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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Ballinderry Parish, Cos. Tyrone & Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Ballinderry Parish, Cos. Tyrone & Londonderry. Map

For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see

Further reading: Ballinderry Parish Tithe Applotment Book (1828)




Townland Townland Townland Townland
Derrycrin Conyngham Derrycrin Eglish Lanaglug Lower Mullan
The Gort (alias Eglish) Upper Mullan



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardagh Ballinderry Ballydonnell Ballylifford
Ballymultrea Ballyronan Beg Belagherty Killymuck




ADAMS Elizabeth Killymuck L’Derry
ADAMS John Ardagh L’Derry
ADAMS Margaret Ballydonnell L’Derry
ADAMS Robert Ballydonnell L’Derry
AVERAL Nicholas Lower Mullan Tyrone
AVERAL Thomas Lower Mullan Tyrone
BAXTER John Ballydonnell L’Derry
BERRYMAN Charlotte Ballydonnell L’Derry
BERRYMAN George Ballylifford L’Derry
BERRYMAN James Ballylifford L’Derry
BERRYMAN John Ballinderry L’Derry
BERRYMAN John Ballylifford L’Derry
BERRYMAN William Ballydonnell L’Derry
BLANEY Patrick Ballylifford L’Derry
BOYD Robert Ballymultrea L’Derry
BOYLAN Bernard Ballydonnell L’Derry
BOYLAN Felix Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
BOYLAN Francis The Gort alias Eglish Tyrone
BOYLAN John, Jun. Upper Mullan Tyrone
BOYLAN John, Sen. Upper Mullan Tyrone
BOYLAN Mary The Gort alias Eglish Tyrone
BRADLEY Anne Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
BRADLEY James Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
BRADLEY John Ballinderry L’Derry
BREEN Daniel Belagherty L’Derry
BRENNAN Michael Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
BRIEN William Ballinderry L’Derry
BROWN James Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
BUCK Benjamin Lanaglug Tyrone
BUCK James Lanaglug Tyrone
BUCK John, Jun. Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
BUCK John, Sen. Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
BUCK William Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
CAMPBELL Arthur Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
CAMPBELL Charles Ardagh L’Derry
CANAVAN Patrick Lower Mullan Tyrone
CARLETON Samuel Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
CARLETON William Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
CASSIDY Francis Lanaglug Tyrone
CLARKE Archibald Ballydonnell L’Derry
CLARKE Hannah Ballymultrea L’Derry
CLARKE James Ballymultrea L’Derry
CLARKE John Killymuck L’Derry
CLARKE Joseph Ballymultrea L’Derry
CLARKE Samuel Ballymultrea L’Derry
CLARKE William Killymuck L’Derry
CLEMENTS Wright Belagherty L’Derry
COLLINS Anne Ballymultrea L’Derry
COLLINS David Ballymultrea L’Derry
COLLINS James Ballymultrea L’Derry
CONOMY James Upper Mullan Tyrone
CONWAY Edward Ballinderry L’Derry
CONWAY John Belagherty L’Derry
COOKE William Killymuck L’Derry
CORR James Killymuck L’Derry
CORR Margaret Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
COSCORAN George Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
COSCORAN Patrick Lanaglug Tyrone
COSTELLOE Mark Lanaglug Tyrone
COSTELLOE Roger Ballymultrea L’Derry
CRAWFORD Anne Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
CRAWFORD James Ballymultrea L’Derry
CRAWFORD Samuel Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
CROOKS Robert Lanaglug Tyrone
CROSSETT Jane Killymuck L’Derry
CROSSETT John Killymuck L’Derry
CROSSETT Sarah Killymuck L’Derry
CUMBERLAND William Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
CUSHLAN Jervis Ballylifford L’Derry
CUSHLAN John Ballylifford L’Derry
DALY John Killymuck L’Derry
DANIEL Edward Thos. Lower Mullan Tyrone
DANIEL Edward Thos. Upper Mullan Tyrone
DARRAGH Alex. Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
DARRAGH Alexander Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
DARRAGH John Ballylifford L’Derry
DARRAGH John Lower Mullan Tyrone
DAVIDSON Margaret Ballylifford L’Derry
DELUHAN Bernard Ballylifford L’Derry
DEVLIN Bernard Ballymultrea L’Derry
DEVLIN Charles Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
DEVLIN Henry Ballylifford L’Derry
DEVLIN Henry Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DEVLIN James Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DEVLIN Michael Ballylifford L’Derry
DEVLIN Patrick Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
DEVLIN Patrick Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DEVLIN William Lanaglug Tyrone
DILLON Anthony Ballydonnell L’Derry
DIMOND John Ballylifford L’Derry
DIXON Francis Lanaglug Tyrone
DONAGHY Arthur Ballylifford L’Derry
DONAGHY James Ballylifford L’Derry
