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Garvagh & Errigal Parish, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland Death Announcements 1834-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from personal announcements inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



Date Notice
Apr 26 1834 ROBERTSON. At Garvagh, in his 57th year, Mr. Robert Robertson, merchant, of that Town
Apr 18 1835 HARRISON. At Garvagh, on the 6th inst., Surgeon Henry Cary Harrison, aged 77 years, eldest son of the Rev. Henry Harrison, Curate of Dungiven, and later Rector of Upper and Lower Teyrore, in the Diocese of Derry. Roger Harrison, formerly collector of customs and excise, was uncle to Surgeon Harrison, whose sister, Jane, died unmarried, in Londonderry. His remains were interred within the walls of the Cathedral
May 7 1836 FISHER. On the 19th ult., of Inflammation of the brain, Matilda Jane, eldest daughter of Archibald Fisher, of Garvagh, Esq., aged five and a half years
Mar 18 1837 CANNING. March 10, at her residence, South Audley Street, London, aged 84 years, the daughter of the late Stratford Canning, Esq., of Garvagh, county Londonderry, and aunt of the late Right Hon. George Canning
Jun 6 1840 FISHER. On the 22nd ult., at Whitehill Cottage, the residence of her mother, Margaret, the beloved wife of Archibald Fisher, of Garvagh, Esq
Oct 24 1840 GLENN. On the 20th inst., Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. David Glenn, Liscall, near Garvagh
Feb 6 1841 PADEN. At an inquest in Coleraine on Wed. 3rd inst., it was reported that Mr. Henry Paden, of Garvagh, had went to Coleraine on business. He got intoxicated and stayed in a house in Killowen Street on the night of the 31st January. The owner saw that deceased was missing the next morning, his body was subsequently found in the bed of the Pound Burn, a small river. Death by fracture of the skull was returned
Apr 24 1841 DINETY. On Tuesday, the 20th inst., an inquest was held at Tamnamore, Garvagh, on the body of Samuel Dinety, who was found dead the previous evening, in a small pool of water at the roadside. As he was subject to attacks of apoplexy, it was supposed that he died from the effects of one of those fits
Feb 26 1842 LUSK. At Crossland, near Garvagh, on the 7th inst., after a severe illness of nearly four years, which he bore with patient resignation to the will of God, Mr. Robert Lusk, in the 46th year of his age, much and deservedly lamented
Sep 10 1842 SMITH. At Glebe Hill, Garvagh, on the 30th August, at the age of 71, the Rev. William Smith, having been 47 years a minister in the (now united) dioceses of Derry and Raphoe, seventeen years of which he has been the rector of Desertoghill
Jan 14 1843 CLINTON. On the 23rd ult., Miss Clinton, of Garvagh, in her 74th year
Mar 16 1844 GLEN. In Garvagh, on the 21st ult., Mr. Patrick Glen, merchant, of Coleraine, aged 56 years
May 25 1844 STEVENSON. On the 22nd of May, Cunningham, infant son of Josiah Stevenson, Esq., Hermitage, Garvagh
Dec 28 1844 HUNTER. At Garvagh, on the 17th inst., aged 96 years, Catherine, relict of the late James Hunter, Esq., of Newtownlimavady
Mar 21 1846 GILMOR. On the 12th inst., in the 24th year of her age, of decline, Margaret Jane Gilmor, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Gilmor, Innkeeper, Garvagh
Aug 22 1846 HEYLAND. At Gortnamoyagh, near Garvagh, on Monday last, aged 62 years, Hercules John Heyland, Esq., J.P.
Oct 17 1846 NICHOL. On the 4th inst., at his residence, near Garvagh, Mr. George Nichol, aged 78 years
Oct 17 1846 MORRISON. At Garvagh, on the 5th inst., Miss Eliza Morrison, lately from Ballykelly
Dec 5 1846 MOORE. On Sunday, the 22nd ult., at his residence, Caw, near Garvagh, Mr. John Moore, aged 72 years
Dec 26 1846 GILMOUR. On Sunday, the 20th inst., after giving birth to a still born child, in the 36th year of her age, Ellen wife of Mr. Andrew Gilmour, currier, Garvagh, and formerly of this City. She has left a large family to mourn her loss
Jan 29 1848 BROWN. On Friday 14th inst., Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. James Brown, Garvagh, aged 74 years
May 6 1848 HILL. At Garvagh, on the 30th ult., Mr. John Hill
Jun 23 1849 MCLEOD. On the 7th inst., in Garvagh, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. John McLeod, aged 48 years.
