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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Urney Parish, Cos. Donegal, Ireland & Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see

Urney Parish, Cos. Tyrone & Donegal. Map 

Urney Parish straddles the Tyrone - Donegal county boundary containing townlands within both counties

Further relevant nineteenth century records are: Urney Tithe Applotment Books 1825 and Urney Tithe Applotment Books 1827



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Backtown Ballycolman Ballyfatten Ballylennan Mercer
Ballylennan Scott Bellspark Berrysfort Bridgetown
Carricklee Carrickone Castlegore Castlesessagh
Castletown Cavan Churchtown Clady
Craigmonaghan (Funston) Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Creevy Lower Creevy Upper
Dartans Donnygowen Drumeagle Flushtown
Fort-Town Freughlough Gallany Ganvaghan Hemphill
Ganvaghan Kyle Ganvaghan Semple Glebe Glebe (Old)
Glentimon Glentown Gortlogher Hunterstown
Inchenny Inchenny Upper Inisclan Kennystown
Kilclean Kilcroagh Lower Kilcroagh Upper Kinkit
Learmore Liggartown Lisdoo Magheragar
Magirr Mount Bernard Munie Peacockbank
Prospect Pullyernan Rabstown Scotstown
Seein Skerryglass Somervillestown Stephenstown
Tullydoortans Tullymoan Tullywhisker Urney
Urney Glebe



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Alt Lower Alt Upper Ballylast Calhame
Cavanaweery Cloghfin Coolyslin Cormakilly
Dresnagh Drumbane Drumdoit Drumnaha
Dunnaloob Fearn Foyfin Gortakilly
Gortnagrace Graffy Halftown Kellysmeadow
Magherycallaghan Millfarm Roganspark Skelpy




Surname Given Name Townland County
ABERCORN Marquis Liggartown Tyrone
ABERCORN Marquis Seein Tyrone
ABRAHAM James Gortnagrace Donegal
ACHESON Robert Kinkit Tyrone
ACHESON Samuel Kinkit Tyrone
ACTOR James Skelpy Donegal
ACTOR William Skelpy Donegal
ADAMS James Ballyfatten Tyrone
ADAMS Jane Ballyfatten Tyrone
ADAMS John Ballyfatten Tyrone
ADAMS John Gallany Tyrone
ADAMS John Glebe Tyrone
ADAMS Mary Ballyfatten Tyrone
ADAMS Moses Ballyfatten Tyrone
ADAMS Moses Gallany Tyrone
ADAMS Robert Liggartown Tyrone
ADAMS Thomas Liggartown Tyrone
ADAMS William Liggartown Tyrone
AKINS John Drumbane Donegal
AKINS Joseph Drumbane Donegal
ALEXANDER Anne Ballycolman Tyrone
ALEXANDER Robert Drumdoit Donegal
ALLEN Margaret Ballyfatten Tyrone
ALLEN Robert Liggartown Tyrone
ANDERSON James Alt Upper Donegal
ANDERSON James Tullywhisker Tyrone
ANDERSON John Ballyfatten Tyrone
ANDERSON Joseph Kilcroagh Tyrone
ANDERSON William Glentown Tyrone
ANDERSON William Liggartown Tyrone
ARTHUR James K. Ballycolman Tyrone
ARTHUR James K. Magirr Tyrone
ARTHUR Jas. K. Backtown Tyrone
ARTHUR Jas. K. Ballyfatten Tyrone
ARTHUR Jas. K. Castletown Tyrone
ARTHUR Jas. K. Liggartown Tyrone
ARTHUR Jas. K. Seein Tyrone
BAIRD John Backtown Tyrone
BAIRD John Flushtown Tyrone
BAIRD John Fort Town Tyrone
BAIRD John Inchenny Tyrone
BAIRD Robert Ballycolman Tyrone
BAIRD Susan Seein Tyrone
BAIRD Thomas Backtown Tyrone
BAIRD Thomas Inchenny Tyrone
BANNAGAN James Ballyfatten Tyrone
BARNHILL Robert Ballycolman Tyrone
BARNHILL Samuel Learmore Tyrone
BARR Andrew Coolyslin Donegal
BARR Anne Cavan Tyrone
BARR Robert Fearn Donegal
BARR Thomas Mullanboy Donegal
BARRETT Patrick Ballyfatten Tyrone
BARRON Catherine Drumdoit Donegal
BARRON James Skelpy Donegal
BATES James Alt Upper Donegal
BAXTER James Freughlough Tyrone
BAXTER James Kilclean Tyrone
BAXTER John Kilclean Tyrone
BAXTER Robert Kilclean Tyrone
BAXTER Robert Pullyernan Tyrone
BAXTER William Kilclean Tyrone
BEATIE James Cavan Tyrone
BEATIE Johnston Churchtown Tyrone
BEATIE William Cavan Tyrone
BEIRNE Catherine Seein Tyrone
BEIRNE James Ballycolman Tyrone
BELL Henry Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
BELL Joseph Castlegore Tyrone
BELL Stewart Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
BESTALL Mrs. Town of Castlederg, Strabane Lower Road Tyrone
BETHEL John Liggartown Tyrone
BLACKBURNE Joseph Magirr Tyrone
BLAIR Francis Magirr Tyrone
BLAIR Samuel Ballycolman Tyrone
BLAIR Samuel Magirr Tyrone
BLAKE Francis Glebe (Old) Tyrone
BOAK Aaron Alt Lower Donegal
BOAK William Peacockbank Tyrone
BOGAN Francis Drumnaha Donegal
BOGAN Francis Gortkilly Donegal
BOGAN Francis Graffy Donegal
BOGAN John Dunnaloob Donegal
BOGAN John Gortkilly Donegal
BOGAN Manus Drumnaha Donegal
BOGAN Margaret Drumnaha Donegal
BOGAN Patrick Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
BOGAN William Foyfin Donegal
BONAR James Alt Upper Donegal
BONER John Inisclan Tyrone
BORELAND James Ballycolman Tyrone
BOYCE John Urney Tyrone
BOYD Francis Carricklee Tyrone
BOYD John Clady Tyrone
BOYLE Catherine Backtown Tyrone
BOYLE Charles Ballyfatten Tyrone
BOYLE Denis Gortlogher Tyrone
BOYLE Francis Gortlogher Tyrone
BOYLE James Ballyfatten Tyrone
BOYLE James Clady Tyrone
BOYLE John Ballycolman Tyrone
BOYLE John Ballyfatten Tyrone
BOYLE John Glebe (Old) Tyrone
BOYLE John Inchenny Upper Tyrone
BOYLE John Somervillestown Tyrone
BOYLE Margaret Glebe Tyrone
BOYLE Michael Ballycolman Tyrone
BOYLE Patrick Cloghfin Donegal
BOYLE Susan Lisdoo Tyrone
BOYLE Thomas Alt Upper Donegal
BRADDEN John Flushtown Tyrone
BRADDEN William Flushtown Tyrone
BRADLEY Catherine Somervillestown Tyrone
BRADLEY James Magirr Tyrone
BRADLEY James Prospect Tyrone
BRADLEY John Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
BRADLEY Jonas Town of Castlederg, Meeting House Lane Tyrone
BRADLEY Laurence Prospect Tyrone
BRADLEY Lawrence Ballycolman Tyrone
BRADLEY Mary Ballyfatten Tyrone
BRADLEY Patrick Carrickone Tyrone
BRADLEY Patrick Magirr Tyrone
BRADLEY Peter Carrickone Tyrone
BRADLEY Thomas Graffy Donegal
BRADY Henry Churchtown Tyrone
BREASON Michael Dresnagh Donegal
BRENNAN William Ballyfatten Tyrone
BRESLAN Patrick Gortnagrace Donegal
BRIGHT Edward B. Ballycolman Tyrone
BROGAN Anne Backtown Tyrone
BROGAN Denis Magirr Tyrone
BROGAN William Ballyfatten Tyrone
BROWN Benjamin Fearn Donegal
BROWN Charles Calhame Donegal
BROWN Charles Gortnagrace Donegal
BROWN James Ballycolman Tyrone
BROWN James Dartans Tyrone
BROWN James Gortnagrace Donegal
BROWN John, Jun. Gortnagrace Donegal
BROWN John, Sen. Gortnagrace Donegal
BROWN Joseph Gortnagrace Donegal
BROWN Mrs. Cormakilly Donegal
BROWN Samuel Gortnagrace Donegal
BROWN Thomas Gortnagrace Donegal
BROWN William Calhame Donegal
BROWNE Alexander Drumeagle Tyrone
BROWNE Alexander Magheragar Tyrone
BROWNE Charles Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
BROWNE Charles Fearn Donegal
BROWNE Charles Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
BROWNE David Learmore Tyrone
BROWNE James Alt Lower Donegal
BROWNE John Creevy Upper Tyrone
BROWNE John Fearn Donegal
BROWNE John Magheragar Tyrone
BROWNE John Magirr Tyrone
BROWNE Matthew Castlesessagh Tyrone
BROWNE Reps. Thomas Fearn Donegal
BROWNE Sarah Fearn Donegal
BROWNE Thomas Learmore Tyrone
BROWNLEE Thomas Magirr Tyrone
BRUCE Moses Cavan Tyrone
BRUCE William Kilcroagh Tyrone
BRYAN Charles Freughlough Tyrone
BUCHANAN Mary Alt Upper Donegal
BUCHANAN William Ballycolman Tyrone
BUCHANAN William Berrysfort Tyrone
BUDD Rev. James Seein Tyrone
BURNS Sarah Magirr Tyrone
CALDWELL John Bridgetown Tyrone
CALDWELL Robert Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
CALDWELL William Bridgetown Tyrone
CALLAGHAN John Ballycolman Tyrone
CALLAGHAN Margaret Craigmonaghan (Funston) Tyrone
CAMPBELL Archibald Town of Castlederg, Strabane Upper Road Tyrone
CAMPBELL Charles Coolyslin Donegal
CAMPBELL James Town of Castlederg, Strabane Upper Road Tyrone
CAMPBELL Robert Liggartown Tyrone
CAMPBELL Thomas Magirr Tyrone
