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Index to Griffiths Valuation: Ballyclog Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see

Brigh Road in Ballyclog Parish. Photo Google Maps



Surname First Name Townland
ABERNETHY Maria Kilcoony
ANDERSON Hugh Kilsally
ANDERSON Joseph Ballyveeny
ARBUTHNOT Alexander Bellsgrove
BELL Robert Curglassan
BELL William Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper
BEST Hugh Kilsally
BEST Mary Ballyveeny
BIGGER James Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
BLAIR John Ballywholan
BODEN Andrew Legmurn
BODEN Hugh Legmurn
BODEN James, Jr. Legmurn
BODEN James, Sr Legmurn
BODEN John Legmurn
BODEN Rep. Andrew Linnyglass
BODEN Samuel Legmurn
BODEN William Legmurn
BOOTHE Geo. Kilsally
BOOTHE Robert Kilsally
BRADY Francis Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
BRADY James Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
BRADY John Back Upper
BRENNAN Robert Eary Upper
BRIEN Rep. Robert Gortnaskea
BROWN John Ballywholan
BUCHANAN Andrew Glebe
BURNSIDE Andrew Legmurn
BYRNE William Ballyveeny
CAMPBELL John Back Upper
CAMPBELL Thomas Ballyveeny
CARLTON Ellen Legmurn
CARN Thomas Ballyblagh
CARSON Elizabeth Brigh
CARSON John Drumbanaway
CARSON William Legmurn
CASTLES Sarah Back Upper
CAULFIELD James A. Drumkern
CAULFIELD James A. Kilcoony
CAULFIELD James A. Oghill
CHAMBERS John Ballyblagh
CLARENCE Patrick Oghill
CLARKE John Ballywholan
CORR James Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper
CORR Patrick Bellmount (Alias Ballynagowan Upper)
CORR Susan Back Lower
CREGGAN John Ballywholan
CUMMINS John Back Upper
CURRY Henry Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan
DALLAN James Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
DAVIS James Legmurn
DEVLIN Edward Back Upper
DEVLIN Hugh Back Lower
DEVLIN Hugh Back Upper
DEVLIN Hugh Ballyveeny
DEVLIN Hugh, Jr Back Upper
DEVLIN Hugh, Sr. Back Upper
DEVLIN James Back Upper
DEVLIN John Back Upper
DEVLIN John, Jr. Back Upper
DEVLIN John, Sr Back Upper
DEVLIN Margaret Ballywholan
DEVLIN Mary Back Upper
DEVLIN Mary Legmurn
DONAGHY John Back Lower
DONNELLY John Oghill
DONNELLY Matilda Brigh
DORMAN John Back Lower
DUFFIN Patrick Kilsally
DUFFY James Drumbanaway
DUFFY Patrick Kilsally
DUNN Michael Ballyveeny
DUNN Owen Ballyveeny
DUNN Owen Drumbulgan
DUNN Robert Ballyveeny
DUNN Simon Ballyveeny
DUNN Simon Drumbulgan
DUNNE Michael Drumbulgan
ECCLES John Curglassan
ELDER David Ballyveeny
ELLISON James Drumkern
EVANS Ellen Brigh
FAIRSERVICE Thomas Ballyveeny
FERGUSON Alexander Cratley
FERGUSON Ellen Ballyveeny
FERGUSON Sarah Drumbanaway
FERGUSON William Cratley
FLACK James Drumbanaway
FLANAGAN Bridget Drumbanaway
FLYNN William Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper
GARVAN Catherine Back Upper
GIBSON William Ballywholan
GRAHAM Hugh Kilsally
GRAHAM Thomas Cratley
GREENE Rev. Henry Glebe
HAMILL Henry Back Upper
HAMILTON Benjamin Curglassan
HAMILTON George Ballywholan
HAMILTON Hugh Kilsally
HAMILTON Martha Kilsally
HAMILTON Richardson Linnyglass
HAMILTON Robert Kilsally
HAMILTON Sarah Kilsally
HARKNESS Jane Cratley
HARKNESS John Drumbanaway
HARKNESS William Cratley
HARKNESS William Kilsally
HARRIS Frederick Drumbanaway
HAW John Ballywholan
HENDERSON Kennedy Oghill
HENDERSON Robert Curglassan
HENDERSON Thomas Drumkern
HENDERSON Thomas Oghill
HENRY John Ballyveeny
