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Births, Marriages & Deaths with Co. Londonderry, Ireland & New York, U.S.A. Connections, 1832-69

Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Extracted from the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




BONNER [Died] In the City of New York, on Wednesday, August 29, after a lingering illness, Alexander Bonner, aged 47 years. He was a native of Londonderry, and for many years a respectable merchant in that place. He has left an affectionate family, and numerous friends, to mourn his loss

November 9 1833

MITCHELL (LEATHEM) [Died] On the 11th September last, at Panyan, state of New York, in the 63rd year of her age, after a protracted illness, Mrs. Mitchell, wife of William Mitchell, Esq., (formerly of Coleraine) and eldest daughter of the late William Leathem, Esq., of Burt

November 29 1834

BOYCE [Died] At New York, on the 9th ult., in consequence of a severe accident occasioned by a fall, Ann Jane, eldest daughter of the late Patrick Boyce, Esq., of Fruit Hill, Newtownlimavady

July 25 1835

BOND-WARNOCK [Married] In Philadelphia, on the 19th June, by the Rev. T. Gibson, Presbyterian Clergyman for the state of Pennsylvania, Mr. Caldwell Bond, merchant, New York, formerly of Londonderry, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr. William Warnock, Waterside, Londonderry

October 20 1838

MERRY [Died] In Foyle Street, on the 16th inst., of smallpox, in the prime of life, Captain Charles J. Merry, of the ship "Josephine", of New York. The "Josephine" left Newcastle on the 1st inst., on her passage to New York, and put into Lough Foyle on the 14th. He has left a wife and two small children to deplore his loss

November 23 1839

ALLEN-STEELE [Married] At Auburn, in the State of New York, America, on the 6th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Hopkins, Michael Allen, Esq., of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, America, formerly merchant of this City, to Miss Electra Steele

January 11 1840

DEAN [Died] In New York, on the 8th October last, of consumption, aged 27 years, Mr. John Dean, formerly of this City, printer

November 14 1840

McCULLOUGH [Died] On the 11th September, in Phelpstown, Ontario county, State of New York, Miss Margaret McCullough, late of this City, and only daughter of the late Sergeant Major Robert McCullough, Londonderry Militia

May 29 1841

MOORE [Died] On the 12th April last, in New York, at the advanced age of 82, Mr. Ezekiel Moore, for upwards of 70 years a resident in Ballymagrorty, near this City


FRIZZEL [Died] In New York, of consumption, on the 22nd June last, in his 26th year, Joseph, second son of Mr. Joseph Frizzel, Waterside

October 12 1844

JENKINS-STEEN [Married] On the 8th inst., in Coleraine Church, by the Rev. James O'Hara, Mr. R. Jenkins, Head Constable of Police, Coleraine, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Thomas Steen, Esq., of Westpoint, New York, and formerly of Dunboe

March 25 1848

CRAWFORD-TEDLIE [Married] At Muff Church, by the Rev. John Conroy, Samuel Crawford, of New York, Esq., to Jane eldest daughter of Stephen Tedlie, Faughanvale, Esq


DONNELL [Died] In New York, on the 7th September last, of malignant fever, Mr. James Donnell, aged 22 years, eldest son of Mr. Henry Donnell, baker, of this City

February 24 1849

CLARKE [Died] At New York, on the 25th December last, of decline, in her 19th year, Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Clarke, of Ballymacally, in the county of Londonderry

May 26 1849

MULHERN [Died] At the residence of Mr. Thompson, of Albany, State of New York on the 24th of April, Miss Anne Mulhern, of small pox, formerly of this City

May 24 1850

SWAN-WILEY [Married] On the 9th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Knowhead, by the Rev. John M. Bleckley, Joseph Swan, Esq., late of New York, America, to Mary Jane, youngest daughter of John Wiley, Esq., Gallagh

September 19 1851

EDWARDS-PRESDEE [Married] In Philadelphia, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. H.J. Morton, Mr. James Montgomery Edwards, of New York, to Letitia, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Presdee, of this City

December 5 1851

BOYLE [Died] At New York, on the 12th September, John, youngest son of the late Hugh Boyle, Esq., Rush Hall, county Londonderry

March 12 1852

MORTON [Died] On the 26th ult., after a short illness, at his residence, Maghera, county Londonderry, A. Morton, Esq., formerly of the city of New York, aged 52 years

