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Leckpatrick Parish, Church of Ireland, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland: A Short History

Extracted from Derry Clergy and Parishes -Rev. James B. Leslie (R. H. Ritchie, Enniskillen, 1937)
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Leckpatrick = “the stone of Patrick” perhaps so called from an ancient rocking stone near the Glebe House. It is in Co. Tyrone, and was also called Maghertynelec and Kylpatrick.It appears under the latter name in Colton’s Visitation. In 1397 the Episcopal Thirds were 13/4 and in 1609 two balliboes were held by the herenach and they paid 6/8 per annum for the thirds.

In 1661 Thomas Simpson was Parish Clerk, Macan Macan and Jas. Carre, Churchwardens.

In 1679 Church was in good repair, but in 1692 was dilapidated and £5 granted for its repair (V.B.)

In 1686 George Blewart was Par. Clerk and Schoolmaster. William Gamble of Ballymagorr (sic) and John Kinneer of Ballylaw, Churchwardens. (V.B.)

In 1693 George Blewort (sic) Parish Clerk and Schoolmaster. William Lyons and James Hay, Churchwardens 1692-3, John Fitz and James Hay (loco Robert McCallum) 1693-4. Parish held with Camus-juxta-Mourne. Minister resides and serves it in the afternoon of the Lord’s Day, but has engaged to provide a Curate. About 40 conformable parishioners. The Church was burnt by King James’ Army, but is roofed again this year, by the Rector and Parishioners. It has utensills (sic) for the Communion. Glebe granted by patent.1 Balliboe in Coolermany and ½ one in Killogreichy, and 1 acre ancient Glebe. In the Survey 116ac. 1r. 2p.

In 1718 Walter McFarland was Clerk and James McBay Schoolmaster. Thomas Cook and Thos. Donnell, Churchwardens 1718. Jas. Poke [Pollock] and John Kyle 1719.

In 1768 Church in good repair, a glebe and no house. The Rector R. Leslie lives in Strabane. He has a curate, Wm. Magee. They may be almost said to be resident – the Parish Church being contiguous to Strabane. (Parl. Ret.).

The Glebe house was built in 1791-2.

A new Church was built in 1815-6 during the incumbency of Mr. Brownlow, consecrated in 1821 and dedicated to St. Patrick and enlarged in 1834.

Mr. Brownlow also built the schoolhouse.

In 1833 there were 314 Church families of 1,317 persons. In 1816 the Church population was 913, Protestant Dissenters {Presbyterians] 1,108. Gross income £661.7s 3d.: Curate £90. At Disestablishment Annuity declared £563.10.6.

Leckpatrick Old Churchyard is vested in the Local Burial Board.

In 1878 there were 121 Church families of 555 persons.

(N.B.) Part of the parish has been added to Camus-j-Mourne.

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