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Applications to Register Freeholds in the Barony of Raphoe, Co. Donegal 1829-31

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

In 1829 the Parliament at Westminster abolished the 40 shilling franchise. The qualification for the right to vote became the possession of a freehold property with a minimum annual valuation of £10. These applicants were known as “Ten Pound Freeholders”. So great were the numbers of Ulster Presbyterians applying for the vote, it caused great alarm in London where the Presbyterians of Ireland were viewed with great distrust following their leading role in the Rebellion of 1798 and the franchise was increased to £50 instantly eliminating almost all. This was the final straw for many substantial Presbyterian farmers and a great encouragement to relinquish their leases and emigrate to the New World

List of applicants extracted from the STRABANE MORNING POST (Strabane & West Ulster in the 1800s: History from the Broadsheets 1812-1837 – Faye L. Logue; Strabane History Society 2006)


Published in numerous editions commencing Tuesday May 12 1829 – Tuesday March 15 1831

Tues May 12 1829


List of Persons who have served Notices on the Clerk of the Peace, of their intention to Register Freeholds at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, to be held at Lifford, in the Division of Lifford, the 3rd of June, 1829, as appointed by the Lord Lieutenant pursuant to the 10th Geo. IV, Chap. 8

Original phonetic spelling of townlands has been retained from the original text. Some locations and subdenominations no longer exist and possible official equivalents are offered.



Surname Given Name Residence Townland of Freehold
ADCOCK John Plea Isle, Manorcunningham, Manorcunningham
ALEXANDER Andy Meenavally Meenavally
ALEXANDER Margaret Moyle Moyle
ALEXANDER Nathaniel Park Ballyaghan [Balleeghan] Ballyaghan
ALEXANDER Thomas Drumbarnet Drumbarnet
ALEXANDER William Drumlougher Drumlougher
ALLEN Andrew Drumboe Stranorlar & Mullindrate
ARMOUR Joseph Maghrybuoy [Magherabuoy] Maghrybuoy
ARMOUR Robert Traintonavenny [Treanavinny?] Traintonavenny
ARMSTRONG Andrew Carrickmagra [Carrickmagrath] Carrickmagra
ARMSTRONG James Carrickmagra [Carrickmagrath] Carrickmagra
ARMSTRONG James Falmore [Stranorlar?] Creggan
ARMSTRONG Martin Carrickmagra [Carrickmagrath] Carrickmagra
ARMSTRONG Oliver Carrickmagra [Carrickmagrath] Carrickmagra
ARMSTRONG Richard Shancreagan Creggan [Stranorlar?]
ARMSTRONG Robert Carrickmagra [Carrickmagrath] Creggan
ARMSTRONG Thomas Ballybofea Ballybofea
ARMSTRONG Thomas Magheycar [Stranorlar?] Creggan
ARRELL John Tamnaforest Tamnaforest & Trainkeel [Treankeel]
ARROLL John Castlebane Castlebane
BAIRD Andrew Castlefin Fulton’s Town
BAIRD Daniel Strabane [Co Tyrone] Castlefin, Stranmuck & Cunnyburrow
BALL James C. Shannon Shannon
BALL John Gage Taughboyne Shannon
BARCLAY John Magir Stranorlar
BARR William Admarand Admarand & Castlebawn
BEATS James Garrison Hill Garrison Hill
BELL Thomas Dunwillay [Dunwiley] Tiveoghmoy
BELL Thomas Stranorlar Stranorlar