Oct 5 1849 NICHOLL. On the 28th ult., at Killyvally, Garvagh, Mary Fisher, the infant daughter of Mr. George Nicholl, aged 2 years
Oct 12 1849 GILMOUR. On the 7th inst., Mr. Robert Gilmour, of Garvagh, in the 66th year of his age, and 30th of his office as Ruling Elder in the First Presbyterian Church, Garvagh
Oct 11 1850 DUNLAP. On the 1st inst., at Garvagh, Mr. Andrew Dunlap, aged 72 years
Jun 14 1850 BROWN. On the 1st inst., in the 73rd year of his age, Mr. William Brown, of Trinaltinagh, near Garvagh, late Lieutenant in the Londonderry Militia
Jul 12 1850 MCNEARY. On the 25th ult., at Garvagh, parish of Aghadowey, Mr. Robert McNeary, aged 25 years.
Aug 30 1850 MOORE. On the 22nd inst., at Caw, near Garvagh, Sarah, relict of the late Mr. John Moore, aged 83 years
Jul 19 1850 MULLAN. On the 5th inst., at Garvagh, after a protracted illness, Mary, the wife of Mr. Robert Mullan, in the 65th year of her age
Jan 3 1851 GILMOUR. On December 21st, at 6 Park Road, Liverpool, of scarletina, aged 3 years, Ellinor Maria Herbert, third daughter of James Gilmour, Esq., Surgeon, formerly of Garvagh
Aug 15 1851 WILSON. On the 6th inst., in the 72nd year of his age, Mr. John Wilson, Ballyagan, near Garvagh
Feb 11 1853 RENTOUL. On the 3rd inst., at Mount Pleasant, Garvagh, Thomas Chambers Rentoul, the infant son of the Rev. James B. Rentoul, aged 8 months
Apr 9 1852 GILMOUR. On the 27th ult., at Inchaleen, near Garvagh, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Gilmour, in the 86th year of her age
Dec 3 1852 LYTLE. At Garvagh, on Tuesday morning, the 23rd November, after a tedious illness, Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. W.J.M. Lytle
Sep 23 1853 BROWN. At Boston, U.S., on the 11th August, aged 24 years, Mr. Thomas Brown, son of Mr. Alexander Brown, formerly of Gorran, near Garvagh
Apr 21 1854 BOYD. March 30th, at Ballygawley, Parish of Aghadoey, aged 39 years, Mr. William Boyd, for seven years Deputy District Master of the Garvagh Orangemen
Jun 16 1854 FULLERTON. On Tuesday, the 18th ult., at his residence, Tivoli Cottage, Grenada, Robert Fullerton, Esq., M.D., aged 34 years, leaving a disconsolate wife and four young children. He was a native of Garvagh, county Londonderry, Ireland and had arrived in Grenada about 9 years ago, and from then till now he had been actively engaged in his profession
Jan 27 1854 STEVENSON. At the Hermitage, Garvagh, of scarletina, on the 14th inst., Coates Cunningham Stevenson, son of Josiah Stevenson, Esq., J.P.
Jan 27 1854 STEVENSON. At the Hermitage, Garvagh, of scarletina, on the 22nd inst., Josiah Stevenson, Esq., in the 32nd year of his age
Feb 3 1854 STEVENSON. At the Hermitage, Garvagh, on the 1st inst., of scarletina, Edwin Josiah, son of the late Josiah Stevenson, Esq., J.P.
