry
DONNELL John Recarson
DONNELL Patrick Campsie
DONNELL Robert Camowen
DONNELLY Andrew Reaghan
DONNELLY Arthur Rylagh
DONNELLY Bernard Ballynamullan
DONNELLY Bernard Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY Bernard Rylagh
DONNELLY Bridget Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY Catherine Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY Charles Mullaghmore
DONNELLY Charles Tirmurty
DONNELLY Daniel Cullion
DONNELLY Daniel Lisnaharney
DONNELLY Edward Rylagh
DONNELLY Edward Rylagh
DONNELLY George Tircur
DONNELLY Henry Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY Hugh Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY James Corranarry
DONNELLY James Glengawna
DONNELLY James Reaghan
DONNELLY James Rosnamuck
DONNELLY James, Jun. Reaghan
DONNELLY John Arvalea
DONNELLY John Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY John Glengawna
DONNELLY John Glengawna
DONNELLY John Inisclan
DONNELLY John Mullaghmore
DONNELLY John, Jun. Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY John, Jun. Glengawna
DONNELLY Margaret Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY Mary Knockmoyle
DONNELLY Michael Carnony
DONNELLY Michael Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY Michael Castleroddy Glebe
DONNELLY Patrick Ballynamullan
DONNELLY Patrick Cullion
DONNELLY Patrick Gortinagin
DONNELLY Patrick Lisnaharney
DONNELLY Patrick, Jun. Cullion
DONNELLY Thomas Glengawna
DONNELLY Thomas Glengawna
DOOGAN Henry Calkill
DOOLEY Edward A. Mountjoy Forest East Division
DORAN George Lisnamallard
DOWD John Erganagh Glebe
DOWD John Tirquin
DOWDALL Charles Killins
DOYLE Peter Campsie
DUFFY John Tantramurry
DUFFY Patrick Castleroddy Glebe
DUFFY Thomas Kingarrow
DUNBAR David Lurganboy
DUNBAR John Lisnamallard
DUNCAN Daniel Mullaghmore
DUNNE Patrick Ballynatubbrit
DUREY [DARCY?] Patrick Arvalea
EARLEY Peter Cloghfin
ELKIN John Edenderry
ELLIOTT Matthew Lisanelly
ELLIS Francis Ballynaquilly
ELLIS Francis Faccary
ELLIS Francis Fernagh
ELLIS Francis Garvaghy
ELLIS Francis Racolpa
FARNEY James Dunmullan
FARRELL James Mullaghmore
FAWLER [FOWLER?] James Reaghan
FENTON John Gortgranagh
FERGEY James Mountjoy Forest East Division
FERGUS Alexander Faccary
FERGUS Andrew Faccary
FERGUS Andrew Tirquin
FERGUS Francis Carnony
FERGUS Francis Rylagh
FERGUS Samuel Faccary
FERGUS Thomas Faccary
FERRIS Charles Mullaghmore
FISHER James Knockmoyle
FITZSIMONS James Carnony
FLANAGAN John Calkill
FLEMING Hans Campsie
FOLEY William Corranarry
FORBES William Lisnamallard
FORSYTHE Cunningham Lislap East
FORSYTHE James Lislap East
FOWLER Thomas Reaghan
FOWLER William Camowen
FOX Patrick Lisanelly
FREAME John Arvalea
FREAME Mary Recarson
FRENCH Thomas Ballynamullan
FULLERTON Eliza Gortinagin
FULLERTON James Gortinagin
FULLERTON James Gortnacreagh
FULLERTON Mary Lisanelly
FULLERTON Mary Lisnamallard
FULTON Andrew Castletown
FULTON Andrew Killinure
FULTON George Beltany
FULTON George Gortinagin
FULTON John Beltany
FULTON Joseph Beltany
FULTON Joseph Beltany
FULTON Samuel Beltany
FULTON Samuel Gortinagin
FULTON Samuel, Sen. Beltany
FULTON William Beltany
FYFFE Samuel Lisnagirr
GAHAN Alfred Lisnamallard
GALBRAITH David Rosnamuck
GALBRAITH Jane Castletown
GALBRAITH Robert Aghagallon
GALBRAITH Robert Castletown
GALBRAITH Samuel Dunbreen
GALBRAITH Thomas Lislap West
GALBRAITH William Aghagallon
GALBRAITH William Galbally
GALLAGHER Catherine Lisnaharney
GALLAGHER Charles Tattraconnaghty
GALLAGHER Luke Killybrack
GALLAGHER Patrick Killybrack
GARDINER Chas. Jno. & others (in Chancery) Carrigans
GIBBONS Bernard Lisanelly
GIBBONS Bridget Lisanelly
GIBBONS James Lisanelly
GIBBONS John Lisnamallard
GIBBONS Patrick Lisnamallard
GIBSON William Lisnagirr
GILLESPIE Daniel, Jun. Garvaghy
GILLESPIE Daniel, Sen. Garvaghy
GILMOUR James Tattraconnaghty
GIVEN Henry Mountjoy Forest West Division
GIVEN Henry Tattraconnaghty
GIVEN James Killinure
GIVEN James Lisnagirr
GIVEN Samuel Killinure
GIVEN Samuel Tattraconnaghty
GLASS James Cranny
GLASS Rebecca Tantramurry
GLYNN Hugh Faccary
GLYNN Hugh Tattraconnaghty
GLYNN Mary Golan
GLYNN Robert Reaghan
GORMAN Edward Killins
GORMAN James Killins
GORMAN John Arvalea
GORMAN Owen Killins
GORMAN Patrick Aghalane
GORMAN Patrick Killins
GORMAN Patrick Maine
GORMAN Patrick, Jun. Killins
GORMLEY Andrew Arvalea
GORMLEY Anne Ballynamullan
GORMLEY James Mullaghmore
GORMLEY John Cullion
GORMLEY John Tircur
GORMLEY Michael Arvalea