BELL William Dunwillay [Dunwiley] Dunwillay
BLACKBURN John Gortnamuck Gortnamuck
BOALE David Monimore [Moneymore] Monimore
BOALE William Dunduff Dunduff
BOGGS James Major Prospect Hill Dunmore
BOGGS James Gortree Gortree
BOLAND John Lettermakenny Lettermakenny
BONAR William Ballybofey Ballybofey
BOYLE Hugh Naveny Corcam
BRANDON James White Hill White Hill
BROWN Isaac Callen Callen
BROWN John Callan Callen
BROWN John Fern Fern
BROWN Robert Gortnagrace Gortnagrace
BROWN Samuel Drumgregan Drumgregan & Cunnyburrow
BROWN William Castlebane Castlebane
BROWN Benjamin Listimore Fern
BUCHANNAN John Tinnyhabbuck Tinnyhabbuck
CALDWELL Charles Cloonarl [Cloonarrell] Cloonarl
CALHOUN William Drummeny [Drumany] Drummeny
CALLEN James Beltony Carnone
CAMPBELL James Castlefin Castlefin
CAMPBELL John Mundoway [Mondooey] Mundoway
CAMPBELL Samuel Mondoway [Mondooey] Mondaway
CAMPBELL William Drummay Drummay
CAVANAGH John Convoy Convoy
CHAMBERS Richard C. Strabane (Co Tyrone) Lifford
CHITTICK James Manorcunningham Manorcunningham
CLARK William Culnaroe [?] Creggan
CLARKE Henry Portlough Portlough
CLARKE John Carricknamart Carricknamart
CLARKE Marshal Cavan Cavan
CLARKE Thomas Gortlush Gortlush
COCHRAN Charles Magherahee Magherahee
COCHRAN John, Jun. Edenmore Edenmore
COCHRAN William Castruse Castruse
COLHOUN Hugh Drumcairn Drumcairn
COLHOUN Thomas Labadoes [Labadish] Labadoes
CONNOR James Ballybofea Ballybofea
CONWELL John Lisnisk [Lissinisk] Lisnisk
COOPER James Gortnamuck Gortnamuck
COWAN James Gortree Gortree
COWAN William Castruse Castruse
CRAIG John Killygordon Ruskey
CRAIGE Moses Munfad [Monfad] Munfad
CRAMPSAY James Carrin [Stranorlar?] Carrin
CRAWFORD James Tivockmoy [Teevickmoy] Tivockmoy
CRAWFORD John Tivockmoy [Teevickmoy] Tivockmoy
CREARAN Roger Drumconnell Drumconnell
CREERAN James Skelpy Skelpy
CROCKETT James Plaister Plaister
CROCKETT Robert Plaister Plaister
CROCKETT Robert Plaister Ballyhaskey
CROCKETT Thomas Plaister Plaister
CROCKETT William Drummay Drummay
CROW George Cloonarl [Cloonarrell] Cloonarl
CROW William, Jun. Upper Raws Upper Raws
CULBERT Thomas Altaghaderry Altaghaderry
CUNNINGHAM Robert Tullybogly Dunduff
CUNNINGHAM Robert Cormakelly [Cormakilly] Cormakelly
CUNNINGHAM Samuel, Sen. Dunduff Dunduff
CUNNINGHAM Samuel, Jun. Dunduff Dunduff
CURRY Samuel Garsuey [Garshooey] Garsuey
DAVIS George Ballybofea Ballybofea
DAVIS John Maggies Hill Pluck
DAVIS Thomas Carricknamana Ballybofea
DAVISON John Sharp Drumbuoy Drumbuoy
DAVISON William Drummay Drummay
DENNISTON James Ballynacor Ballynacor
DEVITT Colum Meencapulker [?] Meencapulker
DEYERMOTT James Dooballa Dooballa & Listillion
DILLON William Roughan Roughan
DIVENNY John Killyvarry [Killyverry] Killyvarry
DOHERTY Anthony Drumbarnet Drumbarnet
DOHERTY James Killygordon Mullaghaneary & Killygordon
DONAGHY David Leitrim Leitrim
DONAGHY James Leitrim Ruskey
DONAGHY John Ruskey Ruskey
DONAGHY William Castruse Castruse
DOUGAL William Portlough Portlough
DOUGHERTY Michael Stranorlar Stranorlar
ELLIOTT Robert Drummurphy Drummurphy
ELLIOTT William Cloughfin Carrigans
