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Heather, Peat & Stone - The townlands and parishes of County Tyrone
In 1992, Irish World, one of Ireland's leading family research companies, published
'Heather, Peat and Stone', a definitive guide to the town-lands and parishes of County
Tyrone. This A4 size book has over 160 page and contains clear maps of every civil
parish and Catholic parish in the county, with the town-lands numbered and named on
each one. It was the first time that both types of maps had been available in the same
format, and the book proved very popular with people of Tyrone origin worldwide.
The original print-run soon sold out and in response to repeated requests, it was felt
the time was right for re-publication - this time as an e-book.
'Heather, Peat and Stone' also seeks to convey a sense of the wider culture of Tyrone,
so there are sections on folklore, history and topography, together with extracts from
writings about the county. Tyrone has been well served by its fine writers and poets,
and the publishers have sought to bring their voices into the mix so that the reader will
encounter a range of the flavours associated with this historic county.
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Strabane & West Ulster In The 1800s; Selections from The Strabane Morning Post

Strabane & West Ulster in the 1800s, is an in-depth look at the lives and time of people of all classes and creeds in the early decades of the 19th century. The information is extracted from the pages of the weekly newspaper, The Strabane Morning Post, and much previously unavailable material has now been brought into the public domain. Descriptions of floods, fevers and famines provide insights into

the problems of everyday life, while advertisements demonstrate the extent of economic activity and the range of products available to those who could afford to pay. The copious coverage of court cases sheds light on the extent of lawlessness and the severity of law enforcement while regional and parliamentary affairs are also highlighted.

This compilation is therefore both an entertaining examination of the foibles of a past age and a comprehensive source base for further analysis of key events and responses. It is a must for anyone interested in the everyday responses of ordinary people in their own environment to a rapidly changing world and a major addition for researchers and genealogists in unraveling an era in which evidential material has been difficult to locate. This limited edition publication should take pride of place among a range of local materials from West Ulster and provide endless hours of pleasurable engagement in the concerns of another age. Click for Full Index including Surnames  About the Author

This e-book is every-word-searchable. Includes Introduction, Dedication, Preface, Appendix, Index. 428 pages

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Three Centuries of Life in a Tyrone parish. A History of Donagheady 1600 - 1900

This book tells the story of the parish of Donagheady and its families over three centuries. Donagheady occupies the most northerly portion of County Tyrone. It is a large parish, stretching from the River Foyle to the Sperrins. In the period covered by this study Donagheady experienced massive changes with the result that the parish in 1900 was a very different place from the one it had been in 1600. Through the Plantation and subsequent waves of migration in the seventeenth century, especially from Scotland, the character of much of the parish was transformed.

The creation and disintegration of the estate system in Donagheady is also charted in this volume and the fate and fortunes of the landowning families and their tenants is explored. The histories of the main religious denominations are covered, as well as the nature of rural society itself. Other chapters in this book examine the impact of the Great Famine on the parish, the development of the village of Dunnamanagh, attempts to improve educational provision, the rise and decline of rural industries, and the relationship between Donagheady and the wider world.

William Roulston is from the townland of Gortavea in the parish of Donagheady, and was raised on a farm that has been in his family’s possession since 1830. He is the Research Director of the Ulster Historical Foundation. His other books include 
The parishes of Leckpatrick and Dunnalong: their place in history (2000), Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors (2005), and Restoration Strabane, 1660-1714 (2007).

This e-book is every-word-searchable and includes Griffiths Valuation for the Parish. 390 pages (click for 8 page surname list)

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Donagheady Presbyterian Churches and Parishes

by Rev. John Rutherford, B.A.

First published in 1953, Rev. Rutherford details the history of the area, topography and peoples of Donagheady with some early history of the Church as well. Chapters cover the old First Donagheady Presbyterian Church; then Second Donagheady Presbyterian Church and is followed by the New Church created in 1933 when the congregations merged. These chapters include detailed account of the ministers, congregations and elders.

Other chapters are Ratepayers of 1856; Donagheady Wills from List of Irish Wills; Strabane Muster Roll c.1630; Poll Book 1661; Hearth Money Rolls 1666 and others.

Over 110 pages. For more complete details, please see the Contents Page.

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The Knox Chronicles - Joseph Knox & His Family
Knox Chronicles  

The story of Joseph Knox is a compelling story of a young man born during the potato famine in a small Scots/Irish community in Co. Tyrone.  It is the story of survival and the courage and perseverance to get to Australia in 1863  in search of a better life. It appears he was only 18 or 19.  He was sponsored by Andrew Knox, a cousin, also from Co. Tyrone.  

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Statistical Survey Of The County Of Tyrone
Statistical Survey Of The County Of Tyrone  

Statistical Survey Of The County Of Tyrone, With Observations Of The Means Of Improvement; Crawn Up For The Consideration, And By The Direction Of The Dublin Society. Dublin,  by John McEvoy was published by Graisberry and Campbell in 1802 on behalf of the Dublin Society (later the Royal Dublin Society).

It was created in the context of the Act of Union 1800, conflict between Britain and France and the emerging industrial revolution. The survey discusses the geography, topography, agriculture, industry, living conditions, religious practise, civil administration and much more of County Tyrone just after the turn of the 19th century. (every word searchable) Almost FREE !!

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