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Ardboe Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms, Cos. Tyrone & Londonderry 1865-1890

with added Birth, Death & Other Data
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Pat Grimes
Formatted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada



Colour Coding
Black Original Baptismal Record Data
Red Data added by Patrick Grimes from reliable sources
Blue Death data from reliable sources
Purple Data from other parishes re Ardboe family groups


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Date of Birth Date of Baptism Date of Death Name of Baptized AKA Father Mother Address Sponsors Original Comments/Additions in Red Comments added by Patrick Grimes Baptized by Confirmation
1865.00.00 1865.00.00 1948.02.03 James Conway The Bear-man, Jemmy McConomy the Bear man William Conway Mary Lynn Annaghmore?
married Anne (Nancy) Devlin in Moortown 28 November 1894 year of birth from Tallies with 1901 and 1911 census returns

1865.00.00 1864.00.00
Sarah O'Neill Welcome? Patrick O'Neill Brigid Quinn Killygonland

1865.00.00 1865.00.00 1918.03.25 James Small
Hugh Small Elizabeth Cassidy Clunto-richardson

date of death from PRONI will calendar

1865.00.00 ? 1865.00.00 ? 1947.01.26 Thomas Conlon Tam Patrick Conlon Catherine McSloy Aneetermore
married Mary Kelly of Ardain on 19 January 1899 grandfather of Robin's Joe Devlin of Aneetermore (alias Tam's Joe)

1865.00.00? 1865.00.00?
Mary Anne Quinn
? Quinn?
married Mr McCaughan in Belfast?

1865.01.03 1865.01.03
Charles Monaghan
Peter Monaghan Catherine Conall (?)
Catherine Quinn

1865.01.14 1865.01.14
John Corr
Peter Corr Sarah McCusker Kilmascally Thomas Corr and Anne McCusker

1865.01.15 1865.01.15
Brigid Devlin Biddy Mor Patrick Devlin Rose Mallon Ardean Joseph Devlin and Margaret Martin Sister Martina in order of nuns Source: Lily Devlin Mor

1865.01.16 1865.01.16
Charles O'Rourke
Charles O'Rourke Margaret McLernon
Daniel Donnelly and Catherine Quinn
father's name was entered as Hugh in original ledger

1865.02.02 1865.02.02
Francis Devlin
Francis Devlin Catherine Devlin
Felix Quinn and Mary Bradley

1865.02.05 1865.02.05
George McVey
John McVey Sarah McQuaid
James Rodgers and Margaret Rodgers

1865.02.07 1865.02.12
Francis Canavan
Francis Canavan Catherine Bradley Killywoolaghan James Mulholland and Mary Ann Canavan
date of birth and address from State registration (Irish Genealogy online)

1865.02.07 1865.02.07
William John Coyle Jock's James Coyle Isabella Conlon Farsnagh? John Coyle and Catherine Coyle married Catherine emigrated to Rhode Island

1865.02.10 1865.02.10
Patrick Connolly
John Connolly Sarah Campbell Clunto-richardson Bernard Campbell and Ellen Campbell

1865.02.12 1865.02.12
Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford Agnes Donnelly Brookend Henry Small and Brigid Small
grandmother who reported brith was Biddy McCord(?)

1865.02.14 1865.02.14
Aaron French
Aaron French Elizabeth Doris
John Cosgrove and Mary Doris

1865.02.14 1865.02.14
Sarah McKeown
John McKeown Esther McKeown Ballymurphy? Joseph Henry and John Coney

1865.02.18 1865.02.18
John Brady
Francis Brady Jane Hagan
(blank) Campbell and Mary Ceehan

1865.02.20 1865.02.20 1865.03.29 Felix Coney
Charles Coney Roseanne McIvor Ballymurphy John McIvor and Mary Jane Coney
date of death from State registration (Stewartstown sub-district)

1865.02.24 1865.02.24
Brigid Devlin
Joseph Devlin Margaret McGuigan
Patrick Donnelly and Rose McGuigan illegitimate

1865.02.25 1865.02.25
Sarah Quinn
Francis Quinn Mary Donnelly Drumaney Francis Rocks and Sarah Quinn

1865.02.27 1865.02.27 1947.02.17 Michael Donnelly Mick Donnelly of the Old Cross Michael Donnelly Ellen Doris Farsnagh Lewis Coyle and Brigid Conlon married Ellen McGrath of Drumaney 14 September 1899 in Ardboe

1865.03.01 1865.03.01
Cornelius Canavan Neal James Canavan Margaret Judge Killycolpy Bernard Quinn and Sarah Devlin
date of birth, name (Neal) and address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1865.03.01 1865.03.01
John McKenna
John McKenna Anne Cassidy
John Canavan and Mary Canavan

1865.03.03 1865.03.03 1910.07.20 Mary Tassey Mary Henry Tassey Mary Quinn C Quinn John Tassey and Henry Donaghy married Mark's Joe Quinn of Clunto-richardson 28 November 1886 details of death from State registration; fisherman's widow of Clunto-richardson; cause of death pulmonary tuberculosis, two months, certified; death reported by sister-in-law Catherine Quinn

1865.03.05 1865.03.05 1955.08.16 Susan O'Neill
Bernard O'Neill Susan Kelly Dromore? Daniel Kelly and Mary Ann Kelly married James McKeown on 1 August 1901

1865.03.05 1865.03.05
Mary Quinn
John Quinn Catherine Devlin Kiltagh Luke McGuigan and Elizabeth Devlin

1865.03.05 1865.03.05
Sarah Quinn
John Quinn Catherine Devlin Kinrush Henry Devlin and Catherine Devlin

1865.03.08 1865.03.08
Joseph McGuigan
Luke McGuigan Elizabeth Devlin
Arthur McKeown and Sarah Rollins

1865.03.11 1865.03.11
Brigid Conlon Tam's Biddy Thomas Conlon Anne Bradley Aneetermore, then Aneeterbeg Michael Breen and Jane Campbell

1865.03.15 1865.03.15 1929.04.09 Anne Elizabeth Annie Eliza William Henry Elizabeth Anne Lavery Kinrush

date of birth and date of death from GRONI online certificates

1865.03.16 1865.04.03
Alexander Joseph Quinn
Bernard Quinn Elizabeth McShane Brookend James Corr and Elizabeth Corr
child's name Patrick in parish baptismal register: registered as Alexander Quin by father on 22 March 1865, as having been born 16 March 1865

1865.03.16 1865.03.16 1866.06.10 Sarah Quinn
Thomas Quinn Rose Devlin Annaghmore James McGuckin and Mary Devlin
date of death from Roots Ireland record; cause of death diptheria 2 days

1865.03.17 1865.03.17
Susan Campbell
Daniel Campbell Roseanne Quinn
John Quinn and Sarah Campbell


Ellen Quinn
Patrick Quinn Sally Kelly

obtained from

1865.03.25 1865.03.25
Mary Forbes
George Forbes Matilda Coyle
Hugh Dillon and Mary Mallon

1865.03.25 1865.03.25
Ellen McGeogh
Patrick McGeogh Sarah Kelly
Patrick Mallon and Mary McGeogh

1865.03.28 1865.03.28
Sarah Jane Bannigan
Patrick Bannigan Mary Mallon
James Mooney and Sarah Coleman
surname entered as Benegan in original ledger

1865.04.01 1865.04.01
Elizabeth Quinn
Francis Quinn Brigid Devlin
Francis Mallaghan and Elizabeth Devlin

1865.04.02 1865.04.02
Anne Carty
James Carty Anne Sarsford
Peter Donaghy and Roseanne Corr