ELLISON William Toberoneal Toberoneal
ENTRICAN James Stonyfalls (Co Tyrone) Fyfin (ors. Ardnasool)
EWING Alexander Ardee Ardee
EWING Thomas Inch Ballybigley [Ballybegley]
EWING Rev. William Colehill Cole Hill
FINLAY William Lisnaree Lisnaree
FISHER Samuel Drumbuoy Glar
FISHER Samuel Drumbuoy Drumbuoy & Glar strand
FLEMING Joseph Cavanaweary Cavanaweary
FORSYTH James Moneyhaughly Moneyhaughly
FULTON David Drumbarnett Drumbarnet
FULTON James Gortinleave Gortinleave
FULTON Samuel Gortinleave Gortinleave
GAGE Conolly Ballyrena Cavanaweary
GAGE Conolly Ballyrena Gortnamuck
GALLAGHER Dennis Ruskey [Roosky] Ruskey
GALLAGHER Francis Largybrack Largybrack
GALLAGHER James Largybrack Largybrack
GALLAGHER Joseph Lurgy Lurgy
GALLAGHER William Altaghaderry Altaghaderry & Kildrum
GALLAGHER William Ballyarnett Murlough
GALLAGHER William Ruskey [Roosky] Ruskey
GAMBLE Andrew Fyfin Fyfin
GAY Robert Carrin [?] Carrin
GILLAN Edward Knockbrack Knockbrack
GILLESPIE Hamilton Munnellon [Monellan] Ballybofey
GILLIES Aaron Upper Raws Upper Raws
GILLILAND David Drumlogher [Drumlougher] Drumlogher
GILLYLAND Alex Latta Kildrum Kildrum
GLEN Andrew Gortree Gortree
GLEN James Monimore [Moneymore] Monimore
GLENDENNING Francis Ardee Ardee
GRAHAM David Carricknamart Carricknamart
GRAY David Montgomery’s Fort Montgomery’s Fort
GRAY Joseph Cornagilla [Cornagillagh] Cornagilla
GREER James Stranorlar Stranorlar
GREER William Callen Callen
GREG Richard Cornagilla [Cornagillagh] Cornagilla & Cloghroe
GREGG William Cornagilla [Cornagillagh] Cornagilla & Cloghgore
GREGORY Edward Shancreggan Creggan
GREGORY John Shancreggan Creggan
GREGORY John Stranorlar Stranorlar
GRIER James Stranorlar Stranorlar
GRIER John Ballybofea Ballybofea
GUTTERY Samuel Mundoway [Mondooey] Mundoway
GUTTERY William Mundoway [Mondooey] Mundoway
HAGAN John [Castleforward?] Demesne Demesne
HAMILTON Samuel Tullyowen Drumbuoy
HARPER James Dunwillay [Dunwiley] Drumwillay
HARPER William Drimmoghill [Drumohgill] Drimmoghill
HARRIN John Tommy’s Croft Tommy’s Croft
HASLET William Derry Lower Kildrum
HASTINGS Robert Dunwillay [Dunwiley] Dunwillay
HAUGHEY William Corkey Corkey
HEASTY John Gracky [Grawky?] Gracky
HEGARTY William Manorcunningham Lower Maghrybeg
HENDERSON John Meenavoy Meenavoy
HENDERSON William Meenavoy Meenavoy
HENDERSON William Moneyhaughley Moneyhaughley
HEPBURN James Drummurphy Drummurphy
HOLME Thomas Ruskey [Roosky] Corcam
HOLMES Charles Trainkeel [Treankeel] Trainkeel
HOLMES James Ballybofea Navenny
HOLMES William Strabane [Co Tyrone] Naveny
HOOD Archibald Maghrymore Maghrymore
HOOD James Moyle Moyle
HUNTER Robert Dunmore Dunmore
HUSTON James Killyvarry [Killyverry] Killyvarry
HUSTON John Killyvarry [Killyverry] Killyvarry
HUSTON Joseph Killyvarry [Killyverry] Killyvarry
HUSTON Moses Killyvarry [Killyverry] Killyvarry
IRVIN Samuel Altaghaderry Altaghaderry
JAMES Charles Monimore [Moneymore] Monimore
JASPER John Ballylevin Ballylevin
JENKINS Andrew Ballybofea Ballybofea
JENKINS Evans Naveny Naveny
JENKINS John Naveny Naveny
JENKINS Joseph Naveny Naveny
JOHNSTON James Summerhill Upper & Lower Drummevish, Sallywood & Purdon’s Park
