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Applications to Register Freeholds in the Barony of Kilmacrenan, County Donegal, Ireland 1829-31

Strabane Morning Post 1829-31
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



In 1829 the Parliament at Westminster abolished the 40 shilling franchise. The qualification for the right to vote became the possession of property with a minimum annual valuation of £10. These applicants were known as “Ten Pound Freeholders”

Original phonetic spelling of townlands has been retained from the original text, and possible official equivalents identified.

Published in various editions of the Strabane Morning Post commencing Tuesday, May 19, 1829 continuing until Tuesday March 15 1831


Tuesday May 19 1829


List of Persons who have served Notices on the Clerk of the Peace, of their intention to Register Freeholds at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, to be held at Letterkenny, on the 8th of June, 1829, as appointed by the Lord Lieutenant pursuant to the 10th Geo. IV, Chap. 8


ALEXANDER David Greenhills Cloonkearney
ALEXANDER Joseph Cloonkearney Bogay Middle
ALEXANDER Robert Eragle Rathdonnel & Socker
ALGOE William Cratlough [Cratlagh] Cratlough
ALLISON Robert Clooney Clooney
ALLISON William Race end Ellistrine
ANDERSON James Letterkenny Letterkenny
ANDERSON John Cabary [Cabra] Cabary
ASH Finlay Ballyconnell Ballyconnell
BALLENTINE King Letterkenny Letterkenny
BARNETT James Moorview Gortnavern
BARNETT James Gortnavern Gortnavern
BARNETT Thomas Gortnavern Gortnavern
BEATS [BATES] George Glenleary Glenleary
BEST Thomas Cairn Cairn
BLACK John Ballylin Ballylin
BLACK William Ballgreen Ballgreen
BLACK William Churchhill Churchhill
BLACKWOOD James Maghryannon [Magheranan] Maghryannon
BLANY James Rossnakill Maghryhoarty
BOAL William Curraghlees [Curraghlea] Curraghlees
BONAR David Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan
BONAR Joseph Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan
BORLAND Robert Tamny Ballymagahy
BORLAND Samuel Tawney Ballymagahey
BOVAIRD Charles Ballybolother Ballybolother
BOVAIRD James Ballybolother Ballybolother
BOVAIRD John Ballybolother Ballybolother
BOYD John Ballymacool Letterkenny
BOYD William Killymacney [Killymasny] Killymacney
BREWSTER Thomas Dunfanaghy Dunfanaghy
BRIGHAM David Ramelton Ramelton
BROWN James Leiter Leiter
BROWN John Leiter Leiter
BROWN Thomas Leiter Leiter
BROWN William Leater [Leiter] Leater
BUCHANAN Alexander Drumcaveny Socker
BUCHANAN James Socker Socker
BUCHANAN John Lisnaneese Lisnaneese
BUCHANNON Robert Rathdonnell Rathdonnell
CAMPBELL Hugh Leiter Leiter
CAMPBELL James Leater [Leiter] Leater
CAMPBELL Patrick Leater [Leiter] Leater
CAMPBELL John Leater [Leiter] Leater
CAMPBELL Samuel Lower Ballymagowan Ballymagowan
CAMPBELL William Leater [Leiter] Leater
CARR Michael Ballymagahey Ballymagahey
CHAMBERS John Fox Hall Fox-Hall
CHAMBERS John Letterkenny Letterkenny
CHEATLEY Caldwell Maghrygran [Maghernagran] Maghrygran
CHEATLEY Robert Cabray [Cabra] Cabray
CLARKE Robert Ramelton Ramelton
CLARKE Samuel Letterkenny Letterkenny