CAMPBELL Violet Glentimon Tyrone
CAMPBELL William Ballycolman Tyrone
CAMPBELL William Churchtown Tyrone
CANNON John Ballyfatten Tyrone
CANNON William Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
CARLAND J. Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
CARNEY Charles Ballyfatten Tyrone
CAROLAN Edward Inchenny Upper Tyrone
CAROLAN John Ballycolman Tyrone
CAROLAN John Castletown Tyrone
CAROLAN John Magirr Tyrone
CAROLAN William Magirr Tyrone
CARR Hugh Liggartown Tyrone
CARR James Magirr Tyrone
CARR John Castlesessagh Tyrone
CARR Joseph Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
CARR Samuel Town of Castlederg, Meeting House Lane Tyrone
CATERSON William Alt Upper Donegal
CATHERS John Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
CATHERSON James Magheragar Tyrone
CHAMBERS James Backtown Tyrone
CHAMBERS John Tullymoan Tyrone
CHAMBERS Moses Cavan Tyrone
CHAMBERS Moses Glentown Tyrone
CHAMBERS Moses Tullymoan Tyrone
CHAMBERS Thomas Tullymoan Tyrone
CHERRY James Liggartown Tyrone
CHISHOLM Andrew Bridgetown Tyrone
CHISHOLM Andrew Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
CHISHOLM David Ballycolman Tyrone
CHISHOLM John Bridgetown Tyrone
CHISHOLM John Magirr Tyrone
CHISHOLM Mary Bridgetown Tyrone
CHISHOLM Thomas Magirr Tyrone
CLARKE Charles Clady Tyrone
CLARKE George Glebe (Old) Tyrone
CLARKE James Carrickone Tyrone
CLARKE James Kennystown Tyrone
CLARKE James Somervillestown Tyrone
CLARKE Joseph Tullydoortans Tyrone
COLHOUN Alexander Somervillestown Tyrone
COLHOUN James Castlegore Tyrone
COLHOUN James, Jun. Castlegore Tyrone
COLHOUN John Castlegore Tyrone
COLHOUN John Glentown Tyrone
COLHOUN John Kennystown Tyrone
COLHOUN John Rabstown Tyrone
COLHOUN Robert Castlegore Tyrone
COLHOUN Robert Magirr Tyrone
COLHOUN Robert Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
COLHOUN Robin Rabstown Tyrone
COLHOUN Samuel Castletown Tyrone
COLHOUN William Castlegore Tyrone
COLHOUN William Kennystown Tyrone
COLLINS Denis Freughlough Tyrone
COLLINS Francis Creevy Upper Tyrone
COLLINS James Ballyfatten Tyrone
COLLINS James Liggartown Tyrone
COLLINS Thomas Magirr Tyrone
COMMINS Alexander Gortlogher Tyrone
COMMINS Mary Tullywhisker Tyrone
COMMINS Robert Gortlogher Tyrone
COMMINS William Gallany Tyrone
CONEGLAN Charles Dresnagh Donegal
CONEGLAN Edward Dresnagh Donegal
CONEGLAN Patrick Dresnagh Donegal
CONNOLLY Henry Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
CONNOLLY Henry Bridgetown Tyrone
CONNOLLY John Tullymoan Tyrone
CONNOLLY Philip Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
CONNOLLY Philip Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
CONNOR Robert Clady Tyrone
CONNORS William Liggartown Tyrone
CONWAY ------- Ballyfatten Tyrone
COOKE William Liggartown Tyrone
COOPER John Alt Upper Donegal
COOPER Thomas Peacockbank Tyrone
COOPER William Alt Upper Donegal
CORN Charles Hunterstown Tyrone
COULHOUN Irvine Town of Castlederg, Meeting House Lane Tyrone
COULTER Robert Berrysfort Tyrone
COWAN James Glentimon Tyrone
COYLE Edward Glebe Tyrone
COYLE Edward Pullyernan Tyrone
COYLE James Liggartown Tyrone
COYLE John Magirr Tyrone
CRAIG Christopher Churchtown Tyrone
CRAIG Christopher Fearn Donegal
CRAIG Christopher Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
CRAWFORD James Gortnagrace Donegal
CREDAN Charles Skelpy Donegal
CREELY James Cormakilly Donegal
CROCKETT Rev. John Bridgetown Tyrone
CROCKETT Rev. John Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
CROLEY James Alt Lower Donegal
CROWE James Learmore Tyrone
CROWE John Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
CULLEN Ellen Drumdoit Donegal
CULLEN James Ballycolman Tyrone
CULLEN James Magirr Tyrone
CULLEN John Somervillestown Tyrone
CULLION John Drumdoit Donegal
CUNNINGHAM Isabella Cormakilly Donegal
CUNNINGHAM James Cormakilly Donegal
CUNNINGHAM Margaret Liggartown Tyrone
CUNNINGHAM Robert Magirr Tyrone
CURRAN Charles Kilcroagh Tyrone
CURRAN Denis Ballylast Donegal
CURRAN Francis Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
CURTIS Patrick Bridgetown Tyrone
CURTIS Patrick Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
DALY Alice Magirr Tyrone
DARAGH James Gortnagrace Donegal
DARAGH Thomas Gortnagrace Donegal
DAVELIN John Town of Castlederg, Strabane Lower Road Tyrone
DEERY Thomas Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
DENISON William Berrysfort Tyrone
DENNY Henry Ballycolman Tyrone
DEVIN Anne Glebe (Old) Tyrone
DEVIN Michael Ballyfatten Tyrone
DEVIN Susan Ballyfatten Tyrone
DEVIN Thomas Ballyfatten Tyrone
DEVIN William Ballycolman Tyrone
DEVIN William Gallany Tyrone
DEVINE William Cloghfin Donegal
DEVIR Mary Ballyfatten Tyrone
DIFFERLY Peter Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
DIXON Arthur Rabstown Tyrone
DOGHERTY Anne Gallany Tyrone
DOGHERTY Anne Magirr Tyrone
DOGHERTY Anthony Ballycolman Tyrone
DOGHERTY Cecilia Ballyfatten Tyrone
DOGHERTY Charles Glentown Tyrone
DOGHERTY Charles Halftown Donegal
DOGHERTY Henry Drumdoit Donegal
DOGHERTY Hugh Seein Tyrone
DOGHERTY Hugh Skerryglass Tyrone
DOGHERTY James Drumdoit Donegal
DOGHERTY James Lisdoo Tyrone
DOGHERTY James Tullyard Donegal
DOGHERTY Jeremiah Lisdoo Tyrone
DOGHERTY John Clady Tyrone
DOGHERTY John Pullyernan Tyrone
DOGHERTY John Skelpy Donegal
DOGHERTY Mary Ballyfatten Tyrone
DOGHERTY Owen Somervillestown Tyrone
DOGHERTY Patrick Ballyfatten Tyrone
DOGHERTY Patrick Gortnagrace Donegal
DOGHERTY William Drumdoit Donegal
DOGHERTY William Tullyard Donegal
DOGHERTY William Tullymoan Tyrone
DOHERTY Anne Ballycolman Tyrone
DOHERTY Charles Cormakilly Donegal
DOHERTY John Cormakilly Donegal
DOHERTY Owen Carrickone Tyrone
DOHERTY Robert Magirr Tyrone
DOHERTY Sarah Ballyfatten Tyrone
DOHERTY Sarah Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
DOLAN John Castletown Tyrone
DOLAN Sarah Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
DONAGHY James Ballyfatten Tyrone
DONALD Charles Kennystown Tyrone
DONALD Hugh Berrysfort Tyrone
DONALD John Kennystown Tyrone
DONELAN James Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
DONNELL Hugh Millfarm Donegal
DONNELL John Glentown Tyrone
DONNELL Michael Halftown Donegal
DONNELLY James Prospect Tyrone
DOOLAN James Castlegore Tyrone
DORAGH John Fearn Donegal
DORAN James Glebe Tyrone
DORAN Peter Gortnagrace Donegal
DUDDY John Ballycolman Tyrone
DUFFY John Lisdoo Tyrone
DUGGAN Thomas Magirr Tyrone
DUNBAR Sarah Berrysfort Tyrone
DUNCAN Robert Tullydoortans Tyrone
DUNCAN William Tullywhisker Tyrone
DUNLEVY John Ballyfatten Tyrone
DUNNE Hugh Carricklee Tyrone
DURNING William Glentimon Tyrone
DURRAGH Alexander Cormakilly Donegal
EARL Patrick Freughlough Tyrone
EARLY Charles Kilcroagh Tyrone
EDWARDS John Kilcroagh Tyrone
EDWARDS Rev. E. Mount Bernard Tyrone
EDWARDS Robert Castlesessagh Tyrone
EDWARDS Robert Kilcroagh Tyrone
ELDER Mary Clady Tyrone
ELDER Robert Carricklee Tyrone
ELLIOTT James Castletown Tyrone
ELLIOTT James Glebe Tyrone
ELLIOTT Thomas Coolyslin Donegal
ELLIOTT William Castletown Tyrone
ELLIOTT William Gallany Tyrone
ELLISON James Castlegore Tyrone
ELLISON Jane Castlegore Tyrone
ENTRICAN John Glentimon Tyrone
ENTRICAN John Gortlogher Tyrone
EVANS James Magirr Tyrone
EWING William Ballycolman Tyrone
FARRELL Johnston Drumeagle Tyrone
FAULKNER John Halftown Donegal
FAULKNER Neal Drumnaha Donegal
FAULKNER William Magirr Tyrone
FERGUSON Robert A., Baronet Bridgetown Tyrone
FERGUSON Robert A., Baronet Churchtown Tyrone
FERGUSON Robert A., Baronet Kilclean Tyrone
FERGUSON Robert A., Baronet Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
