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Ardboe Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms, Cos. Tyrone & Londonderry 1844-1864

with added Birth, Death & Other Data
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Pat Grimes
Formatted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada



Colour Coding
Black Original Baptismal Record Data
Red Data added by Patrick Grimes from reliable sources
Blue Death data from reliable sources
Purple Data from other parishes re Ardboe family groups


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Date of Birth Date of Baptism Date of Death Name of Baptized AKA Father Mother Address Sponsors Original Comments/Additions in Red Comments added by Patrick Grimes Baptized by Confirmation

Catherine Campbell
Daniel Campbell Sarah Mullan Sessia
married John Donnelly of Farsnagh 7 May 1885 in Mullinahoe chapel year of birth estimated from 1911 census return Tyrone/Munterevlin/Cluntoe Richardson House no.27

1844.01.02 1844.01.02
Anne Brady
James Brady Eleanor Quinn Killawullaghan James Brady and Anne Quinn

1844.01.04 1844.01.04
Charles Devlin
Daniel Devlin Sarah Harraran Turkvallon John Devlin and Mary Harraran

1844.01.07 1844.01.07
Mary Corr
Francis Corr Anne Doris Kiltagh David McKernan and Mary Donaghy

1844.01.10 1844.01.10
Elizabeth Cassidy
Felix Cassidy Eleanor Crozier Mooretown James Cassidy and Elizabeth Cassidy

1844.01.12 1844.01.12
Elizabeth Joanna Bannigan
John Bannigan Joanna McIvor Ballymurphy Bernard Bannigan and Eleanor Bannigan

1844.01.13 1844.01.13
Joanna McShane
James McShane Margaret Quinn Killacolpy James McKeown and Joanna Quinn

1844.01.15 1844.01.15
Mary Canavan
John Canavan (blank) Canavan Killaghwullaghan Bernard O'Neill and Alice Brady

1844.01.15 1844.01.15
Felix Quinn
James Quinn Brigid Bleeks Killacolpy John Bleeks and Margaret Bleeks

1844.01.19 1844.01.19
Felix Devlin
John Devlin Anne Hughes Killagonland Bernard O'Neill and Mary Corr

1844.01.19 1844.01.19
John Donaghy
Henry Donaghy Catherine Clarke Kiltagh John Devlin and Margaret Donaghy

1844.01.20 1844.01.20
James O'Neill
Bernard O'Neill Anne Devlin Killagonland Patrick Bannigan and Joanna Devlin

1844.01.30 1844.01.30
Brigid McOsker
Patrick Cosgrove Elizabeth McQuillan Cullion William Cosgrove and Mary Donnelly
father's surname entered as McOsker in original register

1844.02.04 1844.02.04
Hugh Shiels
Francis Shiels Mary O'Neill Kiltagh Hugh Mallon and Mary Shiels

1844.02.09 1844.02.09
Joseph Devlin Gaffer's Joe Felix Devlin Anne Brennan Kinrush John Conlon and Brigid McSloy

1844.02.10 1844.02.10
Joseph Francis Campbell
James Campbell Mary Hughes Elagh James McBride and Anne Muldoon

1844.02.12 1844.02.12
Brigid Devlin
John Devlin Helen Donaghy Kinturk Peter Quinn and Brigid Bannigan

1844.02.15 1844.02.15
Rose Anne Corr
Edward Corr Jane Mallon Drummany Peter Devlin and Catherine Henry

1844.02.18 1844.02.18
Helen Devlin
John Devlin Margaret Devlin Ardean Patrick Devlin and Mary Donaghy

1844.02.19 1844.02.19
Martha Donnelly
John Donnelly Anne Canavan Drumullan Patrick Donnelly and Margaret Canavan

1844.02.20 1844.02.20
Catherine Quinn
Charles Quinn Lucinda Grimes Kilmainagh Bernard O'Neill and Helen Keenan

1844.02.21 1844.02.21
Bernard Canavan
Bernard Canavan Mary Cassidy Killawullaghan Felix Cassidy and Joanna McKee

1844.02.22 1844.02.22
James Devlin
James Devlin Mary Cassidy Mooretown Mark Quinn and Isabella Cassidy

1844.02.25 1844.02.25
Catherine McCudden
James McCudden Catherine Hughes
Brigid Quinn

1844.02.27 1844.02.27
Patrick O'Neill
Francis O'Neill Sarah McGuckin Anaghvore Anthony McGuckin and Anne O'Neill

1844.03.04 1844.03.04
Hugh Devlin
John Devlin Margaret McGuckin Anitrebeg Michael Devlin and Phoebe Magennis

1844.03.09 1844.03.09
John McShane
James McShane Sarah Harraran Carnon John Clarke and Anne Kelly

1844.03.10 1844.03.10
James Quinn
John Quinn Anne O'Neill Dromore Revd James Daly and Margaret Quinn

1844.03.11 1844.03.11
Elizabeth Rooney
James Rooney Mary McGrath Trigvallon Michael McGrath and Anne Hagan

1844.03.15 1844.03.15
James Quinn
Hugh Quinn Ann Jane Musgrave Killacolpy Bernard Montague and Margaret Quinn

1844.03.17 1844.03.17
Thomas Bleeks
Thomas Bleeks Anne McLernon Killacolpy John Purvis and Margaret Stuart

1844.03.17 1844.03.17
Mary Kelly
Francis Kelly Elizabeth Campbell Sessiagh James Cullion and Rose Quinn

1844.03.18 1844.03.18
John Hagan
Arthur Hagan Anne O'Rourke Killagonland Hugh O'Rourke and Mary O'Rourke

1844.03.20 1844.03.20
Hugh Mallon
Felix Mallon Susanna Devlin Tamnavally? James Mallon and Margaret Devlin married Brigid Kane

1844.03.21 1844.03.21
Hugh Taggart
Hugh Taggart Sarah Anne McGuigan Killaghwullaghan Hugh Dorian and Mary O'Neill

1844.03.22 1844.03.22
Patrick Donnelly
Charles Donnelly Francesca Cassidy Kilmainagh John Donnelly and Isabella Walls

1844.03.29 1844.03.29
Andrew McBride
Bernard McBride Sarah Larkin Tamlaghtmore John Keane and Elizabeth Cassidy

1844.04.07 1844.04.07
Catherine Campbell
Michael Campbell Mary McShane Killagonland John Hagan and Mary Mallon