February 18 1853

GLASGOW [Died] At Brooklyn, New York, on Friday, the 21st ult., of dropsy, Mr. James Glasgow, artist, in the 25th year of his age, third son of Mr. Daniel Glasgow, of Kilrea, in this county

July 8 1853

McKENNA-McNULTY [Married] On June 7th, at the house of Mr. M.J. Waters, White Street, in New York, by the Rev. Mr. Quinn, of St. Peter's, Mr. James McKenna, of New York, to Miss Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. John McNulty, of this City

July 15 1853

MURPHY [Died] On the 21st ult., at New York, of compound fracture of the leg, Mr. Patrick Murphy, a native of the city of Londonderry, in his 54th year

July 22 1853

REID-CLARKE [Married] On the 30th ult., at New York, by the Rev. Joseph Sanderson, Mr. Thomas M. Reid, of Culmore, Londonderry, to Miss Margaret Jane Clarke, of New York

September2 1853

McGARRIGLE [Died] In New York, on Sunday the 14th August, Mr. James Gregg McGarrigle, printer, late of Liverpool, and formerly of this City, aged 28 years

April 28 1854

YOUNG-VANCE Married] On the 20th inst., at Tamlaght Church, by the Rev. Maxwell Carpendale, Mr. Robert Young, of Magherafelt, agriculturist on the Worshipful Company of Salters Estate, county Londonderry, to Mary, daughter of Mr. William Vance, of Williamsburg, New York, U.S.A.

June 23 1854

QUINN [Died] At New York, aged 23 years, on the 24th ult., Mr. William Quinn, of Coolsara, county Derry

July 7 1854

HALL [Died] On the 25th April, at New York, in his 25th year, Richard Hall, a native of Moneymore, county Derry

September 8 1854

HARPER-GLENN [Married] On the 31st ult., by the Rev. J.B. Rentoul, Garvagh, Mr. William Harper, New York, U.S., to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. David Glenn, Liscall

October 19 1855

McMURRAY-FROST [Married] September 23, at Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., by the Rev. H.N.H. Brown, Mr. James McMurray, formerly of Londonderry, to Miss Caroline Ophelia Frost

February 8 1856

MORRISON [Died] January 16th, at Brooklyn, New York, Ann Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Morrison, and daughter of the late Mr. Alexander Biggar, Greysteel, county Derry

February 22 1856

CAMPBELL [Died] On the 1st inst., at Newburg, near New York, of consumption, Mr. David Campbell, formerly of this City, aged 40 years

April 11 1856

MILLIKEN-MILLIKEN [Married] In the City of New York, on Thursday, the 7th February, by the Rev. S. Clements, Mr. David Milliken, to Jane Milliken, both of New York, formerly of Dungiven

June 6 1856

PRESDEE-BURRILL [Married] In New York, on Thursday, May 15, by the Rev. Benjamin Evans, Rector of the Church of the Holy Evangelist, Mr. Joseph B. Presdee, late of Londonderry, to Miss Helen Stockton Milledolar Burrill, of Brooklyn

June 6 1856

WILLIAMSON [Died] On the 3rd May, during his voyage to New York, of disease of the heart, Andrew Alexander, only surviving son of Mr. W.J.T. Williamson, late of this City

September 19 1856

ALEXANDER-WILSON [Married] In New York, August 27, by the Rev. Spencer L. Pinney, Jacob Alexander, Esq., late of this City, to Mrs. Eliza A. Wilson, of Cincinnatti, Ohio

October 3 1856

McLAUGHLIN [Died] At Brooklyn, New York, on the 6th September, Mr. Charles McLaughlin, carpenter, late of this City

October 17 1856

CAMPBELL [Died] At Jersey City, New York, on Wednesday, September 21, aged 41 years, Mary Jane, widow of Mr. David Campbell, and sister in law, of Mr. Robert Campbell, cabinet maker, of Londonderry

November 28 1856

ORR-DOWE [Married] On the 21st ult., in Grace Church, Brooklyn Heights, New York, by the Rev. Jared E. Flagg, Alexander E. Orr, Esq., of Londonderry, Ireland, to Juliet B., daughter of Ammi Dowe, Esq., of Brooklyn

December 5 1856

STEWART [Died] On the 29th ult., of consumption, at his father's residence, Templemoyle, near Newtownlimavady, which he had only resided two days before, Mr. John Stewart, grocer and spirit merchant, late of New York

April 24 1857

BELL [Died] At Rochester, Monroe County, New York, U.S., on the 16th ult., after a protracted illness, aged 20 years, Mr. Samuel Bell, eldest son of Mr. Robert Bell, formerly of Gortfad, near Garvagh