GORMLEY Patrick Aghalane
GORMLEY Thomas Arvalea
GORMLEY Thomas Maine
GORMLEY Thomas Recarson
GORMLY Anne Carnony
GORMLY John Tantramurry
GRAHAM Andrew Tantramurry
GRAHAM Eliza Galbally
GRAHAM James Castletown
GRAHAM James Lislap West
GRAHAM James Mountjoy Forest West Division
GRAHAM James Mountjoy Forest West Division
GRAHAM James Tantramurry
GRAHAM James Tattraconnaghty
GRAHAM John Castletown
GRAHAM Samuel Aghagallon
GRAHAM William Beltany
GRAHAM William Castletown
GRAHAM William Tantramurry
GRAY Daniel Castletown
GRAY David Campsie
GRAY David Lislap West
GRAY David Lurganboy
GRAY John Lislap West
GREENE William Ballynamullan
GREER Elizabeth Campsie
GREER James Arvalea
GREER James Campsie
GREER James Campsie
GREER James Edenderry
GREER James Lisnagirr
GREER John Campsie
GREER John Creevenagh
GUBBINS James Killybrack
GUY Andrew Maine
GUY James Mountjoy Forest West Division
GUY John Maine
HAGAN Edward Castleroddy Glebe
HAGAN Elizabeth Lisnamallard
HAGAN James Recarson
HAGAN Peter Lisnaharney
HAMILTON Alexander Aghalane
HAMILTON Alexander Ballynaquilly
HAMILTON Alexander Gortinagin
HAMILTON Alexander Inisclan
HAMILTON Alexander Killins
HAMILTON Arthur Dunbreen
HAMILTON Claude Killins
HAMILTON David Gortnacreagh
HAMILTON David Lisnagirr
HAMILTON Elizabeth Lisanelly
HAMILTON Elizabeth Lisnamallard
HAMILTON James Beragh
HAMILTON James Edenderry
HAMILTON James Galbally
HAMILTON John Aghalane
HAMILTON John Arvalea
HAMILTON John Edenderry
HAMILTON Patrick Aghalane
HAMILTON Patrick Inisclan
HAMILTON Rev. John Tattraconnaghty
HAMILTON Rev. Wm. Lisahoppin
HAMILTON Robert Beragh
HAMILTON Rosanna Inisclan
HAMILTON Thomas Aghalane
HAMILTON Thomas Beragh
HAMILTON Thomas Gortnacreagh
HAMILTON Thomas Inisclan
HAMILTON Thomas, Jun. Beragh
HAMILTON William Aghalane
HAMILTON William Beragh
HAMILTON William Inisclan
HAMILTON William Killinure
HAMILTON William Lislap West
HAMPTON Alexander Rosnamuck
HAMPTON Andrew Dunmullan
HAMPTON George Dunbreen
HAMPTON George Farrest
HAMPTON James Rosnamuck
HAMPTON John Tattynagole
HAMPTON William Killins
HANIGAN Francis Killybrack
HANKS James Racolpa
HANKS Robert Racolpa
HANKS Samuel Racolpa
HANNA Michael Lisanelly
HANNA Robert Erganagh Glebe
HARKIN Catherine Campsie
HARPER John Killyclogher
HARPUR Charles Ballynamullan
HART Thomas Erganagh Glebe
HARVEY Alex, Jun. Recarson
HARVEY Alex., Sen. Recarson
HARVEY Bernard Crosh
HARVEY Catherine Crosh
HARVEY Hugh Ballynaquilly
HARVEY James Killybrack
HARVEY James Mountjoy Forest East Division
HARVEY James Recarson
HARVEY John Ballynaquilly
HARVEY John Faccary
HARVEY Joseph Galbally
HARVEY Michael Maine
HARVEY Patrick Killyclogher
HARVEY Patrick Mountjoy Forest East Division
HARVEY Robert Lisahoppin
HAUGHERY Patrick Knockmoyle
HAWKES James Ballynaquilly
HAWKES James, Jun. Ballynaquilly
HAWKES Jane Lisanelly
HAWKES John Faccary
HAWKES William Faccary
HAWKINS Mary Aghagallon
HEDRINGTON William Killybrack
HENDERSON James Lisanelly
HENDERSON James & others Lisnagirr
HENDERSON Joseph Gortinagin
HENDERSON Robert Calkill
HENRY John Lisnamallard
HENRY Margaret Lisanelly
HIGGINS James Mullaghmore
HIGGINS Michael Fernagh
HILL James Gortinagin
HOFFERY Arthur Mullaghmore
HOLMES Patrick Aghalane
HOUSTON Claude Bunnynubber
HOUSTON Claude Conywarren
HOUSTON James Kingarrow
HUGHES Cormack Tattynure
HUGHES Henry Ballynamullan
HUGHES James Ballynamullan
HUGHES James Glencordial
HUGHES James Killyclogher
HUGHES Jane Mullaghmore
HUGHES Margaret Ballynamullan
HUGHES Patrick Mountjoy Forest East Division
HUGHES Peter Arvalea
HUNTER Elizabeth Lisnamallard
HUNTER James Killins
HUNTER John Glengawna
HUNTER Robert Lisnamallard
HUNTER Thomas Lisnamallard
HUTCHINSON Charles Dunmullan
HUTCHINSON Christr. Tirmurty
HUTCHINSON George Kingarrow
HUTCHINSON James Farrest
HUTCHINSON Robert Farrest
HUTCHINSON Samuel Farrest
HYNDMAN Robert Mountjoy Forest East Division
HYNES Alexander Tattynure
HYNES James Knockmoyle
HYNES James Mountjoy Forest East Division
HYNES Patrick Lisnamallard
IRWIN Charles Castletown
IRWIN Edward Lislimnaghan
IRWIN Edward Mountjoy Forest West Division
IRWIN Jane Ballynamullan
IRWIN John Creevenagh
IRWIN William Lisanelly
JACK Hugh Tattraconnaghty
JACK James Mountjoy Forest East Division
JACKSON Anne Dunbreen
JACKSON Joseph Mullaghmore
JACKSON Samuel Erganagh Glebe
JAIMARES Alexander Galbally
JAMESON George Cranny
JAMESON John Carnony
JOHNSTON Elizabeth Lisnamallard
JOHNSTON James Crosh
