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Leckpatrick Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Death Announcements 1786-1869

Deaths recorded in Leckpatrick Parish, Co. Tyrone extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE JOURNAL, STRABANE MORNING POST, DERRY JOURNAL, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD 1785-1869
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Date Death
September 25 1786 LYON. Died at McCracken’stown, parish of Leckpatrick, MR GEORGE LYON aged 85
October 22 1822 BOAK. On the 13th inst. JAMES BOAK, of Ballylaw, aged 75 years, very much lamented by all who knew him
April 29 1823 BARNHILL. On the 24th February last, on board the Gloucester, off Barbados, of a decline, JAMES BARNHILL, ESQ., Assistant Surgeon, son of MR JAMES BARNHILL, of Back Fence, near this town. He was a young man much beloved by his brother officers, and those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance
June 22 1824 ROSS. On Wednesday last, MR JAMES ROSS, of Artigarvan, aged 82
March 6 1827 ARBUCKLE. On Thursday last, after a lingering illness, MR ARCHIBALD ARBUCKLE, of Woodend, aged 74 years
July 9 1827 PORTER. On Saturday last, MR JAMES PORTER, Cloth-merchant Ballymagorry, deservedly regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance
September 18 1827 MOORE. At Desert, near this town [Strabane], on Saturday last, MR WILLIAM MOORE
February 17 1829 BARNHILL. On Tuesday morning last, after two day’s illness, MR WILLIAM BARNHILL, of Backfence
August 25 1829 SMITH. At Dysart, near this town [Strabane], on Wednesday last, MR WILLIAM SMITH, sincerely and deservedly regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance
May 29 1830 LYON. On Sunday, the 23rd inst., at Springvale, parish of Leck, in the 67th year of her age, MARGARET, relict of the late MR GEORGE LYON
June 1 1830 BARNHILL. At Backfence, on Sunday, the 23d ult. MISS BARNHILL, after a tedious illness
February 8 1831 BARNHILL. Yesterday morning, MISS BARNHILL, daughter of MR BARNHILL, Backfence, near this town
May 3 1831 WHYTE. Yesterday, two children, daughters of MR S. WHYTE, of Dysart, near this town, unfortunately took some arsenic mixed with meal, which had been laid for destroying rats. The usual means applied in such cases were instantly resorted to; but unfortunately too late for the elder, a child of four years of age, who died this morning. The other child, we are happy to state, is in a fair way of recovery. We trust this will be a warning to persons laying poison within the reach of children
May 28 1831 BOAK. At Ballylaw, on the 19th inst., after a short illness, MRS BOAK, relict of the late MR JAMES BOAK
January 28 1832 BOYD. On Wednesday week, after a short illness, MR JOHN BOYD, of Strabane, merchant, leaving a wife and three small children to deplore his loss. The general esteem in which he was held, by his neighbours and inhabitants generally was fully testified by their numerous attendance at his funeral to the graveyard at Leck
May 26 1832 MONTGOMERY. At Leckpatrick Glebe, on Saturday, the 19th inst., aged 63 years, the REV SAMUEL LAW MONTGOMERY
July 20 1833 DONNELL. Suddenly, on the evening of Friday week, the 12th inst., MR EZEKIEL DONNELL, of Strabane, formerly of Woodend
February 18 1834 MOODY. On Wednesday morning a man of the name of MOODY was found dead on the road side, near Woodend, about half a mile from this town. It is supposed that the unfortunate man perished by the inclemency of the weather
