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Banagher Parish, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland Death Announcements 1831-69

Extracted from personal announcements inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Banagher Old Church and Monastery, Co. Londonderry. Photo: Wikipedia


Date Death
23 July 1831 OGILBY: On the 6th inst., at Banagher Cottage, the residence of Michael Ross, Miss Elizabeth Ogilby, sister of Robert Ogilby, of Pellipar, Esq., in the 81st year of her age
9-November 1833 HUNTER: On the 31st August last, at sea on his return to this country, for the recovery of his health, Lieutenant Robert Alexander Hunter, 2nd West India Regiment, youngest son of the late Nathaniel Hunter, of Drumcovit, Esq
26 October 1839 STEVENSON: On the 19th inst., Margaret, relict of the late James Stevenson, of Knockan, Esq., aged 85 years
4 July 1840 HUNTER: On the 24th ult., at her residence, Straid Lodge, in the 64th year of her age, Mrs. Hunter, relict of the late Nathaniel Hunter, Esq., of Drumcovitt, county Londonderry
19 June 1841 HUNTER: On the 9th June, in London, from a sudden attack of inflammation of the bowels, John Hunter, Esq., of Straid Lodge, in his 34th year, youngest surviving son of the late Nathaniel Hunter, Esq., of Drumcovitt, county Londonderry
19 November 1842 POSTON: On Wednesday, the 9th inst., after a protracted illness, which he endured with patience becoming a Christian spirit, Mr. Robert Poston, of Derrychreer, aged 54 years. In all the relations of life, whether as husband, father, brother, or friend he honestly discharged his duty
7 January 1843 ROSS: On the last day of December 1842, at Banagher Glebe, near Dungiven, aged 87, Mrs. Ross, relict of the late James Ross, Esq., formerly of Cumber House, in this County
9 January 1847 ELLISON: On the 6th inst., at his residence, Bellaghareden, the Rev. Thomas Ellison, Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Banagher, aged 48 years
3 April 1847 ROSS: At Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on the 27th September 1846, in the 25th year of his age, Alexander Ross, Esq., Assistant Surgeon in the East India Company's service, son to Michael Ross, Esq., of Banagher Cottage and nephew to the Rev. Alexander Ross, of Banagher Glebe, in this county
15 May 1847 ROSS: On Saturday, the 8th inst., at his residence, Banagher Cottage, near Dungiven, Michael Ross, Esq., in the 65th year of his age
24 July 1847 HUNTER: On the 27th of June, at his residence, Gloucester Street, Dublin, of typhus fever, William Hunter, Esq., fifth son of the late Nathaniel Hunter, Esq., Drumcovitt, Feeny, county Londonderry
27 January 1849 ELLIS (McFARLAND): On Thursday, the 18th, at the residence of her father, Mr. James McFarland, of Derrychreer, Isabella, wife of Mr. Thomas Ellis, aged 39 years
15 February 1850 ROSS: On Wednesday, 13th inst., at Banagher Glebe, the Rev. Alexander Ross, aged 63
10 May 1850 STEVENSON: On the 6th inst., Elizabeth, wife of John Stevenson, of Knockan, Esq
14 March 1851 McFARLAND: On Thursday, the 6th inst., while on a visit at his father's residence, Derrychreer, James McFarland, Esq., aged 30, student of Trinity College, Dublin
2 April-1852 RITCHIE: On the 25th ult., William Ritchie, of Straid, parish of Banagher, aged 82 years
18 March 1853 FERGUSON: At Ballogharredan Point, Banagher, Mr. Thomas Ferguson, at the extraordinary age of 115 years. He was buried at the old Church of Straid
16 December1853 ROSS: On Sunday, the 11th inst., Stoyte, youngest son of the late Michael Ross, Esq., Banagher Cottage
16 November-1855 STEVENSON: On Friday, the 9th inst., John Stevenson, Esq., Knockan, aged 77 years
9 October 1857 SHERRARD: On the 6th inst., at Ballaghanedin, near Feeny, Mrs. Rachel Sherrard, aged 72 years
19 February 1858 HUNTER: On the 6th inst., at Dublin, Jane, eldest daughter of the late Nathaniel Hunter, Esq., of Drumcovit, county Derry
8 October 1858 BLAIR: On Saturday last, the 2nd inst., Minchin Lloyd, Esq., coroner, held an inquest into the death of John Blair of Tirglassan, near Cumber Claudy, aged 60 years. It appears that in the early hours of Saturday morning, the deceased accompanied by a neighbour Thomas McKinley, were on their way to Ballykelly, to see Dr. Dill, when the horse that was pulling the cart they were on bolted. Blair was thrown to the ground and the cart passed over him killing him instantly, a verdict of accidental death was recorded
25 March 1859 BUCHANAN: March 11, at Magheramore, near Dungiven, in the 17th year of his age, William, eldest son of the late Mr. Robert Buchanan
14 October 1859 BOYLE: September 26, at Gallony, Feeny, Mary, relict of the late Mr. James Boyle, of Ballymacallion, aged 71 years