DONAGHY John Ballymultrea L’Derry
DONAGHY Michael Upper Mullan Tyrone
DONAGHY Owen Ballinderry L’Derry
DONNELLY Alexander Ballymultrea L’Derry
DONNELLY Bridget Killymuck L’Derry
DONNELLY James Ballymultrea L’Derry
DONNELLY John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DONNELLY Reps. Michael Ballymultrea L’Derry
DONNELLY Samuel Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
DOYLE Francis Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DOYLE James Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DOYLE John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DOYLE Patrick Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DUFFIN Bernard Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DUFFIN Joseph Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
DUNNE Jeremiah Ballinderry L’Derry
EGAN Robert Ballymultrea L’Derry
ELLIOTT John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
FENSON James Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
FERGUSON George Lanaglug Tyrone
FORBES Robert Ardagh L’Derry
GAUSSEN Campbell Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
GAUSSEN William A. Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
GAUSSEN William, Jun. Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
GAUSSEN Wm. McGill Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
GILLESPIE Bernard Ballinderry L’Derry
GILLESPIE John Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
GORDON James Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
GRAHAM Edward Ballylifford L’Derry
GREER John Killymuck L’Derry
GREER Robert Lanaglug Tyrone
GUESS Jane Derrycrin Tyrone
HAGAN Hugh Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
HAGAN James Ballinderry L’Derry
HAGAN John Ballinderry L’Derry
HAGAN Laurence Lanaglug Tyrone
HAGAN Patrick Ballylifford L’Derry
HALLS James Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
HAMILL William Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
HAMILTON Joseph Ballydonnell L’Derry
HARBISON Francis Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
HARBISON John Upper Mullan Tyrone
HARBISON Samuel Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
HARKNESS John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
HENRY Charles Ballylifford L’Derry
HENRY Charles, Jun. Ballylifford L’Derry
HENRY James Ballylifford L’Derry
HENRY John Ballylifford L’Derry
HENRY William Ballylifford L’Derry
HIPSON William Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
HOGG Rachel Killymuck L’Derry
HORAN Martin Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
HUMPHREYS Joseph Lanaglug Tyrone
IRWIN James Lanaglug Tyrone
JACKSON Rev. John J. The Gort alias Eglish Tyrone
JACKSON Rev. John Joseph Killymuck L’Derry
JACKSON Robert Ballinderry L’Derry
JACKSON William Ballinderry L’Derry
JEFFERS Alexander Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
JEFFERS Margaret Ardagh L’Derry
JOHNSON John Ballinderry L’Derry
JOHNSTON John Ballinderry L’Derry
JOHNSTON Thomas Lanaglug Tyrone
JORDAN Alexander Lanaglug Tyrone
JUNK Thomas Lanaglug Tyrone
KANE Charles Ballinderry L’Derry
KANE Henry, Jun. Ballydonnell L’Derry
KANE Henry, Sen. Ballydonnell L’Derry
KANE John Ballydonnell L’Derry
KEATLEY Isaac Ballylifford L’Derry
KEIGHLEY John Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
KELLY Bernard Ballymultrea L’Derry
KELLY James Killymuck L’Derry
KELLY John Killymuck L’Derry
KELLY Lewis Ballymultrea L’Derry
KELLY Patrick Killymuck L’Derry
KENNY Frances Killymuck L’Derry
KENNY Francis Killymuck L’Derry
KENNY John Belagherty L’Derry
KENT John Lower Mullan Tyrone
KERNAHAN Ellen Ballylifford L’Derry
KERNAHAN Samuel Ballylifford L’Derry
LARKIN James Belagherty L’Derry
LARKIN John Lanaglug Tyrone
LARKIN Thomas Belagherty L’Derry
LEDLIE Wm. Lanaglug Tyrone
LENNON Alexander Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
LIND Jenny The Gort alias Eglish Tyrone
LIND William The Gort alias Eglish Tyrone
LINN William Ballinderry L’Derry
LOGAN Felix Killymuck L’Derry
LUNNY Hugh Killymuck L’Derry
LYNN John Upper Mullan Tyrone
LYNN Patrick Upper Mullan Tyrone
LYNN William Lanaglug Tyrone
MADDEN Charles Lower Mullan Tyrone
MADDEN Francis Lower Mullan Tyrone
MADDEN James Lower Mullan Tyrone
MADDEN John Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MADDEN Margret Lanaglug Tyrone
MADDEN Patrick Lower Mullan Tyrone
MADDEN Thomas Lanaglug Tyrone
MAGEE Ellen Ballylifford L’Derry
MAGEE John Ballylifford L’Derry
MAINES Charles Killymuck L’Derry
MALONE Anthony Upper Mullan Tyrone
MALONE Hugh Upper Mullan Tyrone
MALONE Patrick Lower Mullan Tyrone
MALONE Robert Killymuck L’Derry
