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Moy, Co. Tyrone, Famine Relief Committee Acknowledgement of Donations, November 1846

Extracted from the Armagh Guardian
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

[During the Great Famine 1845-49, Relief Committees were organised at the local level providing sustenance to the destitute and starving]


November 17 1846



MOY – The treasurer of Moy relief committee acknowledges, with thankfulness, the following sums subscribed on the 9th instant, at the meeting in Moy: -


The Earl of CHARLEMONT, £20

Thomas EYRE, Esq., J.P., £20

James Eyre JACKSON, J.P., £20

Mrs. JACKSON, £20

Miss Ann JACKSON, £20

Rev. Michael COYNE, P.P., Moy, £5

Rev. M. O’SULLIVAN, D.D., £2

Rev. Richard WRIGHTSON, Benburb, £2

Rev. John LEECH, Moy, £1

Rev. Hugh MONTGOMERY, Benburb, £1

Dr. CLARKE, Blackwatertown, £1


CHARLEMONT: - The treasurer of the Charlemont relief committee thankfully acknowledges the following sums for the labouring poor in that district: -


Board of Trinity College, £30

Commissioners of Woods and Forests, £20

Lord CREMORNE, £25


Thomas EYRE, Esq., J.P., £10

Rev. James DISNEY, £5

Rev. Michael COYNE, P.P., £5

Rev. John LEECH, £1

James E. JACKSON, Esq., J.P., £5

Miss JACKSON, £5

Miss Ann JACKSON, £5

Rev. M. O’SULLIVAN, D.D., £2

Rev. Richard WRIGHTSON, Beburb, £1

Dr. CLARKE, £1

Captain STORY, 10 shillings

Lieutenant LYLE, 10 shillings

Lieutenant COLOMB, 10 shillings

Mr ANDERSON 17th Lancers, 10 shillings

Rev. Hugh MONTGOMEROY, 10 shillings



November 24 1846


MOY. – The relief committee for the district of Moy thankfully acknowledges the receipt of the following donations, this week for the relief of the poor: -

His Grace the LORD PRIMATE, £10

Rev. Henry GRIFFIN, Clonfeacle glebe, £10

Miss ROLLINS, Moy, £10

Mr. Robert McLELAND, Moy, £5

John CUPPAGE, Esq., Lurgan, £5

John RICHARDSON, Esq., Lislum, £5

James G. RICHARDSON, Esq., True, £5

Rev. Dr. MONTAGUE, Dungannon, £3

Rev. Peter O’NEIL, P.P., Eglish, £3

Walter HORE, Esq. J.P., Benburb £3

Rev. Edward HAZELTON, Wesleyan Minister, Moy, £2

The Misses GREER, Moy, £2

W. McGeogh BOND, Esq., the Argorey, £2

Edward McKEAN, Esq., Benburb, £2

H. J. HOUSTON, Esq., Sixmilecross, £2

Dr. CROTHERS, Moy, £1

Dr. KING, Moy, £1

Dr. DAWSON, Dungannon, £1

Mr. John RUNNET, Benburb, £1

Rev. Samuel SHAW, Independent Minister, Moy, £1

James READ, Esq., Blackwatertown, £1


CHARLEMONT. – The relief committee for Charlemont district thankfully acknowledges the receipt of the following additional donations for the relief of the poor: -

John EYRE, Esq., Maydow, £10

Rev. Henry GRIFFIN, Clonfeacle, £5

Rev. Charles WANRY, Eglish, £3

William OLPHERT, Esq. J.P., £2

James HANNA, Esq., Blackwatertown, £2

James READ, Esq. Blackwatertown, £1

Mr. Wm. PURNELL, Sub Constable of Police, Blackwatertown, 10 shillings