CLENDINNING William Fortstewart Fortstewart
COBURN James Letterkenny Letterkenny
COLHOUN James Killydezart [Killydesert] Killydezart
COLHOUN John Carrowcastle [Carrycastle] Carrowcastle
COLHOUN William Letterkenny Letterkenny
COLHOUN William Ednaharnan Ednaharnan
COLL Charles Gortnotra Gortnotra
COLLINS Brice Gortaway Gortaway & Fortstewart
CORRAN Knogher ors. Cornelius Letterkenny Letterkenny
CRAIG Columbus Pruckless [Procklis] Pruckless
CRAMPSAY John Cornagill Cornagill
CRAWFORD John Socker Socker
CRESWELL James Croghan Croghan
CROSBIE William Rathmelton Ramelton & New Mill Glenleary
CURRY Archibald Bohurl Bohurl
DAVIS Frederick Letterkenny Kilfeak
DAVIS Samuel Letterkenny Kilfeake & Maghrylosk
DAVIS Sanderson Dromore Dromore
DAVISON Samuel Ramelton Ramelton
DEENEY Patrick Ballymacorragh Ballymacorragh
DEENY John Crevary Crevery
DEENY Roger Deenys Town or Rough Park Rough Park
DEENY William Deeny Town or Rough Park Rough Park
DELAP James Ramelton Ramelton
DELAP John Ballyconnolly Ballyconnolly
DELAP Samuel Ballyconnolly Ballyconnolly
DELAP William Cornagill Cornagill
DENNISTON George Drimdutton Drimdutton
DEVIR John Carrin Carrin
DILL Mark Springfield Springfield
DILL Moases Springfield Springfield
DIVITT ors. McDIVITT Patrick Gortnavern Gortnavern
DOBSON Anderson Letterleague Glenkeeragh & Lagnahoory
DOBSON Andrew Letterkenny Letterkenny
DOBSON John Letterkenny Letterkenny
DOHERTY William Curraghlees [Curraghlea] Curraghlees
DOMBRAIN James Dublin Dunlooey
DURNION Michael Crevery Crevery
DYERMOT John Shannon Letterkenny
ELLISON Andrew Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan & Ardrummon
ELLISON James Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan
EWING Charles Carnamuggagh Carnamuggagh
EWING William Letterkenny Letterkenny
FERGUSON David Letterkenny Letterkenny
FINLAY John Melmount [Millmount] Main Gate, Town Cashel
FLETCHER David Gortnotra Gortnotra
FLOYD Samuel Ards Ards & Breaghey
FRIELL Anthony Rathmullan Ramullan
FRIELL Francis Socker Socker
FRIELL James Saltpans Killetragh & Bachelors Hall
FULLERTON David Croghan Croghan
GAILAY Andrew Killylastin Killylastin
GAILAY David Killylastin Killylastin
GAILAY James Killylastin Killylastin
GAILAY John Socker Socker
GAILAY John Killylastin Killylastin
GAILAY Mathew Socker Socker & Rathdonnell
GAILAY Stewart Killylastin Killylastin
GALLAGHER Anthony Sallaghagrane Sallaghagrain & Letterkenny
GALLAGHER George Gortnotra Gortnotra
GALLAGHER James Carrickendeel Carrickendeel
GALLAGHER John Killycreen Killycreen
GALLAGHER Joseph Woodtown, Ellistrine Ellistrine
GALLAGHER Robert Ballylin Ballylin
GALLAGHER Samuel Curraghlees Curraghlees
GALLAUGHER John Ramelton Ramelton
GAMBLE William Ramelton Ramelton
GIBSON John Carnamuggagh Carnamuggagh
GIBSON William Killydezart [Killydesert] Killydezart
GODFREY Henry Alexander Castlegrove Fort Stewart & Killycreen
GORMLY James Letterkenny Letterkenny
GRAHAM William Ballynascadden Ballynascadden
GRAMES [GRAHAM] Moses Ballynascadden Ballynascadden
GRAMES [GRAHAM] Robert Ballynascadden Ballynascadden
GREER Alexander Ramelton Ramelton
GREER George Letterkenny Letterkenny