FISHER Jane Carricklee Tyrone
FLAHERTY Hanna Urney Tyrone
FLAHERTY James Clady Tyrone
FLANAGAN Anne Ballyfatten Tyrone
FLANAGAN Thomas Rabstown Tyrone
FLANAGAN Thomas Somervillestown Tyrone
FLANAGAN Thomas, Sen. Rabstown Tyrone
FLANAGAN William Fearn Donegal
FLANAGAN William Somervillestown Tyrone
FLEMING Doctor Ballyfatten Tyrone
FLOOD Patrick Somervillestown Tyrone
FLOYD Catherine Magirr Tyrone
FOLLIOTT William Cavan Tyrone
FORBES William Town of Castlederg, Meeting House Lane Tyrone
FORSYTH Samuel Ballyfatten Tyrone
FORSYTH William Castletown Tyrone
FOX Alexander Town of Castlederg, Strabane Lower Road Tyrone
FOX James Bridgetown Tyrone
FOX James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
FOX Matthew Bridgetown Tyrone
FREYNE Thomas Ballycolman Tyrone
FULTON James Liggartown Tyrone
FULTON John Liggartown Tyrone
FULTON Robert Kinkit Tyrone
FUNSTON Johnston Alt Upper Donegal
FUNSTON William Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
GAILY Andrew Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
GAILY Andrew, Jun. Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
GALLAGHER Anthony Ballyfatten Tyrone
GALLAGHER Barry Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
GALLAGHER Bridget Ballycolman Tyrone
GALLAGHER Charles Ballycolman Tyrone
GALLAGHER Daniel Glebe (Old) Tyrone
GALLAGHER Denis Glebe Tyrone
GALLAGHER Hugh Ballylast Donegal
GALLAGHER Hugh Glentown Tyrone
GALLAGHER Hugh Liggartown Tyrone
GALLAGHER James Ballyfatten Tyrone
GALLAGHER James Cormakilly Donegal
GALLAGHER James Magirr Tyrone
GALLAGHER James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
GALLAGHER John Ballyfatten Tyrone
GALLAGHER John Craigmonaghan (Funston) Tyrone
GALLAGHER John Dresnagh Donegal
GALLAGHER John Glebe Tyrone
GALLAGHER John Seein Tyrone
GALLAGHER John Skelpy Donegal
GALLAGHER Michael Mullanboy Donegal
GALLAGHER Patrick Glebe Tyrone
GALLAGHER Patrick Glebe (Old) Tyrone
GALLAGHER Patrick Liggartown Tyrone
GALLAGHER Patrick Rabstown Tyrone
GALLAGHER Patrick Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
GALLAGHER Susan Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
GALLAGHER Toal Ballycolman Tyrone
GALLAGHER William Churchtown Tyrone
GALLAGHER William Cormakilly Donegal
GALLAGHER William Craigmonaghan (Funston) Tyrone
GALLAGHER William Flushtown Tyrone
GALLAGHER William, Jun. Glentown Tyrone
GALLAGHER William, Sen. Glentown Tyrone
GALLAGHER Wm., Jun. Churchtown Tyrone
GALLAN Rose Alt Lower Donegal
GALLINAGH Edward Clady Tyrone
GALLINAGH Patrick Rabstown Tyrone
GALLON James Kilclean Tyrone
GALLON James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
GALLON Patrick Cavan Tyrone
GAMBLE Thomas Foyfin Donegal
GAMBLE Thomas H. Cavanaweery Donegal
GARDINER James Ballylast Donegal
GARL [EARL?] Henry Castlegore Tyrone
GARY Mary Ballyfatten Tyrone
GIBBINS James Glebe (Old) Tyrone
GIBBINS James Inchenny Upper Tyrone
GIBSON Matthew Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
GILCHREEST James Gortlogher Tyrone
GILCHREEST William Tullywhisker Tyrone
GILDEA James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
GILDEA Patrick Alt Upper Donegal
GILEHIRST [GILCHREEST] William Castlesessagh Tyrone
GILLESPIE Francis Castlesessagh Tyrone
GILLESPIE John Glentimon Tyrone
GILLESPIE John Seein Tyrone
GILLESPIE Michael Gallany Tyrone
GILLESTER Charles Liggartown Tyrone
GLINN William Foyfin Donegal
GODFREY Henry A. Ballycolman Tyrone
GOING John Ballyfatten Tyrone
GORDON Peter Ballycolman Tyrone
GORELY Charles Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
GORMAN Edward Ballycolman Tyrone
GORMLEY John Clady Tyrone
GORMLEY Mary Ballyfatten Tyrone
GORMLEY Robert Clady Tyrone
GORMLEY Robert Glebe Tyrone
GOUDY Rev. Alex. P. Ballycolman Tyrone
GOUGH Rev. Benj. B. Urney Glebe Tyrone
GOURLY Andrew Tullywhisker Tyrone
GOURLY John Tullywhisker Tyrone
GRAHAM William Fearn Donegal
GREENE James Magirr Tyrone
GRIER James Mullanboy Donegal
GRIFFIN Elizabeth Cloghfin Donegal
GWYNNE John Urney Tyrone
HAGAN Anne Ballyfatten Tyrone
HAGARTY James Ballyfatten Tyrone
HAGARTY Thomas Peacockbank Tyrone
HAGARTY Thomas Seein Tyrone
HAGERTY James Creevy Upper Tyrone
HAMILTON Alexander Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
HAMILTON Alexander Learmore Tyrone
HAMILTON Andrew Churchtown Tyrone
HAMILTON Andrew Freughlough Tyrone
HAMILTON Andrew Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
HAMILTON Andrew Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
HAMILTON Charles Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
HAMILTON Charles Learmore Tyrone
HAMILTON Henry Castlegore Tyrone
HAMILTON Henry Dartans Tyrone
HAMILTON Henry Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
HAMILTON Hugh Scotstown Tyrone
HAMILTON James Castlegore Tyrone
HAMILTON James Dartans Tyrone
HAMILTON James, M. D. Ballyfatten Tyrone
HAMILTON John Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
HAMILTON John Dartans Tyrone
HAMILTON John Magirr Tyrone
HAMILTON Matthew Dartans Tyrone
HAMILTON Matthew, Jun. Dartans Tyrone
HAMILTON Richard Urney Tyrone
HAMILTON Robert Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
HAMILTON Samuel Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
HAMILTON Samuel Ganvaghan Semple Tyrone
HAMILTON Sarah Jane Churchtown Tyrone
HAMILTON Sarah Jane Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
HAMILTON Thomas Freughlough Tyrone
HAMILTON Thomas Pullyernan Tyrone
HAMILTON William Freughlough Tyrone
HAMMILL Cornelius Ballyfatten Tyrone
HANAGAN John Foyfin Donegal
HANIGAN William Pullyernan Tyrone
HANNIGAN John Millfarm Donegal
HARAHY John Donnygowen Tyrone
HARAN Matthew Pullyernan Tyrone
HARDEN James Pullyernan Tyrone
HAREN William Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
HARKEN George Magirr Tyrone
HARPUR Alexander Bridgetown Tyrone
HARPUR Charles Pullyernan Tyrone
HARPUR Elliott Pullyernan Tyrone
HARPUR Francis Pullyernan Tyrone
HARPUR George Pullyernan Tyrone
HARPUR Hugh Ganvaghan Semple Tyrone
HARPUR Hugh, Jun. Pullyernan Tyrone
HARPUR Hugh, Sen. Pullyernan Tyrone
HARPUR James Ganvaghan Semple Tyrone
HARPUR James Pullyernan Tyrone
HARPUR John Pullyernan Tyrone
HARPUR William J. Pullyernan Tyrone
HARRAGHY Grace Ballyfatten Tyrone
HARRIS John Ballylast Donegal
HARRISON Archibald Liggartown Tyrone
HARRISON John Clady Tyrone
HARRISON Robert Cloghfin Donegal
HART John Ballyfatten Tyrone
HARVEY Arthur Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
HAUGHEY James Foyfin Donegal
HAUGHEY Neal Town of Castlederg, Strabane Tyrone
HAUGHY Catherine Lisdoo Tyrone
HAY William Ballycolman Tyrone
HAYES Andrew Magirr Tyrone
HAYES Samuel Ballyfatten Tyrone
HAZLETT Andrew Castlegore Tyrone
HEANY John Foyfin Donegal
HEGARTY Denis Ballycolman Tyrone
HEGARTY James Graffy Donegal
HEGARTY John Mullanboy Donegal
HEMPHILL Charles Ganvaghan Semple Tyrone
HEMPHILL Charles Learmore Tyrone
HEMPHILL Edward Churchtown Tyrone
HEMPHILL Edward Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
HEMPHILL James Tullywhisker Tyrone
HEMPHILL Jane Castlegore Tyrone
HEMPHILL Jane Learmore Tyrone
HEMPHILL John Learmore Tyrone
HEMPHILL Robert Castlesessagh Tyrone
HEMPHILL Sarah Learmore Tyrone
HEMPHILL William Castlegore Tyrone
HEMPHILL William Learmore Tyrone
HENDERSON Alexander Cavan Tyrone
HENDERSON David Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
HENDERSON John Drumeagle Tyrone
HENDERSON John Fearn Donegal
HENDERSON Robert Cavan Tyrone
HENDERSON Thomas Glentown Tyrone
HENDERSON William Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
HENDERSON William Churchtown Tyrone
