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Deed: Gage & McCausland to Spence, Gortnamuck, Co. Donegal. Ireland 1756

Copy at PRONI
Submitted by Mervyn Catterson
Title Deed 1756 Gortnamuck, County Donegal
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Although difficult to read it has been transcribed by PRONI as follows:

Hodgson Gage, Bellarena, Co. L'derry and Conolly McCausland, Fruithill, Co. L'derry to Revd. Robert Spence, Donaghmore, Co. D'gl. (an assignment attached d.28 March 1771 - Revd. Nicholas Spence, Donaghmore assigns the Right Title & Interest of above lease to Robt. McClintock, Dunmore, Co. D'gl. Later assignment attached d. 2 Feb. 1787 - Robt. McClintock assigns all Right, Title and Interest of above lease to Conolly McCausland). Lease of woodlands of Gortnamuck, divided by farms of Robt. Lecky and Nathaniel Neilson of Donaghmore and Wm. Stinson, Coolishlin for term of 31 years or lives of John Spence son of Robt. Spence, Robt. McCausland son of Conolly McCausland and Robt. McClintock of Strabane, Co. Tyr. at yearly rent of £20/0/0. Gortnamuck, Co. D'gl.