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Glendermott First Presbyterian Church, Co. Londonderry Marriages 1838 - 1929

Compiled and submitted by Faye Logue, Tully, Queensland, Australia
With assistance from Len Swindley

These marriages have been extracted from LDS films of the Civil Registration of Marriages in Ireland, copies of Marriage Certificates, Transcriptions of Certificates from Emerald Ancestors and by searches of their database at , along with personal notices inserted in the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL 1829 – 1869 and the LONDONDERRY STANDARD.


Please note that to-date not all marriages in this church are included in this file, as it is an ongoing project. Full details of all marriages from 15 May 1845 to 18 November 1846 have been extracted. From then up to 23 September 1929 many marriages have been noted, but with quite a few gaps and most of these don’t have the full details. and should be consulted for more information.


The Glendermott Presbyterian Church was established in 1654 and is situated near Drumahoe, Co. Londonderry, only a few miles north of the border between Counties Londonderry and Tyrone at Donagheady Parish. Being so close to this border quite a few marriages in the church were for people from Co Tyrone.


This first notice of a marriage in the Glendermott First Presbyterian Church was pre official registration of marriages commencing in Ireland in 1845.



04 Aug 1838

On Thursday, the 2nd inst., by the Rev. William Monteith, Glendermott, Mr. William Kennedy, Tyboe, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late John Douglas, Trench, near this City.


Mr. William Monteith (Licenced Letterkenny 1798) was ordained on 2 December 1800 at Glendermott 1st Presbyterian Church. He had a long ministry, retired in 1841 and died 8 February 1849.

Mr. Alexander Buchanan (Licenced Letterkenny 1840) was ordained as Mr. Monteith’s successor on 16 June 1842. He died at Clooney Terrace, Londonderry, on 31 October 1871.

He was succeeded by Mr. Thomas Thompson (Licenced Coleraine 1870) on 16 January 1872. He had a long and faithful ministry before his retirement in 1910 and his death on 1 June 1916.

On the 18 August 1911 the congregations of First and Second Glendermott Presbyterian Churches were re-united under the ministry of Rev. William Alexander Park.




Date of Marriage

15 May 1845

Groom Name


Bride Name

Susanna ORR



Robert McCAUSLAND, 32, Bachelor, Merchant, Lismacarrol.

Father - John McCausland, Farmer

Susanna ORR, 32, Spinster, Gorticaw.

Father – James Orr, Farmer

Witnesses - William McCausland James Gwynn



17 May 1845

On the 15th inst., at the First Presbyterian Church of Glendermott, by the Rev. Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Robert McCausland, of Edinburgh, to Susanna, fourth daughter of Mr. James Orr, of Gorticaw, county Londonderry.


Date of Marriage

20 May 1845

Groom Name

Ezekiel BREDIN

Bride Name




Ezekiel BREDIN, Full, Bachelor, Farmer, Drumcorrin.

Father – William Bredin, Farmer

Jane BREDIN, Full, Spinster, Bally McGrorty.

Father - Ezekiel Bredin, Farmer

Witnesses - Joseph Millar Samuel Bredin


Date of Marriage

22 May 1845

Groom Name


Bride Name

Margaret KENEDY



John SHEILS, 21, Bachelor, Tailor, Altnagelvin.

Father - James Sheils, Labourer

Margaret KENEDY, 21, Spinster, Altnagelvin.

Father - David Kenedy, Labourer

Witnesses - John Adams James Hill


Date of Marriage

16 Jun 1845

Groom Name

James HILL

Bride Name

Sarah HILL



James HILL, 25, Bachelor, Farmer, Gobnascale.

Father - Samuel Hill, Farmer

Sarah HILL, 20, Spinster, Gobnascale.

Father - Hugh Hill, Farmer

Witnesses - Joseph Millar Samuel Bredin


Date of Marriage

21 Aug 1845

Groom Name


Bride Name




James CAMPBELL, 21, Bachelor, Farmer, Tully.

Father - Andrew Campbell, Farmer

Nancy CLARKE, 24, Spinster, Gortinure.

Father - John Clarke, Weaver

Witnesses - Robert Campbell John Campbell


Date of Marriage

22 Oct 1845

Groom Name

Stephen HENRY

Bride Name

Matilda LYNCH



Stephen HENRY, 19, Bachelor, Labourer, Creevedonnell.

Father - John Henry, Labourer

Matilda LYNCH, 21, Spinster, Curryfree.

Father - Robert Lynch, Farmer

Witnesses - Richard Lynch James Moore


Date of Marriage

23 Oct 1845

Groom Name


Bride Name




Samuel WILSON, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, Dunhue.

