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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Aghaloo Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see


ABRAHAM Jane Mulnahorn
ADAMS Randal Cronghill
ADAMS Randal Tullyblety
AGNEW Alexander Knockaroy
AGNEW Anne Town of Caledon
AGNEW James Knockaroy
AGNEW Robert Knockaroy
AGNEW Samuel Knockaroy
AGNEW William Knockaroy
AGNEW William Tullyblety
AIKEN Alexander Tannagh
ALEXANDER John Town of Caledon
ALEXANDER Mary Town of Caledon
ALL Alexander Mullyneill
ALL Andrew Mullintor
ALL Andrew Mullyneill
ALL Robert Tullyblety
ALL William Mullyneill
ALLEN Andrew Tullynashane
ALLEN Crawford Glendavagh
ALLEN James Kilmore
ALLEN James Tullyremon
ALLEN John Dromore
ALLEN John Tullynashane
ALLEN Samuel Caledon
ALLEN Samuel Town of Caledon
ALLEN Thomas Ballagh
ALLEN Thomas Knockaginny
ALLEN Thomas Tullynashane
ALLISON William Glencrew
AMBERSON John Cumber
ANDERSON David Crilly
ANDERSON David Town of Caledon
ANDERSON James Tullyblety
ANDERSON John Bohard
ANDERSON John Carricklongfield
ANDERSON Samuel Carricklongfield
ANDERSON Samuel Cronghill
ANDERSON Thomas Bohard
ANDERSON William Glenkeen
ARCHER Edward Culligan
ARCHER John Kilsampson
ARCHER John Town of Caledon
ARMSTRONG Rev. Wm. B. Caledon
ARMSTRONG Rev. Wm. B. Tullynashane
ARMSTRONG Thomas Mulnahorn
ARMSTRONG William Drummond
ARMSTRONG William Mullaghmore West
ASHFIELD John Rehaghy
BAKER Margaret Legane
BALL James Mullyneill
BARBER David Mullaghmore East
BARNES Robert Curlagh
BARNS Edward Cumber
BARR John Anacramp
BARR John Finglush
BARR John Knockaginny
BARR John Ramaket
BARRETT Thomas Derrylappen
BEARNES Thomas Mulnahorn
BEATTY William Drummond
BELL Charles Glendavagh
BELL Charles Tullyblety
BELL David Edenageeragh
BELL James Tullyblety
BELL Robert Crilly
BELL Sarah Anne Tullyblety
BELL William Crilly
BELL William Tullyblety
BELLA Thomas Town of Caledon
BERRY Robert Derrykintone
BEST Hugh Annaghsallagh
BEST John Lismulladown
BEST Joseph Mullyneill
BEST Thomas Mullyneill
BLANEY Susanna Creevelough
BLANEY William Mullycarnan
BLANEY William Mullyneill
BLOOMER Elizabeth Town of Caledon
BLOOMER John Church Hill, Town of Caledon
BLOOMER John Town of Caledon
BLOOMER Margaret Church Hill, Town of Caledon
BLOOMER Richard Kilsampson
BLOOMER Thomas Town of Caledon
BLUMER Anne Finglush
BLUMER James Finglush
BOGUE Hugh Bohard
BOGUE John Annaghsallagh
BOGUE Owen Bohard
BORMAN James Tullyremon
BOYD Mary Glendavagh
BOYLAN James Derrykintone
BOYLAN James Millberry
BRADLEY Arthur Legane
BRADLEY Michael Legane
BRADY David Mullyneill
BRADY James Knockaroy
BRADY Richard Curlagh
BRANIGAN Denis Mullyneill
BRANIGAN James Kilsannagh
BRANNIGAN Anne Church Hill, Town of Caledon
BRAWLEY Francis Ballagh
BRAWLEY Henry Mullaghmore East
BRENNAN Alice Millberry
BROWNE George Knockaroy
BROWNE James Bohard
BROWNE James Tullyblety
BROWNE John Aghenis
BROWNE John Mullycarnan
BROWNE Joseph Rehaghy
BROWNE William Mill Street, Town of Caledon
BROWNE William Town of Caledon
BRYERS Robert Crilly
BURNS James Ballagh
BURNS James Ballyboy
BURNS John Town of Caledon
BURNS Matthew Curlagh
BURNS Thomas Anacramp
BURNS Thomas Town of Caledon
BURNS William Annaghsallagh
BYARS James Dyan
CADOO Bell Creevelough
CADOO George Killynaul
CADOO James Kilsannagh
CADOO John Kilsannagh
CALEDON Earl of Ballyvaddy
CALEDON Earl of Creevelough
CALEDON Earl of Kilmore
CALEDON Earl of Lismulladown
CALEDON Earl of Mullycarnan
CALEDON Earl of Tannagh
CALLAGHAN James Curlagh
CALLAGHAN James Curlagh
CALLAGHAN John Town of Caledon
CAMPBELL Charles Finglush
CAMPBELL Edward Church Hill, Town of Caledon
CAMPBELL James Annaghsallagh
CAMPBELL James Caledon
CAMPBELL James Mullycarnan
CAMPBELL John Legane
CAMPBELL Joseph Creevelough
CAMPBELL Mary Glendavagh
CAMPBELL Mary Glenkeen