July 17 1857

PRESDEE [Birth] On the 30th ult., at Cheiver Terrace, Brooklyn, New York, the wife of Mr. J.B. Presdee, late of this City, of a son

September 18 1857

HOUSTON [Died] On the 12th July, at Eddyton, New York, Mr. William Houston, aged 71 years. The deceased was born in Coleraine, Ireland, was the son of Dr. Robert Houston, and a descendant of the Scotch Presbyterians

January 1 1858

SMYTH [Died] On the 25th ult., at New York, of consumption, aged 24, Edward Smyth, son of the late Mr. James Smyth, formerly of Butcher Street, Londonderry

May 21 1858

BROLLY [Died] In New York, on the 20th ult., Mr. William Brolly, formerly of Broharris, Newtownlimavady, aged 37 years

September 17 1858

COCHRAN-WILSON [Married] On the 10th inst., in the Presbyterian Meeting House, Aghadowey, by the Rev. Dr. Brown, Alexander Cochran, Esq., M.D., Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York, to Christina Isabella, eldest daughter of Mrs. Wilson, Meath Park, Coleraine

November 26 1858

ANDERSON [Died] On the 24th ult., at New York, William, eldest son of Mr. James Anderson, Camus, near Coleraine, aged 34 years

February 18 1859

DONELY-DUNCAN [Married] On the 10th inst., in the Church, Portstewart, by the Rev. Stephen Gwynn, Rector of Agherton, Mr. James Donely, of New York, to Mary, the third daughter of Mrs. Duncan, of Portstewart, county Londonderry

April 8 1859

GILL-POLLOCK [Married] March 8, in New York, by the Rev. James Thompson, D.D, William Price Gill, formerly of Londonderry, to Isabella Pollock, late of Monaghan

April 29 1859

McDERMOTT [Died] March 25, at New York, Mr. Henry McDermott, late of this City

August 26 1859

MORRISON [Died] August 4, in New York, Mrs. Mary Morrison, wife of Mr. Robert Morrison, formerly of this City

September 9 1859

FALCONER [Died] August 17, at New York, Catherine, wife of William Falconer, Esq., and formerly of this City, in the 63rd year of her age

September 9 1859

THISTLE [Died] On the 25th August, on board the Circassian, on her homeward voyage from New York, Mr. John Moore Thistle, of Newark, New Jersey, aged 67 years, eldest surviving son of the late Mr. James Thistle, of Derry

August 31 1860

MURPHY [Died] July 30, at New York, Jeannie, relict of the late John Murphy, of Ballykelly, county Derry, Ireland, aged 81 years

February 15 1861

SHERRARD [Died] December 16, at New York, Robert son of Mr. John Sherrard, Dungiven, aged 28 years

February 22 1861

McLAUGHLIN [Died] January 29, at New York, of disease of the heart, Mr. Marcus McLaughlin, aged 52 years, and formerly of this City

May 31 1861

MURRAY-SPLINT [Married] At New York, on the 29th April, Mr. Charles Murray, formerly of Londonderry, to Miss Frances Splint, of New York

October 25 1861

JOHNSTON [Died] October 6, at West Forty Eight Street, New York, Eliza Johnston, a native of Kilrea, county Derry

October 25 1861

LOGUE [Died] Accidently drowned, by falling out of the ship Minnehaha, whilst entering New York harbour, on the 30th September, Mr. John Logue, seaman, aged 21 years, son of Mr. Manasses Logue, shipwright, Ferry Quay Street, Londonderry

November 15 1861

McLAUGHLIN [Died] October 30, at Creggan Street, Londonderry, Mr. Edward McLaughlin, lately of Brooklyn, New York, aged 29 years

December 13 1861

FLANAGAN [Died] November 19, at 10 Montgomery Street, New York, Richardson Flanagan, of Clover Hill, Londonderry, Ireland, aged 40 years

December 20 1861

WILLIAMS [Died] On the 25th November, at New York, John Williams, a native of the Parish of Desertmartin, county Londonderry, aged 71 years and 11 months


HUNTER [Died] March 6, after a short illness, Mr. John C. Hunter, of the firm of Messrs. James Hunter & Co., formerly of this City

September 5 1862

HUGHES [Died] August 14, at New York, Patrick Hughes, native of the Parish of Tamlaght O'Crilly, county Londonderry, aged 36 years

