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Births, Marriages & Deaths with Co. Donegal, Ireland & New York, U.S.A. Connections, 1829-69

Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Extracted from the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



November 21 1829

SMYTH-CLENDENAN [Married] In Manorcunningham Church, on the 13th inst., by the Venerable Archdeacon Ussher, Mr. Smyth, of our Diocesan School, to Jane, daughter of the late, Mr. James Clendenan, of Slate Hill, and niece to Mr. John Clendenan, of Bloomindales, New York

November 9 1833

MOORE [Died] On the 18th September last, at his father's residence, in Greenwich Street, New York, in the 18th year of his age, James, 4th son of Mr. Robert Moore, formerly of Letterkenny, co. Donegal

November 23 1833

STEWART-JEFFREY [Married] On the 11th September, at Bellevue, Cadandaigua, state of New York, Edward Michael Stewart, Esq., second son of Henry Stewart, Esq., Tyrcallen, county of Donegal, Ireland, to Jane, second daughter of the late John Jeffrey, Esq., Edinburgh

April 18 1835

KING [Died] At Glensmoyle, near Lifford, on the 6th inst., Mr. James King, who had returned but a few months from New York, where he had been residing for eight years

October 10 1840

DILLON [Died] Sept. 5, after a short illness, at the house of Mr. Edward Dillon, county Donegal, Mary B. Dillon, wife of Thomas Dillon, formerly of New York

December 4 1841

LOWRY-CAMPBELL [Married] At Drumaboden, on Thursday, the 25th ult., by the Rev. John Allen, Kilmacrenan, Dr. Lowry, of New York, to Miss Margaret Campbell, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Solomon Campbell, Drumaboden

December 11 1841

FLETCHER [Died] In Ballyshannon, on the 2nd inst., of decline, Mr. Edward Fletcher, late of New York, the son in law of Mr. Thomas Thompson, of Ballyshannon

October 22 1842

TURNER [Died] On the 1st of May last, at Newburgh, New York State, in his 50th year, Mr. James Turner, formerly of Letterkenny, Donegal, linendraper, and for 24 years a citizen of the United States

September 5 1846

ARMSTRONG [Died] At Millview, Ballintra, county Donegal, the residence of his brother, of consumption, John Armstrong, Esq., for several years connected with the government press of New York. His remains passed through Enniskillen on Friday last, for the family burying place at Lisnaskea

October 5 1849

O’DONNELL [Birth] On the 29th August, at New York, the lady of John Henry O'Donnell, Esq., of Ballyshannon, county of Donegal, of a daughter

October 5 1849

McKELVEY-BRISCOE [Married] At New York, by the Rev Dr. Chubbs, Mr. Alexander Patterson McKelvey, formerly of Ards, in the county Donegal, to Miss Elizabeth Briscoe, of that city

November 23 1849

KNOX-BROWN [Married] On the 15th October, in Philadelphia, by the Rev. Mr. Ogilby, Mr. Edward Knox, of New York, to Eliza, second daughter of Mr. Robert Brown, Rathmullan, county Donegal, Ireland

October 29 1852

HOLMES [Died] September 22, at New York, after a short but painful illness, Phoebe Holmes, late of the town of Donegal

February 17 1854

TOLIN-HAIRE [Died] At Rathmullan, on Tuesday, the 14th inst., of consumption, in the 27th year of her age, Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. John Tolin, late of New York, and only daughter of Sergeant Haire, Constabulary, Rathmullan, county Donegal

August 25 1854

LAIRD [Died] July 19th, at New York, U.S., of typhoid fever, aged 21 years, Martin, fourth son of Mr. Martin Laird, late of Trainbuoy, near Convoy, county Donegal

October 20 1854

KAY-HEWETSON Married] In New York, on the 14th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Shand, John A. Kay, Esq., to Mary Elizabeth, youngest daughter of B.D. Hewetson, Esq., late of Rossgarrow, county Donegal

October 20 1854

McNUTT-MACKY [Married] On the 28th June last, in the Presbyterian Church, New York, by the Rev. H. Blair, Mr. David McNutt, merchant, Philadelphia, to Anne, daughter of the late Mr. William Macky, of Coolatee, near Lifford, county Donegal

December 21 1855

HUMES [Died] At New York, on the 14th ult., after a short illness, Mrs. Mary Humes, formerly of Rossbracken, county Donegal, in the 77th year of her age

August 15 1856

WILLIAMSON [Died] At New York, on Friday, the 16th July, Francis, second son of the late Mr. Lewis Williamson, Knowhead, county Donegal

October 23 1857

HUGHES-CLARKE [Married] Recently, at Montreal, in St. George's Church, by the Rev. William Bond, Thomas D. Hughes, Esq., of New York, son of Captain Hughes, of Donegal, to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Zeno B. Clarke, Esq., of that place

January 8 1858

ALLEN [Birth] At the residence of Mr. James Scott, Bohullion, Burt, on the 3rd inst., the wife of Mr. Robert S. Allen, New York, of a son

September 2 1859

SPEARS [Died] August 17, at New York, after a long illness, Elizabeth, widow of the late Robert Spears, formerly of St. Johnston, aged 60 years and five months

September 30 1859

VIRTUE-SCOTT [Married] September 22, in the First Presbyterian Church, Raneaney, Donegal, by the Rev. Samuel Thompson, Mr. David Virtue, New York, to Catherine, daughter of Mr. John Scott, Donegal

March 22 1861

PATTON-BROWN [Married] At New York, on the 26th February, by the Rev. Mr. Dickson, Mr. John Patton, formerly of Buncrana, to Maria Leighton, daughter of Mr. Robert Brown, of Rathmullan