MARKS James Upper Mullan Tyrone
MARKS Thomas Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
MCANALLY Hugh Belagherty L’Derry
MCCANN James Belagherty L’Derry
MCCARTNEY Charles Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
MCCARTNEY James Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
MCCARTNEY John Ballymultrea L’Derry
MCCARTNEY John Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
MCCARTNEY Michael Ballinderry L’Derry
MCCARTNEY Patrick Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
MCCARTNEY Richard Ballymultrea L’Derry
MCCAUSLAND Andrew Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCCAUSLAND Andrew Killymuck L’Derry
MCCAUSLAND George Killymuck L’Derry
MCCAUSLAND Mary Killymuck L’Derry
MCCAUSLAND Robert Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCOLLUM Ellen Killymuck L’Derry
MCCOLLUM Joseph Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCCOMES William Ballinderry L’Derry
MCCURDY William Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCCUSKER Charles Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCUSKER Daniel Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCUSKER George Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCUSKER James, Jun. Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCUSKER James, Sen. Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCUSKER John Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCUSKER Mark Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCUSKER Matthew Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCUSKER Terence Ballylifford L’Derry
MCCUSKER Thomas Ballylifford L’Derry
MCDONNELL James Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCENTYRE John Belagherty L’Derry
MCENTYRE Robert Ardagh L’Derry
MCENTYRE William Ardagh L’Derry
MCFAGAN James Ballylifford L’Derry
MCGAW ………[not given] Lanaglug Tyrone
MCGAW James Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGEARY John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGEE Patrick Belagherty L’Derry
MCGERR John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGERR Mark Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGERR Patrick Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGERR Peter Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGORRERY Catherine Killymuck L’Derry
MCGORRERY Edward Killymuck L’Derry
MCGORRERY John Ballylifford L’Derry
MCGOWAN Joseph Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
MCGRATH James Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGRORY Peter Belagherty L’Derry
MCGUCKIAN Anthony Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN Benjn. Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN Charles Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN Henry Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN Hugh Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN James Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN James, Jun. Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN Mary Upper Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN Nicholas Lanaglug Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN Nicholas Upper Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN Patrick Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIAN Rose Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCGUCKIN Anthony Killymuck L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Arthur Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGUCKIN Benjamin Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGUCKIN George Belagherty L’Derry
MCGUCKIN George Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGUCKIN Hugh Ballylifford L’Derry
MCGUCKIN James Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGUCKIN Jn. Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGUCKIN John Ballinderry L’Derry
MCGUCKIN John Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCGUCKIN John Ballylifford L’Derry
MCGUCKIN John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGUCKIN John Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGUCKIN John Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGUCKIN John Killymuck L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Joseph Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Mark Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCGUCKIN Mary Belagherty L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Michael Ballymultrea L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Nicholas Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGUCKIN Patrick Ballinderry L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Patrick Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGUCKIN Patrick Killymuck L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Philip Killymuck L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Richard Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Robert Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGUCKIN Samuel Ardagh L’Derry