1865.04.09 1865.04.09
James Devlin
Owen Devlin Elizabeth Devlin Trickvallen William Devlin and Brigid Devlin married Susan Hughes 28 April 1908 in Donaghmore James of Owen Devlin and Elizabeth do. married in Donaghmore by Rev Joseph O'Neill to Susan Hughes of Annaghmackeown, Donaghmore, was baptised in Arboe on the 9th April 1865 the sponsors being William and Brigid Devlin as appears from parochial registry. J Loughran. (Note written into Baptism ledger circa April 1908); similar note entered in Donaghmore baptismal register by Revd Josepho O'Neill CC

1865.04.21 1865.04.30
Ellen Quinn
St John Quinn Mary McGuckin Ballymurphy John Quinn and Brigid Adams

1865.04.23 1865.04.23
Sarah Dowdall
Patrick Dowdall Anne McKeown
Henry McElhone and Ellen McElhone

1865.04.23 1865.04.23
Joseph Mallon
John Mallon Alice Mallon Carnan Patrick McCann and Brigid Duffin

1865.04.30 1865.04.30
Sarah Jane Canavan
John Canavan Elizabeth Keily
Francis Hagan and Lucinda Hughes

1865.04.30 1865.04.26 1951.11.04 Bernard Lavery The Bushman Napoleon Lavery Sarah Connolly Drumaney Henry Hagan and Susan Devlin married Brigid Diamond 18th February 1925 at Bellaghy. JL.PP date of birth from GRONI online certificate; emigrated to Brisbane, Australia, arrived 6 May 1885; return prior to census of 31 March 1901; cause of death uraemia due to prostate enlargement; endocarditis, myocarditis, certified; buried in Moortown

1865.04.30 1865.04.30 1948.12.14 Joseph Quinn Joe Joseph Quinn Ellen Corr Killygonland Charles Corr and Rose Judge married Eliza O'Neill (Proud Louis) of Kilmascally 24 April 1902 in Ardboe parish father of Paddy Quinn Trasher

1865.05.02 1865.05.07 1930.03.07 Elizabeth Lavery Lizzie Hugh Lavery Anne McStravick Drumaney John Keenan and Margaret Hagan married Joseph Campbell 11 February 1890 in Mullinahoe, Ardboe lived in Ballygillen Beg, Ballinderry; buried in Ballinderry, Derry

1865.05.03 1865.05.03
Sarah Anne Rooney
Henry Rooney Rose O'Neill
Bernard Campbell and Anne Jane O'Neill

1865.05.07 1865.05.07
James Conlon
Hugh Conlon Catherine Quinn Aneetermore Joseph Conlon and Mary Conlon

1865.05.07 1865.05.07
Mary Anne Devlin
Henry Devlin Rose Montague Kinrush Patrick Corr and Mary Ann Corr

1865.05.07 1865.05.07 1941.04.14 Catherine Ann Maynes Kettie Anne James Maynes Catherine Doris Killycanavan John Hagan and Ellen McCullagh

1865.05.11 1865.05.11
Mary Ann Hagan Mary or Nancy John Hagan Susan McKee Aneeterbeg Francis Hagan and Ellen Hagan
name entered as Nancy in State registration of birth

1865.05.18 1865.05.18
John Lynn
Patrick Lynn Jane Quinn Sessia James Quinn and Teresa Doris

1865.05.18 1865.05.19
Bernard Rocks
Patrick Rocks Mary Devlin Mullinahoe Bernard Devlin and Agnes Cassidy

1865.05.18 1865.05.19
Edward Rocks
Patrick Rocks Mary Devlin Mullinahoe

birth details from State registration(GRONI); on 26 May 1865 father Francis Rox, farmer and weaver of Mullinahoe, registered two births: Barney and Edward, naming himself as the father and Mary Rox née Devlin as the mother

1865.05.20 1865.05.20 1910.08.02 in Cumberland RI John Doris
Patrick Doris Elizabeth Quinn Farsnagh Daniel Quinn and Mary Quinn married Jane Coyle 23 June 1887 emigrated with family to Rhode Island after 1890; date of death from research carried out by a person unknown to me - name on death certificate listed as Dooris; lived at 17 Davis St, Cumberland; death certificate listed occupation as farmhand; on birth certificate of son Joseph his occupation is listed as dyer; naturalised in Providence 1 March 1895

1865.05.20 1865.05.20
Rose Anne O'Hara
John O'Hara Brigid Dorcan
James Stewart and Alice Morgan

1865.05.23 1865.05.28 1947.02.23 John Devlin Johnny Copes Daniel Devlin Catherine Quinn Clunto-quin Francis Quinn and Mary Rafferty illegitimate

1865.05.28 1865.05.28
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Mary Jane Laverty Trickvallen Charles O'Neill and Ann Jane Devlin

1865.05.29 1865.05.29
Anne Moran
Hugh Moran Anne Kelly
John Kelly and Brigid McGorty

1865.06.01 1865.06.24
Hugh Grimes
Hugh Grimes Mary McGlone Killycolpy James Quinn and Alice Morgan

1865.06.01 1865.06.01
Eliza Rocks
Francis Rocks Margaret Rocks Killygonland

birth details from State registration (GRONI)

1865.06.02 1865.06.02 1947.06.01? Margaret Judge
John Judge Mary Ann McEntaggart
James Judge and Margaret Kelly ?married Bernard Fullan of Co Derry in Stewartstown parish on 28 November 1883?

1865.06.12 1865.06.12
Bernard Mallon
Charles Mallon Brigid Dorian Aghacolumb Patrick Quinn and Isabella Quinn married Margaret Lynch in Thornaby Tues 19th July 1910. JL. PP.

1865.06.22 1865.06.22 1913.03.11 Patrick Daly Pat Daly Henry Daly Sarah Devlin Kinrush James Devlin and (blank) Moran married Gaffer's Lizzie Devlin on 12 January 1904

1865.06.30 1865.06.30 1956.07.05 Roseanne Coyle Oul Roseanne (wife of Willie Glory Devlin) Joseph Coyle Susan McElderry Farsnagh Francis Quinn and Jane McElderry married William Devlin (Glory) of Sessia 15 November 1881 in Ardboe marriage date from

1865.07.01 1897.05.26
Joseph Hurl
Joseph Hurl Mary Jane Mills
John McKeown Convert (CI)

1865.07.02 1865.07.02
Mary McKeown
Joseph McKeown Mary Dorian Aghacolumb Edward Dorian and Roseanne Cassidy
address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1865.07.04 1865.07.04 1885.03.13 Felix Connolly
Felix Connolly Francess Quinn Clunto-richardson John Lavery and Margaret Devlin
date of eath from Roots Ireland online certificate; cause of death meningitis 4 days certified

1865.07.11 1865.07.11
Margaret Corr Cush Corr Joseph Corr Jane Mallon Sessia John Devlin and Catherine Mallon
Susan written in original ledger

1865.07.13 1865.07.13
Margaret Moynagh
John Moynagh Mary McCann Killycolpy Patrick McCann and Teresa Devlin

1865.07.30 1865.07.30
Ellen Campbell
Patrick Campbell Elizabeth Devlin Aneetermore Lewis Devlin and Mary Devlin married Joe Quinn of Clunto-quin

1865.07.30 1865.07.30 1866.08.29 Roseanne Quinn
Edward Quinn Mary Donaghy Clunto-richardson

date of death from Roots Ireland record; cause of death marasmus from birth

1865.07.31 1865.07.31
Margaret McKenna
John McKenna Mary Coney
Michael Hagan and Alice Morgan illegitimate

1865.08.07 1865.08.07
Joseph Devlin
Peter Devlin Alice Mooney Trickvallen Joseph Devlin and Mary Quinn

