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Summonister's Roll, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland September 1617

Extracted from FHL film #258510
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Extracts from the Summonister’s Roll: the original records were lost in the destruction of the Public Record Office, Dublin in 1922.

The details of the charges are not recorded, but many are believed to be for non-attendance. However, the importance of these records is that they record names and addresses within a few years of the Plantation of Ulster 1610-20.


Summonister’s Roll, No 6, Qr. Sessions at Dungannon

11 Sept, 15 Jas I, 1617


Name Townland
Cormack McNemee, gt Donoghmore
Rory Ballagh O’Mullan, gt Derriloran
Brian O’Devin, gt Ardboe
Hugh McShane O’Quin Donoghmore
Hugh groom O’Quin Donoghmore
Tirlagh McArt O’Neale Castletown
Hugh O’Neal Castletown
Con boy McHenry oge O’Neale Crevelagh
Hugh McHenry oge O’Neale -
James Ferguson Crew
Mathew Usher Carenteele
John Ballefor [Balfour?] Ballynelurgan
Robert Hall Ballynereden
John McGartlan Ballyowen
Cullo McCawell Crevelli
Edw O’Cahan Ballydally
Hugh McCormick O’Neale Ballynegan
Pat groom O’Devin Castlemellan
Morris oge McNeme [McNamee] Castlemellan
Hugh Hamilton Loughneas
Hugh McMurtagh O’Neale Magneshenan
Hugh O’Neale Badony
Thos Perry Dromragh
Jn Bathurst Killskerry
Thos McCawell Dromragh
Shan O’Neale oge Langfield parish
Con boy O’Neale Termonomongan
Brian O’Flanigan Dromore parish
Neale oge O’Neale Dromore Parish
Henry Norris Termonamagwork

All gents fined for non-attending at Qr. Sessions