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St. John's Church of Ireland, Caledon, Baptisms 1791-1805
PRONI Reference MIC/1/326

Extracted, Transcribed & Compiled by Josephine McBride

Date Name Surname Father Mother Surname Address Notes
3/7/1791 Anne Jackson George Jane Jackson Larakeen
20/1/1793 John Henderson Thomas Elizabeth Henderson Caledon
20/7/1893 Mary Henderson Alexander Mary Henderson Curlagh
1794 Mary Jane Wilson John Anne Wilson Keady
1794 Margaret Wright John Jenny? Wright Kilmore
1794 Anne Wright John Anne Wright Kilmore
1794 Martha Robinson David Margaret Robinson Curlagh
1794 Mary Wilson James Mary Wilson Cor?
1794 Sarah Wilson Simon ? Wilson Kilmore
1799 Richard Wilson John Sarah Wilson Dyan
3/4/1802 Anthony Henderson John Elizabeth Henderson Cumber
23/5/1802 Elizabeth Henderson James Margaret Henderson Kilshanagh
27/7/1802 Lydia Henderson Samuel Ruth Henderson Kilshanagh
1802 Richard Mercer James Mary Mercer Finglush
3/2/1803 John Wilson John Margaret Wilson Kedui?
29/12/1802 Margaret Henderson James Jane Henderson Caledon
1802 Robert Wilson Samuel Eleanor Wilson Dromore
1/5/1803 John Mercer Richard Sarah Mercer Finglush
1803 John Wilson James Jane Wilson Dyan
19/1/1804 Thomas Henderson Wm Ann Henderson Kilmore
10/5/1804 Sallyann Henderson John Mary Henderson Caledon
29/5/1804 James Quin John Margaret Quin Finglush
1804 Jane Wright Henry Jane Wright Mullinahorn
1804 James Wilson Barnet Elizabeth Wilson Cumber Triplets
1804 George Wilson Barnet Elizabeth Wilson Cumber Triplets
1804 John Wilson Barnet Elizabeth Wilson Cumber Triplets
21/10/1804 Alexander Henderson John Elizabeth Henderson Derrylague?
1804 Richard Wilson Thomas Jane Wilson Derrylogue
1804/5 Laetitia Wright William Matilda Wright Kilmore
20/2/1805 Ann Henderson Thomas Elizabeth Henderson Caledon
24/5/1805 Martha Wilson James Anne Wilson Annagh
1805 Joseph Wilson Joseph Mary McMullan Caledon