1865.08.20 1865.08.20
Elizabeth McIvor
Patrick McIvor Mary Ann Corr Mullinahoe Hugh McCann and Catherine Morgan

1865.08.23 1865.08.23
Ellen Canavan
John Canavan Elizabeth Mahoney (?)
Michael McWilliams and Catherine Morgan illegitimate

1865.08.31 1865.08.31
Margaret O'Neill
Henry O'Neill Elizabeth O'Neill
Arthur McGurk and Alice McGurk

1865.08.31 1865.08.31
Mary Sheeky
James Sheeky Margaret O'Neill Drumaney Michael McKeown and Teresa O'Neill

1865.09.04 1865.09.04
Sarah Campbell
James Campbell Mary Dillon Farsnagh John Dillon and Catherine Campbell

1865.09.12 1865.09.12 1942.12.01 Charles Quinn
Bernard Quinn Catherine McKenna Kinrush Joseph Quinn and Rose Devlin

1865.09.15 1865.09.15
Patrick McSloy
Bernard McSloy Brigid Hagan
John Quinn and Teresa Conlon

1865.09.24 1865.09.24
Charles O'Neill Charlie Welcome Hugh O'Neill Elizabeth Devlin Killygonland John Devlin and Elizabeth Devlin

1865.09.26 1865.09.26
Brigid Small
James Small Brigid Devlin
James Hamilton and Catherine Hagan
parents married in Ardboe 1859; one child born; went to Scotland, more children; returned to Ardboe, Brigid born; returned to Scotland

1865.09.27 1865.10.01
Brigid Canavan
Daniel Canavan Mary McManus Killycolpy Robert Canavan and Mary Kennedy
date of birth and address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1865.09.27 1865.09.27 1946.08.26? John Wylie
Robert Wylie Martha Quinn
Robert Moynagh and Sarah Moynagh ?married Bella Canavan on 6 September 1898?

1955.01.04 Bernard Joseph Lavery
William John Lavery Ellen Connolly Drumaney
married Britta Quinn of Ballymurphy 27 April 1893 in Ardboe emigrated to Idaho in 1887; returned to Ardboe to marry; returned to USA; appears in census of 20 June 1900 in Fremont, Idaho, occupation rancher

1865.10.01 1865.10.01
Brigid McGuigan
Michael McGuigan Brigid Devlin
Neil O'Neill and Mary McGuigan

1865.10.01 1865.10.01
John Murphy
Thomas Murphy Mary McQuaid Ballymaguire Peter Doyle and Mary McCracken

1865.10.14 1865.10.14 1934.09.25 Bernard Corr Barney Thomas Corr Margaret Corr Kiltagh Daniel Doris and Brigid Doris married Sarah McElroy on 14 January 1896

1865.10.14 1865.10.14
James Doyle
Hugh Doyle Sarah McMurray
Bernard Campbell and Elizabeth Rocks

1865.10.22 1865.10.22
James Gillespie
John Gillespie Brigid McKeown
James McKeown and Mary Gillespy

1865.10.27 1865.10.27
James Muldoon
William Muldoon Brigid McGuigan Aneeterbeg John Coleman and Mary McGuigan

1865.10.29 1865.10.29 1934.02.15 Elizabeth O'Neill Eliza Edward O'Neill Catherine Devlin Drumaney Hugh O'Neill and Jane McGuckin married Felix Devlin Mor of Ardain on 4 February 1892 Eliza and her brother Alec moved to Ardean around 1875 and were reared by their uncle Hugh O'Neill and his wife Peeby Kelly

1865.10.30 1865.10.30
Anne Doris Annie Charles Doris Roseanne Corr Killycanavan? Daniel Maynes and Elizabeth Maynes married James Kelly 14 August 1892 in Ardboe lived in Belfast (in Kilmood St in 1901 & 1911 census)

1865.11.05 1865.11.05
Sarah Jane McCullagh
Peter McCullagh Ellen Doyle
John Donaghy and Mary Ann McCullagh

1865.11.07 1865.11.07
Thomas McQuillan
James McQuillan Anne McCann
Michael Quinn and Teresa McSloy

1865.11.10 1865.11.10
Elizabeth Moffet
George Moffet Alice Donaghy
Alice Morgan

1865.11.19 1865.11.19
Patrick Donaghy
Paul Donaghy Sarah Hagan
Michael Donaghy and Anne Donaghy

1865.11.19 1865.11.19
Sarah Jane School
Thomas School Sarah Simpson
Jane Thompkin

1865.11.23 1865.11.23 1930.02.05 Michael McLernon
Michael McLernon Mary Hodges Aneetermore Patrick McKee and Mary Ann School

1865.11.26 1865.11.26
Edward Donaghy
William Donaghy Elizabeth McKeown
Robert Mallon and Lucy Coney

1865.11.27 1865.11.27
Mary Ann Kelly
Joseph Kelly Susan Crozier Clunto-richardson Joseph Quinn and Mary Kelly

1865.12.03 1865.12.03
James Mallon
Thomas Mallon Mary McCay
John Maynes

1865.12.03 1865.12.03
Anne Jane McCann
Arthur McCann Rose Corr Kinrush James Devlin and

1865.12.09 1865.12.09
Rose Devlin
Owen Devlin Elizabeth Devlin Trickvallen Hugh Devlin and Mary Quinn
address from State registration

1865.12.09 1865.12.09
Catherine Little
Thomas Little Catherine Devlin

1865.12.10 1865.12.10
Elizabeth McCusker
Edward McCusker Jane McDonnell
John McOsker and Rose McGuigan

1865.12.18 1865.12.18 1926.11.09 Elizabeth Ann Hannon Annie John Hannon Ellen Devlin Kinrush Edward Sheeky and Elizabeth Devlin married Luke Devlin Mor 25 January 1896 in Ardboe parish

1865.12.28 1865.12.28
Patrick Mallon
Joseph Mallon Isabella Hannon Mullinahoe Hugh Mallon and Mary Devlin

1951.02.14 Roseanne Coney
Michael Coney Mary McVey

death details from State registration and Clonoe death register

1866.01.01 1866.01.01
Mary O'Neill
Henry O'Neill Mary Coyle Clunto-richardson John Cassidy and Jane Cassidy

1866.01.03 1866.01.03
Bernard Devlin Stewarty James Devlin Mary McQuaid Mullinahoe John McQuaid and Sarah Quinn

1866.01.09 1866.01.09
Catherine Donaghy
Charles Donaghy Anne Dillon Farsnagh or Kinrush? Edward Dillon and Margaret Farrell married Peter Teague of Killycolpy in USA

1866.01.09 1866.01.09
Mary Donaghy
Charles Donaghy Anne Dillon Farsnagh or Kinrush? James Campbell and Brigid Dillon

1866.01.10 1866.01.10 1938.01.29 Sarah McElroy
William McElroy Mary Meehan Kiltagh? Charles Meehan and Mary Ann McElroy married Barney Corr (Publican) of Lurgyroe on 14 January 1896

1866.01.11 1866.01.11
Roseanne Corr
Peter Corr Sarah McCusker Kilmascally Patrick McCusker and Rose Mallon

1866.01.13 1866.01.15
Margaret Biggers
Peter Biggers Sarah Conry
James Crawford and Catherine Devlin

1866.01.15 1866.01.15
Mary Anne Devlin Rodgers Bernard Devlin Alice Devlin Kinrush John Devlin and Alice McIvor married James McIvor on 22 September 1896 Taggart entered as mother's name in original ledger

1866.01.15 1866.01.15
Daniel McKeown
Daniel McKeown Elizabeth Jane Devlin
Peter O'Neill and Elizabeth Devlin illegitimate

