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Born Co. Tyrone - Buried Ontario, Canada

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Name Birth/Death Submitter
Acheson / Atcheson, Charles b.1821; d.1906 Bonnie Jordan
Acheson / Atcheson, Frances (nee Park) b.1823; d.1886 Bonnie Jordan
Baird, Emily (nee McClung) b.1877; d.1951 Kelly O'Rourke
Blakley, Christopher b.c.1798; d.1884 Annie Crenshaw
Burford, Elizabeth (Lizzie)(nee McClung) b.1871; d.1914 Kelley O'Rourke
Burford, Emily (nee McClung) b.1877; d.1951 Kelley O'Rourke
Caldwell, Ann (nee McCutcheon) d.1880 Pat Hocker
Caldwell, Catherine b.c.1890; d.1852 Pat Hocker
Caldwell, Charles b.c.1810; d.1879 Pat Hocker
Caldwell, John b.c.1788; d.1837 Pat Hocker
Cochrane, Henry b.1801; d.1897 Susan Thomas
Cochrane, Joseph b.1834; d.1898 Susan Thomas
Cochrane, Margaret A (nee McCutcheon) b.1837; d.1923 Susan Thomas
Cochrane, Nancy Ann (nee McFarlan) b.1802; d.1888 Susan Thomas
Colgan, Eliza (nee Smith) b.1822; d.1888 Kim Mills
Crawford, James b.1805; d.1890 Janet McMullen
Devlin, Hugh b.1808; d.1870 Katie Green
Devlin, Hugh b.1835; d.1885 Katie Green
Devlin, Olivia (nee Stinson/Stenson/Steenson) b.1821; d.1875 Katie Green
Devlin, Susan (nee Henry) b.1834; d.1912 Katie Green
Fagan, Joseph b.1838; d.1922 Susan Oleskiw
Fagan, Mary Ann (nee Culbert) b.1841; d.1910 Susan Oleskiw
Gilkinson, Alexander b.1835; d.1870 Edith Reardon
Gilkinson, Elizabeth b.1793; d.1864 Edith Reardon
Gilkinson, Ferguson b.1836; d.1861 Edith Reardon
Gilkinson, William b.1827; d.1914 Edith Reardon
Greer, Rebecca Anne b.c.1868; d.1871 Teena
Greer, Sarah Jane b.1871; d.1871 Teena
Hackett, Alexander b.1819; d.1903 Carol Fryer
Hackett, Andrew b.1795; d.1875 Carol Fryer
Hackett, Ann Jane (nee Hackett) b.1822; d.1906 Carol Fryer
Hackett, Ellen (nee Maxwell) b.1795; d.1882 Carol Fryer
Hackett, James b.1828; d.1916 Carol Fryer
Hackett, Jane (nee Smith) b.1793; d.1851 Carol Fryer
Hackett, Joesph b.1803; d.1887 Carol Fryer
Hackett, Joseph b.1820; d.1894 Carol Fryer
Hackett, Walter Lett b.1825; d.1902 Carol Fryer
Hall, Mary (nee Smith) b.c.1811; d.1865 Kim Mills
Hall, William b.c.1810; d.1855 Kim Mills
Henry, Fanny (nee Watson) b.1792; d.1880 Paul Caverly
Henry, Mary (nee Atcheson) b.1847; d.1934 Bonnie Jordan
Jackson, Eliza Jane (nee Cochrane) b.1843; d.1919 Susan Thomas
Jenkins, John b.1820; d.1873 Carol Fryer
Jenkins, Lucinda (nee Hackett) b.1824; d.1881 Carol Fryer
Kelly, Arthur b.1775; d.1887 Marlene Cochrane
Kelso, Eliza Jane (nee Cochrane) b. 1843; d.1919 Susan Thomas
McClung, James b.1873; d.1902 Kelley O'Rourke
McClung, Margaret (Maggie) b.1860; d.1920 Kelley O'Rourke
McClung, Mary Ann (Minnie) b.1869; d.1947 Kelley O'Rourke
McClung, Wilson (Samuel) b.1880; d.1951 Kelley O'Rourke
McCutcheon, Isabella (nee Cochrane) b.1833; d.1913 Susan Thomas
McCutcheon, William b.1834; d.1922 Susan Thomas