Father - Hugh Wilson, Labourer

Martha McDAID, 20, Spinster, Magherakennon.

Father - Wesley McDaid

Witnesses - ` John Ramsay John Stewart


Date of Marriage

30 Oct 1845

Groom Name


Bride Name




George McGOWAN, 25, Bachelor, Labourer, Cloghore.

Father - Daniel McGowan, Labourer

Jane McDAID, 24, Spinster, Cloghore.

Father - James McDaid, Weaver

Witnesses - Samuel Bredin Samuel Montgomery


Date of Marriage

21 Nov 1845

Groom Name


Bride Name




James SCOTT, Full, Bachelor, Farmer, Glenderone.

Father - Robert Scott, Farmer

Mary Jane STEWART, 18, Spinster, Toolet.

Father - James Stewart, Farmer

Witnesses - Andrew Stewart James Smyth



22 Nov 1845

On the 20th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Glendermott, by the Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. James Scott, of Glendorran, to Mary Jane, second daughter of Mr. James Stuart, Toolett, Burt, county Donegal


Date of Marriage

8 Dec 1845

Groom Name

Thomas MAHON

Bride Name




Thomas MAHON, 21, Bachelor, Sawyer, Derry.

Father - Patrick Mahon, Labourer

Margaret EAGLETON, 21, Spinster, Granshaw.

Father - George Eagleton, Labourer

Witnesses - George Wright William Gormley


Date of Marriage

6 Jan 1846

Groom Name

William BOYD

Bride Name




William BOYD, 19, Bachelor, Shoemaker, Altnagelvin.

Father – William Boyd, Shoemaker

Betty RIDDLES, 17, Spinster, Legahorray.

Father - John Riddles

Witnesses - Adam Boyd James Hill


Date of Marriage

8 Jan 1846

Groom Name


Bride Name




James BURKE, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, Cullion.

Father - James Burke, Carpenter

Rebecca PEOPLES, 20, Spinster, Killymallagh.

Father - John People, Weaver

Witnesses - Samuel Bridin William Hanna


Date of Marriage

15 Jan 1846

Groom Name

Thomas DUDDY

Bride Name

Margaret COYLE



Thomas DUDDY, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, Castlewarren.

Father - Thomas Duddy, Farmer

Margaret COYLE, 21, Spinster, Lissartone.

Father - Patrick Coyle, Labourer

Witnesses - William Boyle Robert Coyle


1846, January 6
Married on 15th inst in First Glendermott Presbyterian Church by Rev A
Buchanan, Mr Thomas Duddy of Castlewarren to Miss Margaret Coyle of


Date of Marriage

20 Feb 1846

Groom Name

William SMYTH

Bride Name




William SMYTH, 30, Bachelor, Farmer, Tirkievenagh.

Father - William Smyth, Farmer

Jane MITCHELL, 30, Spinster, Killymallagh.

Father - James Mitchell, Farmer

Witnesses - William Hyndman Thomas Gormley


1846, February 27
Married on the 20th inst in the Presbyterian Church, First Glendermott
by Rev A Buchanan, Mr William Smith of Tyrkeeveny to Miss Jane Mitchell,


Date of Marriage

16 Apr 1846

Groom Name


Bride Name




Hugh COLHOUN, 23, Bachelor, Labourer, Fawney [Donagheady]

Father - Thomas Colhoun, Labourer

Mary PARKHILL, 21, Spinster, Curryfree.

Father - James Parkhill, Labourer

Witnesses - David McElheny (?) Robert Patrick


Date of Marriage

04 May 1846

Groom Name


Bride Name



# 16

George POLLOCK, 23 yrs, Bachelor, Farmer, Castlewarren.

Father - James Pollock, Farmer

Sarah POLLOCK, 19 yrs, Spinster, Dressmaker, Curryfree.

Father - Archibald Pollock, Farmer

Witnesses - Andrew J. Hamilton Robert Gilmane (?Gilmore)


May 8, 1846
Married on the 4th inst in the Presbyterian Church, 1st Glendermot by the
Rev A. Buchanan, Mr George Pollock of Castlewarren to Miss Sarah Pollock,
only daughter of Mr Archibald Pollock of Curryfree.


Date of Marriage

15 Jun 1846

Groom Name

Samuel IRWIN

Bride Name




Samuel IRWIN, 21, Bachelor, Shoemaker, Old[?] Hill.

Father - James Irwin, Farmer

Jane BROUGHTON, 18, Spinster, Derry.

Father - Ezekiel Broughton, Carpenter

Witnesses - Thomas Dougherty (?) James Smyth


Date of Marriage

16 Jun 1846

Groom Name


Bride Name

Mary Anne DAIRY



John CONNOR, 24, Bachelor, Labourer, Lismacarrol.