JOHNSTON John Naveny Stranorlar
JOHNSTON Thomas Naveny Ballybofea
JOHNSTON William Cornagilla [Cornagillagh] Cornagilla
KEADY William Knock Knock
KEE Thomas Knock Knock
KENNEDY Robert Dooballa Glencairn
KERR Stephen Tinnyhabbuck Tinnyhabbuck
KERRIGAN Hugh Stranorlar Stranorlar
KEVLAGHAN James Calhame Calhame
KIEVE John Drumconnell Drumconnell
KILGORE Joseph Broadlee White Hill
KILPATRICK James Cavanaweary Cavanaweary
KILPATRICK Robert Garrison-Hill Garrison Hill
KILPATRICK Robert Dunwillay [Dunwiley] Dunwillay
KILPATRICK Thomas Tivockmoy [Teevickmoy] Tivockmoy
KINCAIDE Robert Ballyholly Drumcairnes
KINKEAD David Drumbuoy Drumbuoy
KIRKPATRICK James Kildrum Kildrum
KIRKPATRICK James Kildrum Kildrum
KNOX Robert Murlough Murlough
LAFFERTY Owen Donnyloop Donnyloop
LAIRD James Dooballagh Dooballagh
LAIRD Martin Trainbuoy Trainbuoy & Cornagilla [Cornagillagh]
LAIRD Martin Trainbuoy Trainbuoy & Castletorrison
LAIRD Samuel Ballybofea Ballybofea
LATTA James Meenavoy Meenavoy
LAWSON Mathew Drimarda [Drumardagh] Drimarda
LEATHEM William Bowhillon [Bohullion] Tinnyhabbuck
LECKEY Alexander Glencairn Glencairn
LECKEY John Corkey Corkey
LECKY Hugh, Jun. Gortnamuck Gortnamuck
LECKY Robert, Sen. Gortnamuck Gortnamuck
LECKY Robert, Jun. Gortnamuck Gortnamuck
LEEPER Francis Stonylee Stonylee
LEEPER Frank Corraghamone Maghryvall
LEEPER Thomas Stonylee Stonylee
LITTLE Joseph Lettermakenny Lettermakenny
LOUGHRY James Rusky Ruskey
LOGUE Charles Kinletter Kinleter
LOUGHEAD John Ballyhaskey Ballyhaskey
LOWRY Andrew Pheddyglass [Feddyglass] Carrickbrack
LOWRY Moses Killyvarry [Killyverry] Killyvarry
LUCAS George Drummeny [Drumany] Drummeny
LUKE William Dunwillay [Dunwiley] Dunwillay
McADOO Moses Gortree Gortree
McBRIDE John [Castleforward?] Demesne Demesne
McCARRAN Neil Monimore [Moneymore] Monimore
McCARTER James Carrigans Carrigans
McCAY Archibald Facetmore [Farsetmore] Facetmore
McCAY Henry Newtowncunningham Newtowncunningham
McCAY John Heath-hill Newtowncunningham
McCLANE John Moneygreggan Monimore [Moneymore]
McCLANE Thomas Moneygreggan Monimore [Moneymore]
McCLEAN John Moneygreggan Murlough
McLEAN John Callen Callen and Tangue [Teangue]
McCLEAN John Callen Callen
McCLURE Andrew Findrum Findrum
McCLURE Samuel Cloghroe Cloghroe
McCLINTOCK Samuel Lurgy Lurgy
McCOOL Philip Drimarda [Drumardagh] Drimarda
McCORKELL Joseph Altaghaderry Altaghaderry
McCORMICK James Stranorlar Stranorlar
McCORMICK John Ruskey [Roosky] Ruskey
McCLELLAND Robert Dunduff Dunduff
McCLELLAND Samuel Dunduff Dunduff
McCLINTOCK Robert Dunmore Upper & Lower Dunmore
McCLINTOCK Samuel Lurgy Lurgy
McCRAB Samuel Rusky [Roosky] Ruskey
McCRAB William Rusky [Roosky] Ruskey
McCREA Robert Ballyhasky Ballyhasky
McCREA James Derry Carrigans
McCURDY James Maghrycallaghan Maghrycallaghan
McCURDY Robert Castlefin Cornakelly & Castlefin
McDAID James Trainbuoy Trainbuoy
McDONALD James Priest-town Priest Town
McELWAIN John Dunmore Dunmore
McFADDAN John Ardnasool Cloughfin & Ardnasool
McGEE Richard Lettermakenny Lettermakenny
McGHEE George, Sen. Maghrycar Creggan [Stranorlar?]
