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Co. Monaghan, Ireland Death Announcements 1830-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Announcements Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



Date Surname Notice
Sep 18 1830 Carter In Lurgan [Co. Armagh], at the age of 100 years, Mr. Thomas Carter, formerly of Emyvale, county Monaghan
Feb 26 1831 Rankin On the 15th inst., in the 61st year of his age, the Rev. James Rankin, Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Monaghan. A few weeks more, and he would have completed 37 years of a laborious and unusually successful ministry
Sep 24 1831 Morrell On the 30th ult., in the 58th year of his age, the Rev. James Morrell, Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Ballybay, in the county of Monaghan
Nov 26 1831 Leslie In Harley Street, London, on the 15th inst., aged 66 years, Colonel Charles Powell Leslie. Colonel Leslie sat as a member in seven Parliaments. He commanded the Monaghan Militia during the rebellion of 1798, and took an active part in the battles of Antrim and Ballynahinch
Nov 23 1833 Gray At Castleblaney, of cholera, after a few hours illness, Mr. John Gray, aged 40 years
Nov 30 1833 Gass Of cholera, at Monaghan, on the 4th inst., in the 70th year of his age, John Gass, a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Seceding Congregation at Monaghan
Jun 20 1835 Phelan On the 7th inst., at Castleblaney, Margaret, relict of the Rev. William Phelan, D. D., late Rector of Ardtrea, in the Diocese of Armagh, and formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin
Jul 4 1835 McBirney On the 1st inst., after a protracted illness, Mrs. McBirney, of Millmount, Castleblaney
Feb 20 1836 Coote Feb. 12, at Coote Hill, county of Cavan, Thomas Coote, Esq., late Major of the Monaghan Militia
Mar 19 1836 Mayne March 11, at Lakeview, county of Monaghan, in her 33rd year, Harriet, wife of the Rev. Edward Mayne, and daughter of the late William Mayne, Esq., of Freamemount, in the same county
May 7 1836 Jones April 27, at Fort Singleton, county of Monaghan, aged 78 years, Isabella, widow of the late T. Moutray Jones, Esq., of Ture Lodge, county Cavan
Aug 20 1836 Crookshank August 8th, after a few hours' illness, aged 60 years, the Rev. Charles Henry Crookshank, 24 years Rector of the parish of Tyhollan, in the diocese of Clogher
Mar 4 1837 Atkinson It is our painful to announce the death of Dr. Atkinson, of the Newbliss Dispensary, aged 29 years
Apr 15 1837 Montgomery At his residence, Bessmount, near Monaghan, on the 2nd inst., Alexander M. Montgomery, Esq., Major in the Monaghan Militia
Jun 16 1838 Westenra On the 7th inst., after a lingering illness, at Ballyleck, his residence in county Monaghan, Major the Hon. Richard Westenra, second son of Lord Rossmore, aged 41
Jun 16 1838 Hill June 9, at Newbliss, at the house of her son, G. Hill, Esq., C. C. P., Mabella, the beloved wife of Major Hill, of Bellaghy, in the county of Londonderry
Aug 4 1838 Barclay At his residence, co. Monaghan, George Barclay, Esq., attorney, estates to his nephew, and £1,000 to different charities in Dublin
Aug 15 1840 Gibson At Ballibay, on the 9th inst., Hannah, wife of the Rev. W. Gibson, in the 32nd year of her age
Nov 28 1840 Armstrong Nov. 20, suddenly, of internal aneurism, at his house, in Clones, in his 73rd year, Thomas Armstrong, Esq., for 45 years a highly respectable medical practitioner in that town, and a member of the Primitive Wesleyan Society
Apr 3 1841 Shiel In Castleblayney, on the 24th ult., in the 35th year of her age, Olivia, wife of John Shiel, Esq
Aug 7 1841 Hamilton At his residence at Oakfield, near Clones, a few days ago, and after a short illness, John Pearse Hamilton, Esq