JOHNSTON James Faccary
JOHNSTON James Killybrack
JOHNSTON James Maine
JOHNSTON James Recarson
JOHNSTON James. Jun. Killybrack
JOHNSTON Jane Campsie
JOHNSTON John Camowen
JOHNSTON John Killybrack
JOHNSTON John Mountjoy Forest East Division
JOHNSTON Robert Mountjoy Forest East Division
JOHNSTON Robert Mountjoy Forest East Division
JOHNSTON Samuel Killybrack
JOHNSTON Thomas Killybrack
JOHNSTON Thomas Recarson
JOHNSTON William Ballynaquilly
JOHNSTON William Recarson
JOHNSTON William, Jr. Recarson
JORDAN John Camowen
JORDAN Joseph Aghagallon
KEAN Owen Legacurry
KEARNEY John Killybrack
KEENAN Michael Aghagallon
KELLY Anne Arvalea
KELLY Anne Cloghfin
KELLY Bernard Arvalea
KELLY Bridget Arvalea
KELLY Elizabeth Arvalea
KELLY Hugh Arvalea
KELLY James Aghagallon
KELLY James Arvalea
KELLY James Ballynamullan
KELLY James Campsie
KELLY Jane Recarson
KELLY John Campsie
KELLY Michael Arvalea
KELLY Michael Arvalea
KELLY Michael Carrigans
KELLY Michael Golan
KELLY Michael Mullaghmore
KELLY Michael Sen. Arvalea
KELLY Michael, Jun. Arvalea
KELLY Patrick Arvalea
KELLY Patrick Ballynamullan
KELLY Patrick (Dominick) Arvalea
KELLY Peter Arvalea
KELLY Peter Cloghfin
KELLY Sarah Arvalea
KELLY William Arvalea
KELLY William Rylagh
KERLIN Patrick Calkill
KERR James Killycurragh
KERR John Carrigans
KILPATRICK William Ballynamullan
KILPATRICK William Tattynure
KINNER Joseph Corranarry
KINNER William Corranarry
KNOX Thomas Tirmurty
KYLE Anne Lisanelly
KYLE James Aghalane
KYLE James Killins
KYLE John Inisclan
KYLE Joseph Aghalane
KYLE Robert Aghalane
KYLE Thomas Recarson
KYLE William Inisclan
KYLE William Killins
KYLE William, Jun. Aghalane
KYLE William, Sen. Aghalane
LAIRD William Calkill
LAMMY John Mountjoy Forest East Division
LAMMY John, Sen. Mountjoy Forest East Division
LEAN [LOAN?] James Carrigans
LEMMEY [LAMMEY?] Thomas Creevenagh
LEMMON Eliza Reaghan
LEMMON Hugh Reaghan
LEMMON James Gortnacreagh
LEMMON Robert Tully
LEMMON William Carrigans
LEMMON William Reaghan
LEONARD Thomas Tully
LITTLE John Mullaghmore
LOAN Arthur Lisnagirr
LOAN James Carrigans
LOCKHART James Castletown
LONG James Corranarry
LOUEY [LUNNY?] John Carrigans
LOUGHRAN Patrick Corranarry
LOUGHREY Sarah Carrigans
LOUGHREY Sarah Carrigans
LOVE Margaret Camowen
LOWRY James Beragh
LYNCH Alexander Carnony
LYNCH James Carrigan
LYNCH John Carrigans
LYNCH William Carnony
LYNCH William Knockmoyle
LYNCH William Lislimnaghan
LYNCH William Mountjoy Forest East Division
LYNCH William Tirmurty
LYONS Elizabeth Corranarry
LYONS James Farrest
LYONS James Killycurragh
LYONS Robert Cloghfin
LYONS Robert Killyclogher
LYONS Samuel Faccary
LYONS Thomas Corranarry
LYONS Thomas Killyclogher
LYONS William Carnony
LYTLE George Erganagh Glebe
MACKAY William Lisboy
MACKAY Wm. Creevenagh
MACMAHON Sir Beresford B., Bart. Aghalane
MACMAHON Sir Beresford B., Bart. Ballynamullan
MACMAHON Sir Beresford B., Bart. Killins
MACMAHON Sir Beresford B., Bart. Tirquin
MACMAHON Sir Beresford M., Bart. Cranny
MACRORY Charles Glencordial
MACRORY George Mountjoy Forest East Division
MACRORY James Aghalane
MACRORY James Ballynamullan
MACRORY James Cloghfin
MACRORY Jane Corranarry
MACRORY John Cloghfin
MACRORY John Glengawna
MACRORY John Glengawna
MACRORY John Tattynure
MACRORY John Tircur
MACRORY Michael Fernagh
MACRORY Owen Fernagh
MACRORY Owen Lisnamallard
MACRORY Patrick Aghalane
MACRORY Patrick Cranny
MACRORY Patrick Mountjoy Forest East Division
MACRORY Thomas Ballynamullan
MACRORY Thomas Mullaghmore
MAGEE Mary Beragh
MAGILL Patrick Lisnamallard
MAGINN Bryan Glengawna
MAGINN Bryan Glengawna
MAGINN Charles Lislimnaghan
MAGINN Daniel Lisanelly
MAGINN James Recarson
MAGINN Patrick Arvalea
MAGUIRE Bernard Carrigans
MAGUIRE Bernard Conywarren
MAGUIRE Bernard Gortgranagh
MAGUIRE Bernard Lislap West
MAGUIRE Bernard Lurganboy
MAGUIRE Charles Gortgranagh
MAGUIRE Charles Legacurry
MAGUIRE Denis Gortinagin
MAGUIRE Denis Legacurry
MAGUIRE Edward Gortgranagh
MAGUIRE Edward Legacurry
MAGUIRE Edward Lislap West
MAGUIRE Francis Aghalane
MAGUIRE Francis Corranarry
MAGUIRE Hugh Gortinagin
MAGUIRE Isabella Gortgranagh
MAGUIRE Isabella Legacurry
MAGUIRE James Carrigans
MAGUIRE James Lisnagirr
MAGUIRE John Carrigans
MAGUIRE John Gortgranagh
MAGUIRE John Legacurry
MAGUIRE John Lisnamallard
MAGUIRE Michael Killins
MAGUIRE Patrick Mullaghmore
MAGUIRE Thomas Erganagh Glebe
MAGUIRE William Aghalane
MAKAY Wm. Galbally
MAKINLEY William Rylagh
MALONE John Arvalea