1844.04.09 1844.04.09
Sarah Anne Quinn
Michael Quinn Anne Lynn C Quinn Daniel Quinn and Susan Henry

1844.04.12 1844.04.12
Margaret Devlin
Joseph Devlin Joanna Davidson Kilmainagh John Duffy and Margaret Devlin

1844.04.17 1844.04.17
Anne Canavan
John Canavan Mary Kennedy L Killacolpy John O'Neill and Mary Lynny

1844.04.21 1844.04.21
Francesca McGurk
Francis McGurk Anne McKee Anaghvore John McNally and Margaret Devlin

1844.04.22 1844.04.22
Bernard Forbes
John Forbes Sarah McCollum Drummany James McCollum and Elizabeth McGee

1844.04.23 1844.04.23
Mary Devlin
Patrick Devlin Mary Duffin Killawullaghan Arthur McKeown and Catherine McGuigan

1844.04.25 1844.04.25 post 1916 Sarah Anne Coyle Saranne Daniel Coyle Anne Mullan Farsnagh Edward French and Eleanor French married James Crozier 22 September 1867 in Ardboe date of death not yet found: she registered the death of her husband James 5 August 1916, so she was fit to travel to Coagh at that time.

1844.04.25 1844.04.25 1929.08.27 James Hagan
John Hagan Mary Devlin Anitrebeg Henry Devlin and Mary McGuckin married Mary Jane McLernon 23 November 1885 father of Joe Hagan the water bailiff

1844.04.26 1844.04.26
Patrick Devlin
Timothy Devlin Margaret Gahan Mullanahoe Bernard Devlin and Mary Quinn

1844.04.27 1844.04.27
Sarah Anne Brady
John Brady Catherine Quinn L Killacolpy Charles O'Neill and Anne Quinn

1844.04.28 1844.04.28
James Quinn
Matthew Quinn Sarah Kenny L Killacolpy Revd James McGough and Gustava Quinn

1844.05.02. 1844.05.02.
John Corr
John Corr Rose Meehan Cullion James Corr and Elizabeth McAlister

1844.05.03 1844.05.03
Mary McSloy
John McSloy Mary Rafferty Drumany John Small and Margaret Rafferty

1844.05.04 1844.05.04
Joseph Devlin
Patrick Devlin Susan McGuckin C Quinn Edward Devlin and Catherine Quinn

1844.05.04 1844.05.04
Michael Murphy
Matthew Murphy Joanna Conway Barracks Charles Canavan and Mary Boylan

1844.05.05 1844.05.05
Mary Devlin
Matthew Devlin Anne Henry Drumany Daniel Hagan and Mary Henry

1844.05.06 1844.05.06
Sarah Murray
Hugh Murray Jane Brennan Anaghvore Patrick McSloy and Mary McNally

1844.05.08 1844.05.08
Rose McGuigan
Charles McGuigan Rose McKeown Kilmainagh Patrick Hagan and Anne McGuigan

1844.05.12 1844.05.12
Joseph Corr
Patrick Corr Mary Cassidy Anitrebeg John McGee and Francesca Boylan

1844.05.12 1844.05.12
Joseph Quinn
John Quinn Sarah Morgan Brookend John McKeown and Anne McKeown

1844.05.16 1844.05.16
Margaret Ann Mallon
James Mallon Mary Ann Mulholland Drumany John Corr and Margaret Corr

1844.05.28 1844.05.28
James McNally
Arthur McNally Mary Donaghy Killawullaghan Patrick McNally and Rose Donaghy

1844.06.02 1844.06.02
Margaret Cassidy
Francis Cassidy Sarah Madole Dromore Henry Muldoon and Joanna Cassidy

1844.06.05 1844.06.05
Margaret McGlone
Patrick McGlone Anne Quinn Mooretown Hugh Murray and Mary McSloy

1844.06.06 1844.06.06
Margaret Bradley
John Bradley Sarah Bradley Anaghvore Patrick Bradley and Sarah Bradley

1844.06.06 1844.06.06
William Devlin
William Devlin Eleanor Devlin
Edward Devlin and Anne Quinn

1844.06.10 1844.06.10
Anne Jane Devlin Fedthar Devlin Mark Devlin Rose Ann Hagan Trigvallon Patrick Devlin and Catherine Devlin

1844.06.11 1844.06.11
John Cassidy
Patrick Cassidy Mary McKeown Brookend Joseph McKeown and Mary Ann Cassidy

1844.06.12 1844.06.12
John Lynny
Bernard Lynny Susan McGuigan Killacolpy John Quinn and Brigid O'Neill

1844.06.13 1844.06.13
Alice Hagan
George Hagan Mary Woods Kinrush Daniel Woods and Mary Short

1844.06.16 1844.06.16 1901.05.20 Michael Coleman Mick Stewart Coleman Rose McCann Kiltagh Thomas McCann and Francis McCann married Jane Taylor 31 May 1866 in St Colman's Ch of Ireland, Ardboe married Jane Taylor of Killywoolaghan (daughter of John Taylor and Margaret ?) on 31 May 1866. Witnessed by James Whan and William Lapsley. Marriage performed by Robert Berkeley; date of death from GRONI online

1844.06.16 1844.06.16
Charles McGuigan
Charles McGuigan Rose Brady Barracks James McSloy and Mary Brady

1844.06.17 1844.06.17
Anne Devlin
John Devlin Margaret Doris Dromore Henry Crilly and Catherine O'Neill

1844.06.18 1844.06.18
James Mullan
Charles Mullan Catherine Mullan Mooretown Daniel Skelton and Sarah Mullan

1844.06.21 1844.06.21
John McKeown
James McKeown Rose Duffin Killawullaghan John McKeown and Anne Duffin

1844.06.22 1844.06.22
Margaret Hamill
Hugh Hamill Mary Davidson Drumads Susan Mooney

1844.06.23 1844.06.23
James Lynn
William Lynn Anne Donaghy Drummany James Donaghy and Margaret Dillon

1844.06.27 1844.06.27
Elizabeth Forbes
William Forbes Brigid McGlone Drummany Robert Forbes and Margaret Dyans

1844.06.27 1844.06.27
John Quinn
Denis Quinn Sarah McSloy Anitremore John Quinn and Elizabeth Devlin
mother's name entered as Quinn in original register