CAMPBELL Matthew Kilsannagh
CAMPBELL Mayne Legane
CAMPBELL Mayne Tannagh
CAMPBELL Robert Annaghsallagh
CAMPBELL Robert Derrylappen
CAMPBELL Robert Guiness
CAMPBELL Robert Tullynashane
CAMPBELL Samuel Rehaghy
CAMPBELL William Guiness
CAMPBELL William Kilsannagh
CARBERRY James Town of Caledon
CAREY John Mullaghmossagh
CARR James Derrykintone
CARR John Drumearn
CARR Patrick Henderson’s Row, Town of Caledon
CARROLL Alice Carricklongfield
CARROLL Arthur Glencrew
CARROLL George Rehaghy
CARROLL Henry Glasdrummond
CARROLL James Rehaghy
CARROLL Thomas Glencrew
CARSON William Church Hill, Town of Caledon
CASEY Peter Creevelough
CASSIDY James Culligan
CHAMBRE Hunt, W. Crilly
CHAMBRE Hunt, W. Glendavagh
CHAPMAN Robert Mulnahorn
CHERRY Elizabeth Town of Caledon
CHERRY George Drumearn
CHERRY George Drummond
CHERRY Robert Drummond
CHERRY William Rehaghy
CLAE? James Caledon
CLARKE Alexander Ballagh
CLARKE Ellen Town of Caledon
CLARKE John Creevelough
CLARKE John Cumber
CLARKE John Glasdrummond
CLARKE Patrick Derrylappen
CLARKE Robert Kilgowney
CLARKE William Drumearn
CLEMENTS Joseph Guiness
CLEMENTS William Legane
CLEMINS Ely Bohard
CLOW James Mill Street, Town of Caledon
CLOW James Town of Caledon
COCHRANE William Annagh
COCHRANE William Drummond
COCHRANE William Glencrew
COCHRANE William Mullaghmore West
COLLINS James Drumearn
COLLINS Thomas Derrykintone
COLLINS William Drumearn
CONNOLLY John Mullaghmossagh
CONOOTH Mary Rehaghy
CONROY James Carricklongfield
CONWAY Bernard Dunmacmay
CONWAY John Curlagh
COOGAN James Creevelough
COOGAN Patrick Kedew
COOKE William Ballagh
COOKE William Curlagh
COOTE James Glencrew
CORBETT George Edenageeragh
CORBETT George, Sr. Edenageeragh
CORBETT James Annagh
CORBETT James Mullaghmore West
CORBETT John Edenageeragh
CORBETT Mary Anne Mullaghmore West
CORBETT Thomas Glencrew
CORRIGAN Hugh Carricklongfield
CORRIGAN John Town of Caledon
COULTON William Creevelough
COWAN Thomas Tannagh
COYLE Catherine Ballyboy
COYLE Edward Annagh
COYLE Edward Glencrew
COYLE Edward, Jr. Glencrew
COYLE Mary Mullaghmore West
COYLE Michael Enagh
COYLE Richard Mullaghmore West
COYLE Terence Millberry
CRAIG Alexander Glendavagh
CRAIG John Drummond
CRAIG Thomas Glendavagh
CRAIG William Drumearn
CRAWFORD James W. Derrykintone
CRAWFORD William Millberry
CULL James Knockaginny
CULL Luke Anacramp
CULLAGH John Lismulladown
CULLEN James Drumess
CULLEN James Kilgowney
CULTON George Enagh
CULTON Samuel Killynaul
CULTON Samuel Lismulladown
CUMBERLAND William Mullintor
CUMMINS James Bohard
CUNNINGHAM David Cavanboy
CURRAN John Glendavagh
CURRAN John Glenkeen
CURRAN Patrick Annagh More
CURRAN Peter Mullyneill
CURRAN Rose Creevelough
CUSH Terence Carricklongfield
DALY Francis Ballyvaddy
DALY John Killynaul
DALY Mary Creevelough
DALY Thomas Ballyvaddy
DALY Thomas Creevelough
DALY William Glasdrummond
DARLINGTON Richard Mullynaveagh
DAVIDSON Alexander Mullycarnan
DAVIDSON David Lismulladown
DAVIDSON John Killynaul
DAVIDSON John Knockaroy
DAVIDSON William Annaghmore
DAVIDSON William Mullycarnan
DAVISON Fanny Drummond
DAWSON William Drumearn
DELACOURT Anne Edenageeragh
DELANEY Owen Dunmacmay
DELANY Mary Anacramp
DEVINE Charles Knockaroy
DEVINE Felix Derrykintone
DEVINE Hugh Glendavagh
DEVLIN Peter Town of Caledon
DILLON Grace Mullaghmore East
DILLON John Town of Caledon
DIXON George Drumearn
DIXON Henry Kilsannagh
DIXON James Knockaroy
DIXON John Creevelough
DIXON John Glasdrummond
DIXON Sarah Knockaroy
DIXON William Kilmore
DOHERTY Patrick Legane
DOMINICK James Rehaghy
DOMINICK William Rehaghy
DONAGHEY Bridget Glenkeen
DONAGHEY Charles Glenkeen
DONNELLY Edw., Jr. Glenkeen
DONNELLY Edward Glenkeen
DONNELLY Edward, Sr. Glenkeen
DONNELLY Hugh Knockaroy
DONNELLY Leslie Caledon
DONNELLY Leslie Town of Caledon
DONNELLY William Knockaginny
DONNELLY William Ramaket
