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Longfield West (Lower Langfield) Parish Church, Church of Ireland, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages 1845-5

PRONI Ref: MIC1/305; CR1/88
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Longfield West Parish Church, Co. Tyrone Photo:

This file of MARRIAGES RECORDED IN LONGFIELD WEST PARISH CHURCH 1845-57, COUNTY TYRONE, forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to LONGFIELD WEST PARISH on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

The following LONGFIELD WEST parish records have been microfilmed by the staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast (PRONI) where they may be consulted:

Baptisms, 1809 – 10; marriages, 1845 – 1934; marriage notices, 1906 – 74;burials, 1878 – 1981; vestry minutes, 1810 – 29 and 1870 –1900; minute book, 1880 – 91. PRONI Ref: MIC1/305; CR1/88

Earliest registers were destroyed in Dublin during the destruction of the old Public Record Office.

Images of pre 1922 civil registration certificates for Northern Ireland may be downloaded here Welcome to Irish Genealogy - Irish Genealogy



1 May 7 1845

James Hooey 21 years bachelor farmer’s son Drumeeny, Lwr Langfield. Father: James Hooey farmer


Margaret Patterson 20 years spinster farmer’s daughter Killoan, Lwr Langfield. Father: Aaron Patterson farmer

Witnesses: James Bradley & William Patterson

2 Oct 21 1845

James Magee 21 years bachelor farmer Cooel, Lwr Langfield. Father: William Magee farmer


Ann Griffin 20 years spinster Carricknamulkin. Lwr Langfield. Father: William Griffin farmer

Witnesses: John Nethery & William Coulter

3 Nov 18 1845

David Galbraith 21 years bachelor farmer Kirlish, Lwr Langfield. Father: Robert Galbraith stone cutter


Sarah Rolston 21 years spinster Curraghamulkin. Father: John Rolston farmer

Witnesses: James Nethery & Charles Colhoun

4 Dec 15 1845

William Porter full age bachelor labourer Carricknamulkin, Lwr Langfield. Father: John Porter farmer


Mary Jane Nethery full age spinster Carricknamulkin. Father: John Nethery (not living) farmer

Witnesses: John Russell & Charles Russell

5 Jan 15 1846

David Scott full age widower farmer Bridgetown, Skirts of Urney. Father: James Scott farmer


Isabella Keys full age spinster Kirlish, Lwr Langfield. Father: Andrew Keys farmer

Witnesses: James Keys & John Knox

6 Mar 24 1846

William Buchannan full age bachelor farmer Binn Wood, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Andrew Buchannan farmer


Anne Thompson full age spinster Collow, Lwr. Langfield. Father: James Thompson farmer

Witnesses: William….(illegible)? & William Acheson

7 Feb 11 1847

John Virtue 20 years bachelor farmer Lack, Parish of Magheraculmoney [Co. Fermanagh]. Father: John Virtue farmer


Alice Condy 20 years spinster Drumoan, Lwr Langfield. Father: Alexander Condy farmer

Witnesses: Alexander Condy & Job Booth

8 Oct 19 1847

William Saunderson 65 years bachelor farmer Drumenagh. Father: Alexander Saunderson farmer


Susana Gillese 29 years spinster Lackagh. Father: James Gillese farmer

Witnesses: James Alexander & Arthur Johnston

9 Nov 16 1847

Charles Caldwell 24 years bachelor farmer Killen, Parish of Termonamongan. Father: John Caldwell farmer


Jane Caldwell 21 years spinster Lackagh. Father: Andrew Caldwell farmer

Witnesses: John Caldwell & Charles Harper

10 Dec 26 1848

John Cather 28 years bachelor shoemaker Six Mile Cross, Parish of Termonmaguirk. Father: David Cather shoemaker


Eliza Colhoun full age spinster Lwr Langfield. Father: William Colhoun farmer

Witnesses: John Clemens? & John Nethery

11 Jan 26 1849

John Warson 29 years bachelor farmer Lower Langfield. Father: John Warson farmer


Elizabeth Stut full age spinster Lower Langfield. Father: George Stut farmer

Witnesses: James Patton & Andrew Warson

12 Mar 12 1849

James Moore full age widower labourer Lackagh, Lower Longfield. Father: James Moore farmer


