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Urney New Graveyard, Urney Parish, Urney Road, Clady, near Strabane, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Bernie Donaghey Gamble
Formatted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



Transcribed Inscriptions from Selected Headstones

The graveyard lies opposite Christ Church, Church of Ireland


Surname Transcription

In Loving Memory of Annie

Dearly loved wife of James

Died 28th January 1991 aged 76 years

And the above James

Died 6th August 1992 aged 86 years


In Loving Memory of


Died 30th October 1974 aged 59 years

His son Joel

Died 13th April 1984 aged 35 years


In Loving Memory of


Died 4th March 1981


In Loving Memory of

Our Dear son

Robert Derek James

Died 28th Sept 1987 aged 48 years

Also his beloved mother

Arabel Harriet

Died 27th November 2000 aged 98 years

Safe in the arms of Jesus


In Loving Memory of

Ronnie BLACK

Who died 5th Oct 1979 aged 20 years

Also his infant brother died 19th July 1961

Also his mother

Rebecca (Ruby)

Died 24th January 1994 aged 58 years

In God’s Keeping


In Loving Memory of

Albert Stewart

Born 11th Feb 1908 died 6th June 1981

And his son Robert John Orphen

Born 25th Oct 1937 died 16th June 1978

Also his wife Sarah Frances

Born 26th Feb 1909 died 4th May 1995


In Loving Memory of

Our dear mother Margaret BOYD

Died 30th May 1967

Also our dear father John James BOYD

Died 23rd April 1925

Also their son David Henry

Died 6th September 1955

And his wife Elizabeth Annie

Died14th March 1964


In Loving Memory of


Died 5th June 1988 aged 79 years

Also his brother George

Died 21st December 1992 aged 72 years


In Loving Memory of

John (Johnny)

Born 6th October 1910 died 12th April 1987

Also his wife

May Bertha (Mamie)

Born 6th May 1913 died 15th December 2000

Abide with me


In Loving Memory of

Lily Letitia

Died 12th August 1975

And her husband James

Died 14th December 1982


In Loving Memory of

Sarah Georgina

Died 7th June 1996 aged 80 years

(God needed a Gardener)

Also her husband William

Died 6th June 2001 aged 85 years

(A quiet man, his 11th Commandment,

“Man mind they own and woman likewise”)

Also their infant son Eric

Died 10th April 1947 aged 11 weeks

(Interred at Lisburn Cemetery)


In Memory of


Died 6th August 1969

His wife Mary

Died 3rd August 1979

Their son Thomas

Died 31st December 2003


In Loving Memory of

William K. COLHOUN

Died 24th Feb 1940 aged 82 years

Also his wife Catherine

Died 13th Dec 1946 aged 82 years


In Loving Memory of


Who died 13th December 1986

Also her husband

Dr. Arthur COTTER

Called home 15th June 2004

“For to me to live is Christ and to die is Gain”


In Loving Memory of

A dear husband, father and grandfather

Frederick Graham

Died 27th Sept 2000 aged 66 years


In Loving Memory of

Thomas Alexander DARRAGH

Died 19th Nov 1979 aged 69 years


In Loving Memory of

William (Billy)

Died 20th May 1926 aged 52 years

Interred Carnmoney, Belfast

His wife Mary

Died 30th March 1952 aged 72 years

Their sons William John

Died 25th March 1952 aged 51 years

James Ewart (Jim)

Died 10th September 1976 aged 67 years OK

And their daughter

Margaret Mary (Minnie) Loughlin

Died 17th March 1994 aged 90 years

At rest


George ELVIN

Died 11th July 1945


In Loving Memory of

Alan Millar ENTRICAN

Died 17th March 1977 aged 72 years

His wife Ellen Patricia

Died 7th April 1979 aged 57 years


In Loving Memory of

Rev. Walter ENTRICAN

Senior Minister of Bovevagh Presbyterian Church

Died 18th March 1984

And wife Josephine T.

Died 3rd July 1989


In Loving Memory of

Joseph James FORBES, Ballyfatton

Died 22nd July 1968 aged 83 years

Also his wife

Margaret Ann

Died 2nd October 1980 aged 83 years


In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth (Lily)

Died 28th April 1987 aged 65 years

Also her husband Harry

Died 22nd September 1991 aged 76 years

In remembrance of my dear parents

The Lord is my Shepherd


In Loving Memory of


Departed this life

11th January 1985 aged 67 years

Also his grandson

Dean Percival Ronald Thomas

Departed this life

4th February 2002 aged 28 years

And his loving wife Dorothy Maud

Departed this life

2nd March 2005 aged 77 years

Worthy of Everlasting Remembrance


In Loving Memory of

Robert John (Robbie)

Died 7th March 1970 aged 61 years

Also his wife and a beloved Mother

Mary (Molly)

Died 3rd November 1990 aged 75 years

I go to prepare a place for you. (plaque in front)


In Loving Memory of


Died 27th June 1951 aged 25 years

Her husband David

Died 25th March 1963 aged 38 years

Also their daughter

Ann died in infancy


In Loving Memory of


Who died 21st July 1950

And his wife Tillie

Who died 8th December 1993


In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth (nee McNAUL)

Beloved wife of William

Died 26th Jan 1989 aged 76 yrs

Also her husband William

Died 5th June 1991 aged 85 yrs

The Lord is my Shepherd


In Loving Memory of

Mary Elizabeth

Died 13th November 1977

Her husband

Andrew Thomas

Died 18th January 2007



Infant son of

Claud and Barbara HERDMAN

Born 23rd Jan 1940 died 26th Feb 1940


In Loving Memory of

A dear husband and father

Alexander (Alec)

Died 24th March 1998 aged 73 years


In Loving Memory of

Joseph Stuart

Died 24th August 1978 aged 75 years

Also his wife

Hannah Violet

Died 29th December 1999 aged 87 years


Capt. John Claudius HERDMAN, O.B.E., D.L.