Aug 24 1855 ROBERTSON. On the 14th inst., at Garvagh, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. Robert Robertson
Feb 1 1856 MACAUSLAND. January 20th, at Desert, Garvagh, of rapid inflammation of the chest, the Rev. Redmond Cunninghame Macausland, Rector of the Parish of Desertoghill, Diocese of Derry
Dec 12 1856 CATHCART. December 3, at Gortnamoyagh, House, near Garvagh, Martin Cathcart, Esq., aged 78 years
Oct 3 1856 CREIGHTON. September 25, of hooping (sic) cough, Sarah, second daughter of Mr. James Creighton, Liscall, Garvagh, aged 9 months
Aug 22 1856 MCCURDY. On the 13th inst., at Shanlongford, Garvagh, Mr. Thomas McCurdy, aged 64 years
Nov 14 1856 KENNEDY. On the 3rd inst., at Caheny, near Garvagh, aged 71 years, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Alexander Kennedy
Feb 29 1856 MCNEARY. Of consumption, at Garvagh, on the 16th inst., Mr. John McNeary, aged 48 years
Dec 19 1856 RANKIN. At Glasgow, on the 1st inst., Hugh, second son of the late David Rankin, Esq., Boystown, Garvagh, aged 19 years
Nov 13 1857 GILMOUR. At the Crescent Cottage, Portstewart, on the 8th inst., Martha, relict of the late Robert Gilmour, Esq., Garvagh, aged 70 years
Feb 6 1857 REA. At Garvagh, on the 28th ult., of scarletina, Isabella, youngest daughter of Mr. Hugh Rea, Canning Arms, aged nine years and seven months
Apr 24 1857 BELL. At Rochester, Monroe County, New York, U.S., on the 16th ult., after a protracted illness, aged 20 years, Mr. Samuel Bell, eldest son of Mr. Robert Bell, formerly of Gortfad, near Garvagh
Apr 10 1857 ALLEN (HUSTON). On the 4th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Samuel Allen, Plaintain Lodge, Cookstown, and eldest daughter of Mr. Matthew Huston, of Churchill, Garvagh
Sep 17 1858 WORKMAN. On the 10th inst., Mr. George Workman, Ballymena, Garvagh, at the advanced age of 100 years
Jul 30 1858 HEYLAND. At Ballintemple, near Garvagh, on the 28th inst., in her 79th year, Mary, widow of Major A. Rowley Heyland, who was killed in command of the 40th Regiment at Waterloo
Feb 12 1858 SMYTH. At Garvagh, on the 31st ult., after a short illness, Mr. James Smyth, Calhame, aged 45 years
Dec 31 1858 MACAUSLAND. On the 25th inst., at the Cottage, Garvagh, of diptheria, John Babington Macausland, youngest son of the Rev. Redmond Conyngham Macausland, Rector of Desertoghill, in the diocese of Derry
Jan 8 1858 CHURCH. On the 24th ult., at Dulloghy House, near Garvagh, of rapid inflammation, Jane, the fourth daughter of the late William Church, Esq., M.A.
Dec 24 1858 MCCAULEY. On the 18th inst., at Garvagh, after a long and painful illness, Sarah, the relict of the late Mr. James McCauley, Aghadoey, aged 85 years
Jan 7 1859 MCFETRIDGE. December 31, at Movenis, near Garvagh, Mr. William McFetridge, in the 45th year of his age
Jan 21 1859 MCCAUSLAND. January 6, at Woodbank, Garvagh, of dyptheria, Catherine Eliza, aged 2 years and 5 months, youngest child of the late Rev. Redmond Conyngham McCausland, rector of Desertoghill
Jun 10 1859 HUSTON. May 19, at Pittsburgh, U.S., in the 48th year of his age, Mr. John Huston, formerly of Garvagh, and nephew of the Rev. Clarke Huston, D.D., Macosquin, Coleraine
Sep 23 1859 LYTLE. At Garvagh, on the 14th inst., Mr. Joseph Lytle, aged 60 years, late of Tergoland, near Dungiven
Sep 30 1859 MAGILL. August 26, at the residence of her brother, Mr. Henry Mellon, Magheramore, Garvagh, Eliza, aged 38 years, wife of Mr. William Magill, of Springfield Cottage, Buncrana, county Donegal
Nov 18 1859 CHURCH. Suddenly, on the 15th inst., at Broadlee, near Garvagh, Thomas Church, Esq., aged 57 years
Jul 1 1859 MCNEARY. June 16, at Garvagh, Thomas Alexander, infant son of Dr. McNeary, aged 1 year and 7 months
Mar 4 1859 MILLAR. On the 18th February, at Garvagh, in the 28th year of his age, Mr. John Millar