1844.06.30 1844.06.30
Thomas Corr
Patrick Corr Anne McGuckin Drumullan Patrick Doris and Eleanor Hagan

1844.06.30 1844.06.30
Peter Meehan
Charles Meehan Catherine Henry Kiltagh Daniel Mallon and Mary Corr

1844.07.02 1844.07.02 1911.01.01 John Devlin Joe's John Joseph Devlin Mary Quinn Mooretown Patrick Kelly and Margaret Devlin married Bessie Henry of Kinrush 26 April 1884 in Mullinahoe chapel

1844.07.04 1844.07.04
John Hamill
Peter Hamill Joanna Hamilton Drumads John Muldoon a catholica non-catholic

1844.07.06 1844.07.06 1918.06.19 Catherine Treanor Kate Christopher Treanor Roseanna Donnelly Farsnagh Daniel Donnelly and Catherine Donnelly
buried in Treanor vault

1844.07.09 1844.07.09
Mary Rice
William Rice Joanna Muldoon Ballymurphy James Rice and Elizabeth Rice

1844.07.12 1844.07.12
Patrick Early

James Hagan and Rose Means illegitimum

1844.07.21 1844.07.21
James O'Neill
James O'Neill Joanna Devlin Killawullaghan Catherine O'Neill

1844.07.30 1844.07.30
Joseph Cassidy
Francis Cassidy Rose McGuckin Kinturk William Muldoon and Margaret Cassidy

1844.07.30 1844.07.30
Peter Meehan
Charles Meehan Catherine Henry Kiltagh Daniel Mallon and Margaret Corr

1844.07.31 1844.07.31
Matilda McCourt
John McCourt Mary McCourt Drumullan John McCourt and Mary McCourt

1844.08.02 1844.08.02
Michael McDeade
James McDeade Anne Gaates Ballylougheran Michael McDeade and Esther Moran

1844.08.04 1844.08.04
Elizabeth Donaghy
James Donaghy Elizabeth Devlin Kinrush Mark Quinn and Francesca Devlin

1844.08.08 1844.08.08
Anne Devlin
Francis Devlin Margaret Devlin Killacolpy John Devlin and Anne Devlin

1844.08.10 1844.08.10
Catherine Devlin
Roderick Devlin Mary Devlin Kiltagh Michael Devlin and Mary Mallon married Hugh Martin (blacksmith) 19 May 1868?

1844.08.11 1844.08.11
Elizabeth O'Neill
Henry O'Neill Joanna Rodgers Killaghwullaghan John O'Neill and Anne O'Neill

1844.08.15 1844.08.15
Joseph McNally
Peter McNally Mary McNally Anaghvore Felix McNally and Catherine Cosgrove

1844.08.17 1844.08.17
William Walls
Henry Walls Mary O'Rourke Mullaghglass Patrick O'Neill and Mary Mullan

1844.08.29 1844.08.29
Catherine Grimes
Constantine Grimes Mary Kane Kilmainagh John Grimes and Mary Kelly

1844.09.01 1844.09.01
Brigid Duffy
James Duffy Margaret McBride Carnon James Burns and Anne McBride

1844.09.02 1844.09.02
William McMahon
James McMahon Esther Cooke

illegitimam illegitimate

1844.09.05 1844.09.05
Margaret McShane
Daniel McShane Rose Downey Killacolpy William Quinn and Joanna McKeown

1844.09.10 1844.09.10
Patrick McGinnity
Daniel McGinnity Elizabeth Devlin Mullanahoe Laurence Devlin and Joanna Mallon

1844.09.11 1844.09.11
Anne Quinn
Bernard Quinn Sarah McManamy Killacolpy Robert McManamy and Elizabeth Quinn

1844.09.15 1844.09.15
Mary Brennan
John Brennan Catherine Muldoon Anaghvore Michael McKee and Brigid McKee

1844.09.16 1844.09.16
Rose Ann McGuigan
Henry McGuigan Anne Quinn L Killawullaghan Susan Mooney

1844.09.19 1844.09.19
Mary Devlin
Patrick Devlin Mary Brennan Kinrush Patrick Devlin and Sarah Small

1844.09.21 1844.09.21
James Small
Francis Small Margaret McElhone Clenba Francis Small and Isabella Kane

1844.09.23 1844.09.23
John McGuigan
James McGuigan Rose Devlin Killawullaghan Patrick McGuigan and Sarah Mallon

1844.09.26 1844.09.26
Alice Duffin
Hugh Duffin Mary Mallon Trigvallon Daniel Mallon and Alice Mallon

1844.09.27 1844.09.27
John McCann
Thomas McCann Mary Mullan Drumullan John Sandford and Sarah Kempton

1844.09.28 1844.09.28
Catherine Kennedy
Hugh Kennedy Isabella Devlin Clenba Catherine Devlin

1844.09.28 1844.09.28
Elizabeth McKeown
Bernard McKeown Elizabeth Ward Kinrush T Sheeky and Mary Dorris

1844.10.04 1844.10.04 1918.03.24 John O'Neill
Terence O'Neill Joanna McGrath Killawullaghan John O'Neill and Martha O'Neill married Elizabeth Meenagh (Moynagh) (Mains?)

1844.10.07 1844.10.07 1927.00.00 Terence O'Neill
Terence O'Neill Elizabeth Biggars Cullion David Biggars and Sarah O'Neill

1844.10.09 1844.10.09
Anne Corr
James Corr Mary Rocks Ballymurphy John McGough and Helen McGough

1844.10.10 1844.10.10
Helen Taggart
Mark Taggart Helen Flanagan Killacolpy Arthur Flanagan and Helen Stuart

1844.10.16 1844.10.16
Luke Devlin
Archibald Devlin Mary Daly Anaghvore Mark Brennan and Mary Murray
emigrated to the Colony (Australia) in 1860. Address given as Annavore and occupation given as farm labourer. Father Montague named as referee

1844.10.21 1844.10.21
Mary Jane Devlin
Patrick Devlin Joanna McVey Sessiagh Bernard Tolan and Charlotte Tolan

1844.10.23 1844.10.23 1918.06.11? Anne Drum Nancy Terence Drum Mary Conway Barracks Michael Gillespie and Mary Quinn ?married Robert Sanner on 23 January 1865

1844.10.27 1844.10.27
Mary Canavan
James Canavan Sarah Devlin
Joseph Corr and Mary Canavan

1844.10.27 1844.10.27
Mary McTaggart
Arthur Taggart Mary Breen Killagonland John McGuigan and Eleanor Mallon illegitimam father's made spelt McTaggart in original register

1844.10.29 1844.10.29
Brigid Quinn
Terence Quinn Mary Bannigan Drumconway John Quinn and Mary McCann

1844.11.10 1844.11.10
Helen Devlin
Patrick Devlin Martha Devlin Kinrush James Devlin and Elizabeth Devlin

1844.11.10 1844.11.10
Laurence McGeary
William McGeary Mary Devlin Kinrush Henry Daly and Catherine Devlin

1844.11.17 1844.11.17
Brigid Devlin
Michael Devlin Brigid Devlin Kiltagh John Devlin and Susan McGorrery (?)