McGHEE George, Jun. Maghrycar Creggan [Stranorlar?]
McGILL Thomas Lisnisk [Lissinisk] Lisnisk
McGINLY James Kincragy Kincragy
McGUIRE James Upper Raws Upper Raws
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Skelpy Skelpy
McLOUGHLIN Charles Cavan Cavan
McNAIR James Drumcairn Drumcairn
McNAIR Samuel Drumcairn Drumcairn
McNAMEE Michael Callencorr Callencorr
MACKAY John Creeve Creeve
MACKAY William Cornagilla [Cornagillagh] Cornagilla
MACKEY John Listmontigley Fyfin & Ardnasool
MAGEE Richard Lettermakenny Lettermakenny
MAHON John Killyvarry [Killyverry] Killyvarry
MARSHALL John Monimore [Moneymore] Monimore
MARSHAL John Tubber Drumbarnet
MARSHALL James Sallybrook, otherwise Montclink [Monclink] Montclink
MARSHALL James Montclink [Monclink] Montclink
MARSHALL Samuel Tubber Monglass
MARSHALL William Castleforward Castleforward
MARTIN James Trainkeel [Treankeel] Trainkeel
MASON George Monimore [Moneymore] Monimore
MAXWELL Peter Benson Birdstown Kirkminster
MIDDLETON John Dunduff Dunduff
MIDDLETON William Montclink [Monclink] Montclink
MITCHELL James Drummay Drummay
MOFFITT James Gobnascale Gobnascale
MONTGOMERY David Monimore [Moneymore] Monimore
MONTGOMERY Rebecca Cottage Munfad [Monfad]
MONTGOMERY Robert, Jun. Ards House Glaslay
MONTGOMERY Robert Convoy House Convoy
MONTGOMERY William Ray Gortree
MOONEY Daniel Monimore [Moneymore] Monimore
MOOR David Listellion Listellion
MORTLAND John Bellygunigan Bellygunigan
MOTHERELL Caldwell Leitrim Monglass
MOTHERELL James Leitrim Creeve
MOTHERELL John Leitrim Creeve
MOTHERELL William Leitrim Leitrim
MURRAY Daniel Drumbarnett Drumbarnett
MURRAY John Drumbarnett Drumbarnett
MURRAY Richard Drummeny [Drumany] Drummeny
NEILSON Robert Balnacor [Ballynacorr] Balnacor
NICHOL Samuel Lettermakenny Lettermakenny
NISBITT Charles Green Hills Maghrahee
NESBITT William Drumboe Drumboe
O’DOHERTY Michael Grove Hill Stranorlar
O’DONNELL John Kildrum Kildrum
O’DONNELL Hugh Laught Laught
O’DONNELL Patrick Clonmany Laught
OLIVER Henry Cloghroe Cloghroe
OSBORNE William Altaghaderry Altaghaderry
OSBOURNE Smyth Londonderry Altaghaderry
PARK Andrew Baleighan[Balleeghan] Moneyhaughley
PATTERSON John Drumbarnet Drumbarnet
PATTERSON Thomas Drumbuoy Low Plaister
PATTERSON William Mason Lodge Munfad [Monfad]
PATTON John Knock Knock
PHILSON Samuel Drimarda [Drumardagh] Drimarda
PHILSON James Magherybuoy Magherabuoy
PINKERTON William Monglass Monglass
POLLOCK David Tivockmoy [Teevickmoy] Tivockmoy
POLLOCK Samuel Liskerran Liskerran
POLLOCK Samuel Tivockmoy [Teevickmoy] Tivockmoy
POLLOCK William Meenavoy Meenavoy
PORTER Charles Baughenbuoy Baughenbuoy
PORTER John Drumbarnett Drumbarnet
QUIN Felix Castlefin Castlefin
QUIN Peter Upper Goland Upper Goland
RAMSAY Rev. James Raphoe Holmes’ Town
RAMSAY Samuel Raphoe Holmes’ Town
RAMSAY Thomas Kiltevock Glebe Holmes’ Town
RAMSAY Thomas Kiltevock Kiltevock