McKinnon, Eliza Jane (nee Cochrane) b.1843; d.1919 Susan Thomas
Rainey, Mary Ann (nee Cochrane) b.1839; d.1882 Susan Thomas
Ramsay, Squire George b.c.1796; d.1865 Teena
Riddle, Oliver b.1815; d.1905 Kathy Marek
Smith, Annie (nee Campbell) b.c.1833; d.1907 Kim Mills
Smith, James Howard b.c.1820; d.1888 Kim Mills
Smith, John b.c.1812; d.1882 Kim Mills
Smith, Thomas b.c.1784; d.1868 Susan Thomas
Smith, William b.c.1825; d.1880 Kim Mills
Waddell, William b. 1818; d.1889 Susan Thomas
Whittle, Rev. Edward b.c.1794; d.1866 Teena
Ontario, Canada - Deaths, 1869-1938 Name: Christopher Blakley Death Date: Sept. 22nd, 1884 Death location: Dundas County, Ontario Age: 86 yrs & 2 mos. Birth Location: Tyrone, Ireland Cause of death: Old age Religion: Episcopalian [image of death certificate is on]
William McCutcheon b. Sep 1834 in Co. Tyrone; m. 22 Nov 1855 in Inverness, Megantic, Quebec, Canada to Isabella Cochrane; died 27 May 1922 in Lions Head, Bruce, Ontario, Canada
Isabella McCutcheon (nee Cochrane) b. 2 Nov 1833 in Co. Tyrone; m. 22 Nov 1855 in Inverness, Megantic, Quebec, Canada to William McCutcheon; died 2 Nov 1913 in Lions Head, Bruce, Ontario, Canada
Margaret A Cochrane (nee McCutcheon) b. 18 May 1837 in Co. Tyrone; m. 14 Apr 1857 in Inverness, Megantic, Quebec, Canada to Joseph Cochrane; died 18 Jan 1923 in Essa, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Joseph Cochrane b. 1834 in Co. Tyrone; m. 14 Apr 1857 in Inverness, Megantic, Quebec, Canada to Margaret A McCutcheon; died 30 Nov 1898 in Essa Township, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
William Waddell b. 1818 in Co. Tyrone; m. in Co. Tyrone to Margaret McManus; died 5 Feb 1889 in Sundridge, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Henry Cochrane b. 1801 Co. Tyrone; m. Nancy Ann McFarlan; died 5 Jul 1897 in Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Nancy Ann Cochrane (nee McFarlan) b. 1802 in Co. Tyrone; m. Henry Cochrane; died 13 Mar 1888 in Wiarton, Bruce, Ontario, Canada
Mary Ann Rainey (nee Cochrane) b. 2 May 1839 in Parish of Keppy, Co. Tyrone, Ireland (info taken from her death record in Ontario; m. 19 Jun 1860 in Inverness, Megantic, Quebec, Canada to James Rainey; died 2 May 1882 in Wiarton, Bruce, Ontario, Canada
Eliza Jane Jackson Kelso McKinnon (nee Cochrane) b. 12 Oct 1843 in Co. Tyrone; m. (1st) 24 Dec 1861 in Inverness, Megantic, Quebec, Canada to William Jackson, m. (2nd) 12 Nov 1864 in Quebec City, Quebec, Quebec, Canada to John Kelso, m. (3rd) 30 Dec 1896 in Grey, Ontario, Canada to John McKinnon; died 9 Jun 1919 in Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Smith born abt. 1780-1787 likely in Co. Tyrone (children born there), died March 1868 in Amaranth Township, Wellington County, Ontario. Buried 14 March 1868 in St. Mark's, Orangeville, Ontario. Wife was Mary died before 1851.