Jun 25 1842 Holmes June 20th, after a lingering illness, which she bore with patience and resignation, in her 22nd year, at her residence, Mill Street, Monaghan, Jane, beloved wife of A. W. Holmes, Esq., editor of the 'Northern Standard' newspaper
Aug 13 1842 Cumming On the 5th April last, on the highest hill to the right of the Khyber Pass, Afghanistan, aged 23 years, Lieutenant James S. Cumming, of the 9th Regiment, eldest son of the Rev. P. M. Cumming, Incumbent of Magheraclune, County Monaghan
Jan 20 1844 Armstrong On the 11th inst., aged 76, at her home, in Clones, Anne, relict of the late Dr. Armstrong, of that Town
Mar 2 1844 Kernan On the 19th ult., at Carrickmacross, the Right Rev. Dr. Kernan, Titular Bishop of Clougher
Aug 3 1844 Scott May 19th, at his house in Bath, at the advanced age of 81 years, Major General, Edward Scott, K. C., of Scottstown, county Monaghan. He was one of the oldest General Officers in the Army, and had served with distinguished reputation in various parts of the world
Mar 6 1847 Schomberg February 21st, aged 79, the Rev. G. H. Schomberg, rector of the parish of Kilmore, county Monaghan, and lineal descendant of the celebrated Duke Schomberg (battle of the Boyne fame)
Apr 24 1847 Roper April 18th, aged 86, the Very Rev. Henry Roper, D. D., Dean of Clonmacnoise, and Rector of Clones
Jul 17 1847 Mitchell Of fever, on Monday, the 12th inst., Rev. Allen Mitchell, Rector of Rossory, county Fermanagh, late Vicar of Drumsnat, county Monaghan, from which he had been a few months removed, and in which he had, for twenty years, been a devoted Minister of the Gospel
Aug 12 1848 Holmes On the 12th inst., at Emyvale, at the house of his brother, Mr. W. R. Holmes, Mr. John C. Holmes, late of Clones, and formerly of Londonderry, aged 35 years
Aug 21 1847 Fleming On the 5th inst., at Gallina, Monaghan, at the residence of his father, Alexander Fleming, Esq., ex-Scholar of T. C. D., Dublin, barrister at law, aged 31 years
Oct 14 1848 McMahon At Clones, on Tuesday, the 3rd inst., Mr. Patrick McMahon, at the patriarchal age of 111 years
Mar 3 1849 Hagan On Friday, 1st inst., in the 84th year of his age, at Monaghan, Mr. James Hagan, Superannuated Guard of her Majesty's Mail. He served in the Yeoman Cavalry, in the Cookstown corps, in the Rebellion of 1798
Jun 16 1849 Thompson On the 4th inst., of fever, in the Monaghan Union Workhouse, caught in the discharge of her duties as schoolmistress, Fanny, eldest daughter of Mr. William Thompson, Head Constable of constabulary, aged 22
Nov 22 1850 O’Flaherty On the 15th inst., at Carrickmacross, of consumption, Thomas James O'Flaherty, Esq., Ex Scholar T. C. D., youngest son of the late Rev. Thomas O'Flaherty
Nov 22 1850 Armstrong On the 11th inst., Mr. Charles Armstrong, of Drummaculter, near Monaghan, aged 91 years
May 30 1851 Johnston On the 17th inst., at Monaghan, John Johnston, Esq., Manager of the Belfast Bank there
Feb 28 1851 Dunbar On the 18th inst., at the house of her uncle, Dr. Halahan, 12 Stephen's Green, Dublin, Helena, second daughter of the Rev. John Dunbar, Rector of Ballibay
Sep 26 1851 Knox On the 16th inst., after a lingering illness, John Knox, son of Mr. Andrew Knox, Clontibret
Jan 9 1852 Stirling At his residence, 9 Gardiner's Place, Dublin, in his 82nd year, the Rev. John Blair Stirling of Aghadoey, county Londonderry, and Rector of Inniskeen in the county of Monaghan
Jul 2 1852 Balfour (Moore) On the 22nd ult., at the residence of her brother in law, Mr. Michael Ross, Drumean, county Monaghan, Catherine Charles, third daughter of the late Rev. John Balfour, rector of Temple Errigle, in the diocese of Derry, and grand daughter of the late Samuel Moore, Esq., M. D., of the City of Londonderry