1844.11.19 1844.11.19
Patrick Tennyson
James Tennyson Elizabeth Devlin Killagonland Francis Bannigan and Sarah Bannigan
see entry of 30.6.1839 etc for Elizabeth Devlin

1844.11.23 1844.11.23
Mary Lagan
Patrick Lagan Alice Dorian
Edward Boyle and Mary Campbell illegitimam illegitimate

1844.12.05 1844.12.05
Joseph Brennan Joe Patrick Brennan Elizabeth Devlin Anaghvore Henry Devlin and Brigid McSloy married Roseanne McCann on 9 October 1902

1844.12.06 1844.12.06
Mary O'Neill
James (?) O'Neill Mary Jane O'Neill Killawullaghan Daniel Devlin and Margaret O'Neill

1844.12.07 1844.12.07
Thomas McGuigan
Thomas McGuigan Mary Maynes Kiltagh Hugh Mallon and Rose McVey

1844.12.08 1844.12.08
Patrick McCann
Andrew McCann Anne McNally Carnon Bernard McNally and Mary McCann

1844.12.12 1844.12.12
Margaret Campbell
Patrick Campbell Sarah Quinn Mooretown Felix Mallon and Mary Campbell

1844.12.16 1844.12.16
John Donnelly
Felix Donnelly Mary McIvor Ballymurphy Francis McKeown and Catherine McKeown

1844.12.23 1844.12.23
Mary Jane Harraran
Henry Harraran Anne McKeown Cullion Arthur McKeown and Catherine McKeown

1844.12.30 1844.12.30
Mary O'Neill
Daniel O'Neill Mary O'Rourke Trigvallon Hugh McKeown and Anne O'Neill

1844.12.30 1844.12.30
John Quinn
John Quinn Catherine Murray
Joanna McShane and Mary Devlin illegitimum illegitimate

1845.00.00 1845.00.00 1916.04.05 Stewart Devlin Valdy Patrick Devlin Sarah Devlin Kinrush

Justice of the Peace

1845.00.00 1845.00.00 1923.07.13 Edward Laverty
Bernard Laverty Mary Darragh Elagh
married Eliza Corr 15 June 1876

1845.01.01 1845.01.01 1934.05.09 Joseph Mallaghan
Francis Mallaghan Mary Murphy C Quinn Anthony Garvey and Catherine Quinn

1845.01.02 1845.01.02 1884.07.05 Mary Brady Maria Edward Brady Catherine Henry Killawullaghan Patrick Henry and Mary Brady married Pat Campbell of Elagh 17 November 1867 in Ardboe parish date of death from GRONI online certificate; cause of death post partum haemorrhage, no medical attendant; death registered by Mary Ann McQuade of Elagh; signed by registrar Dr Hugh Harris

1845.01.09 1845.01.09 1923.08.11 Mary Jane Quinn
John Quinn Susan Donnelly Kilmainagh James Quinn and Mary Donnelly married Michael O'Hara of Aghacolumb 5 May 1867 in Ardboe date of death from GRONI online certificate; cause of death cardiac degeneration; death registered by son-in-law James Quinn of Drumaney; death certificate signed by the registrar Dr Robert J Spence

1845.01.12 1845.01.12
Thomas Muldoon
John Muldoon Anne McCann Mooretown Thomas Jackson and Rose Muldoon

1845.01.12 1845.01.12
John O'Neill
Patrick O'Neill Mary O'Neill Drummany John O'Neill and Hannah O'Neill

1845.01.23 1845.01.23
Elizabeth Devlin Bocadie James Devlin Brigid McGuckin Drummany Joseph Devlin and Brigid McVey

1845.01.28 1845.01.28
Thomas Harraran
Michael Harraran Catherine Bradley Mullaghwhitra John Hopkins and Margaret Hopkins

1845.01.31 1845.01.31
Luke McAlister
Luke McAlister Elizabeth Martin Tamnavally Brigid McKusker illegitimum illegitimate

1845.01.31 1845.01.31
Mary Jane Mulholland
David Mulholland Mary Gillespie Tamnavally Hugh Mallon and Anne McKenna

1845.01.31 1845.01.31
Charles Quinn
Peter Quinn Margaret Quinn Kinturk Henry Devlin and Alice Ryan

1845.02.05 1845.02.05
Bernard Devlin
John Devlin Mary Bradley Mullaghwhitra John Coney and Sarah Anne Bradley

1845.02.11 1845.02.11 1880.11.26 James Campbell
Daniel Campbell Helen McCullagh Farsnagh Hugh Dillon and Joanna Corr ?married Mary Dillon of Farsnagh 18 August 1861? most probably drowned, with his son John (16) and Francis Connolly and Edward Bateson, whilst fishing in Toome Bay on Friday morning 26 November 1880

1845.02.12 1845.02.12
Mary Dorian
Patrick Dorian Margaret McKeown Kiltagh George McVey and Mary McKeown

1845.02.14 1845.02.14
Michael McKeown
John McKeown Mary McAleer Killacolpy John Moynagh and Anne McAleer

1845.02.15 1845.02.15
Esther Devlin
Patrick Devlin Elizabeth Devlin Killagonland Joseph Devlin and Mary Ann Cooke

1845.02.16 1845.02.16
Patrick McCann
George McCann Catherine Devlin Killacolpy James Devlin and Catherine McShane

1845.02.17 1845.02.17
Patrick Devlin
Felix Devlin Mary Brady Kilmainagh Henry Moynagh and Anne McBride