HENDERSON William Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
HENDERSON William Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
HENDERSON William Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
HENRY James Seein Tyrone
HENRY John Liggartown Tyrone
HERDMAN James Ballyfatten Tyrone
HERDMAN James Liggartown Tyrone
HEWSTON William Gallany Tyrone
HEYGATE Sir Fred. W. Cavanaweery Donegal
HEYGATE Sir Fred. W. Dresnagh Donegal
HIGGINS Catherine Ballyfatten Tyrone
HILL Samuel Creevy Upper Tyrone
HILL William Liggartown Tyrone
HOEY John James Magirr Tyrone
HOLDEN William Freughlough Tyrone
HOLDEN William Town of Castlederg, Meeting House Lane Tyrone
HOLMES Andrew Ballycolman Tyrone
HOLMES Charles Halftown Donegal
HOLMES Charles Kellysmeadow Donegal
HOLMES Charles Roganspark Donegal
HOLMES Joseph Drumnaha Donegal
HOLMES Mary Drumnaha Donegal
HOLMES Samuel Glentown Tyrone
HOLMES Samuel, Jun. Tullymoan Tyrone
HOLMES Samuel, Sen. Tullymoan Tyrone
HOLOHAN [WOOLAGHAN] Hugh Tullywhisker Tyrone
HOLT Henry Carricklee Tyrone
HOLT John Carricklee Tyrone
HONE Redmond Alt Upper Donegal
HONE William Seein Tyrone
HOPKINS George Magirr Tyrone
HUGHES Thomas Drumdoit Donegal
HUMPHREYS William Seein Tyrone
HUMPHREYS Wm. T. D. Liggartown Tyrone
HUNTER David Bridgetown Tyrone
HUNTER James Clady Tyrone
HUNTER James Seein Tyrone
HUNTER Joseph Seein Tyrone
HUTCHINSON Margaret Cavan Tyrone
HYNDMAN Armstrong Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
HYNDMAN John Drumeagle Tyrone
HYNES Anne Cavan Tyrone
INCH William Inchenny Tyrone
IRVINE Arthur Munie Tyrone
IRVINE Charles Creevy Upper Tyrone
IRVINE George Craigmonaghan (Funston) Tyrone
IRVINE James Munie Tyrone
IRVINE Mary Creevy Upper Tyrone
IRVINE Richard Churchtown Tyrone
IRVINE Richard Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
IRVINE Richd. Town of Castlederg, Meeting House Lane Tyrone
IRVINE Robert Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
IRWIN Aaron Gortnagrace Donegal
IRWIN Andrew Tullywhisker Tyrone
IRWIN Joseph Liggartown Tyrone
IRWINE James Magirr Tyrone
JACK Andrew Fearn Donegal
JACK Eliza Drumdoit Donegal
JACK John Drumdoit Donegal
JACK Peter Drumdoit Donegal
JACK William Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
JERVIS James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
JOHNSTON Andrew Bridgetown Tyrone
JOHNSTON Andrew Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
JOHNSTON Anne Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
JOHNSTON David Churchtown Tyrone
JOHNSTON David Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
JOHNSTON David Kilcroagh Tyrone
JOHNSTON David Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
JOHNSTON Edward Learmore Tyrone
JOHNSTON James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
JOHNSTON James Tullywhisker Tyrone
JOHNSTON John Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
JOHNSTON John Kilcroagh Tyrone
JOHNSTON Richard Munie Tyrone
JOHNSTON Samuel Alt Upper Donegal
JOHNSTON William Learmore Tyrone
JONES George Alt Upper Donegal
JONES Oliver Churchtown Tyrone
KANE Evans Ballycolman Tyrone
KANE Henry Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
KANE Isabella Liggartown Tyrone
KANE James Liggartown Tyrone
KANE James Magirr Tyrone
KANE John Ballyfatten Tyrone
KANE John Kilclean Tyrone
KANE John Liggartown Tyrone
KANE Margaret Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
KANE Patrick Ballycolman Tyrone
KANE Patrick Liggartown Tyrone
KANE Patrick Pullyernan Tyrone
KANE William Kilcroagh Tyrone
KEARNS John Rabstown Tyrone
KEARNS William Glebe Tyrone
KEATERSON John Alt Upper Donegal
KEATLY Samuel Halftown Donegal
KEE William Backtown Tyrone
KEE William Town of Castlederg, Strabane Upper Road Tyrone
KEELY Charles Freughlough Tyrone
KEENAN John Alt Lower Donegal
KEENAN John Alt Upper Donegal
KELLY Andrew Churchtown Tyrone
KELLY Catherine Graffy Donegal
KELLY Daniel Ballycolman Tyrone
KELLY Denis Cavan Tyrone
KELLY James Ballycolman Tyrone
KELLY James Cavan Tyrone
KELLY James Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
KELLY Jane Dartans Tyrone
KELLY John Cloghfin Donegal
KELLY John Fearn Donegal
KELLY Margaret Graffy Donegal
KELLY Mary Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
KELLY Patrick Fearn Donegal
KELLY Patrick Glebe Tyrone
KELLY Thomas Ballycolman Tyrone
KELLY Thomas Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
KELLY William Carricklee Tyrone
KENNEDY James Ballyfatten Tyrone
KENNEDY Mary Ballycolman Tyrone
KENNEDY Patrick Ballycolman Tyrone
KENNEDY Thomas Gallany Tyrone
KERR James Cavan Tyrone
KERR William Churchtown Tyrone
KERRIGAN Charles Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
KERRIGAN Charles Graffy Donegal
KERRIGAN Charles Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
KERRIGAN James Magirr Tyrone
KERRIGAN Robert Kilclean Tyrone
KEYS George Coolyslin Donegal
KEYS George Mullanboy Donegal
KILGRACE Robert Alt Upper Donegal
KILGRACE William Gortnagrace Donegal
KILPATRICK James Liggartown Tyrone
KILPATRICK John Liggartown Tyrone
KILPATRICK Joseph Liggartown Tyrone
KINCAID Andrew Fearn Donegal
KINCAID James Fearn Donegal
KINCAID Matthew Ballyfatten Tyrone
KING Catherine Dartans Tyrone
KINNEAR Robert Bridgetown Tyrone
KNOX Andrew F. Urney Tyrone
KNOX Dorothea Glentimon Tyrone
KNOX James Kilclean Tyrone
KNOX John Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
KNOX John Freughlough Tyrone
KNOX John Glentimon Tyrone
KNOX John Stephenstown Tyrone
KNOX John Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
KNOX Martha Glentimon Tyrone
KNOX Mary Bellspark Tyrone
KNOX Matthew Castlesessagh Tyrone
KNOX Rev. William Clady Tyrone
KNOX Samuel Clady Tyrone
KNOX Samuel Stephenstown Tyrone
KNOX William Cavan Tyrone
KNOX William Kilclean Tyrone
KYLE John Fearn Donegal
KYLE Robert Castlesessagh Tyrone
LAFERTY Manus Skerryglass Tyrone
LAFFERTY Archy Drumbane Donegal
LAFFERTY Francis Drumnaha Donegal
LAFFERTY Francis Gortkilly Donegal
LAFFERTY Francis Lisdoo Tyrone
LAFFERTY James Gortkilly Donegal
LAFFERTY James Hunterstown Tyrone
LAFFERTY James Kennystown Tyrone
LAFFERTY Manus Donnygowen Tyrone
LAFFERTY Manus Gortkilly Donegal
LAFFERTY Manus Hunterstown Tyrone
LAFFERTY Manus Skelpy Donegal
LAFFERTY Mark Gortkilly Donegal
LAFFERTY Mary Halftown Donegal
LAFFERTY Neal Glebe Tyrone
LAFFERTY Neal Lisdoo Tyrone
LAFFERTY Owen Donnygowen Tyrone
LAFFERTY Owen Dunnaloob Donegal
LAFFERTY Owen Hunterstown Tyrone
LAFFERTY Owen Lisdoo Tyrone
LAFFERTY Patrick Drumnaha Donegal
LAFFERTY Patrick Lisdoo Tyrone
LAFFERTY William Peacockbank Tyrone
LANNON Patrick Clady Tyrone
LAST Edward Carricklee Tyrone
LAST Owen Magirr Tyrone
LAVISON William Liggartown Tyrone
LAW James Ballyfatten Tyrone
LAW Patrick Ballyfatten Tyrone
LAWN Daniel Cloghfin Donegal
LEADBETTER Messrs. Churchtown Tyrone
LECKEY Lovely [Oliver?] Millfarm Donegal
LEECH John Skelpy Donegal
LEEPER Charles Backtown Tyrone
LEWIS Robert Cloghfin Donegal
LIGHTON Henry C. Pullyernan Tyrone
LITTLE Arthur Bridgetown Tyrone
LIVESTON James Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
LLOYD Richard Freughlough Tyrone
LOGAN William Magirr Tyrone
LOGUE Charles Magheragar Tyrone
LOGUE Hugh Castlesessagh Tyrone
LOGUE James Ballyfatten Tyrone
LOGUE James Mount Bernard Tyrone
LONG William Churchtown Tyrone
LOUGHERY Andrew Alt Lower Donegal
LOUGHERY Charles Alt Lower Donegal
LOUGHERY William Cavanaweery Donegal
LOUGHERY William Foyfin Donegal
LOUGHLIN Alexander Seein Tyrone
LOUGHLIN Charles Glentimon Tyrone
LOUGHLIN James Seein Tyrone
LOUGHLIN John Glentimon Tyrone
