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Index to Griffiths Valuation Aghalurcher Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


For an explanation of and the background to c1860 Griffiths Valuation see 

Further essential reading for Aghalurcher researchers is:

1833 Tithe Applotment Book

Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Extracted From the Press 1831-69


Aghalurcher Parish straddles the Cos. Tyrone & Fermanagh Border: this file contains records extracted from Tyrone Townlands ONLY!

Aghalurcher Parish Cos. Tyrone and Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
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Townland Townland Townland Townland
Alderwood Artclea Beagh Breakly
Crockacleaven Crocknahull Cullentra Cullynane
Kill Kiltermon Loughermore Glebe Mullaghmore
Rahack Glebe Relessy Tattanellan Timpany


ALEXANDER William Breakly
BIRNEY Arthur Cullentra
BIRNEY John Artclea
BIRNEY Margaret Crocknahull
BIRNEY William Tattanellan
BLACKLEY Joseph Rahack Glebe
BOGUE Bernard Mullaghmore
BOGUE Hugh Alderwood
BOGUE James Alderwood
BOYD John Timpany
BRANNAGAN Thomas Crockacleaven
BREADIN William Cullentra
BROGUE Bernard Crocknahull
BROWN Andrew Loughermore Glebe
BROWN Anne Mullaghmore
BROWN Charles Relessy
BROWN Charles Tircar
BROWN James Relessy
BURNSIDE James Artclea
BURNSIDE John Breakly
CALDWELL Henry Alderwood
CALDWELL James Alderwood
CALDWELL James Crockacleaven
CALDWELL John Alderwood
CARR Charles Mullaghmore
CARR Edward Tattanellan
CARR John Mullaghmore
CLENDENNING John Kiltermon
CLINGER George Relessy
COWAN Elizabeth Tattanellan
CROZIER Robert Tircar
CROZIER Thomas Beagh
CRUDDEN Catherine Alderwood
DALY Anne Timpany
DRUM Michael Mullaghmore
FORSYTHE William Breakly
FRANCY James Crockacleaven
GILLESPIE Daniel Relessy
GRAY John Artclea
GUNN John Artclea
HACKETT William Mullaghmore
HADDEN James Artclea
HALL Anne Rahack Glebe
HALL James, Jun. Tircar
HALL James, Sen. Tircar
HALL John Loughermore Glebe
HALL Joseph Tircar
HALL Robert Loughermore Glebe
HALL Robert Rahack Glebe
HALL Robert Tircar
HALL Samuel Rahack Glebe
HAMILTON Charles Timpany
HAMILTON John Cullynane
HANNAN Thomas Tattanellan
HAW Robert Crockacleaven
HAW Robert, Jun Alderwood
HAW Robert, Sen. Alderwood
HOWE John Artclea
HOWE William Cullynane
IRWIN John Beagh
IRWIN John, Jun. Kiltermon
IRWIN John, Sen. Kiltermon
IRWIN Joseph Artclea
IRWIN Matthew Kill
IRWIN Thomas Beagh
IRWIN Thomas Mullaghmore
JOHNSTON Archibald Kill
JOHNSTON Robert Timpany
JOHNSTON Thomas Kill
JOHNSTON Thomas Timpany
KEANE John Breakly
KEARNS Abraham Crockacleaven
KEENAN Patrick Tattanellan
KEENAN Thomas Mullaghmore
KELLY Bernard Kiltermon
LENDRUM Jane Cullynane
LENDRUM John Cullynane
LENDRUM John Mullaghmore
LENDRUM John Timpany
LENDRUM Mary Mullaghmore
LENDRUM Richard Beagh
LENDRUM William Relessy
LIPTON Samuel Artclea
LIPTON William Cullynane
LIPTON William Kiltermon
LITTLE Andrew Tircar
MARREN Francis Kiltermon
MAYNE Francis Cullentra
MCCAFFERY Francis Cullentra
MCCAFFERY James Cullentra
MCCAFFREY Patrick Kiltermon
MCCANN John Mullaghmore
MCCAUSLAND Robert Artclea
MCGOREN Hugh Tattanellan
MCGUINNESS Joseph Kiltermon
MCGUIRE Patrick Cullentra
MCKENNA Bernard Timpany
MCCAFFREY Francis, Jun. Alderwood
MCCAFFREY Francis, Sen. Alderwood
MCCAFFREY Patrick Alderwood
MCCAFFREY Robert Alderwood
MCCANN Patrick Crockacleaven
MCCARROLL Peter Crockacleaven
MCEHOY John, Jr. Alderwood
MCELROY Francis Alderwood
MCELROY James Alderwood
MCELROY James Crockacleaven
MCELROY John, Jun. Alderwood
MCELROY John, Sen. Alderwood
MCELROY Mary Crockacleaven
MCELROY Michael Crockacleaven
MCELROY William Crockacleaven
MCELROY Ml. (pensioner) Crockacleaven
MCGIRR Owen Kill
MCGUIRE James Alderwood
MCGUIRE Patrick Alderwood
MCGUIRE Thomas Crockacleaven
MCMAHON James Crockacleaven
MILLIGAN Andrew Kill
MITCHELL William Tircar
MOAN John Timpany
MOFFETT Alexander Relessy
MONTGOMERY James Artclea
MONTGOMERY James Crockacleaven
MONTGOMERY Jane Kiltermon
MONTGOMERY John Crockacleaven
MONTGOMERY Reps. of Col. Artclea
MONTGOMERY Reps. of Col. Beagh
MONTGOMERY Reps. of Col. Cullynane
MONTGOMERY Reps. of Col. Mullaghmore
MONTGOMERY Robert Crockacleaven
MORTON Samuel Cullynane
NEALY Patrick Timpany
NOBLE James Kill
O'NEILL Henry Timpany
PATTERSON William Cullynane
PHAYR Thomas Kill
PHAYRE Edward Kiltermon
RAFFERTY Edward Crockacleaven
RAMSAY Andrew Beagh
SHEVLIN Henry Crockacleaven
SOMMERS William Relessy
STEWART Charles Breakly
TAGGART William Mullaghmore
TAYLOR William Crockacleaven
TAYLOR William Timpany
THOMPSON John Breakly
TRAYNOR James Loughermore Glebe
TRIMBLE James Kill
TRIMBLE James Mullaghmore
TRIMBLE John Beagh
WALKER William Kiltermon
WILSON Fleming Timpany
WILSON John Kill
WOODS Henry Artclea
WOODS John Cullentra
WOODS Robert Artclea
WOODS Terence Artclea
WOODS William, Jun. Artclea
WOODS William, Sen. Artclea
WRIGHT John Kill
WRIGHT Matthew Kill
YOUNG Patrick Tattanellan