MANBY John Mullaghmore
MARSHALL Isabella Glengawna
MARSHALL Isabella Glengawna
MARSHALL John Dunmullan
MARSHALL Patrick Dunmullan
MARSHALL Robert Dunmullan
MARSHALL Robert, Jun. Dunmullan
MARSHALL William Dunmullan
MARSHALL William Rosnamuck
MARTIN John Tattraconnaghty
MARTIN John Tully
MATHEWS Armour Aghagallon
MATHEWS James Tircur
MATHEWS Joseph Ballynatubbrit
MATHEWS Samuel D. Lisnagirr
MATTHEWS James Tircur
MAYNE Bernard Tirquin
MAYNE Charles Ballynamullan
MAYNE Elizabeth Killycurragh
MAYNE Francis Tirquin
MAYNE Hannah Ballynamullan
MAYNE Isaac Cranny
MAYNE James Arvalea
MAYNE John Mullaghmore
MAYNE John, Jun. Mullaghmore
MAYNE Michael Mullaghmore
MAYNE Patrick Ballynamullan
MAYNE Patrick Mullaghmore
MAYNE Patrick Tirquin
MCADAMS John Lisanelly
MCALEER Bernard Aghalane
MCALEER Bernard Killins
MCALEER Daniel Reaghan
MCALEER Henry Dunbreen
MCALEER Hugh Lislimnaghan
MCALEER James Ballynatubbrit
MCALEER James Reaghan
MCALEER John Camowen
MCALEER John Lisnamallard
MCALEER John Mullaghmore
MCALEER John Tattynure
MCALEER Michael Cloghfin
MCALEER Michael Cullion
MCALEER Neal Lisnamallard
MCALEER Owen Ballynamullan
MCALEER Owen Mullaghmore
MCALEER Thomas Lisnamallard
MCANALLY John Mullaghmore
MCANALLY Michael Lisnamallard
MCANALLY Patrick Ballynamullan
MCANANEY Thomas Ballynatubbrit
MCANENY Edward Carrigans
MCANENY Michael Carrigans
MCANENY Michael, Jun. Carrigans
MCANENY Sarah Carrigans
MCANULLA John Beltany
MCANULLA John, Jun. Legacurry
MCANULLA John, Sen. Legacurry
MCANULLA Peter Beltany
MCANULLA Peter Legacurry
MCANULTY Daniel Cullion
MCANULTY James Aghalane
MCANULTY Owen Aghalane
MCBAY William Corranarry
MCBEY John Killybrack
MCBRIDE Henry Creevenagh
MCBRIDE Patrick Mullaghmore
MCBRIDE Robert Golan
MCBRIDE Thomas Mullaghmore
MCBRIEN Edward Beragh
MCBRIEN Edward Mountjoy Forest West Division
MCBRIEN Henry Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCBRIEN James Killinure
MCBRIEN John Beragh
MCBRIEN John Gortnacreagh
MCBRIEN Patrick Reaghan
MCBRIEN Peter Beragh
MCCAFFREY Richard Arvalea
MCCAFFREY Robert Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCCAFFREY Thomas Arvalea
MCCALLAGH Samuel Dunbreen
MCCALLAN Peter Mullaghmore
MCCALLEN Patrick Campsie
MCCALLION Neal Legacurry
MCCANN John Cranny
MCCANN Joseph Ballynamullan
MCCANNY Anne Beltany
MCCANNY John Beltany
MCCARROLL James Glencordial
MCCART Patrick Lisboy
MCCAUL James Creevenagh
MCCAUL Patrick Faccary
MCCAUSLAND Alexander Cloghfin
MCCAUSLAND Andrew Erganagh Glebe
MCCAUSLAND Charles Racolpa
MCCAUSLAND James Dunmullan
MCCAUSLAND James Garvaghy
MCCAUSLAND John Aghagallon
MCCAUSLAND John Dunbreen
MCCAUSLAND John Erganagh Glebe
MCCAUSLAND William Aghagallon
MCCLAY John Tully
MCCLAY John, Jun. Tully
MCCLEAN John Edenderry
MCCLEARY Anne Cullion
MCCLEARY Joseph Cullion
MCCLENAHAN Henry Ballynamullan
MCCLENAHAN John Killyclogher
MCCLENEGHAN William Arvalea
MCCLENEGHAN William, Jun. Arvalea
MCCLENEHAN Daniel Arvalea
MCCLENEHAN James Arvalea
MCCLINTOCK James Reaghan
MCCLUSKEY Patrick Cranny
MCCOLLUM Andrew Ballykeel
MCCOLLUM Andrew Carrigans
MCCOLLUM James Ballykeel
MCCOLLUM James Recarson
MCCOLLUM William Camowen
MCCOLLUM William Carrigans
MCCOLUM William Recarson
MCCONEY William Castletown
MCCONNELL John Carrigans
MCCONNELL Margaret Carrigans
MCCONNELL Robert Gortnacreagh
MCCONNELL Thomas Aghagallon
MCCORMACK Andrew Lisboy
MCCORMACK Andrew Recarson
MCCORMACK Samuel Lislea
MCCORMICK Thomas Arvalea
MCCOURT Patrick Lislimnaghan
MCCRACKEN Samuel Recarson
MCCREA Bernard Beragh
MCCREERY John Aghagallon
MCCROMLISK Daniel Inisclan
MCCRORY Owen Killyclogher
MCCRORY Patrick Crosh
MCCROSSAN Charles Calkill
MCCROSSAN Henry Beragh
MCCROSSAN James Camowen
MCCROSSAN Manus Tirquin
MCCROSSAN Patrick Calkill
MCCROSSAN Thomas Beragh
MCCROSSAN Thomas Calkill
MCCRYSTAL Alexander Dunbreen
MCCRYSTAL Charles Dunbreen
MCCRYSTAL David Dunbreen
MCCRYSTAL Edward Lislea
MCCRYSTAL James Reaghan
MCCRYSTAL John Ballynamullan
MCCRYSTAL John, Sen. Ballynamullan
MCCULLAGH Bernard Reaghan
MCCULLAGH David Tattynure
MCCULLAGH Edward Glencordial
MCCULLAGH Francis Killybrack
MCCULLAGH John Arvalea
MCCULLAGH John Cloghfin
MCCULLAGH John Lislap East
MCCULLAGH Maundy Corranarry
MCCULLAGH Michael Glencordial
MCCULLAGH Patrick Corranarry
MCCULLAGH Patrick Glencordial
MCCULLAGH Patrick Lisnamallard
MCCULLAGH William Rosnamuck
MCCULLEN Anne Gortinagin
MCCULLEN Ellen Castletown
MCCULLEN Patrick Castletown