1845.02.17 1845.02.17 1926.01.19 Sarah Anne Devlin Sarah Ann John Devlin Rose McKernan Tamlaghtmore John Love and Mary Musgrave

1845.02.17 1845.02.17
Joseph Quinn
Francis Quinn Elizabeth McIvor Kinrush James Sheeky and Francesca McIvor

1845.02.18 1845.02.18 1928.12.07 Cornelius Coney Nailly Michael Coney Catherine O'Neill Kiltagh Peter Devlin and Esther Anderson
details of death from State registration; shoemaker of Kilmascally, widower, 83; cause of death old age and debility, no medical attendant; death reported to registrar Dr Archer Brown by son Michael Coney of Kilmascally

1845.02.18 1845.02.18
Michael McSloy
James McSloy Margaret Devlin Clento Michael Quinn and Anne Lynn

1845.02.20 1845.02.20
Elizabeth O'Rourke
Patrick O'Rourke Mary Quinn Elagh Felix Quinn and Helen O'Rourke

1845.02.23 1845.02.23
Thomas McDonald
John McDonald Margaret Martin Carnon James Canavan and Joanna Kelly

1845.02.23 1845.02.23
Joseph Quinn
Patrick Quinn Brigid Henry
Joseph Quinn and Sarah Cosgrove

1845.02.24 1845.02.24
Margaret Ann Gipson
Joseph Gipson Sarah Cassidy (?) Ballymurphy

1845.02.25 1845.02.25
Mary Quinn
Francis Quinn Mary Canavan Killacolpy Michael Quinn and Helen Mallon

1845.02.26 1845.02.26
Mary (?) Doherty
John Doherty Susan Gailbraith Trigvallon Patrick Doherty and Margaret Doherty

1845.02.27 1845.02.27
Catherine Taggart
John Taggart Catherine Mallon Killaghwullaghan John McGladrigan and Brigid Taggart

1845.02.27 1845.02.27
Rose Ann Taggart
John Taggart Catherine Mallon Killaghwullaghan John McGladrigan and Brigid Taggart

1845.02.30 1845.02.30
Francis McVey
John McVey Elizabeth Kennedy Anaghvore Patrick McSloy and Mary McSloy

1845.03.05 1845.03.05
Brigid Coney
James Coney Anne Devlin Kiltagh Eugene Campbell and Agnes McStravog illegitimam. married John McGarry of Ballymacreenan, Antrim 7 November 1871 in Ardboe Brigid, husband and family living in Ballyshanaghill, Camlin, Antrim in 1911 census

1845.03.06 1845.03.06
Henry Duffin
Patrick Duffin Anne McPeak Turkvallon James Duffin and Brigid Canavan

1845.03.07 1845.03.07
Mary Devlin
John Devlin Mary Devlin Kinrush Dr O'Neill and Mary Corr Dr Doctor ie Reverend Father O'Neill

1845.03.09 1845.03.09
Hugh Campbell
Daniel Campbell Mary Campbell Kinrush Luke Devlin and Elizabeth Campbell

1845.03.09 1845.03.09
Patrick Devlin
John Devlin Rose Devlin Kiltagh James Quinn and Elizabeth Coney

1845.03.09 1845.03.09
Brigid Hagan
John Hagan Brigid McCann Drumullan John Donaghy and Brigid Donaghy

1845.03.09 1845.03.09
William Mulholland
Hugh Mulholland Anne Burkett Drummullan James Burkett and Mary Ann Burkett

1845.03.09 1845.03.09
Michael Ward
John Ward Sarah Mallon Drumullan Adam Ward and Sarah Ward

1845.03.15 1845.03.15
Anthony McConville
Francis McConville Jane McKee Mooneyhaw John McAleese and Brigid McConville

1845.03.17 1845.03.17
Patrick Devlin Dubh James Devlin Sarah McKeown Tamnavally John Devlin and Ellen Devlin married Mary Small of Tamnavally 25 February 1879 in Ardboe parish

1845.03.17 1845.03.17
Susanna McGrath
Terence McGrath Brigid Mallon Trigvallon Patrick McGrath and Susanna McGrath

1845.03.20 1845.03.20
James Muldoon
James Muldoon Brigid Mulvanagh Anitrebeg William Ryan and Brigid McGuckin married Esther Bradley on 21 January 1873 ??

1845.03.26 1845.03.26
Charles McGuigan
John McGuigan Mary Clarke Kiltagh John Devlin and Margaret Donaghy

1845.03.26 1845.03.26
Mary Joanna Quinn
Daniel Quinn Catherine McCann C. Quinn James McCann and Margaret Quinn

1845.03.27 1845.03.27
Rose Doris
Daniel Doris Mary Campbell Farsnagh Michael and Mary Do.

1845.03.30 1845.03.30
James Lee
John Lee Margaret Lee Killacolpy Solomon McShane and Matilda Quinn (?)

1845.03.31 1845.03.31
Sara Ann Doris
John Doris Elizabeth Murphy Drumullan Archibald Doris and Sarah Molloy

1845.04.01 1845.04.01
Mary Ann Daly
John Daly Eleanor Devlin Mullaghwhitra William Quinn and Sarah McElvenna

1845.04.03 1845.04.03
Catherine Quinn
Michael Quinn Isabella Devlin Baricks Peter Devlin and Margaret Devlin

1845.04.04 1845.04.04
Joseph Devlin
Patrick Devlin Elizabeth McShane Mullanahoe James Devlin and Susanna McShane
father's forename not entered in original register

1845.04.06 1845.04.06 1933.07.16 Rose Ann Brennan
Terence Brennan Brigid Devlin Anitrebeg Patrick McSloy and Rose McSloy married James O'Hagan of Aneeterbeg on 5 May 1889

1845.04.06 1845.04.06 1927.03.03 Mary Joanna McLernon
Joseph McLernon Alice Sandford Anitremore Denis McLernon and Brigid Taggart married James O'Hagan 23 November 1885 in Ardboe parish

1845.04.11 1845.04.11
Patrick McGuigan
Isaac McGuigan Mary Devlin Crock Patrick McGuigan and Catherine Brady

1845.04.13 1845.04.13
Mark Quinn
Daniel Quinn Joanna Quinn Kinrush John Quinn and Elizabeth Quinn

1845.04.13 1845.04.13
Susanna Quinn
John Quinn Joanna Devlin Cleggan Patrick Quinn and Agnetha Devlin