March 4 1834 HAMILTON. On the morning of Sunday last, at the advanced age of 82, FRANCES, relict of the late CLAUDE HAMILTON, ESQ., of this town and Monterlony. Her many virtues and benevolent kindness endeared her not only to a numerous circle of friends, but also to every person to whom she was known. This respectable Lady, notwithstanding her advanced age, retained the possession of all her faculties unimpaired to the last, and departed this life, in a sure and steadfast hope of a happy eternity, through the merits of her Redeemer. We understand that her remains will be removed at ten o’clock to-morrow from her residence in this town to the family vault at Leckpatrick
June 20 1835 MONTGOMERY. At Broomfield, on Sunday, the 14th inst., SUSAN MARIA, relict of the late REV SAMUEL JAMES MONTGOMERY, Rector of Leck Patrick, in the Diocese of Derry
June 16 1835 DOUGLASS. At Ballymagorry, Parish of Leckpatrick, on Tuesday last, MR ROBERT DOUGLASS
June 20 1835 HENRY. At Woodend House, R. HENRY, ESQ., late Lieutenant Colonel 21st Fusiliers
April 16 1836 O’KANE. On Saturday evening, at Fairmount, after a long and tedious illness, REV. WILLIAM O’KANE, P.P., of Leck and Donagheady
April 19 1836 KNOX. At Ballyskeagh, Parish of Leckpatrick on the evening of Tuesday last at the advanced age of 85, MR JOHN KNOX. He had been for many years an elder of the Presbyterian Meeting House, Strabane; and we may safely say, that not only in this, but in every situation in life, his conduct was as becometh a sincere Christian
August 12 1837 McDONALD. At Holyhill, on Wednesday 9th inst., MARGARET, wife of DONALD McDONALD, ESQ., Holyhill, aged sixty
September 29 1838 LYON. At Strabane, on Monday last, MARTHA, daughter of the late GEORGE LYON, ESQ., of Springville, near Ballymagorry
November 14 1840 SLOAN. After a short illness, on Saturday last, at Woodend, near Strabane, LIEUT. JAMES SLOAN
March 27 1841 KNOX. On the 16th inst., MRS KNOX, wife to MR THOMAS KNOX, of Ballyskeagh, aged 85 years
April 10 1841 WEIR. At Greenlaw, on the 4th inst., in the 23rd year of her age, MISS SARAH WEIR. She bore a painful and protracted illness with much Christian fortitude
April 14 1841 WEIR. Died at Greenlaw on 8th inst in peace with God and man, and with the full assurance of faith, MR JAMES WEIR, aged 67 years, being the second death in the family within a few days
January 8 1842 CURTIS. At Woodend, on Friday last, after a lingering illness, MRS CURTIS, wife of MR JOHN CURTIS
July 23 1842 HUSTON. Suddenly, on Wednesday last, at Woodend, near Strabane, MRS HUSTON, after giving birth to twins
November 4 1843 KNOX. On Tuesday last, at Killynaught, near Strabane, MR KNOX, at the advanced age of 96
April 6 1844 HAMILTON. At Woodend, near Strabane, on Friday fortnight, MRS HAMILTON, relict of the late MR JAMES HAMILTON, aged 89 years
December 26 1845 MACKY. Died at Liscurry in the 75th year of her age after a short illness, MRS JANE MACKY, relict of the late MR DAVID MACKY, of Moneygreggan
June 5 1846 LANE. Died May 25 of consumption at Rathdowney, Queens County, SUSANNA, the beloved wife of ARTHUR WILLIAM LANE, ESQ., Officer of Excise, late of Woodend, county of Tyrone
March 5 1847 BOGLE. Died on the 24th ult at the advanced age of 92 years, CATHERINE, wife of MR SAMUEL BOGLE, Loughnease
October 29 1847 BOYD. Died on Monday 18th inst at Milltown, Ballymagorry near Strabane, MR BENJAMIN BOYD, sincerely regretted by a numerous circle of relations and friends