MCCULLION John Tantramurry
MCCUSKER Henry Carrigans
MCCUSKER John Glencordial
MCCUTCHEON Andrew Edenderry
MCCUTCHEON Eccles Edenderry
MCCUTCHEON Ellen Garvaghy
MCCUTCHEON Henry Garvaghy
MCCUTCHEON James Edenderry
MCCUTCHEON John Edenderry
MCCUTCHEON John Garvaghy
MCCUTCHEON John Recarson
MCCUTCHEON Joseph Campsie
MCCUTCHEON Joseph Lisnamallard
MCCUTCHEON Robert Ballynamullan
MCCUTCHEON Robert Cloghfin
MCCUTCHEON William Garvaghy
MCDERMOTT Charles Aghalane
MCDERMOTT Charles Glencordial
MCDERMOTT James Aghalane
MCDERMOTT James Knockmoyle
MCDERMOTT John Glencordial
MCDERMOTT John Killybrack
MCDERMOTT Patrick Aghalane
MCDERMOTT Patrick Inisclan
MCDERMOTT Patrick Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCDERMOTT Patrick Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCDONAGH James Camowen
MCDONAGH John Mountjoy Forest West Division
MCDONAGH John Tattraconnaghty
MCDONNELL Hugh Gortnacreagh
MCDONNELL Hugh Killyclogher
MCDONNELL Lydia Edenderry
MCDONNELL William Calkill
MCELHATTON Bernard Killins
MCELHATTON James Aghalane
MCELHATTON John Aghalane
MCELHATTON John, Jun. Killins
MCELHILL Charles Tattynagole
MCELHILL Patrick Lisboy
MCELHILL Susanna Lisboy
MCELHOLLAND Michael Racolpa
MCELROY John Lisnamallard
MCELROY Samuel Dunmullan
MCELROY Walter Dunmullan
MCENTAGGART Edward Cullion
MCENTAGGART Edward Lislap East
MCENTAGGART Henry Erganagh Glebe
MCENTAGGART Patrick Cullion
MCENTAGGART William Lislap East
MCFADDEN Thomas Mullaghmore
MCFARLAND Andrew Campsie
MCFARLAND Andrew Crosh
MCFARLAND Andrew Edenderry
MCFARLAND Andrew Faccary
MCFARLAND Andrew Kingarrow
MCFARLAND Andrew Mullaghmore
MCFARLAND Andrew Racolpa
MCFARLAND Andrew Tircur
MCFARLAND Andrew Tircur
MCFARLAND Anne Castletown
MCFARLAND Charles Dunbreen
MCFARLAND Charles Faccary
MCFARLAND Charles Golan
MCFARLAND Daniel Mountjoy Forest West Division
MCFARLAND Daniel Reaghan
MCFARLAND Daniel Rosnamuck
MCFARLAND Daniel Tattraconnaghty
MCFARLAND Eliza Faccary
MCFARLAND Esther Fernagh
MCFARLAND George Tirmurty
MCFARLAND James Dunbreen
MCFARLAND Jane Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCFARLAND John Camowen
MCFARLAND John Campsie
MCFARLAND John Carrigans
MCFARLAND John Killinure
MCFARLAND John J. Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCFARLAND John James Tirmurty
MCFARLAND Marshall Camowen
MCFARLAND Samuel Camowen
MCFARLAND Samuel Dunbreen
MCFARLAND Thomas Carrigans
MCFARLAND Thomas Carrigans
MCFARLAND Walter Faccary
MCFARLAND William Faccary
MCFARLAND William Gortinagin
MCFARLAND William Killycurragh
MCFARLAND William Lislap East
MCFARLAND William Rosnamuck
MCFARLAND William Rosnamuck
MCFARLAND William Tirmurty
MCFARLAND William Tully
MCGAHEY Robert Dunbreen
MCGAHEY William Tattynure
MCGARTLAND Bernard Glencordial
MCGARTLAND Charles Mullaghmore
MCGERAGHTY James Dunmullan
MCGERAGHTY Owen Tattynure
MCGLINCHY Charles Aghalane
MCGLINCHY Denis Legacurry
MCGLINCHY Edward Legacurry
MCGLINCHY Hugh Aghalane
MCGLINCHY Joseph Aghalane
MCGORMAN Henry Galbally
MCGORMAN James Mountjoy Forest West Division
MCGORMAN Samuel Calkill
MCGORMAN William Tantramurry
MCGOVERN Bernard Mullaghmore
MCGOVERN Terence Castletown
MCGOWAN Francis Tully
MCGOWAN James Tircur
MCGRATH Bernard Dunmullan
MCGRATH John Dunbreen
MCGRATH Patrick Tattynure
MCGRATH Patrick Tircur
MCGUIGGAN Bernard Rylagh
MCGUIGGAN Bernard Rylagh
MCGUIGGAN Daniel Mountjoy Forest West Division
MCGUIGGAN Edward Cloghfin
MCGUIGGAN Henry Arvalea
MCGUIGGAN James Tattynure
MCGUIGGAN John Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCGUIGGAN Owen Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCGUIGGAN Patrick Lislimnaghan
MCGUINNESS Dominick Aghalane
MCGUINNESS Dominick Killins
MCGUINNESS Nathaniel Tattraconnaghty
MCGURGUN Neal Arvalea
MCHUGH Andrew Erganagh Glebe
MCHUGH Andrew Erganagh Glebe
MCHUGH Daniel Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCHUGH Edward Lisnamallard
MCHUGH James Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCHUGH James, Jun. Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCHUGH Myles Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCHUGH Rose Lisnamallard
MCILMURRY Eliza Creevenagh
MCKEEGAN Francis Aghalane
MCKEEGAN Michael Aghalane
MCKELVEY James Arvalea
MCKELVEY Margaret Camowen
MCKELVEY William Arvalea
MCKENNA Alice Glencordial
MCKENNA Charles Glencordial
MCKENNA Edward Killycurragh
MCKENNA John Ballynamullan
MCKENNA John Glencordial
MCKENNA Michael Lisnagirr