GREER William Doocarrick Doocarrick
GREGG Daniel Killycreen Killycreen
GREGG Finlay Killydezart [Killydesert] Killydezart
GREGG John Carrowcastle [Carrycastle] Carrowcastle
GREGG John Killydezart [Killydesert] Killydezart
GREGG Richard Gortnalabin Ednaharnan & Gortnalabin
GREGG Richard Killydezart [Killydesert] Killydezart
GREGG Richard Cornagilla Killylastin
GREGG Robert Ballynascadden Ballynascadden
GRIER Alexander Glen Glen
GRIER George Letterkenny Letterkenny
GRIER Joseph Glen Glen
GRIER Robert Glen Glen
GROVE WOOD James Castlegrove Acteross
HALL Patrick Ards Ards
HALL Samuel Letterkenny Letterkenny
HAMILTON Samuel Gortnotra Gortnatra
HANLON Redmond Letterkenny Letterkenny & Gortnavern
HANNIGAN Daniel Rathmullan Ramullan
HARKIN John Socker Socker
HARKIN Daniel Socker Socker
HARPER Humphry Kilcrava Rathdonnel
HARPER Thomas Rampert Clunmore [Cloonmore]
HAY Charles Farquar [Fogher] Farquar
HAY Moses Aughadrinagh [Aughadreena] Ballymagahey & Ballymagowan
HAY Robert Aughadrinagh [Aughadreena] Ballymagahy & Ballymagowan
HAY Thomas Farquar [Fogher] Farquar
HAZLETT John Harris Carnisk Ramelton
HEAY Robert Lower Carrin Lower Carrin
HENDERSON John Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan
HENDERSON William Rathmullan Rathmullan
HOOD John Letterkenny Letterkenny
HOOD William Lisnanees Lisnanees
HUNTER Alexander Rahan Sallaghagrane
HUNTER James Carnisk Carnisk
HUNTER James Edinaharnin Edinaharnin
HUNTER James Ednaharnon Ednaharnon
HUNTER John Letterkenny Letterkenny
HUNTER John Ramelton Ramelton
HUNTER Joseph Tullygay Letterkenny
HUNTER Nathan Breachy [Breaghy] Breachy
HUNTER William Carnisk Carnisk
HUNTER William Conwall Carnamuggagh
IRWIN John Errerooey Dunfanaghy
JAMES William Dromore Dromore
JOHNSTON Charles Summerhill Garten
JOHNSTON George Ednaharnon Edinaharnon
JOHNSTON James Castlegay Castlegay
JOHNSTON Robert Cashel Cashel & Cashelmore
JOHNSTON William Castlegay Castlegay
KEANY Thomas Ruskey [Roosky] Ruskey
KELLY Doalty Gortnavern Gortnavern
KELLY Neal Gortnavern Gortnavern
KELSO John Castlegay Castlegay
KELSO Joseph Castlegay Castlegay
KENNEDY Brooke Letterkenny Letterkenny
KERR James Ards Ards
KERR John Ards Ards
KERR Robert Rathmullen Rathmullen
KING Samuel Rathdonnell Rathdonnell
LAVENS Thomas Milford Farquar [Fogher]
LECKY Thomas Coolafingan [Coolafinney] Kerrygalt
LEE James Drumnaskeagh Drumnaskeagh
LEECH George Letterkenny Letterkenny
LOCKHART James Ballymalall [Ballymaleel?] Ballymalall
LOCKHART Oliver Crohan [Croaghan] Croghan
LOCKHART Robert Rathmullan Rathmullan
LOVE John Ramelton Ramelton
LOVE Thompson Ramelton Ramelton
LOWRY George Rathmullen Rathmullan
McBRIDE John Letterkenny Letterkenny
McCAFFERTY Hugh Letterkenny Letterkenny
McCLAY Samuel Bohurl Bohurl
McCLELLAND Hugh Letterkenny Letterkenny
McCLOSKEY Edward Cornagill Cornagill
McCLOSKEY John Cornagill Cornagill
McCLURE Finlay Culbuoy Culbuoy
McCLURE Nathaniel Longhill Longhill
McCOACH David Gortnotra Gortnatra
McCOLLUM John Letterkenny Letterkenny
McCONAGHY Thomas Letterkenny Letterkenny
McCONNELL James Ballyboe Ballyboe
McCONNELL John Ramelton Ramelton