May 5 1863

MACKEY [Died] April 8, at New York, Mr. David Mackey, a native of Coleraine, county Derry, aged 74 years

May 19 1863

MURRAY [Died] April 25, in New York, Nancy, wife of Daniel Murray, formerly of Dundoan, Coleraine, aged 50 years

July 3 1863

BUCHANAN [Died] June 16, at New York, of congestion of the brain, Mrs. Jane Buchanan, late of Grange, county Derry, aged 67 years

July 24 1863

LINDSAY-JACK [Married] On the 29th inst., at Glasgow, by the Rev. J.K. Flindt, Incumbent of St. Jude's, David Alexander Lindsay, of New York, son of Alexander Lindsay, Esq., Londonderry, to Emma, only daughter of William Jack, Esq., Alyth, Perthshire

February 23 1864

HUNTER [Died] On the 23rd January, at New York, after a few day's illness, Mr. Robert Alexander Hunter, son of Mr. Cullen, C.P.S., Bellaghy, county Derry

March 1 1864

HANSON [Died] February 7, in New York, Rosalinda O'Donald, wife of Mr. Charles Hanson, a native of county Londonderry

June 24 1864

CONLON [Died] June 6, at New York, Matthew Conlon, a native of the Parish of Lissan, county Londonderry, aged 80 years

August 26 1864

DOHERTY [Died] August 20, at his brother's residence, 188 Bogside Street, Derry, Mr. James Doherty, butcher, late of New York

November 11 1864

TAYLOR [Died] On the 15th October, at South Brooklyn, of wounds received in front of Petersburg, Andrew Buchanan Taylor, of Company E. Fortieth New York Regiment Veteran Volunteers, the son of the late Andrew Taylor of New York and the nephew of the Rev. Alexander Buchanan of First Glendermott, aged 21 years, 2 months and 25 days

November 15 1864

MONSON [Died] On the 28th September, in the 23rd year of his age, after a lengthened illness, Mr. Charles Monson, a student of the New York Theological Seminary, formerly of Willsborough, county Derry. He was entering on a distinguished career as a clergyman of the Episcopal Church

February 17 1865

KERR [Died] On the 9th January, at Utica, New York, America, Mr. John Kerr, late of Belfast and fourth son of Mr. Marcus Kerr, Roselick, Portstewart, aged 22 years

February 21 1865

BRICE-McCARTER [Married] On the 15th February, by the Rev. D. Magee, C.C., Derry, Mr. Richard Brice, New York, to Fanny, third daughter of Mr. McCarter, Rossville Street, Londonderry

March 7 1865

DONLY-McGURK [Married] On the 28th February, in Lavey Roman Catholic Church, by the Rev. Mr. McKenna, P.P., assisted by the Rev. Mr. Doherty, C.C., Felix Donly, Esq., of Brahagh House, Desertmartin, late Captain of the New York Volunteers, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. Michael McGurk, of Drumreny, Magherafelt

June 9 1865

YOUNG-WALLACE [Married] April 18, at the Third Dutch Reformed Church, Hamilton Square, Jersey City, Mr. Nathaniel Young, New York, son of William Young, Coleraine, to Kate, only daughter of Mr. John Wallace, Jersey City

August 4 1865

HOUSTON [Died] August 1, at Londonderry, David, aged 19 years, son of D. Houston, Esq., of New York City of New York, formerly of this City

January 9 1866

LE GRAND-DINSMORE [Married] November 16, at West Chester County, New York, by the Rev. W.B. Morrow, Alfred J. Le Grand, Esq., to Martha, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Abraham Dinsmore, Buncrana

February 9 1866

McCARTER-MOODY [Married] January 15, at 34 Perry Street, New York, by the Rev. Hugh B. Blair, Thomas Dunlap, second son of Joseph McCarter, Esq., to Ruth, the eldest daughter of A.J.H. Moody, Esq., both of Coleraine

September 14 1866

McDAID [Died] August 6, at Brooklyn, New York, Arthur, the son of Mr. Arthur McDaid, aged 3 years and 10 months, butcher, formerly of Londonderry

September 18 1866

KERR Died] August 11, at Brooklyn, New York, after a short but severe illness, Ann Kerr, a native of the city of Londonderry, in the 45th year of her age

November 23 1866

OSBORNE-GRAFF [Married] October 18, in Grace Episcopal Church, Harlem, by the Rev. William Mowbray, Rector, Alexander Thompson Osborne, youngest son of the late Mr. John G. Leathem, Londonderry, to Jean Hutchinson, second daughter of John Adam Graff, Esq., New York