MCKENNA Patrick Castleroddy Glebe
MCKENNA Rosanna Erganagh Glebe
MCKENNA Rosanna Erganagh Glebe
MCKENNA Thomas Glencordial
MCKENNY Charles Erganagh Glebe
MCKENNY Charles Erganagh Glebe
MCKENNY Denis Cloghfin
MCKENNY Henry Ballykeel
MCKENNY Hugh Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCKENNY James Cloghfin
MCKENNY James Tully
MCKENNY John Ballykeel
MCKENNY John Cloghfin
MCKENNY John Erganagh Glebe
MCKENNY John Erganagh Glebe
MCKENNY Mary Arvalea
MCKENNY Owen Mullaghmore
MCKENNY William Cloghfin
MCKEON David Rosnamuck
MCKINHAN James Gortinagin
MCKNIGHT Robert Calkill
MCLOUGHLIN Charles Dunbreen
MCLOUGHLIN Charles Golan
MCLOUGHLIN Hugh Dunbreen
MCLOUGHLIN John Gortinagin
MCLOUGHLIN Mary Ballykeel
MCLOUGHLIN William Erganagh Glebe
MCLOUGHLIN William Erganagh Glebe
MCMAHON David Eskeradooey
MCMAHON Edward Glencordial
MCMAHON James Camowen
MCMAHON John Glencordial
MCMASTER James Cloghfin
MCMASTER John Gortnacreagh
MCMASTER William Arvalea
MCMASTERS Alexander Crosh
MCMENAMIN Amelia Ballykeel
MCMENAMIN Francis Ballykeel
MCMENAMIN John Ballykeel
MCMULLEN James Killybrack
MCMULLEN James Mullaghmore
MCMULLEN James Mullaghmore
MCNAB John Killinure
MCNAB Phelimy Knockmoyle
MCNAMEE Charles Beltany
MCNAMEE Francis Tattynure
MCNAMEE James Ballynamullan
MCNAMEE James Beltany
MCNAMEE Laurence Dunbreen
MCNAMEE Laurence Kingarrow
MCNAUL Robert Edenderry
MCNEILL Archibald Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCNEILL Daniel Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCNEILL Isabella Camowen
MCNEILL James Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCNEILL Jane Dunmullan
MCNEILL Thomas Carnony
MCNELAN Catherne Rylagh
MCNICHOLL William Cloghfin
MCPHELIMY James Mountjoy Forest East Division
MCPHELIMY John Mullaghmore
MCQUADE Henry Carrigans
MCQUAID Henry Gortinagin
MCQUESTON John Eskeradooey
MCQUILLIGER William Carrigans
MCSHANE James Galbally
MCSHANE John Lisboy
MCSHANE Margaret Galbally
MCSHANE Patrick Dunmullan
MCSORLEY James Ballynamullan
MCSORLEY Thomas Arvalea
MCSORLEY William Camowen
MCSWIGGAN Arthur Cullion
MCSWIGGAN Charles Lislap East
MCSWIGGAN Edward Tirmurty
MCSWIGGAN Edward Tirmurty
MCSWIGGAN Edward Tully
MCSWIGGAN Hugh Tattynure
MCSWIGGAN James Ballynamullan
MCSWIGGAN James Killycurragh
MCSWIGGAN James Lislap East
MCSWIGGAN Mary Killycurragh
MCSWIGGAN Michael Ballynaquilly
MCSWIGGAN Susan Ballynamullan
MCSWIGGAN Susanna Killycurragh
MCTAGGART Charles Mountjoy Forest West Division
MCTAGGART Cornelius Dunbreen
MCWILLIAMS Patrick Arvalea
MEEHAN James Gortnacreagh
MELLON Archibald Gortnacreagh
MELLON Archibald Tully
MELLON Bernard Eskeradooey
MELLON James Eskeradooey
MELLON James Lisnagirr
MELLON William Gortnacreagh
MELLON William Tattraconnaghty
MILLER Daniel Mountjoy Forest East Division
MILLER Robert Golan
MILLER Thomas Castletown
MILLS Joseph Rylagh
MILLS Margaret Mullaghmore
MITCHELL John Racolpa
MITCHELL Rev. Josias Conywarren
MONAGHAN John Campsie
MONAHAN Alexander Glengawna
MONAHAN Alexander Glengawna
MONTEITH Archibald Tircur
MONTEITH David Kingarrow
MONTEITH James Tircur
MONTEITH John Farrest
MONTEITH Joseph Carrigans
MONTEITH William Dunbreen
MONTEITH William Rylagh
MOONEY Bridget Lisanelly
MOONEY Charles Recarson
MOORE Alexander Aghalane
MOORE Alexander Killins
MOORE Arch. (minor) Tirmurty
MOORE Archibald Tircur
MOORE Archibald Jno. Tirmurty
MOORE Archibald, Jno. Tirmurty
MOORE David Calkill
MOORE David Lurganboy
MOORE Jane Cranny
MOORE John Gortnacreagh
MOORE John Mullaghmore
MOORE Margaret Cranny
MOORE William Crosh
MOORE William Maine
MORAN Anne Mullaghmore
MORAN William Beltany
MORGAN Felix Mullaghmore
MORRIS Felix Killybrack
MORRIS John Edenderry
MORRIS Thomas Castleroddy Glebe
MORRIS William Aghagallon
MORRISON James Killybrack
MORRISON James Mullaghmore
MORRISON James Mullaghmore
MORRISON James Tircur
MORRISON Susanna Mullaghmore
MORRISON Thomas Mullaghmore
MORROW Robert Gortinagin
MORTON James Camowen
MOSSEY Peter Cullion
MULLALLY John Campsie
MULLEN Charles Lisnamallard
MULLEN Edmund Knockmoyle
MULLEN Henry Mountjoy Forest East Division
MULLEN James Farrest
MULLEN John Castletown
MULLEN Patrick Lisnamallard
MULLEN Thomas Mullaghmore
MULLIGAN Patrick Beltany
MULMAHERN James Reaghan
MULMIN Anne Beltany
MURDOCK John, Jun. Golan
MURDOCK John, Sen. Golan
MURPHY James Maine
MURRAY William Tattynure
NEILL Margaret Golan
NELSON Robert Carrigans
NELSON William Lisnamallard
NEVILLE John Killycurragh