1845.04.17 1845.04.17
Mary Campbell
Patrick Campbell Anne Doris Killagonland Thomas Do. and Mary Devlin

1845.04.17 1845.04.17
Margaret Devlin
Cornelius Devlin Mary Donnelly Kiltagh Hugh Kelly and Mary Kelly

1845.04.21 1845.04.21
Mary Joanna Devlin
Edward Devlin Anne Quinn Cleggan Patrick Devlin and Francesca Quinn

1845.04.28 1845.04.28
Margaret Campbell
Michael Campbell Anne Devlin Sessiagh Michael Campbell and Margaret Devlin

1845.04.28 1845.04.28
Catherine McNally
Luke McNally Mary McNally Killagonland Matthew Quinn and Catherine McGorrery

1845.04.28 1845.04.28
Mary McShane
James McShane Susanna O'Neill Kinrush William McGarrey and Margaret Daly

1845.04.29 1845.04.29
Anne Devlin
Charles Devlin Sarah Keegan Killagonland Henry O'Neill and Brigid O'Neill

1845.04.29 1845.04.29
Brigid McGlone
Francis McGlone Catherine Mulholland Drumany John Mulholland and Charlotte Mulholland

1845.04.29 1845.04.29
Sarah McGrath
Daniel McGrath Alice Quinn Barricks Patrick Quinn and Brigid Quinn

1845.04.30 1845.04.30
Mary Devlin
(blank) Devlin Helena (blank)
Patrick Lavery (?) and Brigid Donnelly illegitimam illegitimate

1845.04.30 1845.04.30
Mary McElhone
Henry McElhone Isabella O'Rourke Trigvallon John Cassidy and Catherine Daly

1845.04.31 1845.04.31
John Corraron
James Corraron Mary Devlin Kinrush James Devlin and Anne McKeown

1845.04.31 1845.04.31
John Taggart
John Taggart Margaret Kelly Dromore John Kennedy and Brigid Kelly

1845.05.04 1845.05.04
Margaret McSloy
James McSloy Francesca Quinn Ballymurphy John Mallon and Mary Connolly

1845.05.05 1845.05.05
Mary Campbell
Charles Campbell Brigid Henry C. Quinn Mark Quinn and Mary Campbell married Joseph Corr of Drumaney 28 May 1868 in Ardboe

1845.05.05 1845.05.05
Mary McVey (?)
John McVey (?) Margaret McQuaid Cullion Anne Devlin illegitimam illegitimate

1845.05.07 1845.05.07
Elizabeth Devlin
Eugene Devlin Helen Quinn Kinrush Francis Quinn and Sarah McShane

1845.05.14 1845.05.14
Robert Gurk (?)
Robert Gurk (?) Catherine Donnelly C. Quinn C Quinn (?) illegitimum illegitimate

1845.05.15 1845.05.15
Sarah Mooney
James Mooney Brigid Hagan Drumany John Devlin and Alice Mooney

1845.05.17 1845.05.17
Joseph McNally
Patrick McNally Joanna Devlin Anaghvore James McNally and Sarah Campbell

1845.05.23 1845.05.23
Catherine Hagan
John Hagan Anne Linney Drumany James Donaghy and Margaret Hagan illegitimam illegitimate

1845.05.26 1845.05.26
Anne McSloy
Patrick McSloy Letitia Mallon Turkvallon James McSloy and Mary Devlin

1845.05.27 1845.05.27
Bernard Laverty
Bernard Laverty Mary Darragh Elagh John Darah and Anne Quigley

1845.05.28 1845.05.28
Joseph Devlin
Daniel Devlin Sarah Canavan Trigvallon John McAlister and Anne O'Hara

1845.05.28 1845.05.28
John McIvor
Felix McIvor Catherine Laverty Ballymurphy Thomas Laverty and Grace Breen

1845.06.02 1845.06.02
Margaret Coney
John Coney Margaret O'Neill Mullaghwhitra John Devlin and Brigid O'Neill

1845.06.02 1845.06.02
John McCamley
Patrick McCamley Sarah Breen Mullaghwhitra James McIvor and Elizabeth McIvor

1845.06.04 1845.06.04
Francis Devlin
Francis Devlin Elizabeth Cormichan Kinrush Felix Connolly and Lucinda Devlin

1845.06.05 1845.06.05
Helena Hannon
Felix Hannon Mary Conlon C. Quinn John Cassidy and Anne Hannon

1845.06.08 1845.06.08
Mary Corr
Henry Corr Brigid Quinn Drumany Patrick Devlin and Eleanor Quinn

1845.06.10 1845.06.10
Peter McElderry
Charles McElderry Mary Quinn Farsnagh Patrick Donnelly and Mary Doris

1845.06.11 1845.06.11
Catherine Ann Campbell
William Campbell Mary Forbes Sessiagh William Campbell and Anne Forbes

1845.06.22 1845.06.22
Joanna Doris
John Doris Mary McCann Kinrush Patrick Campbell and Mary Devlin

1845.06.24 1845.06.24
John Judge
John Judge Mary McStravick Iry Catherine Morgan

1845.06.24 1845.06.24
John McSloy
John McSloy Mary Rafferty Barracks Michael McSloy and Susanna Donnelly

1845.06.26 1845.06.26
Sarah Joanna Bleeks
Charles Bleeks Joanna McDonald Killacolpy John McDonald and Anne Campbell

1845.06.29 1845.06.29
Sarah Campbell
Hugh Campbell Susanna McGurk Kinrush James Quinn and Rose Ann Conlon

1845.06.29 1845.06.29
Peter Devlin
James Devlin Elizabeth McVey Kinturk Peter Quinn and Elizabeth McVey

1845.06.30 1845.06.30
Mary Joanna Campbell
Felix Campbell Joanna Hagan Kinrush John Hagan and Mary Mallaghan

1845.06.31 1845.06.31
Hugh Linney
Bernard Linney Susanna McGuigan Killacolpy James Carnen and Catherine Linney

1845.07.06 1845.07.06
Robert Forbes
Robert Forbes Margaret Dyans Drummany William Henry and Sarah Devlin married Catherine Rocks 19 October 1867 marriage information from

1845.07.12 1845.07.12
Mary O'Rourke
Thomas O'Rourke Sarah O'Rourke
Hugh Devlin illegitimam illegitimate