28 October 1859 ROSS: At Banagher Cottage, on the 20th inst., Mary, daughter of the late Michael Ross, Esq.
23 March 1860 HAMILTON: March 12, at her mother's residence, Derrychrear, Mary Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. John Hamilton, Magheracolton, Newtownstewart
7 September 1860 ROSS: September 3, at Portstewart, Jane, relict of the late Rev. Alexander Ross, Rector of Banagher, Diocese of Derry
9 May 1862 ROSS: April 15, at Trenton, Canada West, of disease of the heart, Robert Ogilby Ross, son of the late Rev. Alexander Ross, Rector of Banagher, county Londonderry
28 November 1862 EAKIN: November 22, at Tirglassen, Margaret Eakin, aged 65 years
27 March 1863 SMILEY: March 19, at his residence in Derrychrear, Mr. Samuel Smiley, aged 90 years
4 March 1864 JOHNSON (BOYLE): February 28, at the residence of her son, Clermont, Holywood, Elizabeth Boyle, daughter of the late Thomas Boyle, Esq., of Drumcovitt, county Derry, and relict of the late Rev. James Alexander Johnson, of Holywood
28 December 1864 WITHEROW: On the 17th December, at Coolban, the residence of her son, Mr. John Witherow, Mrs. William Witherow, formerly of Aughlish, aged 72 years
10 November 1865 EAKIN: November 8, at Drumcovitt, after a tedious illness, Ellenor, the beloved wife of Mr. William Eakin, aged 58 years
19 June 1866 McCLOSKEY: June 5, at Upper Feeny, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Patrick McCloskey, aged 26 years
4 January 1867 ROSS: November 7, at New Orleans, John, fourth surviving son of the late Michael Ross, Esq., Banagher Cottage
29 January 1867 ROGERS: January 27, at the residence of her son in law, Milltown, Birdstown, Sarah, relict of the late Rev. Reuben Rogers, late Minister of Carndonagh, and mother of the Rev. Robert Long Rogers, Banagher, county Derry, aged 91 years
23 July 1867 LYNCH: July 18, at Feeny, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Henry Lynch
13 August 1867 CRAIG: On the 8th August, at his residence, Knockan, Mr. John Craig, aged 83 years
28 October 1867 WITHEROW: October 23, at Aughlish, near Feeny, Mr. Hugh Witherow, aged 80 years
25 February 1868 McFARLAND: February 22, at his residence, Derrychrier, Mr. James McFarland, aged 88 years
9 June 1868 McFARLAND: June 6, at her late residence, Derrychrier, Mary Lennox, wife of the late James McFarland, aged 88 years
8 December 1868 McGOLDRICK: November 27, at Altinure Park, parish of Banagher, Mr. John McGoldrick, music teacher, much and deservedly regretted
5 January 1869 MOORE: Dec 27, at his residence, Gallony, Fergus Moore, aged 58 years
26 October 1869 POSTON: Oct. 20, at Mr. Cooper's, 18 Howie Street, Edinburgh, Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. Robert Poston, Derrychrier, Dungiven
9 November 1869 McKINLAY: Nov. 4, at her residence, Tirglasson, Mary, the beloved wife of Thomas McKinlay, aged 65 years
21 December 1869 SCOTT: Dec. 14, at Banagher Glebe, Aimee Georgina, only daughter of the Rev. J. B. Scott, aged 4 years and 4 months