LOUGHLIN Robert Kinkit Tyrone
LOUGHLIN Robert Seein Tyrone
LOUGHLIN William Glentimon Tyrone
LOUGHRY Bernard Liggartown Tyrone
LOVE James Clady Tyrone
LOVE Joseph Glentown Tyrone
LOVE Mary Glebe Tyrone
LOVE Samuel Berrysfort Tyrone
LUNNERY Patrick Maghery Callaghan Donegal
LYLE Catherine Magirr Tyrone
LYNCH Catherine Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
LYNCH Hugh Magirr Tyrone
LYNCH Isabella Ballyfatten Tyrone
LYNCH John Castletown Tyrone
LYNCH Richard Liggartown Tyrone
LYONS John Tullywhisker Tyrone
MACHUGH Edward Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MACLOUGHLIN John Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MACRORY Peter Dartans Tyrone
MAGEE John Inisclan Tyrone
MAGEE John Magheragar Tyrone
MAGEE Samuel Inisclan Tyrone
MAGEE Sarah Ballyfatten Tyrone
MAGEE William Inisclan Tyrone
MAGIFFIN James Liggartown Tyrone
MAGILL James Clady Tyrone
MAGIRR William Seein Tyrone
MAGRATH Andrew Inisclan Tyrone
MAGRATH Francis Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MAGRATH John Glebe Tyrone
MAGRATH Mary Inisclan Tyrone
MAGRATH Michael Inisclan Tyrone
MAGUINN John Clady Tyrone
MAGUIRE Andrew Town of Castlederg, Strabane Upper Road Tyrone
MAGUIRE James Clady Tyrone
MAGUIRE John Freughlough Tyrone
MAGUIRE John Kilcroagh Tyrone
MAGUIRE Patrick Gortnagrace Donegal
MAGUIRE Robert Tullydoortans Tyrone
MAHAFFY John Millfarm Donegal
MAHAFFY William Backtown Tyrone
MARSHALL John Inchenny Tyrone
MARTIN Alexander Scotstown Tyrone
MARTIN Andrew Pullyernan Tyrone
MARTIN James Calhame Donegal
MARTIN Matthew Town of Castlederg, Meeting House Lane Tyrone
MARTIN Michael Town of Castlederg, Strabane Upper Road Tyrone
MARTIN William Calhame Donegal
MARTIN William J. Ballycolman Tyrone
MARTIN William J. Clady Tyrone
MARTIN William J. Magirr Tyrone
MARTIN William, Jun. Drumdoit Donegal
MARTIN William, Sen. Drumdoit Donegal
MAXWELL Andrew Inisclan Tyrone
MAXWELL Denis Inisclan Tyrone
MAXWELL Gregory Inisclan Tyrone
MAXWELL James Tullymoan Tyrone
MAXWELL Jane Ballycolman Tyrone
MAXWELL Jane Carricklee Tyrone
MAXWELL Jane Magirr Tyrone
MAXWELL John Scotstown Tyrone
MAXWELL Mary Ballycolman Tyrone
MAXWELL Mary Magirr Tyrone
MAXWELL Nancy Gortnagrace Donegal
MAXWELL Robert Fearn Donegal
MAXWELL Samuel Inisclan Tyrone
MAXWELL Thomas Magirr Tyrone
MAXWELL William Clady Tyrone
MCADAM Thomas Liggartown Tyrone
MCALEE Patrick Liggartown Tyrone
MCALEER William Berrysfort Tyrone
MCALISTER James Liggartown Tyrone
MCANNARY Roderick Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCAREE Bryan Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCAREE William Pullyernan Tyrone
MCARTHUR Frances Glentimon Tyrone
MCARTHUR Hugh Glentimon Tyrone
MCARTHUR Robert Glebe (Old) Tyrone
MCBREARTY James Lisdoo Tyrone
MCBREARTY Patrick Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
MCBRIDE John Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
MCBRIDE Matthew Ballycolman Tyrone
MCCABE John Liggartown Tyrone
MCCAFFERTY James Ballycolman Tyrone
MCCAFFERTY Patrick Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCCAFFERTY Robert Magirr Tyrone
MCCAFFERTY William Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCCAFFREY Charles Seein Tyrone
MCCAIRN Robert Fearn Donegal
MCCALLION Hugh Inchenny Tyrone
MCCALLION Mary Ballycolman Tyrone
MCCANN James Clady Tyrone
MCCANN John Mullanboy Donegal
MCCANN Robert Liggartown Tyrone
MCCANN Thomas Drumeagle Tyrone
MCCARLAN Peter Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
MCCARTHY Patrick Ballycolman Tyrone
MCCARTIN James Churchtown Tyrone
MCCAULEY Edward Pullyernan Tyrone
MCCAUSLAND Alexander Kilclean Tyrone
MCCAUSLAND Catherine Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
MCCAWLEY Charles Skerryglass Tyrone
MCCAY Alexander Churchtown Tyrone
MCCAY Arthur Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
MCCAY James Bridgetown Tyrone
MCCAY John Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
MCCAY Robert Churchtown Tyrone
MCCAY Robert Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
MCCAY Robert Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCCAY Samuel Castlesessagh Tyrone
MCCAY Samuel Freughlough Tyrone
MCCLEA John Bellspark Tyrone
MCCLEAN Andrew Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCCLEAN John Magirr Tyrone
MCCLENEHAN Mary Prospect Tyrone
MCCLENEHAN Patrick Prospect Tyrone
MCCLURE David Churchtown Tyrone
MCCLURE Francis Mullanboy Donegal
MCCLUSKEY James Tullywhisker Tyrone
MCCLUSKEY Jane Ballycolman Tyrone
MCCLUSKEY John Seein Tyrone
MCCLUSKEY Neal Tullydoortans Tyrone
MCCODDAN Thomas Liggartown Tyrone
MCCOLGAN John Liggartown Tyrone
MCCOLGAN Neal Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCCONAGHY Rev. John Peacockbank Tyrone
MCCONAGHY Rev. John Rabstown Tyrone
MCCONNELL Patrick Magirr Tyrone
MCCONWAY Jane Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCCONWAY Matthew Ballycolman Tyrone
MCCORMACK Andrew Freughlough Tyrone
MCCORMACK Charles Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCCORMACK Henry Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
MCCORMACK Hugh Alt Upper Donegal
MCCORMACK James Dartans Tyrone
MCCORMACK James Skerryglass Tyrone
MCCORMACK James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCCORMACK Jane Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
MCCORMACK John Fearn Donegal
MCCORMACK John Freughlough Tyrone
MCCORMACK John Kilclean Tyrone
MCCORMACK John Liggartown Tyrone
MCCORMACK Joseph Drumbane Donegal
MCCORMACK William Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCCOY Charles Glentown Tyrone
MCCOY Charles Rabstown Tyrone
MCCOY William Rabstown Tyrone
MCCREA James Seein Tyrone
MCCREA John Ballycolman Tyrone
MCCRORY John Freughlough Tyrone
MCCRORY Thomas Freughlough Tyrone
MCCROSSAN James Glentimon Tyrone
MCCROSSAN Patrick Seein Tyrone
MCCROSSAN Sarah Dartans Tyrone
MCCROTTIN Sarah Skerryglass Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Eliza Liggartown Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Joseph Tullydoortans Tyrone
MCCURDY James Kellysmeadow Donegal
MCCURDY James Millfarm Donegal
MCCUTCHEON Alexander Lisdoo Tyrone
MCCUTCHEON Andrew Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCCUTCHEON Charles Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCCUTCHEON James Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCCUTCHEON John Freughlough Tyrone
MCCUTCHEON John Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCCUTCHEON John, Sen. Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCCUTCHEON William Freughlough Tyrone
MCCUTCHIN Robert Dunnaloob Donegal
MCDAID Edward Kilclean Tyrone
MCDAID Edward Pullyernan Tyrone
MCDAID Edward Skerryglass Tyrone
MCDAID Francis Skerryglass Tyrone
MCDAID Henry Clady Tyrone
MCDAID Henry Skerryglass Tyrone
MCDAID Hugh Kilclean Tyrone
MCDAID John Cavan Tyrone
MCDAID John Dresnagh Donegal
MCDAID Patrick Magirr Tyrone
MCDAID Susan Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCDAID William Glentown Tyrone
MCDERMOTT Edward Drumdoit Donegal
MCDEVITT Eliza Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCDEVITT James Freughlough Tyrone
MCDEVITT John Castlesessagh Tyrone
MCDEVITT Philip Liggartown Tyrone
MCDONAGHY Francis Pullyernan Tyrone
MCEVOY Anne Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCEVOY Terence Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCFARLAND Andrew Cavan Tyrone
MCFARLAND James Ballycolman Tyrone
MCFARLAND James Cavan Tyrone
MCFARLAND James Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
MCFARLAND James Kilclean Tyrone