1845.07.14 1845.07.14
Hugh Canavan
Hugh Canavan Mary Devlin Carnon John Devlin and Anne McManus

1845.07.15 1845.07.15
Mary Ann Campbell
Joseph Campbell Alice Doris Farsnagh John Lynn and Lucinda Campbell

1845.07.18 1845.07.18
Joseph Donaghy
Charles Donaghy Mary Fairis Killagonland Henry Devlin and Mary Quinn

1845.07.20 1845.07.20
John Devlin
Alexander Devlin Catherine McCullagh Anaghvore Patrick Devlin and Helen McCullagh

1845.07.20 1845.07.20 1928.03.02 Patrick Quinn
Patrick Quinn Mary Mallon Kilmainagh Patrick Cosgrove and Anne Mallon married Sarah Anne Devlin (Caulkerer) of Trickvallen 22 August 1893 date of death from GRONI online record and PRONI will record

1845.07.25 1845.07.25 1926.11.02 John Kelly Johnny John Kelly Brigid Devlin Mooretown Felix Mulvanagh and Bridget Mulvanagh married Brigid Quinn of Aghamullan 10 January 1882 in Clonoe

1845.07.27 1845.07.27
John Devlin
John Devlin Helen Donaghy Kinturk John McKee and Eleanor Ryan

1845.07.29 1845.07.29 1929.07.08 Michael McCullagh
John McCullagh Anne Mallon Anitremore James Mallon and Elizabeth Mallon married Matilda Devlin on 25 November 1874

1845.08.02 1845.08.02
Alice Devlin
James Devlin Esther McMahon Dromore Louis Devlin and Mary McErlaine

1845.08.02 1845.08.02
Joseph Stuart
Hugh Stuart Joanna Gipson Killaghwullaghan James Stroud and Helen O'Neill

1845.08.07 1845.08.07
Bernard McElroy
Andrew McElroy Martha Donaghy Kiltagh James Maynes and Sarah Donaghy

1845.08.08 1845.08.08
Charles Corr Charlie Charles Corr Rose Judge Drummany Joseph Corr and Brigid Corr married Mary Conway of Derrychrin 2 June 1908 in Ballinderry

1845.08.09 1845.08.09
Teresa Doris
James Doris Rose McElderry Kiltagh Louis O'Neill and Teresa Doris

1845.08.15 1845.08.15
Mary Maynes
Charles Maynes Elizabeth Coyle Farsnagh Daniel Coyle and Martha Doris

1845.08.17 1845.08.17
Anne Cullion
Charles Cullion Joanna McManus Carnon Hugh McManus and Letitia Murphy

1845.08.18 1845.08.18
Elizabeth Devlin
James Devlin Elizabeth Carbery Ardean Hugh Conlon and Elizabeth Devlin

1845.08.28 1845.08.28
Mary Joanna Canavan
Joseph Canavan Rose Anne Judge Carnon Edward McMahon and Joanna McMahon

1845.08.28 1845.08.28
Rachael Quinn
William Quinn Elizabeth Boylan
Bernard Quinn and Rachael Quinn

1845.08.31 1845.08.31
Susanna McKeown
James McKeown Mary Devlin Trigvallon James Devlin and Mary McDonald

1845.09.09 1845.09.09
Elizabeth Crawford
James Crawford Elizabeth McGuigan Killawullaghan Charles McNally and Joanna McNally

1845.09.09 1845.09.09
Joseph Devlin
Patrick Devlin Rose McGlone Killagonland John Devlin and Mary Devlin

1845.09.09 1845.09.09
Mary Ann McTaggart
Hugh Taggart Sarah McGuigan Killaghawullaghan Edward McNally and Elizabeth McCann
father's made spelt McTaggart in original register

1845.09.10 1845.09.10
John O'Neill
Cornelius O'Neill Helen Rollins Mullanahoe Michael Tullen (?) and Mary Devlin

1845.09.12 1845.09.12
John McKeown
John McKeown E Barrett Kinrush Patrick Campbell and Sarah (blank)
see entries of 23.6.1839; 16.5.1841; 30.5.1843

1845.09.21 1845.09.21
Teresa Judge
James Judge Mary Donaghy Carnon Bernard Judge and Mary Donaghy

1845.09.22 1845.09.22
Elizabeth Meehan
Daniel Meehan Anne Corr Kiltagh St Coleman and Mary Corr
St is most probably Stewart

1845.09.24 1845.09.24
Hugh Quinn
James Quinn Catherine O'Neill L Killacolpy Francis Quinn and Catherine Canavan

1845.09.29 1845.09.29
Susanna Drum
Edward Drum Elizabeth Owens Barracks James Drum and Mary Ann O'Neill

1845.09.29 1845.09.29
Michael Quinn
James Quinn Mary McElvenna C Quinn Michael Donaghy and Brigid Mulvanagh

1845.09.30 1845.09.30
Mary Conlon
Patrick Conlon Catherine McSloy Anitremore Francis Conlon and Sarah Conlon

1845.10.02 1845.10.02
Elizabeth Quinn Nimley Felix Quinn Anne Quinn Anitremore Terence Quinn and Mary Campbell

1845.10.05 1845.10.05
Patrick McCann
Thomas McCann Mary McGurk Carnon James McCann and Joanna McCann

1845.10.15 1845.10.15 between 1901 census and 1911 census Michael McKee Fanny? John McKee Brigid Keenan Kinturk Felix Quinn and Mary McNally

1845.10.16 1845.10.16
Michael McSloy
Felix McSloy Catherine Devlin Drummany John McSloy and Elizabeth Devlin

1845.10.19 1845.10.19
James McKenna
James McKenna Anne Fox Turkvallon Arthur Hagan and Mary Henry

1845.10.19 1845.10.19
Marcella Mulholland
John Mulholland Alice O'Hara Killaghwullaghan Charles O'Neill and Catherine O'Hara

1845.10.23 1845.10.23
Joseph McElderry
Edward McElderry Mary Donnelly Annahavil (?) James Canavan and Martha McKeown

1845.10.26 1845.10.26
John Daly
Joseph Daly Mary Joanna Davidson Kilmainagh James Devlin and Mary Davidson

1845.10.31 1845.10.31 1925.01.10 Hugh Martin Hugh Patrick Martin Margaret Henry Ballymurphy John Henry and Mary Henry married Catherine Devlin