Jul 30 1852 Maudsley July 17, at Castleblayney, Quartermaster John Maudsley, one of the old Indian heroes of the 8th Hussars
Oct 8 1852 Johnson On the 28th September, at his residence, Thorn Hill, in the 77th year of his age, John Johnson, Esq., the father of the Monaghan Grand Jury
Dec 10 1852 Westenra December 5, at Camla Vale, near Monaghan, aged 83 years, Colonel Henry Westenra, brother of the late Lord Rossmore, and uncle to the present peer
Jan 7 1853 Smyth On Saturday, the 1st inst., at Glasslough, James Smyth, Esq., aged 75 years
Aug 12 1853 Johnston We regret to have to announce the death of John Frederick Johnston, Esq., Sub-Inspector of Constabulary, only son of the late John Johnston, Esq., of Thornhill, county Monaghan aged 23 years. This sad event took place at Killybegs, county Donegal, owing to internal injuries received by the upsetting of his tax-cart. On Wednesday, the 3rd inst., an inquest was held on the body, by John O'Donnell, Esq., coroner, and a verdict of accidental death returned
Oct 14 1853 Dunbar On the 31st August, at New Orleans, of yellow fever, John H. Killigrew, fourth son of the Rev. John Dunbar, Rector of Ballibay, county Monaghan
Sep 8 1854 Butt August 27th, at Rockfield, county Monaghan, aged 5 years, Mary, daughter of Isaac Butt, Esq., M.P.
Oct 27 1854 Balfour On the 19th inst., at Drumcaw, county Monaghan, Alicia, wife of Mr. Michael Ross, and second daughter of the late Rev. John Balfour, Rector of Temple Errigle, in the Diocese of Derry
Feb 2 1855 Field On the 28th ult., in the 34th year of his age, and 8th of his ministry, the Rev. James M. Field, Presbyterian Minister of Glennan, Glasslough
Aug 3 1855 Moore July 25, in Bolton Street, Dublin, of consumption, James Joseph Moore, aged 17, of Lake Mount, county Monaghan
Sep 28 1855 Frazer September 15, at the residence of her sister, Miss Dunlop, Emyvale, Maryanne, wife of John Frazer, Esq., county surveyor for Donegal, aged 47 years
May 16 1856 Ross May 9th, at Drumcaw, county Monaghan, William, son of Mr. Michael Ross, aged 32 years
Sep 19 1856 Fitzgerald September 11, Eliza, the beloved wife of Francis Fitzgerald, Esq., of Clones
Jan 2 1857 Magee On the 20th ult., at the residence of her brother in law, Mr. Robert Mitchell, Monaghan, Amelia, youngest daughter of the late Captain Thomas Magee, 48th Regiment
Nov 20 1857 Robinson (Young) On the 15th September last, of fever, in America, Alicia Isabella Robinson, relict of the late Robert Robinson, Esq., of Farm Hill, county Monaghan, and eldest daughter of the late Walter Young, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for the county of Monaghan
Mar 26 1858 Beatty On the 24th ult., of consumption, in New York, U. S., where he practised as a lawyer, in the prime of life and 29th year of his age, James Beatty, Esq., son of the late Robert Beatty, Esq., formerly of Forphy, county Fermanagh, latterly of Woodbine Cottage, county Monaghan
Sep 17 1858 Goudy At the residence of her brother J. Goudy, Esq., J. P., Coolmain House, near Monaghan, Jane, daughter of the late Rev. James Goudy, P. M., First Clontibret
Dec 17 1858 Crookshank On the 9th inst., at Sandycove, Kingstown [Co. Dublin], Easie, daughter of the late Rev. Charles Henry Crookshank, of Tyhollan Glebe, county Monaghan
Apr 8 1859 Wright March 31, at Fivemiletown, county Tyrone, Elizabeth Spratt, third daughter of Mr. Robert Wright, Ballinode Mills, county Monaghan, aged 32 years
Sep 30 1859 Shegog September 26, at his residence, Munnilly, county Monaghan, George Shegog, Esq., J. P., late Paymaster of the Fermanagh Regiment, in the 67th year of his age
