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Cumber, Co. Londonderry Parishoners' Marriages & Baptisms Extracted from the Registers of St. Columb's Cathedral, Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1653-1700

Extracted from Cumber Presbyterian Church and Parish – Rev. John Rutherford (1939)
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Feb 13 1653 The marriage of Wm. Burns, Cumber and Catherine Suy, of Balleown, in Parish of Glendermott, was solemnised before R. King, Mayor, in the presence of Tibbet Byrne and John Glen, at L.Derry
June 20 1654 Phelomy O’Quigley of Vitagh ‘’Dery, and Sarah, ny Money of Parish of Cumber in the presence of James McCreght and Manus M’Kenny
Jan 10 1655 Knougher O’Harkan, Cumber & Margaret O’Dery, Templemore, in the presence of Alexander How and John Truant
Jan 22 1656 John Penman and Margaret Nickson both of Cumber, Richard Beryman and Wm. Erwyne present att L.Derry
Jan 5 1657 Neale M’Marman and Evelin ny Glaghlin, both of Cumber, in presence Richard Beriman and Theophilus Davis
Apr 26 1660 Neale McNichols (L.Derry) and Woona ny Carelan (Cumber) in presence Thomas Gohoone and George Woldridge
Jul. 18 1700 James Wilson of Parish of Cumber and Mary Wilson alias Rogers of Tarboyne [Co. Donegal] married by licence by Edmund Motly



May 25 1654 Jane, daughter of Thomas Beriman
Dec 10 1654 John , son of Archibald Gilpatricke
Oct 26 1665 George, son of Thomas Neeper
Feb 10 1655 James, son of John Miller
May 10 1656 Margaret, daughter of Neale Byron
Jan 18 1656 William, son of John Bawn
Mar 22 1656 Dorothy, daughter of John Rowthe
Jun 11 1657 John, son of James O’Brion
Jun 28 1657 John, son of John Neely
Jul 15 1657 Woona, daughter of Patrick O’Haran
Nov 20 1657 Elizabeth daughter of John Casson
Feb 3 1657 John, son of John Smith
Apr 25 1658 Jane, daughter of George Allen
Jul 27 1658 Margaret, daughter of Phelomy O’Quigley
Feb 10 1660 John son of George Elliott