DOOGAN Hugh Killynaul
DORAN James Town of Caledon
DORAN John Millberry
DORAN Thomas Town of Caledon
DORIN James Church Hill, Town of Caledon
DORNETT John Annaghsallagh
DORNOTT John Cumber
DOWNEY Barney Legane
DOWNEY David Legane
DOWNEY John Annaghmore
DOWNEY John Church Hill, Town of Caledon
DOWNEY Margaret Carricklongfield
DOWNEY Thomas Dyan
DRILLINGCOURT Joseph Glasdrummond
DRUM John Ards
DUFFY John Glendavagh
DUNNE Ellen Mullaghmossagh
DUNNE Peter Caledon
DUNNE Peter Town of Caledon
DURHAM Jane Town of Caledon
EAKIN James Town of Caledon
EDWARDS Henry Ballyvaddy
EDWARDS Henry Creevelough
EDWARDS Thomas Dyan
EDWARDS Thomas Kilmore
ELLIS Rev. Thomas Town of Caledon
EVANS Edward Millberry
EVANS Edward K. Annaghroe
EVANS Edward K. Culligan
EVANS Edward. K. Annaghroe
FAIRLEY William Glenkeen
FALLS William Carricklongfield
FARRELL Eliza Cumber
FARRELLY Margaret Town of Caledon
FENNELLY John Mulnahorn
FERGUSON David Tullynashane
FERGUSON James Ballyboy
FERGUSON James Tannaghlane
FERGUSON Mary Glasdrummond
FERGUSON Robert Guiness
FERGUSON Robert Tullynashane
FERNS Mary Town of Caledon
FINLAY James Rehaghy
FINNEGAN John Rehaghy
FLEMING Isaac Church Hill, Town of Caledon
FLEMING John Mullycarnan
FLEMING John Tannagh
FLEMING Noble Drumearn
FLEMING Richard Drummond
FLEMING William Glenkeen
FORD Edward Annaghsallagh
FRAZER Alexander Mulnahorn
GALWAY George Mullintor
GARDINER John Glendavagh
GARDINER William Church Hill, Town of Caledon
GARDINER William Town of Caledon
GARLAND James Kilmore
GARRETT Matilda Creevelough
GARRETT Samuel Creevelough
GARRETT William Town of Caledon
GASCON Henry Mulnahorn
GAWLEY Andrew Tannaghlane
GAWLEY James Tannaghlane
GIBSON James Kilsannagh
GILDERNEW John Creevelough
GILLESPIE Charles Kilsannagh
GILLESPIE George Mullintor
GILLESPIE James Dunmacmay
GILLESPIE Patrick Derrylappen
GILLESPIE Robert Mullintor
GILLESPIE Robert Town of Caledon
GILLESPIE Samuel Drumearn
GIVAN John Glendavagh
GLACKIN Edward Cronghill
GLYNN James Rehaghy
GOODFELLOW Barney Knockaroy
GORDON Benjamin Ramaket
GORDON William Caledon
GORDON William Town of Caledon
GORMAN Charles Town of Caledon
GOUDY Alexander Glasdrummond
GRAHAM Joseph Glasdrummond
GRAHAM Michael Glendavagh
GRAHAM Patrick Glendavagh
GRAHAM William Killynaul
GRAY Francis Killynaul
GRAY Rev. Alexander Lismulladown
GRIMES Matthew Cumber
GUILDERNEW Felix Derrylappen
GUY Eliza Edenageeragh
HADDEN James Dromore
HADDEN John Cumber
HADDEN Robert Crilly
HADDEN Robert Glenkeen
HADDON James Dunmacmay
HADDON John Dromore
HADDON Joseph Dromore
HAGAN James Glenkeen
HAGAN John Annaghmore
HAGAN Philip Glendavagh
HAGAN Philip Glenkeen
HAGAN William Glenkeen
HALL Church Town of Caledon
HALL Henry Curlagh
HALL James Curlagh
HALL John Curlagh
HALL Mary Curlagh
HALL Samuel Curlagh
HALL Thomas Curlagh
HALLIGAN Bernard Dromore
HALLIGAN Edward Knockaginny
HALLIGAN Joseph Town of Caledon
HALLIGAN Thomas Knockaginny
HAMILL George Knockaroy
HAMILL Henry Annaghsallagh
HAMILL Henry Carricklongfield
HAMILL Henry Legane
HAMILL Hugh Ballyboy
HAMILL Hugh Ballyvaddy
HAMILL James Derrycourtney
HAMILL John Knockaroy
HAMILTON Henry Drummond
HAMILTON James Tannaghlane
HAMILTON Robert Drummond
HAMMOND George Crilly
HARDY Robert Glenkeen
HARKER William Cronghill
HARPER Margaret Church Hill, Town of Caledon
HARPER Robert Culligan
HARPER Robert Derrykintone
HARPER Robert Town of Caledon
HARVEY Isabella Glenkeen
HARVEY Margaret Church Hill, Town of Caledon
HAUGHEY Daniel Enagh
HAUGHEY John Derrykintone
HAUGHEY John Knockaroy
HAUGHTON William Church Hill, Town of Caledon
HAWTH Thomas Mulnahorn
HAWTHORN William Mill Street, Town of Caledon
HAYES James Caledon
HAZELOP [HAZELTON?] Hugh Dunmacmay
HAZELOP [HAZELTON?] Thomas Dunmacmay
HAZELTON Abraham Glasdrummond
HAZELTON William Glasdrummond