1866.01.18 1866.01.18
Sarah McKeown
Daniel McKeown Sarah Mallon Killywoolaghan John Mallon and Sarah Mallon
address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1866.01.20 1866.01.20 1911.11.05 Isabella Hannon Bella Edward Hannon Catherine Henry Kinrush Michael McGuckin and Mary Devlin married Hugh Quinn (Daniel's) on 16 November 1893

1866.01.20 1866.01.20
Alice Kelly
Robert Kelly Brigid Bradley
John Muldoon and Margaret Campbell

1866.01.20 1866.01.20
Brigid McElvanah
John McElvanah Elizabeth Quinn
Patrick Devlin and Isabella Hannon

1866.01.24 1866.01.24 1954.03.03 Mary Devlin Minnie; Speary Devlins John Devlin Ellen Denny Kiltagh
married John McKeown 22 August 1893 date of birth and address from State registration (Irish Genealogy); taught in Mullinahoe Girls' School 1892-1928

1866.01.26 1866.01.26 1951.01.23 John Devlin Hatchety (Roger) John Devlin Anne Jane Cinnamond Sessia John Coyle and Mary Devlin married Ellen Walshe of Portlaw 10 November 1903 in Ardboe parish

1866.01.29 1866.01.30
Elizabeth Catherine Donnelly
James Donnelly Catherine Rocks Killygonland Daniel Rocks and Elizabeth Rocks
State registration gives child's name as Catherine

1866.01.29 1866.01.29
Joseph Ward
John Ward Mary Bannigan Ballymurphy Thomas Breen and Elizabeth Breen

1866.02.03 1866.02.03
Hugh McGuckin
James McGuckin Elizabeth Campbell Kiltagh Patrick O'Neill and Isabella Devlin

1866.02.04 1866.02.04
Rachael McKenna
James McKenna Isabella Devlin Kinrush James Devlin and Sarah Anne Kelly

1866.02.07 1866.02.07 1901.00.00 Elizabeth Mallon
Daniel Mallon Mary Corr Kiltagh John McVey and Sarah Anne Doris married Frank L McOsker in Chicago 12 June 1900 mother's name given as Mary Ann Quinn in original register; marriage and death information from Nicholas Corr; died in childbirth; son died same time

1866.02.11 1866.02.11
John Quinn
John Quinn Sarah Anne O'Neill Killygonalnd John Devlin and Sarah Devlin married Teresa Quinn of Annaghmore 15 October 1896 in Mullinahoe

1866.02.12 1866.02.12
Joseph Devlin
Bernard Devlin Margaret Cassidy
Dudley Devlin and Alice Morgan illegitimate

1866.02.14 1866.02.11
John Coney
Charles Coney Mary Talbot Aghavey John Coney and Ellen Donnelly

1866.02.17 1866.02.17
Hugh O'Neill
Hugh O'Neill Sarah Brady
Andrew Henry and Elizabeth Brady

1866.02.27 1866.02.27 1945.12.07 John Donaghy
Peter Donaghy Anne Mallon
Arthur McNally and Mary Donaghy

1866.03.01 1866.03.01
Brigid Quinn Jack's John Quinn Elizabeth O'Neill Annaghmore Arthur Devlin and Catherine Quinn

1866.03.04 1866.03.04
Edward O'Neill
James O'Neill Margaret McGrath
Peter McGrath and Sarah Quinn

1866.03.04 1866.03.04 1943.12.01 Ellen O'Neill Lordy's Ellen aka the Proud Looeys John O'Neill Ann McStravick Kilmascally John O'Neill and Ellen Devlin married Joe Quinn (Grab) 28 November 1896

1866.03.08 1866.03.08 1866.05.19 Mary Ann Mallon
Bernard Mallon Mary Devlin Drumaney Joseph Corr and Margaret McGrath
date of death from GRONI online; address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1866.03.12 1866.03.12 1941.05.14? William John Corr Willie/Tooley Henry Corr Anne O'Neill Dromore James Donaghy and Anne Mallon married Catherine Coyle (Buckum's Kate) on 18 June 1903 possible date of death from GRONI online

1866.03.15 1866.03.15 1942.10.26 Charles Corr
John Corr Roseanne Devlin Drumaney Edward Doris and Jane Corr married Mary Conway Ballinderry on 20 June 1908. J Donnelly PP

1866.03.15 1866.03.15
Agnes Gilmer
Daniel Gilmer Alice Donnelly
John Quinn and Mary Ann Coney

1866.03.28 1866.03.28
Hugh Conlon
Hugh Conlon Margaret Devlin Kinrush John Mallon and Mary McNally

1866.04.08 1866.04.08
Catherine Coney
Charles Coney Roseanne McIvor Ballymurphy Hugh Bannigan and Mary Bannigan

1866.04.08 1866.04.08
Felix Quinn
John Quinn Elizabeth McCullagh Mullaghglass Francis McCullagh and Eliza McCullagh
mother's name written in original ledger as Elizabeth McGuckin

1866.04.10 1866.04.10
Thomas McGuckin
Neil McGuckin Elizabeth Canavan Farsnagh Patrick Corr and Teresa Canavan

1866.04.11 1866.04.11
Mary Jane Gillen (?)
Michael Gillen (?) Mary Cristy
John Mallon and Anne McSloy

1866.04.15 1866.04.15
Joseph McNally
Joseph McNally Roseanne Campbell Annaghmore John Devlin and Roseanne Brennan

1866.04.21 1866.04.21
Margaret Kelly
John Kelly Anne Molloy Carnan Joseph Canavan and Catherine O'Kane married Joseph(?) Crozier c.1893 in New York emigrated to New York. Alive in April 1938 - in Mid-Ulster Mail of 2 April 1938 mentioned as defendant in will case of her deceased brother John Kelly . Her co-defendant was her sister Bridget Glackin. Civil Bill was brought by their nephew John Charles O'Hagan of Carnan

1866.04.22 1866.04.22
Anne Dorman
Charles Dorman Margaret Canavan
John McGuigan and Alice Morgan

1866.04.24 1866.04.24
Patrick Rocks
Daniel Rocks Isabella Devlin Killygonland Francis Rocks and Rose Devlin
Daniel Rocks, farmer of Killygonland, the father, registered the child on 14 May 1866 as Patrick Rocks

1866.04.25 1866.04.25
James Henry
Hugh Henry Elizabeth McSloy
Francis Maynes and Margaret McSloy

1866.04.28 1866.04.28
Joseph McGlone
Edward McGlone Esther Agnew
Bernard Quinn and Elizabeth McShane

1866.05.02 1866.05.02
Mary Ann Boyle
John Boyle Brigid Rocks Killygonland Bernard Campbell and Ellen (blank)

1866.05.02 1866.05.02
Brigid Martin
James Martin Anne Devlin
Michael Toner and Catherine Cassidy

1866.05.03 1866.05.03
Elizabeth Devlin
John Devlin Agnes Cassidy
James McGeary and Alice Morgan illegitimate

1866.05.07 1866.05.07
Daniel McKernan
John McKernan Isabella McKernan
Daniel Mulroy and Mary Mulroy

1866.05.08 1866.05.08
William McDonald
William McDonald Ellen Dorman
John McDonald and Ellen Rogers

1866.05.10 1866.05.10
Hugh McKee
James McKee Roseanne Cassidy Aneeterbeg John Crozier and Anne Crozier

1866.05.13 1866.05.13 1924.03.18 Brigid Muldoon
Patrick Muldoon Catherine Quinn Anavore Francis McCullagh and Sarah Small
date of death from GRONI online certificate; cause of death influenza 6 days no medical attendant; death registered by her sister-in-law Jane Muldoon

