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Ballylaw Families Personal Announcements & Public Notices, Leckpatrick Parish: 1831-99
Relating to Families residing in Ballylaw Townland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

May 28 1831

BOAK – [Died] At Ballylaw, on the 19th inst., after a short illness, MRS. BOAK, relict of the late MR. JAMES BOAK (Londonderry Sentinel)

August 13 1857


Late of Kincit [Kinkit], in the County of Tyrone, Farmer, deceased

ADMINISTRATION TO THE ESTATE AND EFFECTS of the abovenamed, who died intestate, having been granted by the Consistorial Court of the Diocese of Derry, to MR WILLIAM BOAK, of Ballylaw, in the county of Tyrone, farmer. Notice is hereby given to all persons who have possession of any part of the Effects or Property of deceased, to forthwith deliver up same to Administrator. And all debtors to the said Estate are required to pay over to him the amount of their respective debts, otherwise proceedings at law must be adopted for recovery thereof. Dated this 10th August, 1857. (Londonderry Standard)

March 25 1859

BOAK – [Died] At Ballylaw, Parish of Leckpatrick, on Saturday last, MR. AARON BOAK, after a very short illness (Londonderry Sentinel)

December 8 1859

SMITH – [Died] December 3, at Ballylaw, MR. ROBERT SMITH, aged 86 years. (Londonderry Standard)

February 3 1860

DONAGHEY – [Died] January 28, at Ballylaw, near Strabane, MR. JOHN DONAGHEY (Londonderry Sentinel)

January 2 1862

BOAK – [Died] Dec. 19, at Ballylaw, MISS MARTHA BOAK, daughter of the late MR. JAMES BOAK, of same place. Universally regretted. (Londonderry Standard)

January 1 1862

BOAK – [Died] December 24, at Ballylaw, MR. ROBERT BOAK. (Londonderry Journal)

January 15 1862

DOAK [BOAK] – [Died] January 8, at Ballylaw, near Strabane, MISS REBECCA DOAK [BOAK]. (Londonderry Journal)

October 8 1862

BOAK – [Died] September 23, at Ballylaw, near Strabane, ELIZABETH, daughter of the late MR. JAMES BOAK, aged 66 years. (Londonderry Journal)

March 31 1866

INSOLVENT – Petition to be heard at Omagh, on Monday, the 25th June. – WILLIAM-BOAKE, in the county of Tyrone, farmer. (Londonderry Standard)

March 30 1867

MILLER-BLACK – [Married] March 28, in Leckpatrick Church, by the Rev. C. Maxwell, Rector of the Parish, MOSES MILLER, ESQ., Ballylaw, to MARY JANE BLACK, second daughter of THOMAS BLACK, ESQ., Black Park. (Londonderry Standard)

March 28 1868

ALLEN-MILLAR – [Married] March 26, in the Presbyterian Church, Leckpatrick, by the Rev. Joseph Leitch, MR. JAMES ALLEN, Tiveny, to ELIZA JANE, daughter of MR. JAMES MILLAR, Ballylaw. (Londonderry Standard)

February 20 1869

McCREA – [Died] Feb. 17, at Ballylaw, ISABELLA, youngest daughter of MR. ALEX. McCREA, farmer, aged five years. (Londonderry Standard)

March 2 1870

McCREA – [Died] February 28, at Ballylaw, near Dunamanagh, CATHERINE, wife of MR. ALEXANDER McCREA. (Londonderry Standard)

May 17 1871

MILLAR-CALLAGHAN – [Married] May 11, in the Presbyterian Church, Leckpatrick, by the Rev. J. Leitch, MR. ROBERT MILLAR, Ballylaw, to ELIZA, daughter of MR. JAMES CALLAGHAN, Carnagribbon, Donemana. (Londonderry Standard)

June 7 1871

STEVENSON-HALL – [Married] June 1, in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Bready, by the Rev. C.K. Toland, MR. ROBERT STEVENSON, Ballylaw, to CATHERINE, daughter of MR. ROBERT HALL, Tully. (Londonderry Standard)

June 29 1874

McCLEERY – [Died] June 23, at Ballylaw, JAMES McCLEERY, aged 83 years. (Londonderry Journal)

August 14 1876

CANNING – [Died] August 10, at Ballylaw National School, of whooping cough, ISABELLA, infant daughter of MR. ROBERT CANNING, aged three months. (Londonderry Journal)

August 21 1876

BOND – [Died] August 18, at Ballylaw, ELIZA, wife of WM. BOND, aged 75 years. (Londonderry Journal)

September 15 1876

McCREA – [Died] September 8, at Ballylaw, MR. WALTER McCREA, aged 27 years. (Londonderry Journal)

June 6 1877

BOAK-CALLAGHAN – [Married] May 30, at Donagheady Parish Church, by the Rev. F.J. Clarke, M.A., incumbent of the parish, MR. GEORGE BOAK, Ballylaw, to ELLEN, seventh daughter of MR. JAMES CALLAGHAN, Carnagribbin, Donemanagh. (Londonderry Journal)

April 12 1878

MILLER – [Died] April 5, at Ballylaw, JAMES MILLER, aged 75 years. (Londonderry Journal)

March 12 1884

CANNING – [Died] March 9, at Ballylaw, Strabane, ROBERT HARVEY CANNING, aged 47 years. (Londonderry Journal)

November 25 1885



On Monday a meeting of LORD ERNEST HAMILTON’S supporters was held at three o’clock in MR. ROBERT STEVENSON’S granary, Ballylaw. REV. MR. STEWART, rector of Leckpatrick, occupied the chair.

The Chairman having delivered an address then introduced Lord Ernest Hamilton.

Lord Ernest, who was accorded a hearty greeting, in the course of his address touched on many topics, including leasehold tenant right, relief of the purchasers of glebe lands, primary education, and the improvement of the position of the national teachers, and wound up by calling on the loyal electors of all denominations to unite to repel the invasion of Ulster by Mr. Dillon and the Nationalists.

REV. MR. MITCHELL, Presbyterian minister, moved a vote of confidence in Lord Ernest Hamilton, which was seconded by MR. DANIEL WILSON, B.A., T.C.D., supported by MR. JOHN ROSS, B.L., and passed unanimously.

Lord Ernest returned thanks, and a vote of thanks to the chairman and to Mr. Stevenson brought the proceedings to a close. (Londonderry Journal)

November 4 1896

AT THE AUTUMN EXAMINATIONS OF THE ROYAL UNIVERSITY, MR. H. CANNING, Ballylaw, obtained the degree of M.A. in Ancient Classics with first of second class honours and third place. As the result of unaided work, Mr. Canning’s career has been highly creditable, including as it does entrance exhibition, second class honours, and exhibition at degree, and honour degree at the Master of Arts examination. (Londonderry Journal)

November 16 1898


Auctioneer & c., Strabane

Thursday, 17th November – Land for Oats, Flax and Green Cropping, for MR. JOHN MILLER, Ballylaw, at Twelve o’clock. (Londonderry Journal)

March 27 1899


Auctioneer and Valuer

Donemana & Castle-street, Strabane

THURSDAY, 30th MARCH, 1899

(Donemana Fair)

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, at my Monthly Sale, a choice lot of Six Superior SPRINGING HEIFERS and Three Strong STORE CATTLE, for Samuel Hall, Tully. Also Four Well-bred SPRINGERS, for MR. JOHN DONAGHY, Ballylaw. Usual Terms

A. P. CAMPBELL, Auctioneer (Londonderry Journal)