November 12 1847 BOGLE. Died November 2 at the advanced age of 93 years, MR SAMUEL BOGLE, of Loughnease
December 11 1847 BOYD. On Sunday week, at Artigarvan, near Strabane, county Tyrone, MR WILLIAM BOYD
May 19 1849 OVENS [LYLE]. On the 7th inst., at the Parsonage, Highwood Wrattle, aged 65, ELIZABETH, relict of the late HUGH OVENS, ESQ., of Artigarvan Lodge, in the county of Tyrone, and daughter of the late HUGH LYLE, ESQ., of Jackson Hall, Coleraine
June 7 1849 PATTERSON. Died at his residence on Sunday 3rd inst after a protracted and painful illness which he bore with pious resignation to the Divine Will, JOHN PATTERSON, ESQ., proprietor of the Ballymagorry Mills aged 34 years. His premature demise is not only deplored by his bereaved family but by all classes of the community in and around the neighbourhood of Strabane
September 21 1849 KNOX. At Ballyskeagh, in the parish of Leckpatrick, on the 17th inst., MARY, relict of the late MR JOHN KNOX, aged 82 years
June 14 1850 VANCE. At Ballymagorry, near Strabane, on Monday last, MRS VANCE, wife of MR JOHN VANCE
April 25 1851 CHAMBERS. On the 18th inst., WILLIAM, son of the REV M. CHAMBERS, Leckpatrick, aged 18 months
November 21 1851 PORTER. On the 9th inst., of inflamation, at Ardagarvan, in the Parish of Leckpatrick, county Tyrone, MR ROBERT PORTER, in the 105th year of his age
July 15 1852 KEYS. Died at Cloghcor, parish of Leckpatrick on Friday week, MR JOHN KEYS
November 12 1852 SIGERSON. On the 4th inst., at Holyhill, of scarletina, SAMUEL, the beloved child of MR WILLIAM SIGERSON, aged 8 years and 6 months
April 15 1853 SMITHWICK. On Saturday week, the REV. GEORGE SMITHWICK, Rector of the Parish of Leckpatrick
September 16 1853 DAVISON. On the 13th inst., at Leckpatrick, at the residence of MR JOHN McCREA, JOHN S. DAVISON, ESQ., Richmond Street, Derry, in the 62nd year of his age
December 30 1853 HUSTON. On the 18th inst., aged 54 years, MR JOHN HUSTON, of Woodend, near Strabane
May 5 1854 GIBSON. At Artigarvan, near Strabane, on Friday, the 28th ult., MR DAVID GIBSON, aged 80 years
October 12 1855 PORTER. On the 7th inst., MR WILLIAM PORTER, Ballee, Parish of Leckpatrick, aged 82 years
July 4 1856 WRIGHT. At Killynaght, in the Parish of Leckpatrick, on Monday morning, last, REBECCA, relict of the late MR JAMES WRIGHT, aged 88 years
July 18 1856 PORTER. In March, at sea, on his return from Australia to Ireland, MR JOHN PORTER, formerly of Ballymagorry, Strabane, aged 35 years
August 22 1856 MAXWELL [PONSONBY]. At Ventnor, Isle of Wight, August 11, EMILY, wife of the REV CHARLETON MAXWELL, Rector of Leckpatrick, county Tyrone, and daughter of the HON. RICHARD PONSONBY, late Bishop of Derry
April 3 1857 DUNN. At Ballyskeagh, on the 23rd ult., in the parish of Leckpatrick, JANE, daughter of MR JOHN DUNN
July 10 1857 THOMPSON. At Woodend, near Strabane, on Wednesday last, ANDREW, son of MR ANDREW THOMPSON, of said place
January 29 1858 DONNELL. On Sunday, the 24th inst., in Strabane, MARIA, relict of the late EZEKIEL DONNELL, ESQ., Woodend, Strabane, after a long and painful illness, aged 78 years
April 16 1858 DOHERTY. On the 9th inst., at Woodend, Strabane, MR JAMES DOHERTY, aged 73 years
March 11 1859 SMYTH. March 4, at Artagarvan, Strabane, JOHN ROBERT, eldest son of DAVID SMYTH, ESQ., aged 16 years
March 25 1859 BOAK. At Ballylaw, Parish of Leckpatrick, on Saturday last, MR AARON BOAK, after a very short illness
April 1 1859 SIGERSON. March 21, at Hollyhill, Strabane, MARY ANN, daughter of WILLIAM SIGERSON, ESQ.