HENRY John Killoon
HENRY Robert Brigh
HENRY Thomas Eary Upper
HENRY William Killoon
HERBERT Rev. Otway Curglassan
HIGGINSON William Kilcoony
HOLMES Eleanor Back Lower
HOPPER George Oghill
HUNTER James Back Upper
HUNTER John Back Lower
HUNTER Sproule Back Lower
HUNTER Sproule Back Upper
IRWIN John Kilsally
JOHNSTON George Curglassan
JOHNSTON Robert Legmurn
JOHNSTON Robert Oghill
JUDGE Bernard Oghill
JUDGE Edward Back Lower
JUDGE Francis Back Lower
JUNK David Curglassan
JUNK Robert Ballyblagh
JUNK Robert Ballyveeny
JUNK Thomas Ballyblagh
KANE Sarah Drumbanaway
KANE William Brigh
KAVANAGH James Back Upper
KELL William J. Gortnaskea
KELLS John James Ballyveeny
KELLY John Ballywholan
KELLY William Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper
KENNEDY Hugh Drumbanaway
KENNEDY James Glebe
KENNEDY James Legmurn
KENNEDY Jas. Legmurn
KENNEDY John Legmurn
KENNEDY Patrick Drumbanaway
KENNEDY Patrick Glebe
KENNY John Curglassan
KIDD Hugh Ballyveeny
KIDD Hugh Drumbanaway
KIDD James Ballyveeny
KILPATRICK Alexander Drumbanaway
KILPATRICK James Drumbanaway
KILPATRICK Thomas Drumbanaway
KILPATRICK William Kilsally
KINLEY Hugh Curglassan
LAPPEN Edward Legmurn
LAYDEN Mary Brigh
LESLIE James Drumbanaway
LESLIE James Leck
LEVINGSTON Samuel Back Upper
LITTLE Andrew Drumkern
LOW William Ballywholan
LYNN Anne Ballyblagh
LYNN Henry Ballyblagh
MAHOOD Sarah Drumbanaway
MALLAGHAN Mary Curglassan
MALLEN John Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
MALLON Edward Cratley
MANIELLY James Ballyblagh
MARCH Isaiah Back Lower
MARKS James Ballyveeny
MARKS James Glebe
MARKS Margaret Kilsally
MARSHALL James Ballyblagh
MARTIN Henry Back Upper
MARTIN John Back Upper
MARTIN William Kilsally
MAY Robert Oghill
MAY Samuel Back Lower
McALEECE Hugh Ballyveeny
McALEECE John Ballyveeny
McALEECE Thomas Ballyveeny
McBRIDE John Ballywholan
McBRIDE William Ballywholan
McCAMISH Alexander Drumbanaway
McCONKEY Thomas Oghill
McCONNELL Hugh Ballyveeny
McCONNELL Hugh Killoon
McCONNELL Robert Ballyveeny
McCONNELL Thomas Killoon
McCONNELL William Curglassan
McCORD James Kilsally
McCORD William Cratley
McCORD William Leck
McCOY Denis Drumbanaway
McCOY Robert Brigh
McCREADY William Brigh
McCREEDY Cornelius Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
McELAYGART Hugh Back Lower
McELHONE John Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
McENTAGGART Patrick Back Upper
McFADDEN William Ballywholan
McGAGHAN Thomas Back Upper
McGANITY Elizabeth Kilsally
McGAW Isaac Linnyglass
McGAW John Linnyglass
McGAW William Drumkern
McGAW William Eary Upper
McGAW William Killoon
McGAW William Leck
McGAW William Legmurn
McGAW William Linnyglass
McGAW Wm Leck
McGERAGHTY Sarah Glebe
McGORRARY Patrick Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
McGUCKIAN James Back Upper
McGUCKIN Thomas Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper
McGUIGGAN Henry Ballywholan
McGUIGGAN Joseph Back Upper
McGUIRK Charles Back Lower
McGUIRK James Back Upper
McINTIRE George Kilcoony
McINTIRE John Glebe
McKAY John Back Lower
McKENNA John Back Upper
McKEON John Eary Upper
McKEON Margaret Ballyblagh
McMAHON William Kilsally
McMANUS James Back Upper
McMANUS John Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
McMANUS John Oghill
McMENAMIN Jane Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
McNEELY James Cratley
McNEELY John Curglassan
McQUEISTAN John Ballyveeny
