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Magherakeel Burial Ground, Killeter, Termonamongan Parish, Co. Tyrone

Transcribed by Bernie Donaghey & John McNally
johnfmcnally[at] (two transcriptions at bottom of page)
Formatted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Surname Inscription
MEHAN Here lieth the body of Roger MEHAN who departed this life October the ? 1796 aged 86 years
CLARKE In affectionate remembrance of Emily J. CLARKE died 2nd April 1972 beloved wife of Wm. CLARKE also Muriel M. CLARKE died 26th April 1991 beloved wife of Wm. Herbert CLARKE "He is our Peace"
CLARKE (this stone in same grave as above) In affectionate Remembrance of dear father and mother Robert and Jane CLARKE, Gortnagross also their dearly loved children Martha and Jeannie. William CLARKE, died 20th November 1936 and Rev. R. H. CLARKE M.A. son of above William CLARKE died 2nd June 1948 He is our Peace
CLARKE (same grave as above) Erected by Robert CLARKE, Gortnagross in memory of his father William CLARKE who departed this life 16th December 1869 aged 72 years
CLARKE In loving memory of Sarah CLARKE of Gortnagross who died 17th April 1860 aged 52 years also her husband Matthew who died 28th November 1868 aged 70 years and their daughter Mary Jane who died 14th July 1878 aged 28 years
CLARKE In loving memory of John CLARKE of Magherakeel who died 26th November 1917 aged 78 years and of his wife Annie Jane CLARKE who died 13th October 1921 aged 72 years also their children Charlotte Helena died 28th January 1894 Matilda died 26th April 1908 Aaron died 27th August 1916 Mary Jane died 12th May 1919 Samuel died 24th May 1937 Mary Ann wife of Samuel died 22nd November 1985 aged 91 years
HAMILTON Erected by William HAMILTON in memory of his beloved wife Mary Jane who died 24th May 1902 aged 60 years
CLARKE John CLARKE died 1961 aged 79 Mary CLARKE died 1970 aged 87
BIRD Erected by Margaret BIRD in memory of her beloved husband John BIRD of Aghyarren who died 4th November 1887 aged 35 years
BUSTARD In loving memory of Andrew BUSTARD who died January 19th 1900 aged 67 years also Elizabeth BUSTARD who died January 31st 1900 aged 69 years also Robert BUSTARD who died March 25th 1910 aged 83 years James Williams BUSTARD who died September 8th 1849 Robert Crawford BUSTARD who died march 14th 1951 Elizabeth A. BUSTARD wife of Robert C. BUSTARD who died July 20th 1951
McGRATH Erected by Bridget McGRATH of Grousehall in memory of her dear mother Mary QUINN who died November 29th 1885 aged 75 years
MONGAN (appears to be in same grave as above) In loving memory of James MONGAN (Bell) died 1st March 1946 His wife Sarah died 2nd June 1974
HAUGHEY Erected by Neal HAUGHEY in memory of his son Francis HAUGHEY who departed this life August the 7th 1801 aged 9 years

Erected by Bella MONGAN in memory of her brother James MONGAN (Laurence)

James MONGAN died 5th June 1896 aged 21 years

MEEHAN MEEHAN Aghyaran In loving memory of Elizabeth died 16th June 1953 aged 76 years also her son Robert John (Jack) died 4th December 1957 aged 59 years also his beloved wife Frances died 1st April 1989 aged 84 years interred in Sydney, Australia
McELHILL In loving memory of Bernard and Margaret McELHILL John and Brigid McELHILL John P. and Elizabeth E. GALLEN, Shanaghey RIP
McELHILL (next to above) Here lies the body of Neal McELHILL who died March 9th 1796 aged 30 years
McELHILL (grave directly behind last two) In loving memory of our dear parents Arthur McELHILL, Shannaghey, died 2nd January 1955 Margaret died 2nd August 1977
McELHILL In loving memory of our dear parents John McELHILL, Magherakeel, who died on 28th November 1954 And Mary McELHILL who died on 10th March 1990 Padre Pio Pray for them
McINCHILL Here lieth the body of Hugh McINCHILL who departed this life April 6th 1800 aged 75 years
McLAUGHLIN Here lies ye body of William McLAUGHLIN who departed this life January the 8th 1791 aged 74 years
McGRATH Here lieth the body of Owen McGRATH who departed this life January the 15th 1792 aged 90 years
QUIN Here lieth the body of Dermot? QUIN who departed this life August the 12th 1790 aged 88 years
McCRORY Here lieth the body of Thomas McCRORY who departed this life 1788 aged 97 years the body of Thomas McCRORY departed this life September the 6th 1789 aged 3? Years also the body of Daniel McCRORY who departed this life May the 15th 1794 aged 60 years
LYNCH In memory of Philip LYNCH who died June 14th 1786 aged 69 years
MONGAN James MONGAN died 9thApril 1889 His wife Margaret died 31st October 1928 His son Francis died 27th May 1942 Catherine died 30th August 1964 Mary died 28th September 1965 James died 11th December 1969 Susan died 12th January 1980
McMENAMIN Pray for the soul of John McMENAMIN who died August 31st 1884 aged 75 years also his daughter Sarah who died May 26th 1867 aged 18 years
McFADEN Here lies Bryan McFADEN who died November 25th 1765 (age covered by ground)
LYNCH In memory of James LYNCH who died October the 18th 1783 aged 70 years


N.B. - Following provided by John McNally <johnfmcnally[at]

Surname Inscription
McANELLY Here lyeth the body of Francis McANELLY who departed this life Janiv 26th in the 1794 aged 48 years Also Bryan McANALLY departed this life May 6th 1794 aged 74 years Also Catherine his wife departed this life Febrv 28th 1791 aged (unreadable) years Also Hana McAnelly otherwise DOONAN who departed this life March 29th 1800 aged 44 years
McNELLY This stone was erected by John McNELLY of Aughearn in memory of his father Brine McANELLY who departed this life August the 8th 1834 aged (65 (or 85) years Also his mother Hanna McANALLY alias GALLAN who departed June the 21 (1878?) aged 67 years Likewise in memory of his brother Brine McANALLY who departed this life June the 9th (1882 or 1832) aged 25 (?) years Requiescant in Pace