April 29 1859 McDONALD. At Ballee, near Strabane, on Sunday last, the 24th inst., MR DONALD McDONALD, aged 83 years
August 5 1859 McILHINNEY. July 30, at Leck, near Strabane, SARAH McILHINNEY, aged 76
November 25 1859 CUNNINGHAM. November 18, at Artigarvan, MR JAMES CUNNINGHAM, SEN., aged 62 years
December 9 1859 SMITH. December 3, at Ballylaw, MR ROBERT SMITH, aged 86 years
February 3 1860 DONAGHEY. January 28, at Ballylaw, near Strabane, MR JOHN DONAGHEY
August 16 1861 ARBUCKLE. At Woodend, Strabane, very suddenly, on Wednesday last, MR JOSEPH ARBUCKLE
December 27 1861 BOAK. December 18, at Ballylaw, MISS MARTHA BOAK
December 27 1861 BOAK. December 24, at Ballylaw, MR ROBERT BOAK
January 3 1862 BAILEY. December 23, at Loughnease, near Strabane, SARAH, the beloved wife of MR JOHN BAILEY, aged 58 years
January 10 1862 BOAK. January 8, at Ballylaw, near Strabane, MISS REBECCA BOAK
January 24 1862 KNOX. January 11, REBECCA JANE, wife of THOMAS KNOX, ESQ., of Ballyskeagh, aged 52 years
April 4 1862 DICKSON [WEIR]. March 30, at her residence, 4, Mall Wall [Londonderry], MARY JANE, relict of the late MR MITCHELL DICKSON, and daughter of the late MR. JAMES WEIR, Greenland [Greenlaw], Strabane
April 11 1862 RAMSAY. April 8, at Woodend, Strabane, CUNNINGHAM RAMSAY, ESQ.
June 13 1862 HAMILTON. June 8, at Woodend, Strabane, THOMAS HAMILTON, ESQ.
October 3 1862 BOAK. September 23, at Ballylaw, near Strabane, ELIZABETH, daughter of the late MR JAMES BOAK, aged 66 years
December 5 1862 PORTER. December 1, at her mother's residence, Ballee, in the 36th year of her age, ELIZABETH, third daughter of the late JAMES PORTER, ESQ., Ballymagroarty [Ballymagorry?]
February 13 1863 MAXWELL. February 8, at Ballydonaghy, MISS ISABELLA MAXWELL
March 27 1863 BOAK. March 21, at Killynaught, near Donemana, MISS MARY ANN BOAK
May 15 1863 SMITH. May 8, at Desert, near Strabane, ISABELLA, the beloved wife of FRANCIS SMITH, ESQ.
October 2 1863 McGOWAN. On the 28th September, at Ballymagorry, MR WILLIAM McGOWAN, aged 75 years
December 11 1863 PORTER. November 29, at Ballee, MR JOHN PORTER, aged 86 years
December 23 1863 HENDERSON. On the 15th December, at Woodend Cottage, Strabane, after giving birth to a son, prematurely, EMMA, the beloved wife of MR JOHN HENDERSON
January 1 1864 CHAMBERS. December 24, at McCrackens, Parish of Leckpatrick, the REV. MOSES CHAMBERS, for 27 years Minister of the Presbyterian Church there, aged 53 years
February 23 1864 KNOX. February 18, at Ballyskeagh, THOMAS KNOX, aged 61 years
March 1 1864 LYON. February 27, JOHN LYON, ESQ., aged 29 years. His remains will be removed from his late residence, Gilmour's Lane, for interment in Leckpatrick burying ground, on Tuesday morning, 1st March, 1864, at ten o'clock
April 29 1864 MOORE. April 25, at Loughnease, MR T. MOORE, aged 41 years
May 17 1864 BOGGS. May 9, at Loughnease, MRS MARY BOGGS, aged 75 years
November 8 1864 SINCLAIR. November 6, DORATHEA, wife of JAMES SINCLAIR, ESQ., of Holyhill, county Tyrone
February 21 1865 SINCLAIR. February 18, JAMES SINCLAIR, ESQ., Holyhill, county Tyrone
February 24 1865 SMYTH [MEASE]. On the 16th February, ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of DAVID SMITH, ESQ., of Artigarvan, eldest daughter of the late DR. MEASE, Strabane, county Tyrone
June 13 1865 JAMIESON. June 8, at Loughnease, MR JOHN JAMIESON, aged 80 years
July 11 1865 WEIR. July 6, at her husband's residence, Greenlaw, near Strabane, after a short illness, MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR DAVID WEIR, aged 36 years
September 22 1865 BOGLE. At Creighton, Ohio, U.S., on 5th July, WALTER BOGLE, ESQ., formerly of Leckpatrick, county Tyrone