1866.05.13 1866.05.13 1940 in NY Mary Quinn
James Quinn Elizabeth Henry Clunto-quin Patrick Lyn and Elizabeth Jane Devlin married Mr Clark

1866.05.14 1866.05.14
Elizabeth Brady
Joseph Brady Ellen Mallon
James Mallon and Alice Morgan
child's name Ellen Brady born 3 March 1866, was registered in Stewartstown by mother Ellen Brady of Killycolpy 14 March 1866; registrar Dr William B Whittell

1866.05.14 1866.05.14 1938.02.08 Sarah Anne Rooney Annie John Rooney Mary McEntaggart Trickvallen Michael Hagan and Anne McSloy married (1) Charlie McQuaid 22 January 1901 in Ardboe; (2) Patrick Martin of Aghaveagh 5 February 1916 in Cookstown date of death from State registration (GRONI); cause of death diabetes unknown period, cerebral embolism 2 months, certified; death reported by step-daughter Margaret Bradley née Martin of St Jeans Cottages, Cookstown

1866.05.14 1866.05.14
Mary Ann Stroud
James Stroud Margaret Hamill
John McAlister and Sarah Dorman


Bernard Corroran
Bernard Corroran Martha Pickins Aghacolumb

all details from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1907.07.25 Edward Coyle Buckum's Ned Francis Coyle Ellen French Kinturk
married Susan ? 1885.00.00 emigrated to United States in 1880; 1900 census and 1907 death certificate forwarded by Deby Nunes of USA; also birth information from Deby; also from RootsIreland name spelt Coile

1866.05.18 1866.05.18
Hugh McGuigan
Francis McGuigan Mary Quinn
Felix McNally and Elizabeth Grimes

1866.05.22 1866.05.22
Catherine Hamill
John Hamill Catherine O'Neill
Francis O'Neill and Alice Morgan

1866.05.26 1866.05.26
Mary Ann Purvis
William Purvis Elizabeth Devlin Kinrush James Devlin and Sarah Devlin

1866.06.02 1866.06.02
Lewis Quinn
Peter Quinn Mary Ryan Kinturk Peter Quinn and Mary McGuckin

1866.06.03 1866.06.03 1943.11.22 Mary Anne O'Neill
John O'Neill Elizabeth Quinn Clunto-richardson Neil Quinn and Margaret Quinn married Mr Coleman emigrated to Philadelphia; lived last years with niece Lizzie McClelland née Martin; died 22 November 1943 in Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged (1 yr 9 mths); cause of death arterioscleric heart disease; buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, PA

1866.06.06 1866.06.06
Peter Kelly
Patrick Kelly Catherine Donaghy Ardean John Devlin and Mary Quinn married (1) Susan Brennan; migrated to Scotland and next 2 wives were Scottish Children of first marriage included Joe; Mary and Paddy who were reared in Samboy Kelly's of Clunto-richardson (Paddy to USA & married Rita Skinner of Mayo); Laurence who went to Scotland; Cassie who was reared by Tam Conlon of Aneetermore and his wife Mary Kelly. Cassie emigrated to USA around 1935 and married a man from Roscommon

1866.06.06 1866.06.06
Margaret McNally
John McNally Catherine Murray
Joseph Quinn and Mary Daley married James McCartney in Ballinderry on the 28th Nov 1911. JL. PP

1866.06.09 1866.06.09
Francis O'Neill
John O'Neill RoseAnne Quinn
Peter O'Neill and Alice Morgan

1866.06.10 1866.06.10
Elizabeth Boylan
Michael Boylan Elizabeth McGee Drumaney Michael Quinn and Brigid Cassidy

1866.06.22 1866.06.22
Susan Dorian
Edward Dorian Roseanne Cassidy Aghacolumb Arthur McKeown and Roseanne McKeown

1866.06.22 1866.06.22 1943.06.18 Patrick Martin Paddy Patrick Martin Ellen Crozier Clunto-richardson Bernard Campbell and Teresa Conlon married (1) Rose Ann Devlin 22 November 1888 in Mullinahoe; married (2) Annie McQuaid née Rooney 5 July 1916 date of death from State registration; old age pensioner, 76, widower of Kildress; cause of death coronary embolism, certified; informant his daughter Margaret Bradley of St Jean's Cottages, Cookstown

1866.06.22 1866.06.22
Bernard McKee
Terence McKee Mary Ann Crown
Robert McGuckin and Mary Cassidy

1866.06.22 1866.06.22 post1901.04.00 Ellen Quinn Hack's Arthur Quinn Elizabeth McKeown Killygonland Michael Quinn and Ellen Campbell

1866.06.23 1866.06.23
Mary Ann Kennedy
John Kennedy Mary O'Hara
Michael Coney and Kate Morgan


James Montague
Peter Montague Jane McCanny Lower Back

birth details from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1866.07.01 1866.07.01 1958.07.07 Brigid Hagan
Daniel Hagan Mary Devlin Drumaney? John Hagan and Catherine Mooney married Felix Conlon (Big Phil)

1866.07.08 1866.07.10
Patrick Bradley
Patrick Bradley Alice Mallaghan Tamnavally Francis Mallaghan and Mary Mallaghan

1866.07.09 1866.07.09
John Donnelly
Charles Donnelly Sarah Mitchel
Edward Devlin and Kate Morgan illegitimate


unidentified Devlin
James Devlin Anne McLaughlin Kinrush

father James Devlin registered unidentified daughter as being born on this date; birth registered 23 July 1866

1866.07.14 1866.07.14 1947.12.26 Sarah Murray
Hugh Murray Roseanne McGee Drumaney William O'Hagan and Mary Ann O'Hagan married Charlie Isbel Devlin

1866.07.15 1866.07.15
Sarah O'Neill
Neil O'Neill Anne McLernon
James Quinn and Matilda Quinn

1866.07.18 1866.07.18 1953.04.04 Hugh Bannigan
Mark Bannigan Margaret Devlin Drumaney James O'Neill and Ellen O'Neill
date of death from PRONI wills

1866.07.25 1866.07.25 1949.02.02 Helen Dillon Lena Dellian Edward Dillon Lucy Coyle Farsnagh
married William's Joe Campbell on 18 April 1907 Ned Dellian is father's name in original ledger

1866.08.02 1866.08.02 1940.01.15 Isabella Devlin Bella - Caulkerer family John Devlin Mary Quinn Trickvallen Patrick Devlin and Isabella Quinn married James Teevan 22 August 1899

1866.08.07 1866.08.07
Anne Quinn Annie Patrick Quinn Mary Anne O'Neill Drumaney

date of birth and address etc from State registration (Irish Genealogy); father's occupation carpenter

1866.08.21 1866.08.21
Sarah Anne Sheeky
Felix Sheeky Sarah Anne Quinn Kinrush Hugh Donaghy and Jane Quinn
date of birth from State registration: registered by father Felix Sheeky on 5 September 1866; baptismal entry was incorrectly dated 18 August 1867

1866.08.22 1866.08.22 1945.10.31 Mary Ann McConville
Alexander McConville Mary Anne Montague

married Big Frank Coleman in Ardboe on 21 May 1903

1866.09.14 1866.09.14
Sarah French
James French Sarah Taggart
James McElhone and Catherine Morgan

1866.09.14 1867.08.26 1910.10.13 Joseph Hagan Joe; drowned in Lough Neagh, with fellow boatman Francis McVey of Kinturk; see Mid-Ulster Mail of 15, 22 Octoeber & 12 November 1910 Patrick Hagan Elizabeth Quinn Aneeterbeg Joseph Ryan and Ellen Hagan
date of birth from State registration; birth registered by father Patrick Hagan labourer of Aneeter 24 October 1866; mother's name given as Betty Hagan formerly Quinn