Mary Moore full age spinster Lackagh, Lower Longfield. Father: John Moore farmer

Witnesses: Henry Connel? (illeg.) & George Moore

13 Jul 1 1849

John Patton full age bachelor farmer Wilmount. Father: James Patton farmer


Mary Jane Buchanon full age spinster Cooel. Father: John Buchanon farmer

Witnesses: Hamilton Bradley & John Buchanon

14   Blank
15 Nov 3 1849

Joseph Welsh full age bachelor farmer Drumhoohas?, parish Galloon, Fermanagh. Father: Joseph Welsh farmer


Jane Gallagher full age spinster Drumscraw, Lower Longfield. Father: John Gallagher farmer

Witnesses: John Gallagher & Robert Welsh

16 Jan 1 1850

William Barton full age bachelor farmer Turnbeg, Parish of Drumkeeran , Fermanagh Father: Thomas Barton farmer


Christian Johnston full age spinster ……{illeg) Lower Longfield Father: John Johnston farmer

Witnesses: James Wood & William Davis

17 Feb 7 1850

Archibald Stut full age bachelor farmer Billery. Father: George Stut farmer


Matilda Patten full age spinster Dunwest. Father: John Patten farmer

Witnesses: John Patten & John Patten

18 Apr 30 1850

Charles Colhoun full age bachelor farmer Kirlish. Father: Charles Colhoun farmer


Sarah Barr full age spinster Kirlish. Father: James Barr farmer

Witnesses: John Thompson & George Colhoun

19 May 31 1850

Reuben Smith full age bachelor farmer Bomacatal. Father: Alexander Smith farmer


Jane McCaskey full age spinster Bomacatal. Father: Moses McCaskey farmer

Witnesses: William McKasky & Thomas Smith

20 Jun 20 1850

William Woods full age bachelor farmer Meenmossog? Father: Anthony Woods farmer


Mary Jane Magrath full age spinster Meenbeg? Father: William Magrath farmer

Witnesses: John Miles & Anthony Woods

21 Sep 6 1850

James McDermott full age widower farmer Drumscraw. Father: Hugh McDermott farmer


Letitia Murphy full age spinster Drumscraw. Father: Alexander Murphy clerk of Parish Church

Witnesses: William Fyfe & John Rogers

22 Oct 14 1851

James Scott full age bachelor farmer Tullyard. Father: William Scott farmer


Anne Patterson full age spinster Killowen. Father: Aaron Patterson farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Patterson & Alexander Patterson

23 Oct 31 1851

John McKinney full age bachelor farmer Kerlish. Father: James McKinney Farmer


Ellen Galbraith full age spinster servant Kirlish. Father: Robert Galbraith stonecutter

Witnesses: James Nethery & Patrick Nelson

24 Dec 31 1851

George Maclean full age bachelor schoolmaster Lowtherstown [Co. Fermanagh]. Father: George Maclean shoe maker


Mary Miller full age spinster school mistress Liskey. Father: James Miller carpenter

Witnesses: John Miller & William Hamilton

25 Jan 9 1852

James Gordon full age bachelor farmer Drumquin. Father: James Gordon farmer


Jane Smith full age spinster Bomacatall. Father: Alexander Smith farmer

Witnesses: Hamilton Bradley & James Smith

26 Feb 18 1852

Joseph Beattie full age bachelor farmer Gillygooley, Parish of Drumragh. Father: Henry Beattie farmer


Mary Charlton full age spinster Cooel. Father: John Charlton farmer

Witnesses: John Worthington? & Charles Sproull

27 Apr 19 1852

David Cathcart full age bachelor labourer Ratin, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Sydenham Cathcart farmer