MCGUCKIN Samuel Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCGUCKIN William Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCGUIGGAN Charles Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCILROY John Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCILROY John Lanaglug Tyrone
MCILWAINE Joseph Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
MCKEE Andrew Ballymultrea L’Derry
MCKEE Andrew Belagherty L’Derry
MCKEE Bridget Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCKEE Felix Upper Mullan Tyrone
MCKEE John Ballymultrea L’Derry
MCKEE John Belagherty L’Derry
MCKEE John Killymuck L’Derry
MCKEE Michael Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCKEE Nicholas Killymuck L’Derry
MCKEE Reps. Thomas Belagherty L’Derry
MCKEE William Ballylifford L’Derry
MCKEE William Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCKEEVER James Upper Mullan Tyrone
MCKEEVER John Upper Mullan Tyrone
MCKEEVER Joseph Upper Mullan Tyrone
MCKEEVER Michael Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCLARNON Mary Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MCMAHON James Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
MCMANUS John Belagherty L’Derry
MCMASTER Richard Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCMASTER Richard Ballymultrea L’Derry
MCMURRAY Fanny Upper Mullan Tyrone
MCNALLY John Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCNAMARA Edward Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCNAMARA John Killymuck L’Derry
MCNICHOLL Bernard Ballymultrea L’Derry
MCNICHOLL David Ballydonnell L’Derry
MCSLOY Michael Lower Mullan Tyrone
MCVEAGH Francis Lanaglug Tyrone
MCVEY James Killymuck L’Derry
MCVEY John Ardagh L’Derry
MCVEY Patrick Belagherty L’Derry
MCVEY Sarah Ardagh L’Derry
MCWILLIAMS Felix Ballylifford L’Derry
MCWILLIAMS John Killymuck L’Derry
MCWILLIAMS Margaret Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MCWILLIAMS Michael Killymuck L’Derry
MCWILLIAMSON Bernard Belagherty L’Derry
MELLON Alice Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON Anne Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON Bernard Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON Francis Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON Henry Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON James, Jun. Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON James, Sen. Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON Jas. Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON Michael Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON Michael Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MELLON Michael, Jun. Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON Patrick Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MELLON Philip Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MGUCKIN Jn. Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MOFFETT Samuel Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
MOFFETT Thomas Lanaglug Tyrone
MOONEY Mary Upper Mullan Tyrone
MOORE John Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
MORGAN Bridget Derrycrin Tyrone
MORGAN James Upper Mullan Tyrone
MORGAN John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MORGAN John Lower Mullan Tyrone
MORGAN Thomas Belagherty L’Derry
MORGAN William Ballylifford L’Derry
MUD John Ballylifford L’Derry
MULDOON James Ballymultrea L’Derry
MULDOON John Ardagh L’Derry
MULHOLLAND Margaret Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MULLAN John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MULLAN Patrick Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MULLEN Joseph Ballymultrea L’Derry
MURPHY Matthew Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
MURRAY Bernard Belagherty L’Derry
MURRAY Hugh Lower Mullan Tyrone
MURRAY James Ballymultrea L’Derry
MURRAY John Ballymultrea L’Derry
MURRAY Rose Ballymultrea L’Derry
NEILL Edward Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
NEILL Hugh Belagherty L’Derry
NEILL Rose Lanaglug Tyrone
NEILL Thomas Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
NICHOLSON Edward Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
O’HARA Daniel Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
O’HARA Francis Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
O’NEILL William Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