Children of Thomas Smith and Mary: -

Mary Hall (nee Smith) born abt. 1811 Co. Tyrone, married abt. 1836 William Hall in Ireland. Died 5 Nov.1865 in Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario. Buried in the abandoned Methodist Cemetery in Artemesia Twp., Grey Co.

William Hall born abt. 1810, husband of Mary Smith, died between 1851 and 1861 in Ontario. Likely buried in the abandoned Methodist cemetery in Artemesia Twp.; however stone is broken and hard to read.
John Smith born abt. 1812 (some records say 1821) Co. Tyrone, died 21 Jan 1882 in Amaranth Township, Dufferin Co., Ontario. Was murdered, never married.
Eliza Colgan (nee Smith) born 1822 Co. Tyrone, died 30 June 1888 in Grey County, Ontario. Wife of George Colgan. Buried in Maxwell Presbyterian Cemetery in Maxwell, Grey Co., Ontario.
James Howard Smith born between 1816-1823 in Co. Tyrone, died 13 May 1888 in Amaranth Twp., Dufferin Co., Ontario. Married Matilda Hall 19 Oct. 1864, daughter of his sister Mary Smith and William Hall.
William Smith born abt. 1825 Co. Tyrone, died 20 Nov. 1880 in Amaranth Twp. Wellington Co., Ontario. Married Annie Campbell 16 Aug.1860 in Simcoe Co., Ontario.
Annie Smith (nee Campbell) wife of William Smith born abt. 1833 in Co. Tyrone, died 19 March 1907 in Amaranth Twp., Dufferin, Ontario. Daughter of James Campbell and Jane.
James Crawford was born 11 June 1805, Co. Tyrone; at some point immigrated to Grey Co., Ontario where he died 1 Sep 1890. He is listed as an early settler in 1865 on Lot 6, Concession 12, Osprey Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada. (A History of the County of Grey by E. L. Marsh, Fleming Publishing Company, Owen Sound, 1931) JJames and his wife Jane (Steele) Crawford are buried in Providence Cemetery, Lady Bank which on the far corner of this property. [click for headstone photo]
Oliver Riddle born March 1815 Co. Tyrone; left for Canada 1837; Married Elizabeth Boucher and bought a farm in March, Carleton County, Ontario; died March 15, 1905. Both he and Elizabeth are buried in St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery, South March, Carleton Co. [headstone]

To the Memory of CHARLES CALDWELL Native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland Died Dec 19, 1879 Aged 69 Years ANN McCUTCHEON Native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland His Beloved Wife Died Aug 11, 1880

His parents: To the Memory of JOHN CALDWELL A Native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland Who Departed this Life May 9, 1837 Aged 49 Years Also His Wife CATHERINE CALDWELL Of the Same Place Died Feb 7, 1852 Aged 62 Years

All four are buried in Albion Presbyterian Cemetery, 12992 Coloraine Drive, Bolton, Ontario [Headstone photo]