RAMSAY William Strabane [Co Tyrone] Holmes’ Town
RAMSEY Robert Lisnenan Lisclamerty
RANKIN John Garsuey [Garshooey] Garsuey
READ William Sessiougoneill [Sessiaghoneill] Sessiougoneill
RISK David Tullyannon Tullyannon
RODDY Alexander Gortree Drumbarnet
RODDY Samuel Gortree Gortree
RODGERS David Moyle Moyle
RODGERS James Killyvarry [Killyverry] Killyvarry
RODGERS John Tullyannon Tullyannon
ROGAN Ralph Killygordon Killygordon
RUSSELL Andy Cavan Cavan
RUSSELL James Cavan Cavan
RUSSELL Richard Maghrahee Killygordon
SCANLAN Patrick Lifford Lifford, Roughan & Conyburrow & Curcullion
SCOTT Joseph Killygordon Killygordon
SCOTT Mathew Tullydonald [Tullydonnell] Tullydonald
SCOTT William Milltown Convoy Mill-town of Convoy
SEATON Gerard Ballynacor Ballynacor
SHANKLIN John Liskerran Liskerran & Lettermore
SMITH Anthony Cole Hill Cole Hill
SMITH William Drumbarnet Drumbarnet
SMITH William Cole Hill Cole Hill
SMITH Samuel Dunmore Dunmore
SMYTH William Dunmore Dunmore
SMYTH William Drumbarnett Drumbarnett
SPEER Andrew Castleforward Castleforward, Deer Park
SPEER James Deer Park Castleforward, Deer Park
SPEER John Knockagarron Tivockmoy [Teevickmoy] & Knockagarron
SPENCE Francis Mullindreat Mullindreat
SPENCE Rev. Robert Castlefin Castlefin
SPENCE William McClintock Finland Conyburrow
SPENCE William McClintock Conyborrow Conyburrow
SQUIRE William Manorcunningham Manorcunningham
STEEL James Stranorlar Stranorlar
STEELE James Altaghaderry Altaghaderry
STEWART James Stranorlar Stranorlar
STEWART Joseph Dooish Dooish
STEWART Samuel Carnamuggagh Carnamuggagh
TAYLOR Daniel Liskerran Liskerran
TAYLOR James Carrickshandrum Carrickshandrum
TAYLOR James, Jun. Carrickshandrum Carrickshandrum
TAYLOR William Ballybofea Sessioghoneill
TEAS John Ballylevin Ballylevin
THOMSON Alexander Moyle Moyle
THOMPSON James Allen Raphoe Admirand
THOMPSON John Convoy Convoy
THOMPSON John Monimore [Moneymore] Monimore
THOMPSON William Altaghaderry Altaghaderry
TORRENTIN Samuel Lisenan Dromore
TWEEDY John Killeter [Co Tyrone] Cloonarl
TYNAN Robert Drumbarnet Drumbarnet
WALKER James Drumlogher [Drumlougher] Drumlogher
WALKER William Stranorlar Stranorlar and Admarand
WALKER William Kilcadden Knock
WALLACE James Drimarda [Drumardagh] Drimarda
WARRELL John Convoy Convoy & McMeases
WARRELL John Convoy Convoy
WAUCHOB Daniel Strabane [Co Tyrone] Castlefin, Cunnyburrow
WILSON Alexander Kishends [Keshends] Kishends
WILSON Alexander Monglass Monglass
WILSON James Gortlush Gortlush
WILSON John Cloonarl Ruskey
WILSON John Cavan Cavan
WILSON John Gortlush Gortlush
WILSON Joshua Portlough Portlough
WILSON Oliver Ballybofey Ballybofey
WILSON Thomas Ruskey Ruskey
WILSON Thomas Portlough Portlough
WRIGHT John Drumlogher [Drumlougher] Drumlogher
WRIGHT Thomas Creeve Creeve
WRIGHT John Drumlogher [Drumlougher] Drumlogher
YOUNG James Drumbaan [Drumbane] Drumbaan

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