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Camus-Juxta-Mourne Parish Church, Strabane, County Tyrone Births & Baptisms Register 1802 – 1873: Surname Variant Cross-Reference List

Transcribed & Compiled by Jim Crabtree

Notes, Comments and Instructions -

The following is a list showing the surnames which have been combined under a standard name by LDS:

Surname / Standard Name

Aikens Aiken

Aikin Aiken

Andrews Andrew

Arnold Arnold or Sullivan

Arnott Arnot

Asken Askon

Barnhill Burnall

Barret Barrett

Beaty Beatty

Bicket Bickett

Biers Beere

Binney Benney

Birney Byrne

Bourland Borland

Bouvaid Bovaird

Boveard Bovaird

Boviard Bovaird

Burgoyne Bergoyne

Burley Burleigh

Burns Byrne

Calhoun Colquhoun

Callen Callan

Calvin Calvon

Carbery Carberry

Carment Carmont

Carrigan Corrigan

Cassels Castle

Chappell Chappel

Chevens Cheven

Christy Christie or Hamilton

Clarke Clark

Cochrain Cochran

Cochrane Cochran

Cockrain Cochran

Colhoun Colquhoun or Harrit

Crabb Crabbe

Crouthers Crothor

Daley Daly

Deragh Darragh

Deveney Devany

Devenny Devany

Deveny Devany

Devine Devon

Diven Devon

Divin Devon

Divine Devon

Dixon Dickson

Dogherty Doherty

Donald Donnell

Donnally Donnelly

Doragh Dorough

Doran Doron

Dogherty Doherty

Douglass Douglas

Downing Downon

Dugan Duggan

Dunne Dunn

Eaken Aiken

Elliot Elliott

Ewee or Ewing Ewey

Falkiner Falconer

Finlay Finley

Flemming Fleming

Frizell Frizzell

Frizelle Frizzell

Frizzle Frizzell

Fryar Fryor

Fulerton Fullerton

Gall Gale

Gardiner Gardner

Gestin Gaston

Glasse Glass

Glendenning Glendinning

Gorden Gordon

Gormly Gormley

Gourly Gourley

Grahame Graham or Grimes

Green Greene

Greenway Greenaway

Grier Greer

Grimes or Graham Grimes

Gwinne Gwynn

Gwyne Gwynn

Gwynne Gwynn

Hagin Hagan

Haliday Halliday

Hamilton or Christy Hamilton

Haret or Colhoun Harrit

Harper or Johnston Harper

Harpur Harper

Harte Hart

Harvy Harvey

Hawthorn Hawthorne

Hays Hayes

Hempile Hemphall

Hemple or Hempton Hemphall

Hendrew Hendron

Hogst or Hurst Hogst

Howell Howall

Howlit Howlott

Hughs Hughes

Humphries Humphreys

Huston or Morton Houston

Hynderman Hinderman

Irvin Irvine

Irvine Irvine or Miller

Irwin Irvine

Irwine Irvine

Jameson Jamison

Jervis Gervis

Johnson Johnston or Harper

Kee Keys

Keegan Keegon

Keer Kerr

Kendal Kendall

Keys or McKee Keys

Kilpatrick or Donnell Kilpatrick

Kincade Kincaid

Kinkade Kincaid

Kinkead Kincaid

Lafferty Lavertey

Lewis Louis

Liddell Little

Loe Rankin or Loe

Loughrea Loughrey

Loughry Loughrey

Louther Lowther

Lovett Lovat

Lynch Lynch or Park

Lyon Lyons

Mac Kee Mc Kay

Mace Maze

Mackay Mc Kay

Mackey Mc Kay

Madden Madden

Magee Mc Gee

Maginley Mc Kinley

Maginness M’Guinness

Magirr or Mc Guirr Magher

Maguire or Mc Guire Maguire

Mahon Mahoney

Mathewson Matheson

Maxwell or Wray Maxwell

Mayne Mayne

Maynes Mayne