Father - John Connor, Labourer

Mary Anne DAIRY, 20, Spinster, Lismacarrol.

Father - Francis Dairy, Labourer

Witnesses - Joseph Logue John Derry

Date of Marriage

30 Jun 1846

Groom Name

Samuel GREER

Bride Name

Margaret GWYN



Samuel GREER, Full, Bachelor, Merchant, Derry.

Father - Alexander Greer, Merchant

Margaret GWYN, 20, Spinster, Waterside.

Father – Alexander Gwyn, Merchant

Witnesses - John Patterson Robert Forster


The Londonderry Sentinel 4 Jul 1846

On Tuesday, the 30th ult., in the First Presbyterian Church, Glendermott, by the Rev. James Denham, Mr. Samuel Greer, of this City, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. Alexander Gwyn, Waterside, Londonderry.


Date of Marriage

25 Aug 1846

Groom Name


Bride Name




John BONAR, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, Drumahoe.

Father - ………, Labourer

Martha MERCER, 22, Spinster, Moville.

Father - ………., Labourer

Witnesses - Ross P. Adams John Harrigan


Date of Marriage

31 Aug 1846

Groom Name

Josias ABRAM

Bride Name

Martha IRWIN


# 21

Josias ABRAM, Full, Widower, Farmer, Tamnamore.

Father - William Abram, Farmer

Martha IRWIN, Full, Spinster, Fountain Hill.

Father - Samuel Irwin, Shoemaker

Witnesses - John Logan Alexander Irwin


Date of Marriage

1 Sep 1846

Groom Name

Crawford BLACK

Bride Name




Crawford BLACK, Full, Bachelor, Butler, Castleforward.

Father - Robert Black, Weaver

Margaret ROBINSON, Full, Spinster, Glenkeen.

Father - John Robinson, Bailiff

Witnesses - John Adams Ross P. Adams

Date of Marriage

22 Sep 1846

Groom Name


Bride Name




Adam BOYD, Full, Bachelor, Shoemaker, Irish Street.

Father - William Boyd, Shoemaker

MARY YOUNG, Full, Spinster, Irish Street.

Father - James Young, Labourer

Witnesses - W……(?) Boardman Robert Kinnear


Date of Marriage

22 Oct 1846

Groom Name


Bride Name

Elizabeth HYNDMAN (johnston)



John McCLEA, Full, Widower, Shoemaker, Bogagh.

Father - John McClea, Labourer
Elizabeth HYNDMAN, Full, Widow, Bogagh.

Father - James Johnston, Weaver

Witnesses - William Doraugh George Watson


Date of Marriage

12 Nov 1846

Groom Name

Robert LYNCH

Bride Name

Mary Jane LYNCH



Robert LYNCH, Full, Bachelor, Farmer, Upper Tully.

Father – Robert Lynch, Farmer

Mary Jane LYNCH, Full, Spinster, Kittybane.

Father - Michael Lynch, Farmer

Witnesses - Daniel Moody William Abram


Date of Marriage

18 Nov 1846

Groom Name


Bride Name

Elizabeth MOORE



George WATSON, Full, Bachelor, Farmer, Bogagh.

Father – George Watson, Farmer

Elizabeth MOORE, Full, Spinster, Curryfree.

Father – Edward Moore, Farmer

Witnesses - James Moore Robert Moore


Date of Marriage

29 Apr 1847

Groom Name


Bride Name

Jane ORR


Date of Marriage

11 Feb 1848

Groom Name

Robert HILL

Bride Name



Date of Marriage

22 Jul 1847

Groom Name

Robert HAY

Bride Name



Date of Marriage

26 Feb 1848

Groom Name


Bride Name



Date of Marriage

15 Mar 1848

Groom Name


Bride Name




John BROWN, Full age, Bachelor, Farmer, Altrest.

Father – William Brown, Farmer

Mary HYNDMAN, Full age, Spinster, Cloghore.

Father – David Hyndman, Farmer

Witnesses – S. J. Wray Archibald McMorris


Date of Marriage

8 Jan 1849

Groom Name


Bride Name

Isabella ADAMS



William McCAUSLAND, Full age, Bachelor, Farmer, Lismacarroll.

Father – John McCausland, Farmer

Isabella ADAMS, Full age, Spinster, Killennan.

Father – John Adams, Farmer

Witnesses – Thomas Wright William Thompson


The Londonderry Sentinel 20 Jan 1849

On the 8th inst., in the Presbyterian Church of 1st Glendermott, by the Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. William McCausland, of Lismacarroll, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr. John Adams, of Killennan.