HEHIR James Ramaket
HENDERSON Hugh Drumearn
HENDERSON Hugh Drummond
HENDERSON Hugh Mulnahorn
HENDERSON James Caledon
HENDERSON James Church Hill, Town of Caledon
HENDERSON James Tullynashane
HENDERSON James, Jr. Church Hill, Town of Caledon
HENDERSON Jane Caledon
HENDERSON Jane Guiness
HENDERSON Jane Tullynashane
HENDERSON Marshall Carricklongfield
HENEY Peter Town of Caledon
HENRY Hugh Carricklongfield
HETHERTON Jane Tullyblety
HIGGINS Patrick Mullaghmossagh
HILL James Annagh
HINCHEY William Tannaghlane
HODGE Jane Knockaroy
HOEY Alexander Carricklongfield
HOEY George Dyan
HOEY George Kilmore
HOEY George Kilsannagh
HOEY Henderson Cavanboy
HOEY Henderson Dyan
HOEY Henderson Stragane
HOEY Isaac Carricklongfield
HOEY James Glasdrummond
HOEY Jane Kedew
HOEY Jane Mullaghmore East
HOEY William Lismulladown
HOLKITT Charles Tullyblety
HOLLAND John Bohard
HOLLAND Thomas Creevelough
HOLLAND William Creevelough
HOMER Alexander Rehaghy
HOPPS John Derrygooly
HOPPS Samuel Derrygooly
HORNER Eliza Glencrew
HORNER John Edenageeragh
HOUSTON James Mulnahorn
HUGHES Andrew Town of Caledon
HUGHES Catherine Town of Caledon
HUGHES Charles Annaghsallagh
HUGHES Denis Creevelough
HUGHES George Town of Caledon
HUGHES Henry Tannaghlane
HUGHES James Ballyvaddy
HUGHES James Creevelough
HUGHES James Glasdrummond
HUGHES James Town of Caledon
HUGHES John Cavanboy
HUGHES John Rehaghy
HUGHES Mary Kilsampson
HUGHES Patrick Millberry
HUGHES Terence Enagh
HUGHES Terence Town of Caledon
HUGHES Thomas Creevelough
HUGHES William Town of Caledon
HUNTER Alan Mullaghmore East
HUNTER James Tannaghlane
HUTTON William Legane
IRWIN Anne Lairakean
IRWIN Anne Town of Caledon
IRWIN Baptist Rehaghy
IRWIN Catherine Kilsannagh
IRWIN Elizabeth Rehaghy
IRWIN Hugh Cronghill
IRWIN James Curlagh
IRWIN James Dyan
IRWIN James Killynaul
IRWIN John Drumearn
IRWIN John Knockaroy
IRWIN Michael Creevelough
IRWIN Thomas Ballyvaddy
IRWIN Thomas Caledon
IRWIN Thomas Cavanboy
IRWIN Thomas Kilgowney
IRWIN Thomas Lairakean
IRWIN Thomas Stragane
IRWIN Thomas Town of Caledon
IRWIN William Drumess
IRWIN William Glasdrummond
IRWIN William Rehaghy
JADDON [JARDIN?] Robert Tannaghlane
JAMESON John Crilly
JARDIN James Glasdrummond
JENKINSON David Tannagh
JENKINSON George Tannagh
JENKINSON James Bohard
JOHNSON William Drummond
JOHNSON Wm Mulnahorn
JOHNSTON James Dunmacmay
JOHNSTON James Finglush
JOHNSTON John Kilmore
JOHNSTON John Mullintor
JOHNSTON John Town of Caledon
JOHNSTON Robert Rehaghy
JOHNSTON William Ballyvaddy
JOHNSTON William Creevelough
JOHNSTON William Mullyneill
JONES Anne Knockaroy
JOYCE George Glenkeen
KEANE John Glenkeen
KEENAN Charles Church Hill, Town of Caledon
KEIGHERY James Town of Caledon
KEIGHERY William Town of Caledon
KELLY Francis Derrycourtney
KELLY Hugh Tannagh
KELLY James Annaghsallagh
KELLY Mary Town of Caledon
KELLY Neal Carricklongfield
KELLY William Mullycarnan
KELLY William Mullyneill
KELLY William Tannagh
KELLY William Town of Caledon
KELTER Bell Crilly
KENNEDY John Millberry
KENNEDY Joseph Enagh
KENNEDY William Guiness
KEYS John Edenageeragh
KILPATRICK James Mulnahorn
KILPATRICK John Glendavagh
KINCAID William Knockaroy
KING James Crilly
KING James Glendavagh
KINGSTOWN William Town of Caledon
KIRKLAND Solomon Town of Caledon
KYLE Alexander Glendavagh
KYLE George Rehaghy
LANERY [LAVERY?] Henry Knockaginny
LAVERY Hugh Town of Caledon
LEE James Town of Caledon
LEE John Knockaroy
LEE Leonard Mulnahorn
LEE Mary Glenkeen
LEE Stuart Church Hill, Town of Caledon
LEGGETT George Drummond
LEGGETT Samuel Annaghsallagh
LEGGETT William Knockaroy
LESLIE William Mullyneill
LEVINGSTON Alexander Ballagh
LINDSAY Sarah Derrykintone
LITTLE George Dunmacmay
LITTLE Guy Derrycourtney
LITTLE James Knockaroy
LITTLE James Knocknaroy
LITTLE Joseph Glendavagh
LITTLE Oliver Dunmacmay
