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Signatories to "Illuminated Farewell to Rev, Joseph Burris FULTON"
Aughentaine Presbyterian Church, Co. Tyrone - October 1891

Transcribed by Ross Fulton rwfulton[at]sydneypc[dot]com
This is a list ( as faithfully as possibly reproduced ) from the original book
of farewell to my Presbyterian Minister grandfather on leaving
Aughentaine Presbyterian Church, Fivemile town, Tyrone. He arrived in Sydney
just before Christmas in 1891 so must have left this church very shortly after
the presentation of this book.


 1 ???????? Chairman (Col. D.L J.P)
 2 John M Stewart Treasurer
 3 John Mc Crea Secretary
 4 W B Peebles A.B M.B J.P
 5 Ha?? Montgomery M.A D.L J.P
 6 John Hutton Fivemiletown Elder
 7 Samuel Young Annagh Elder
 8 Henry Trimble Bigh
 9 Damiel Gillespie Screeby
 10 John M Crory Donaghmoyne
 11 James Boland Teacher, Aughentaine School
 12 James N Jemison Shautoua
 13 William Porter Bolies
 14 George McAlpine Losset
 15 John Trimble Screeby
 16 John Ramsay Castletown
 17 Mary Jane Newman Losset
 18 John Sommerville Lislain
 19 Joseph Mayne Lungs
 20 William Cowan Moorfield
 21 Robert Blakely Murley
 22 David Ellison Shautoua
 23 George Beatty Newry
 24 Thos Anderson Aughendaira???
 25 Thomas Irwin Beagh
 26 Robt ?????? ?28?? Cpl???
 27 L Blakely Fivemiletown M.D.
 28 Stewart Wilson Tulanavert
 29 John Barnett
 30 Edward Orr Lungs
 31 John Trimble Ballagh
 32 Robert Blakely Murley
 33 Edward Anderson Bigh
 34 Allen Owens Dromore P.L.G
 35 Frank Mayne ???? + Clogher
 36 J M Sloan Pupil Teacher Mod School Belfast
 37 John Wilson Fivemiletown Manager, Northern Banking ??
 38 A Elliott Fivemiletown Merchant, Excise Officer
 39 N J Martin
 40 John Smith Murley H.S
 41 David Sloan Bligh
 42 John Porter Bolies
 43 William Martin Nurchossy
 44 Thomas Barnett Ballagh
 45 Jacob Tavener Fivemiletown
 46 Samuel Baxter Losset
 47 William Bryan Lungs
 48 Francis Anderson Bigh
 49 John Jamieson Grogey
 50 John Jamieson Aughanlarke??
 51 James Johnson Corry, Longford
 52 Andrew Trimble Nurchossy
 53 W Mc ?elane or Mc Clane Aughentaine
 54 John Reid Aughd???
 55 Catherine Blakely Murley
 56 W C Irwin
 57 Andrew Trimble

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