MCFARLAND James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCFARLAND Mary Ballycolman Tyrone
MCFARLAND Thomas Kilclean Tyrone
MCFARLAND William Bridgetown Tyrone
MCFARLAND William Kilclean Tyrone
MCFARLANE James Castletown Tyrone
MCGARRIGLE Charles Backtown Tyrone
MCGARRIGLE Charles Carricklee Tyrone
MCGARRIGLE Charles Magirr Tyrone
MCGARRIGLE James Carricklee Tyrone
MCGARRIGLE John Magirr Tyrone
MCGARRIGLE Patrick Carricklee Tyrone
MCGARRIGLE Thomas Carricklee Tyrone
MCGARRIGLE William Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCGARRY James Peacockbank Tyrone
MCGEAHAN James Magirr Tyrone
MCGEE J. Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCGERAGLE James Alt Upper Donegal
MCGILL Patrick Ballylast Donegal
MCGILLEN Margaret Ballycolman Tyrone
MCGILLIGAN Patrick Glebe (Old) Tyrone
MCGINLEY Robert Liggartown Tyrone
MCGINTY Anne Clady Tyrone
MCGINTY Edward Cavan Tyrone
MCGIRR John Inchenny Upper Tyrone
MCGLINCHEY John Maghery Callaghan Donegal
MCGLINCHEY Rev. Michl. Halftown Donegal
MCGLINCHY Cath. Pullyernan Tyrone
MCGLINCHY Felix Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCGLINCHY James Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCGLINCHY John Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
MCGLINCHY John Magirr Tyrone
MCGLINCHY Michael Churchtown Tyrone
MCGLINCHY Michael Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCGLINCHY Michael Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCGLINCHY Owen Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCGLINCHY William Clady Tyrone
MCGLYNN William Clady Tyrone
MCGOLRICK Patrick Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCGONIGLE Charles Clady Tyrone
MCGONIGLE Edward Carricklee Tyrone
MCGONIGLE Edward Clady Tyrone
MCGONIGLE Edward Inchenny Tyrone
MCGOVERN James Magheragar Tyrone
MCGOWAN John Creevy Upper Tyrone
MCGOWAN Sarah Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCGOWAN William Gortnagrace Donegal
MCGRANAGHAN Anne Pullyernan Tyrone
MCGRANAGHAN James Pullyernan Tyrone
MCGRANAGHAN Michael Magirr Tyrone
MCGRANAGHAN Patrick Magirr Tyrone
MCGRANAHAN James Pullyernan Tyrone
MCGRATH Alice Prospect Tyrone
MCGRATH Anne Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCGRATH John Magheragar Tyrone
MCGRATH Patrick Churchtown Tyrone
MCGRATH Thomas Prospect Tyrone
MCGREALE Charles Pullyernan Tyrone
MCGRENSHA Anne Pullyernan Tyrone
MCHUGH Anne Churchtown Tyrone
MCHUGH Anne Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCHUGH Bernard Drumbane Donegal
MCHUGH Bryan Drumdoit Donegal
MCHUGH Daniel Clady Tyrone
MCHUGH Edward Castlegore Tyrone
MCHUGH Ellen Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCHUGH Ellen Town of Castlederg, Strabane Lower Road Tyrone
MCHUGH George Clady Tyrone
MCHUGH Gilbert Bridgetown Tyrone
MCHUGH Gilbert Churchtown Tyrone
MCHUGH Gilbert Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCHUGH Gilbert Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCHUGH Henry Bridgetown Tyrone
MCHUGH Hugh Churchtown Tyrone
MCHUGH Hugh Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCHUGH James Glentown Tyrone
MCHUGH John Freughlough Tyrone
MCHUGH John Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCHUGH Michael, Jun. Kilclean Tyrone
MCHUGH Michael, Sen. Kilclean Tyrone
MCHUGH Neal Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCHUGH Patrick Foyfin Donegal
MCHUGH Patrick Gortnagrace Donegal
MCHUGH Patrick Skelpy Donegal
MCILHENNY Patrick Ballycolman Tyrone
MCILHENNY William Magirr Tyrone
MCILWEE Denis Glebe Tyrone
MCILWEE John Glebe Tyrone
MCILWEE Patrick Gallany Tyrone
MCINTYRE Aaron Ballylennan Mercer Tyrone
MCINTYRE Aaron Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
MCINTYRE Aaron Berrysfort Tyrone
MCINTYRE Aaron Coolyslin Donegal
MCINTYRE Catherine Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
MCINTYRE Catherine Berrysfort Tyrone
MCINTYRE Catherine Bridgetown Tyrone
MCINTYRE David Berrysfort Tyrone
MCINTYRE David Bridgetown Tyrone
MCINTYRE Edward Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCINTYRE John Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
MCINTYRE Robert Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
MCINTYRE Robert Bridgetown Tyrone
MCKAY Anne Gortnagrace Donegal
MCKEE Joseph Ballycolman Tyrone
MCKEEVER William Magirr Tyrone
MCKENNA Hugh Tullyard Donegal
MCKENNA Matthew Alt Upper Donegal
MCKENNA Matthew Calhame Donegal
MCKENNA Michael Tullyard Donegal
MCKENNA Philip Graffy Donegal
MCKENNA Philip Tullyard Donegal
MCKENNA William Tullyard Donegal
MCKENNY John Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCKENNY Letitia Magirr Tyrone
MCKENNY Patrick Hunterstown Tyrone
MCKEON James Liggartown Tyrone
MCKEON Margaret Magirr Tyrone
MCKNIGHT William Ballycolman Tyrone
MCLENNON Thomas Magirr Tyrone
MCLORLEY [MCSORLEY?] Roger Kinkit Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Anne Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Catherine Skelpy Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN Charles Calhame Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN Eliza Cloghfin Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN Francis Lisdoo Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN George Freughlough Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN George Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN James Glebe Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN James Lisdoo Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN James Pullyernan Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN John Creevy Upper Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN John Alt Upper Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN John Ballycolman Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN John Coolyslin Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN John Foyfin Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN John Glentimon Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN John Inisclan Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Mark Glebe Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Mary Cavan Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Michael Alt Upper Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN Neal Freughlough Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Owen Pullyernan Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Skelpy Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN Sarah Coolyslin Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN William Coolyslin Donegal
MCLOUGHLIN William Kennystown Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN William Magirr Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN William Somervillestown Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN William Tullymoan Tyrone
MCMANUS James Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Charles Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Darby Freughlough Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Edward Pullyernan Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Francis Pullyernan Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Hugh Cavan Tyrone
MCMENAMIN James Lisdoo Tyrone
MCMENAMIN James Pullyernan Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Jn. Pullyernan Tyrone
MCMENAMIN John Castlegore Tyrone
MCMENAMIN John Pullyernan Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Mary Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Michael Pullyernan Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Patrick Pullyernan Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Patrick Pullyernan Tyrone