LITTLE Sarah Drummond
LITTLE Simon Kilmore
LITTLE Thomas Knockaroy
LOGAN James Glendavagh
LOUGHRAN Mary Creevelough
LOWRY Eliza Annagh
LOWRY Mary Anne Tannaghlane
LUCAS Charles Annaghsallagh
LUCAS Sarah Anne Knockaroy
MABLE Hugh Mulnahorn
MACKAY Robert Cumber
MACKAY Robert Mullycarnan
MACKAY William Millberry
MAGRATH James Town of Caledon
MAGUIRE John Derrykintone
MAGUIRE Patrick Dromore
MAHAFFY James Tannaghlane
MAHAFFY Robert Tannaghlane
MANEELY Thomas Knocknaroy
MARLEY Douglas Enagh
MARLOW John Glenkeen
MARLOW William Creevelough
MARSHALL Benjamin Tannaghlane
MARSHALL Henry Carricklongfield
MARSHALL James Glendavagh
MARSHALL Jane Curlagh
MARSHALL John Glenkeen
MARSHALL John Killynaul
MARSHALL John Mullyneill
MARSHALL Joseph Carricklongfield
MARSHALL Joseph Glenkeen
MARSHALL Matthew Carricklongfield
MARSHALL Matthew Mullaghmore East
MARSHALL Richard Town of Caledon
MARSHALL Robert Carricklongfield
MARSHALL Robert Cumber
MARSHALL Robert Mullintor
MARSHALL Robert Town of Caledon
MARSHALL Roderick Cumber
MARSHALL Roger Drummond
MARSHALL Thomas Carricklongfield
MARSHALL Thomas Legane
MARSHALL William Bohard
MARSHALL William Guiness
MARSHALL William Tullynashane
MARTIN Jn. Drummond
MARTIN John Edenageeragh
MARTIN John Mulnahorn
MAYNE John Edenageeragh
MAYNE Nathaniel Rehaghy
MAYNE William Glasdrummond
McADAM John Drummond
McADAM John, Jr. Drummond
McAFEE John Drummond
McANALLY John Derrykintone
McANALLY John Town of Caledon
McANNALLEN William Kilmore
McATAMNEY Henry Creevelough
McATAMNEY Henry Derrylappen
McCAFFERY Samuel Mulnahorn
McCAGHEY John Annagh More
McCANN Anne Drumearn
McCANN Barney Knockaroy
McCANN Jane Knocknaroy
McCANN John Creevelough
McCANN Patrick Knockaroy
McCANN Susan Annaghmore
McCANN Terence Knockaroy
McCANN Thomas Mullyneill
McCARRON James Anacramp
McCARTNEY Anne Church Hill, Town of Caledon
McCARTNEY Thomas Culligan
McCAUL Daniel Creevelough
McCAUL Robert Crilly
McCAWLEY John Crilly
McCHESNEY James Mullyneill
McCLEARY Alexander Glenkeen
McCLEARY Mary Mullycarnan
McCLEERY George Enagh
McCLEERY George Kilgowney
McCLEERY James Tullyblety
McCLEERY Joseph Glenarb
McCOMMON Thomas Glasdrummond
McCONNELL James Cumber
McCONNELL William Mullaghmore West
McCOY Samuel Mullintor
MCCOY William Anacramp
McCOY William Anacramp
McCREDDAN John Mullintor
McCREDDAN Samuel Mullintor
McCREERY Thomas Mulnahorn
McCREIGHT Andrew W. Edenageeragh
McCREIGHT Andw. Wm. Crilly
McCRUDDEN Samuel Killynaul
McCULLAGH George Mulnahorn
McCULLAGH Rev. Andw. Kilgowney
McCULLAGH William Glendavagh
McCUTCHEON George Town of Caledon
McDONNELL Alexander Mullaghmore West
McDONNELL Francis Legane
McDONNELL James Derrylappen
McDONNELL John Legane
McELROY Hugh Kilsannagh
MCELROY John Henderson’s Row, Town of Caledon
McGANITY Peter Knockaroy
McGEE Arthur Glenarb
McGEE Arthur Glenarb
McGEE James Mullaghmossagh
McGEE James Mulnahorn
McGEE John Mulnahorn
McGEE Jonathon Dunmacmay
McGEE Patrick Derrylappen
McGILL Joseph Annaghsallagh
McGILL Joseph Ards
McGILL Joseph Lismulladown
McGILLY John Town of Caledon
McGINN Hugh Annagh More
McGIRR John Church Hill, Town of Caledon
McGIRR John Mullaghmossagh
McGLONE Arthur Annaghsallagh
McGLONE Michael Annaghsallagh
McGLONE Peter Annaghsallagh
McGONIGLE William Kedew
McGRANN Hugh Annaghmore
McGRANN James Annaghsallagh
McGRANN John Annaghmore
McGRANN Sarah Annaghsallagh
McGRATH James Church Hill, Town of Caledon
McGRATH James Kilgowney
McGRATH Thomas Edenageeragh
McGRONAN John Annaghmore
McGRONAN John Creevelough
McGRONAN John Derrylappen
McGRONAN Mary Creevelough
McGUIGGAN Hugh Church Hill, Town of Caledon
McGUIGGAN Patrick Knockaroy
McGUIGGAN Patrick Town of Caledon
McGUIRE Hugh Town of Caledon
McGURE John Lismulladown
McHUGH John Kilmore
McHUGH John Legane
McKENNA Andrew Drummond
McKENNA Charles Dunmacmay