Ontario, Canada - From The Ramara Chronicle July/August 2011
Surprisingly, the 1836-1837 directory does not list Ramara’s first two settlers, Patrick Corrigan and Arthur Kelly. It is believed that Patrick had left the area by 1837. By the early 1840s, a Michael Corrigan and members of his family had relocated from Brock Township to settle along Concession 7 of Mara. For years, family researchers have been looking for documents that may link the first settler Patrick to Michael Corrigan, but to date no such evidence has been uncovered.
We do know Arthur Kelly, known as “Little Kelly, was was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, in 1775. In 1824 he initiated an Upper Canada land petition for land in Ramara, stating he had a wife and five children, and he was residing in Brock Township. Kelly did not arrive in Mara until 1827. It is not known how long he stayed. By 1837 his first wife had passed away, and he was again living in Brock. He remarried and had 10 children in this union. It was not until the early 1860s that Kelly relocated to Mara, on Concession 13, Lot 6, where he remained until his death in 1887 at the age of 112.
Here's a link:
Rebecca Anne died July 4 1871 age 3 years 3 days Sarah Jane died June 17 1870 age 1 month 5 days Children of James & A. E. GREER - Natives of Tyrone Ireland These tender buds so young and fair; Are gone to Heaven to blossom there. Source: The Monumental Inscriptions in the Cemetery at Belleside, Fergus, Wellington Co Ontario by Fordyce, A. D. (Alexander Dingwall)
Rev. Edward WHITTLE Methodist Episcopal Minister having labored 52 years in the Ministry - died June 28th 1866 age 72 years Native of Co. Tyrone Ireland. Source: The Monumental Inscriptions in the Cemetery at Belleside, Fergus, Wellington Co Ontario by Fordyce, A. D. (Alexander Dingwall)
George (Squire) RAMSAY b. Tyrone died Nov 10th 1865 Tecumseth, Simcoe Co., Ontario aged 69 years and two months. Source: The Monumental Inscriptions in the Cemetery at Belleside, Fergus, Wellington Co Ontario by Fordyce, A. D. (Alexander Dingwall)
Maggie (Margaret) McClung was born on October 14, 1860, in Fintona, Tyrone, Northern Ireland, to Jane Dugan, age 22, and James McClung, age 22. She immigrated to Canada aboard the Nova Scotian in 1882. She died at the Home of The Incurables on November 2, 1920, in Canada when she was 60 years old & is buried in the Prospect Cemetery in York, Ontario, Canada. Maggie never married.
Mary Anne (Minnie) McClung was born on January 29, 1869, in Fintona, Tyrone, Northern Ireland, to Jane Dugan, age 31, and James McClung, age 31. She died on March 26, 1947, in New Toronto, Ontario, Canada, when she was 78 years old & is buried in the Prospect Cemetery in York, Ontario, Canada. Minnie never married.
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Burford (nee McClung) was born on January 3, 1871, in Fintona, Tyrone, Northern Ireland, to Jane Dugan, age 33, and James McClung, age 33. She immigrated to Canada in 1885. She married James Henry Burford on November 19, 1891 – in Toronto - when she was 20 years old. They had six children, James, Ethel, Pearl, William, Emma and Helen. She died on May 18, 1914, when she was 43 years old & is buried in the Prospect Cemetery in York, Ontario, Canada.
James McClung was born on May 26, 1873, in Fintona, Tyrone, Northern Ireland, to Jane Dugan, age 35, and James McClung, age 35. He died on July 1, 1902, when he was 29 years old & is buried in the Prospect Cemetery in York, Ontario, Canada. James never married.
Emily Burford (nee McClung)(aka Emily Baird) was born on December 29, 1877, in Fintona, Tyrone, Northern Ireland, to Jane Dugan, age 39, and James McClung, age 39. Emily McClung married John Baird in Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland, in June 1908 when she was 30 years old and they had one daughter, Emily. Both Emily and John died a year apart 1910 &1911. Emily then immigrated to Canada where she stayed with her sister Lizzie. After Lizzie’s death in 1914, she married her brother-in-law (Lizzie’s widow), James Burford. Emily McClung married James Henry Burford on November 17, 1915, when she was 37 years old. They would have one son who died at birth. Emily raised Lizzie’s children as her own. Emily McClung died on January 2, 1951, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, when she was 73 years old. & is buried in the Prospect Cemetery in York, Ontario, Canada.
Wilson (Samuel) McClung was born on March 2, 1880, in Tyrone, Northern Ireland, to Jane Dugan, age 42, and James McClung, age 42. Wilson (Samuel) McClung died on December 8, 1951, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, when he was 71 years old & his body was sent to Toronto where he is buried in the Prospect Cemetery in York, Ontario, Canada. Wilson never married.
Fanny Henry (nee Watson) b.1792; d.1880 - tombstone reads "Fanny Watson wife of Wm. Henry died Dec. 31, 1880. Native of Co. Tyrone" Boston Mills Cemetery, Chinguacousy Twp., Peel County, Ontario. Believed to have died in Wellington County.
Alexander Gilkinson b.1835, Co. Tyrone; d.1870, Simcoe, Ontario (gravestone photo)
William Gilkinson b. 1827, Co. Tyrone; d.1870, Simcoe, Ontario - obituary - William Gilkinson, aged 95, who died recently in Harriston, was the town's oldest citizen. He was born in the County of Tyrone, in Ireland, and came to Canada with his parents when eighteen years of age, settling on a farm in Howick Township. two miles west of Fordwich, where he remained until 27 years ago. Then he moved to Fordwich and remained until two years ago, when he came to Harristion and lived with his son until his death. His wife pre-deceased him in 1911. He is survived by four sons and four daughters; Melvin, of Hanover, William, John and Leslie, Harriston; Mrs. Bert King, Gorrie; Mrs. Thomas Werlin, Fordwick [sic]; Mrs James McGill and Mrs. Orr, Owen Sound. The burial took place at Fordwich and was conducted by the Orange Order. The late Mr. Gilkinson was probably the oldest member of the L. O. L. in Ontario, having joined the order in the County of Tyrone, Ireland, at the age of eighteen, just before coming to Canada, 77 years ago.
Elizabeth Gilkinson b.1793, Co. Tyrone; d.1864, Fordwich, Howick, Ontario (gravestone photo)
Ferguson Gilkinson b.1836, Co. Tyrone; d.1861, Howick, Ontario (gravestone photo)
Hugh Devlin b. 1808, Co. Tyrone ; d. St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada 11 July 1870. He, some of his family and relatives are buried in Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St. Catharines. His wife, Olivia Stinson/Stenson/Steenson born 1821 Co. Tyrone; d.1875, St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada. These two were married on 4 Feb. 1835 (this is correct—she was just a child!) in Arboe, Co. Tyrone. A younger Hugh Devlin, b. 1835; d. 1885 is buried next to “my” Hugh Devlin in Victoria Lawn Cemetery, was also from Arboe. His wife, Susan Henry, likewise from Arboe, b. 1834; d. 1912 is in the same grave as her husband.