Of Sion House

Born 30th December 1876 died 13th July 1964

And his wife

Maud Harriet HERDMAN, M.B.E., J.P.

Born 1st September 1879 died 7th October 1964

(stone in front)

Also their eldest son

Emerson Tennent Rex, O.B.E.,

Born 7th October 1902 died 9th January 1982


Barbara Mary HERDMAN

Born 3rd October 1911 died 2nd November 1984

And her husband

CDR Claudius Alexander HERDMAN D.L., R.N.

Born 29th October 1903 died 22nd December 1993


In Loving Memory of

Frederick William Burbridge

Who died 29th June 1972

And his wife

Anne Gertrude Louise

Who died 25th January 1993

Loves last gift – remembrance


In Loving Memory of


Died 19th July 1965

And her husband

Robert N.

Died 21st July 1969

At rest


In loving Memory of


Died 3rd March 1941

His wife Rebecca

Died 7th January 1947

And their daughter Sarah

Died 17th March 1960


John R.A. McFERRAN, D.L., J.P.

Born 26th December 1897 died 5th March 1969

Iona Mary McFERRAN, O.B.E.

Born 9th June 1911 died 28th March 2007


In Loving Memory of

Catherine McGINLEY

Died 1st Sept 1953 aged 85 years


In Loving Memory of


Died 2nd Nov 1988 aged 70 years

Also his wife Margaret

Died 18th Nov 1991 aged 73 years


In Loving Memory of

John James MARTIN, Drumdoit

Who departed this life

7th May 1952

Also his wife Matilda Mary

Who departed this life

18th March 1960

Also their son Robert Harper

Who died 8th Dec 1982 aged 56 years

Also their son Thomas Patton Purdon

Who died 6th March 1990


In Loving Memory of

A Devoted Husband, Father and Grandfather


Died 25th April 1970 aged 61 years

And a loving Wife and Mother

Margaret (Maggie)

Died 12th March 2004 aged 90 years

Forever With The Lord


In Loving Memory of

John Colhoun MAXWELL, Rabstown

Born 1891 died 1959

Robert MAXWELL, Fearn

Born 1898 died 1939

Sarah Elizabeth wife of John

Born 1900 died 2001

Thy Will be Done


In Loving Memory of

Rebecca (Ruby)

Died 29th December 1982 aged 68 years

Also her husband

Frederick Craig

Died 28th June 1988 aged 79 years


In Loving Memory of


Born 30th Nov 1903 died 22nd July 1970

Also his wife Elizabeth

Born 20th April 1908 died 29th April 1986


In Loving Memory of


Died 8th September 1955 aged 69 years

And his wife Fanny

Died 25th February 1960 aged 73 years

Also their son James

Died 25th April 1971 aged 58 years

And his wife Sarah Jane

Died 31th October 1986 aged 79 years

Also their son Joseph Graham

Died 14th May 1993 aged 50 years

I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness


Joseph MILLS

Formerly of Inchany

Died 14th June 1952

His wife

Elizabeth Jane MILLS

Died 20th November 1953


In Loving Memory of

Rebecca (Ruby)

Died 8th December 1951

Also her brother Samuel

Died 30th October 1954

Also their parents


Died 15th May 1981

And Margaret Elizabeth (Peggy)

Died 14th September 1988


William Alexander

28-1-1996 – 30-1-1996


In Loving Memory of

Marjorie (Madge) PATTERSON

A devoted mother and grandmother

Died 19th March 1988 aged 77 years

Also her daughter

Georgena (Georgie) GOUGH

A devoted wife mother and grandmother

Died 4th March 1990 aged 57 years


In Memory of

Lucy Claire SARGENT

Matron, Greenfield Home Strabane,

Who died 9th August 1967


In Loving Memory of

John James

Died 17th June 1988 aged 75 years


In Loving Memory of

Samuel SPEERS, Bellspark

Died 29th March 1986 aged 78 years

Samuel Holbeche Speers

23rd Feb 1978 – 23rd May 1993


In Loving Memory of

Dr. Alfred Myles STAUNTON of Sion Mills

Died 18th April 1957


In Loving Memory of


Beloved wife of E. R. STEENSON

Died 24th January 1975

Also the above E.R. STEENSON

Died 3rd April 1982 aged 73 years


In Loving Memory of


Died 11th Aug 1985 aged 83 years

Also his wife

Elizabeth Jane

Died 9th Feb 1993 aged 83 years


In Loving Memory of

William James STEENSON

Died 31st Dec 1977 aged 76 years

Also his wife Hannah

Died 26th Jan 1984 aged 88 years


In Loving Memory of

Albert George YORKE, Urney

Who died 14th Jany 1951 in his 53rd year

Also his son Thomas James

Who died 9th June 1949 aged 27 years

And his wife Frances Olive

Who died 9th December 1964 aged 68 years

Also their son

Frederick Perry YORKE

Who died 26th March 1982 aged 54 years