Dec 23 1859 Montgomery (Fiddis) At her residence, Willoughby Place, Enniskillen, on the 1st inst., Mary Anne, relict of John Montgomery, Esq., of Ashbrooke, county Donegal, and eldest daughter of the late Rev. James Fiddis, Vicar of Drumsnat, county Monaghan, aged 74
Feb 10 1860 Griffith January 29, at his residence, Rockcorry, county Monaghan, Joseph Griffith, Esq., aged 95 years
Jun 15 1860 Taggart June 9, Jane, only daughter of Robert M Taggart, Esq., M. D., of Carrickmacross, county Monaghan, and Woodbrook, county Tyrone, aged 18 years
Jul 27 1860 Crookshank July 24, at Toome House, county of Antrim, Thomas Crookshank, Esq., eldest surviving son of the late Rev. Charles Henry Crookshank, of Tyhollan Glebe, county Monaghan
Mar 8 1861 Haire February 22, at Glasslough, county Monaghan, Captain John Haire, of the 2nd R. G. Battalion, in the 86th year of his age. He was the grandfather of Rev. H. P. Charlton, Burt [Co. Donegal]
Dec 6 1861 Crumly On the 29th November, Miss Crumly, of Clones, in the 89th year of her age
Mar 14 1862 Kirwan March 4, at the residence of his son, in Clones, Edward Kirwan, Esq., Captain Galway Militia, formerly of the Glengarry Regiment of Highlanders, and late County Inspector of Constabulary for Monaghan
May 8 1863 Dunbar May 2, at the Rectory, Ballybay, Frances Holmes, wife of the Rev. John Dunbar
Jun 5 1863 Henderson May 28, at the residence of Mr. Samuel Murdock, Monaghan, Mr. James Henderson, formerly of Caledon [Co. Tyrone], aged 75 years
Oct 20 1863 Dunbar On the 1st June, at Calcutta, from sunstroke, Frederick Killigrew Dunbar, Esq., Bengal Pilot Service, son of the Rev. John Dunbar, Ballybay
Dec 23 1863 Reid December 15, at the Belfast Bank, Monaghan, in his 3rd year, Ralph Hall, only child of William Reid, Esq
Dec 29 1863 Reid December 26, at the Belfast Bank, Monaghan, [?] the beloved wife of William Reid, Esq
Aug 23 1864 Lowry August 15, suddenly, at Bundoran, Robert Lowry, Esq., of Glynch House, county Monaghan, son of the late James Lowry, Esq., of Rockdale, county Tyrone and Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin
Jan 17 1865 Lyons On the 11th January at his residence, Toneycoogan, near Emyvale, the Rev. John Lyons, aged 82 years, for 50 years a Minister in the Methodist New Connexion
May 5 1865 Russell April 29, suddenly, at Clontibret Glebe, the Ven. John A. Russell, M. A.., Archdeacon of Clogher, and Rector of Clontibret Parish
May 9 1865 Johnston April 27, at Spring Hill, Moneymore, Jane Eliza, third daughter of the late John Johnston, Esq., of Thorn Hill, county Monaghan
Aug 11 1865 Irons (Kerr) August 3, at her residence, Whitehill Street, Clones, in the 74th year of her age, Margaret, relict of the late Mr. William Irons, Primitive Wesleyan Preacher, and sister to Mr. A. R. Kerr, Derry
Sep 8 1865 Fiddes September 1, at 6, Franklin Place, Belfast, Charles William, fourth surviving son of James Fiddes, Aughnacloy, county Tyrone, and Holywood House, county Monaghan, aged 25 years
Oct 13 1865 Gray October 4, James Gray, Esq., of Ballybay, aged 70 years
Mar 1 1867 Wilson February 21, at the residence of his father, Mr. Isaac Wilson, Clontibret, Monaghan, Mr. Thomas Wilson, student, Queen's College, Belfast
Feb 21 1868 Dunbar February 18, at Gulistan, Upper Mount Pleasant Avenue, Dublin, the Rev. John Dunbar, Rector of Ballybay, eldest son of the late Major Dunbar, of Garrison, county Fermanagh
Mar 27 1868 Crookshank March 21, at Portrush, Harriett, relict of the Rev. Charles Henry Crookshank, late of Tyholland Glebe, in the county of Monaghan, aged 78 years
Nov 9 1869 Brooke Nov. 3, at Castleblaney, Basil George Brooke, Esq., J. P., aged 56 years