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Item : The Knox Chronicles - Joseph Knox & His Family
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The story of Joseph Knox is a compelling story of a young man born during the potato famine in a small Scots/Irish community in Co. Tyrone.  It is the story of survival and the courage and perseverance to get to Australia in 1863  in search of a better life. It appears he was only 18 or 19.  He was sponsored by Andrew Knox, a cousin, also from Co. Tyrone.  However, despite numerous birth marriage and death certificates of the Knox family I have never been able to determine the birth marriage or death of Joseph Knox’s parents Samuel Knox and his wife Margaret Fraime, Fream or Frame.  Did they die in the potato famine leaving Joseph an orphan to be raised by cousins?  Did they live in Kirlish as is recorded in John Frame Knox’s wedding listing the father Joseph as “farmer” but if he was alive in 1862 he was not by 1863.  In this research we have compiled the story of the Knoxes in the hope of finding the roots but in so doing find a young man who created a magnificent world in Australia, marrying the descendant of an early Settler opening up a glimpse into early Australian history” It is also the story of my grandfather, Joseph’s 8th child who became Sir Errol Galbraith Knox, who fought in WW1 for the Australian Flying Corps and was Managing Director of the Melbourne Argus, Contact Jane Knox - jane[at]