McKENNA Charles Knockaroy
McKENNA Charles Tullynashane
McKENNA Francis Mullyneill
McKENNA Hugh Annaghsallagh
McKENNA James Ballagh
McKENNA James Crilly
McKENNA James Glencrew
McKENNA John Knockaroy
McKENNA Nogher Creevelough
McKENNA Owen Enagh
McKENNA Patrick Aghenis
McKENNA Patrick Drummond
McKENNA Patrick Dunmacmay
McKENNA Patrick Knockaroy
McKENNA Peter Mulnahorn
McKENNA Samuel Ballagh
McKENNA Samuel Curlagh
McKENNA Samuel Mullintor
McKENNA William Drummond
McKENNY Benjamin Town of Caledon
McKEON John Ballyvaddy
McKEON John Kilmore
McKEON John Mullintor
McKIGNEY James Mullynaveagh
McKIGNEY John Kilmore
McKIGNEY John Mullycarnan
McKIGNEY John Mullyneill
McKIGNEY Patrick Mullaghmore East
McKIGNEY Thomas Guiness
McKINLEY James Town of Caledon
McKINLEY William Curlagh
McKINNEY Samuel Curlagh
McMAHON Edward Aghenis
McMAHON Francis Derrykintone
McMAHON Hugh Anacramp
McMAHON John Church Hill, Town of Caledon
McMAHON Patrick Rehaghy
McMAHON Peter Anacramp
McMANUS James Derrykintone
McMANUS John Ballagh
McMANUS John Cumber
McMANUS John Curlagh
McMANUS John Dunmacmay
McMANUS William Curlagh
McMASTER James Lairakean
McMICHAEL James Creevelough
McMICHAEL James Drummond
McMITCHELL Robert Town of Caledon
McMULLEN Francis Kilmore
McMULLEN Henry Ballyboy
McMULLEN Hugh Ballyboy
McMULLEN Peter Mullaghmossagh
McMULLIN James Town of Caledon
McNALLY Bridget Ballyvaddy
McNALLY Henry Ballyvaddy
McNALLY Henry Mullintor
McNEELY Hugh Drumearn
McNEELY James Glendavagh
McNEELY John Drumearn
McNEELY John Mulnahorn
McNEELY Thomas Glenkeen
McNEELY William Glendavagh
McPIKE Joseph Glasdrummond
McPIKE Robert Rehaghy
McQUADE Henry Tannaghlane
McQUADE Patrick Mullycarnan
McQUAID Catherine Annaghmore
McQUAID Rep. Anne Annagh More
McQUAID Rep. Anne Annaghmore
McQUAID Rose Annaghmore
McVEAGH James Town of Caledon
McVEIGH James Caledon
McVEIGH James Enagh
McVEIGH James Kilgowney
McVEIGH James Knockaroy
McVEIGH Patrick Caledon
McVEIGH Peter Knockaroy
McVEY Joseph Town of Caledon
McVEY Patrick Town of Caledon
McWILLIAMS James Mullaghmore West
McWILLIAMS Thomas Mullaghmore West
MEALIN James Glenkeen
MELLON James Glenkeen
MERCER Charles Town of Caledon
MERCER Henry Dromore
MERCER James Dromore
MERCER James Finglush
MERCER James Town of Caledon
MERCER John Dromore
MERCER Matthew Curlagh
MERCER Nicholas Finglush
MERCER Robert Dromore
MERCER Robert Finglush
MERCER William Church Hill, Town of Caledon
MERCER William Finglush
MEYLIN Thomas Tullyblety
MILLER Francis Ballyvaddy
MILLIGAN Robert Kilsannagh
MOFFETT William Edenageeragh
MOLLOY John Mullaghmore East
MONTGOMERY James Drummond
MONTGOMERY Thos. Mulnahorn
MONTGOMERY Vaughan Crilly
MONTGOMERY Vaughan Mulnahorn
MOONEY Edward Legane
MOORE Cecil Drummond
MOORE Cecil Mulnahorn
MOORE James H. Drumearn
MOORE Robert Mullyneill
MORRISON Thomas Bohard
MORRISON William Kilmore
MORRISON William, Jr. Bohard
MORRISON William, Sr. Bohard
MORROW Eliza Dromore
MORROW James Rehaghy
MORROW John Cumber
MORROW John Glasdrummond
MORROW John Rehaghy
MORROW Matthew Dromore
MORROW William Curlagh
MORROW William Glasdrummond
MORROW William Millberry
MOSSMAN George Legane
MULDOON Edward Derrylappen
MULDOON John Glasdrummond
MULDOON Owen Cronghill
MULLEN James Anacramp
MULLEN James Legane
MULLEN John Ballyboy
MULLEN John Mullaghmore West
MULLEN Patrick Anacramp
MULLEN William Dunmacmay
MULLIN Felix Mullaghmore West
MULLIN John Mulnahorn
MULLIN Owen Mullaghmore West
MUNROE William Town of Caledon
MURPHY Bridget Town of Caledon
MURPHY Owen Knockaroy
MURPHY Samuel Ballyboy
MURPHY Susan Town of Caledon
MURRAY Bernard Mulnahorn
MURRAY James Glenkeen
MURRAY John Crilly
MURRAY Michael Mulnahorn
MURRAY Owen Glendavagh
MURRAY Owen Mulnahorn
MURRAY Robert Derrygooly
MURRAY Robert Glenkeen
MURRAY Robert, Sr. Glenkeen
MURRAY Thomas Glenkeen
