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Upper Cumber Presbyterian Church Financial Statement 1866

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Upper Cumber Presbyterian Church Financial Statement 1866
Glendermott Presbytery

Transcribed by Lorree

Financial Statement For Year Ending 1st November 1866

List of members

Thomas M'Candless
Mrs. Ritchie
Mary Smyth
Mrs. Browne
Thomas Hamilton
William Fleming
William M'Cullagh
George Dixon
John M'Morris
James M'Clelland
Thomas M'Clelland
James M'Millan
William Ramsay
William Lamrock
Miss Hamilton
James Marshall
John Christie
Robert Logan
Adam Nelson
John Irwin
William Lyndsay
James Rosborough
Joseph Irwin
David Marshall
David Robinson
Charles Ramsay
Andrew M'Ilhinney
Robert Hamilton
James Haslett
Edward Christie
Hugh Witherow

John M'Farland
Andrew M'Farland
Andrew Lyndsay
James Stuart
David Russell
Alexander Boyd
John Robinson
John Browne
John Kennedy
Robert Craig
Joseph Craig
David Robinson
Thomas Robinson
Major Rosborough
Mrs. Inch
David Gardner
Mrs. Knobs
David Marshall
Stuart Christie
Andrew Lyndsay
William Lyndsay
Martha Simpson
Thomas Murphy, jun.
Thomas Murphy, sen.
Samuel Gardner
Joseph Kennedy
John Marshall
Hannah Gillespie
James Fleming
William Irwin
David Haslett
James Haslett

William Wark
William Gordon
James Morrison
Robert Browne
Joseph M'Comb
John Hamilton
Robert Patchell
Andrew Porter
Nancy M'Millan
William M'Murray
Martha Snell
Thomas Browne
John Hargin
Mrs. Blair
John Nutt
John Stuart
Robert Sherrard
Robert M. Browne
Dr. Allison
Hugh M'Cullagh
Thomas Gibson
Elizabeth Blair
William Temple
William Kennedy
David Marshall
W. and John Campbell
George Dixon
William Chestnutt
Isabella Dougall
Samuel Clark
James Christie
Andrew Gibson

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