March 30 1866 DUNN. March 25, at his father's residence, Ballyskeagh, WILLIAM DUNN, aged 2 years and 1 month
June 1 1866 SIGERSON. May 21, at Artigarvin, Strabane, after a short illness, JAMES SIGERSON, aged 38 years, second son of MR WILLIAM SIGERSON, Holyhill, leaving a wife and young family to lament his loss
June 12 1866 HOLMES. June 10, at his residence, Stranabrosny, JOHN HOLMES, ESQ., J.P., aged 84 years. His remains will be removed for interment in the Leckpatrick Burying Ground, on Wednesday morning, 13th inst., at ten o'clock
November 9 1866 McCREA. On the 4th October, at the residence of her mother, Montgomery, Alabama, MARGARET McALPINE, the beloved wife of JAMES McCREA, ESQ., Memphis, formerly of Leckpatrick, county Tyrone, aged 24 years
January 1 1867 CATHER. October 9, at his youngest son's residence, King's Plains, Australia, WILLIAM CATHER, SEN., formerly of Leckpatrick, county Tyrone, at the advanced age of 84 years
January 8 1867 HENRY DUGAN, a car driver, left Simms’ Hotel Strabane, at about six o'clock on Saturday evening with CAPTAIN STEWART and MONTGOMERY SINCLAIR, ESQ., as passengers, who he drove to the latter's residence at Hollyhill, about three miles from Strabane, which he left at about seven o'clock to return to Strabane. On Sunday morning a farmer found his body on top of a heap of stones and it was supposed that he was unsuccessful in mounting his horse which was found in a field nearby in the townland of Ballee. An inquest was held yesterday, before Dr. Hamilton, coroner, and a verdict in accordance with the facts was returned. The deceased who was of temperate habits, leaves a wife who is expecting their first child
February 26 1867 PORTER. January 27, at Ballee, ELLEN DONNELL, relict of the late JAMES PORTER, ESQ., Ballymagorrey, aged 81 years
March 1 1867 BROWN. On the 20th February, at Woodend, Strabane, MR JAMES BROWN, aged 77 years
March 19 1867 SMITHWICK. Killed, on the 19th of February, by the bursting of a boiler on board the steamer "David White", on the Mississippi, United States of America, WILLIAM, eldest son of the REV. GEORGE SMITHWICK, Rector of Leckpatrick, county Tyrone
March 29 1867 KNOX. On the 15th March, at the residence of her brother, DR KNOX, Woodend, JANE, daughter of the late MR THOMAS KNOX, Ballyskeagh, aged 73 years
April 5 1867 KERR [KNOX]. On the 28th March, at the residence of her brother, DR. KNOX, Woodend, MARTHA, relict of the late MR JAMES KERR, Strabane, aged 76 years
May 10 1867 COLHOUN. May 6, at his late residence, MR FRANCIS COLHOUN, of Cloghcor, aged 94 years
September 24 1867 McDONALD. September 20, at 44 Clarendon Street, Derry, MINNIE, aged 18 years, third daughter of the late JOHN McDONALD, ESQ., of Antigua, West Indies, and of Ballee, county Tyrone
December 13 1867 GAMBLE. December 11, at the residence of MR JAMES WALKER, 8 Diamond, Derry, MISS GAMBLE, late of Strabane. Her remains will be removed for interment in Leckpatrick Burying Ground on this, Friday, morning, leaving Derry at ten o'clock
February 7 1868 BARNHILL. February 5, at Brickfield House, Strabane, MR THOMAS BARNHILL, aged 95 years
September 1 1868 ROULSTON. August 27, at Pollockstown, MR JOHN ROULSTON, aged 60 years
February 19 1869 McCREA. Feb 17, at Ballylaw, ISABELLA, youngest daughter of MR ALEXANDER McCREA, farmer, aged 5 years
April 2 1869 LOWRY. March 22, at Leckpatrick Glebe, MR JOHN LOWRY, aged 68 years
June 8 1869 MAXWELL. June 1, at Ballydonaghy, MR JOSEPH MAXWELL, aged 71 years
September 21 1869 GLEN. Sept. 18, at Leckpatrick, JOSEPH GLEN, ESQ., aged 58 years
September 21 1869 BOGLE. Sept. 16, at Loughnease, MR JAMES BOGLE, aged 83 years
October 19 1869 McELHARE. Oct. 13, at Kenaghan, near Holyhill, Strabane, MR BRIAN McELHARE, aged 69 years