NELIS Alexander Mullaghmore West
NELIS James Mullaghmore West
NELSON Joseph Kilsannagh
NELSON William Legane
NICHOLSON James Cumber
NIMINS John Kilsannagh
O’BRIEN John Knockaginny
O’DONNELL Daniel Creevelough
O’DONNELL Daniel Derrylappen
O’DONNELL Edward Creevelough
O’DONNELL Edward Derrylappen
O’HANE James Cumber
O’HARA George Edenageeragh
O’HARE Henry Curlagh
O’HARE Henry Knockaginny
O’HARE James Knockaginny
O’HARE Owen Mullaghmossagh
O’HARE Patrick Mullaghmossagh
O’HARE Thomas Knockaginny
O’HARE Thomas Town of Caledon
OAKMAN William Legane
OLIVER Andrew Lismulladown
OLIVER James Annaghsallagh
OLIVER James Lismulladown
OLIVER James, Sr. Lismulladown
OLIVER Margaret Lismulladown
OLIVER Mark Annaghsallagh
OLIVER Robert Enagh
OLIVER Robert Lairakean
OLIVER William Edenageeragh
OLIVER William Enagh
O'MEARA Daniel Town of Caledon
ONEILL John Knockaroy
ONEILL Michael Glenarb
PARKINSON Henry Derrykintone
PARKINSON William Derrykintone
PARR Benjamin Legane
PARR Thomas Derrylappen
PASSAND John Main Street, Town of Caledon
PATTERSON Anne E. Town of Caledon
PATTERSON James Town of Caledon
PATTERSON William Rehaghy
PETTIGREW Charles Bohard
PHAIR Robert Kedew
PHAIR William Bohard
PINKERTON James Edenageeragh
PLUNKET James Creevelough
PLUNKETT Nathaniel Creevelough
POTTER James Tannaghlane
POTTER John Ards
POTTER Robert Ballagh
POTTER Robert Curlagh
PRENDERGAST Richard Glasdrummond
PRENTICE Henry Millberry
PRENTICE Henry Town of Caledon
PRENTICE Henry L. Kilsampson
PRINGLE Alexander Killynaul
PRINGLE Alexander Tannaghlane
PRINGLE John Ballagh
QUEEN Cunningham Kilsampson
QUINN Alexander Knockaroy
QUINN Charles Lismulladown
QUINN John Town of Caledon
QUINN William Church Hill, Town of Caledon
QUINN William Dromore
RAFFERTY Daniel Legane
RAMSAY John Drumearn
READE Robert Mulnahorn
READE William Glencrew
REEVES James Edenageeragh
REID James Glendavagh
REID James Glenkeen
REID John Legane
REID Sarah Kilmore
REID William Glendavagh
REID William Legane
REILLY Anne Kilsampson
REILLY Anne Town of Caledon
REILLY Denis Enagh
REILLY Sarah Culligan
ROBINSON Charles Cumber
ROBINSON George Cumber
ROBINSON James Enagh
ROBINSON James Glasdrummond
ROBINSON John Cumber
ROBINSON John Curlagh
ROBINSON William Derrykintone
ROBINSON William Millberry
ROBINSON William Tullyblety
RODGERS John Derrykintone
RUSH Hugh Derrykintone
RUSH James Derrykintone
RUTHERFORD Mary Derrylappen
RUTHERFORD William Mullintor
SALLY Grace Glencrew
SALLY James Edenageeragh
SALLY Samuel Annagh
SALLY Samuel Glendavagh
SCOTT Adam Dunmacmay
SCOTT Alexander Dunmacmay
SCOTT Andrew Kilmore
SCOTT James Crilly
SCOTT John Annaghsallagh
SCOTT Joseph Church Hill, Town of Caledon
SCOTT Joseph Town of Caledon
SCOTT Rep. Joseph Town of Caledon
SCOTT Thomas Dunmacmay
SCOTT Thomas Kilsannagh
SCOTT William Glendavagh
SCROGGY George Cumber
SCROGGY James Mullintor
SHANNON Samuel Legane
SHEILS James Bohard
SHEILS Mark Edenageeragh
SHENY Michael Annaghsallagh
SHENY Patrick Annaghsallagh
SHEPHERD Sarah Glendavagh
SHEPPARD Sarah Rehaghy
SHERIDAN Bernard Church Hill, Town of Caledon
SHERIDAN Denis Ballyboy
SHERIDAN William Ballyboy
SHERIDAN William Town of Caledon
SHERRY John Ramaket
SHERRY Michael Annaghsallagh
SHERRY Michael Town of Caledon
SHIELS John Rehaghy
SIMPSON Andrew Caledon
SIMPSON Andrew Kilsampson
SIMPSON Anne Town of Caledon
SIMPSON Cornelius Anacramp
SIMPSON Hugh Drumearn
SIMPSON James Millberry
SIMPSON John Church Hill, Town of Caledon
SIMPSON William Kilmore
SLATOR Anne Tullyblety
SLEITH John Rehaghy
SLEVIN Anne Town of Caledon
SLEVIN Catherine Annaghsallagh
SLOAN Jerry Cumber
SLOANE Francis Tullyblety
SLOANE William Killynaul
SMALLEN Bernard Town of Caledon
SMITH Andrew Glasdrummond
SMITH Anne Mulnahorn
SMITH George Mulnahorn
SMITH James Mulnahorn
SMITH John Tannagh
SMITH Thomas Cronghill