1845.11.02 1845.11.02
Elizabeth Devlin
Hugh Devlin Joanna Devlin Kinrush Felix Sheehy and Sarah Hamilton

1845.11.02 1845.11.02
Mary Ann McGury
James McGury Mary Anne O'Neill Brookend Henry O'Neill and Sarah Anne Rollins

1845.11.02 1845.11.02
Brigid Mulholland
Charles Mulholland Catherine O'Neill Mullaghglass James Mulholland and Eleena Keenan

1845.11.04 1845.11.04
John Devlin
Matthew Devlin Margaret Hamill Carnon Michael McKenna

1845.11.04 1845.11.04
Sarah McLernon
John McLernon Joanna Cosgrove Anitremore Henry McLernon and Mary Cosgrove

1845.11.09 1845.11.09
Catherine O'Neill
Charles O'Neill Mary Dillon Farsnagh Hugh Dillon and Helen Doris

1845.11.10 1845.11.10
Mary Devlin Hudie Hugh Devlin Mary Mallon Mullanahoe Daniel Mallon and Mary O'Neill

1845.11.10 1845.11.10
James McGuckin
James McGuckin Catherine French Kiltagh Mary Devlin illegitimam illegitimate

1845.11.11 1845.11.11
Mary Henry
Benjamin Henry Brigid McNally Kiltagh Paul McGuckin and Brigid McGuckin married Bernard McGuckin of Kiltagh 7 February 1868 in Ardboe

1845.11.19 1845.11.19
David John Bradley
John Bradley Alice Kelly Trigvallon Francis Gillaspie and Catherine Kelly

1845.11.25 1845.11.25
Michael Deeghan
John Deeghan Catherine Hagan Drummany Mark BRyan and Susanna Bannigan

1845.12.04 1845.12.04.
Mary Jane Booth
John Booth Mary Ann Devlin Kilmainagh Edward Devlin and Sarah Conroy

1845.12.07 1845.12.07
John or Jane Cassidy
Francis Cassidy Anne Corr Sessiagh John Coyle and Catherine Cassidy

1845.12.07 1845.12.07
James Henry
James Henry Isabella Keightley Kiltagh Terence Quinn and Brigid Mulvanagh
mother's name written as Bigley in original register

1845.12.08 1845.12.08
James Bannigan
John Bannigan Joanna Bannigan Mullanahoe Bernard Bannigan and Alice Brennan

1845.12.08 1845.12.08
James Cassidy
Francis Cassidy Anne McGee Middletown Bernard McSloy and Rosanna McGee

1845.12.09 1845.12.09
James Mulholland
John Mulholland Margaret Bradley Mullaghglass Hugh Bradley (?) and Mary Bradley (?)

1845.12.09 1845.12.09
John Quinn
Hugh Quinn Isabella Coney Killacolpy Cornelius McCann and Alice McCann

1845.12.10 1845.12.10 died young? Brigid Devlin Mor Patrick Devlin Rose Mallon Ardean Henry Lynn and Mary Corr

1845.12.10 1845.12.10
C McKernan
David McKernan Mary Donaghy Drumullan William Barker and Anne McKernan

1845.12.11 1845.12.11
Patrick McNally
William McNally Mary Moran Mooneyhaw John Moran and Sarah Barker

1845.12.12 1845.12.12
Patrick Griffin
Patrick Griffin Catherine Martin Ballygonney John McGahan and Elza Canavan illegitimum illegitimate

1845.12.15 1845.12.15
James McSloy
Matthew McSloy Sarah Taggart Trigvallon John Devlin and Mary McNally

1845.12.21 1845.12.21
James Henry
James Henry Mary McMahon Mullanahoe Catherine Devlin illegitimum illegitimate

1845.12.25 1845.12.25
John O'Neill
Terence O'Neill Elizabeth Biggars Cullion Daniel Hannon and Elizabeth McAlister

1845.12.27 1845.12.27
Mary Devlin
John Devlin Teresa Donnelly Anitre John Devlin and Lucinda Devlin

1845.19.10 1845.19.10
Rose Anne Cooke
John Cooke Rose Anne Quinn Mulanahoe David Cooke and Sarah Bradley

1846.00.00 1846.00.00
Anne Coyle
Daniel Coyle Anne Mullan Farsnagh

1846.00.00 1846.00.00
Elizabeth Quinn
Terence Quinn Mary Bannigan

married Joseph Devlin of Drumconway 17 May 1870 in Mullinahoe

1846.01.06 1846.01.06
Jeremiah Martin
Jeremiah Martin Martha Mullan Brookend Charles O'Neill and Caroline Biggars
mother's name written as Martin in original register

1846.01.17 1846.01.17
Margaret Bradley
Robert Bradley Margaret Donaghy Drumullan John Forbet (?) and Isabella Donaghy

1846.01.19 1846.01.19
Charles Brady
John Brady Catherine Quinn Killaghwullaghan John Brady and Catherine Quinn

1846.01.20 1846.01.20
Joseph Quinn
Hugh Quinn Sarah McKernan C Quinn John Quinn and Margaret Quinn

1846.01.22 1846.01.22
Anne McGee
John McGee Brigid McVey Drumany Francis McGlone and Margaret Corr illegitimam illegitimate

1846.01.24 1846.01.24
Hugh Hagan
Patrick Hagan Anne McGuigan Kilmainagh Hugh Devlin and Sarah Hagan married Elizabeth Campbell of Kilmenagh?

1846.01.25 1846.01.25
Felix Devlin
James Devlin Mary Cassidy Ardean Peter Cassidy and Mary Ann Devlin

1846.01.25 1846.01.25 1907.01.27 Joseph Quinn
Mark Quinn Sarah Cassidy C Quinn John Loughrey and Isabella McLernon married Mary Tassey on 28 November 1886 details of death from State registration; fisherman, 58, married, of Clunto-richardson; cause of death pneumonia, two weeks, certified; death reported by son Mark Quinn of Clunto-richardson

1846.01.26 1846.01.26
Isabella Cassidy
James Cassidy Susanna Martin Ardean Henry Devlin and Brigid Martin

1846.01.30 1846.01.30
James McBride
Bernard McBride Sarah Larkin Tamlaghtmore Alexander Davidson and Mary McBride

1846.01.30 1846.01.30
John O'Neill