1866.09.15 1866.09.15
Mary McGuckin
Mark McGuckin Maria Canavan Kiltagh Edward Devlin and Fanny Devlin

1866.09.23 1866.09.23
Anne Canavan
William Canavan Anne McDonnell Carnan Robert Canavan and Mary Ann Canavan
address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1866.09.23 1866.09.23
James Kelly
John Kelly Brigid Kelly Tamlaghtmore Henry Kelly and Sarah O'Neill
address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1866.09.23 1866.09.23 1896.03.01 Henry McAleer
Matthew McAleer Elizabeth Devlin
Michael Quinn and Margaret McCann

1866.09.23 1866.09.23
Brigid McSloy
Bernard McSloy Brigid Hagan
Joseph Devlin and Anne Hagan married Mr Lair in USA? Mary McSloy (born 28 October 1905) emigrated to USA 20 September 1930, stating on her documents that she was going to her aunt, Mrs Bridget Lair of 4237 Hick St Philadelphia

1866.09.29 1866.09.29
Henry Quinn
John Quinn Catherine Devlin Kiltagh Luke McGuigan and Elizabeth Devlin

1866.10.02 1866.10.02 1918.11.00 Brigid Devlin Biddy Óg John Devlin Brigid Campbell Kiltagh Hugh Maynes and Rose Maynes married Patrick McNally of Killywoolaghan on 23 June 1891 died in Great Flu of 1918 according to Gustin Doris in 1988 interview and buried at Old Cross

1866.10.02 1866.10.02
Mary McSloy
James McSloy Sarah Hamill
James Lyn and Sarah McSloy

1866.10.03 1866.10.03
James Coyle Jock's James Coyle Isabella Conlon Farsnagh? John Coyle and Jane McElderry

1866.10.07 1866.10.07
Sarah Jane Treanor
John Treanor Margaret McShane Killycolpy Patrick McCann and Sarah Moyna

1866.10.14 1866.10.14
Elizabeth McCullagh
James McCullagh Elisa Quinn
Michael Quinn and Mary Quinn

1866.10.15 1866.10.15
Francis Thomson
John Thomson Anne Bradley
Matthew O'Neill and Catherine O'Neill

1866.10.19 1866.10.19
Hugh Connolly
John Connolly Sarah Campbell Clunto-richardson Peter Kelly and Mary Campbell

1866.10.30 1866.10.30
Francis McSloy
Peter McSloy Mary Devlin Annaghmore? Francis McVey and Margaret Kilpatrick
father is possibly Patrick McSloy and mother is possibly Margaret Devlin

1866.11.01 1866.11.01
John Mooney
John Mooney Mary McGerr
Michael Quinn and Margaret McGirr

1866.11.04 1866.11.04 1929.02.19 Michael Grimes Mickey John Grimes Elizabeth Devlin Clunto-quin Henry Devlin and Roseanne Brennan
date of death from GRONI online certificate; cause of death pneumonia, cardiac arrest, in the infirmary, Drumcoo, Dungannon

1866.11.04 1866.11.04 1948.12.21 Thomas Quinn Oul Tammy Quinn Thomas Quinn Rose Devlin Annaghmore Patrick Devlin and Anne Devlin married Mary McGuigan of Kingsisland, Clonoe around 1897

1866.11.16 1866.11.16
Elizabeth McIvor
Patrick McIvor Elizabeth Hamilton
Hugh McIvor and Anne Hamilton

1866.11.18 1866.11.18
John Keenan
John Keenan Mary Ann Campbell Elagh Napoleon Lavery and Elizabeth Campbell

1866.11.23 1866.11.24 1933.05.23 Alice Devlin
Patrick Devlin Margaret Doyle Drumaney John Devlin and Brigid Brennan married Andrew O'Hara of Aghacolumb in Middlesbrough in the quarter July-September 1902 emigrated with parents and siblings to Thornaby, Yorkshire, between 1875 and 1880; mother's name entered as Mary in original ledger

1866.11.26 1866.11.27
Sarah Devlin
Hugh Devlin Teresa Donaghy Killygonland Edward McGuckin and Mary Donaghy

1866.11.27 1866.11.27
Catherine Devlin
Hugh Devlin Teresa Donaghy
James Thomson and Elizabeth Devlin

1866.12.02 1866.12.02
Charles Quinn
James Quinn Susan Duffin
Felix Donnelly and Mary Jane Booth

1866.12.03 1866.12.03
Francis Quinn
Francis Quinn Mary Donnelly Drumaney James Quinn and Mary Quinn

1866.12.13 1866.12.13 1943.06.30 John Conlon Francis's Johnny Francis Conlon Anne Quinn Clunto-richardson John Quinn and Catherine Quinn


Teresa Quinn
Louis Quinn Sarah Conlon Ardean
married John Quinn of Killygonland 15 October 1896 in Ardboe parish

1866.12.19 1866.12.19
Margaret McLernon
James McLernon Rose O'Rourke
Patrick Donnelly and Catherine Quinn
mother's name written as Breen in original ledger

1866.12.20 1866.12.20
Thomas Conlon
Thomas Conlon Anne Bradley Aneetermore, then Aneeterbeg Patrick Conlon and Margaret Bradley

1866.12.20 1866.12.20 1941.12.21 Ellen Devlin William's Ellen William Devlin Mary Anne Maxwell Sessia John Coyle and Teresa Devlin
date of death from State registration (GRONI); old age pensioner, spinster, 74, of Sessia; cause of death heart failure, no medical attendant; death reported by Tommy Devlin of Sessia

1866.12.23 1866.12.23 1956.03.31 Joseph McGuckin Thomas's Joe/Tam's Joe/Smart Thomas McGuckin Margaret Clarke Mullinahoe Peter McGuckin and Sarah Muldoon married Lucy Devlin of Kinrush 25 January 1898 in Ardboe

1866.12.24 1866.12.24
Mary Devlin
James Devlin Jane McSloy
Patrick Quinn and Susan Quinn

1866.12.27 1866.12.27
John Lyne
James Lynn Mary Brennan Annaghmore John Ryan and Elizabeth Lyne
mother's name entered as Boylan in original ledger

1866.12.30 1866.12.30
Joseph French
Aaron French Elizabeth Doris
Daniel Doris and Mary Ann Doris

1867.00.00 1867.00.00
Ellen McNally
Joseph McNally Catherine Ryan

1867.00.00? 1867.00.00?
Elizabeth Lizzie Peter Henry Mary McCusker Lurgyroe

emigrated to USA and never heard of, or traced: source - Nicholas Corr

1867.01.06 1867.01.06
Mary Lyne
Patrick Lynn Jane Quinn Sessia Stuart Devlin and Mary Lyne
child's name is Bridget in parish register, Mary in State register, informant father, Patrick Lynd

1867.01.06 1867.01.06
Ellen Taggart
Joseph Taggart Mary Ann Farley
Andrew O'Neill and Ellen Devlin

1867.01.15 1867.01.15 1925.01.21 Elizabeth O'Neill
James O'Neill Jane Corr Kilmascally John McGuckin and Margaret McGuckin married William Molloy 9 December 1897 in Ardboe husband was drowned in Lough Neagh (information from interview with Gustin Doris in 1988); 1901 census shows that William Molloy was the captain of a lighter, and he was in the River Bann Quay in Portadown the night of the census ( shows possible death date - October-December 1921)

1867.01.15 1867.01.15
James Rooney
Henry Rooney Rose O'Neill
Adam Scullion and Mary Burket