Jane McCanny 17 spinster Bomacatal. Father: Charles McCanny farmer

Witnesses: John Caldwell & George Colhoun

28 Nov 15 1852

Thomas Fitzpatrick full age bachelor Cormacall. Father: John Fitzpatrick farmer


Mary Anne Marshal full age spinster Cormacall. Father: Robert Marshal farmer

Witnesses: James Laird & David Cunningham

29 Dec 2 1852

Henry Sayers full age bachelor farmer Drumduff, Parish of Termonmaguirk. Father: Joseph Sayers farmer


Mary Jane Moffitt minor spinster Drumany. Father: Mathew Moffitt farmer

Witnesses: George Moffitt & Arthur Johnston

30 Feb 1 1853

Hugh Love Roleston (signed Rollestone) full age bachelor farmer Gortavee, Donaghedy. Father: Robert Roleston farmer


Mary Jane Irwine full age spinster Kirlish. Father: John Irwine farmer

Witnesses: Patrick Nelson & Eliza Johnston

31 Feb 23 1853

James Davis full age bachelor labourer Drumeny? Father: James Davis farmer


Letitia McDermott (alias Murphy) full age widow Drumscraw. Father: Alexander Murphy parish clerk

Witnesses: Robert Davis & Margaret Davis

32 Mar 4 1853

Robert Burns full age bachelor grocer Drumnaforbe, Upper Langfield. Father: Joseph Burns weaver


Catherine Coulter full age spinster Cooell. Father: William Coulter farmer

Witnesses: William Wilson & Mary Sproulle

33 Jul 5 1853

Thomas McMahon full age bachelor labourer Mullagh Meenagh, Parish of Drumraw. Father: James McGuigan farmer


Anne Jane Roleston full age spinster Kirlish Father: James Roleston farmer

Witnesses: Johnston Fair & David Cunningham

34 Oct 18 1853

James Nethery full age bachelor farmer Dunwest. Father: Charles Nethery farmer


Mary Walker 19 spinster Slowan. Father: David Walker farmer

Witnesses: Robert Moor & Christiana Marshall

35 Feb 1 1854

George Johnston 27 years bachelor merchant Liverpool. Father: James Johnston merchant


Elizabeth Johnston 28 years spinster Drumquin. Father: James Johnston merchant

Witnesses: Edward Kennick & Wallace Sproule

36 Mar 8 1854

Thomas Smith 24 years bachelor farmer Bomacatall, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: Alexander Smith farmer


Mary A. Bustard 20 years spinster schoolmistress Bomacatall, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: John Bustard farmer

Witnesses: James Smith & John Scott

37 Apr 19 1854

George Speer full age bachelor farmer Parish of Colerty (sic). Father: Robert Speer farmer


Isabella C. Marshall – spinster Cool, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: George Marshall farmer

Witnesses: David Johnston & David Cunningham

38 May 9 1854

James Hall 45 years bachelor farmer Carrickamulkin, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: John Hall farmer


Catherine Wilson 20 years spinster Carrickamulkin, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: James Wilson farmer

Witnesses: William Colhoun & Charles Hall

39 May 9 1854

Thomas Underwood 22 years bachelor farmer Callion, Parish of Templecarney (sic). Father: Richard Underwood farmer


Susanna Young 22 years spinster Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: William Young farmer

Witnesses: George Mellon & William McCasky

40 Jul 25 1854

James Russel 21 years bachelor farmer Carrickamulkin, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: John Russel farmer


Mary Jane Woods 17 years spinster Meenamossagh, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: Antony Woods farmer

Witnesses: Daniel O’Brien & Alexander Irwin

41 Nov 16 1854

Andrew Thomson 24 years bachelor labourer Collow, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: Thomas Thomson mason


Margaret Simpson 24 years spinster Collow, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: John Simpson farmer

Witnesses: William Thomson & Joseph Knox

42 Jan 17 1855

John Sharp 42 years widower labourer Killin, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: William Sharp labourer


Rebecca Gordon 44 years widow Tullyard, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: Hugh Gordon farmer

Witnesses: Robert Hemphill & Andrew Gordon

43 Jan 30 1855

William Cunningham 21 years bachelor farmer Mackan, Parish of Newtown Saville. Father: David Cunningham farmer


