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Headstone Inscriptions from St. Patrick's Church Burial Ground, Aghyaran, Termonamongan Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Information kindly provided by Bernie Donaghey


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Pray for the soul of Charles McLAUGHLIN who died 17th June, 1883 aged 65 years
also his wife Anne McLAUGHLIN died 1st January, 1901 aged 84 years.

Underneath are deposited the mortal remains of The Rev. James COLHOUN, who departed this life on the 16th of July 1862 in the 50th year of his age.
(flat stone on pillars)

Arthur died 14th March 1817 age 46 years.
Sadie O’FLAHERTY died 13 March 1991
her brother James died 2nd October 1998
her sister Cassie died 6th February 2001
also their parents John and Nancy

Neal O’FLAHERTY who died 28th April 1896 aged 73 years
Mary O’Flaherty died 25th October? 1813 aged 61 years
(one or two more buried here but the writing is unreadable).

Anthony O’FLAHERTY who died 15th May 1881 aged 79 years
also his wife Ellen who died 22nd May 1879 aged 73 years

Erected by John McANULTY in memory of his mother Ann McANULTY who died June, 8th 1880 aged 68 years.

In memory of John McNALLY of Aghyaran who died June 24th, 1895 aged 76 years
also his wife Sarah who died September, 4th 1879 aged 39 years.
Ellen died 6th August, 1953
Charles died 23rd February, 1957
Mary died 20th March, 1981

Erected by Charles LYNCH in memory of Hugh LYNCH who departed this life July 10th 1831 aged 70 years
also his wife Catherine LYNCH who departed this life August 3rd 1820 aged 60 years also Susan LYNCH who died 22December 1914 aged 31 years

Mary QUINN died 14th March 1850 aged 56 years.
Dinis QUINN died 11th April 1852 aged 52 years.

(black marble headstone) In Loving Memory of our dear parents Patrick McGRATH who died 2nd April, 1979 aged 75 years
also his wife Bridget who died 27th June 1994 aged 82 years
(Grey marble headstone in same grave as above) In Loving Memory of James McGrath, Meenfergus died 4th February, 1972 aged 29 years.

Mother of sorrows intercede for the soul of Brigid SPROULE, Main Street, Ballybofey who died 23rd September 1956.
Erected by her husband Charles Sproule (Ballybofey is in Co. Donegal)

Pray for the soul of Father John McCONALOGUE, Parish Priest of Termonamongan who was born 1st August 1842 and discharged a faithful priesthood for 62 years until his death 4th March 1933.
Virtue vixit, Memoria vivit, Gloria vivet.
Having lived in virtue in memory he endureth and shall continue in Glory RIP.
(RHS of above stone)
here also lie buried his brother Patrick born 15th January 1863 died 25th December 1902
and his sister Mrs. Ellen BRADLEY died 22nd November 1919

Pray for the Soul of Hugh McGUIRE, Segronan, who died August 27th 1849 aged 63 years
also his wife Jane McGuire who died May 2nd 1845 aged 60 years.

Pray for the soul of Michael MEEHAN who died 9th January, 1908 aged 80 years
also Owen MEEHAN who died 29th June 1873 aged 85 years
also Mary KELLY who died 4th October, 1894 aged 72 years.

Pray for the souls of Michael McHUGH who died February, 14th AD 1828, aged 89 years
and his son Miles McHUGH who died April 15th AD 1870 aged 72 years.

Erected to the memory of James SEMPLE who departed this life 22nd October 1860 aged 72 years
also his wife Mary SEMPLE who departed this life 6th April 1875 aged 75 years
also their son John SEMPLE who departed this life 20th May 1875 aged 54 years.

This stone was erected by John DUFFY in memory of his sister Rose DUFFY who departed this life the 25th January 1860 aged 80 years.

John SEMPLE M.D. who departed this life 10th November, 1823 aged 70 years
Also his son Francis SEMPLE who departed this life 12th July 1873 aged 89? Years.

Erected in Memory of Owen BYRNE who departed this life the 3rd of July 1876 aged 76 years
also his wife Mary Byrne who departed this life the 19th of December 1886 aged 82 years
Hugh Byrne died 12th February 1968 aged 79 years
Patrick Byrne died 2nd December 1964 aged 80 years
Brian Byrne died 7th February 1961 aged 74 years

In memory of TI OWENS who departed this life July 9th, 1797 aged 60 years.

(This is a large headstone which gives litle detail of names dates etc)
Erected in memory of his loved parents and dear sisters
also his uncles aunts and relatives whose remains are here interred
By Rev. J. SHARKEY, Coulburn,
N.S.W. Australia 1907
(there is a marble plaque on the grave in front of this headstone which reads) In loving memory of Jim HARVEY died 23rd April 1995 aged 78 years.

Pray for the soul of Andrew MOONEY who died June 20th 1854 aged 54 years
also his son John who died February 10th 1874 aged 72 years

Sacred to the memory of William GALLEN who departed this life 4th June, 1849 aged 82 years
also his wife Bridget who departed this life 6th March 1845 aged 85 years.

In loving memory of Johnston REID (Aghnahoo) died 7th March 1951
His wife Kate died 30th January, 1966

In Loving memory of Mary HAMILTON died 6th June, 1984 aged 61 years
James HAMILTON died 20th June 1993 aged 91 years

Erected by Joseph McGLYNN, Glasgow in memory of his mother Mary McGLYNN died 20th May 1920 aged 73 years
also his father Thomas McGLYNN died 25th September 1925 aged 79 years -?
his sister Mary Ann McGLYNN died 28th May 1888 aged 14 years
Patrick McGLYNN died 6th May 1966 aged 84 years
his wife Mary Jane died 11th October 1984 aged 95 years

In loving memory of George DONAGHY died 8th March 1925
also his wife Catherine DONAGHY died 20th July 1954
Their daughter Catherine DONAGHY died 9th September 1948
Their son John DONAGHY died 16th November, 1974
Annie DONAGHY died 11th February, 1985
Joseph DONAGHY died 20th April 1988

John DONAGHEY died 17th June 1966
Wife Mary died 11th September 1959
son Hugh died 1917
and daughter Mary died 6th March 1981
also his parents Hugh and Mary DONAGHEY

Erected by John QUINN in memory of his father Owen QUINN who departed this life November 12th 1846 aged 96 years.
(other stone in same grave) In loving memory of John QUINN who died on 7th November 1983.

Pray for the soul of Unity CURRAN who died 19th January, 1932