McREYNOLDS Joseph Kilsally
McREYNOLDS Oliver Kilsally
McREYNOLDS Samuel Kilsally
McREYNOLDS Thomas Kilsally
McRORY Hugh Back Upper
McSHANE Cornelius Back Lower
McSHANE John Back Lower
McTEER Robert Oghill
McTEIGE Edward Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
McVEIGH Isabella Kilsally
McVEIGH Sarah Brigh
McVEIGH Thomas Kilsally
McVEIGH William Drumkern
McVEIGH William Legmurn
MILLER David Back Upper
MILLER Jane Cratley
MILLER John Back Lower
MILLER John Leck
MILLER Thomas Back Lower
MONCRIEFF Maryanne Legmurn
MORGAN John Oghill
MORRIS Bernard Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper
MORROW William Leck
MOSGROVE Charles Kilsally
MOSGROVE Robert Kilsally
MULHOLLAND Charles Drumkern
MULHOLLAND Margaret Ballyblagh
MULHOLLAND Margaret Ballyveeny
MURRAY John Back Lower
NEILL Hugh Back Upper
NELSON Patrick Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
NICHOLL Gilbert Oghill
O'DONNELL John Ballywholan
ORR David Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
ORR James Kilsally
PATTERSON James Drumkern
PATTERSON Jane Legmurn
PATTERSON John Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
PATTERSON William Kilsally
PERVIS Samuel Cratley
PORTER John Oghill
QUIN William Ballyblagh
QUINN Bernard Back Lower
QUINN John Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper
QUINN Michael Killoon
RAFFERTY Francis Back Upper
RAWLINS James Kilsally
RAWLINS Thomas Kilsally
RAY Richard Eary Upper
REA John, Sr. Cratley
REA Robert Cratley
REANY James Legmurn
REANY Joseph Drumkern
REILLY John Back Lower
ROBINSON Alexander Brigh
ROBINSON Hugh Curglassan
ROBINSON Hugh Killoon
ROBSON Hugh Eary Upper
ROBSON Robert Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper
RODGERS Bernard Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
ROE Henry Drumbanaway
ROE James Drumbanaway
ROE Thomas Drumbanaway
RORKE John Kilsally
ROURKE Charles Curglassan
RUSSELL Samuel Kilcoony
RUSSELL William Kilcoony
SANDES Thomas Kilsally
SANDES William Eary Upper
SANDS Elizabeth Kilsally
SANDS Thomas Kilsally
SEATON William Drumbulgan
SHARKEY Felix Ballyblagh
SHEPPARD David Back Lower
SIMPSON Edward Oghill
SMITH Jane Ballyblagh
SMITH Jane Kilsally
SMITH John Legmurn
SMITH Robert Ballyblagh
SNEATH William Cratley
STEWART Henry Gortnaskea
STEWART James Drumkern
STEWART John Ballyveeny
STEWART John Ballywholan
STEWART John Cratley
STEWART John Curglassan
STEWART John Gortnaskea
STEWART Joseph Cratley
STEWART William Gortnaskea
STOCKMAN James Curglassan
STURGEON Samuel Ballywholan
STURGEON William Ballywholan
TAGGART Hugh Back Upper
TAGGART Mary Back Upper
TAGGART Michael Back Upper
TAGGART Patrick Back Upper
TEMPLETON William Brigh
THISTLE William Back Lower
TONER Francis Back Lower
TONER Sarah Leck
TONER Thomas Curglassan
TOWNSLEY William Drumkern
TRAYNOR Bernard Bellmount alias Ballynagowan Upper
TURK David Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
WALKER William Oghill
WALLACE Elizabeth Kilsally
WATERS James Back Lower
WATERS James Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
WATERS Thomas Back Lower
WATERS William Back Lower
WHITESIDE John Back Lower
WHITESIDE William Back Lower
WILEY James Ballywholan
WILSON Thomas Cratley
WILSON Thomas Curglassan
WILSON Thos. Curglassan
WOODS John Ballywholan
WOODS Joseph Bellsgrove alias Ballynagowan Lower
WRIGHT Robert Brigh
WYLEY John Legmurn
YOUNG John Glebe