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Donagheady, Co. Tyrone Parishioners Recorded in the Registers of St. Columb's Cathedral, Londonderry 1642-1703

Marriages and Baptisms Extracted from the Registers of Derry Cathedral (St. Columb’s, Templemore Parish in the City of Derry)
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
St. Columb’s Cathedral, Derry (photo Wikipedia)


Published by the Parish Register Society of Dublin, 1910

Extracted by the Rev. John Rutherford, B. A., and included in Donagheady Presbyterian Churches and Parish (McCaw, Stevenson & Orr, Belfast, 1953)





Date Marriage
1653 Dennis Field, soldier, and Mary Wood, Ard-kene, in the Parish of Donnogheddy, in the presence of Robert Hamilton, and Quartermaster Clerke at L. Derry, 2nd March, 1653
1653 James Huggins and Jane McLealand, both of Ard-kene, Parish of Donnogheddy, in presence of John White and Thomas Gaw, at L. Derry, 9th March, 1653
1654 Robert O’Cahane and Rose O’Gormley, Donnogheddy (marriage of) in presence of John Hamilton and John Lesly, 22nd June, 1654
1654 Robert Johnson and Jane Gilpatricke [Kilpatrick], both of Cloughtegan, in Parish of Donnogheddy in presence of William Gilpatricke and John Armstrong 3rd August, 1654
1656 The banes (banns) between Robert McCantyre and Jennett Morehead were published at Donnogheddy by William Buison, Clerke for that parish; married at L. Derry – John McCantyre and James Morehead being present 12th January, 1656
1656 David McConnaghy and Ellin Hannah, both of Donelong, in Parish of Donnogheddy, married in the presence of Andrew Runneg and John Leverett, at L. Derry, 27th January, 1656
1684 Robert Granger, of the Parish of Donoghedie, Mary Allen, of the Parish of Templemore, were married by publication (of Banns) by Mr. Thomas Wallis, Chancellour, 22nd April, 1684
1699 William McClellan, of the Parish of Dunboe [Co. Londonderry], and Margaret Elliot, of the Parish of Donaghedy, were married by licence, by Mr. John Spotswood, 14th June, 1699



Date Baptism
1655 Jennett, the daughter of William Davis, of Donaghedy, baptised 26th October 1655
1657 Mary, the daughter of Caule O’Duddy, of Donaghedy Parish, was baptised 28th October 1657
1657 Katherine, the daughter of Richard Whiting, of Donaghedy Parish, was baptised 13th March, 1657
1658 Patrick, the sone of Daniell Browne of Donaghedy Parish, was baptised 26th September 1658
1658 Margaret, the daughter of John Egle, of Donnoghedy Parish, was baptised 11th October 1658
1658 Marion, the daughter of John Bruce, of Donaghedy Parish, was baptised 25th November, 1658