1867.01.16 1867.01.16
Peter Monaghan
Peter Monaghan Catherine McConville
Alexander McConville and Alice Morgan

1867.01.20 1867.01.20
James Carty
James Carty Anne Sanford
John Mulgrue and Sarah Brady

1867.01.22 1867.01.22
Margaret Devlin
Joseph Devlin Margaret McGuigan
James Laverty and Esther McGuigan

1867.01.24 1867.01.24
Alice O'Rourke
Charles O'Rourke Margaret McLernon
Alick Hamilton and Elizabeth Rourke

1867.02.05 1867.02.05
Michael Quinn
Bernard Quinn Ellen McKeown Killycolpy? John McKeown and Mary McKeown

1867.02.10 1867.02.10
Charles Scullion
Charles Scullion Lucy Coney Mullinahoe William Hopkins and Mary Coney married Elizabeth Lagan of Drumconvis 5 September 1892 in Drummullan chapel

1867.02.12 1867.02.12
Catherine Devlin
Francis Devlin Rose Devlin
James Devlin and Elizabeth Devlin

1867.02.12 1867.02.12 1950.10.24 James Kelly
James Kelly Catherine Kane Carnan John O'Neill and Margaret Quinn

1867.02.12 1867.02.12
James Quinn Terence's James Terence Quinn Brigid Devlin Clunto-quin Patrick Quinn and Sarah Cassidy

1867.02.17 1867.02.17
Edward Forbes
George Forbes Matilda Coyle
Lewis Coyle and Margaret Forbes ?married Hanna Cummins in Ballyclog, possibly from Upper Back? 23 January 1890

1867.02.17 1867.02.17 1941.12.21 Ellen Lavery Helena/Lena Napoleon Lavery Sarah Connolly Drumaney John Keenan and Mary Ann Campbell
date of death from GRONI online certificate; cause of death cardiac failure due to pericarditis; pleurisy with effluvium, certified; death registered by niece Sadie Lavery; register signed by Dr Archer Brown, the registrar. Buried in Moortown

1867.02.22 1867.02.22
Elizabeth Devlin
Luke Devlin Mary Quinn
John Donnelly and Mary Quinn

1867.02.28 1867.02.28 1950.12.08 James Alexander O'Neill Alec Edward O'Neill Catherine Devlin Drumaney Joseph O'Neill and Anne Devlin married Annie O'Neill of Kilmascally (Proud Looey) on 23 February 1897 Alec and his sister Eliza moved to Ardean around 1875 and were reared by their uncle Hugh O'Neill and his wife Peeby Kelly

1867.03.07 1867.03.07
Charles McKeown
James McKeown Isabella Devlin
Bernard Devlin and Alice Devlin

1867.03.09 1867.03.09
Patrick Coleman
Michael Coleman Jane Taylor Kiltagh John Coleman and Sarah Coleman married Sarah Devlin Óg in Ardboe 22 September 1892 husband and wife emigrated to New York October 1892: information from Ellis Island passenger lists

1867.03.10 1867.03.10
Sarah Conlon
Patrick Conlon Catherine McSloy Aneetermore Joseph Conlon and Elizabeth Conlon
possibly emigrated to USA? Niece Annie Crozier named her relative to whom she was going in 1897 as aunt S Conlon of New York

1867.03.17 1867.03.17 1946.10.29? Joseph Campbell William's Joe (Taff's Joe?) William Campbell Mary Campbell Sessia John Devlin and Isabella Devlin married Helena Dillon (Lena Dellian) on 18 April 1907


Annie Kelly Annie Robert Kelly Brigid Bradley Clunto-richardson

no baptismal record; all details from State registration (Irish Genealogy); reported to registrar Dr Bryce Blair by mother Brigid Kelly on 8 April 1867

1867.04.05 1867.04.05 1907.12.21 Charles Quinn
Patrick Quinn Elizabeth Bradley Killycolpy Bernard Quinn and Teresa Devlin
died in Rhode Island; John Canavan wrote about him in Lament for Charles Quinn

1867.04.09 1867.04.18
John Canavan
Daniel Canavan Mary McManus Killycolpy James Canavan and Mary Kennedy married Catherine O'Neill in Coalisland 10th July 1912. Witnesses John Coney and Sarah Anne O'Neill. JL.PP date of birth and address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1867.04.18 1867.04.18 1956.04.28 ? Francis Quinn Jack's Francis John Quinn Elizabeth O'Neill Annaghmore Bernard Campbell and Margaret Devlin married Minnie Corr 13 August 1907

1867.04.20 1867.04.20
Isabella Quinn
John Quinn Catherine Quinn
Henry Devlin and Mary Devlin

1867.04.25 1867.04.25
Brigid Devlin
Edward Devlin Mary Donnelly
Hugh Donnelly and Sarah Devlin

1867.04.28 1867.04.28
Bernard Devlin Barney Henry Devlin Mary McKee Ardean? John Devlin and Susan Campbell married Roseanne Martin in USA around 1894 emigrated to USA: this information from Lily Devlin of Ardean on 1 May 2008; 1900 census for Pawtucket shows that Bernard Devlin and Rose Martin married 6 years; have 3 children, Mary, Anna, Elizabeth

1867.04.29 1867.04.29
Teresa O'Neill
John O'Neill Mary Jane Laverty Trickvallen George Quinn and Helena Keenan

1867.04.30 1867.04.30
Peter Moynagh
John Moynagh Mary McCann Killycolpy Henry O'Neill and Elizabeth Devlin

1867.05.01 1867.05.01
James McGuigan
Luke McGuigan Elizabeth Devlin
John Quinn and Catherine Devlin

1867.05.02 1867.05.02
Brigid Campbell
James Campbell Mary Dillon Farsnagh Terence Quinn and Brigid Dellon
mother's name entered as Devlin in original ledger

1867.05.03 1867.05.11
Teresa Quinn
Bernard Quinn Elizabeth McShane Brookend Michael Mallon and Kate Morgan

1867.05.05 1867.05.05
Teresa Devlin
James Devlin Martha Devlin
Michael McSloy and Teresa McSloy

1867.05.09 1867.05.09 1956.12.11 Mary McGuckin
Neil McGuckin Elizabeth Canavan Farsnagh
married Joseph Kelly of Ardean

1867.05.11 1867.05.11
Helen Devlin Ban Hugh Devlin Anne Devlin Kinrush Patrick Devlin and Elizabeth Devlin

1867.05.11 1867.05.11
Charles Mallon
Michael Mallon Ellen Corr
Francis Bannigan and Anne Muldoon

1867.05.13 1867.05.13
Brigid Flanagan
Francis Flanagan Rose McGuigan
Edward Flanagan and Brigid Flanagan

1867.05.22 1867.05.22
Hugh Campbell
Daniel Campbell Roseanne Quinn
Terence Quinn and Teresa Quinn

1867.05.27 1867.05.27
Catherine Devlin Kate Stewarty James Devlin Mary McQuaid Mullinahoe Joseph Simpson and Alice Morgan

1867.05.28 1867.05.28
John McKenna
Bernard McKenna Rachael McManus
John Curry and Mary McKenna

1867.05.29 1867.05.29?
Bridget McIlvenna
John McElvanah Elizabeth Quinn Kinrush

date of birth from State registration; no record of baptism

1867.06.02 1867.06.05
Marianne Canavan
Francis Canavan Catherine Bradley Killywoolaghan Bernard Quinn and Ellen Quinn
correct forename (Catherine entered in parish register), date of birth and address from State registration (Irish Genealogy online)