Mc Anna Mc Cann

Mc Ashee Mcashee

Mc Aulay M’Auley

Mc Auley M’Auley

Mc Beth Mcbeth

Mc Caigan Mccaigan

Mc Cain Mc Cann

Mc Callion Mccallion

Mc Caren Mccarron

Mc Cauley M’Auley

Mc Cawley M’Auley

Mc Cay or Mc Cryer Mc Kay also see Mc Coy or Mc Cryer below

Mc Claran Mc Claren

Mc Clarin Mc Claren

Mc Clarman Mcclarman

Mc Claron Mc Claren

Mc Clarren Mc Claren

Mc Clean Mc Lean

Mc Cleland or Mc Clelland Mc Clelland

Mc Clements Mc Clement

Mc Clenahan M’Clenaghan

Mc Clennon M’ Lenaghan

Mc Clevoy Mclevoy

Mc Cloud Mc Leod

Mc Conway McConway

Mc Corkie McCorkie

Mc Cormick M’Cormack

Mc Cormish McCormish

Mc Coy or Mc Cryer Mc Coy

Mc Cra McCra

Mc Crossan McCrosson

Mc Crossen McCrosson

Mc Crossins McCrosson

Mc Cullagh M’Cullagh

Mc Curdy M’ Curdy

Mc Cure McCure

McCutcheon M’ Cutcheon

Mc Divit McDevott

Mc Donnald M’ Donnell

Mc Donnell M’ Donnell

Mc Dougal Mc Dougall

Mc Elwee Mcelwee

Mc Endy Mcendy

Mc Feelan Mcfeelan

Mc Ghee Mc Gee

Mc Ginley Mcginley

Mc Girdy Mcgirdy

Mc Girr Mcgirr

Mc Greavy Mcgreevy

Mc Guir Maguire

Mc Guire Maguire

Mc Gwire Maguire

Mc Ilwee Mcelwee

Mc Intosh Mcintosh

Mc Kane Mac Cain

Mc Kee Mc Kay

Mc Keegan Mckeighon

Mc Kelbry Mckelbry

Mc Kendrick Mckendrick

Mc Keon Mc Kean

Mc Kernan Kiernan

Mc Kosa or Mc Kane Mckosa or Mac Cain

Mc Laren Mc Claren

Mc Loughlin Mc Laughlin

Mc Menaman Mcmenamin

Mc Menamin Mcmenamin

Mc Menamon Mcmenamin

Mc Nennamin Mcmenamin

Mc Minamin Mcmenamin

Mc Murrey Mc Murray

Mc Murry Mc Murray

Mc Namee Mcnamey

Mc Neelance Mcneilance

Mc Neilance Mcneilance

Mc Nently Mcnently

Mc Nichol Mcnichall or Nicholl

Mc Nicholl Mcnichall

Mc Nickle Mcnichall

McNickoll Mcnichall

Mc Owen Mcowen

Mc Quad Mc Quade

Mc Rihey Mc Crea

Means or Maynes Mean

Miller or Irvine Miller

Miskimmons Miskimon

Mitchell Mitchell or Taylor

Moffet Moffatt

Moffit Moffatt

Moneypenny Moneypenney

Monteath Monteith

Moody Moodey

Moor Moore

Morton Morton or Houston

Mount Mountain

Mullan Mullen

Nelson Neilson

Nickle Nicholl

O’ Neill Neill

Ogliby Ogilbey

Olaphent Oliphant

Parke Park

Parkes Park

Parks Park

Pattan Patton

Patten Patton or Smith

Pegly Peggly

Peoples Peebles

Potts Poots

Ramsay Ramsey

Read Reid

Reed Reid

Regan Regan or Ryan

Regeant Regant

Reily Reilly

Rennick Renick

Riddle Riddell

Riley Reilly

Rodgers Rogers

Rogan Rogon

Saunders Saunderson

Sawyer Sayers

Scanlin Scanlan

Scarfe Scarf

Scarff Scarf

Scully Sculley

Sharpe Sharp

Shepherd Sheppard

Shiels Shields

Sims Simms

Sinclaire Sinclair

Smitherwick Smithwick

Smyley Smylie

Smyly Smylie

Smyth or Smythe Smith

Speer Speers

Sproulle Sproule

Stean Steen

Stevenson Stephenson

Story Storey

Tait Tate

Thornhill Thornhall

Tomb Tombs

Toner Tanner

Toys Toy

Vaughan Vaughn

Warke Wark

Whyle Wyle

Wilkie Wilkey

Williamson Williams

Wilmson Williams

Wray Wray or Maxwell

York Yorke