Anne Rogers 22 years spinster Lisky, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: John Rogers schoolmaster

Witnesses: William McAskie & Thomas Cunningham

44 May 4 1855

Christopher Anderson 26 years bachelor tradesman Magharenny, Parish of Upper Langfield. Father: David Anderson farmer


Eliza Caldwell 26 years spinster Killin, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: James Caldwell farmer

Witnesses: John Anderson & John Caldwell

  45-48 Note in margin: Nos. 45-48 blank – torn out of duplicate
49 Aug 24 1855

Samuel Denny 27 years bachelor servant Liskey, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: Alexander Denny shoemaker


Ellen Parkinson 28 years spinster servant Langfield Glebe, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: Solomon Parkinson labourer

Witnesses: William Ross & William Ross, Jun.

50 Aug 29 1855

William Atcheson full age bachelor farmer Clonakill, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: Robert Atcheson farmer


Eliza Marshall full age spinster Cooil, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: George Marshall farmer

Witnesses: Charles Sproule & James Moffatt

51 Sep 25 1855

Charles McCormick full age bachelor farmer Cormacall, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: John McCormick farmer


Jane Bartley full age spinster Meenamossagh, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: Robert Bartley farmer

Witnesses: Alexander Irvine & Anthony Woods

52 Oct 1 1855

William Scott full age bachelor labourer Tullyard, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: William Scott farmer


Jane Hewitt full age spinster Kilmore, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: James Hewitt farmer

Witnesses: Maxwell Hamilton & James Barton

#53 Jan 9 1856

Samuel McCrea 23 years bachelor labourer Kirlish, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: John McCrea farmer


Elizabeth Colhoun full age spinster Kirlish, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: George Colhoun farmer

Witnesses: William Colhoun & William Fitzpatrick

#54 Mar 12 1856

John Neilson 24 years bachelor farmer Clonakil. Father: Robert Neilson farmer


Margaret Acheson 20 years spinster Drumscraw. Father: George Acheson farmer

Witnesses: George McCawley & Anne Acheson

#55 Nov 24 1856

Robert McCormick 21 years bachelor labourer Cormacall. Father: John McCormick farmer


Sidney Bartley 17 years spinster Meenamossagh. Father: Richard Bartley farmer

Witnesses: Charles McCormick & Anthony Woods

56 Nov 28 1856

William Wallace 21 years bachelor labourer Bomacatall. Father: William Wallace farmer


Anne Gilmour 20 years spinster Bomacatall. Father: William Gilmour farmer

Witnesses: George Melon & Galbreath Hamilton

57 Dec 23 1856

Edward McSorley full age bachelor labourer Bomacatall. Father: James McSorley labourer


Jane Smith 19 years spinster Bomacatall. Father: William Smith blacksmith

Witnesses: John Rodgers & Reuben Smyth

58 Jan 14 1857

Wiliam Colhoun full age bachelor labourer Kirlish, Lower Langfield. Father: Charles Colhoun farmer


Sarah Boyd full age spinster Inveagh, Ardstraw Parish. Father: Thomas Boyd farmer

Witnesses: Geo. Finlay & William McFarland

59 Feb 25 1857

Robert Thompson full age bachelor labourer Collow. Father: William Thompson farmer


Sarah Ann Murphy full age spinster Drumnascraw. Father: Samuel Murphy farmer

Witnesses: Robert Speer & Edward McGormand

60 Apr 21 1857

Alexander Nethery full age bachelor labourer Dooish. Father: Robert Nethery farmer


Anne Nethery full age spinster Magherenny, Upper Landfield. Father: James Nethery farmer

Witnesses: Edward? Nethery & James Nethery

61 Dec 4 1857

Joseph Fife full age bachelor shoemaker Magherenny, Parish of Upper Langfield. Father: Joseph Fife labourer


Eliza Rolestone full age spinster Kirlish. Father: James Rolestone farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Smyth & Margaret Nelson


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