McCONNELL Thomas Gortcally Gortcally
McDAVITT Patrick Gortnavern Gortnavern
McDIVITT Andrew Edinaharnan Ednaharnan
McDOWELL Hugh Churchhill Churchhill
McELHINNY James Roughpark Roughpark
McFADEN Hugh Letterkenny Letterkenny
McGETTIGAN Manus Glenree Glenree
McGETTIGAN Monty D…?im [Drumbern?] Glenree
McGETTIGAN Rt. Rev. Patrick, Letterkenny Letterkenny
McGHEE Robert Cornagill Cornagill
McGLASHIN Shane Kinletragh [Kinletteragh] Kinletragh
McGLINN James Carnamuggagh Carnamuggah
McILWAIN John Carrin Carrin
McILWAIN William Ramelton Ramelton
McKINLAY William Carnamuggagh Carnamuggah
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Rathdonnell Rathdonnell
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Rathgragy Rathgragy & Whitehill
McNUTT Alexander Gortnavern Gortnavern
McNUTT David Gortnavern Gortnavern
McNUTT James Longhill Long Hill
McNUTT Joseph Gortnavern Gortnavern
McPHERSON John Gortnotra Gortnatra
McPHERSON Joseph Ballyougery Letter
McVEAGH Patrick Gortnavern Gortnavern
McWEE Alexander Ballyconly [Ballyconnolly] Ballyconly
MAGHEE John Hollymount Rathmullan
MALCOLM William Trainbane Trainbane
MARSHALL Samuel Tubber Carnamuggagh
MATURIN Rev. Henry, Jun. Kilult Glebe Kilult
MILLER Robert Greenhills otherwise Middle Bogay Greenhills otherwise Middle Bogay
MOORE Henry Kerrycastle Killydonnell
MORRISON John Trainbeg Trainbeg
MORRISON William Dromore Dromore
MORROW James Greenhills otherwise Middle Bogay Greenhills otherwise Middle Bogay
MORTIMER John Carland Carland
MUNROE Robert Breaghey Breaghey
NEELY Daniel Dromore Dromore
NOBLE Alexander Ballymalall [Ballymaleel] Ballymalall
NOBLE Alexander Jun. Tamnymore Ballymaleal
NORMAN Thomas Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin Upper & Lower Moress & Ballymagahey [Clondavaddog]
NORRY Samuel Cornagill Cornagill
O’DONNELL James Meenatoal Meenatoal
O’DONNELL Jeremiah Laught Laught
OLPHERT Thomas Carrowcannon Carrowcannon
PARK John Castlegay Castlegay
PARK Joseph Killydesart Killydesart, Letterkenny, Sallaghagrain & Secor
PARK Joseph Killydezart [Killydesert] Killydezart
PARK Joseph, Jun. Killydezart [Killydesert] Killydezart
PARK Joseph, Jun. Socker Socker
PATTERSON John Letterkenny Letterkenny
PATTERSON Thomas Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan
PATTON Andrew Ballyconnolly Ballyconnolly
PATTON John Ballyconnolly Ballyconnolly
PATTON John, Jun. Ramelton Ramelton
PATTON Nathan Ramelton Ramelton
PATTON William Ballyconnolly Ballyconnolly
PEOPLES George H. Barnhill Oak Park & Letterkenny
PEOPLES Henry E. [not stated] Gortlee & Letterkenny
PEOPLES Hugh Dromore Dromore
PEOPLES James Letterkenny Letterkenny
PERSSE Dominick Ramelton Ramelton
PINKERTON Alexander Ramelton Ramelton
RAMSAY David Killycreen Killycreen
RAMSAY John Ballyrain Ballyrain
RAMSAY William Letterkenny Letterkenny
RAMSAY William Maghryennon [Magheranan] Maghryennon
RAMSAY William Letterkenny Letterkenny
RANKIN John Letterkenny Letterkenny & Carnamugga
RANKIN John Letterkenny Letterkenny
RANKIN James Dunfanaghy Glenkeeragh
RANKIN John now of Lifford, late of Glenkeeragh Glenkeeragh
RANKIN Joseph Trainkeel Convoy & Trainkeel