O'NEILL Edward Killymuck L’Derry
O'NEILL Henry Ballylifford L’Derry
O'NEILL Henry, Jun. Ballylifford L’Derry
O'NEILL Henry, Sen. Ballylifford L’Derry
O'NEILL John The Gort alias Eglish Tyrone
O'NEILL Philip Ballylifford L’Derry
OVERN James Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
PARK John Killymuck L’Derry
PATTERSON Alexander Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
PORT Ambrose Belagherty L’Derry
PORT James Ballydonnell L’Derry
PORT James Killymuck L’Derry
PORT John Ballymultrea L’Derry
PORT Robert Ballydonnell L’Derry
PORT William Ballymultrea L’Derry
POTTER John Upper Mullan Tyrone
PURVIS John Ballymultrea L’Derry
QUIN Arthur Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
QUIN Thomas Belagherty L’Derry
QUIN Thomas Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
QUINN Charles Killymuck L’Derry
QUINN Francis Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
QUINN James Ballinderry L’Derry
QUINN John Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
QUINN John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
QUINN Patrick Ballydonnell L’Derry
QUINN Patrick Upper Mullan Tyrone
QUINN Philip Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
QUINN Sarah Killymuck L’Derry
QUINN Susan Killymuck L’Derry
QUINN Thomas Killymuck L’Derry
QUINN William Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
REILLY Patrick Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
ROBINSON William Lanaglug Tyrone
ROCKS Hugh Killymuck L’Derry
RYAN Edward The Gort alias Eglish Tyrone
SANDES Thomas Ballylifford L’Derry
SANDES Thomas Belagherty L’Derry
SANDYS William Lanaglug Tyrone
SCULLION Adam Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SCULLION Francis Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SCULLION James Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SCULLION John Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SCULLION Mary Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SCULLION Michael Killymuck L’Derry
SCULLION Murty Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SCULLION Murty, Jun. Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SCULLION Peter Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SCULLION William Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SHEILL Daniel Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
SHEPPARD George Ballydonnell L’Derry
SHEPPARD Mary Anne Ballymultrea L’Derry
SHEPPARD Samuel Ballymultrea L’Derry
SHEPPARD Thomas Ballydonnell L’Derry
SHEPPARD Thomas Ballymultrea L’Derry
SOUTER Charles Ballinderry L’Derry
SOUTER David Ballinderry L’Derry
SOUTER Elizabeth Ballydonnell L’Derry
SOUTER Elizabeth Lower Mullan Tyrone
SOUTER Hugh Ballydonnell L’Derry
SOUTER Robert Belagherty L’Derry
SOUTER William Ballydonnell L’Derry
SPEAR William Belagherty L’Derry
TAGGART Felix Upper Mullan Tyrone
TAGGART John Upper Mullan Tyrone
TANEY Philip Lower Mullan Tyrone
TAYLOR Ambrose Ballymultrea L’Derry
TAYLOR Ambrose, Jun. Ballydonnell L’Derry
TAYLOR Ambrose, Sen. Ballydonnell L’Derry
TAYLOR John Ballydonnell L’Derry
TAYLOR John Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
TAYLOR Margaret Killymuck L’Derry
TAYLOR Mary Ballydonnell L’Derry
TAYLOR Mary Ballymultrea L’Derry
TAYLOR Oliver Killymuck L’Derry
TAYLOR Robert Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
TAYLOR Rose Ballydonnell L’Derry
TAYLOR Samuel Ballydonnell L’Derry
TAYLOR Sarah Ardagh L’Derry
TAYLOR Thomas Ballymultrea L’Derry
TAYLOR Thomas Killymuck L’Derry
TEANY Thomas Ballinderry L’Derry
THOMPSON Wm. Jno. Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
TOMLINSON Stephen Belagherty L’Derry
TOMLINSON William Belagherty L’Derry
TONER James Belagherty L’Derry
TONOR Mary Lanaglug Tyrone
TOWNSEND Alexander Killymuck L’Derry
WALLACE William Lanaglug Tyrone
WARD John Killymuck L’Derry
WATERSON Joseph Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
WHAN Mary Ballylifford L’Derry
WHITE Patrick Derrycrin Conyngham Tyrone
WILKINSON Alexander Ardagh L’Derry
WILKINSON Alexander Lanaglug Tyrone
WILSON Thomas Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
WINDSOR Henry Ballylifford L’Derry
WOODS James Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
WORKMAN Ezekiel Ballinderry L’Derry
WRIGHT George Ballyronan Beg L’Derry
WRIGHT Henry Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone
WRIGHT John Ballylifford L’Derry
WRIGHT John Killymuck L’Derry
WRIGHT Robert Killymuck L’Derry
WRIGHT Thomas Ballylifford L’Derry
YOUNG John Ballinderry L’Derry
YOUNG John, Sen. Ballinderry L’Derry
YOUNG Robert Lanaglug Tyrone
YOUNG William Derrycrin Eglish Tyrone