SMITH Thomas Mulnahorn
SMITH William Rehaghy
SMOLLEN John Knockaginny
SOALLY [SORLEY?] Andrew Glendavagh
SORLEY Thomas Mullycarnan
STENSON Rev. John Glendavagh
STENSON William Glasdrummond
STENSON William Knockaginny
STEPHENSON Mary Carricklongfield
STEPHENSON William Carricklongfield
STEVENSON James Legane
STEVENSON William Legane
STEWART Hamilton Bohard
STOCKDALE George Rehaghy
STOCKDALE John Rehaghy
STOCKDALE Thomas Glasdrummond
STOKES Rev. Hudleston Creevelough
STREETT [STRUTT?] Samuel Kilmore
STRINGER Thomas Kilsannagh
STRUTT James Ramaket
STRUTT Lang Ramaket
STRUTT Robert Town of Caledon
SWAN Thomas Ballagh
SWAN Thomas Curlagh
SWAN Thomas Derrycourtney
SWAN William Aghenis
SWAN William Kilgowney
TAGGART Isaac Drummond
TAGGART John Millberry
TAGGART John Town of Caledon
TAGGART Moses Bohard
TAGGART Moses Culligan
TAGGART William Kilsannagh
TARLEY George Mullyneill
TASSEY Robert Kilgowney
TASSIE Robert Town of Caledon
TASSIE William, Senr. Town of Caledon
TATE Alexander Glasdrummond
TEASY William Caledon
TEASY William Tullynashane
THOMPSON James Edenageeragh
THOMPSON William Cavanboy
TIERNEY James Legane
TIERNEY Thomas Kilmore
TIMNEY Mary Town of Caledon
TOOLE John Legane
TOOLE Peter Legane
TRAYNOR Francis Ballyvaddy
TRAYNOR Francis Caledon
TRAYNOR Francis Derrykintone
TRAYNOR Hugh Creevelough
TRAYNOR Jn. Drummond
TRAYNOR John Mulnahorn
TRAYNOR Owen Drumearn
TRAYNOR Owen Drummond
TRAYNOR Thomas Creevelough
TRAYNOR William Aghenis
TREANOR Bernard Annaghmore
TROTTER John Lismulladown
TROTTER John Mullycarnan
TROTTER Margaret Tannagh
TROUSDALE Margaret Knockaroy
VANNY Jane Kedew
VERNER John Annaghmore
VERNER Robert Stragane
WAFER Ellen Town of Caledon
WALKER David Derrylappen
WALKER Mary Town of Caledon
WALKER Thomas Town of Caledon
WALLACE John Carricklongfield
WALLACE Samuel Mullyneill
WATERS Hamilton Bohard
WATSON James Dunmacmay
WATSON William Lismulladown
WATT Alexander Mill Street, Town of Caledon
WATT John Ballyboy
WATT John Enagh
WATT William Ballyboy
WHITE George Annaghsallagh
WHITE George Cumber
WHITE Robert Annaghsallagh
WHITE William Derrygooly
WHITE William Lairakean
WHITE William Tannaghlane
WIGGANS Andrew Edenageeragh
WILKIN David Glenarb
WILKIN David Knockaginny
WILKIN Elizabeth Caledon
WILKIN Elizabeth Town of Caledon
WILKIN John Knockaginny
WILKIN John Lairakean
WILKIN John Tannaghlane
WILKIN William Caledon
WILKIN William Town of Caledon
WILKIN William Tullynashane
WILLIAMS George Kilsannagh
WILLIAMSON Alexander Caledon
WILLIAMSON John Church Hill, Town of Caledon
WILLIAMSON John Mullycarnan
WILLIAMSON Patrick Legane
WILLIAMSON Robert Mulnahorn
WILLIAMSON Thomas Edenageeragh
WILLIAMSON Thomas Kilsannagh
WILLIAMSON Thos., Jr. Kilsannagh
WILSON Andrew Glasdrummond
WILSON Charles Drumess
WILSON Charles Enagh
WILSON Charles Kilgowney
WILSON Charles Town of Caledon
WILSON David Ards
WILSON George Drummond
WILSON Hugh Rehaghy
WILSON James Dyan
WILSON James Tannaghlane
WILSON John Glendavagh
WILSON John Town of Caledon
WILSON Maria Kilsampson
WILSON Morgan Tullyremon
WILSON Moses Enagh
WILSON Moses Kedew
WILSON Robert Drumearn
WILSON Robert Drummond
WILSON Robert Glenkeen
WILSON Robert Mulnahorn
WILSON Thomas Cumber
WILSON William Creevelough
WILSON William Dyan
WILSON William Kilmore
WILSON William Mill Street, Town of Caledon
WILSON William Mulnahorn
WOODS Bernard Anacramp
WOODS John Town of Caledon
WOODS Peter Anacramp
WOODS William Knockaginny
WRIGHT Andrew Kilmore
WRIGHT Andrew Mullaghmossagh
WRIGHT Daniel Glenkeen
WRIGHT David Glencrew
WRIGHT Francis Ballyvaddy
WRIGHT James Ballyboy
WRIGHT James Tullyremon
WRIGHT John Kilmore
WRIGHT John Tullyremon
WRIGHT Joshua Mullaghmore East
WRIGHT Quintin Kedew
WRIGHT William Kedew
WRIGHT William Kilsannagh
WRIGHT William, Sr. Kilsannagh
WYLEY Samuel Kilmore