NICHOLL Robert Crosh
NIXON Andrew Garvaghy
NIXON George Crosh
NIXON George Racolpa
NIXON George Tirquin
NIXON Isabella Lisboy
NIXON James Racolpa
NIXON James, Jun. Garvaghy
NIXON James, Sen. Garvaghy
NIXON John Aghalane
NIXON John Garvaghy
NIXON John Knockmoyle
NIXON John Mountjoy Forest East Division
NIXON Mary Tirquin
NIXON Robert Garvaghy
NIXON Robert Tirquin
NIXON Thomas Garvaghy
NIXON William Arvalea
NIXON William Gortinagin
NOBLE James Killyclogher
NORRIS John Camowen
NORRIS John Tully
NUGENT Charles Ballynamullan
NUGENT Edward Lislimnaghan
NUGENT Francis Arvalea
NUGENT Francis Ballynamullan
NUGENT James Ballynamullan
NUGENT James, Jun. Ballynamullan
NUGENT Jane Carnony
NUGENT John Cloghfin
NUGENT John Glengawna
NUGENT John Glengawna
NUGENT John Mountjoy Forest East Division
NUGENT Patrick Ballynamullan
NUGENT Patrick Glengawna
NUGENT Patrick Glengawna
NUGENT Peter Lisnamallard
NUGENT William Erganagh Glebe
NUGENT William Erganagh Glebe
NULTY William Cranny
O’BRIEN Jane Cranny
O’DOHERTY Rev. Daniel Carnony
O’DONNELL Barthw. Reaghan
O’DONNELL Catherine Tircur
O’DONNELL Charles Corranarry
O’DONNELL Daniel Glencordial
O’DONNELL Denis Boheragh
O’DONNELL Hugh Ballynatubbrit
O’DONNELL Hugh Tircur
O’DONNELL James Ballykeel
O’DONNELL Jane Ballynatubbrit
O’DONNELL John Ballynatubbrit
O’DONNELL John Glencordial
O’DONNELL John Lisnaharney
O’DONNELL John Tircur
O’DONNELL Thomas Ballynatubbrit
O’DONNELL William Ballykeel
O’FLAHERTY Charles Knockmoyle
O’FLAHERTY Charles Mountjoy Forest East Division
O’FLAHERTY Hugh Mountjoy Forest East Division
O’LONE Owen Cullion
O’NEILL Daniel Tattynure
O’NEILL Edward Beragh
O’NEILL Francis Mullaghmore
O’NEILL Frederick Carrigans
O’NEILL Hugh Mullaghmore
O’NEILL John Lisnamallard
O’NEILL John Reaghan
O’NEILL Margaret Lisnamallard
O’NEILL Owen Cloghfin
O’NEILL Roger Carrigans
O’NEILL Sarah Tattynure
OLIVER Andrew Eskeradooey
ORR Alexander Killybrack
ORR Alexander Tully
ORR Andrew Killybrack
ORR James Corranarry
ORR James Mountjoy Forest East Division
ORR James Mountjoy Forest West Division
ORR Luke Killybrack
ORR Robert Beragh
ORR Robert Maine
ORR Samuel Glencordial
ORR Samuel Gortinagin
ORR Thomas Dunmullan
ORR William Castletown
ORR William Mountjoy Forest East Division
ORR William O. Creevenagh
ORR William O. Lisnamallard
OSBORNE Robert Ballynaquilly
PARKS Matthew Camowen
PATRICK John Gortnacreagh
PATRICK John Killinure
PATTERSON Andrew Dunmullan
PATTERSON Andrew Erganagh Glebe
PATTERSON James Dunbreen
PATTERSON James Gortinagin
PATTERSON James, Jun. Dunbreen
PATTERSON Jane Erganagh Glebe
PATTERSON Jane Erganagh Glebe
PATTERSON John Erganagh Glebe
PATTERSON John Eskeradooey
PATTERSON John Recarson
PATTERSON Joseph Dunbreen
PATTERSON Joseph Kingarrow
PATTERSON Joseph, Jun. Dunbreen
PATTERSON Martha Dunbreen
PATTERSON Mary Dunbreen
PATTERSON Matthew Dunbreen
PATTERSON Robert Castletown
PATTERSON Samuel Erganagh Glebe
PATTERSON Samuel Erganagh Glebe
PATTERSON Thomas Kingarrow
PATTON James Carrigans
PINKERTON John Lurganboy
POLLOCK Alexander Kingarrow
POLLOCK Andrew Reaghan
POLLOCK Charles Farrest
PORTER Alexander Killinure
QUINLAN Jas. Tully
QUINN Bernard Corranarry
QUINN Edward Mullaghmore
QUINN Henry Edenderry
QUINN Hugh Mullaghmore
QUINN John Eskeradooey
QUINN Mary Campsie
QUINN Patrick Aghalane
QUINN Patrick Castleroddy Glebe
QUINN Richard Calkill
QUINN Roger Lisnamallard
QUINN Sarah Castleroddy Glebe
QUINN Thomas Campsie
QUIRKE John Cullion
RADCLIFF Rev. Stephen Erganagh Glebe
RADCLIFFE Rev. Stephen Kingarrow
RAFFERTY Charles Fernagh
RAFFERTY Michael Aghagallon
RAFFERTY Michael Fernagh
RAFFERTY Michael Racolpa
RAFFERTY Patrick Beragh
RAFFERTY Thomas Mullaghmore
RAMSAY Robert Cranny
RANKIN Matthew Faccary
RANKIN Matthew Inisclan
REED William Lisanelly
REID Mary Anne Camowen
RENNY John Calkill
REPPEY William Mountjoy Forest West Division
REPPEY [RIPPEY?] Hugh Lisnagirr
REPPEY [RIPPEY?] William Lisnagirr
RICE Anne Ballynamullan
RICE John Cloghfin
RICHARDSON William Dunmullan
RICHARDSON William Farrest
ROBERTSON Anne Inisclan
ROBERTSON James Carnony
ROBERTSON John Mullaghmore
ROBINSON Andrew Calkill
ROBINSON Charles Killinure
ROBINSON David Campsie
ROBINSON Eliza Camowen
ROBINSON George Ballykeel
ROBINSON George Tirmurty
ROBINSON Isabella Camowen
ROBINSON James Camowen
ROBINSON James Killinure
ROBINSON James Lisahoppin
ROBINSON James Tully
ROBINSON John Camowen
ROBINSON John Killinure
ROBINSON John James Tirmurty