January 25 1867

BELL [Died] December 21, in Choes, state of New York, Mr. Alexander Bell, tanner, formerly of this City, aged 89 years

January 25 1867

OSBORNE [Died] January 2, in Brooklyn, New York, suddenly, Samuel Osborne, Esq., formerly of Londonderry, aged 75 years

May 24 1867

KERRIGAN (MURRAY) [Died] April 18, at New York, Susan, wife of Daniel Kerrigan, and daughter of Mr. Hugh Murray, late of Moneymore

July 9 1867

DOHERTY [Birth] June 11, at New York, U.S.A., the wife of Mr. Frederick P. Doherty, of this City, of a daughter

July 16 1867

MATTHEWS-ROBINSON [Married] July 10, at the Scotch Presbyterian church, York Street Road, Kingstown, by the Rev. Samuel Hanson, John Matthews, Esq., Coleraine, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. James Robinson, New York

August 2 1867

McCORMACK-LOGAN [Married] On the 27th June, at New York, by the Rev. J. Harper, Mr. David McCormack, of Ballykelly, county Derry, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Logan, Castlereagh, county Derry

March 13 1868

McDONNELL [Died] March 8, at Ballycastle, Mr. Alexander McDonnell, late of Brooklyn, New York, aged 59 years

April 7 1868

GLENN-McGRAW [Married] April 3, in the Garvagh First Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. J. Rentoul, Mr. John Glenn, late of New York, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. James McGraw, Drogheda

May 1 1868

WARDLAW (BUCHANAN) [Died] April 11, at her residence, 52 Summit Street, South Brooklyn, New York, Matilda, relict of the late Robert Wardlaw, merchant, and youngest sister of the Rev. A. Buchanan, Presbyterian Minister, First Glendermott, aged 38 years

June 16 1868

O’KANE [Died] At New York, Roseanna Campbell, third daughter of the late Mr. John O'Kane, Esq., Culbawn, Portglenone, county Derry

July 14 1868

O’KANE-HEALY [Married] At St. Peter's Church, Barclay Street, New York, by the Rev. Gabriel A. Healy, brother of the bride, Thomas, youngest son of the late John O'Kane, Esq., Calbawn, county Derry, to Margaret, only daughter of John J. Healy, Esq., New York City

July 31 1868

HOUSTON-CLARKE [Married] July 30, at the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Faughan, by the Rev. J.C. Sweeney, assisted by the Rev. R. Nevin and Rev. J.L. Houston, William Houston, Esq., New York City, to Lizzie, youngest daughter of Joseph Clarke, Esq., Waterside, Londonderry

October 27 1868

HAIRE-WILSON [Married] September 24, at the home of the bride's uncle, Brooklyn, New York, by the Rev. David J. Patterson, William C. Haire, late of Waterside, Londonderry, to Miss Sarah J. Wilson, daughter of Mr. Edward Wilson, of Mabuoy, near Londonderry

November 13 1868

McLEAN (CULLEN) [Died] October 12, at Greenpoint, New York, of disease of the heart, Mrs. McLean, relict of Mr. D. McLean, and daughter of the late Mr. Cullen, Bellaghy, county Derry

February9 1869

O’NEILL [Died] Jan 22, at New York, Mr. Hugh O'Neill, aged 36 years, formerly of Londonderry

February 12 1869

EWING-LEATHEM [Married] Jan 21, at New York, by the Rev. Dr. Murray, Mr. Andrew S. Ewing, of Montreal, to Sarah B., eldest daughter of Mr. Robert H. Leathem, formerly of Burt, Londonderry

February 26 1869

LAMBE [Died] Feb 4, at Syracuse City, New York, America, of consumption, Robert Miller, eldest son of Mr. Joseph Lambe, Bellaghy, county Derry, aged 22 years

September 7 1869

O’NEILL [Birth] July 9, the wife of the late Hugh O'Neill, Esq., New York, late of Londonderry, of a son

October 19 1869

REID [Died] Sept. 25, at New York, United States, in the 39th year of his age, Colonel Thomas M. Reid, fourth son of the late Mr. Andrew Reid, of Culmore, Derry

November 5 1869

HOPKINS [Died] Nov. 1, at the residence of Robert Miller, Tartnakelly, the Rev. David Hopkins, late of New York, aged 31 years