Dec 2 1859 MILLER. At Garvagh, on Saturday night last, Rev. James Miller, aged 49
Jul 1 1859 WOODBURN. June 16, the beloved wife of Mr. William Woodburn, Springhill, Ballintemple, Garvagh, aged 65 years
Mar 9 1860 DANOCH. At Newtownlimavady, on the 5th inst., Janet, relict of the late Duncan Danoch, of Garvagh, Esq., on the 89th year of her age
Mar 16 1860 PERRY. March 5, at Movenis, near Garvagh, of fever, Mr. Samuel Perry, aged 55 years
Sep 7 1860 JOHNSTON. August 28, at the residence of Arthur Church, Esq., Dullaghy House, Garvagh, Mary, relict of the late Mr. William Johnston, Bellaghy, aged 101 years
Dec 7 1860 RANKIN. November 30, at Balltnease, near Portglenone, Mrs. Rankin, relict of the late Hugh Rankin, Esq., Lisbuoy, Garvagh, county Derry, in the 88th year of her age
Dec 14 1860 WEIR. December 1, at the residence of her brother in law, Mr. S. Walker, Portstewart, Eliza, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Weir, Garvagh, and sister of the late Mr. Robert Weir, Coleraine, aged 55 years
Mar 1 1861 CUNNINGHAM. On the 24th February, at Ballynacally, the residence of her son, William, Rachel, daughter of the late Mr. Robert Cunningham, of Cah, near Garvagh, and relict of the late Mr. Robert Cunningham, of Ballynacally
May 17 1861 MACAUSLAND. April 26, at Woodbank, Garvagh, Mary Ann, second daughter of the late Rev. Oliver Macausland, Rector of Tamlaghtfinlagan
Sep 13 1861 HUSTON. September 8, at Ballury, near Garvagh, Mr. Robert Huston, aged 50 years
Mar 28 1862 CLINTON. March 27, at his residence, near Garvagh, Paul Canning Clinton, Esq., aged 75 years
May 30 1862 MCCURDY. May 14, at Ringsend, Craigmore, Garvagh, Martha, second daughter of Mr. Robert McCurdy, merchant, aged 14 years
May 30 1862 BLACK. May 19, at his residence, Craigmore, Garvagh, James Black, farmer, aged 84 years
Sep 2 1862 HAZLETT. September 3, at Moneydig, near Garvagh, Sarah, the beloved daughter of Mr. Thomas Hazlett, aged 14 years
Nov 21 1862 MCFARLANE. November 14, at Longland Cottage, Garvagh, Mr. Robert McFarlane, late of Broharris, aged 80 years
Jan 2 1863 MCALISTER. December 28, Mary Eliza, youngest daughter of Alexander McAlister, Tirkeeran Mills, Garvagh
Jan 30 1863 GARVIN. January 19, at his residence, Rockfield, near Garvagh, Mr. James Garvin, in the 65th year of his life
Sep 19 1862 HEZLETT. September 3, at Moneydig, near Garvagh, Sarah, the beloved daughter of Mr. Thomas Hezlett, aged 14 years
May 12 1863 SMYTH. On the 11th May, at Ballintemple, Garvagh, aged thirteen years, Anne Georgiana Henrietta, the second daughter of the Rev. Mitchell Smyth
May 26 1863 HARPER. May 17, at Tamneymore, Garvagh, Margaret, wife of Mr. James Harper, aged 73 years
Oct 13 1863 HENDERSON. October 7, at Garvagh, Mr. Archibald Henderson
Oct 20 1863 MCALLISTER. October 18, at his residence, Mettican Cottage, Garvagh, Mr. Anthony McAllister, aged 74 years
Jan 15 1864 WALLACE. January 7, Letitia Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. James Wallace, postmaster, Garvagh
May 10 1864 TOLAND. May 5, at Garvagh, Rev. David Toland, P.P., Errigal
Sep 27 1864 TORRENS. September 20, Mr. John Torrens, of Gorton, Garvagh, in the 63rd years of his age
Oct 18 1864 RANKIN. September 9, at his residence, Albia, Troy, N.Y., John Rankin, Esq., second son of the late John Rankin, Esq., Lisnablaugh, Coleraine, and formerly of Woodbank, Garvagh, aged 54 years
Nov 22 1864 TORRENS. September 15, at Gorton, Garvagh, Samuel Torrens, fourth son of the late Mr. John Torrens, aged 17 years
Jan 20 1865 MCLEOD. At the residence of his son, Garvagh, John McLeod, sen., aged 58 years, after a protracted and severe illness
Apr 7 1865 BONES (BROWN). February 6, at Augusta, Georgia, Mary, wife of John Bones, Esq., and daughter of the late Rev. James Brown, Garvagh
Apr 11 1865 WILSON. April 2, at Ballyagan, Garvagh, Mary, relict of the late Mr. John Wilson, aged 74 years