ROBINSON Matthew Camowen
ROBINSON Robert Ballykeel
ROBINSON Robert Dunmullan
ROBINSON Samuel Campsie
ROBINSON Sarah Calkill
ROLLESTONE Andrew Ballynaquilly
ROSS Isabella Knockmoyle
ROY Michael Killyclogher
RUDDELL Joseph Gortgranagh
RUDDELL Thomas Gortgranagh
RUSH Michael Tattraconnaghty
RUTHERFORD Andrew Garvaghy
RUTHERFORD James Garvaghy
RUTHERFORD Joseph Garvaghy
RUTLEDGE John Inisclan
RUTLEDGE Wm. T. Mountjoy Forest East Division
SARSFIELD John Killybrack
SCARLETT Alexander Lisnamallard
SCOTT Arthur Garvaghy
SCOTT Charles Conywarren
SCOTT Charles Rylagh
SCOTT Charles Rylagh
SCOTT Charles Straughroy
SCOTT David Lisahoppin
SCOTT David Mountjoy Forest East Division
SCOTT David Tattynagole
SCOTT Eliza Gortinagin
SCOTT James Gortinagin
SCOTT James Gortnacreagh
SCOTT James Lisnamallard
SCOTT James Mullaghmore
SCOTT James Tattynure
SCOTT Jane Camowen
SCOTT John Castletown
SCOTT Robert Aghagallon
SCOTT Robert Knockmoyle
SCOTT Robert Mountjoy Forest East Division
SCOTT Robert Tantramurry
SCOTT Samuel Mountjoy Forest East Division
SCOTT William Lisanelly
SCOTT William Lisnamallard
SCOTT William Mullaghmore
SCOTT William Tirmurty
SEMPLE James Mullaghmore
SHANKLIN Sarah Castletown
SHAW Baxter Eskeradooey
SHAW Timothy Eskeradooey
SHAW William Eskeradooey
SHEILDS Robert Knockmoyle
SHEILDS William Lislap West
SHEILS Hugh Arvalea
SHEILS James Maine
SHEILS John Mullaghmore
SHERRARD Charles Killinure
SHERRARD James Killinure
SHIELDS Robert Mountjoy Forest East Division
SHIELS James Camowen
SHIELS James Lislea
SIMPSON John Rylagh
SIMPSON William Rylagh
SIMPSON William Rylagh
SMITH Andrew Killybrack
SMITH Archibald Ballynaquilly
SMITH Charles Tantramurry
SMITH Hugh Lisnamallard
SMITH John Aghagallon
SMITH Rebecca Aghalane
SOMERVILLE Andrew Killybrack
SPILLER Reps. Geo. T. Mountjoy Forest West Division
SPILLER Reps. George T. Lislimnaghan
STACK George H. Mullaghmore
STACK Rev. Thomas L. Arvalea
STACK Rev. Thomas L. Campsie
STACK Rev. Thomas L. Mullaghmore
STARR Francis Camowen
STEELE David Beltany
STEELE Samuel Beltany
STEELE Samuel Lurganboy
STEWART Andrew Rosnamuck
STEWART Andrew Tully
STEWART James Aghagallon
STEWART Robert Erganagh Glebe
STEWART Samuel Tirmurty
STEWART Thomas Rosnamuck
STEWART William Cullion
STORMONT John Campsie
STUART Hon. Andw. G. Creevenagh
SWAN John Castletown
SWIFT Rev. Richard M. Killins
SWIGGAN Edward Mullaghmore
TAGGART Patrick Erganagh Glebe
TAGGART Patrick Erganagh Glebe
TAGGART William Conywarren
TAGGART William Tircur
TAIT John Beltany
TALLON John Lisanelly
TEAGUE Francis Cloghfin
TEAGUE James Calkill
TEAGUE James Killyclogher
TEAGUE Patrick Lisnamallard
THOMPSON Henry Campsie
THOMPSON Thomas Carrigans
TIERNEY Owen Mullaghmore
TIERNEY Owen Mullaghmore
TINNE John Lisnamallard
TOBIN Patrick Beltany
TODD James Maine
TODD John Campsie
TODD William Killybrack
TODD William Mountjoy Forest East Division
TOMIN Patrick Ballynamullan
TONER James Arvalea
TONER John Ballynamullan
TONER William Mullaghmore
TOWLER William Tirquin
TOY John Lisnamallard
TRACY John Corranarry
TRACY Neal Faccary
TRACY Owen Faccary
TRACY Patrick Faccary
TRACY Peter Mullaghmore
TRACY Thomas Faccary
TREACY Hugh Lisboy
TURNER James Ballynamullan
TURNER Robert Killycurragh
VAUGHAN James Mullaghmore
VELDON Alexander Maine
WALKER Andrew Tattynagole
WALKER Henry Mountjoy Forest East Division
WALKER John Calkill
WALKER John Castletown
WALKER John Tantramurry
WALKER Thomas Lisahoppin
WALKER William Mountjoy Forest East Division
WALSH Edward Lisnamallard
WARRINGTON James Castletown
WARRINGTON James Mountjoy Forest West Division
WASON Archibald Creevenagh
WASON James Creevenagh
WATSON James Inisclan
WATSON James Inisclan
WATSON John Camowen
WELDON John Killybrack
WEST Travers J. Cranny
WHALEY George Crosh
WHITE Bernard Cullion
WHITE Bernard, Jun. Cullion
WHITE Margaret Cullion
WHITTEN James Corranarry
WILKINSON Archibald Mountjoy Forest East Division
WILKINSON Charles Lisanelly
WILKINSON John Mountjoy Forest East Division
WILKINSON Robert Dunmullan
WILLIAMSON Andrew Rosnamuck
WILSON Anne Rylagh
WILSON David Creevenagh
WILSON Fleming Aghagallon
WILSON Fleming Lislea
WILSON Henry Rosnamuck
WILSON James Edenderry
WILSON John Carnony
WILSON John Lislea
WILSON Robert Gortnacreagh
WILSON Thade Dunbreen
WILSON Thomas Camowen
WORLING Noble Campsie
WRIGHT Charles Garvaghy
WRIGHT Joseph Killybrack
YOUNG James Camowen
YOUNG John Ballynamullan
YOUNG William Aghagallon