MCMENAMIN Sophia Ballycolman Tyrone
MCMERRIGAN Jane Kilclean Tyrone
MCMONAGLE James Magirr Tyrone
MCMULLEN Aiken Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCMULLEN Charles Craigmonaghan (Funston) Tyrone
MCMULLEN Thomas Town of Castlederg, McCay's Court Tyrone
MCNALLY Thomas Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MCNAMEE Bernard Liggartown Tyrone
MCNAMEE Bernard Tullydoortans Tyrone
MCNAMEE Catherine Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCNAMEE Edward Liggartown Tyrone
MCNAMEE James Liggartown Tyrone
MCNAUGHT Alexander Coolyslin Donegal
MCNAUGHT James Kilclean Tyrone
MCNAUGHT James Kinkit Tyrone
MCNIFF William Fearn Donegal
MCNULTY James Halftown Donegal
MCNULTY Philip Halftown Donegal
MCNULTY Unity Castlesessagh Tyrone
MCPEAK Richard Lisdoo Tyrone
MCPHELIMY James Kilcroagh Tyrone
MCPHERSON Henry Maghery Callaghan Donegal
MCPHERSON Thomas Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCPHERSON William Graffy Donegal
MCPHINIMY [MCPHILIMY] Edward Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCRODDAN Hugh Magirr Tyrone
MCSHANE Mary Liggartown Tyrone
MCSORLEY John Ballyfatten Tyrone
MCSORLEY Mary Creevy Upper Tyrone
MCSWEENEY Denis Drumdoit Donegal
MCSWYNE Fanny Magirr Tyrone
MCSWYNNE Anne Liggartown Tyrone
MCVEAGH William Clady Tyrone
MEAGHAN Dominick Magirr Tyrone
MEAGHAN Thomas Glentimon Tyrone
MEEHAN Bryan Castlegore Tyrone
MEEHAN John Ballycolman Tyrone
MELAUGH Christopher Magirr Tyrone
MELDRUM Jane Magirr Tyrone
MELVILLE Grace Ballycolman Tyrone
MELVILLE Hugh Ballycolman Tyrone
MIDDLETON Sarah Ballyfatten Tyrone
MILLS William Gortlogher Tyrone
MITCHELL Doctor Gallany Tyrone
MITCHELL James Bridgetown Tyrone
MITCHELL James Cavan Tyrone
MITCHELL Robert Castlesessagh Tyrone
MITCHELL William Pullyernan Tyrone
MOFFETT Jane Ballyfatten Tyrone
MOLLOY Cornelius Gortnagrace Donegal
MONAGHAN Charles Magirr Tyrone
MONAGHAN Charles Tullymoan Tyrone
MONAGHAN Thomas Ganvaghan Semple Tyrone
MONAHAN Terence Castlegore Tyrone
MONTEITH David Tullywhisker Tyrone
MONTEITH James Kilclean Tyrone
MONTEITH James Pullyernan Tyrone
MONTEITH Jane Glentimon Tyrone
MONTEITH John Cavan Tyrone
MONTEITH John Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
MONTEITH John Freughlough Tyrone
MONTEITH John Learmore Tyrone
MONTEITH John Seein Tyrone
MONTEITH Margaret Craigmonaghan (Funston) Tyrone
MONTEITH Robert Learmore Tyrone
MONTEITH Robert Pullyernan Tyrone
MONTGOMERY Matthew Liggartown Tyrone
MOODY John Bellspark Tyrone
MOORE Alexander Rabstown Tyrone
MOORE Catherine Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MOORE James Seein Tyrone
MOORE Robert Magirr Tyrone
MOOREHEAD Solomon Fearn Donegal
MORRIS Dominick Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MORRIS Edward Liggartown Tyrone
MORRIS Patrick Liggartown Tyrone
MORRIS Patrick Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MORROUGH William Learmore Tyrone
MOTHERWELL John Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MOTHERWELL John, M. D. Bridgetown Tyrone
MULHERN John Magirr Tyrone
MULLEN Francis Berrysfort Tyrone
MULLEN William Churchtown Tyrone
MULLEN William Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
MULLIGAN James Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
MULLIGAN James Liggartown Tyrone
MULLIN Patrick Glebe (Old) Tyrone
MULLINS John Castlegore Tyrone
MUNDAY Michael Churchtown Tyrone
MURRAY Charles Liggartown Tyrone
MURRAY Elizabeth Castlegore Tyrone
MURRAY John Magirr Tyrone
MURRAY Sarah Liggartown Tyrone
MURTLAND Samuel Mullanboy Donegal
MUSTLAND [MURTLAND] Thomas Kilclean Tyrone
NANGLE John Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
NANGLE John Town of Castlederg, Strabane Upper Road Tyrone
NEALLY Elizabeth Rabstown Tyrone
NEALLY James Liggartown Tyrone
NEALLY Samuel Liggartown Tyrone
NEALTY Anne Somervillestown Tyrone
NEALY James Liggartown Tyrone
NELSON Charles, M. D. Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
NELSON Hugh Tullydoortans Tyrone
NELSON Robert Liggartown Tyrone
NELSON William Drumdoit Donegal
NESBITT John Ballylast Donegal
NICHOLL Elizabeth Glentimon Tyrone
NOBLE Martha Liggartown Tyrone
NOBLE Samuel Liggartown Tyrone
NUGENT James Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
O’HARA James Cormakilly Donegal
O’HARA William Calhame Donegal
O’NEILL Roger Mullanboy Donegal
O'BRIEN Catherine Berrysfort Tyrone
O'BRIEN Charles Drumeagle Tyrone
O'BRIEN James Glebe (Old) Tyrone
O'BRIEN James Kilclean Tyrone
O'DONNELL Anthony Ballycolman Tyrone
O'DONNELL Bernard Liggartown Tyrone
O'DONNELL Charles Pullyernan Tyrone
O'DONNELL James Seein Tyrone
O'DONNELL Neal Magirr Tyrone
O'FLAGHERTY Doctor Magirr Tyrone
OGLEBY Samuel Mullanboy Donegal
O'KANE Henry Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
OLIVER James Carricklee Tyrone
OLIVER James Glentown Tyrone
OLIVER James Stephenstown Tyrone
OLIVER Jane Ballyfatten Tyrone
OLIVER John Rabstown Tyrone
O'NEILL Edward Freughlough Tyrone
O'NEILL James Liggartown Tyrone
O'NEILL John Castlegore Tyrone
O'NEILL Sarah Ballycolman Tyrone
O'REILLY Margaret Magirr Tyrone
ORR Anne Drumdoit Donegal
ORR James Liggartown Tyrone
ORR John Coolyslin Donegal
ORR John Liggartown Tyrone
ORSON Thomas Alt Upper Donegal
OWENS Elizabeth Clady Tyrone
PARK Robert Tullymoan Tyrone
PARKS William Ballyfatten Tyrone
PATTEN Charles Ballyfatten Tyrone
PATTEN Laurence Pullyernan Tyrone
PATTEN Michael Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
PATTEN Roderick Ballyfatten Tyrone
PATTERSON Andrew Ballyfatten Tyrone
PATTERSON James Creevy Upper Tyrone
PATTERSON John Ballylast Donegal
PATTON Catherine Tullywhisker Tyrone
PATTON Daniel Seein Tyrone
PATTON Eliza Seein Tyrone
PATTON James Seein Tyrone
PATTON John Seein Tyrone
PATTON Mary Ballycolman Tyrone
PATTON Thomas Seein Tyrone
PATTON William Seein Tyrone
PERRY Andrew Cloghfin Donegal
PERRY Samuel Clady Tyrone
PERRY Samuel Cloghfin Donegal
PLATT Nathaniel Magirr Tyrone
POAK Robert Cavanaweery Donegal
PORTER David Magirr Tyrone
PORTER James Ballycolman Tyrone
PORTER James Carrickone Tyrone
PORTER James Prospect Tyrone
PORTER Mary Clady Tyrone
PORTER Robert Ballylast Donegal
PORTER Robert Carricklee Tyrone
PORTER Robert Drumeagle Tyrone
PORTER William Bridgetown Tyrone
PORTER William J. Glebe (Old) Tyrone
PORTER William J. Inchenny Upper Tyrone
PORTER William J. Prospect Tyrone
PORTERFIELD John Gortlogher Tyrone
PURDON Hugh Glentown Tyrone
PURDON Hugh Scotstown Tyrone
PURDON James Glentown Tyrone
PURDON James Scotstown Tyrone
PURDON Jane Rabstown Tyrone
PURDON Rebecca Glentown Tyrone
PURRINES [PURVINES] Thomas Alt Lower Donegal
QUIGLEY Edward Creevy Upper Tyrone
QUIGLEY Hugh Pullyernan Tyrone
QUIGLEY James Kilclean Tyrone
QUIGLEY Joseph Ballyfatten Tyrone
QUIGLEY Joseph Dartans Tyrone
QUIGLEY Philip Glebe Tyrone
QUIN Charles Prospect Tyrone
QUINN Catherine Ballyfatten Tyrone
QUINN Charles Castlegore Tyrone
QUINN Francis Ballycolman Tyrone
QUINN James Alt Lower Donegal
QUINN James Glentown Tyrone
QUINN Patrick Liggartown Tyrone
QUINN Phelix Alt Lower Donegal
RAMSAY James Tullydoortans Tyrone
RAMSAY William Magirr Tyrone
READ John Magirr Tyrone
READ Thomas Magirr Tyrone
REID John Magirr Tyrone
REID Johnston Seein Tyrone
REILLY James Glentimon Tyrone
REILLY John Glentimon Tyrone
REYNOLDS Bernard Magirr Tyrone
RIPLEY Robert Tullywhisker Tyrone
RIPPEY Thomas Castlegore Tyrone
ROBB Catherine Kilclean Tyrone
ROBB James Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
ROBB James Kilcroagh Tyrone
ROBB William Kilclean Tyrone
ROBINSON Andrew Dartans Tyrone
ROBINSON James Cavan Tyrone