A) Andrew Hackett** (see brother Joseph below B) - b.c.1795 Co. Tyrone; d.c.1875 Huron Co., Ontario, Canada married Jane Smith b.1793 Co. Tyrone d.3 Dec 1851 Huron Co., Ontario, Canada. Children all born in County Tyrone, Ireland but married in Ontario, Canada:

1) Alexander Hackett  b.1819 County Tyrone; d.1903 Huron County, Ontario married Jane Johnston B. Kingston, Ontario.

2) Joseph Hackett b.20 Jan 1820 County Tyrone; d.25 Sep 1894 London, Ontario, Canada married Huron County, Ontario c. 1853 to Esther Tackaberry b.1 Jan 1828 Ireland, d.31 Aug 1904 Ontario, Canada

3) Ann Jane Hackett b.17 Jun 1822 County Tyrone; d.Aug 1906 Lamont, Alberta, Canada married her first cousin Walter Lett Hackett b.13 Jul 1825 County Tyrone; d.10 Jan 1902 Lamont, Alberta, in 1850 Ontario, Canada.

4) Lucinda Hackett b.1824 County Tyrone; d.1881 Michigan, USA married John Jenkins b.1820 County Tyrone; d.14 Apr 1873 Michigan, USA

B) Joseph Hackett** (see brother Andrew above - A) b. Apr 1803 County Tyrone; d.27 Jan 1887 Huron, Ontario, Canada. He married Ellen Maxwell b.1795; d.1882, 1823 in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Their children both born in County Tyrone:

1) Walter Lett Hackett b.13 Jul 1825 County Tyrone; d.1902. See Anne Jane above - married his first cousin.

2) James Hackett b.18 Jul 1828 County Tyrone; d.17 May 1916. Married Esther Reid b.18 Aug 1845 County Derry, d.1925 Huron County, Ontario, Canada. 

Joseph Fagan b.1 Jan 1838 Co. Tyrone, son of James Fagan b. c. 1808 and unknown Black; d.17 Jul 1922 Innisfil, Ontario and his wife Mary Ann Culbert b.1841 Co. Tyrone; d.1910 Innisfil, Ontario. Photo of Headstone St. James United Church Cemetery, Stroud, Ontario includes their youngest son Thomas 1881-1964, and his wife Laura Drennen 1892-1969.
Frances (Fanny) Park was born 1823 Co. Tyrone to William Park. She married Charles Acheson / Atcheson / Atchison 8 June 1843 in First Presbyterian Church, Strabane, Co. Tyrone. She died 21 Dec 1886 Ontario, Canada and was buried in Henderson Cemetery, Arran-Elderslie, Bruce Co., Ontario. Charles was born 23 Aug 1821; died 20 July 1906 and is buried with his wife. They emigrated to Canada aboard the Barque Mary Campbell to Quebec between 27 Mar 1849 and 30 Apr 1849.
Mary Henry (nee Atcheson) was the daughter of Charles & Fanny Acheson. She was born 1847, Co. Tyrone; died 1934 Bruce Co., Ontario; buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Tara, Bruce Co. She emigrated at age 3 with her parents to Canada aboard the Barque Mary Campbell to Quebec between 27 Mar 1849 and 30 Apr 1849. She married Joseph Henry b. 1843; d. 1934.