Jul 11 1865 KNOX. June 29, at her son in law's, Liscall, near Garvagh, in the 91st year of her age, Catherine, relict of the late William Knox, of Croughandolg
Aug 4 1865 DAVIDSON. August 2, Rev. Thomas Davidson, A.M., Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Garvagh
Sep 15 1865 WOODBURN. September 10, on the passage homewards from Philadelphia, Mr. Robert Black Woodburn, son of Mr. William Woodburn, Liscall, near Garvagh
Oct 6 1865 BLACK. September 25, at his residence, Craigmore, Garvagh, Mr. William Black, aged 74 years
Dec 29 1865 MCCURDY. December 21, at his father's residence, Craigmore, near Garvagh, William Black McCurdy, aged 21 years
Jan 12 1866 MCPHERSON. January 2, at his residence, Trenagh, Garvagh, Mr. Adam McPherson
Jan 26 1866 BROWN. December 24, at Augusta, Georgia, James Brown, Esq., son of the late Rev. James Brown, Garvagh
Feb 20 1866 CLYDE. February 19, of consumption, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. Samuel Clyde, Gortfadd, Garvagh
Apr 3 1866 WILLIAMSON. March 26, at Drumnacrow, near Garvagh, Mr. William Williamson, farmer, aged 75 years
May 1 1866 MILLER. April 27, at the residence of her son in law, Mr. John Boyd, Dungannon, Ann, wife of Mr. John Miller, formerly of Garvagh, county Derry, aged 71 years
Jun 12 1866 LINDSAY. June 6, at the residence of her son in law, Mr. John Cooke, Garvagh, Mrs. Martha Lindsay, aged 89 years
Aug 21 1866 RATH (MULLAN). August 14, at her father's residence, Garvagh, Mrs. Margaret Rath, fifth daughter of Mr. Robert Mullan
Oct 2 1866 MILLER. September 28, at the residence of his son in law, Mr. John Boyd, Dungannon, Mr. John Miller, formerly of Garvagh, county Derry, aged 75 years
Nov 6 1866 O’HAGAN. October 15, at his residence, near Garvagh, Charles O'Hagan, Esq., aged 76. He was owner of the town of Eden, near Park, formerly in possession of J. Claudius Beresford, Esq., and a near relative of Judge O'Hagan
Apr 26 1867 FULLERTON. April 23, at Lisachrin, near Garvagh, Rev. Arthur Fullerton, aged 75 years
Jun 4 1867 RANKEN. May 7, at Philadelphia, Hugh, second son of Thomas Ranken, Esq., Lisboy, Garvagh
Jul 2 1867 AULD. June 20, at Cah, near Garvagh, the residence of his daughter, relict of the late Mr. Robert Wilson, Mr. Samuel Auld, formerly of Curragh, near Maghera, aged 91 years
Aug 13 1867 MCILROY. August 6, Solomon McIlroy, Esq., M.D., for 27 years medical officer of the Garvagh Dispensary
Dec 13 1867 POLLOCK. December 9, at the residence of her son in law, Bogagh, Jane, relict of the late Alexander Pollock, Garvagh, aged 67 years
Jan 3 1868 DRIPPS. December 30, at Garvagh, Robert John, youngest son of Mr. Robert Dripps, aged 20 years
Mar 13 1868 MCCURDY. March 7, Marianne McCurdy, daughter of the late Mr. John McCurdy, of Curraghlees, Garvagh
Mar 31 1868 DOUGLAS. On the 27th March, at Garvagh, county Londonderry, Hamilton, sixth surviving son of Head Constable John Douglas, aged 5 years and 4 months
Jun 2 1868 TORRENS. On the 28th May, at Coolnaman, near Garvagh, Mr. Samuel Torrens, father of the Rev. Robert Torrens, Churchtown, Portglenone, aged 74 years
May 5 1868 SMITH. February 25, at Sandhurst, Victoria [Australia], Thomas Smith, son of the late Samuel Smith, Esq., Moneycaun, Garvagh
Oct 23 1868 WILSON. October 17, at his residence, Trinaltinagh, near Garvagh, Mr. Thomas Wilson, aged 41 years, eldest son of the late Mr. Ezekiel Wilson, Grove, Maghera
Dec 4 1868 WOODBURN. November 28, at Garvagh, Mr. John Woodburn, aged 25 years
Feb 23 1869 MCNERRIS. Feb 19, at the residence of his son, Mr. O.R. McNerris, Ferryquay Street, Coleraine, Mr. Oliver McNerris, of Magheramore, near Garvagh, in the 73rd year of his age
Jul 6 1869 MCCURDY. June 27, at his mother's residence, Curraghglass, Garvagh, aged 27 years, Mr. James McCurdy, late from America