1867.06.02 1867.06.02
Edward Hagan Eddie Patrick Hagan Jane McGuckin Kiltagh Hugh O'Neill and Catherine Devlin

1867.06.06 1867.06.06 1944.12.25 Brigid Quinn Mattha's Biddy Matthew Quinn Mary Campbell Clunto-richardson Francis Hagan and Margaret Quinn married Tarry O'Neill of Clunto-richardson on 4 August 1900 in Cookstown. Witnesses: Kate O'Neill and Joseph O'Neill (by Fr Thomas Rice PP)

1867.06.07 1867.06.07
Joseph Campbell
Andrew Campbell Susan Campbell Kinrush Hugh McKeown and Jane Doris

1867.06.09 1867.06.09
Joseph Conway
William Conway Mary Lynn Annaghmore? Francis McCullagh and Margaret Lyn

1867.06.11 1867.06.11
Brigid Donaghy
Charles Donaghy Anne Dillon Farsnagh or Kinrush? John Dillon and Rose Doris

1867.06.11 1867.06.11
Francis Rocks
Francis Rocks Margaret Rocks Killygonland John Brady and Alice Morgan

1867.06.16 1867.06.16
Joseph Devlin
Henry Devlin Rose Montague Kinrush James McGeary and Sarah Montague

1867.06.18 1867.06.18
James Bannigan
William James Bannigan Margaret McGirr
James Deighan and Mary Deighan

1867.06.20 1867.06.20
Joseph Coney
John Coney Ellen Donnelly Mullinahoe James Coney and Alice Morgan
emigrated to USA

1867.06.22 1867.06.22
Thomas O'Neill
Henry O'Neill Elizabeth O'Neill
John Quinn and Roseanne Sheeky

1867.06.23 1867.06.23
Thomas Conway
John Conway Susan Grimes Annaghmore Felix Bradley and Ellen Grimes

1867.06.25 1867.06.25
John Quinn
Michael Quinn Mary Devlin Killycanavan John Devlin and Rose Devlin

1867.06.28 1867.06.30
John Canavan
Michael Canavan Mary Blair Carnan Thomas Blair and Mary Canavan
date of birth and address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1867.07.03 1867.07.03 1953.01.14 John McGuigan
Michael McGuigan Jane Coney Killycanavan Neil Coney and Jane McGuigan

1867.07.05 1867.07.05
John Crawford
Robert Crawford Agnes Donnelly Brookend John Bannigan and Brigid McElroy
father was a scutcher

1867.07.06 1867.07.06
Margaret Jane Duffin
John Duffin Sarah Quinn
Bernard Murphy and Mary Ann McGuigan

1867.07.07 1867.07.07
John O'Hara
John O'Hara Brigid Dorcan
John McQuaid and Anne Devlin

1867.07.08 1867.07.08
Mary Ann Conway
John Conway Mary Anne O'Neill

1867.07.11 1867.07.11
Angela Quinn
St John Quinn Mary McGuckin Ballymurphy Neil McGuckin and Anne McGuckin

1867.07.15 1867.07.15
Mary Anne McGuigan
John McGuigan Anne McGuigan Carnan Henry McGuigan and Susan McGuigan

1867.07.15 1867.07.15
Michael McGuigan
Michael McGuigan Brigid Devlin
Patrick Bradley and Anne Mallaghan

1867.07.19 1867.07.19
James Sheeky
Edward Sheeky Ellen McStravick
James Sheeky and Roseanne Quinn

1867.07.27 1867.07.27
Anne Rocks Hannah Francis Rocks Anne O'Hara Killywoolaghan Charles McGuigan and Brigid McGuigan
this person and siblings emigrated to Scotland?

1867.08.04 1867.08.04
Teresa O'Neill
James O'Neill Catherine Quinn Killygonland Arthur Quinn and Catherine Hagan

1867.08.06 1867.08.06
Terence McElroy
Terence McElroy Isabella McGuire
John O'Neill and Elizabeth O'Neill

1867.08.07 1867.08.07
Mary McGuigan
John McGuigan Margaret McGrath
James McGrath and Mary McGuigan

1867.08.15 1867.08.15
Ellen McShane
James McShane Rose McShane
James McGuigan and Mary O'Neill

1867.08.18 1867.08.18 1915.00.00 Mary Elizabeth McGuckin
Edward McGuckin Sarah Devlin
Samuel Park and Jane McGuckin ?married Edward Devlin of the Diamond on 3 November 1892?

1867.08.25 1867.08.25
Mary Corr Cush Corr Joseph Corr Jane Mallon Sessia Patrick Devlin and Anne Crozier

1867.08.25 1867.08.25
Catherine Quinn
John Quinn Matilda Quinn
James Quinn and Margaret Quinn
mother's name entered as Martha in original register

1867.09.01 1867.09.01
Mary Ann Cuskeran
Mark Cuskeran Mary O'Rourke
John Cuskeran and Alice Cuskeran

1867.09.22 1867.09.22
Mary Anne Quinn
Michael Quinn Anne Jane Devlin Trickvallen Francis Quinn and Isabella Devlin

1867.10.02 1867.10.02
Joseph Forbes
Gabriel Forbes Mary McWilliams
Paul Forbes and Catherine Rocks

1867.10.12 1867.10.12
Roseanne Corr
John Corr Roseanne Devlin Drumaney Henry Hagan and Margaret Quinn

1867.10.13 1867.10.13
Ellen Devlin Eleanor Francis/Nellie; Speary Devlins John Devlin Ellen Denny
James Brady and Maria Brady married James McAviney of Portadown 31 July 1900 in Loughgall was a teacher in Derrycurb, according to her niece Eily McKeown; mother's name entered as Downey in original register

1867.10.14 1867.10.14 1965.11.22 Mary Jane Devlin Jinney Small Henry Devlin Brigid Campbell Kinrush Joseph Devlin and Mary Devlin married Francie Small on 28 October 1897

1867.10.26 1867.10.29
Rose Ann Canavan
James Canavan Margaret Judge Killycolpy John Quinn and Elizabeth Bradley
date of birth and address from State registration (Irish Genealogy); name entered in parish register as Mary Anne

1867.10.27 1867.10.27
John Devlin
James Devlin Anne McLaughlin Kinrush John Devlin and Anne Jane Devlin

1867.10.28 1867.10.28
Daniel William Connolly
Felix Connolly Fanny Quinn Clunto-richardson Mark Quinn and Sarah McLernon

1867.11.02 1867.11.03 1949.09.16 Catherine Sheeky Kate Felix Sheeky Sarah Anne Quinn Kinrush Terence Quinn and Anne Sheeky married Barney Óg Devlin

1867.11.03 1867.11.05 1951.08.25 William James Lavery Willie/Bill William John Lavery Ellen Connolly Drumaney Nicholas Brady and Roseanne Brennan married Mary Campbell of Elagh 19 September 1899 in Ardboe emigrated 1894; returned to Ardboe & married Mary Campbell; they and daughter Kathleen emigrated to USA 19 October 1906

1867.11.06 1867.11.06 1956.05.01 ? Anne Jane Devlin
Joseph Devlin Mary McCann Drumaney Patrick Devlin and Mary Ann Devlin

1867.11.07 1867.11.10
Catherine Canavan Kate James Canavan Ellen Canavan Killycolpy Owen McClusky and Catherine Canavan
date of birth and address from State registration (Irish Genealogy)

1867.11.08 1867.11.08
Bernard Treanor
James Treanor Elizabeth Devlin
Bernard McKenna and Hanna O'Neill

1867.11.11 1867.11.11
John Hagan
Charles Hagan Mary Ann Duffin Drumaney Bernard Duffin and Mary Campbell

1867.11.11 1867.11.11
John Mooney