Date of Marriage

8 Jan 1849

Groom Name


Bride Name

Eliza Jane WELSH



George HAMILTON, Full age, Widower, Farmer, Ballyheather.

Father – John Hamilton, Labourer

Eliza Jane WELSH, 19, Spinster, Glebes.

Father – James Welsh, Farmer

Witnesses – Robert Hamilton William Welsh


The Londonderry Sentinel 20 Jan 1849

On the 8th inst., in the Presbyterian Church of 1st Glendermott, by the Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. George Hamilton, of Ballyheather, to Miss Eliza Jane Welsh, of Glebes.


Date of Marriage

16 Jan 1849

Groom Name

Robert WRAY

Bride Name

Isabella BECK



Robert WRAY, Full age, Bachelor, Labourer, Kittybane

Father – Henry Wray, Labourer

Isabella BECK, Full age, spinster, Primity.

Father – Huey Beck, Labourer

Witnesses – James Lynch David Sproule


The Londonderry Sentinel 20 Jan 1849

On the 16th inst., in the Presbyterian Church of 1st Glendermott, by the Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. Robert Wray, of Killybane, to Miss Isabella Black, of Primity.


Date of Marriage

18 Jan 1849

Groom Name


Bride Name




John CUNNINGHAM, Full age, Bachelor, Farmer, Magheramason

Father – Robert Cunningham, Farmer

Nancy SMYTH, Full age, Spinster, Clampernow.

Father – James Smyth, Farmer

Witnesses – William Hanna Andrew Smyth


The Londonderry Sentinel 20 Jan 1849

On the 13th inst., in the 1st Presbyterian Church, Glendermott, by the Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. John Cunningham, of Maughrymesson, to Anne, daughter of the late Mr. James Smyth, of Clamernow.


Date of Marriage

22 Mar 1849

Groom Name

Samuel PEWS

Bride Name




Samuel PEWS, 21 or 27, Bachelor, Labourer, Oh Hill

Father – Joseph Pews, Labourer

Mary STEEN, Full age, Spinster, Gobnascale.

Father – William Steen, Labourer

Witnesses – James Irwin Elizabeth Irwin


Date of Marriage

2 May 1849

Groom Name


Bride Name




John COCHRAN, Full age, Bachelor, Farmer, Gorticross

Father – Thomas Cochrane, Farmer

Anne CRAIG, Full age, Spinster, Fallomard.

Father – James Craig, Farmer

Witnesses – James Hayes Eliza Craig


The Londonderry Sentinel 19 May 1849

On the 2nd inst., at First Glendermott Presbyterian Church, by Rev. A. Buchanan, Mr. John Cochrane, Gorticross, to Miss Ann Craig, of Falloward.


Date of Marriage

17 Sep 1849

Groom Name

James ORR

Bride Name

Matilda TEDLIE



James ORR, Full age, Bachelor, Farmer, Ballyorr.

Father – George Orr, Farmer

Matilda TEDLIE, Full age, Spinster, Coshquin.

Father – Stephen Tedlie, Marriner.



Date of Marriage

22 Nov 1849

Groom Name


Bride Name




John ALEXANDER, 20, Bachelor, Labourer, Lismacarroll

Father – James Alexander, Labourer

Mary CULBERT, Full age, Spinster, Tamnaherin.

Father – William Culbert, Labourer

Witnesses – John Renit Richard Moorhead


Date of Marriage

23 Nov 1849

Groom Name

Robert ADAMS

Bride Name

Margaret Anne CALLAGHAN



Robert ADAMS, Full age, Bachelor, labourer, Kilfennan

Father – David Adams, Labourer

Margaret Anne CALLAGHAN, Full age, spinster, Drumahoe.

Father John Callaghan, Labourer

Witnesses – Joseph Logue John Logue


Date of Marriage

29 Nov 1849

Groom Name


Bride Name




James YOUNG, Full age, Bachelor, Labourer, Newbuildings

Father – James Young, Labourer

Mary PATTON, Full age, Spinster, Newbuildings.

Father – Hugh Patton, Labourer

Witnesses – Mary Kennedy William Kennedy


Date of Marriage

4 Dec 1849

Groom Name

Joseph LOGUE

Bride Name

Mary Jane WALKER



Joseph LOGUE, Full age, Bachelor, Farmer, Drumahoe

Father – Michael Logue, Farmer

Mary Jane WALKER, Full age, Spinster, Gorticam.

Father – William Walker, Farmer

Witnesses – John Walker Joseph Logue


The Londonderry Sentinel 7 Dec 1849

On the 4th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church of Glendermott, by the Rev. Alexander Buchanan, Mr. Joseph Loague, Drumahoe, to Mary Jane, only daughter of Mr. William Walker, Gorticaw.