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Extracts from the Board of Guardians Minutes, Castlederg, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Workhouse 1845-1850

Selected from records covering the period of the Great Famine 1845-50
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

March 27 1846


Election of Guardians and appointment of ex officio Guardians for 1847:

Surname Firstname Notes
ANDERSON James , Esq. Ex officio Guardian
BARCLAY John Corgary
BROWN Neal Tullychar
CALDWELL Samuel Lisnacloon
CLARK Charles Killeter
FERGUSON Sir R.A. , Bart. Ex officio Guardian
GORDON Samuel Bomackatall
HAMILTON Alexander Castlegore
HARPER William Dooish
HUEY Robert Listymore
JOHNSTON John Killen
JOHNSTON James Tully
NELSON Andrew Mr Castlederg Division
PATTERSON Alexander Drumquin
SPROULE Andrew Magheracriggan
SPROULE Edward , Esq. Ex officio Guardian
SPROULE Thomas, Esq. Ex officio Guardian



January 15 1847

Small account for spinning wheels awarded to:

Surname Firstname Wheels Payment
CALDWELL Mary 1 wheel Five shillings
KELLY Margaret 1 wheel Four shillings
McCLURE Sarah 1 wheel & reel Seven shillings & sixpence
McCORMACK Mary 1 wheel Five shillings
McCORMACK Mary 1 wheel Five shillings
McHUGH Mary 1 wheel Four shillings
MONTEETH Ann 1 wheel Five shillings
PATTERSON Sarah 1 wheel Five shillings
ROBINSON Isabella 1 wheel Four shillings
WALLACE Elizabeth 1 wheel Five shillings
WOOLAGHAN Jane 1 wheel Five shillings



August 6 1847

The following relieving officers were appointed for a period of twelve months only:

PORTER, Daniel

SPROUL, Charles (of Cooel)

JOHNSTON, Robert (of Edenreagh)




April 28 1848

The Guardians being of the opinion that the following orphans are eligible candidates for emigration to Australia:

It was resolved that the Commissioners be requested to apply to the Emigration Office to send one of their officers to inspect them as the Guardians will be prepared to provide the necessary outfit for each person selected and pay the expense of their transit to the port of embarkation.

Surname Firstname Age Notes
McCROSSAN Rebecca 15 years  
McCROSSAN Ann 19 years)  
McCROSSAN Mary 17 years) sisters
HUNTER Jane 17 years)  
HUNTER Sarah 15 years) sisters
CORRY Ann 17 years)  
CORRY Jean 17 years) sisters
EMERY Sarah 16 years  
O’NEILL Ann 18 years  
CURREN Hanah 17 years  
DOLIN Biddy 15 years)  
DOLIN Mary 15 years) sisters
McMANASS Mary 15 years  
DOLIN Patrick 17 years) brother to Mary & Biddy Dolin
LONGE James 16 years