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E3.11   H___L.
        Large, rough slab, partially covered by moss.
        Length: 2000
        Width:     750
        Only declpherable  Ietters      H--L

E3.12 SIab.

E3.13 SIab.

E3.14 Slab.

E3.15 Slab.

E3.16    MITCHEL(L)
        Sandstone slab. Lettering incised and legible with difficulty.
        Length: 2000
        Width:   1000
                              HERE LYETH THE REMAINS OF
                            MI         MITCHEL WHO DEPARTED
                          THIS LIFE THE 6TH DAY OF FEBRUARY
                               1791(?) AGED 75 YEARS.
                         ALSO THE REMAINS OF JAMES MITCHELL
                         OF O           WHO DEPARTED THIS LIFE
                         THE 15TH DAY OF JANUARY 1820 IN THE
                          66TH YEAR OF HIS LIFE. BLEST ARE
                            THE DEAD WHO DIE IN THE LORD

E3.17 Slab.

E3.18 Broken slab.

E3.19 Broken slab.

E3.20 RANKIN    
      Rectangular sandstone headstone curving from shoulders to top,
      Ieaning heavily to east and badly affected by lichen.
        Lettering incised.
        Height: 1100
        Width:    600
        Rough slab immediately to east. Squared metal bar behind
        headstone set in two sandstone pillars probably orlglnally
        matched at east.
        Width:    900
                                       TO THE MEMORY
                                       JAMES RANKIN,
                                    OF CARRICKATAIN
                                  WHO DIED NOVR 1835,
                                    AGED 80 YEARS.
                                 ALSO ROSANA, HIS WIFE
                                        OCTR 1834,
                                 AND HIS SON WILLIAM,