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David Houston, Born County Londonderry, Died Ontario, Canada 1940

Submitted by
William Houston


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L-R: Elizabeth (Cooke) Houston, Alice Lorraine Brabson, David Houston.

My greatuncle, David Houston, died on 7th July, 1940, aged 84 years old. David emigrated from Teenaght, Tullintrain, Claudy, Londonderry in 1883, settling initially in Ashfield, Ontario. He later moved to the nearby village of Lucknow and married Elizabeth Cooke, of English ancestry, 1887, with his brother, Robert who emigrated to Canada in 1886, as his bestman.

David first worked as a farm labourer, later owned a bakery and was for many years the Agent for the Robert Simpson & Co catalogue company. With the advent of the railways, his business with the company thrived and he was able to build the first concrete block house in the village, on Havelock Street, Lucknow, opposite the, then, Presbyterian Church, which is now a United Reform Church.

In retirement, he was sexton of the church and caretaker of the local school. He was a keen member of Lucknow Lawn Bowling Club, where he was known as Grandad Houston. He did the mowing and watering of the lawns until a few years before he took ill. He died on the 7th July 1940, aged 84 years old, having been in Lucknow for 55 years.

In the photograph, David is with his wife Elizabeth and their granddaughter, Alice Lorraine Brabson, whose father, John Brabson died the day after receiving serious wounds on the 16th September, while serving with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, during WW I. Alice Lorraine died aged 22, in 1936, from a perforated bowel. Her mother, David & Elizabeth's daughter, Lavinia Brabson (nee Houston) was killed by a drunk driver on the 22nd December 1966, while crossing a street in Windsor, Ontario, where she lived in retirement.

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