REA Charles Fort Royal Rathmullan Aughavannon & Kinnago
REED John Cairn Cairn, Ramelton & Gortlee
REID Mathew Ramelton Ramelton
RICHEY David Ramelton Ramelton
RICHEY George Ballyconly [Ballyconnolly] Ballyconly
RICHEY Samuel Glentidally Glentidally
ROBINSON William Kenahan [Keenaghan] Kenaghan
RODGERS Samuel Ballylin Ballylin
ROLESTON Joseph Castlegay Castlegay
ROULSTON John Gortnacorb Gortnacorb
ROULSTON Joseph Castlegay Castlegay
RUSSELL James Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan
RUSSELL John Ednaharnan Ednaharnan
RUSSELL John Cornagill Cornagill
RUSSELL Joshua Ednaharnan Ednaharnan
RUSSELL Thomas Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan
RUTHERFORD John Rathdonnell Rathdonnell
SCOTT Alexander Letterkenny Letterkenny
SCOTT James Ednaharnan Edniharnan
SCOTT James Ballyare Ballyare
SCOTT John Ednaharnan Edniharnan
SMITH John Killygarven Killygarven
SCOTT William Killydezart [Killydesert] Killydezart
SMITH Mathew Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan
SMITH Robert Aughavennon Aughavennon
SMITH Thomas Rathmullan Ramullan
SMITH Thomas Castleshanaghan Castleshanaghan
SPENCER John Ramelton Ramelton
SPROUL Samuel Ramelton Ramelton
SPROUL Samuel, Jun. Ramelton Glenree & Coole
STARRETT Tom Gortnalabin Gortnalabin
STARRETT John Gortnalabin Gortnalabin
STERETT Alexander Drumnaskeagh Drumnaskeagh
STERRETT David Bogay Bogay
STEVENSON George Ilistrin [Ellistrin] Ballynascadden
STEVENSON John The Mullin Ballynascadden
STEVENSON William Ballyconly [Ballyconnolly] Ballyconly
STEWART Alexander Grovehill Castleshanaghan
STEWART Sir James Fortstewart Ramelton
STEWART Robert Cloughrow Cloghrow
STEWART William Ahalenty Aughalenty
STEWART William Hornhead Largybrack
STOREY Samuel Socker Socker
STOREY Thomas Carnamuggah Carnamuggah
SWEENY Ambrose Letterkenny Letterkenny
SWEENY Neal Socker Socker
TAYLOR George Culbuoy Culbuoy
TAYLOR James Culbuoy Culbuoy
TAYLOR James, Jun. Culbuoy Culbuoy
THOMPSON Robert Ramelton Ramelton
TONER Hugh Cornagill Greenhill or middle Bogay & Cornagill
TORRENCE James Killylastin Killylastin
TORRENCE Joseph Killylastin Killylastin
TORRENS John Glenleary Glenleary
TRILLY Samuel Rathmullan Rathmullan
TURRENTINE Samuel Carnamuggah Dromore
WALLACE David Lower Ballymagowan Lower Ballymagowan
WALLACE George Sallaghagrane Sallaghagrane
WALLACE Thomas Gortnavern Gortnavern
WALLACE William Gortnavern Gortnavern
WALLEN George Sallaghagrane Sallaghagrane
WAREL [WARD?] John Gortcally Gortcally
WHITE James Lower Carin Lower Carin
WHITE James Dunmore Dunmore, Claggan & Bowhunny
WHITE Mathew Trainbane Trainbane ors. Rathdonnel
WILKINSON Robert Dunfanaghy Dunfanaghy
WILLIAMS Edward Carrigart Ballyhoorisky
WILLIAMS John Dunmore Dunmore & Kerrowkeel
WILLIAMS Peter Farquar [Fogher] Farquar
WILSON John Killylastin Killylastin
WILSON John Socker Socker
WILSON Matthew Letterkenny Letterkenny
WILSON Samuel Bogay Bogay
WILSON William Killylastin Killylastin
WILSON William Letterkenny Letterkenny
WRAY John Rahalton Knockabrin
YOUNG Robert, Sen. Farquar [Fogher] Farquar

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