ROBINSON James Dartans Tyrone
ROBSON Martha Town of Castlederg, Strabane Upper Road Tyrone
RODY Neal Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
ROGAN James Carricklee Tyrone
ROGERS James Magirr Tyrone
ROLLERSTONE John Creevy Upper Tyrone
ROLLESTON James Creevy Upper Tyrone
ROLLESTON James Gortnagrace Donegal
ROLLESTONE David Castlegore Tyrone
ROLLESTONE James Pullyernan Tyrone
ROLLESTONE James Town of Castlederg, Meeting House Lane Tyrone
ROLLESTONE John Churchtown Tyrone
ROLLESTONE John Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
ROLLESTONE Joseph Pullyernan Tyrone
ROLLESTONE Robert Pullyernan Tyrone
ROLLESTONE Robert Jun. Pullyernan Tyrone
ROLLESTONE Robert, Sen. Pullyernan Tyrone
ROLLESTONE Thomas Kilclean Tyrone
ROLLESTONE Thomas Pullyernan Tyrone
ROLLSTONE John Munie Tyrone
ROULSTON Henry Alt Upper Donegal
ROULSTON James Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
ROULSTON John Gortlogher Tyrone
ROULSTON Mary Alt Upper Donegal
ROULSTON William Alt Upper Donegal
RUPPY [RIPPY] Andrew Alt Upper Donegal
RUSH James Pullyernan Tyrone
RUSH John Pullyernan Tyrone
RUSH John, Jun. Alt Upper Donegal
RUSH John, Sen. Alt Upper Donegal
RUSH Michael Creevy Upper Tyrone
RUSH Mrs. Alt Upper Donegal
RUSH Patrick Freughlough Tyrone
RUSH Patrick Liggartown Tyrone
RUSH Patrick Pullyernan Tyrone
RUSH William Freughlough Tyrone
RUSSELL Joseph Clady Tyrone
RUSSELL Joseph Cloghfin Donegal
RUSSELL Rev. Wm. A. Castletown Tyrone
RUSSELL Thomas Magirr Tyrone
RUTLEDGE Robert Churchtown Tyrone
SCANLAN James Seein Tyrone
SCANLAN Mary Carrickone Tyrone
SCANLAN Michael Glentown Tyrone
SCANLAN Michael Kennystown Tyrone
SCANLAN William Clady Tyrone
SCOTT Alexander Ballycolman Tyrone
SCOTT Alexander Castletown Tyrone
SCOTT Archibald Bridgetown Tyrone
SCOTT James Ganvaghan Kyle Tyrone
SCOTT John Bridgetown Tyrone
SCOTT John Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
SCOTT Thomas Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
SCOTT Walter Ballycolman Tyrone
SEMPLE Arthur Ganvaghan Semple Tyrone
SEMPLE James Ganvaghan Semple Tyrone
SEMPLE John Gallany Tyrone
Semple Michael Munie Tyrone
SEMPLE Samuel Magirr Tyrone
SEMPLE William Ballyfatten Tyrone
SEMPLE William Gallany Tyrone
SHANNON William Inisclan Tyrone
SHARKEY Charles Tullywhisker Tyrone
SHARKEY Hugh Scotstown Tyrone
SHEA Ellen Ganvaghan Semple Tyrone
SHEA Wm. Ganvaghan Semple Tyrone
SHEERIN Anne Glebe Tyrone
SHEERIN Charles Glebe Tyrone
SHEERIN Eliza Glebe Tyrone
SHEERIN James Ballyfatten Tyrone
SHEERIN James Glebe Tyrone
SHEERIN James, Sen. Glebe Tyrone
SHEERIN John Glebe Tyrone
SHEIL John Ballycolman Tyrone
SHEIL John Magirr Tyrone
SHEILS Susan Glebe Tyrone
SHERIDAN Bryan Town of Castlederg, Strabane Lower Road Tyrone
SHERIDAN John Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
SHERIDAN Margaret Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
SHIELS Margaret Berrysfort Tyrone
SHIVLICKEN Patrick Ballycolman Tyrone
SIMPSON James Ballycolman Tyrone
SIMPSON Jane Ballycolman Tyrone
SIMPSON John Ballycolman Tyrone
SIMPSON Samuel Seein Tyrone
SIMPSON Thomas Carricklee Tyrone
SINCLAIR James Backtown Tyrone
SKAY Michael Lisdoo Tyrone
SMITH David Ballyfatten Tyrone
SMITH John Dartans Tyrone
SMITH John Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
SMITH Matthew Ballyfatten Tyrone
SMITH William Ballycolman Tyrone
SMYTH David Gallany Tyrone
SOMERAL [SOMERVILLE] Alexander Kilcroagh Tyrone
SPEAR Joseph Tullymoan Tyrone
SPEER Isaac Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
SPENCE Sarah Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
SPROULE Andrew Cloghfin Donegal
SPROULE Charles Dartans Tyrone
SPROULE Eliza Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
SPROULE Elizabeth Magirr Tyrone
SPROULE Hugh Kilcroagh Tyrone
SPROULE James Tullymoan Tyrone
SPROULE James, Sen. Kilclean Tyrone
SPROULE John Ganvaghan Kyle Tyrone
SPROULE John Kilclean Tyrone
SPROULE Moses Fort Town Tyrone
SPROULE Moses Inchenny Upper Tyrone
SPROULE Robert Castlesessagh Tyrone
SPROULE Robert Freughlough Tyrone
SPROULE William Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
SPROULE William Kilclean Tyrone
SPROULE William, Jun. Kilclean Tyrone
SPROULE William, Sen. Kilclean Tyrone
STEPHENSON Mary Magheragar Tyrone
STEPHENSON Robert Craigmonaghan (Funston) Tyrone
STEVENSON James Ballycolman Tyrone
STEVENSON James Magirr Tyrone
STEWART Andrew C. Clady Tyrone
STEWART John Ballycolman Tyrone
STEWART John Glebe (Old) Tyrone
STEWART John Magirr Tyrone
STEWART John Prospect Tyrone
STEWART Rev. Samuel Alt Upper Donegal
STEWART William Bridgetown Tyrone
STORMAN William Urney Glebe Tyrone
STRAHAN William Castletown Tyrone
SWEENEY Daniel Magirr Tyrone
SWEENEY Edward Fearn Donegal
SWEENY Isabella Ballycolman Tyrone
SWEENY Isabella Ballyfatten Tyrone
SYMES [SIMS] Nicholas Magirr Tyrone
TAYLOR Andrew Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
TAYLOR James Cormakilly Donegal
TAYLOR John Churchtown Tyrone
TAYLOR William Kilcroagh Tyrone
THOMPSON Andrew Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
THOMPSON Jane Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
TIERNEY John Craigmonaghan (Nelson) Tyrone
TIGHE Patrick Liggartown Tyrone
TINNY Edward Gortnagrace Donegal
TOORISH Hugh Ballycolman Tyrone
TORRENS James Ballyfatten Tyrone
TRAVERS Francis Clady Tyrone
TURNER Margaret Kennystown Tyrone
TYNAN Thomas Ballycolman Tyrone
VANCE James Kilcroagh Tyrone
VAUGHAN Charles Kinkit Tyrone
VERTUE Thomas Magirr Tyrone
WADE John Gallany Tyrone
WALLACE John Tullydoortans Tyrone
WALLACE Robert Tullydoortans Tyrone
WALLACE Samuel Ballycolman Tyrone
WALLACE William Peacockbank Tyrone
WALLACE William Tullywhisker Tyrone
WARNOCK Lighton Ballycolman Tyrone
WASON John Liggartown Tyrone
WASSON Andrew Castlegore Tyrone
WASSON James Castlegore Tyrone
WASSON John Castlegore Tyrone
WASSON Mabel Castlegore Tyrone
WATSON John Fearn Donegal
WATSON Joseph Carricklee Tyrone
WATSON Joseph Flushtown Tyrone
WATSON Margaret Magheragar Tyrone
WATSON Noble Alt Upper Donegal
WATSON Robert Cavan Tyrone
WATSON Robert Liggartown Tyrone
WATSON William Fearn Donegal
WATSON William Flushtown Tyrone
WATTERS James Ballyfatten Tyrone
WAUCHOB James Kinkit Tyrone
WAUCHOB John Kinkit Tyrone
WAUCHOB Joseph Kinkit Tyrone
WAUCHOB Margaret Kinkit Tyrone
WAUCHOB Thomas Foyfin Donegal
WAUCHOB William Cavanaweery Donegal
WAUCHOB William Creevy Upper Tyrone
WAUCHOB William Foyfin Donegal
WHITE Andrew Liggartown Tyrone
WHITE James Alt Upper Donegal
WHITE James Clady Tyrone
WHITE John Alt Upper Donegal
WHITE Margaret Alt Upper Donegal
WHITE Michael Millfarm Donegal
WHITE Samuel Ballylast Donegal
WHITE William Liggartown Tyrone
WILSON Anne Carricklee Tyrone
WILSON Anne Magirr Tyrone
WILSON Christopher Kilcroagh Tyrone
WILSON John Clady Tyrone
WILSON Joseph Dartans Tyrone
WILSON Joseph Foyfin Donegal
WILSON William Magirr Tyrone
WINTERS Peter Berrysfort Tyrone
WOODS David Glentimon Tyrone
WOODS David Peacockbank Tyrone
WOODS James Glentimon Tyrone
WOODS James Seein Tyrone
WOODS John Glebe Tyrone
WOODS William Seein Tyrone
WOOLAGHAN James Castlegore Tyrone
WOOLAGHAN John Pullyernan Tyrone
WOOLAGHAN Thomas Pullyernan Tyrone
WOOLLAGHAN William Kilcroagh Tyrone
YOUNG Alexander Ballylennan Scott Tyrone
YOUNG Alexander Ganvaghan Hemphill Tyrone
YOUNG Andrew Pullyernan Tyrone
YOUNG Jane Castlegore Tyrone
YOUNG Martha Castlegore Tyrone
YOUNG Mary Drumbane Donegal
YOUNG Noble Learmore Tyrone
YOUNG Robert Donnygowen Tyrone
YOUNG Samuel Town of Castlederg, Main Street Tyrone
YOUNG William J. Castlegore Tyrone