July 5 1861

BARR [Died] On the 14th June, in New York, Annie Barr, daughter of William and Ann Barr, a native of Donegal, Ireland, in the twenty fourth year of her age

September 27 1861

BOND-WALKER [Married] On the 21st September, in Fahan Church, county Donegal, by the Rev. William Brandon, Rector of Seskinfere, and uncle of the bride, John Bond, Esq., the eldest son of Oliver Bond, Esq., of the Collon, Londonderry, to Elizabeth Kathleen, the eldest daughter of the Rev. Robert J. Walker, of New York

July 18 1862

McGRATH [Died] June 22, in New York, Anthony McGrath, a native of the Parish of Conmella, county Donegal, aged 26 years

November 14 1862

McLAUGHLIN [Died] October 25, at New York, Margaret, daughter of the late Charles McLaughlin, county Donegal

May 22 1863

GALLAGHER [Died] May 1, at Brooklyn, New York, Ellen, wife of Mr. John Gallagher, native of Letterkenny, county Donegal, aged 34 years

June 26 1863

BROWN [Died] June 5, at New York, Mr. Robert Brown, formerly of Rathmullen, county of Donegal, aged 68 years

September 8 1863

PATTON [Died] August 14, at New York, of cholera, after a few hours illness, Mr. John Patton, formerly of Buncrana, county Donegal

September 29 1863

McCAFFERTY [Died] September 7, at New York, Hugh McCafferty, a native of the townland of Glassbaly, Parish of Drimmhome, county Donegal

September 2 1864

LAIRD [Died] August 7, at New York, Mr. Martin Laird, Isle of Trainbuoy, in the county of Donegal, in the 74th year of his age.

September 30 1864

SLAVEN [Died] September 11, at New York, Mary, wife of John Boyle, and only daughter of James Slaven, of Ballyshannon, county Donegal, aged 17 years

January 13 1865

HENDERSON [Died] On the 21st December 1864 at South Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Francis Henderson, aged 62 years, formerly a native of Rathmullan, county Donegal

May 19 1865

LAIRD-WRAY [Married] April 25, at New York, by the Rev. Dr. Wiggins, Mr. Nathaniel Laird, formerly of Trainbuoy, county Donegal, to Miss Maggie H. Wray, late of this City

December 8 1865

JEFFERS [Died] November 18, at New York, Edward Jeffers, a native of the Parish of Moville, county Donegal, aged 54 years

December 8 1865

GORMAN [Died] November 17, at New York, Patrick Gorman, brother of John and Daniel Gorman, of the Parish of Donoughmore, county Donegal, aged 47 years

May 8 1866

WRAY [Died] April 19, at the residence of her son in law, Mr. Nathaniel Laird, 118 West Twenty eight Street, New York, Mr. James Wray, formerly of Convoy, county Donegal, aged 50 years

January 25 1867

STEWART-RODGERS [Married] January 17, in the Reformed Meeting House, Milford, by the Rev. S.B. Stevenson, Mr. Andrew Stewart, Milford, late of Brooklyn, New York, to Catherine Rodgers, Loughnakea, county Donegal

February 22 1867

BRANDON [Died] On the 30th January, at 70 Laight Street, New York, Mr. William Brandon, in the 83rd year of his age, a native of Stranorlar, county Donegal

February 22 1867

BAGLEY-BOYCE [Married] February 14, at the residence of the bride's mother, Donegal, by the Very Rev. R. Mulreany, D.D., assisted by the Rev. Mr. Sheridan, Colonel John Bagley, of New York, grandson of the late Paul Gillespie, Esq., of this City, to Maggie, eldest daughter of the late James Boyce, Esq., and niece of Vicar General Boyce, Worcester, Mass., U.S.

March 5 1867

ARMSTRONG-LAIRD [Married] February 4, at New York, by the Rev. Hugh Blair, John George Armstrong, Esq., to Emma, daughter of the late Martin Laird, Esq., Castlenorris, county Donegal

August 16 1867

ROCHE-QUINN [Married] August 11, at Sessiaghoneill Roman Catholic Chapel, Parish of Donoughmore, by the Rev. John Boyle, C.C., Daisyhill, Mr. P. Roche, merchant, Ballybofey, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Peter Quinn, Goland, and niece to the Rev. William Quinn, New York

November 6 1868

SCOTT [Died] September 17, at Newark, New Jersey, of scarlet fever, Francis Brandon, aged 4 years, nine months, and eleven days, and on September 25, Kate, aged 3 years, 6 months, and 6 days, and on October 3rd, John, aged 7 years, 9 months, and 11 days, children of Mr. David SCOTT, of New York, and grandchildren of Mr. John SCOTT, Donegal

April 9 1869

CUNNINGHAM-ELLIOTT [Married] March 24, at the residence of R. Stewart, Esq., 296 West Houston Street, New York, by the Rev. G.D. Mathews, Mr. James Cunningham, of Onawa City, Iowa, to Marianne, third daughter of Mr. William Elliott, Letterkenny, Ireland

July 6 1869

GALLAGHER [Died] May 17, at the age of 23 years, at West 22nd Street, New York, after a long illness of 13 months, Annie, daughter of the late Charles Gallagher, of Drumhigh, Killybegs

July 6 1869

DEVLIN-MULHOLLAND [Married] July 5, at the Convent Chapel, Moville, by the Right Rev. Dr. Kelly, Bishop of Derry, assisted by the Very Rev. Philip Devlin, D.D., V.G., brother of the bridegroom, Jeremiah Devlin, Esq., of New York, to Angela, only daughter of the late Michael Mulholland, Esq., Londonderry